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Holds All Attention
New Tork. Sept 11.?Tomorrow
sees the opening of a battle between
capital and labor that the financial
and investment world has known
for twenty years had to be fought.
Both sides have been preparing for
John Fitzpatrick. who ls manag
ing the strike, says conditiona In
the steel trade are deplorable and
approach economic serfdom. Here
is a direct difference of statement
by two authorities, proving that
one of them is untruthful. The
question of veracity ia Involved as
much as any other one in this
strike. If the steel men are treat
ed as Judge Gary says they are
treated thev will have no sympathy
from the public. If Mr. Fitzpatrick
is telling the truth, public displea
sure will speedily crystalllxe against
the steel corporation, for it will be
guilty of hypocrisy of the most
shameful kind.
Students of business affairs have
full confidence in Judj?e Gary. In
the financial district there is no
secret evasion of mind in the ex
pression of confidence that he will
come out of the struggle fully vin
dicated. But it will take an actual
strike to prove the case. It is ex
pected that from 15 to 20 per cent
of the steel men will obey the strike
order as issued.
Eut whether there is a substantial
strike or not. the steel corporation
intends to fight it out.
Regardless of the merits of the
rase, this threat of a steel strike
is a very serious matter either for
good or bad.
If the laVor problem can be set
tled without too much fighting the
Investment situation will he found
in very strong condition. The
margin of profits is large in most
industries. The necessities of the
world are so great that there must
be a big production for two or three
years to restore stocks of merchan
di.?* to the level established before
the war. That means several years
of large earnings and comparative
safety for perrons who purchase
stocks at the present prices. It
is a fact easily demonstrated by
annual reports tha-t very few in
dustrial stocks have sold at prices
that would be justified by their
C. B. Matthews' Funeral
At Grace Church Today
Funeral services for Charles Bur
d*tte Matthews will be conducted at
his home. M/9 F street northeast, at
1 o'clock this afternoon. The Rev.
George W Atkinson, pastor of the
Grace Trotestant Episcopal Church,
will officiate. Burial will be at
Hock creek Cemetery, with Masonic
Mr. Matthew* resided in Wasn
irgton for the past thirty years and
at the time of his death was super
intendent of the Georgetown Post
office. He is survived by hia wife, a
daughter. Theresa, and a son.
Franklin Matthews.
Randle Citizens' Club
Wants New Members
The members of the Randle High
lands Citizens" Association have been
notified that the organization will
resume its active meetings next Mon
day evening, when an interesting oc
casion is predicted by Dr. B. T. ^ ood
warl, president.
Two matters of importance will be
presented to the organization ? the
need of a marked increase in mem
bers and the necessity for a new
bridge to replace the present unfit
structure known as the Pennsylvania
avenue bridge southeast.
Seventh Street Savings
At Wanblnsrton In the District of Co
lumbia. at the close of business
September 12, 1919.
1. a Loans and discount* including re
discounts (except those shown in
b and et WJ1.2S.B
1 Overdraft*, secured. $?L0P; uns??
cured. $130.36 172.65
i. U S. spweniment securities owned:
e rniJ?^4*d $147.700 0?
d War (taings certificates
and tlnft staau? 221.2D
Total C. S. fOTWTirarnt se
curities 147,93.2)
5 a Bond*, securities, etc.. other than
r S. including premium on
aamc 3X.?? 52
7 Banking house. 43.706.61
P. Furniture and fixtures 3,43)00
10. a Due fmm national banks 60.3C6.U6
11. Exchanges for clearing house. 15,6? "36
12. rtvrtai and other cash ir^ms. 1,154.46
H Ossh in vault 17.S9 37
14. Due frrsn C. 9. Treasurer. 4.979.23
Total S,122,573.3>
1.*. CVpttal stock paid in BO OOQ.OO
18. Surplus fund 22,500.00
19. a Undivided profits $14.009 01
b current expense*.
interest, and taxes paid. 9.682.35
Demand deposits (deposit* pay
able within 30 days):
23 " dividual depo?ts subject to check 5ffi 0t5 %
21. Certificates of deposit do* in 1?*?
than 3D days (other than for
mooejr borrowed) 11.744 01
2R. Certified checks ? 88.14
* Cashier's checks outstanding 3.023 77
29. Dividends unpaid 62.00
Total demand deposits
Items 3. 34. S. 26.
27. 28, 29 and 30. WSW.m.m
Ttme deposits fpayabie after 30
days, or subject to 30 days or
more notice*.
Jl. Certificates of deposit <other than
for money borrowed) O,'30O.9S
JL Other time deposit* 492.M6.13
Total of time depraits.
Items a. 32. ? mxl
34 . $51* .787 J1
Total ?,U2^TiS
District at Cbhanbra. City of Washington, as:
L JOHN D. HOWARD, Treasurer of the
abtwo named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement Is true to the beat ctf my
knowledge and belie#
J. rx Howaax).
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th
day c4 September, 1919.
tSsal.i H. P HOWARD.
Notary Pnbhc.
Somerset E. Waters, Henry J. Ruppert.
August H. PJugge, Chaa 8. 8hrews,
I. Otter berg, Michael OH anion,
John F. Weyrich, J. W Greer
John A. Schaefer, Henry U. Bergting.
Patrick Shngrue, John Wright,
J. B Thomas, Directors.
Like a Letter from the Folks?Watch for
Your State News in The Herald.
Moultrie.?Marriage of Mr. and
Mrs. Grady Fowler will be annulled
following: agreement by three peo
ple charred/with ? kidnapping: her
before wedding: to leave this State.
Cordele.?J. Gordon Jones an
nounces candidacy for Coofcress in
Third district, now represented by
Charles C. Crisp.
Savaimah.?Transatlantic airship
NC-4 will be brought here on its
coming tour of the country.
Atlanta.?Edgar A_ Thompson, of
White Plains. Greene County, is
mads assistant state superintendent
of banks.
Albany ?Big concrete dam in Flint
river, two miles from here, now being
constructed for Georgia-Alabama
Power Company.
Macon.?Resolution of civil service
commission ordering dissolution ot
police and firemen's unions recalled
when mayor and council decline to
indorse action.
KLnoxville.?University of Tennessee
will have engineering course for train- !
I ing reserve officers of U. S. army tiiifl
i year.
Jackson-? Burlington Way Good
! Roads Association will seek govern
I ment aid to put hard surface on that
Kipley.?County property formerly
assessed at J3.a09.700 is now worth JW.
| 48&.olO. according to state assessment
Humboldt.?Private Hubbard Waiter
i decorated with Croix de Guerre by
I Maj. H. L?. Lenders at his home town
I of Fruitland, near here.
Milan.?Edward Moore. 13. son of
; Mrs. Emma Moore, of L#eacn. Tenn..
dies while being taken home from
Memphis hospital.
Goshen.?Estate of J75.000. left by
| Alfred Lowry. former mayor, left an
I orphan at early age, may go to state.
I Evansvilie.?State Board of Accounts
! aids in investigation of books 01
' ?unty commissioners before granc
ftnelbyville.?Hot water treatment for
seed wheat to make it Immune Irora
smut being studied by government ex
! perts.
Ft. Wayne.?John A. H awl up. to,
[ cripple, struck by automobile and died
ten minutes later.
Richmond.?Grand Jury incjulrlng ln
j to riots during recent strike at Kich
mond Malleable Castings Company
I here.
Laporte.?Mrs. Electa Eoyd. SI. or
Hanna. Ind.. burned to death in her
I home.
E! Dorado?Crow Tarrant, girl 3
years old. arrested by Sheriff Hughes
for rifling lock boxes In local post
Emporia.?Ear! Christie had blanket
wrapped about head to warm his ears
and escaped death in auto accident.
Republic.?M. R. Prosser returns
from overseas where he was in Ger
man camp with twenty-two Amerl
I cans, twenty of whom died,
i Pratt.?Thomas Dyerly. who came to
I Kansas in 1S54 with wagon freight
J train, is dead.
| Belleville.?Army tractor for use in
h.ird#?nint; surface roadwork. reaches]
I this section. i
j Scandia.?Roy McTaggart resigns
editorship of Scandia Journal to raise
poultry at Van Nuys, Cal.
Citizens Savings Bank,
At Washington In the District of Co
lumbia, at the dote of business
>eptemb*r 12, 1#11>.
1. a Ltnsm ud discounts
iacludmg rediscounts SZ7S.22D 3
Total loans GY23D.31
j 1 Overdrafts. unsecured 2J4 39
I 1 D. 8. government securities owned:
a Pledged $23 2*0 ff>
e Unpledged 100.30.00
Total U 8. cawnmeot securities E3 630.00
1 S. 1 Boadi, securities,
etc.. other than T".
8 , including pre
mium on same... ... W8.5E.S#
TtXal bands. securities. etc..
other x.tan U. 6. 129.532.50
7 Banking bouse 27,088.07
j 3. Furniture and fixtures. 2.338 64
| 9. Other real estate owned C6.9S9.67
; 10. a CXie from national hsnks. 46.364.99
1L Bschanges for clearing house SI&.44
112. Checks and other ca^rii items. L&IL06
j 13. Oash in TsuJt 13.966 76
16. Other asset--*: Interest earned but
nut collected, apyronmat^ on
notes and bills rcoei rabie, nut
na?t due ;... 460 ?
Organisation expenses 3.991.74
TVrtal .. ??.. SB368853
j 17. Capital stock paid in? ?34.60132
IS. Surplus Fund
18. a Undivided prof
its SB 906.46
b Leu current
ex perms, inter
est and taxra
paid *S1.3>
S3. CM. 74
] 22. e Due from State and
private banks and
bankers Mt 00
d Due to trust com
panies and as rings
banks 2D.ODO.OO
Demand deposits (deposits payable
within 30 days) :
123. Individual deposits subject to
check 272,9* *
S. Certified diedj 53 50
j 26. Cashier's cherfc* outstanding 11,836.87
Total demand de
posits. Items 23. 21,
25. ?. S. 26. 29
and 30 S2B4 8M 3
! Time deposits (payable after 30
days, or subject to 30 days or
more notioel:
13L Certificates ot deposit (other than
for money borrowed) 13,689.12
3L Other time deposits 86[086.1S
Total of time de
posits, Items 31, 30,
33 and 34 P9.77I.30
37. Bills payable. Including certificates
ot deposit representing money
borrowed 36.000 00
36. liabilities other than those above
stated: Bills payable. deferred
payment on real equate 32,000.00
1>*al J6B3.SS
I District of CMumhia. Qty of Washington, ss:
I, faatNAND PETIT, Treasurer at the above
| named bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is trot to the best at my knowledge
! and belief. l-T-i&NAND PETIT,
| Subscribed and sworn to before me thi? ?th
? day ot September. 1919.
(Seal. > T. ft. MASON,
Notary Public, D. a
j Correct?Attest:
L. E. Brewtinprr, Florence M. Brown.
1 Wm D. West, Herman EL Gaach,
I K. L. Neuhauser, Wm. S. Phillips,
1*. B. Faucstt, M*tj OToole,
Blanchester.?'This city will have un
derground wires and cluster lights,
according to plana of Divisional En
gineer Harwood Dersch. of State
Highway Commission.
Hamilton.?Miss * mvia L-angaon,
union township teacher, was paid Ulm)
a month to travel & miles each nay
and teach schooL
Ripley.?Brown County W. C. T. U.,
with six towns represented met here.
Columbus.?Sixteen peaches. each1
weighing more than half a pound,
grown on tree in yard of Theodore
Ketterer, 2M Deshler Avenue.
Hillsboro.?Commander Harry L
Pence. U. S. N., returns to Washing -
ton after week spent as guest of Ur.
and Mrs. Maurice HoyL
Cincinnati?Street car fares in Cin
cinnati will be increased to seven
cents on October L
Fort Worth?Gen. John J. Pershing
has wired Both well Kane Post of the
American Legion that he expects to
visit this city sometime in October.
Dallas?Local telephone service was .
tried in court here in a suit between 1
H. B- Harris and the Dallas Telephone i
Abilene?Doctors S. M. Alexander I
and Stewart Cooper, former captains
In the Medical Corps of the army. ]
have formed a partnership for the
practice of medicine.
Marshall?Price-fixers of State Food
Administration and local merchants
met and named committee to visit
stores on inspection trip.
Austin?Texas teachers ha.ve turned
to civil service Jobs to gain a living.
900 receiving positions "In the past I
Ranger?An aero route has been es
tablished between Ranger and Desde
mona and aviators are making the
trip several time dally.
Edward Kolb Funeral
To Be Held Tomorrow
Funeral services for Edward Kolt>. I
who died on the eve of his golden
wedding anniversary, after being1
struck by a trolley car at Ninth and
F streets. Thursday afternoon, will;
be held in the chapel of W. R. Speare!
Company, 1308 H street northwest, to-1
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Mr. Kolb was 75 years old and lived j
at 1227 Sixth street northwest witn
his wife and daughter, who survive
him. He had lived in Washington;
since 1857 and had been prominent in 1
Masonic circles, serving a number of
years as superintendent of the Old!
Masonlr Temple.
W. J. Greery Return*.
Sergt. W. J. Greevy. son of W. J. J
C. Greevy. a Herald printer. '.ias j
arrived at Hoboken after twenty-five 1
months overseas with the A. E. F.. j
his father learned last nicht. Young |
Greevy served eight months witVi the
Army of Occupation in Germany. j
The strange hallucination of a
brisk young man. one Richard K.
Yates, caused him to travel with aU
haste from his home in Erie, Pa^
I to this city to have an 'Important
conference" with either President
Wilson or Secretary Tumulty. But
the White House police saw Tates
first and his journey ended In the
I psychopathic ward at Washington
; Ajrylum Hospital, where he was ex
! amined by Dr. Frank Abbott, su
Dr. Abbott said last night that
| "Yates claimed to have discovered a
| great conspiracy among the big
; film corporations to defeat Presi
dent Wilson for re-election. Ac
I cording to his statement, scandal
i ous moving pictures were to be ex
hibited broadcast, making It im
possible for Mr. Wilson to be re
turned to the White House next
year. \
After the man had been subjected
to a mental examination the conclu
sion was reached that he was a
harmless crank, and he was deport
ed to his home city by the police
Main 1940 Main 1940
I Members Consolidated Stock
( Kxckaoge of New York.
Give o* a trial and be con
vinced that we extend np-to
thr-mlnatc aerrtee on all ex
1421 G STREET N. W.
SO llroad Street, New York.
Hngerstown, Frederick. An
napolis. Washington,
j Dlreet Wire to New York.
{ Main 1940. Main 1940.
It is a generally recognized
fact that first mortgages are the
safest investment in the world.
We would like to send you our
new booklet telling of the many
safeguards we have placed around
OUR first mortgage six per cent
notes, which we believe, make
security doubly secure and which
constitute the chief reasons for
our record of fifty years without
loss to an investor.
Swartzell, Rheem
& Hensey Co.
727 15th Street N. W.
of thr
Farmers and Mechanics*
National Bank
At Washington, In the District of Columbia, at the close of business on
September 12, 1919.
1. a Loans and discounts, including rediscounts
(except those shown in b and c) $1,020,787 16
? _ $1,020,787 1*
2. Overdrafts, unsecured, $297.83 297 83
4. b Liability of foreign hanks and bankers for drafts and
bills accepted by this bank to create dollar ex
change and now outstanding 25.000 00
5. U. S. government securities owned:
a Deposited to secure circulation (U. S. bonds,
par value) $250,000
b Pledcred to secure U. S. deposits (par value) 21,000 00
c Pledged to secure postal savings deposits
(par value) 25.000 00
d Pledged as collateral for state or other de
posits or bills payable 469,000 00
f Owned and unpledged 65,901 75
h War savings certificates and thrift stamps
actually owned 638 32
Total U. S. government securities 831.540 07 j
Other bonds, securities, etc.:
a Bonds (other than IT. S. bonds) pledged to se
cure U. S. deposits $213,335 50
e Securities other than IT. S. bonds (not includ
ing stocks), owned and unpledged 563.903 47
Total bonds, securities, etc., other than U. S..... 777.238 97!
7. Stocks other than federal reserve bank stock 7,018 00 (
8. Stock of federal reserve bank (50 per cent of subscription) 16.500 00
9. a Value of banking house, owned and unincum
bered $25,000 00
25.000 00
10. Furniture %nd fixtures 6,500 00'
11. Real estate owned other than banking house 2,965 37 j
12. Lawful reserve with federal reserve bank 114,996 48
,14. Cash in vault and net amounts due from national banks.. 127,982 39 j
15. Net amounts due from banks, bankers and trust com
panies (other than included in items 12, 13 or 14).. 16,522 87 i
j 16. Exchanges for clearing house 12,080 56
117. Checks on other banks in the same city or town as report
ing bank (other than item 16) 1,294 40!
Total of items 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 $157,880 22
1 18. Checks on banks located outside of city or town of report
ing bank and other cash items 306 14!
19. Redemption fund with U. S. treasurer and due from U. S.
treasurer 12.500 00 1
| 20. Interest earned, but not collected?approximate?on notes
and bills receivable not past due 6,667 12
[ 21. Other assets, if any 13,596 45
Total $3,018,783 811
22. Capital stock paid-in $252,000 00
23. Surplus fund 298,000 U0
24. a Undivided profits $88.815 96
b Less current expenses, interest and taxes paid 7,066 63
81,749 33
Interest and discount collected or credited in advance of
maturity and not earned?(approximate) 2,357 41
26. Amount reserved for taxes accrued 1,437 50
27. Amount reserved for all interest accrued 3,151 11
28. Circulating notes outstanding ! 234.400 00
10. Net amounts due to national banks 12.925 92
32. Certified checks outstanding 871 07
33. Cashier's checks on own bank outstanding 2.597 60
Total of items 30. 31. 32 and 33 $16,394 59
Demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject to re- .
serve (deposits payable within 30 days):
*4. Individual deposits subject to check 831.596 70 1
38. Dividends unpaid 10,136 00 j
Total of demand deposits (other than
bank deposits) subject to reserve.
items 34. 35. 36, 37. 38 and 39 $841.732 70
Time deposits subject to reserve (payable after 30 days.
or subject to 30 days' or more notice, and postal
savings) :
42. Postal savings deposits 818 56
43. Other time deposits 721,338 59 ;
Total of time deposits subject to reserve.
Items 40, 41, 42 and 43 $722,157 15
44. United States deposits (other than postal savings):
a War loan deposit account $90,386 45
c Other United States deposits, including de
posits of U. S. disbursing officers 1,000 00
45 b U. S. government securities borrowed for
which collateral security was furnished $20,000 00
91.386 45
20.000 00
49 Bills payable with federal reserve bank 428,000 00!
52 a "Acceptances" executed by this bank for cus
tomers $25.000 00
25.000 oo;
54. Liabilities other than those above stated 1,017 57 |
Total $3,018,783 81 j
Washington. D. C., ss.:
I HARRY L. SELBY, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly
awea'r that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. HARRY L. SELBY. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20th day of September. 1919.
(Seal.) EDITH M. EVANS, Notary Public.
J. E. DYER. /H. V. HAYNE8.
, Directors.
Only Two Left!
Shrewd Investors and Home-seekers
Are "Cashing In" At
Beautiful Manor Park
We knew, when we first started advertising these beautiful homes at Manor Park,
that they would not he on the market very long. W e knew that foresighted investors
would sn^p them up in a "jiffy." But. frankly, they have sold at a rate that even we. as
sanguine as we were, did not anticipate!
There are only two of them left at $7,500, and if you have carefullv considered the ad
vantages of owning a home in this new and attractive suburb, we'd advise quick action!
Buying there is not a speculation?it's an assured investment, lust far enough away
to be away from crowded city streets, yet not so far as to be isolated ? that's why our
slogan is
Suburban Surroundings?City Conveniences
These beautiful moderate-priced homes are just thirty minutes' car ride from Fif
teenth Street and New York Avenue on the Fourteenth Street car line marked Takoma
Park. Modern in every detail; Flectric Lights. Ga> and all the conveniences of the
city, combined with the fresh air and beauty of the suburbs.
Macadamized Streets, Concrete Sidewalks, Churches, Schools and Stores within a
few blocks. A safe, healthy place for children and room enough for a garden and chickens.
Beautiful six-room homes, ready for immediate possession; oak floes and trim, electric lights and everything up-to-the
minute, at a price so low that on present cost of material they could not be duplicated.
Location is on high ground?Rittenhouse Street, near corner of Third northwest. Come early to make your selection?only
two left. Chas. E. Wire, Inc., E. E. Pabst, Agent, on premises, or CoL 8037.
TWO LEFT AT $7,500
Call or Phone at Once
Chas. E. Wire, Inc., Builders
1413 H St. N. W. ' Phone Main 3285 Selling Agents

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