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Macks Down Griffs, Sandlotters in Draw?Beckett Wins Fight by Kayo
Whitey's Hitting Gives
Macks Victory Over Na
tionals by 4 to 2.
Philadelphia, Sept. 2.?"Twas Whftey
W|tt who subdued Washington to
day. and he used for that purpose
a knock of much dynamic force. Tech- .
nicfclly It was a raging triple that
kited far over Gharrity's dome and
induced two of Whitey's pals to score
a minute later. He trooped in him- j
*elf on an out. That's why the Ath
letics captured the pastiming with j
the boys from the Capital by a score
ttf 4 to l
Walter Kinney, the * inning pitch- .
rr. was an odd compound of wlldness
and effectiveness. He slipped six |
passes to Griffith's men, to sav noth
ing of hitting another Innocent toesev
In cold blood, yet he could always
pull himself together and right things.
He used the short cut of the strike
out route to dash out of danger, and
when it is recorded that he blotted
>ut no fewer than eleven Washington
players on strikes it is made clear
.low well he could reform.
Erickson rolled along in prosperity
until he ran into Witt's expressive
oat. Of the ten Mack hits, nine were
sff Ertckson. Jezebel Tecumseh Zach
ary was on the tee in the eighth, and j
Thomas tapped him for a triple.
Baltimore. Sept 2.?The powerful
stable of Commander J. K. L* Ross,
of Montreal, which won more in j
-take.- and purses last season than ,
?ny other American racing estab- j
lishment. and. with a total of ab*?ve !
1195,000 to its credit already this j
reason, bids fair to duplicate last i
season's record is at Havre de '
r?race. having com" direct from |
?aratoira. Stalls ha\e already been;
bedded down for# th'; Canadian |
sportsman's thorousrhbred fii?r*. I
jixnon^ which are Cudgel, winner j
of the Merchants' and Citizens' j
Handicap at Saratoga: Sir Barton,
?/inner of the Kentucky Derby, the
Preakneaa Stakes and Belmont and
the Withers, and the greatest. ?-f
Afaencan money earners o:' any f.gc
this year: Billy Kelly, the juvenile
sensation of last reason; Milkmaid.
Foreground. Constancy, winner cf
the Spinaway of Saratoga; King
Tfcrush. ctc.
Chicago. Sept. 2.?The Reds defeat
ed the Cubs here today by the close
score of 4 to 3. A trio of pitchers
mas not able to told the Reds in
check, and Moran's crew batted out
vfctory in the early frames. Sfcore
oy innings:
Cincinnati 30100000 0?I S 2
Chicago ...00000010 2?3 7 0
Fisher and Wlngo; Carter, Her.drix.
Bailey and Killefer.
Caldwell Shows Form.
St- Louis. Sept. 2. ? Ray Caldwell
pitched an excellent game for the
Indian* today after the first Inning,
ind the Brown? were beaten?I to 3.
T*** seor*:
Indiana AkH.O.A.C. Bm*na Ab.H O.A t
?mnay.If... 5 16 2 ? Austin.Zb .. 4 u I 0 0
batatan 4 114 0 . 4 0.10
*pcaker.cf.. 4 2 2 0 0 4 - 3 O 0
isxrblih.. 115 1 0 Aitkr.lh 4 18 1 I
Tardner.:^. >0106 Tcbia.lf 4 J 2 1 v
?Taatvjbk 4 2 3 4 0 DenunltT rf. i 0 Z ! O
taftlh.r:... 3 1 2 0 0 Gerber.s- . 3 1-51
*"ood.rf? 1 0 0 0 0 iVrerviU.c... 4 2 3 0 0
.. Z o S 0 1 ibuCier.;.... 2 0 0 i 1
ratdwr.!.x<. 4 112 0 Map!e.p o o 0 I o
t"E. Wth... u 0 0 0 0
1 *Brooiie.... 1 0 v 0 0
:Ma>er I u 0 C 0
ftillings u 0 0 0 0
ibu*?... ji or 12 i; rot*i3....
?Batted r'or S'aocker in the ei^bth.
TBactad tor 'Berber in the ninth.
IBactod for Maple in tb# ninth.
?Ran for Sererej i in the ninth.
Vera bj inning:
'?!ff*cUnc 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 o v.?I
ft. Louis 2 C 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rom?G rase:'. Chapaun ?2-. bpeiJt*-, JacoS
oa. Si?!er, TcWn. tarr?S runs ?CltieUal. 2;
t. Louis. 2 Two-base hits?Jacc*bscn. Sprale-.
*?bin. Hcrce rcn?Sisler. Sacrifice hits?Chap
zmr. Speai^r Garlr.fr ;2). Harris. Double
?lay?T^bin to Sererrid. Hit by piteaer?By
4*ple . Base oa balls?Off Caldwell. 1.
?truck oat?By Sbockfr. Z; br Caldwell. Z: by
iapie. 1. Pitching record?Off f*hock*r. 9 hits
nd 4 runs in S innings. Left oo b?*ed?C!eve
Mid. 12; 3t. I.<oui9. ??. UmpiresMariaritj and
lildetrand. Tin:^ of came?2tlA
Pepcot Arc Beaten.
The Western Buds yesterday de
eated the Pepcoa in a closely conte*t
?d game by 3 to 2. The score:
P*pco. AbRRC U B :da AbRHE
aitaya*. .. Z >> t l.M: rs.ci 4 0 1 c
faxXrm.rf.. ... 4 0 U 0 Hun:ingt0(;.ss. 4 0 0 0
Vf&uxix.lo... & 0 0 <iWarrinz.c 4 0 0 0
" jk'.o.'.h z 0 0 C Ciner.rf 4 0 1 C
Tagm.c 4 u u 1 O'Neil.ib 2 2 2 1
f.Jett.li 4 0 1 C'ioucber.lb 3 0 5 1
4 2 4 L Mocan.lx 4 0 10
forvan.r^ ... 4 0 1 (i MoUancj,3>... 3 110
'<inar! ' u v t Wilii.p 4 0 2 0
'tau.s. ZJ 2 t 2 Totals ... ^ i i .
Oaa out wl.?n wirju^s run ?corcU.
No-Ui? lat?B**n.er. Turee-bitar Ut-O N'eil
.olan t^r-ec - Btau.er 2\ tioucher Mct'Jarrey.
niibl* pUj?Walah t> VT ^rru i tj Gcacber.
stt oa b*ai?-Ptp?. 7; Western Cuds. i.
"dOt baas c*i balls?Off L. Hit by pitcL
t?By B??ner O'Neil. Gocchtr*. Struck out
ty Bei.T/r S- by Walsh, ft. Tama ot jmme?'. :4J.
.3pir?-Mr. Eddu*
Goodwin ReaJ Puzzle.
Pittaburgh. Sept. 2.?The Cardinals
leCeau i the Pirates today at Forbes
rl?ld?2 to 1. Goodwin ^as in form
jn|B held the Pirates to three hits.
Thie score by innings.
H. Louis 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0-2 7 1
>tttaburgh 0 0000010 0?1 3 3
Jersey City. 4; Newark. 1.
Rochester, o; Binghamton, 11.
Buffalo. 6. Toronto. 7.
.Very Special Purchase.
Great Savings Assured.
428 NINTH ST. N.W.
$40 Values in $OC
Suits or Overcoats ^
Orw!? to oedee-Ca.1 and jet .ampies
To Out-of-Town Patroc?-Sanip>b and &eli
?lessurrfr.cct biasks -ect uiK.ii !*:Tiesu
UADII THE bailor.
klWIIIIf 111 7th St. N. W.
M KirrtFMBhJt TH? ADTHim
Athletics AtxH.O.A.E. Waah. AiH ai.E.
Bmra.lfc. < 2 7 0 ?i 2 1 7 0 0
Wtttsb... Ill I 0| rostra. 5 2 3 J 1
ttijkerjf.. 4 110 0. Mllaji.et... 4 1 J 0 1
Hams.rt . 4 1*1 0;K.i?.rf 4 3 1 0 u
Strunk.cf.. 3 14 0 0! Hlert*.as.. 4 10 10
Thomas,a>. 4 12 1 0! Ghanity.lf 3 0 0 0 0
Turoeraa.. 4 0 0 0 2: sl.anlti.2b 3 0 4 3 S
McAkw.o. 4 1 10 3 OjAgnew.c 4 0 6 3 0
Kiwr.p. 3 10 1 WEricksoo.p. 3 0 0 0 0
Zadian.p.. 00010
(ixjohnaoo. I 0 0 0 tl
Totals... 34 10 JT 9 ?j Totals.... si 7l23 ? 4
xNfcAw* oat In seventh, hit tatted
xxBattod for Etujuca in ?ifhth
Score by innings
Washington 00! 000 10C?3
Athletics 010 000 30r-4
^uaanAiy: Runs?Burros. Witt, Burn*. Kin
ney. Judyo 1 Earned run*-Athletics. 3; Wash
ington, Z Left oo base*-Athletic*. 7; Wash
ington. ii. 1WU* hite?Struuk. Riae. Thn-e
base hlta-Judge. Witt. Thomas. Stolen bue?
Rice. EUtTbe. Sharks. Ra*e? on balls?Off Kln
nas. ?: off Ericksoo. 1: off Zacbary. a Struck
Kinner. 11; by Erie*son. by Zatfcary.
0 Pitching mxvd?Off Ertrksun. 9 Uts. 4 runs
<3 earned. in 7 inning*. (30 st t*t); off Zauhary.
1 nit and 0 runs in L Innings. (4 at hat). Hit
Jr pitcher?By Kinney, (Rio-.. Wild pitch?
Kinney. T??ing pitcher- Ckfakaon. Time at
kame-Two hours. Umpirie-Nallin and Connolly.
UV;0<: Dre,m- Dots. Nisi Homer.
^ p R^leld. Armani
l%ird Race-Bey Qiois. Whit? Oowu. Ahara.
Bm ?-*
Tran'b? R*orJ-i Scl?. Little En.-.an<i.
^iiith lUco-Toadaool. Senator E.-oderick,
seventh Raoe?Deckhand, Glorine, Jack Argent.
Baltimore. Md.. Sept. This was
children's day at the Timonlum fair,
and for this reason there were no
races. The bangtails will start
again tomorrow and continue every
day until Saturday. The entries:
FIKJT RACE-Sellinf; for I.?rar-old?; i tar
,? C*"x '?">?>. 107; -Pirate Me
'?*?. r>?<? i">p). 114; Wakirj Dream. 104 -
I": Miss Homer, 10); St. Jwnne
fKX.NP HACK ? Claiming; for S-jearolds
and up; o farlonjs. llcjr.ci?ard Bound 112
Ur.ftia. ICS; Plm'lrtrr une... :0i: Armuit
:2 Xic^nt- *-??<?. '=5; iota oilman!
Mallowmot. Hi
I THJ*}r> RACE-Olaiming; for 5-jear o'.ds and
I up: 0 furlong?. White Croirn. Roy Eun'j
i ']??: Aha?. II!: John W. K.ein. 114; Ourta'.
I ?.tArcTiJt- ll,: Comacno, 114: Rakeoff. Ii!.
I i"J'- |*-TH RACE?Claiming; ror S-year-old*;
oj txirluoga. Iron Be;. :C7; Sccv Queen. 101 ?
Onxu^o. 1.3; Old Bill Bender. 1M; O^jnoca^"
-M: Pr\c3cii Jewel. 1!0: Co!. Harrison. Ho
: Langdon. 164; Retreat. IU.
I ^ 1F 1 M RACE?Tor 4-jcar-c!d3 and upward"
soiling: I I-16 mi>k. Iluda'a. Brother. 107; Li'tie
Fiiglacd. 1.0; J+U >r.lro :mp.>. 110; I'raxi
Bnrke. :CT- lYacby 'imp.). 113-; Frank Monroe.
'-IC: Bob Rcdddd. IOC: Darkey. iOT.
SIXTH R.1CE? For 3-jear-oLd* and upward;
filing: 1 1-16 mi Ice. Dick Bcnsoo. lCT; Scylla.
; Tcad4 (imp.), ICC; Senator Broderidt
, ;imjxi. 110: Frai:k Monroe. 110.
' SEVENTH RACE?For 3-year-olds and i?i>
? ward; claiming: 6 furloo;*. Jake Argent, 103;
Pidua ?imrv?. 101: El M*bdi. 107; Ha?.-s Lady.
105; ?ilorine. .03; Isabella H , 10B; De:kbac(L
1W: Mother-in Law. i?5
j jounds api<rent?ce allo^dnoe claimed.
FIRST RACE-Six and ^ne-half furlongs
Frank Waters. 112 'Butwelli. 8 to 1. 3 to 1. 7 to
5; Oleipoer. 115 (Nolan). 4 to 5. 1 to 3; Waw
beck. 1W 'Rowan . 0 to i Tim?-1 ^5 flat. Step
Aside. A;p!eton Wiske. Hehoku* Dr. lUe a^a
SECOND RACE?AbO'Jt two miles: (Tobhr.
14C fChenei, S to io out. out; Gullflig!;t. 1C
? Williams'. oat. out; Irish Girl. 143 iFaime?: .
out. Time, 4 C-5. Three weat.
THIRD RACE?Fire and cne-half turlDngs
, BifT Bai'g. J10 OluagraTe-. 7 to 1. 3 to 1. 8 to S;
j Larghctto. 07 (Pierce). ? to 6 to 5; Brig'.*
; Gold. IIC 'Lyke>, J to 2. T.nae. 1.0615. Red
Donur.e. Caubeen. Aerial al*> rar.
FOURTH RACE-One mile: T-. inderelap.
1 FatoT', 2 to 1, 1 to 3. out; 0*er T?lere, Ila
(FairUrotber., out. out: Tet.c., 55 'Callahan .
ercn. Time. 1^3 4-". Athlone. V\'ar Drire alac
ran. O'er There *nd Athlone coupled Coe en
tr>. War Drire a?ided starter.
FIFTH RACE?FItq lurlcngs: Star Court. !0d
(Mc.liee". I to 2. out, out; Magked Dancer,
Fairbrother-, out. cut- Thelma L. 112 San<3r\
1 to U Titte. 1:C0 Sat. Orleans Girl, Shenan
doah, Northward. L? Glone\.i also ran.
SIXTH RACE-Fire furiotigs: Valley Par'i
Maid. 114 ' Warecoer , J to 1. 2 to 2, 8 to C
Swirl. 114 iMcAtee . C to 5, ! to Z; Indiacretioti,
114 'Kumroer . f to G. Time. 1:0u 1-5. Polyaanda
May Alley, L'Orphtline. Lady Archie alw ran.
| I IUsT LVCE-Tiie Far lUKkawa^- Handicap
tor all aj?>?>; oiz turlongs; maan course: Tl'.t
Boc". W; Toto, 1C4; Right Angle. !0T; Sunnj
Lara. 'JT; Osgood.. Lord Brighton, lit
feECOND RACE-For maider^; 5-year-olds and
up: oae mile: L'Enjoleur. U3; Miao Sterling
11-: ?-anberla, 112
THIRD RACE?Tie Miner,'a; selling; for -?
year-olds: six furkmgs straight: Hackamore. 9ii
Simpleton. 13; Derilcl^g. 11C; Darid narum. 102
A.nerican Boy. 96; "Sugar Mint. S9.
FOURTH RACE?The Brentwood Handicap
for C->ear-olds and up; mile and one-sixtetnth
Jack Stuart. 95: Star Master. 126; Valor. 110
Rc.jce Rooli. 114; fom Tassel, 109; Lucullite. 10).
rirTH RACE?Claiming; for 5-year-olda' and
up; one mile: Hic'-corynut. 1W; Graphic. 1W
Luciua. !13; John I. Day, lui; "Mary Belle. 1C8
?Baby Sister. 98.
SIXTH RACE?Conditions; for 2-year-oJds
Are and one-half turlongs, straight: 1'aL^r
j d'Ore. !CF; Cl^patra. :05; Royal DucK 106; S^a
i Sinner. !(2; Walk T?.e Plark. lt?; Srrrice SUr,
j 1C2; Alcock. MS; Dominique. 113.
?A^rcentice allowance claimei.
j >'ew York. Sept. -. - The L'mtec
j Hunts will lia\ t a moi-ning race meet
I on Saturday at Belmont Park Tor
j ininal. when a sood card will be of
fered. The Hunta meet will be a kind
[ of curtain raiser to the afternoon's
j sport at the Belmont tracl;.
| There wil! be three races on the tlai
and the same number over the steeple,
chase course. That there will be fields
of good class in both is indicated bj
the entries, the majority of wfticli
have been made by some of the bis
sest stables on the American tur?
The first race will be called at II a m?
and as the meeting will be over bv i
o'clock it is anticipated that a goodly
gathering will be on hand.
Decatur. III.. Sept. ?.-Jaek Dempsej
will meet Georgea Carpentier, French
! champion, somewhere in England foi
I a purse of $173,000.
| Jack Kearns. Dempsey's manajer
announ-ed today he would accept th,
I t.^L <-arP'ntier's manager, con
w,'"," ?abiegram received as the
| theatrical company of wh.ch Dempsev
Decatur"1 WaS lcavinS Detroit fo't
Forest H.1U-. I.. u Set)t ,
tennis matchej scheduled here for
iaclu<,,D3 the na
tional singles championship be
w-m.n J.'1-"1 M" Johnston and
Tit IS? J 11' wtre
off shortij after noon today be
cause of rain. They will be played
tomorrow, weather permitting.
Graves, Cisaell, 8tellwagen and Mil
ler reached the semi-final round In 3
the annual district tennis tournament
on the Dumbarton Club Courts yeater- j
day. Graves defeated Lewis In a well- ,
played and balanced match by 6?8, '
6?2, 6?3.
Howard Clssell, after droppihg the
first set to Gould L. Lincoln, 6?3, took
the second at the same score, and \'
then by displaying: his abundance of
stamina took the match and finsl set ,
at 10?3. Miller had considerable trou
ble in disposing of Simpson at 6?3.
2?6. 7?5. The second round and one
match in the third round was com
pleted in the men's doubles.
Owing: to the shortage of entries in
the women's singles and mixed dou
bles the tournament was called off by
| the Dumbarton committee yesterday.
Fourth round?Grave* defeated L?wia, 6?8, .
6?C. 6-3: Stellwageti defeated Ballenge;, 6?0.
6-2; OiaBBl defeated Lincoln. 3-6. 6-2. 10?8; 1
Miller defeated Simpson, 6-j, 2-6, 7?6. <
Seoond round?Sullian and Smoot defeated
Simpson and Got*, by default; Stellwageu an(l (
Ilallenjer defeated Herri ok and Purlnton, 7?3,
6?3, 6-1; Howinatein and C. I?owd defeated '
Crabtree and iVteraon, 6-0. 6?2; Benton and '
!*rice defeated Conger and Kaufttan, 3-6, 6?2.
6?6; Junta and Gullion defeated Montgomery
and Callahan. 4-6. 6-3, 6-4; Dudley and ;
Hixson defeated Miles and llama, 6?1, 3?6, ,
Third round-Seldna and Cijsel defeated Datj
aDd Howe. 1?6, 6-0, S?6.
j New "iork. Sept. 2.-U was Dick
Rudolph who was mainly responsible
j for the Braves' roughshod treatment
of the Giants in 1914.
Milton Stock had quite a little finger
in the 1915 pie the Phillies cut.
In 1916 Rube Marquard had some
I thing of importance to do with the
I winning of a pennant by the Dodger^.
' In 1917 Eddie Cicotte ruffled the Red
Sox by hefting the White Sox Into a
world's championship.
What's It all about?
Nothing much, except that Dick Ru
dolph was tossreu oft by the Giants, j
and so were Stock and Marquard. CI- j
cotte was spurned by the Red Sox in I
the past ages. And Bill Rartden. {
Heinie Grob. Eddie Rousch and Slim ,
bailee, now championing for Cincin- ?
nati. were blown off by the Giants.
Joe Freeman and Frank Mann are
giving a benefit under the auspices of
the Red Cross at Hitchcock Hall at
St. Elizabeth's Hospital on Thursday
night when several good boxing bouts
will be staged for the soldiers anu
sailors from over-seas.
Mike I'rane. the rtKhttn* cop. will
meet Billy Sullivan, of Chicago; Johnj
Thomas and Young Thomas will be
seen in action, as well a? Sly Decker,
of the Na*y Yard, and Paul Turner.
' Joe. Blackburn will box with Kid Jor
J don. while Frank Zerega, the heav>
ivei?ht champion of the South, will
, meet Indian Waumon from Bollin*
wrestling bout, and Louis Zerega will
meet Indian Waumon from Bowling
| Bristol, Vs., Sept. 2.?Frank Moffet.
' former manager of the Knoxville j
! Baseball Club, of the old Appalachian
i League, is authority for the an- j
: nouncement that un effort will be i
made to reorganize the league. Br!-- i
tol will endeavor to secure a berth
' next season. 1
In 1912 Bristol, while a member of j
, the league, won the pennant and th?a I
defeated Roanoke in a post-season I
j series.
j New York. Sept. 'J.?William W. In-j
j graham, of Providence, and Arnold ,
' W. Jones, of Boston, won the boys'
national lawn tennis doubles cham
' plonship this afternoon on the turf
'? courts of the East Side Tennis Club
of Forest Hills, by defeating James
Farquhar, of Brooklyn, and Fred
Haas, of Washington by a score of i
6-3, tJ-ri, 7-5. Young Jones won the.
singles championship yesterday.
New York. Sept. 2.?Jake Daubert.
; Cincinnati first baseman, brought his
second suit in court yesterday to se
cure back salary of $500 which he
claims Is due him front the Brooklyn
National League club. Previously
I Daubert agreed to accept $1,500 as ? -t- ,
j tlment in his suit for $2,150.- The j
i money was to have been paid in in
j stalments of $500 when he signed with
Cincinnati. $500 on May 10 and $o00 on:
June 10 He claims the June payment |
has not been made. j
. j *
j Jack Dempscy has left the socking
i business ?at and is uplifting the cir
, cus, where Jess Willard left off.
! And only a lew short months ago he
I was promising to defend his title
whenever a worthy opponent ap
( peared.
j Perhaps Willie Meehan isn't worthy
I in the eyes of Dempscy but he holds ;
j a couple of decisions over the world's
champion and the public would like
to know how about it. Also there is
I Billy Miskc.
Linworth Land* Game.
The Linworth Athletic and Social
Club nine defeated the strong Corin
thian Club on the polo grounds, Po
tomac Park, by 11 to 4. The feature
of the game was the timely hitting
of Millard McCoy,, who drove In the
.! bulk of the Linworth's runs.
' The Linworths have not been de
feated this season and would like to
hear from strong teams in or outside
of Washington.?Address A. F. Strack,
Hi'hUnd Nine on Top.
The Highland A. C. baseball team
defeated the Western Union Club
yesterday on the Monument lot by
3 to 1 in a hard fought contest, in
which Anderson made a sensational
catch back of first base that saved
the day for the athletic clubmen.
! Score by innings:
' Highland A. C 1 0 0 2 0 0?3
Western Union... 0 0 1 0 0 0 0?1
Lusby and Young; Gett and Leon
I denberg.
Potomacs to Celebrate.
i *The fiftieth anniversary, celebra- j
j tion of the Potomac Boat Club *vlH
' take place on Saturday, September
16. at the club house, when a memo
rial service will be held and at
night a dance will be given, j
"London, Sept. 2.?Joe Beckett. E?ng- I
lish heavy-weight champion, defeated ,
Eddie (McGoorty, the American light!
heavy-welgh4t by a knockout in their j
20-round flight tonight at the National
Sporting Club. The knockout came
in the seventeenth round.
The Fulton-Townley mill went only
one round, the American delivering:
the knockout blow before the gong.
It was Beckeft'a fight from start
to finish, his smaller opponent having j
little real opportunity to inflict any
punishment. It was McGoorty's game
ness that kept him going as long as
he did.
Fred Fulton, the American heavy
weight, in the seml-windup bout to
the Beckett-McGoorty fight, knocked
out Arthur Townley, a British heavy
Right up to the fifteenth rouna
McGoorty withstood several at
tempts by Beckett to force a de
cision. In the third round the ref
eree found both men guilty of hold
ing nd warned the'i. I? the
twelfth round McGoorty was warn
ed again fdr wrestling with his
heavier opponent.
Up to the tenth both were going
strong and .displaying great skill.'
McGoorty took the count in the
twelfth, but scored well in the
fourteenth and fifteenth.
When the seventeenth started
both showed signs of tiring after
the gruelling contest. Beckett, with
a sudden spring, landed both left
and right on McGoorty's chin, send
ing the American to the floor for
the count and whfn he got to his
feet again another blow to the chin
knocked him through the ropes,
where he lay on the outer edg?; of
the ring and was counted out.
The Briton was completely outclass
ed by the lanky American plasterer.
[ who waded into his opponent and
| put him down for the count with a
few heavy punches. Fulton walked
i from his corner, coolly feinted Town
ley into a knot, then began to cuff
his opponent at will. Townley tried
to hold on, but Fred shook him off. I
then drove home a smashing left i
hook. Townley reeled against the j
ropes and went down, completely out. i
: The crowd applauded Fulton wildly
I as he left the ring.
The initial practice of the Naval
j Gun Factory football team is card
| ed for this afternoon when all can
didates are expected to lOTort.
j Coach Milton "Bumps" Turner will
| hold the first practice of the grid
! ironera Non the grounds just north
J of the Sixth street gate, starting at
4:43 p. iw.
The old players who (Will make
up the squad include Chief Burns.
[Georgie Bycrs, Harry McMahon. !
! George McBride, Clcvc Snow, Ralph |
: King, Mars Poss, Mike Ross, George,
! Durity, Worden Dyer, I^efty Hum*
i pherys, Soldier Lunger, Ray Towrcsj
and Billy Laiscombe.
All games of the Naval Gun Far- !
! lory team this fall will be played '
i on the recently built stadium of the
' Navy Yard Recreation League
1 across the river from llie yard.
Wrestle to a Draw.
j Rattle Crek, Mich , Sept. 2.?William
n<*m??tral and I>?o Alexander wrestled
t^o hours to a draw here last evening,
neither securing a fall.
Chicago, Sept. 2.?Just what the
three members of the National
Commission talked about at their
meeting today was a matter of con- I
siderable conjecture in baseball
circles at the conclusion of the con
ference. But guesses on this or
that subject failed to reveal a hint
of what was on the magnates'
minds. K
"Announcement will be made at
the proper time." said Garry Herr
mann, chairman. "It would be out
of order now to plan for a world
series before the race is over." I
Garry Herrmann, chairman; John
Heydler, president of the National
League, and Ban B. Johnson, head
of the American?the three com
posing the National Commission?
met, presumably to make prelimi
nary arrangements for the world's
The llrst fifty years of football arc
the hardest, all'right. Juit lamp the ;
illustrations. A half century calen
dars back the brawny lads waived j
the H. C. L* by refusing to patronize
the barbers. They didn't use head
gears, no there Mas more leather to
make the baby's shoes.
The rules committee and the under
takers linally had a falling-out, and
the game was changed. There are
lefeg funerals.
But the reformers were not so
-h<artl??ss as they were in the recent
prohibition debacle?they left a little
ki? k in the gam'1. This is the fiftieth
annversary of football. The young
ster came n licking, and is still at iL
f ?
Major League Statistics.
# Vesteriay's Result*.
Athletic*. 4; Waah^rton, 2.
Detroit, 4; Chicago. 3; (16 In.)
Cleveland. 4; St. Louis. Z.
Boston-New York; rain.
Tl'here They Play Today.
Washington at Philadelphia.
Boston at New Tork.
Cleveland at St. Louis.
M nod in* ?f Ike Clabi.
W. L. Pet V. L. PcL
Chica?d.... 77 43 .(42 6L Louis.. U 68 JA3
cieivjtiul.. 70 48 .663 Boston 53 CJ .470
Detroit.... 69 50 .5*0 Wash'too.. 44 75 .2*
N. Y bo 61 .b? Athletics., a .2C
Ye?ter<ay'? Rrsnlta.
St. Louie. 2: Pittsburgh. 1.
Cincinnati. 4: Chicago, 3.
Boston-New York: ram.
Philadelphia-Brooklyn; rain.
Where They Play Today.
Philadelphia st Brooklyn.
Boston at New York.
Cincinnati at Chicago.
9t?n?tinft of the Clul'S.
\V. L Pet. W. L. Prt.
Cincinnati. 85 'Jf CI Btouklrn... IT O .4?7
y. Y....... 73 ? .?35 Boston..... 4? ? .?7'
Ctic?c>? *3 ?3 .543 St. Louia.. 71 .'jCj
Pi'-ttbuigli. 67 6'J .491 Phillies 41 *.J .1A
Cub> Buy Star Pitcher.
Blaomington. Iowa, Sept. 2.?An
nouncement was made today by the
BloominKton club of the sale of Pitch
er "Ted" Turner, premier pitcher of
the Three-1 League, to the Chicago
National League club. Catcher Wal
ter Henline and Outfielder wheat Or
cutt have been sold to the Indianapo
lia American Association club.
_____ A ^
Navy Yard and Operations
Finish Free Hitting Slug
fest at 6-to-6 Score.
With the game apparently tucked
away to his credit. Von Herbulls, of
Operations, lost all Idea ac to the
cation of the plate, and. aided by Wf
inexcusable muff of an easy pop fljf
by Beard. Cloffeps were a We to get
away with a drawn battle in the post
season scries at Union League Park
yesterday with the score C runs ca<3C*
The scorc:
N. O. AbROiE! OoSspa At H u A *
Bocfee.Sv... i : I l I MelUboc^b I C I 0 4
IMtnu.:*/.. 4 i 3 ? (rstmer.ll.... 5 ? 2 e ?
M'Gucktn.tei' 3 2 2 0 MeBruJe.cf.. J 1 1 (I ?
Ilasar.c 4 2 6 2 ] fJioT'oetti.c. 5 C 7 ! 1
Morria.ci... 4 -2 0 o # Oooke.lb.... 3 0 6 i> *
BtarcLlb ... 4 2 V b I McCarthys. * 2 2 T -#"*
ntx'ald.lf.. 5 1 5 2 0,America.rf... 4 2 2
Auiereon.rf 3 0 0 ?< i 5 1 < L #
4 2 C 5 3 * 1 2 9
I'RU*: 1 0 0 of
^liucphreys. 0 0 0 ? ?
zi isz 14 3j tous*.... &is;n t
Naval Operations SOlOCvOO 2-*
OMfei* 9 0 ! 0 0 (I I 1 *-*.
Run*? Rocbe, McGuucin C2?. B&rar '"2). Morrta,
McMihwf Fur*e <2>. Arcerlca (T:. H umi/hrtj*.
Dojhie iJaye-Mctiuckin to Roche to Beard.
Tuo-bue Liu? Morn*, America. Ftruek out?By
Busdier. 3 ? by A'oo Herh*ilis. 5. F?*o oc ball*
?OH Butcher. 2* off Aon Berbulif. 7. WiJ4
pitciit*? oo Hcffcalit f2*. Botcher. HH by
piub^ ball? By Butcher <1\ Voo Hcrt'-Lj
tBpina-McNR. Tlngkie and Betta
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