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Carranza Accedes to Ulti
matum Following Many
The Carranza frovernroent promised
fwterday. in a note given out at the
Rate Department, to use all means at
Its command to capture and punish
Bnufderers of American citizens. The
promise was also made to reimburse
Jnine and oil company paymasters
Who may be robbed.
The Mexican note called attention
to the fact that no more absolute
?eculity could be Riven the lives of
Americans than it is possible for any
American community to assure abso
lute safety to its citizens.
The note was called forth by :x
eh )rp message frv>m the I'nited States
delivered to the Carranaa. government
?r July 2: through the Ameri.-in
ch ir~e d'affatr* in Mexico t'ity. The
reads: "Should the lives of
American citizen* continue to remain
unsafe and thesi murder * continue by
feason of the unwillingness or inabil
ity- of the Mexican rovernment to af
fbrd adequate protection, my govern
ment may be forced to adopt a radical
efcajige in its policy with regard to
How two Americans. Whit ford and
I^amb. were practically crucified by
Mexican bandits has been brought to
fee attention of the select committee
of ihe Senate investigating Mexican
affairs through Representative Charles
F. Curry, of California. Representa
tive Curry received his information
fro|p Bush Finnell. a business man ot
Aecordln? to Mr. Finnell's letter to
Representative CuiTy the Americans
?were held for a large ransom ana
thejl suffered flnzers and other parts
of |heir body to he cut off while they
still alive in order that these
ptoses of human flesh might be sent
to back up the handits* demands lor
??Very little.' Mr Finnell writes,
been said about the west coast
of .Mexico, wht-re this incident oc
curred 'Occupation of my premises
on this side of the coast." he declares,
??by soldiers and thefts of horses,
inufes and cattle and even baled sisal
ha^been very common with no redress
froai Mexican officials.
Representative Curry has enlisted
the*co-operation of Senator Albert B.
Fall. Representative Porter. of Penn
sylvania. and Representative Camp
bell of Kansas, in this matter.
% ? ?
sooft after the peac - treaty was laid
fcefor- the Senate, to the efleot that
If A?e committee, at any time, de
sire^ to discuss the treaty with the
President, the latter would b*? glad
to se<-eiv** the members any time on
lw#^ty-four hours* notice.
\Tiih this in mind, the committee
ir ucted Mr. Lodge to ^eek an ap
p . 9?oi??nr with tii" President at his
convenience both as to time and
p' a ee.
I'?! : this the letter makes note
of ii" ,r><enc of one or two Senators
from the ? ity and asks, for this rea
son. that the appointment b* mad*4
v ? ?av MS-?? '.'ijuetii t? Monday
! T. * :*'nkt^r ; tV? explnn-.tion of
th*>*1^sire of the committee that its
y vi with ?he President he a correct
ve???ou of tiif famous phrase, "open
i ov?)>;,n: op--nlv arrived at.'* In sub
Ft???^fi;^tio?! of this desire. Mr. l*?dce
P"'%i-* o??t that the committee has con
sidved th?- ttesty in open session, and
for this reason f*?els that any informa
tion t oirinc tr.to its po'-session from
th?-*Ptevident should not he withheld
frogp the public
Nyt ?at?-i than yesterday morning
th?*president, on the assumption that
tb~ttr*?f would he reported out or
the ?> committer witHTn a week or ten
davi. had J"lt that it would t?e pos
sible for him to hegin hi.; country
wide trip or> behalf of the treaty and
Ihe Jeague covenant. He had intended
I > b<- in San Francis-*o September -
o. 9. But now that the committee,
in aMdition to th'- conference with the
' hihi Kxerntive Tuesday. wishes to
nu^stion other members and aides ot
th? American Peace Commission, it
w i!l not b" possible to start for two
yr three weeks.
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Speculation and Profiteering
Cause High Prices, Colver Says
Head of Federal Trade Commission Charges
System for Extortion Is Most Complete
In- History of Country.
Speculation and one of the most
! complete profiteering system* ever
perfected in the history of the coun
j try are among the underlying Ciuses
. for the high cost of living.
! Chairman William H. Colver, of the
Federal Trade Commission, made thij
statement last night at the Open Fo
rum of Trinity Church. Third and C
? streets northwest.
Before the ice was out of rivers, he
declared, fish which would be caught
i in the same rivers several months
1 afterward were sold by speculators a
number of times. For etch specula
tion the ultimate consumer would be
obliged to bear the profit.
Kightv per cent of the packed food*,
such a* dried fruits, vegetables and
other edibles, were sold In January,
before the fruit had matured on the
. trees, he raid. Speculation brought
an additional and unnecessary burden
on the consumer, he pointed out.
He also declared that "superbusU
ness" had discovered a new method of
I evasion of the Sherman anti-trust law
, b" combining competitive industries.
Island Savage
Knows How to
Handle H. C.L.\
There is one place in the world
where cold storage is unknown.
This is borne out by one of the
specimens in the museum of the
Smithsonian Institution shown to a
Herald reporter yesterday by Dr.
Walter Hough, procurator of the
ethnological department. It was in
the shape of a small package of
food taken on long sea journeys by
natives of the islands in the Pacific
The natives of the Caroline Islands
have solved the high cost of living
problem long ago. These savages
carry their lunches with them when
they set out in their bark canoes for
a 1.500-mile voyage on the Pacific.
These long-haired wiseacres go
their civilized brothers one better.
'They dry the fruit of a breadfruit
tree, wrap it in a broad leaf and tie
it with hemp. As a result they have
the most portable and well-preserv
ed foodstuffs that ran be compressed
into a ten-pound package nine
inches king and three inches in
Consider Alarm Syeiem.
nv^att'nKt?n bankers concerned
?. tL"'"-"'Pted hold-up of the
Alunsey Trust Company. Wednesday,
ire seriously considering equipping
their establishments with a sys
'?!?' Jlarms ,hat w'? negate any
" her attempts at hold-up meth
according to a statement made
. e? B Katcliffe. vice
l>rr>ident of the Munsey Bank
John K Ketzer, who it is said, at
tempted th~ hold-up. has bee/i for
mally . har.ed v.iih attempted rob
bery i,y officials of the bank, and
b.. Louis fcl. Donaldson, a clerk at
the Munsey Trust, with assault
with intent to kill.
Hospital authorities declare th*t
Willi,. Fetzer's condition is serious
I Mo will recover.
Kind l?e for Army Ga< Masks.
,:;-'llat'on >?>' gas masks will
- hl usrd extensively in the
.vasiiincton Fire lJepai tment. fol
,m experiment made by
Hobart E. Berrian. a returned sol
Uier. When the Oxford Hotel caught
flic iccently.
According to the management of
it* uotel. a small fire started in a
trash .hut., in the building, sending
a ? loud of smoke through the cor
ridors. Berrian. getting a whiff of
; v;'p'r' rized h,s sas mask
and an through the hotel warning
the guests of the conflagration. By
ih? iI"T?i "re "PPatatus arrived
the hotel was cleared of all guests.
< barge Soldier Passed Bad Checks.
J;"!':1' a soldm at Camp
? ' ' ? ilU-^ed to have passed sever-il
w.o.'f!! ?h^CkS ?n of Wash
*'Knr? hy 11 captain Who is at
terilay. nin?e' >es
Arrest Boy on Lart-eny t hargr
a-.,,, ,?,i s.,.
v r- ..y arr**??I Jefferson
Wrner. is years old. giving his ad
north ? U3, 'JIS Penn?yh">* avenue
ceny a charS? of Krand lai
*uto. Badly Injured.
: f.i -'"s-Jt tire on his ma
"? street and Pennsyl
' ' southeast yesterdav.
; was r,j? ^ C atre?t SOUthWesL.
. v' . , Cr.. a niachiiie operated
b> Jackson Mitchel. SID Twenty-flr-t
street northwest, and severely h"r.
,' , as *fken to Casualty Hospital
.a rut ?3n ,hf?[ r rK"w'bl,< fracture and
'a (ut on the left kneo
Thieves Enter Apartment.
The apartment of Thomas <Ja;e? at
ve,i . r nof*thwe,.t wa, en,ere.!
InlJ. valued at Sf
; ' ' 1be ,hi" entered the apait
'?> forcing the front door.
Sustain* Fractured Knee.
came" "o'fT' Kr0l",,l wl'?" a whe i
tame off a wagon thai he ???,
w?InSja"etoh',?t Hnd B north
w**t-.,Jac?b Harrison, colored, of -|.
?McCullough street northwest, vaster
da> sustained a fractured knee lie
was treated at Casualty Hospital.
Attempt to Roh store Falls.
j Thlevesattempted to enter a dm
store at Fourteenth street and Cohim"
bia road, occupied by Harry Evans
early yesterday morning, by ltmmv
intl .VaT "AOr ^ S
Chauffeur Is Injured.
' I1akV'c ,our soldiers from
^ ? streets northwest to
lTni It O Hospital. Randolph Kur
west 1 eh J"'11
west a chauffeur for the Model S*rv
ice 1?, Pennsylvania ave??e'no^h'
west, was struck over the head with
a bcttle by one of his passengers. ?
Charged with Aa?ault.
n o^Th^ei1,"108 H4JI- 3334 M atr*et
against^her'"'h"' K'" W"
jtinued to SeptembeVVpM.ndinVthe
I outcome of Sciroedei-s Injury.
Poiice Newsl
, He Illustrated by the prices of butter,
oleomargarine and a vegetable substi
tute for both. At one time the price
of gutter, he declared, was the present
price of the vegetable substitute.
! The manner in which big Interests
! Jiad brought the prices so high was by
! raising first the price of the cheapest
j article and loading higher prices on
| the others, he charged.
! The Sherman anti-trust laWsholds. he
1 explained, in cases of individual mo
i nopolles as in butter, but if three com
; petitlve articles such as butter, oleo
? margarine and the vegetable substi
tute for both are combined, the law is
j evaded.
He declared that si\ch reasons as the
inflation of currency, the dislocation of
industry by drafting of more than
2,000.000 men for war rervice and the
! further dislocation of industry caused
| by turning plants Into war-aiding
j channels were "smoke screens" used
i by big interests In the operation of
(? "the most completely-developed cam
| paign of profiteering any country ever
The public utilities committee of
the Chamber of Commerce. John T.
Lloyd, chairman, last night In a
resolution recommended the merg
ing of the Capital Traction Company
end the Washington Railway ana
t Electric Company Into a corporation
(capitalized at $24,000,000, following
the recent action of the chamber ?
board of directors placing thj mat
ter in the hands of the committee
for consideration.
Last night's resolution recom
j "The exchange of the stock of the
present companies for the stock in a
new company to be incorporated
J with a capitalization of about $21.
'000.000. to be on the basis of $112 5?
j for Capital Traction. $80 for the pr?r
| ferred and $50 for the common stock
.of the Washington Railway and
' Electric Company.
I "That the definite and final value
of exchange of the stock in the ex
iting companies for stock in the
J new or consolidated company, the
[disposition of the bonded and other
! indebtedness and the working oat
j of necessary details b#* determined
by a commission to be appointed by
the Public Utilities Commission of
I disinterested men for the purpose of
[perfecting the consolidation, the
figures used in this resolution being
simply suggestive."
New Jersey Jury Will
Investigate Profiteers
Nrw York. Auir. 14.?To investigate
profiteering in New Jersey, United
States District attorney Bodine today
called a special session of the Fed
eral stand jury to sit in Newark Tues
This is the first time the grand jury
has been called into extraordinary ses
sion in the State.
Inquiry will be made into produc
ing. handling, shipping and distribu
tion of all foodstuffs.
"Rubber Stamp" Name
Angers Representative
1 Characterized a "rubber stamp" by
Representative Blanton. Democrat, of
Texas. Representative Hardy, of th*
: same State loft his seat and rushed
I down the aisle toward his accuser in
! yesterday's session of the House. It
! required the efforts of several mem
bers to prevent the Texas Represen
tatives from coming to blows.
100,000 Face Starvation
As Result of Rail Strike
, Charleston. W. Va.. Aug. 4?More
than lOO.OX) persons, including thou
sands of children, are facing starv-1
ation in the mountain mining regions
! of Coal River. Cabin Creek and Logan
County, the result of the Chesapeake
,31111 <>hlo Railroad shopmen's strike,
according to reports reecived here to
d;?> 1'Y Stste officials.
State authorities were asked to take
steps at once to bring about relief
and prevent further suffering in the
mining districts.
Hope to Keep lie Sugar Price.
Attorney General Palmer late yester
' day issued a *taU ment announcing
that he hopes to keep the price of
I sugar at 11 cents under the power
j giv??n the government In the food con
trol act to withdraw licenses from
' dealers who profiteer.
Finally Restored to Health
by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Key West, Fla.?"For fivo years
I suffered from irregularities, with
terrible pains
and an awful
weakness in my
back. The doo
tor gave me dif
ferent medicines
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no good. A
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table Compound
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medicine I ever
tried because it made me well, and
1 I can now do my housework. 1 em
telling my frieuds about It."?Mrs.
J. M. Camcs, 726 Caroline St, Key
West, Florida.
Many women at some period la
their life suffer from ailments pecu
liar to their sex and which in most
cases may be readily relieved by
this famous root and herb medietne,
Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Com
j pound, just as Mr* Camus found It
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If you have any annoying symp
toms you fail to understand, -write
Lydia E. Piakham Medicine Co..
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forty years experience in advising
I -women oa this subject Is at you*
Union Presents Plan for Re
? f / i ?
organization of Admin
istrative System.
A plan for the reorganization of
the school systeYn of Washington
was presented to the ?Ngh School
Teachers' Union last night by Misa
Alice Deal, president of the union,
and Miss Genevieve Marsh, chair
man of the reorganization commit
The plan includes principally the
division of the school' system into
I ten departments, supervising: the
' principal studies throughout the
entire school course, from the kin
j dergarten to the fourth high school
year, and the classification of teach
ers into four grades, A, B. C and D.
The A. B, C. and D classification
I of teachers is based not only on
j their scholastic and pedagogical
ability, but on their success in han
dling children. *
! lTnder the system a teacher who
was particularly fitted to deal with
children,would be given special du
ties where her ability could be of the
highest service.
Evciy Citizen Must
Have Chance at Food
Every citizen in Washington must
I be given an opportunity to purchase
I army food, or the supply furnished
I through community centers and
j citisens organizations will be dis
continued, it was declared last
j night by MaJ. E. E. Squier. who
!,pontrols the consignments to Wash
MaJ. Squier refused to discuss the
I efficacy of the system with The
Herald reporter. He declared thut
j order* had been issued by the War
: Department preventing the sale of
food unicr conditions that would
hamper wide distribution.
Tells Police of Attack.
Mrs. Minnie Franklin. 37 years old,
1361 K street southeast, reported to
the police la?t night that she had
teen attacked by two negroes, who
drove off her escort while he and she
were strolling in th rear of carnival
tent* at Fifteenth and H streets
northeast. She did not give the name
of her companion. The negroes, she
I declared, drove hirr. away at the point
| of ? pistol. The woman was taken to
I Casualty Hospital.
Paris. Aug. 14.?The council of five
today neared a solution of the Thrace
question, which has been delaying
completion of the Bulgarian treaty
As a means of fettling the issue, the
Peace Conference was considering in- J
ternationallzing the eastern three- I
fourths of Western Thrace, granting
the other fourth, as well as the whole j
of Eastern Thrace to Greece. This ;
would give Bulg, ria an outlet to the !
Aegean Sea, but would cut off Eastern j
Thrace from the Grecian mainland. In j
other details, the Bulgarian treaty has j
been .complete*}.
Leonard M. Gawler. of the under
taking Arm of Gawler and Son. and
Miss Lorena M. Stockton, of Wain
ington. motored down to Alexandria
last night and were married in
Grace P. E. Church by the Rev.
Edgar Carpenter.
The couple were attended by Miss
Velma Griffith and Louis F. Bib
nitksi. Other friends and relatives
attended the wediing. The couple
last night left by motor for Atlantic
City on their honeymoon.
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