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Anyone in Wa*hinfton Jut Recovering from Long Illness or
Weak and Rundown Dne to Orerwork May
Wisely Take It
BriO(< Bade Health, Color,
Soaad Digestion and Robuit
Health to Local User*
Thouaand, of and
STVITUS ?r; ""
and wea 7 . k. on the Job.
w?tH? and ?!?? hPW(.ver.
.. !__?? the weather.
Tt l*n t tne pavilions
Just go not ,A th , unre and!
?rr,j..: -
? you Just r?-'rerf <rnm ?ic*-|
or through overwork ?nd worn |
t-ave become w"\ ?, **<? your
pale. nervous. and half alCK. y
doctor wilt ten you to clean.e Uj.
?yet em of the accumulated
,nd po'aona and give you a few pUU
achv bodies and muscles, p
restion lost appetite or falling
If every little boy and girl
mr-n and women of a sm*? *
mental ^partrncnt
"m?'dof y?r. When s.ckneaa Is most
apt to come.
READ Till" free offer
Anyone feeling in need of a tome
-v secure enough Earle s Hyp
?\oput them ^Won .hei; feetl
in a couple weeks. for what It wouia,
coat to call in a doctor Just once ?(
little later Thousands h*ve a.ser
12thlt t-o bott.es of thia famoua,
Hypo phosphites. Cod Liver Oil Ex
tract. Malt. Wild Cherry. Iro.and,
Wine preparation put turn back
viv cleanse the system of
we recommend that every
poisons *e 5>s (Uxa
IZ tablet*), if ?t a"
I ?!.,,? Every purchaser of two]
or W,,ou* . Hypo-Cod is given,
bottles of Earle s trie's 59s
'* *ry These tablets are packed 59
Stoys. These ti ,,ndid liver |
rd'bow^t* emulators, and thousands
and bowel r s Washing-;
'ton^VheT work perfectly with,
Earle's Hypo-Cod. . laxative
To those not in "" he tonle,
to take in connection with ,
. r ~ free box 01 r*t?si *
:,U wh*h a. their name indicates
if. intended for those
extreme nervousness, sleeplesane
tlt Brtt-DS YOU VP ?tCK
Earle's Hy^od revive^ the ?
petite, strengt . ^ >hoWn
blood, digestion and g
articles on the rigni.
',?r: <??
etomach aodjsjnu^ than the old
?Mhio"ed weaker tonics of similar
itture Be sure to get the genuine
Earle's Hypo-Cod made by the na- ,
Xany known Earle Chemical Co..
^?rnJwr P?Pay >arge *>"* ]
v.rle's Hypo-Cod anywhere on re
"pt of price. $li* People's Six
Drug Stores. Washington, D. C.
Health Broke Down. Every
Little Noise Woke Her Up.
Appetite Gone.
"It s truly wonderful how bad you
can feel and yet how quick you can
put yourself back on your feet with
a real tonic," declared ? Mrs. Inex
"My nerves were shattered. I
couldn't sleep nights; I was almost
a wreck. My appetite?I hadn't any,
and I felt so weak and fretful I
could hardly keep from giving up.
I felt miserable. I had a^ough. too.
'Then I read what people said
about Earle's Hypo-Cod. It Is won
derful medicine. It is wonderful
what it did for me. My appetite is
splendid; I eat and eat and eat. I
sleep Just like a babe and wake up
so refreshed and strong I feel like
another woman. Tm feeling so good
I fecommend Hypo-Cod to anyone
needing a builder and more strength.
It did all this for me. and I'm sure
)t will for others." continued Mrs.
Oliver, 222 E street N. E.. Washing
ton, D. C. Read what other users
say about this tonic that puts you
baqk in robust health so quick.
Rtad what they say above.
Note?We prepay large bottle any
where on receipt of price. 11.20. plus
So war tax. People'? Drug Stores.
Washington. V CT
Beit Preparation Ever ProAiced,
Asserts Well Known
Quotinr the words of the well
known professor ot chemistry. E. E.
Early. Ph. g. (Tennessee Medical
College*, under date of .Tuly 7. 1919
he declares Earle's Hypo-Cod a
preparation beyond reproach and the
best balanced and efficient prepara
tion ever produced. Read what he
I have been in the medical pro
fession for quite a number of years
as pharmacist and professor of
chemistry (Tennessee Medical Col
lege). and the wonderful results ob
tained by so many Tennessee people
havin* been brought to my atten
tion, I decided to make an exhaus
tive research of Its formulae and
And It Is one of the most extremely
well balanced and palatable combi
nations of tonic, alterative and nu
tritive principles that has ever been
It can be used with Impunity
without the least digestive disturb
ance owing: to the complete elimi
nation of the fishy taste and nause
ating effect of cod liver oil. while
still retaining all the extractive ele
ments so useful an an alterative^
tonic and tissue builder.
?The extract of Malt containing
carbohydrates and nitrogenous mat
ter cannot be surpassed as a nutrient
snd fat producing agent. Wild
cherry bark, as every one knows, has
ar? extremely beneficial effect upon
the mucous membrane of the throat
and lungs snd in combination with
the small amount of strychine pres
ent acts as a stimulating stomach
"The hypophosphites of lime. soda,
potassium, manganese, quinine and ,
strychi/ie are too well known to the !
profession for the powerful influence ]
they exert upon the wasted nerve
tissues and centers for me to dwell I
upon their efficacy. The iron so nec- |
essary to enriching the blood is also
present in a soluble form readily !
assimilated by the digestive organs.
The sherry wine not only acts as a
mild stimulant and appeUzer, but j
also holds the other ingredients in !
permanent solution.
"I consider Earle's Hypo-Cod a
most valuable preparation, and can ,
readilv understand why so many i
people are obtaining beneficial re
sults from its use. It is a most I
meritorious preparation."
The above words prove what users i
on the right say about Hypo-Cod. !
The writer has known druggists to ,
publicly endorse it above all tonics '
of every nature.
Being made of the finest ingredi- |
ents in one of America's largest and |
finest laboratories. Every bottle,
bearing the Earle Chemical Co. name
no one should hesitate about using
it themselves or in the family. Read j
what others say about It below and
on the right of this article. Then i
come down to the drug store and
procure a couple bottles.
Note?We prepay large bottle any
where, receipt of price. $1.20. plus ,
6c war tax. People's Drug Stores,
Washington. P. C. 1
Stop? Cough*, Strengthens and
Builds Up Their Little
There can be no question about it
being an easy matter now to quickly
strengthen and build up a weak,
sickly child to robust health, and al
though coughs, bronchial and ca
tarrhal troubles are dangerous and
weak lungs *re to be feared, mother
can mighty soon bring about a won
derful change by giving Earle's
Hypo-Cod as directed on the bottle.
"My litle girls, aged 6 and 9 years,
had whooping cough some time back.
They coughed ever since, and we
tried everything. Syrups and teas
and every remedy we ever heard of.
We had to give up, however, be
cause nothing seemed to help them,
and they coughed all winter. Then
we saw Earle's Hypo-Cod being ad
vertised. We grasped at it like a
drowning man at a straw, for It
' seemed like Just what we needed,
lit proved to'?be grand. It stopped
1 their cold In no time. Before
they had taken a whole bottle'
| their coughs were gone. They
began looking rosy cheeked and!
strong again, and their little appe
tites showed wonderful improve
ment. They look so much better I
urge every mother to get Earle's
Hypo-Cod down at the People s Drug
Store when their child is weak,
coughing or sick." declared Mrs. H.
Y. Kabbitt, 472 Maryland Ave. S. W..
Washington, D. C.
Expert figures show an alarming
number of children under weight,
under nourished and weak, and
many have weak lungs, coughs,
colds and bronchial troubles. Care
ful mothers should strengthen and
build up their children and help
them keep pace with their growing
by getting a bottle of Earle's Hypo
Cod and giving it to them as per
directions on the bottle. Doctor rec
ommends It. Absolutely harmless.
No dope, opiates or narcotics. Just
a grand tonic for little folks. They
like Its pleasant t&ste.
Note?We prepay large bottle
genuine Earle's Hypo-Cod anywhere
receipt of pric^
People's Drug Stores, Washington,
D. &
A Medicine of Great Merit?
Endorsed by Physicians?
, Preferable to Other
Kindi of Tonics
What the eminent J. Henry
Scruggs, Ph. G. and P. D., says with
regard to Earle's Hypo-Cod is given
below and confirms what E. E. EarFy
(professor of chemistry), says on
the left of this article. It surely in
dicates that anyone rundown or ii\
need of a tonic can made no mistake
in taking Earle's Hypo-Cod, or ac
cepting the free offer of the People's
Drug Store on this page. Read what
he says.
"After carefully examining the
preparation known to the public as
Earle's Tasteless Hypo-Cod and
carefully watching the results of
several cases in which it was used,
it is in my opinion, absolutely the
best cod liver oil preparation on the
market," declares J. Henry Scruggs,
Ph. G., P. D., and he continues by
"In Earle's Hypo-Cod I find an ex
ceptionally efficient combination of
the remedial extract of select cod
liver oil, freed entirely from the oil.
This extract, which is a combina
tion of salts of iodine, bromine and
phosphorus, and which is scientific-!
ally blended with the extract of;
malt, sherry wine, extract of wild
cherry bark, solution of hypophos-1,
phites of lime, manganese, potas
sium, strychine, quinine and sodium,I
and a very assimilable and palatable
form of iron makes it a most valu
able nerve nutrient, reconstructive
tonic, stimulant, alterative, digest-.
ive and strength creating tonic.
"Earle's Hypo Cod is a valuable
preparation which may be used in
all cases where Cod Liver Oil is in-J
dicated and will be found effective
in many cases where the latter can-'
not be taken or where emulsion of|
cod liver oil is not readily retained,
by the stomach. ,
"It is preferable to all other prep-j
arations of cod liver oil as it does
not have th^t unpleasant fishy and
nauseating taste and does have a|
pleasant wine-like taste that makes
it agreeable to the most delicate1
"I find this medicine one of great
merit, which ne doubt is the reason
for its popularity. The formula is 1
one that is endorsed by many of the
best physicians in the United States;
today." Very truly yours, etc. Note:*
Mr. Scruggs is a graduate of the At
lanta College of Physicians and
If anyone after reading the above
and the statement of Professor
Early on the left feels skeptical
about what Earle s Hypo-Cod will
do for them they should procure a
bottle and submit the formula to
their family physician.
Read below and on the left what
others say about Hypo-Cod. Then get
V couple bottles at the nearest Peo
ple s Drug Store and take advantage
of the free off*?r of either a box of
59s or Nerv-Mintx. Come down to
the store tonight.
Following Ferer Could Not
Regain Strength?Had
a Bad Cough
"After a spell of sickness that had
my husband flat on his back he grew
so weak, nervous, irritable and bad
I hardly knew what to do to buildl
him up again. He had an awTuli
hollow, deep-seated cough. Slept
poorly, and seldom would eat. Just
felt exhausted nil the time. Luckily
we saw Hypo-Cod advertised and to
date he has taken four bottles. It
made a new man of him. He is back
at work. I believe it brought back
his strength weeks and weeks sooner.
It surely meant dollars and cents to J
us in time saved. He eats big.
hearty meals, and as a tonic Earle's
Hypo-Cod can't be beat." declared
Mrs. James O'Connell. 1105 Florida
Ave. N. E., Washington, D. C.
Read what other users say on thisj
same page.
After Spell of Sickness He
Coughed Up Great Chunks
Of Phlegm and Mucus
"I certainly was alarmed over my.
husband's health." declared a Wash-i
ington lady some time ago. "He had
l)een sick and didn't seem to be get- !
ting over it. His appetite was poor. |
He coughed and coughed and grew
so weak and bad I feared he~had|
lung trouble. I surely did. He
coughed all night and all day some-1
times and spit up so much I was
scared. We saw Earle's Hypo-Cod
advertised, however, and bought two;
bottles and I wish you could see
what a difference it has made in him. |
He began to improve from the start
and began to eat good. By the time!
the first bottle was gone his cough'
had stopped and his strength was
gradually coming back. Now he'
says he feels about as well as hej
ever did in his life and he thinks iti
is a great medicine and so do I, for |
I've seen what it will do," declared i
Mrs. H. Gosnell, 316 C street N. E..
Washington, D. C.
When it is remembered thousands!
have publicly indorsed Earle's Hypo
Cod, it is no wonder that the Peo
ple's Drug Stores, sell more of Ihis
great tonic than any other.
Read what others say above. Then
come down to the nearest store andj
get a bottle. We prepay the genuine;
Hypo-Cod in large bottles anywhere,
on receipt of price. People's Drug
Stores. Washington. D. C.?Adv.
Bartlctt Stephens, 14-year-old citizen of San Francisco, found a mechanical toy in his birthday
box the other day. Before he had finished tinkering with it he had evolved a splendid wool-winder
and won a prize from the toymaker. Bartlett's "dream" has been entered in an international boys'
competition, soon to be judged, in London.
Further Distrust Will
Crush New Teuton Spirit,
Says Maximilian Harden
Reforms of German People Are Real, He
Asserts, and the Allies Should Credit
Speeches of New Ministers.
Copjr.lM. ni?. br the ITW
,th.S? V?* WorWI. (SP-^ d'a-%U:h
to the World). f,ar\
licrlin, Aug. 4.-Four day. after
peace was signed the minister p. j
Ident ? f the German * al
tu* national assembly. 'IU11
small group whose ideal i? lhe re*!
wTwiU^unTwith repulsion from the
- rd?cLdnnot i^jgSST?
France shall be our 'eve receiyed the
AS once in t Marathon, so
tidings of the victory at ^ asso.
e?a ted'p^e'ni "ought ? ^hailed the
;Xri?ure theev.cto%. but they prove
by trickery, masking as a pacinsi
Speeches Show Change.
Who thinks this errs, and his ?rror
?? t^rXedafThimsi?fr &?>?.'
and. thererore. iu fferently even
U?trSe"K'? 0^ltffetherey.ould
the'g^th'ripp^uM M the majority j
enemy. ** y?u hn^itant in wag
you appear tired or hesitant m ^
ing this most cruel o?w%T' sure,
be lost to J?ur,X of rWh?.nd ?u
bCuntei^htnd this cloak ou phrases
tice, but oeninu . a burn.
ludks the gree< power of a
Wljh ;?S to IMs a strug
?s0,r,rthe a and you have no
"' tf Srrpe^hes6 "JreTncrr:
sorship sue sp voices
JU-lly .noush l" wntrsdlct
Militarists Still Clamor.
c,nCP the peace now arranged ?
-v^tf toy otrrd K-P-T^ntHe.
tb srsasswfi?
and Germany's annihilation
SOTai,9?fJiha?e7neeriB public cl.rifica
L?vn. nVv^blne^ed'that high leader
Such a policy would unfurl the war
nag continually, for no nation can be
so easily intoxicated by Its achieve
ments or so deeply embittered as to
regard Itself as the measure for all
thU seems the worst folly or m#dn?3
to suppose a nation could be anni
hilated which had prospered throucn
four centuries and to which belong
at least 80,000.000 people; which half a
century ago laboriously fought tor
and obtained the union of its people,
with the exception of those in. German
Austria, and which in the late war
gave the most terrible proof of Its
V1The nearest approach to annihila
tion might have come if the army
had been shaken to pieces and the
citizenry Had become bloodless
from privation. Hut then the
entente cordlale of humanity and of
reason would have triumphed In the
camp of our enemies.
Germany Forced Treaty
The peace treaty was drawn In
its present terms after all largely
because of the lack of wisdom and
the deceitful course of those gov
erning In Germany, who felt them
selves under compulsion to act as
thev did. Yet now those In in
flucnce in the league of national
should take srrateful note of such
speeches as the German Ministers
Bauer and Mueller could make in
less than four weeks after the
treaty was signed.
These speeches sketch the outline
of a program which the government
of Social Democrats and Catholics
will carry out. If the cement of
community of power can hold these
parties together they can command .
a shiall but sufficient majority
which will be broadened as soon as
the Bourgeoisie and the Democrats
again enter the government.
The political program has been
adapted to this prospect. It rejects i
reaction, revolution, monarchism and |
communion with impartial brusque
ness and it dares even condemn the j
dictatorship of the proletariat, which '
had seemed essential, at least for the j
transition period, to the church fath- |
era of German Socialism. Herr Bauer's '
Socialism doc-s not behave itself more
worldly than the cause Premier LJoyd !
George championed in the battle i
against the owners of municipal j
estates, or than causes that Presi- j
dent Wilson has urged from his uni- j
versity days to the time of his fight i
against the railroad kings.
Only one 'blind to the spectrum of |
our industrial culture can expect that
,there will be no new ordering of prop- j
erty rights, or that participation in ;
management and share In the profits j
of industry can be withheld from man- |
ual laborers. Wisdom and morality
join in the free will grant of that
which otherwise would be enforced,
and those who brought it about would
thereupon make new demands.
/ The program of the Socialistic and
Catholic labor unions for the present
seeks sufficient for the needs of the
small, and keeps to the flat country
without mountains. To the parties to
the treaty, however, it ofTers every
thing demanded, even promising the
will to try to meet unflllable condi
tions, in order to obtain quiet for the
country and to fit it into the world of
peace for which all peoples long.
Will Reform Continue#
The reform asnouncement of this
program is worth noting. It asks
whether a new world shall really be
created or shall the attempt to create
it come to naught as has every other
attempt since the Abbe de St. Pierre
200 years ago invited the monarchs of
Europe to a congress to secure peace i
and to maintain it through an interna
tional court of arbitration?
Every later attempt failed because
only to the clearest brains had the ne
cessity of panhuman solidarity be
come conscious, and because since the
peace of Utrecht, Europe had swollen
to superpower, and there were always
those who were dazzled by victory,
and there wene aJways the conquered
who were ready to plan requitals and
revenge. If this soul sta.tus were to
? remain unchanged after the peace of
Versailles, then would President Wil
son, who wished to materialize the
I dreami of St. Pierre. Sully, Grotius
! and Rosseau, fall in the ruins of his
< hopes.
No unprejudiced person can today
assert that Germany is hindering the
community of peoples promised in the
ancient prophecies. In June the Ger
man Peace Congress, after conscien
tious examination of the facts, pub
The Naosealess Calomel Tablet
That is Purified from Unpleas
ant and Sickening Effects.
Do you ever have a bad taste in
your mouth in the mornfhg, heavy
breath, coated tongue, headache,
nervousness with a let-down feeling?
You need calomel, nothing else will
cleanse your liver thoroughly. Try
Calotabs, the nausealess tablet that
is delightful to take and delightful in
effect. One tablet at bedtime, with
a swallow of water,?that's all. No
taste, no griping, no salts, nor nau
sea. 'Wake up in the morning feel
ing like a two-year old, bright, cheer
ful, energetic and with a hearty ap
petite for breakfast. Eat what you
please?no danger. Calotabs are so
entirely delightful to take and so
pleasant in effect that, the manufac
turers have authorized your druggist
to refund the price as a guarantee
that you will be delighted with Cal
Sold only in original, sealed pack- |
ages, price thirty-five cents. At j
drusr stores everywhere-?Adv. I
f 1
licly declared that decisive blame for
the outbreak of the war lay in Ger
many. In July the government, freely
chosen by popular majority, an
nounced its decision to do every
thing in any way possible to raise
Germany's moral rate of exchange
and to seek revenge only in works
of brotherly love, so that what Ger
man arms had destroyed might be
rebuilt by German hands.
No one in government place dared
speak thus in conquered France in
1871. As long as thirty years after j
Sedan I heard from Gen. Gallifet the
confession that he could never again
show himself in France if it was \
known there that he had credited I
German victory to the superiority of I
the German army.
Deserves Recognition.
Do not the resignation and the 11
modesty of people plunged from the! i
pinnacle of mad power into a Joyless j j
life deserve recognition? One on the j |
outside says recognition will be ac-1 j
corded, but only after a thorough |
try-out. Another points to a Germany
that survives in parades through the i
streets, with the abolished flag of j
empire carried without shame; that}'
permits the playing and singing of the i j
song about the victors' wreaths of!
the Kaiser, and to the rank and file j j
of all the parties, who subscribed to
? -r
Deutschland Uber Alles, tnd who have
lived to se-e Germany made smaller
despite mobilisation of all the war
machinery of & Ghengls Kahn
Another says: "Be patient When
the new Germany shall have com
pletely overcome the old, we will
gladly consider how to help It" But
we cannot wait and the real con
quest desired by the Western powers
can be achieved only When the ene
mies of yesterday co-operate to this
As thp work of constituting the re
public, which was the main work of
the national assembly, has been fin
ished, there will soon be an election
for a new parliament. If from the
West no warmer wind blows into our
poor country, if the government's
open profession of good will awakens
no friendly echo, and If agitation is
facilitated for militarists and nation
alists Ijy continued demands for the
surrender of the Kaiser, the election
victories are pretty sure to go to the
extremists on the light and left
Again, it will be said that the will
of our enemies to annihilate us will
not be bent, and therefore change of
our fate can only be had by force
of arms and alliances with other dis
satisfied ones or by world revolution.
Can the founders of the league of
nations desire a German parliamen
tary majority composed of monarchists
and communists? These deadly hos
tile elements could be held together
for awhile by thefr common wish for
power and their common hate of the
Task la Terribly Hard.
Every American, Briton and
Frenchman who has lived in Ger
many in recent months knows how
terribly hard the peace treaty has
made the task of those Germans
who have been admonishing the
people to reason and to submission
to the purposes of humanity. Now
the proclaimed government program
has made/possible a real fight for
this cause.
The declaration must not fade
away, however, without an echo m
the Icy air. Never will the
educator employ compulaien lender
than he decma unrondtr^niaUy rec
eaaary. for he knowa that needleac
compulaion embitter* and poiaons
the aottl of his charge.
Germany haa heard mercileaaly
harah words a?d now has anaw^red
modestly and without anger. This
tone and feeling cannot last if tha
conviction ahall take root among
the people that ever hereafter the
entry of a new spirit la to be kept
in quarantine.
We don't aak or hope for release
from any reparation or other duty,
but only for soft waftinga of warm
air calling to ua that we all under*
stand one another again and will
try to live in brotherly harmony on
the Arm ground of equal human
rlghta. Not much longer can Ger
many wait. "Without the sun the
noblest instinct perishes."
George W. Webber Funeral
From Home Tomorrow
Funeral services for George W
Webber, who died Sunday afternoon
will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon from his home. 506 M street
southwest. Interment will be in Con
gressional Cemetery.
| He ia survived by his wife. Mr*
| Lena Webber, and two children. Will
iam C. and Margaret M. Webber
? m Wssh the affected ^
gurface with house
hold ammonia or
rarm salt water; then apply?
Time alone can prove the efficiency of the
dental work you get elsewhere, but TIME
HAS PROVED my work to possess the last
ing qualities, those wearing values that dis
tinguish the work of the expert
Thousands of Washingtonians and visitors
from all parts of the world have written
testimonials of their gratefulness to me for
the character and permanence of my dental
By Dr. Wyfth and Staff of Expert,
Careful Drntiati
That Has Been Our Record for the Past
Term* of Parwent to Suit, Examination Free
L.arge electrically cooled officcs?cleanliness
is one of our many striking features.
My Perfect
Suction Teetk
win n?t sn?
? r Drop?
OfVer Seta of
T^lk. r..?? up.
Fillings, 50c
to $1 op.
Is fold, litrer,
Gold Crown*
?nd Bndji
P?-r Twfl
1 Op?a Htrrr K-r.n??lE rirtl 8 OTItfls and n, "vnda.s 1ft A Sl. fa 4 I' %t
lUor and maids in ?ll?ndimce- VI1 work folly r"*rantte<l for JO mrt
Kindly keep the name and location of mj ofBce la 70nr mlaA.
DR. WYETH, Inc., 427-429 7th St. N. W.
|j Opposite I<an*b?rj;h A Bro.. and ?rfr t.rand Talon Tea C*. Larr^i
? nd flwt Thoroughly Equipped Parlor* 1b Washing-ton. Phoae M. tiJl
The Post-War
Maxwell is the
Surprise Car of
the Year
IT'S a mental stimulation to look over this post-war
Maxwell and see one surprise after another in fine
You get the accumulation of war years in rare
automobile ideas.
There's the new Lemoine type front axle, which
gives a new delight at the wheel in its easy, castering
effect in steering.
Then there s the heavy, new rear axle with the
extra large, indestructible four pinion differential. And
two universal joints of the oilless disc type. They
require no attention during the life of the car.
Brakes! The emergency is now found on the
transmission, as on so many foreign cats. The service
brake is the larger toggle type, and is equipped with
equalizers, which prevent the tendency to skid.
In the rear now is slung the gas tank, large and with
vacuum feed. No more gas fumes or gas leakage up
in front.
Also equipped with Hot Spot and Ram's-Horp.
There are many more rare treats in store for you,
but remember this Post-War model is the continuation
of the original Maxwell chassis as laid down 5 years ago.
To date more than 300,000 have been built. The
public has paid $200,000,000 for previous Maxwells.
This Post-War Maxwell is a greater car.
Be among the early ones to get this prized catr.
$985 f. o. b. Detroit
H. B. Leary, Jr., Distributer
1321 and 1323 Fourteenth Street Northwest
Phones: Main 4105 and 4106

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