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Illinois Man Knew of
Planned Elopement of
Wife and Physician.
Specif] to The Hetxld
Macomb. III., Aug. 14.?If lawyers
2]?fending Dr. G. W. Alverson, who
r."?th Mrs. Alice Clugston ia in Jail
nere awaiting trial on the charge of
the murder of the woman's husband.
relying on a doubt whether the
death was the result of foul play, it
has been dissipated. Dr. Bert Row*
an. of Bushnell. called in consulta
tion a few hours before Clugston's
death. declared today that there was
no question but what the man was
murdered. It also developed today
that it was Dr. Rowan's statement
that caused the investigation and
It is the action of the accused
couple, together with the stand taken
by dugs ton. that baffles'the officers.
Apparently without protest, he con
sented to the presence of D. Alverson
in the home, despite the gossip that
was afloat.
It was learned today that the doctor
and the woman planned a trip to
Texas this fall, and that the husband
had knowledge of the affair and en
tered no objection.
Officers are now investigating tne
theory that financial reasons were be
hind the removal of Clugston. as he
carried a fl.500 insurance policy, and
there were said to be a number ot
obligations pressing the doctor for
payment. lie had purchased some
land irr Texas and payments were
Whatever qualification the doctor
may not have possessed in general
\ practice, he was a specialist with flu
cases. Investigation at his home at
Sciota reveals the fact that he treated
over SCO cases last year, with only
one death, a record they claim is not
equaled anywhere.
Being president of the village board,
he was well known in the community.
Th^ro will be a special meeting of
the <'!arendon Citizens' Association
tonight for the purpose of receiving
;l report of the executive committee
relative t?> the voting contest in the
| : nt lawn fete.
Tii" Board of Supervisors of Alex
andria County held its monthly
r.v; Tuesday. Chairman Wibeft
presiding, with Supervisors Duncan
?rom Jefferson, and Supervisor Ahalt
f.om Washington District. En
nrer (Jarrett was instructed to
have the Washington and Old Do
minion Railway Company fix the
? -tossing at Rosslyn. and received a
protest from the town council of
ivtomac asrainst the location of a
r?>o!ine filling tank on the Mount
Vernon boulevard, on the line of the
ildewalk. The opening of a new
-frect in Halls Hill was referred to
the engineer.
Y".:d.: were invited for pavements
k i nd the Ballston and Cherrydale
?( hools and will be opened Septem
2 Clarendon school was not
Included bfrau.^p no request was
r ;?d?* before the board for such
a2itati<>n for removal of the
hi!!board3 on the Mount Vernon
1 oulevard was called to the atten
tion of the supervisors, and a per
mit was refused for the newly con
templated structures near the Wash
?t:stf.n Driving Park.
A meeting was helrj Monday at
which arrangements were made for
#a:iy establishment of the new
<"arend??n B;ink Messrs. Stone. Sut
l.att? rn? t Torter subscrib
ng for $r?n.noo of the capital stork,
and the balance nf jr.o.ooo will b"
inisrd by selling shares at $100
? .-eh.
Two-year-old Xaney Foster, the
.*?"*1 "i Kddie Foster, third baseman
? f the Washington Ball Club, died
? axly Tuesday morning after an ill
;iej.-s tw?? weeks. at_the residence
?r" Mr. and Mrs. Foster, in Cherry
Li'nt. L. A. Quinn has just re.
:ri? ? ??1 fI *? 111 France alter nineteen
ii.onths* service.
Dutch Arc Tu!.p Growers.
* )i.ce upon a time the Dutch people
v.ere trlio mad. I*odary tulip growing
I- a steady industry in Holland, and
? very acre of land on a tulip farm is
reputed to be worth $2,500.
* orn
Liberty Bonds
We Make Loans
on Them
rn.lcr (.ovrrnmrnt !nprnbiloa.
Bank of the Society
for Savings and Loans
522 Thirteenth Street N. W.
Phone Main 2815
: * oot profit Wf mike, rmt tfe*
fi??. uu? oar suittsa."
(Equity Savings Bank Bldg.)
1407 N. V. A?e., 1st Floor, Rear
Pbonc Vila sail.
Coal! Coal!
Good C?al at Fair Prices
R- J. and M. C.
D?alera la ABtkn?He and
Bituminous Coal.
4tn and F Su. N. E. Lin. =?
Complttr forailM and int! ructions for m?kin?
at bom. rj. whiskj. n.1 twera. and cholw wint* i
lr -lading mscinf and operating homo itilL I
l-jtpsreu b> mem f?na<r:> la br*?uu a*.
good*; 110 mbetitutet; I
^ sent
...cuff.. iDaJ*. Sent on m.ipt of 50t?cherk
*?V <??*>? <" Art n iick. Bill
fc Corzrtm W prohibit Ml. of liqw.r n-cipn. |
1513 It. Kojal, BALTIMORE, MD.'1
Did They Buy Army Food in Akron? Look at This!
Akron, Ohio, Aug. 7.?By
L the thousands they lined up
before the Akron armory for
the first sale of government
food brought about through
efforts to break the high cost
of living in this Ohio city. In
sistence of the press made the
city government buy fifteen
tons of army bacon and 30,
] 000 cans of corned beef. The
bacon sold for 36 cents, the
corned beef for 32 a pound,
Albert I... Teck, former policeman
1 and now a secret service man, mem
! ber of the body-guard of President
, Wilson, was sued for an absolute di
! vorce yesterday by Mrs. Irene Feck.
On MaUch 15. 1917. Mrs. Peck de
clares. her husband deserted her and
told her he would never again live
with her. As a result, she states, she
! was forced to appeal to her mother !n
! Pennsylvania for help to provide
i means of support for herself ana
! child.
j Out of his salary of $150 a month,
the wife avers, Peck only allows her
| $'.*l a mmith. In spite of the high
I cost of living, she further declares,
Peck maintained a furnished apart
ment in Georgetown, which he used
for improper purposes. Mrs. I'ecR
i names the woman with whom her
husband consorted at this apartment.
J Attorney Kthelbert Frey appears
for Mrs. Peck. The couple were mar
ried in June, 1910.
Navy Yard News
W. H. Whiting has returned to
work after a ten-days' honeymoon
spent in New York and nearby re
Samuel Shreve.?, master mechanic
of the coppersmith shop, is spending
his week ends at Colonial Beach.
Robert Fraser. of the boilermak
ers' shop, is having his motor over
hauled. He expects to be one of the
winners in the coming races at
Penning. Labor Pay.
Al. Gorsueh. William McGee,
Roy Routzahm. Herman Frame. Wil
liam Lewis. Crawford Cook. Walter
Richardson. Jimmie Porter and Al
bert Baker. of the boilermakers'
shop, motored to Piney Point "n a
successful fishing trip. Wilkam
McGee has the record of catching a
t?>ad fisli weighing fifteen rounds.
J FT Miller, of the coppersmith*'
shop has returned, aft^r n hunt y
?n"on in New York and New Je.r
| sey.
W. M. Smith, of th* tool Fh^p is
spendmtr his vacation at Orran
City. Md.
The miscellaneous shop fisher
men. l^d by Bob Camahan. has just
returned after having an enjoyable
Elmer Scott, of the miscellaneous
shop, has announced that he will bo
married August 21.
E F. McMahon. leading man of the
coppersmith shop, Is sper.ding his
week ends at Colonial Beach, where
his family has been all summer.
W. S. Peters and M. Lipscomb, of
the boilermakers' shop, have re
turned to work after spending fif
teen days touring North Carolina.
j G. G. Price, of the boilermakers'
shop, is on a business trip to Rich
mond, Va.
Fred Rauchenstein reported a fiflf
trip to Chapel Point.
A noteworthy demonstration of
what big things a little woman can
do was made manifest in an inter
view with Phyllis Ettis, whose sing
ing has delighted great crowds dur
ing this the opening week at the
"I have two great aims in life,"
said Miss Eltis. "the one, to be a
figure in grand opera some day j
and the other to reach the ideal
point in the matter of making my
own dresses." |
And just then this little lady ex-J
hibited a charming creation, the]
work of her own deft fingers?a,
street gown of silk that would put j
to blush many a Parisian designer
"That's my idea of what a woman
should wear during these summer;
afternoons." And. from the jaunty
appearance of this "Eltis-made" ere- !
ation. this soprano ingenue knew;
well the things within the broad
realms of fashion.
.She sings and sews?What a hap^ |
py compination!
Splendid opportunities are now open |
to disabled service men to obtain vo- I
catiohal training in the shipbuilding;
industry at the same time that they j
are earning excellent incomes, it was'
announced last night by Col. Arthur
Woods, assistant to the Secretary ot
War. who is in charge of the re-em
ployment of former service men.
Men who are interested in these op
portunities should communicate with
the office of the Assistant to the Sec
retary of War, which will provide
them with further information on this
Become Slender
Reduce your weight 10 to CO lbs., or more.
uixW $130 GUARANTEE by uang OIL. OK
KOKEIN. following easy directions. Sold
by Affleck's (F and 15th st. ow.l, Riker
Hegcfnan. Cbristiani Drug Co.. People'* Drug
Stores, Day 4 Co.. and others in D. O.
All druggists everywhere *ell OIL OK
&OKUJN Booklet mailed free by Korein
Co., NV 301, Station P, New Tork.
and before the day was over
the supply was sold. Buyers
halved the strips of bacon on
the spot in many cases and
shared them with friend?.
A. C. Woody, secretary of the Bu
reau Automobile Association, an
nounces that the buying privileges
extended to the members at Rudolph
West's will be discontinued after to
Miss Mary Campbell, of the stamp
perforating division, is absent, due
! to the illness of her mother.
Miss Tolley. of the examining: di
vision clerical force, has returned
I to her desk after visiting friends
j in Long Island. N. Y.
Miss Alma K. Miller, of the ?ur
j face division, has been absent sev
eral days on account of illness in
the family.
There was a real shortage of girls
in the*bur?au yesterday due to the
excursion of the Girls' Union to
Chesapeake Beach. Quite a num
I ber ot' wounded soldiers and satl
J ors from the various hospitals
j were entertained at the beach.
j Mrs. William I'pton. who has
| toured alone from San Francisco
J to Washington, visited the bureau
the other day. Mrs. I'pton i^? 7'J
| years old and has traveled 5.000
miles on her eastern journey in
1 thirty days' actual running time.
Frank Hardy, of the engraving di
I vision, in endeavoring to put some
iodine on a sore finger, accidentally
(dropped the battle, and some of the
I contents splashed in his eye.
| Miss Mary McNally, of the exam
I ining division, has been granted two
! weeks' leave.
Mrs. Laura Phelps, of the *>xam
| ining division, has been granted two
! weeks' leave of absence.
J Mrs. F. O'Donuhue, of the examing
division, is on leave.
i Richard Powell, Walter Caddington.
and Miss Emily Wetzell, of the sur
face division. are on the sick list.
Miss Annie F. Paytes. of section
: is spending the week at her home in
| Virginia.
Woman Asks Divorce,
Calls Husband "Liar"
| Characterizing her husband as a
I ' notorious liar" and accusing him or
taking particular delight in making
libelous and slanderous statements
| about her. Mrs. Mamie L. Cooper,
j War Risk clerk, appealed to the Dis
trict Supreme Court for relief from
! alleged annoyances by her husband.
Samuel F. Cooper.
: Her husband now persists, she avers,
in writing anonymous letters to the
Civil Service chiefs in which he
' slanders her. He frequently has made
[ threats to kill her. Mrs. Cooper states,
and she is afraid, she says, he will
j do her harm. On one occasion, she
j declares, she came downstairs in her
home at 1358 Kenyon street northwest
to answer the telephone and discov
j ered her husband trying to climb in
I the dining room window.
Justice Bailey cited Cooper to show
1 cause on August 20 why he should
j not be restrained from -interfering
with his wife.
Out-o'-Towners to Celebrate.
| The Out-o'-Towners, an organiza
I tion composed of government em
j ployes whose homes are in locali
I ties other than Washington, are
planning to give a number of first
class entertainments for the pur
pose of allowing the members to
become better acquainted with each
| other and making their stay in
Washington pleasant.
Much, latent talent has been dis
covered in the organization, and
Calomel, the Most Valuable of
Drugs, Now Purified From Its
Unpleasantness and Sickening
(Dualities?"Calotabs" the New
The medical virtues of calotabs are
' in no way connected with its nauseat
! ing and dangerous qualities, as is
j proven by the fact that the new calo
i mel tablet, called Calotabs. is freej
j from objectionable effects yet retains ;
I all of the liver-cleansing and evs-1
j tem-purifying qualities of the old
style calomel. For biliousness, con-1
stipation and indigestion, tnd where- j
j ever calomel is essential, the new de- I
nauseated calomel tablet Is a practi- I
cally perfect remedy.
To inspire public confidence in this j
j new discovery the manufacturers have !
i authorized, druggists everywhere to
refund the price if the customer is
( not "perfectly delighted" with Calo
tabs. Sold only in original packages,
sealed. Price thirty-five cents. One
tablet at bedtime, with a swallow of
water. No taste, no nausea, no grip
ping. no salts. You wake up in the
morhing with a clean liver, feeling
fine, and a hearty appetite. Eat what
you ^jease?no danger.?Adv,
former professional entertainers are
rapidly coming: to the fore with
their desires to assist. The Out-o'
Towners will inaugurate the?f af
fairs with a dance and erXrta?r-.
ment to bo held tomorrow in the
Y. M. ?H. A. building:, on Eleventh
and Pennsylvania, avenue.
Seeks Permission From
Court?Injunction Now
Holds Him.
. Joseph T. Kl&wana, former pro-1
prietor of a haberdashery store at,
L000 Eighteenth street northwest,
who wan compelled to furnish a
$6,000 bond on July 19, last, to guar
antee his remaining in the District,
asked the District Supreme Court
yesterday to cancel thie-bond that
he may battle with the high cost
of living and pay his wife. Mrs. Ger- j
trude K. Klawans, temporary all-1
| mony and take proper care of his i
I children.
Klawans was sued for a limited I
divorce, his wife accusing him ol j
| threatening to leave the District.
He has sold his business, Klawans
I declares, but now wants to go Into
business again and this necessitates
| his going out o/ town frequently,
i but the bond restrains him.
Klawans tells the court it was
'never his intention to leave the Dis
! trict. his friends, his children, and,
[ his interest? nil being in this cly.
On the day he was served with the
| papers, he declares, he was leasing
i his apartment for another year.
Stork Ca nSwallow Rabbit.
The adjutant, or marabou, a species
| of stork found in India, will swallow
a rabbit or a cat whole. The bird j
'stands 5 feet high, and the expanse
. of wings is nearly 15 feet.
Docs that Young Woman
appreciate the value of Saving? m say she
does. She is depositing twenty per cent of
her salary check each pay day in a Savings
Account with the "Friendly Bank." She will
soon have a tidy sum laid by for the rainy day.
How about you opening an account?
Friday Hovrt: t :S0 te S i to i:tC.
Saturday Hour$: i :t0 te 1! ?nd S to I.
COMMERCIAL D l\. l\ i\
Would You Buy Into a
Bankrupt Concern?
Would Yo u Have_ Yoitr Country in
Partnership With a Crumbling^ Empire?
Speaking of the ease of Ireland with relation to the British Empire a
prominent member of the British Peace Delegation has just said:
"It has become a chronic wound whose septic effects
are spreading to our whole system and through
its influence on America is beginning to poison oar
most vital foreign relations .... Unless it is
settled .... this empire must cease to exist.99
Lieut.-General Jan Christian Smuts,
London, July 18th, 1919.
XHE INJUSTICE now being meted out to Ireland outrages humanity.
The House of Representatives has spoken 216 votes to 41. The
Senate has gone on record 60 votes to 1. The American Federation of
Labor has stated its position.
The proposed League of Nations would have this Republic enter into
a virtual partnership with the Empire which holds Ireland, Egypt and India
by military force alone.
Such partnership would be un-American, it would be contrary to the
principles upon which this Republic was founded.
Such partnership would be unhealthy and unwholesome.
The United States Seriate sees the truth.
Let the Senators see that they have the support of the people.
See next announcement in tomorrow's Herald

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