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Nationals Take First of Se
ries by 5 to 3?John
son Shows Form.
Th? National* defeated the St.
L<ouis Brownies yesterday in the first
game of the series at the Florida
Avenue Stadium in handy fashion by
^ count- V\ alter Johnson
Ja.1 in rare form and held
th? vis?Tjrs safe all the way.
The Kansas cyclone was opposed to (
Lefty Leifield. who had nothing to
puzzle the National* with in his ,
slants as ten healthy wallops rang
from their bats during the eight in
i In3* of the fray. The smoke-ball
king waa master of the situation al
lowing the visitors six scattered hits |
while the Brownies were scoring
three counters the Griffs were a?'"
mg out doubles and singles that
cleared the paths of occupants.
ShnnJta' Error* Ooatly.
The Brownies' first run was in th*
t.ature of a gift as Hank Shank.
bfo-ed Sister's grass cutter and thei.
miscued Demmitt's drive in the
same direction which put it up to
Gerber who singled to left placing
one run across the dish. On Slsler s
double and Severeid's single to left
Slsler scored the second tally for the
Brownies the fourth. After one
was out in the sixih Sisler tripled to.
his third hit and scored on an errc.;
by Ric* on the relay to the infiel \
The first two innings saw the Na
tionals helpless before the deliver?
of Leifield but in the third they solve*'
h?* tlants and on single.- by Johns'n
Judge. Milan and Fllerbe three tallies
were over the cement block In th?
next Inning Ghanity sm?led br
Shanks forced him at second. ^ hen
T* alter Johnson took his swing at the
pill it did not stop until It hit :h
r.rfht field wall and Shanks score*
from first base The final tally cam*4
In the fifth wh?n Milan singled to
right, stole second and scored on
Ellerbe's double to left. The score.
Heavy Clouts Count
Wash AHHOA E Brotm*. AKH.O.A E.
Jndfa. lb... i I in 2 0 T?6it?.lf 5 0 10 0
Leouard.Jb. 4 12 0 O ShoT'ejn.Jb. 3 0 2 t 0
Milan, cf.... 3 2 3 0 0 Jacob*?.cf. 4 0 2 0 0
Rice.rf 3 0 10 1 SiaJer.lb? 4 3 10 1
EUexba. sb . 4 2 0 4': Pemmitt.rf. 4 0 1 0 0
r' 4 1 3 0 V^evereid.c. 4 1 2 0 ?
Mnrpir'.lf ? ? 4 0 3 o 0<>^hraimeT,3b 4 0 3 10
Sbanks.2K. 4 113 2M>rber.sa.... 3 13 10
JehaaBr.p. 3 3 3 0 0 LrifWd.i*... 3 1 0 3 0
|*OoUina 1 0 0 0 0
J * Austin 0 0 0 0 0
Totals. .. 33 10 2T 11 4! Totals.... S ? 34 10 1
for lierher in nintb.
?Bitted for LeiSeid in ninth.
S^-e br innings:
WMbmilon ' ? I 11 H > M
st um.? "Jr3
Rnna-siaier (3>. J?d0?. Mi'an i2i. Murphy.
Johnson Earned nmfr?Waahington. 5. St.
Loms. 1 First base br errors?St. Louis, _
Left on bu?-Washington. 6. St. Lotus. 5
ysrst 1*.* ^ ball v-Off Jr^n?*. 2. Struck ont
-Rr Johna-n. 4. by Leifleld. 2 Thrw-haae luts
-Sisler. Johnson. Leonard Two-base hits-Sh
ier Elierbe Stolen base*-Milan <2? Hit by
rtfber-Bv LeiAHd 'Milan. I* mi are
CobboUt and H.ldebrand Time of -1 '?*
Manager Clark Griffith persuaded
Jimmy Burke, of the Browns, to
can off today's gam* in order to
afford the players the opportunity
of seeing the Pershing victory pa
rade this afternoon
Thursday atternoon there will be
a double header, the first battle
starting at !; o'clock with Harry
Courtney opposed to Bert Gallia,
while the nightcap will find Albert
Schacht hooked up with A1 South
oron. Griff is determined to have
a good look at his youngsters this
fall so he will know what he has
to build on for h:s 1920 campaign.
The Naval Gun Factory Juniors
?will hold their practice at Fiftl?
and L streets southeast. Friday a^
5 p m. Th? Juniors desire to ar
range a game for Sunday. October
5. Any teams wishing games, ad
dress Alex Sicaroni at the Torpedo
Tub* Shop. Washington Navy
The following players are re
quested to report: Newman. Beall.
Cox. Fras^r. MeMahon. B. Blaine,
L. Johnson. H Hutchinson. H. Goh
vay. E. Woodfield. W. Beall. S.
Wadding. A West. Z Kennedy. H.
Serrin3. F. Keith. B Bopp.
Th*? Boiling: FiHd Athletic Asso
ciation has b*en organized at Boi
ling Field. Anacostia. P. C.. and
wishes to e*t in communication
with all other athletic organiza
tions of Washington and vicinity. \
The following: forms of athletics
are included in the activities of
the association: Baseball, football,
basketball, tennis, swimming, vol
ley-ball. rage-ball handball, track,
boxing and wrestling.
Divide Twin Bill.
St. lxjuis. Sept. 16.?The Braves di
vided the double bill with the < 'ar
dinals here today; the Hubites enp
the first same?* to 4?and the
nightcap 'vas annexed by the home
i??ias?J to 2. Both contests were hard
fought, and the final was won out
in the final turn at the bat of the
Cards. Score by innings:
Beaton 020010131?*13 0
sr Ix>uis ft 000 1 00 03?4 *1
F1tlin??im and O'Neill; Jacobs. Tu
ero. Parker and demons.
Pn?tAn 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-270
St. Louis 00000200 1?3 9 0
Scott and O'Neill; Sherdell and Dil
Pirates Land Battle.
Pittsburgh Sept. V>. ? The Pirates
were forced into extra innings by the
Dodgers here at Forbes Field to gain
a victory?4 to 3?in eleven innings. I
Miller was not scored upon after
the sixth, and the Buccaneers broke
the tie in the eleventh. Score by in
Brooklyn M?1 0200000-392
Pittsburgh 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1?4 8 1
Pfeffer and Wheat; Miller and
Alexander Shows Form.
Chicago. Sept. 15.?The Cubs annex
ed the second game of the series
from the -Phillies here today by 7 to 2.
Alexander was in form, simply toy
ing with the visitors. Score by in
Philadelphia o 0 o 0 0 n 0 1 1?2 10 o
Chicago 0 001 21 30 x?7 12 0
Ames and Clark; Alexander and
Havre de Grace Selections
One Bent?Ideal.
First?Sand River, 2d; Mock
Orange; Midian.
Second ? Ideal; Refuge?; Fri
Third ? Indian Chant; Ben
Hampson; Toddler.
Fourth?Escoba; Wisest Fool;
African Arrow.
Fifth ? Quietude; Duchess
iAre: Milkmaid,
j Sixth?Hubbub; Beauty Sleep;
Puts and Calls.
Seventh ? Goldvale; Comacho;
Frank Shannon.
New York, September 16.?With the
I m:..ior league p* nnanls conceded to the
Reds and White Sox. New York fans
are already turning their attention
to what the future may hold for local
The Giant.* are the center of discus
s'r\T\ fo<for i* nnpears a certainty
now that John McGraw will tear his
i .111 iu pieces during the coming
?? and start once again to re
.^raw's veteran infield has prov
en a fault. Zimmerman and Doyle
have fallen down, and the former,
; now under suspension, will probably
nlay no more in a Giant uniform.
Even Hal Chase is having his trou
Ltvb, <? : his legs are bothering M*n
:? ?'?| ti,is no certainty regarding
thp hra"d of ball he may be able to
put up in the future. Artie Fletcher
.?> held his own on the Giant
"?aw stands at the threshold
of another shaking-up process ju*t
\ .c u.d when he decided to let go
of McGann, Dahlen, Mertes, Hru*ne
and Devlin and later Herzog. Ma*
thewson. MerUle and Doyl*?. That ine
Giants will be rebuilt is the confident
belief of their followers here, and thp
rumor mongers are busy hatching
deals for the Giants. The Hornsby
rumor has bobbed up again. Its spon
sors insist thar the star infielder of
the Cardinals will be in the McGraw
fold before many months have parsed.
FIRST RA^E-Two-rear-otda: claiming: 6 fur
l-wga. Qwe?m. 107 <Sehnttmger>. 8 10. 4.30.
2.30 Pirate Metisf. liff iWida?, 5fl). 1?0 Hid
den Ship. L10 lOrJlit*1. 130. Tin;e, 1 13 2 5.
Iwwkaree. l*tvcious Pearl. Sure. Yaphank. .Miss
Homer. Gain de Cause. Botaro-a Rpwii, Punc
tual. Sedgegra.-* also ran.
SE9(V>M> RACE-Claiming: steeple ase. ?
rear-old* and up: abrsit 2 mi low. '"Hi,-* Flot/?.
142 (Stp?rh?. 3*>. 130 2 30 Piore^r. '.44
?Pa'mert. 8 40. 3 G0 Gnllflight. 113T (Williams*.
130. Tun?. 4 06 2 5. Mum Fay Dorots. Cyno
sure. M??oker. Candidate II.. alao ran
TH!Ki> RACE-'Pie Mermaid. 2 year old All
ies; furlongs. Constancy, 121 (Loftiisi. 2 00.
250. 2 JO; Azurita. '03 iSchutiinger). 150. 2 7*>,
Wedding Cake. 115 (JoJmaon.. 3 10. Tune.
106 2 5. My Bo <a. TtMijnun, Tbucanet, Allivau.
Martiia Lnckett. Viol*t Tip also ran.
FOURTH RACK?Th* Bcliree High Weight
handicap. all ages; 6 fi rlorg* Billy Kelly. 133
lSande>. 3 40. 17V. 3 3); Ltoctiares. 131 (O'Bneni.
4.30. 4 no Pa?n.T Sho^CT- "2 (John-soti'. 4
Time. 1.12 fat. War Marrel. Startling. 1>-use
V . Franklin al*> nn.
FIFTH RACK?"Hie Prinoet si .Vywarolda; 1
m il<? an?l 70 vards. (3*aii <?one. !t4 iMuscrxe1.
?6?>. 7 30. 2* War Mask. 112 fR'-binann'. 7 <50.
.330; War Marvel. fSandel. 2 3). Time. 144 15.
Rapid IH,*. Translate also ran.
SIXTH RACK?Claiming. lyear-o!ds and np;
I1* mii<a Han berk. 1?) (McCraiin1, 7 f> 3 30.
2.30: Benerol<-nt. 114 (Sta'kerk. $.79. 3 40 N K
Re*l. iff*. i Hanulton >. 2. JO. T\me. 2 06 I toddy a
Ch~.if . W^'ik^ag Vatostr al?> ran
SEVENTH RACE?Mile and sixteenth, lypar
??lda and up. claiming; $836. 'Hie Ik-lsian. i;6
(A. Johnsoni, 22 16. C AO. 3.10; Silk Bird, 116
iMuivratfl, 5.10. 170. liaia Dres>?. 113 'Sande'.
3 50. Time. 1 43 25. Col Valentine, Garbage. ??ld
Bill Bender. MallovnM, Inquieta. Vigilante.
Frank Burke. Fairly. Tida' Rev El Plewn,
Rovat. Prince Henry, 'Mirza also ran
FH-ST RA'JE? Fn- maiden 2 year-Hds.
f-irlorgs. K-iinn>.-en, 116. Sea Sinner. 116 Tat
tle. 1JS. Mirk Wept. 116; Flying Wclshnun,
116. Mock Orange. 116 aFinr Tireur. 116; Mas
ter Bill. 116: Midia i. '16. Mildred. 113; Sw?ct
Bouquet, 114; alwr.k Boy. 116, Rar?ui Traveler.
116. Sand Ri*er II . 116. Nancy Ann. 11J. a Hall
SECOND R \C7E?Fur 3-*ear olds and ip;
rlaiu.;ng, 6 farioRga. Sturdee. 119: general. 116.
El Maiidi. 112. (>a:iant Kitty. 10! xShandon.
103; xFriaeur. 19; I?n?Tieki. 119. B^pili. ll?.
F^arl.* Sight, 112. Nan Knoehr. : \Ideal.
704; Refuse*;. 116; Sea Beach. 116; Tr?riuato II .
IT. Letrfi Fiy. I'M. xlailv Iran. 101 Alsn
Hijible-Jake Arc-nt. Ill; xKinjling II., Ill;
xLittle Maude. 99 Lloyd George, 10T; xWey
mouth Girl. 1?
THIR|> RAC^E?Claiming; for S-TPar-oida and
np; 1 mile and a sixteenth- Ben Ram;wx< 110;
Bierman (imp . 110: I?abell? H. 110- Meian
ch ilia. 105; Omene. 110, Mias Filley. 107; xTod
dJer. 77: Sophie Gat-wood. 107; x Pulaski. 106;
Stir I p. HO: Vigilante. 115; - xlndian C^iart.
1 <V). Napoli, 10T. Wodan. 115; xVirginia Yell,
lf->; Assign. 110. Al>? eligible? Be! a rio 106
Refua^e. 110
FOURTH RA'*E?For 3yearv,id5 and up.
Parkaay r?irse: 1 mil- and "0 Tarda. African
Arrow. 113. >->tcoga. 10R; The Insert. 106; Glass
toi ?inpi. ill; Diirnmn. 10P; Wisest F*?l. 106,
Am.TK-an Kagle, J08; Knot. 107
FIFTH RAC*E-For fillies ^nd the
Bouquet Handicap; 1 mile and 70 raids Milk
maid. 126: M.u0?* F. 1(k? al^nietude. 10j,
\I>.cheH? 103 a In i.e. 106; Ik-lie Mahone.
\V<. ei*tr>
SIXTH RA^"E?Olaim.n^. 3-year-olds and up;
I mile ard a sixteenth ?\>ral. 110; Ja-k Mount'
11^: Ho:-g Koog. 104: xB'^art. 109 Hubbub.
110 Arhttratnr. M9; Beauty Sleep. 101 xlhita
an.i Palls. 106 Sunnv Hill. 110; Katie fanal.
107 Jnan of Arr. 101; x.Seotrh Verdict 99
SBVENTH RAOE-Three-year-olds and up;
rlaiinina: 1 mil? and a sixteenth. Bathild#
112 h'T^emantle. 110; Color^l Ham?<n. 110
1-Vank Shannon. 106; xDiadi. 106 x'JoJdrale. 97
Graamer**. 110; Kirsucs Cub. 110. Capital City
110. Ilanterede. 105 xHigh Olympus. i05; Doii
Dodlte. 110. Tranbv (impi. 110, MiMrace, 107
xComacho. 106, xBd.th Bauman. 102. ' Alan
ebgible- Keziah. 107 Juen of Arc. 102.
Weather cl-ar, fra.-k fast The Eastern Shore
stakes. $10 000. added for 2 yeai-olda. doses
today, to be run Saturday
xAppcenticp a'l'.wanoe claimetl
FIRST RACE? Six furlnngs War Spirit. 103
(Fat or). 11 to 0. eren, 1 to 2; Mi at Kruter. 110
(Kummeri, 6 to 5. 3 to *>: Hohokus, 106 (Calla
han1. 4 to 1. Time. 1:13 2-5. Onwa, War Note.
Surplice, Mackenr.e. W aw beck. Pea-ant, Apple
ton Wiske, Favour, Huey Trans, Peerless One.
0?ermatch. also ran.
SECOND RACE?About 2 miles. Jay Bird,
14*2 (Keating), 4 to 5, 1 to 4. out; War Strength,
133 (Bor-gam, 4 to 5, 1 to 3: Le Oyprin, 145
(?irern'. S to 5. Time, 4^12. Lytle, Sweet Kisa.
Manager Mirth; Wvnnwood, also ran.
THIRD RACB?One mile. Mary Belle. 101
? Rowan*, 7 to 5. 2 to 5. out; Graphic. 109
(Fator). eren. \ to 3: Dottie Vandirer. 103
(I^ierce^, out. Time. 1J9 4-5. Misa Bon and
Hickorrnut also ran.
FOURTH RACB-Six furlongs. Pickwick, 115
(I>aTies). 6 to 5. 2 to 5. out: Arrah Go On,
106 (Fator), 3 to 5, out: You Need. 110 (Rice),
out. Time. 1:11 3-6. Housemaid also ran.
FIFTH RACE?One and five-sixteenths miles.
John I. Day. 123 (Butwell). 4 to 1, eTen, out;
Monomoy. 100 (Kummer), 7 to 10, out; Capt.
Hodge, 106 'Rowan), out. Time, 2r!6 1-5.
Dottas Best also ran.
SIXTH RACE?Fire furlongs. Fljing Flower,
115 (Ambrose). 3 to 5. 1 to 4. out; Rambler
Rose. 115 (Rioe). 8 to 5. 4 to 5; L.ola, 115
(Wall,), 3 to I. Time, 1 AO 1-5. Forestre. Bridge
Player. Tumbleweed. Tea Room. Quick Fire,
Jamboree, indiscretion. Muffins, also ran.
FTRST RACE?For 2-^ar-olds; claiming; 5
furlongs. Feather. 100: Floraian. 100; Sand Bed,
KB: 'Flying Orb. 114: American Boy. 10T; Aerial.
10?; Ogden Girl. 100 Sugarroint. 100; Smile. 107;
Cock o' the Roost. 103; Add Test. 10G; Eastern
Glow, 100: Lorer's Lane 2d. K>0; Incinerator,
194: American Soldier. 10B; Lonely, 104; Rose
land. 103. Sfirl. 100: Carnarron. 103; Flare Up,
;00: Hackamhre. 107; Bright Gold. Ill
SECOND RACE?For 3-year-oids and up; trfe
Exile: 1 mile. Jack Stuart. *00; Bridesman.
W; Elmendorf. ? Kashmir, 96; Carpet Sweeper,
100. Bally. 119: Audacious, 119.
[ THIRD RAOE-For ^year-olds and up; claim
Shine Ball Artist Must Stand
Blunt of Burden in
Coming Series.
Rddie Cicotte is the Soxan Hop*,
t pon his broad shoulders and in
| the cunning of his pitching arm !
rests the burden of victory over
! the Reds in the impending world i
series between Chicago and Cincin- 1
I nati. |
Of course. Gleason has Williams
! and Kerr and a fine fielding and
battinp aggregation, but Cicotte,
! !. ;yathoW8?n in 1905, is the
j "hope" of the world series. Matty
I made g-ood for the Giants by trim*
i minff the Athletics with shut-outs
; every time he started. Gleason
'? ?< -n't rxpert that much, quite, of
Cicotte, but he does expect him to
I win.
Cicotte. since the series has been
extended to tine games, may be
called upon to/win three out of five
I victories for the Sox. The remain
; ing two will probably be assigned
j to Williams and Kerr.
If the Reds beat Cicotte on Ed
| die's first start there will be no
J holding the Reds' enthusiasm in
I check. On the other hand, should
j Cicotte vanquish the Moranmen. it
will strengthen the Soxan belief i
i that they have the mightiest pitch
er of the series and that he will
| win every time he faces the Reds.
Cicotte faces the same Herculean
task that Matty did for the Giants
in 1905. Matty was the Giant hope
against Bender and Waddell, Plank
and Coombs. Cicotte is the Soxan
hope against Eller, Sallee, Kin?,
Rfuther, and Fisher.
( (Copyright. 1919. by The Wheeler
| Syndicate, Inc.)
Cincinnati. Sept. 16?The Reds
cinched the pennant here today when
they defeated the Giants for the sec
ond time in as many days by the
4-to-3 route.
Ruether was hit hard, but man
aged to tighten up in the pinches
and stopped the final rally of the
Toney. a former teammate, was hit
hard and relieved I.eftv N'ehf. of the
Braves, who stopped the scoring.
Score by innings:
Sew York 20010000 0?3 12 2
Cincinnati 3 0 0 0 o I) i o x \ 5 0
Toney, Nehf ad Gonzales; Ruether
and Rariden.
OFFER OF $150,000
NVw Vnrk. s?pt. lfl ?JHrk K?-arns. I
nmnasor of Champion Jack Demj>- I
sey. ha.- refused to consider an offer I
of $1 ,0.000 for a championship!
bout in London, according to r?%- '
ports h*?re.
ing furlongs. Thos P Me.MaMn. 103 Belle
Huberts. 105; Manoevre. !0G: Arnold. VW Trophv
110. ?Backhar, U2. AAillra. Nlghtatick. .13';
Paddywhack. 1 IS; Trmona Bon. lis; Frank
Water*. I JO Mitchell Mar. 103
KOI RTH RACE?Pnr 3-year-old* and up- the
Arvrrn" Handicap; 6 furlongs. Old Rosebud
118; Senning* Park. 113: l,ord Brighton. '!4;
Jock Scot. 115. Star Master. 123: T>*to. 100.
bnnlade. 112; l>r. Johnson, 100. Hnlhster 123
Tic-klisJ*. IOC.
FIFTH RACE?Por 3-year-olds and up; sell-j
" 1- m,le MM; Mum Staling.!
m. -Nanette Hack. * Ch.ef 1*. Za/j?v.
m . Huams. I'M. M^tholick. TP Indiscreet 99
Uilfrwda. 101, p. <; King. 1 nfi
J>IXTH RACE#?Por 3-5 ear-olds and up; 1 i
mile. Kashmir. 109; Achilla. !<*>; I^dy j;er.
erode. L5; Mad Hatter. :(* War B<*id 1?
Senator Crow. l<tl Albert A . 112 PHI Swop' }
112: K3mendorf, IOO. War Drire, 103. Tombolo.
?Apprentice allowance claimed.
FIRST RACE- Six furlongs Carrie Moore i
.10 1 Garner 1. 0 3). .190. 300 L*dr Fair Plav.'
''ic1""'* 3;V)- 26<,i Pu,,u*. H2 'Lun?ford>
4.30. Time. 1:13 15. Joe Stahr. R B Johiwn*. !
Happy (,o Lucky. Portlight, W. W Hasting*. 1
Jack straw, a! -/> ran
SECOND RACK -Six furlong*. Znleika, 107
<?an Duseni, 15 10. 6.30. 5.00. Stockwell .10
iMorysO. 4 CP. .1|P Columbia Tern.. 110 (Grrrth. i
6 00. Time. 1 ;13 1-5. Can She. Fluw?r. Mi? !
Manage. Fairy TaK Honor Man. Montagu?
Magnet L*nd. lU-d Lira V . Trooper, a!*> ran" I
THIRD RACE?Pifurlongs. Peace Pennant j
113 'Howard., 2i.l0. T.J>. 6 20; Busy Signal. 110 !
(Lyke). 4 40. 4.10 Marrin May. 113 (Williams* !
*40 Tim*. : -00 4-5. Code of Honor. Ibnnn
Roma. Mario Maxim, little Sandy. Luke's Pet, !
Bull s Eye, Sterling. Spice Bush. Atta Boy. I
also ran.
POPRTH RACE- Six furlongs High Cy*t.
118 (Murra ). 6.70. .190. 290; Major Parke. 1?K
(Lyke>. 4.50, 330; RlackJe !>*?. 116 rDursch).
4.70 Time, 1 ;13. American Ace. lardy. Blue
Paradise. George Starr, also ran
FIFTH RACE-One mile. Minto 3d 110 !
'Murray). 3 60 2 40. 2 T). Ituford. 109 < Howard 1
2?P. 230; Troitus. :09 'Connelly). 2 70. Time, j
1-18 3 3 Skeer Pace. Fkux Ool. Aurem. Har- 1
?est King. also ran
SIXTH RACES? On* an<1 on<*-sixtoenth miles.
San* Peur 3d. 115 (Lykei. 3 JO. 290. 270 Grace i
104 'Ihsfimon 4 90. 4 90, Selma C.. * ?Can
fie!d?. 7 60 Time. 1 :|6 ^6 fWitile?er. Vision'
^Aet;lamation. Frwter Embr>. Carawav, Trranny
Candlelight. Hum l p. Silent Bid. al?o ran.' :
SEN KN'TH RACE ? One and nne-ftixteenth '
miles. Hocnir. 113 (Murravt. 4 50. 3 20 270
Band>-mo. 110 (Lykei. 4 80. 360; Reveler 118
iConnolh 1. 8 30 Time, 1:46 !-5 Kewpie O'Neill, i
Dick Will.ams. Kentucky Boy. King Fiaher! ;
Mosoowa, aJ*> ran.
FIRST R.\r?E? Pun?p $800; the Boonshoro; 3
vear-olds arwl up; iillies and marc*; 6 furlongs, j
Kiku, 101: Marchesa II limp.'. 101. I^nce. 104-1
Dancing S,irav. 104: Jap. Ift4; BlMfthin* IVautT.'I
106; Statim. 104. Elizabeth. 109; Delioo 109' ?
Ot-enn Sweep. 114.
SECOND RACE?Claiming; purse $800: :Vrrar
olds and up; 6 furlongs. xManicurist. 102;" Lil
lian G. 107; T>xun Lou, 110; Coldstone 110-!
Srrrice Flag. 110; Nobleman. 115; Watcrfoni 115
'Humoia, 110: Pastime. U0; Cirrulate 115
Premium. 115; W.irda o Wisd,*n, 115. Almi
eligible Mi Ida. 107; Manfred. 115; Silrcr Joe !
115; SyN. 117; Busy Joe, 112; Trusty, 115.
THIRD RACE?Purse $60); 2 year-old maidens !
colts and geldings; 54 furlongs. Alex. Jr.. 112; j
A'r Drie, 112; xxWarlike. 112; Jack Pryorl 112-?
xxDirector James. 112; Major Bradlej-, li2; Man- !
dalay. 112: N(*deck. 112. Al?> eligible - Re
peater. 112; Virgo. 112; Code of Honor. 112
Sams Bov", 112; Prince Pat. 112; Makeup, 112 ?
xx M. C. Moore entry.
FOrRTH RACIJ?Claiming; ??; 3-year old#
and up; mile and an eighth. xJudge David 102
xOnydor. 109, xCryslal Day. 112; xBnmeo Billy'
112; Kingozi. 114; Yenghee, 114; Red Start, 114*
TVnlac. 114 Tokalon Marcl). 114; Wadsworth
u<: Thanksgiving. 114; Rookerv. 119. Alio
eligible Sarasota. 114; Rhymer. 114; Contestant
119; Bucknail. 114.
PIPTH RACE?Lexington Cup Handicap- 3-|
rear olds and up; mile and a half Wickford I
?: Vulcarir<. 100; Dark Hill. 101; Piedra (imp)'
110; Pmacaia, U0. DraaUc. 114; Raider (imp.)!!
SIXTTI RACB-Purse $8no th? Nicholasrilla-1
Z rssr-oWs 5S furlongs. Miss Bojwep, 103- MH
?m. 106; Cotton Bl.waora. 110; The Swimmer
110; Pyx. 110; Kinburn. U0; Frav W. 110*
xxxCaptain Mac. 110; Breadman. 110 xxxBlaek
Pnr?. 113. Kns. m Bla?i US. Alao"^
",w 1 Vow* mlr
SK\ EVTH RAC'B?<-!tinHng; Piir* JSOr) V I
Weii iV"li ?.:, E\" "nd w <>,*hth *?"? i
t '^^r-f",nrb"*n" 107 ? Buncrun., 107
xAlhco*. 109: Dmh.hu II '
111. Bd? Hfmanii, 111; Rroomiwn. 1M Ktlrr I
Shelhr. Ill XImi elwihl?-,P.ri?i,, ,09; j. c.
.^r?u,tdiU,dne 106 ,a :
lAucrH-tloe allowance claimed
Shine Ball Artist, Pitching Ace of WhiteSox
.ppie Cc-oTTtL
Twe JoxAfJ Hop
Philadelphia. Sept. 16.?Campaign
Manager Tris Sprakfr and his ward
heelers yesterday stuffed the ballot
boxes with base hits and runs to
bulging capacity. If you voted the
straight Cleveland ticket you puk
ed the winner. After all the out
lying precincts and wards had
been heard from at the Shibe Park
election. the official returns were;
Cleveland. 8: Athletics. 2; (first
game. > Cleveland. 12; Athletics, 8.
(second game.) The scores:
A'hletics. Ab H O A E Cleveland. Ab H '> A B
Walker.rf 5 3 1 0 0 'Jraney If. ... 3 0*00
Wmgo.lf ? 2 3 0 0,Ch4(?nan.A?. 4 3 0 10
Urifftn.lb... 10 7 1 0'??ijxjaker.cf... 4 13 10
Welsh.cf i o 4 0 0 flams.lb 4 1 ft 0 0
(ialloway.fM 4 2 2 2 0 ?ianLnT.Jb 4 2 2 10
Thomas. 4b.. 0 o \ 0 Wamby.2ti... 4-421
D>kcs.!9) ... 3 1 'l J 1 Smith, rf 4 2 3 1 0
I*erkina.r ..1111 oio'Neill.c? * ' ">10
Myl?,r 2 O 7 <? 0 <Y>vM?\kie.p. 4 0 10 0
Hasty.p. .. 1 0 0 0 0
Johnson.p 2 0 2 10 Totals.... 12 27 10 1
*8trunk .... 1 0 O 0 0
TButpls. .. .1 I 0 0 0
J Kinney? 1 0 0 0 0
Total* . 37 11 27 9 1
?Batted for F^krs iq seventh.
? Batte?| for T^y'.en in ninth.
tRatted for Johnson in ninth.
r Iceland 1 3310000 0?
Athletics 01 1 0000002
Runs nored?<iraney (3). Gardner l2?. ("hap
man. HarrU. Wamt?ganas. O Neill. Walker. <ial
low ay. Earned runs?Cleveland. 7; AthiKica, 2.
I*?ft <>n bases -OleteJand. 10; Athletics. 8 Two
v> hits Smith. l>ugan. Wa'ker Thr"*?*)*s
hits-.Smith. Wingo. Hnmf run?O'Neill. Sac
rifice hits -Smith. WaralwnnM. Sarnflce fly
Speaker. Double plays L>ugan, (iaUoway to
Griffin; Waml*?gaii'w 'o Ham*. B*se on 1*1L?
I dT Hast v. 2: nt Johrw>n, 4 Struck out -By
J<?hnsrm. 7; by <Y>?f?l*v?ki?*. i Pitching record
?*T Hasty. 7 hits, 7 runs (6 earned . in 3 in
nings 14 at bat <?fT Johnson. 5 hits. 1 run '1
earned), in 6 inning**. 21 at bat. Stolen haaets
< hii'Tiiaii 4; O'Neill. Burrus (2). Lxwing pitcher
Hasty. Tune of gajn^- IJjfl.
Athletics. Ab H O A K' Cleveland. Ab H O A E
Burns, rf? 5 3 0 0 OUJraneylf. 6 3 2 0 0
Wingo.lf? 4 j 1 0 0!('hapman.?. SI 1 0
(Inffin.lb... 5 0 l(v 0 0:Sprak<*r.cf... 5 1 1 o o
Welsh.cf? 5 0 2 0 IJHarns.lb 5 2 10 1 0
? ialloway.as 5 12 2 ljOardner.Jb.. 5 3 0 3 0
Dvk*s.2b 4 3 1 ^ 0 VVambjr,5? .. 5 2 13 1
P.Tho'as.Sb 3 12 1 Oj*mith.rf 4 4 0 0 0
Turner 3b. . ft 0 0 o Q.CThoroas.c. 4 0 1 0
I'erkins.c... 3 12 1 ojUhle.p 10 110
Roberts, p . I 1 0 1 0; Myers, p 3 1 3 1 n
Naylor.p..2 0 1 0 0*xJohnaton. . 110 0 0
?Walker. . 0 0 0 0 fr
tStnink 1 0 0 0 0! TY>tal?.... 44 17 27 13 1
McAvoy.c... 0 0 ft 0 0
iBnmw 1 0 0 0 0;
Zinn.p 0 0 0 10"
I Witt 1 0 0 0 0|
T*als ... 39 13 27 14 2
?Batted for F. Thomas in ser^nth.
tBattyd for Perkins in seventh.
t Ratted for Nay lor in eighth.
fBatted for Turner in ninth.
r.Batted for Uhle in third.
Cleveland 0 0 80 1 ft 2 0 1- 12
Athletics 0 5 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 ?
Earned runs?Cleveland. 10; Athletics. 7. l,eft
on bases?Cleveland. 8; Athletics. 8. Two-Nw
hit*?(Jraney (2). lianliner Buns scored ?Smith
(3). Oraney. (Tuipman. Speaker. Harris. Gard
ner, Wambsganas (2). Johnson, Burrus (31, Dykes.
F. Thomas (2). Roberts. Perkins. Three-base
hit*?Johnston. Gardner. Home run?Bums.
Sacrifice hit?O. Thomas. Sacrifice fly?Myers,
bases on balls-Off Uhle. 1; Roberts, 1. Struck
out?By Roberts. 1; Naylor, 2. Pitching reoord
?Off Roberts. 7 hits, 7 runs (6 earned) in 22 3
innings, 15 at bat ; fhle. 5 hits, 5 runs (4
earned), in 2 innings. 11 at bat; Naylor. 8 hits.
4 runs (4 earned), in 5 2-3 innings. 24 at bat;
Zinn, 2 hits. 1 nin (1 earned) in 1 inning. 5 at
bat; Myers. 8 hits. 3 runs (3 earned i in 7 in
nings. at bat. Stolen bases?Burns, Roberts
Hit by pitcher?By "Myers (Dykes). WUd pitch
?-Mvera loosing pitcher?Roberts. Balk--Myers.
Time o< game?2:01.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Sept. 16.?Au
gust Herrmann. chairman of the
National Commission, announced to
day the commission will meet here
Monday at 10 a. m. to pcrfect ar
rangements for the world series
games between the Cincinnati Reds
and Chicago White Sox.
The date was selected following a
conference between Herrmann and
Ban Johnson. president of the |
American League.
There's a long, long trail a-wind
Into the land of my dreams. j
When our pitchers can pitch, and
our hittcr.s hit.
And we'll have h winning team. j
It's a long, long trail a-windtng; j
Oh tell us, Griffith, do.
How lone must we be kept going I
That.long, long trail with you
J. M.
Pittsburgh, Pa.. Sept. 16.?At the
Pitt engineering camp, known as
? Camp Hamilton, and situated a1
_ fe* miles out of Windher. in the
foothills of the Allegheny Moun
tains, Coach Olenn S. Warner has
j be#?n busy for a week, putting his
I University of Pittsburgh gridiron
candidates through their prelimi
nary paces.
The veteran mentor has a squad
? f almost fifty m?>n in camp, and
to date has been giving them little
less than elementary instruction.
1 However, the hard grind is to be
' started at once, in preparation for
jthe opening game of the season i
'with Geneva College at Beaver;
'Falls on October 4. One week1
j latfr the University of West Vir- '
1 gima is to he encountered in the
I opening game of the season at
i Forbes Fi^ld, and it is imperative
[that the men be in physically per-1
I feet condition for this game.
First Workout for Cornell.
I Ithaca, Sept. 16.?Cornell's football
j squad, consisting of fifty-four eandi
i dates, had its first practice of the sea
j son today. Among the men reporting
| to Head Coach J. H. <speedy) Rush
j was Captain Fritz Shiverick. <iuarter
! back. Gillies, star tackle of 1917. will
j join the squad shortly. Morning and
i afternoon drills will be held until the
' university opens September
Win* Gotham Title.
| New York, Sept. 16.?Miss Helen Gil
I leadeau. of the Ardsley Club, former
Barnard College champion, is the new
woman's singles champion of New
York State. She won the title by de
feating Mrs. llowai| T. Baton, of
Morristown. N. J., at 6?1 and 6?3.
Title Serie* to Start.
The three-day championship series
of the Y. M C. A. District baseball
league will be played tomorrow and
| Friday at the Union League Park.
J starting at 5:30 p. m. The Naval Gun
Factory has won nineteen games and
i lost three. The Y. M. C. A. won
i twelve and lost nine.
Dempsey Again Under Knife.
Philadelphia, Pa.. Sept. 16.? Jack
Dempsey. heavyweight champion, un
! Jerwent a minor operation on his nose
i here today. An injury which he re
j ceived in a bout a year ago had been
causing difficulty in breathing and the
operation today was to relieve it.
Virginian Hurt on Gridiron.
Morgantown. W. Ya? Sept. 16 ? In a
fierce scrimmage today, several West
Virginia gridiron candidates were in
jured. Hite and Emsweller needed a
physician's care, and Hager. Lewis.
Ruch and Ice were battered up.
Aviator to Pilot Eleven.
Williams port. Mass.. Sept. lfi. ?
Denny Boynton. star quarterback of
the undefeated Williams eleven of two
years ago. today was elected captain
for the ensuing season. He served in ;
the naval aviation service last year. |
Federal* After Wildcat*.
The Federal Athletic Club ball team j
issues a defl to the Navy Yard Wild- j
cats for a game any afternoon this I
week. Address Manager Homan, 3)67
Thirty-fifth street northwest. j
New Orleans, Sept. 16?R. Marmton
and A Brown, newspapermen, for
merly with The Herald of Washing
ton. arrived here today after having
paddled the inland route from the
Capitol City to this metropolis, a
distance of 2.775 miles, in an 18-foot
canoe, establishing a new record for
the time and distance.
These canoeists left Washington on
May 26. and have campaigned the
fight for a year's pay to all service
men while on route. Marmion. be
fore starting the trip, was discharg
ed from the army, while Brown saw
service in the nan-. Both athletes
were well and hearty upon their ar
rival and were greeted by a monster
gathering. They are scheduled to
mak?? many addresses in favor of the
bill advocating pay for enlisted men.
Baltimore. Md.. Sept. 16. ? Match
maker Sam Harris, of the American
Athletic Association. is patiently
awaitinsr a reply from Jimmy Wilde
in regard to the off^r of J7..YK) and
$5<i0 for traveling expenses which he
recently made to the English fly
weight champion. In view of the
fact that the offer was made for
Wilde to face Frankie Mason, of
Fort Wayne, here in a twenty-round
bout for the world's flv-weight cham
pionship. the result of the go be
tween Mason and Joe L?ynch. of New
York, next Friday night, assumes
very great importance. The bout will
open the indoor season of the Triple
A at Albaugh's Theater.
The A A. A. atchmaker. however,
says that he cannot wait forever to
hear from the little Welshman, and
unless a reply is forthcoming within
the next week he will immediately
endeavor to close a match between
Pal Moore and the winner of the
twelvp-round set-to at Albaugh's next
Intercity Ba?eball
Detroit. Sept. 16.?A series of exhibi
tion camos that will bring the clubs
together for the first time since the
world's series of 190"> has been ar
ranged between Pittsburgh Nationals
and the Detroit Americans, President
Navin announce^ today. The first
game is to be played at Pittsburgh.
September 22. and another at Detroit
the following day. The series was ar
ranged by moving up one day the post
poned game between New York and
Detroit on September 22.
Invitation from Lipton.
Chicago. III.. Sept. 16.?With a view
[to strengthening the bonds between
jthe United States and Fngland in
| yachting Sir Thomas Upton w.ll have
lone or more American Corinthians
aboard the Shamrock IV in the next
i international race.
| He has invited Sheldon Clark, veter
an of a dozen or more Mackinac con
tests and secretary of the Chicago
Yacht Club during its most prosperous
years, to sail on the challenger.
Races for Hagerstown Fair.
I Hagerstown, Md.. Sept. 16.?The rac
| ing programtor the Hagerstown Inter
state Fair. October 14-18, has been an
nounced. The purses for the running
! races aggregate 7,50^ and for the har
I ness races. JI.FiOO. The paris-mutuel
I system will prevail in the running
! races. Entries will close October 7
jand records made on that day will be
; no bar. There w.ll be thirty-five races
during the fair?seven events each day.
There will be ten harness contests
Pal Moore Back from England.
New York, Sept. 16?Pal Moore, the
j American bantam-weight, whose two
bouts with Jimmy Wilde, the English
flyweight, aroused international ring
i interest, arrived here yesterday from
England. Moore will remain in this
country for about six weeks, during
which period he will box several con
tests. He plans to return to Europe
late in the fall for other international
| bouts.
Game Cancelled.
Tom Crooks' Wildcats will not
play the War Risk team on Thurs
day, as it is not ' possible to get
Union L#eacue Park for that after
noon. but the came will take place
some day next week.
Movie Nine on Top.
The Movie nine defeated 'he High
land A. C. yesterday on the Monu
ment lx>t by a soore of 4 to 4.
Major League Statistics.
Yesterday'. RmiIIl
Washington. 6; 8t. Loula t.
Cleveland. *; Athletics. 2.
Cleveland. 12; Athletica. t.
Chicago-New York; rain.
Detroit-Boston; rain.
Wliere They Play Today.
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
Chicago at New York
Detroit at Boston.
Standing of the Clifc*.
W L. Pet. W L Pet.
|rfc?ca#o *i 45 .651 !8t. Louis M SB 492
Clereisod TT 5E W'Boaton C 64
L^treHt...... 73 SA .566 Washington.. 61 8D
New Tort... f? 96 .fit Athletica . M ? *
Yesterday's Result*.
Pittsburgh. 4; Brooklyn. 3.
Cincinnati. 4; New York. 3.
Chicago. 7; Phillies. 2.
Boston. 8; St. Louis. 4.
St- Louis, 3; Boston. 2.
Where They Play Taday.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
New York at Cincinnati
Philadelphia at Chicago.
Boston at St Louts.
Standing of the Clabs.
W. L. ret w L Pet.
CSnctanatf... * 41 STlRronUTn .... fJ (* iff
Sew York... *0 49 .GL Boston S3 ^ ff
Chi <?*??> 70 CO XB >c Ixkji? 50 TS .U0
PltUburtfL^ 68 64 .95>Itiilli?v ? M .MR
Rosl>*n. N. Y.. Sept. 16.?-The annual
charrnionahip matches of the profes
sional golfers' association opened
h'?>- ?' ih afternoon on the link* of
the Engineers* Club and will continue
?i imhout the week. f
Some of the best-known "old tim
er.- of the professional ranks teed
off in the early matches, including
Jim ?<-;rnst .lark Hutchison and Doug
las Edgar, the Canadian open cham
pion. Among the youngsters given
good chances to reach the finals are
Rddie Loos. Emmet French and Tim
Kerrigan. ?
Two defaults came at the start by
r*hicago entries?William Kidd and .Jo*
Roseman. Kidd was bracketed with
James West, New York, and Rose
man with Douglas Edgar, Atlanta.
The summary:
Pirr round?18 bo**s remits- Rmm#( FVanrh
York. P*.. wu 7 up on ClH?<3rne?. At
l?nuc Oty; Hs.nr Hampton. Rjrijnood. Va 1
up on Jack Hohroa. Etagkeood, .V J.. Otto
Sarkbartb. Otncianati. 1 upon Joaeph Sylvester.
Michael J Bradj, Boston. 1 up on
Lwi? TWlier. BoaUwi. Jam? Barn**. St Ljui*.
3 op on And^rwon Bord. of Nsw York. 3 up on
M<-r>on?kL (^iicaco: Ft* bmnffhsm, Now York
5 up on Lax*- VIcNamara. 4 up on Maruv^a
Hutrhinaoo. 4 u* oo Brod^jcug McL^od. 9 up
on Ri*e.
? 4
Jersey Oty. Sept. IS.? Johnnr Kil
| bane defended his claim to the feath
er-weight title bv knocking out
Frankie Bums in the fifth round to
| night at the Jersey City baseball
Bum* wa.a floored for the full count
^ just after th^ fifth period cot under
j way. a short right sent Frankie to j
his knees and as he attempted to get !
j up he keeled over backwards. He tried ,
| a;rain to g#?t up before the count was
ended, but Kilbane, turning to th* ref
eree, said: "Hem pet hurt, hell get.
j hurt," and the referee, taking the cue. i
'put his arms around Burns and de-!
clared the fight eided Burns was,
still In a daze when he w*.? led from
! the rine.
j Kilbane entered th* ring weighing
J 125 and Burns 124. The Cleveland box 1
| s?*em<?d to be rnther pudgy, but
showed no loss of speed or general- i
i ship Burns appeared to be trainer] !
jto the minute hut lacked the sp??d
land staving powers, of the champion j
New Haven. Conn . Sept. If ?A foot- j
ball souad of ninety-one Tale men
reported at Tale Field today for the
opening practice of the season. The
number of candidates out for the
I first drill exceeded the expectations I
I Of the coaches, and Pr A1 R. Sharpe. I
head coach, smiled as he directed the
| activities. Assisting the former Cor
j nell mentor were pr Art Brides. Dr. I
I Billy Bull and Herman Olcott.
The candidates were s?nt through !
I drills in fundamentals both in the j
morning and afternoon, running bark
punts and passing the bail compris- I
I ing most of the work There were I
flftv-six men out for line positions j
and ten candidates for quarter-back I
j Two practice sessions will be held
daily until the universitv opens on
September Sv Dr. Sharpe said.
Annap-.ii*. M.l . Sept. l?.-\|thoutrh
football and all other branches oi
athletics at Saint John's College were
considerably disarranged because of
the war conditions, and especially
with the establishment of the Stud
ents' Army Training Corps last year,
the outlook for a successful gridiron
season at the college looms up much
brighter now than was expected a
few weeks ago.
The principal loss suffered by the
Cadets since the close of the cam
paign last fall was that of the gradu
ation of "Phil" Recher. all-around
athlete, and tackle of the eleven. And
with the re-opening of the college now
near at hand, news is wafted into
camp that the great majority of last
season's squad will return to college.
Thursday Opening Day.
At a meeting held last night at S00
Fifteenth street southeast, it was de
cided to start the junior amateur base
ball series on T.iursday at S:tf p :TV
on diamond No. 3 on the Monument
Grounds with the Clarendon Juniors
meeting the Pepco nine. The schedule
is as follows: Sept. IS, Pepco vs. Clar
endon: Sept. 19. Eagles vs. Clarendon
Sept. 10. Pepco vs. Eagles; Sept. &
Clarendon vs. Pepco: Sept. 24, Claren
don vs. Ragles: Sept. 2S. Eagles vs
Pepco: Sept. a* Pepco vs. Clarendon
Sept 28, Eagles vs. Clarendon: Sept
30. Pepco vs. Eagles.
Lafayette After Games.
The Lafayette Athletic Club de
sires to arrange games with teams
averaging 16 years of age. especi
ally the Highlands Athletics Club.
Address. Warren Poole. 1607 Sev
enth street northwest. Apartment !
Baseball Pitcher Drops Dead.
Dubuque. Iowa. Sept. it, -Uuv C.raas.
former member of the Dubuque Three
I League baseball team, died yester
day while pitching for the Victory
(Wis.) team in a game against loca!
piayera. j
Cincinnati Fans Howling at
High Cost of World
York. Sept. M.?Cincinnati
baseball fane are howling There*#
nothing new in that, of courae, but
it i* a novelty to hear that the rabid
Cincinnati buga are howling now
arainst the very thing they have been
yelling for for the laat fifty yeara?
a world's series.
At first Pat Moron's pennant gift
to them wsj fond I' d in their mitt*
?-* a prise plum. From the first year
out to the golden anniversary of their
pennant dreams ihe hugs have been
waiting for the biff classic to be stag
ed on the river-bank town. Now they
have got >?. and the Joy of half of
them has turned to grief. They claim
but a fraction of them mill be a We
to stick their noses in the park f?*r
a close-up of the fra<fe* with the
White Sox. There aren't enough seat*
to go around, and the price tacked
up by Garry Herrmann has put th?
few available on#* almost out of the
reach of the ordinary bus*.
High ( s?it of Vrlea.
Keeping pace with everything elae.
the world's series will cost more this
season than ever charged before. Tht
scale announced by President Herr
mann is: Bo* seats, %f>. lower stand,
ST.; first three rows upper stand. to.
remainder upp^r stand. $3; new
bleachers. S3: both pavilions, C. old
bleachers. SI.
In addition. Herrrrann is going to
move the press box on top of the
stands and convert the choice spot
formerly occupied by the sport writ
era into a seating place for additional
The august president of the club
has been waiting sixteen years for
this opportunity, and perhaps h*
should not be blamed for grabbing a
bunch of extra dollars.
Baltimore, Sept. 1*.?Walter John
son will pitch against the Champion
Orioles here on Tu*ada>. September
Manager Jack Purm. of the Oriole*
announced this morning that he hai
arranged a earn* with the Washing
ton American L^apup club for tha*
date, and that th* amoment stipu
lated that the speed king be on the
rubber. It is possible that the Bird*
and Nationals will arrange a three
game series.
fine. Intercoll.giate football ha*
started, scholastic football is sure
to jump into the limelight Mondiv.
as on that day the high school
coaches will issue their call for
football candidates.
Coa<*h Apple, of T*ch. has been ?
making preparations for his can
didates in order to get started im
mediately at the opening of school
has notified all the veterans
who are expected to return to be
ready for the call. He has at leas*
twentv-five old timers and antici
pates a great amount of new ma
terial. Oudy. Moonev. Moor*.
Davis and McCarty are some of th"
hoy? who are hop^d to do excep
tionally well on the gridiron th'.s
T>on Stewart, who wa? released
! from the army aviation and wK>
'made a ereditabl#? showing <n f->o?
ball at Terh two years ago. wi*l
return to T^ch. H?> will undoubt
jedlv make one of the regular posi
| Guy Winkjer. all-hich griard last
| year, ha? entered Annapoli*. He
?will try his experience on th'1 tquad
I Central football candidate? w^l!
I get in the runnine aior.e with the
rest of the team* as soon as school
opens. Metzler had an abundance
of material last year and hopes fo
a large pquad the first day of prac
I tice. The following veterans w?l!
I report: Jimmy I/mon. Penrose
I Russel. Charley PaJher. Williams.
jWrilkinson. Connelly and man'
j others.
Coach Morse lost the majority o*
I his matt-rial last year but has
| hopes of developing a stellar
eleven out of his rooky material
Battersby. of Eastern, and Dor?
man. of Business, have the football
'question d?>ped out and will pro
I dure keen elevens. Material pros
j pects this year a.-e greater than ever,
which indicates a closely contested
I scholastic football series.
C AI IT* N0W in
Very Special Purchase.
Great Savings Assured.
428 NINTH ST. N W.
$40 Values in $OP
Suits or Overcoats
rw"-,T m?'1' to twfce-Qan and r~ umpkM
To Out of Town Patroua aa<
Beuorcv-nt blank* ml w*oq
nunn, m 7th st. n w.
Remeairfr the address
Havre de Grace
IStXt Dime A m:F.I-LIXIU?E
Tr?l? 1= ?'( l?rk *?.,
ADMI*!l|OWt t.randaland and
rludln. n.r tax.
fir?T RACE AT P. M.

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