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C. ?. ifOKKCAn
Highest temperature yesterday. 77;
lowest. 59.
The Net Circulation of This Newspaper Yesterday Was 36,704
?ill the time?telefraph. cable and loo)
aeWt?is found in The Washington Herald
?brightly and briefly told?most up-to-tbe
minute news pictures every day.
NO. 4708
Kl*?wkrrr Tw? Geata.
Soldiers of America Return
as V ictors Over Autocracy
Back From a Distant Land, Bearing no Spoils and With no Cap
tives Chained to Chariots?How the Grand Review Impress
ed a Veteran of the Civil War?Significance of the Two Great
Historical Events as Seen by a Veteran of 1861-65.
Member of Congress from California, and Past
Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief. G. A. R.
N<> PATRIOTIC man or woman could have
witnessed without emotion the grand spec
tacle of the passing along the broad avenues
c. the National Capital of the first body of Ameri
c :n soldier-, to cross the Atlantic and plant the
Stars and Stripes on Eu
ropean soil. The thun
derous applause which
greeted the returning
veterans v. herever they
appeared, and which ex
tended in one great wave
oi sound along Pennsyl
vania avenue from the
Capitol to the White
House. attest* <1 the
unanimity and sincerity
or the feeling of pride
which animated every
American uho was pri
vileged to witness the
grandest and most in
spiring spectacle of which Washington has been
the scene since that other grand review which
marked the conclusion of the great Civil War more
than a half century a?o. The spectacular "triumphs" j
which were accorded lo the victorious generals of
ancient Rome upor* tbtn returning from battlefields
hi foreign lands, as drpictecf by historians were,
without doubt, processions of graphic and barbaric
splendor. With captive kings and queens bound to
the chariots of the disdainful conqueiors. with
thousands of distressed prisoners, men, women and
children, presently to be reduced to slavery, and
with the display of the rich spoils of the conquered
peoples, they could hardly have failed to impress
the spectator^ as they passed in martial splendor
through the streets of the Imperial City, with the
warlike strength and power of their successful sol-!
diers and generals.
The soldiers ot America also returned from!
distant lands as the victors, with their brave allies,
in the greatest war oi the world's history. They
returned, however, a* they went abroad, without j
ostentation or display, and they bear with them no
captives to be reduced to slavery, and no spoils of \
war They return as the powerful defenders of
their country against the arrogant assumptions and
attacks of an autocratic nation, which sought to en
force its will upon our own republic, as well as j
upon the other nations of the earth While they
return with nothing but their arms and habiliments,
and no visible spoils of war or sii'ns of the con
queror, we who witnessed their passing yesterday
saw in the firm young faces of the gallant soldiers
of the First Division, in their stalwart limbs, in
their martial bearing, in the free and untrammeled,
swing of their march through the Capital as the
representatives of nearly 4,000,000 of their com-1
rades, an assurance of devotion to their country and,
a guarantee of capacity for armed power in times |
of national danger that inspired in the licans of all
Americans love and gratitude to these brave young j
soldiers, and thankfulness to God that the fires of j
patriotism, love of country and devotion to America i
burn a* brightly as ever in the hearts of millions
oi true men like these.
Names Men High in Busi
ness World to Represent
General Public.
San Francisco, Cal.. Sept. IT.?
Twenty-two men wer^ invited by
T resident Wilson here today to rep
resent the general publie in the in
dustrial conference he has called
for October r, in Washington.
This means that sixty-six men
will take part in the momentous
meeting which is to decide the "new
order** that the President hope? to
attain between <-.apita] and labor.
Urbanized labor will have twenty
tw<> representatives. as will or^an
iz? d employers. The conference
lit be h? ld in the East Room >n
the White House, and will be pre
sided over by the P-/ dent.
Following are the names of men
he has asked to serve on behalf of
I he general publie.
^am<* of Mm.
Bernard M. Baruch. former chair
man of the War Industries Boaru.
? nd this government'? economic
representative at tTie Peace Confer
?nr" in Paris.
o. K. Bradfutc. Vema. Ohio. presi
dent of the Ohio Farm Bureau Fed
eration. and chairman <-f the com
mittee of State farm bureaus. whose
-numbers called on the President re
cently in connection with the fight
igainst the high cost of living.
Robert J. Brookings. St. lx?uis.
retired business man.
Ward Burgess, of Nebraska
Fuller P. Gallaway. cotton manu
facturer. of La Grange, Ga.
Thomas L. Chadbourne. New York
Charles G. Dawes, brigadier gen
eral In the American Expeditionary
?*orce and tjie army's chief pur
chasing agent in France. He is
? resident of the Central Trust Com
?&ny of Chicago
Dr. Charles E. Eliot, Nonhea.'* Har
or. Me.
H. D. Bndicott. M.iton. Mass.
Paul Ia. Feiss, clothing manufacturer
t develan.i
Blbert H. Gary, chairman of the '
( inited States Steel Corporation.
Rdwin F. Gay, dean graduate school
f business demonstration. Harvard
nlvwslty. Cambridge. Mass.
G?o. R James, manufacturer. far
ter and hanker, of Memphis, Trr.n. .
Infantry Unit,
'Lost, Nearly
Misses Meal
When the Second Division of me
Twenty-sixth Infantry entrained tor
('amp Meade last night, it carried
i with it the distinction of being the
"\,*>8t Battalion" of Washington.
Misinformed guides were the source
of trouble, and the men were marched
from Nineteenth street to th?? Penn
sylvania yards, where they were in
, formed that their trains and supper
awaited them at the B & O yards
I instead.
i Disgruntled and tired, but neverthe
less hopeful of setting that supper.
' the boys started to the B. & O. yards,
i five miles away. Cheers greeted them
j when they Anally arrived at the
i trains, and the Red Cross chapter
I showered the weary heroes with choc
: olato and cigarettes.
Major Spriggins, commanding of
ficer of the unit, stated that he had
carried out his orders to the letter and
blamed the local military authorities
for the inconvenience experienced by
the wom troops.
Property Damage $1,000.
Nearby Houses Are
The terrific explosion of an air tank
in the basement of Prank Shore's
store. 1223 New York avenue, last
night at 9:45 o'clock, caused damage
estimated at 51.0ft) to the premises and
| snook houses in the surrounding
Two tire companies and a small
army of policemen rushed to the
j .-cene. wh??re theier services were not
The front of the store and the plate
c!ass were completely shattered by
the concussion, and .Mis. Theodore
fteli and William Cooper, who live on;
upper floors of the buildin?. were I
thrown from their feet.
Investigation proved the pressure on !
th#? a'r tank had become too great i
Fiwme Situation Uo to Italy.
Fiiime. Sept. IT.?French and A me-- !
icai. -li :ary contingents embarked
loctay. in .iccw-lanco with the tenta- '
live policy of letting 'J;ily herself j
,- olve the situation pro o>ed by <5a-j
brielc d'Annunxio's coup here. French
"roors also are preparing to depart.
Daughter of Harry Orme,
Of Washington, Forced
To Beg in Hotels.
Nfw York. Sept. 17.?"Papa1,
papa'" exclaimed 12-year-old Leila
Orm^ in the Yorkville court today
when Harry Orme. a wealthy Wash
tngtonian, appeared.
"Oh. I'm so glad it's all over, and
that you've come." A second later
the girl was in the arms of he?
father, who had sought her for nine
long: year?.
I/eila, dressed as a Girl Scout, was
b?gg.ng in the Hotel Commodore ?"?n
September 9. and she and her moth
er. who grave her name as Mrs.
Ruth Hastings, were arrested. The
mother has jumped her bail of Ji*D0,
I the police declare, and is bein^*
sought as a fugitive from justice.
"Nine years ago 1 divorced my
wife in Washington. I>. C.." ^aid
Mr. Orme. "I was awarded the cus
i t^Kly of our three, children. My wif
i took Lieila with her. and I have
i never been able to And her until
I today. She recognized me in spite:
i of the long separation. It appears
i from t"he story of my child that her
j mother has taken her all over the
I country and compelled her to beg
| Since the war began she has been
[dressed in a Girl Scout uniform. Her
| mother sent her to the best hotels
? In Chicago. Boston. Pittsburgh.
Cleveland and other cities to beg,
and at times the receipts were as
high as $20 a day."
Mr. Orme will take L/eila home
Aroused by cries of "Pickpocket!*' j
nj\d "Stop him!" scores of parade
spectators at Seventh street and the !
Avenue yesterday gave chase and
; captured Wesley K. Lynn, a negro
; laborer who had snatched a purse
j containing $S..V> from Mrs. Margare
I Ferguson, of Wilmington. Del.
Sergt. Hugh McLauchlin. a Marine,
j stationed for the day at the inter- J
: section, took Lynn into custody after ;
he had been chased into a blind alley I
near Pennsylvania avenue and T? j
Lynn. who lives at iOO Missouri ave- !
hue northwest, was later/turned over'
to Prvt. C. T. Mansfield and taken |
to the First precinct, charged with I
robbery. '
?: 11
? ?
London. Sept. 17.?Thomas
Howell. Canadian national
secretary of the International
Brotherhood. announced at
the city temple tonight that
Premier Lloyd George is go
ing to visit America soon.
Rome, Sept. 17.?Gabriele
d'Annunzio's forces have oc
cupied the fortified line around
Fiame. It is stated D'Annun
zio is now in possession of all
strategic points.
London. Sept. 17.?King Fer
dinand of Rumania has been
ordered peremptorily to have
his army evacuate Hungary
? OrvJJJe *
A pica for *aaity in aviation
and xi prediction thnt the air
plane will never ?upplant the
train and ship a* a carrier of
heavy freight In being: made
throughout the country by Or.
\illc \\ right. uho with bin
brother, Wilbur, sixteen year*
ago Ktartled the world with the
flr.vt nucee**fnl flight of a
lieavier-thnn-air machine.
Orville haw no faith In the
Rf?ec<aciilar prophetic* of the
ftitnre of aviation. He doc* not
believe thr horixon will ever he
tilled with privately owned
plane.* dn*hlnir about nt hon
drcda of intlcn an hour. tie
H?em not think monster plane*
will carry heavy rirgvet at ex
Night Carnival on Avenue
Ends Holiday Festivities
Confetti Throwing' and Good Fellowship
Spirit Show City Can Prop Dignitv
On Patriotic Occasion.
Washington threw off its mantle ot
dignity lust night and turned out en
masse to an unscheduled carnival on
Pennsylvania avenue. thousands
swarming the thoroughfare. hurling
confetti at everyone, making un
earthly noises with noise-making de
vices. laughing and fraternizing with
Strangers were life-long pais. Ag?^
became Youth and caste was lorgot
ton- Washington hart dr<>pi>ed Us re
.???? ve.
Everybody "stepped out.' It made
litth' difference whom you shoved or
who shoved you. it was all in the
game Straw hats were crushed in
without regard as to who the wearer
misht be.
In the Court of Honor a mass ot
staging humanity was a'l that could
;.?? .??pen. Hero and there gaily decor
ated paper hats stood nut in contrast
to the sombre fall tieadgear which
fashion has decreed must be worn, in j
spile of the mild weather.
The din of the :? i.-e-mtk^ t s aiid
the yelling and laU-*liter < f the rol
licking throngs made ordinarx con
vt-rsation impossible.
One dignified old mar., attired in a
silk tile hat. Pr'm.e \:l> r: ?.< and
a very-much-st arched-bos* ?!. - ? t. de
manded that th<- -rowds ce ?>e to be
?"roughnecks" an let him pass. A
roar of laughter, a shower ot con
fetti. and the blast of ;i h'?rn In his
right ear were his answer.
The illuminated ?imh drew. peo
ple as an electric light driwr mos
quitos. Lio> s climbed lo its highest
peak, while policemen from below
ordered them down. The> did not
Theaters did an S. II. O business
last night, man> patrons carrying
bags of confetti with them to throw
arour.d inside. The festivities lasted
Ions into the night, and when Wash
ington finally went to bed it was
tired out. but. like Gen. Pershing, it
was "happy."
Philadelphia. Rcpt. 17.---Contractor
rule in Philadelphia received its
' death knell at primary election yc.s
;terdav when Representative J
j Hampton Moore, independent candi
jdate. defeated Judge John M. Pat-1
! terson, Vare candidate, in the Re- !
? publican mayoralty contest by 998
majority. A police canvass showed
? a total oj' 150.354 votes for Moore,
'and 149.356 for Patterson. Daniel'
Wade won -the nomination for
[ sheriff by a plurality of eighteen,
i votes over Robert Lamberton, in
dependent candidate. William R.
? Knight, for coroner, was nominat- ?
: ed by a plurality of 12.936 over'
William Campbell, independent.
| In the Democratic primaries.'
Harry D. Wescot. secured S.99tf
1 votes against 5.082 cast for Michael \
i Donohoe.
Fire D*.mages Truck.
| Fire in a reserve gasoline tank of
i sn army truck of the First Division
j at Eighteenth and C streets southeast
| last night resulted in $60 damage. The
1 origin of ths fire is unknown.
The Ball rent bill?now a rider
ion the food control act?will go to
'conference today.
' It is believed that thr r#?nt prob
j lem hero would not be solved suffi
j dent I y if Ball's bill was passed
without amendments and for that
: reason it will threshed out in
The amendment to prevent profi
teering in the District is holding
up the entire measure. which
[ would, in the opinion of Congress,
tend to reduce the cost of living
throughout the country.
jasure Which Dela
Anti-Profiteer Legisla
tion Up Today.
Fireman Dies in Blast
That Wrecks Lccomotrve
N i>hviN<\ TVt.' . Sr>i?t IT ? With <i
roar that shook wir.dnws in Gr? ? n
brier. a mile and h ha!' awi' . t-ie
h?,i of an ov.ci-c on :< w? -'bound
I^ouisville A Nashvil'c freieht train
at Hyfreia Sta'ion. iwent> ..lilv- fr ?ir
Nashville exploded, killtr.c: the l re
inan. K. .I. .lorn -s. of Siai filter.-. i\;..
and hatdy burning tho *-?> -rin??? ? V
T ??-f N;t.-h\i!l. . ihiv momf-ic
Tho station Houm- was r.ized. Jon* >
bio" n ?:?o?n tin c: "> .???*?; u..
burial under the debris of ;i>o utitid
?'hic.-?go - An efTor: ??> ra:s?- ? u?h
mone> to give every C; ;c-ij?.o
of the "First ovoi-Ijm Iv < uivi
s:-?n ;? suit of clothes. a hat. and
pair of shoes as w.\ ? -.imv.?>ion ?
tho city's gratitud? for the part the
r: > ? d in win nit t t )i* - w * v ill I
nv.?lt h\ th?* members of the Pir&
TM vision auxiliary. Mrs. M-m ? ?x
ford Brem announc^-d last nigh;. Pro
ceeds of a dance held on the muni
cipal pier went into the f .n-i.
Ferdinand Forfeits
His British Holdings
ljondon.?Tho British ?eccr't ies of
ox-King V* -rdinand of Bulgaria,
valued st C.WVrtW. have been declared
forfeited by a special commission at
the Royal Courts of Justice. Most of
the forme'* ruler's holdings wove !t?
Treasury- bonds. !I of \*hich revert
to tho crown.
Kentucky Distillers
Ship Liquor to England
Liverpool.?Follow in: tho iiftincr
? ?>f embargoes by tho Pntifh Isles,
Kentucky distillers are sending
large shipments *?f whisky to Entr
, land. Scotland and Ireland on con
; tracts made before January. It is
( estimated that 20.0^0 barrels have
I been shipped.
Cholera Epidemic Serious.
I Tokyo.?A consular dispatch from
i Manila states that between Julv IS
I and July 2*>. sixty-seven new cases of
? cholera occurred in that city, includ
1 ing thirtv-threc eases which resulted
| fatally. The cases elsewhere in the
t Philippines total 1.7"A including 1.251
which resulted in d??ath.
German Draws Big Fine.
| Coblens?Before the American mili
j tarv courts here, one man was ?n
| fortunate enough to receive the two
l highest sentence* (six months and a
| S1.2FV0 fine) for attempting to recruit
| men for the Germany army within the
I occupied area.
Brewers More to Jamaica.
Kingston. Jamaica.?As a result of
the prohibition law in America, sev
eral financiers of that country togeth
er wit|i Jamaican business men. have
formed a company for the manufac
ture of beer and other malt U<juor
Splendid Equipment En
ables Men to Be Fed and
18.000 Entrain for Camp
Meade Within Four
Hours After Parade.
Mighty Roa of Applause
From the Peacc Monu
ment to Court of Honor
Heralds Commander and
"His Own.
im;(: ' . ?; *? v ?
ho. u .
uorl'.i's 1
tonK >n ?'!.."'? 1
not it.
r.i ?? it <
' ??t*? JiM'tllv Juid 11 ?< )i>?n " ?'?<
J !* 5
M? i\ !?< c. . ???: ?? *? -s .. .? ?
hours t 8.0"0 f ' ' ?? ' a
a." : ' C.j'iul
1t wx- tlx !a>* ??
K'.- ri* IVr-hin*:.
And ?.on, lohu I i' ? ir _. . ..
. >1 - jm arinR *t p Vau.
a-iior>< ]^rVw";?*- ?I?? t>rond?>
on of the 25,000
Voi r hundred thousand j^ir? of
eves followed *hc undulating
>lr?_ahi ot khaki triumphantly up
i ih< Avenue: and ehcers from
many throats, swelling into i.
michty roar, told them they were
a nation's heroes.
Mirrh *1ake? llistnr*.
t?r,i h\ Gen. Pershing these ooufch
hoys snapped into motion at pre- i?rlr
1 o'clock by the pcneravs wrist watci>
to march in grand review between
>X?,0iW Americans \*ho r v*wned thair
rh5"thmir ?hutflinp by o .herr
ing which lappe.-} v -a*^ '
itv d*?wn the l>"
l , ? i^toi ?. *
p* . story embedde*.
of all who saw them to ?.
It wns thf nasslrg ?>r. !*??
? hinp. wl.i cen?%r??uslr r ?.-poi.di-d t
\ 1 he mighty ovation accorded him h\
J scores of salute?, first from one aid
and then from the other. whirl
J brought the first pull or one s hear'
j string*
Vex' it xra* thr first Rhnip.-*1 >f
; the doughboys themselves. iheir
' puns glinting and in perfo< t al'gn
merit, which gripped the spectator*
Hut what caused the cheerin.
! and waving of flaR;- and noise-pre
dunnc to increase to the nth in
tensity was the simple procession of
Red Cross trucks bearing member^
of the Pirst Division, who wear
one or more wound chevron.? tn*'
were brought to Washington from
army hospitals where they are con
The Court of Honor end smr
rounding stands were filled nearly
an hour beforr the time set for the
parade to Start, with those eag"
to see those regular soldiers who
uere the first t ? fight and the last
to leave several times they
sprang to their feet anxious to hr
the first to announce their innm
through the Arch of Trtomph. bo<
they were disappointed to find H
was only a deUil of policeman, m
Boy Scoots or Camp V\r* 111*
?tr winp flowers a ton;- the path
I When the pf^eeasion act
strike Fift'efiib.and P.
avenue there ??/ ?? ??tst
oowwjw m nam
in? pau? M

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