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Today and tomorrow?Fair.
Highest teitirperariiTe yesterday, 77; low
eat. 55.
The Net Circulation of This Newspaper Yesterday Was 40,903
?alt the rime?telegraph, cable aad rocal
nrw??it found in The Wattiingtoti Herald
?brightly and briefly told?tao*t ofMo-tW
minute newt pictures every day.
NO. 4715
in omo city
Detective Cornwell Going
After Suspect With a
Warrant Charging the
Murder of Wood, the
Soda Fountain Clerk.
H. .A. Starr, the Former
Policeman, Held Only on
Ejnbezzlement Charge.
Young Ford Freed After
.Giving Important Facts.
Muclt o? the mystery surround
iiiji t ht* mu nut-1 ot KniincU \\.
Wood, former soda fountain clerk
in the Liggett drus store, in the
basement of the Westory Build
ing, F and Fourteenth street, may
Ik* dispelled today, when Head
? liarte rs Detective Cornwall will
arrive in Columbus, Ohio, to briny
to Washington, Joseph Sylvia, for
whom a warrant, eharffinp him
with murder, has been sworn ont
and is in Cornwall's possession
News o? Sylvia's surrender .<??
the police authorities at Columbus.
where he learned he was being
hunted for murder, was received
at police headquarters here yes
terday afternoon According to
thr telegram sent b> the Columbus
authorities, the latest prisoner m
the murder mystery will not ficht
? 7
?Omwell left for Columba? late yes
. !*-ni*y ._ftcrTK?ori, and. if no unfor?*
.-?*? ? delay occurs, should return with
Syjvta tomorrow.
Sylvia's irirl companion, who i.t patri
l? have ???p with him in '"olmnbu?*.
"'.I'aNy will be brr>uirht here, local
? ithoritirs believinsr that she may
hive mach vahiaMe information. The
?*rr!*s name *s withheld by rh#* po!iee.
'though it hae IVen stated that her
"a petit ? live near ' trt-atrr < 'apitol
MHsht?. .Vd.
fTenry Arthur Starr. who wae
IsjasssjM back from r"tnejnnati by
??"nrnwel] Tuesday, ??? held on charses
of embezzlement of 1KS2 from the t-Iff
C?Ct dm**; store. 01 SVvrath street.
i nd jnmpin_: bond, while awatttnl?
rrand J-try trial for the m**rrder of
T.**roy McT_rod. in July.
Two others who were held as wit
i Ksse s? A lonzo Kiel ?-her and "William
FTe*-ry _?*onl f-mp!~?i of the I-iirirr-tt
l?nee- ha?*- hem released, their m
Lssssssssjsj e*t*^!hvh?V. XII hopes of
nrttvtms the mystery f^n t er now on
Sytv-a. w*lio Is ??-rpected r<> masre im
portant ftate*Tafnt?.
Tf at ia proved. hftv,PT?r. that Styt
??"?B. had rtothins; to do with the mur
dar. the perl?e matt start off oo a
new track, with ;hc ?"nd .,f the mys
tery far a ?ray.
fllww t? T_?s?t j.
A th#*ory torme ioni1?? riun? to ,s
rhat Wood ww kiTTed by men con
-t*ict-n^ an Illicit tr_ffi> in dr-.cs.
?*_0t_k_ this theory receive more n'.b
aCa*nt-atitr*ru the arrest of a mmh'-r
of TK-w SO^peeta w probable.
Ferd .esterday ma*V ? .**taf**TTT**-nt
st polii r- h<-adqT_Arter!? to the effect
fhat Wood had t? ven him mfoim_v
n??s a_i to tbe pri?es pa id for ?ar
?*o*t>rs h\ -Tor addicts. Wood** <h?.
tht* sewra) dajrs before the nirjrnVr.
1^.*? woman arrest?*, with Starr m
***stva?-_.?stsj who ?tf *.ier name a*
???t?p? Jam*-.-, ha.? made prepara
iKefis to r->*t*arn to her home tn Jack
-rwiritl*?. ?*?*_. fol low ine h*?r rr lease
my the '_?t????*?? luthoritiev.
nt-rw-ntnl eff.Terts of Starr to find
s )?trO'l>'?mn have so far failed. Af
ter desertor?: his wife and bahy.
?* ?. m.. th* *n with I*. he aaa ?
?tasatari ??> i-iarr to endeavor to
procure tiiDjpiir-tr*. freedom for him.
G??* thousand dollars la the k>w
*_. flr-r* ***< N? h*? t^fctease.
woman held wrra
held with Sylvia in
rS?t?ana**l hi THoveuce Hart. Inspector
Orat_ stated last mitht. She live?
?tsar Capitol Height*. Xd. .Sylvia U
???rii?1 ?nd has a wife in ?<t?
d_ Cxmn.. r.ie official said.
Tre? "drug ring" theory is being
deeply considered by the police as
a potatatele solution to the crime. Tt
Is thought Wood may have been
"TJnsophistJcated youths may easily
rail inta error by thai means." said
Oraa- *T?ln_i_- nothlnr or evil,
rosy may become the dupes of drij;
victims, ?nd eveiilualy put them
stlws in s serious prediounent '
exactly what statu* Sylvia has in
Vefard to the _arrder will be de
lerralned only when Detective Corn
well has questioned him. However.
evidence in the hands of the local
polite is of a nature which may
prove disastro?? to Cm Latest sus
Palmer Pleads for Hasty Action of
Food Laws to Permit Broader
Attorney General Palmer said yes
terday that the campaign so far
made against thr high cost of Uvtiur
hsd st lesst resulted in keeping food
prices from going up. and that som?
material reductions had been ef
The Attorney GenersI said that
the campai en had not touched wear
ing rfpparcl, the price of which is
still going up lie declared that
this could not be accomplished until
the io.>ii control act is amended to
make it extend to wearing apparel.
The Attorney General has been
advised by Herbert Hoover that be
Is very much interested tn the cam
paign Mr. Hoover expressed confi
dence that the campaign would
prove of usa?, and suggested that
measures be taken ander the new
law, when enacted, to regulate sales
within the trade and to stop specu
"We have hsd assurance of co
operation from fhe beads of virtual
ly all of the wholesale and retail
associations of the country." said
Attorney General Palmer yesterday.
Merger With Potomac Elec
tric and Six Cent Fare
Favored by Ham.
Merging of th? Potomac Btoetrti
Power Company and th? Washing
ton Fiailway A Electric Company.
c^tabliab_tnent of a z-cmo system of
fare." and the prtvilegre of a ?straight
t?-cent fare with free transfers were
th? three means of relief suKRosted
yesterday afternoon by President
'William ?. Ham of the Washington
Railway & Eleetric Company at the
conclusion of testimony in the hear
ing: on the Washington Railway *&
Elettri?? Company*.*? application to
the Public UtflttsW*. Cnmmi?"ton for
increased revenue??.
Explaining- the ?omhining of the
Tight and railway companies pr?-..??!
d?-nt if am said it was ht:? idea to
mmbin?? th? earning* i-f both com
panies to be tjsed to ???*?GG"* a **live"
railway company
Measured service developed by
property identifier, fare zones, has
lone fcw*??? push?d by Mr Ham as a
solntion to th*" financial tansrl?* in
which his company has become in
volved, it was appar?nt that the
commission, heretofore opposed to
| the proposition, war yesterday open
: to conviction.
President Flam told the commission
ers that a straight *>-cent fare, or four
fare tickets for a quarter, would
permit free transfers.
President George E. Ham?ton. ot
the Capital Traction Company and At
torney K. O- Dunlop, counsel for that
company, raised strenuous objection
when askf-d by Commissioner Kit?, to
testify Mr Hamilton expressed sur
prise that his company shook! be
bi-oaght into ? hearing asked for by
another ?ompany and in which he
**was not interested."? The commission
informed him that it is considering
three changes in the present railway
situation, any one of which would af
fect the revenues of the Capital Trac
tion Company and that therefore wit
nesses for the company had been call
ed for. Mr. Hamilton asked that bis
company be _:iven sufficient time to
present testimony.
Earlier in th*> Hay .lohn Poole, presi
dent of the KV-deral National Bank,
and Eugene R. Thompson, of Crane.
Parris & Co.. testified that an 8 per
cent return was not too much in view
of the low value of public utilities
$238,160 PROPERTY
Thr husmear property ?it 71G*-',"21
rVmrfeenfh street northwest has. been
sold to Joseph FVrrers. of Washing
ton, fnr CAI?) The deed placed on
record is signed by Thomas W. Hay.
James I>. Archer und Charles J.
Murphy ils substitute truste-en ander
the los* will of Columbus Alexander.
The property has a frontage of 5T.3
feet on Foorteenri street and a depth
oi m> f. -t.
It is understood the new owner will
hold the property as an Investment.
List of Wilson Presents
Asked m House Bill
The public will be let in on tbe
secret of the ?rifts said to have been
lavished upon President -Wilson by
foreign potentates during 1iis stsy
in Europe, if the House ? passes a
resolution introduced by Represen
tative- Ramsyer ? Republican) Of
Iowa yesteiday.
Tbe resolution calls upon the
State Department to give the House
"a list of all presents, of any kind
whatever. that were tendered
through the State Department for
the President of the United States
from any king, prince or foreign
ntate since the first day of Decem
ber. 1?1S."
The measure was referred to the
Foreign Affairs Committee, where
Mr. Ramsyr r will press for a bear
lo?- at an early ?
Announces He'll Fool Sena
tors Who Would Snub
His Amendment.
Edge Submits Substitution
In Attempt to Patch Up
Party Split.
The real asan?? f#r the ?tetay
Is orlarla? ns the Johsmi
smemlmenl. It was learned last
?Iaht fraas a sos-rer elaae ta the
hit frr-r-ndrr*.. wsa f that L*_?e
Isella ten vates. The sustend
uifni Is hestea? hefare tt ?eta
he for?- -??* ?"estate. It wan a>
The ?put aassg the Repub
liras? 1? frowing wider. Pen?
rr??..? ?Isted ta tske leadership
of the Republic.? p ??-< aa*S?*st
the trest?, ?? ssTesslve tm the
protrresslvr crssp, aad after
eoi lapse Sf the opposition to the
treaty may coste any haar.
Reed, the Deawcrat. |s ?aid to
he feeling The aliffht of hath fsc
rtaa? la the Rests hi leas psrty.
Indefinite postponement of a vote
<>n Senator Johnson's amendment to
?qualirr America** vote in the
league of nations with that of the
British ??ropire yPrmc,l imminent
! yesterday after numerous conf^r
; enees among Senator?.
Tt ia possi bl?* that definite action
? ?n the amendment ma> he put off
until Senator Johnson ha.1? had a
chance to* go to the Pacific Coast
and explain to his own people why
he is against the treaty. Be will
?maJ-% th? trip if it i* possible for
htm to get away.
Senator Johnson was a*eail?-d on
- ill .?rides yesterday with pleas for a
1 postponement. ??? was urged by
.Monitor.?? on bia own ride as well aa
? by ?several Democrats to make no
inchiediate move toward bvvnging
op th amendment and demanding
a ?wtf on it. Most of th?? appeal-^
came from Republican Senators
who would vote for the amendment
if foreed to. bnt who would like to
iget not o*" voting ?>? th? amfiidrrtfnt
? if they -Oul?!
mil Demasd ? ote.
Th?- D?mocratie appeals were.
from Senators who at heart would
like to support the amendment, but
who prefer to wait until President
Wilson gets baek and gives them
; some substantial reason to holster
up their votine against it.
Senator Johnson conferred during
the day with Senators Lodpre, Knox,
Erandegee, G?? rah. Reed, Penroae.
McNary and others. He declined to
inak* any statement whatever as to
what transpired at these confer
ences. Neither would auj. of the
Senators who conferred With lum.
But Senator Johnson did announce
with striking emphasis that if any
Senators thought the treaty fight
was going to pass without a vote on
his amendment those Senators will
be badly fooled. Every member o?
; the Senate, whether Republican or
Democrat, is going to be told just
what a vote against the amendment
means and is going to be called
, upon to say by his vote whether he
b-lieves the United States should
lake only one vote in the league of
nations while the British I.mplre
has six.
The situation now with respect to
: the amendment II exceed mg I > pre
carious. There are not enough
| votes at this time to put it through.
Several of those wnom it was
thought might support the amend
ment declared today they 'would
.vote against if. These | ne I ode As
; hurst, of Arizona. Hoke Smith, of
m ?eorgia. Trammel. ..? Klorida. and
| Shields, of Tennessee. It is be
I lieved that Walsh, of Massachu
j setts. Heed, of Missouri. Gore of
Oklahoma, and Thomas, of Colo
rado, will support It.
Re pa h li ess? It-odctn* I*.?*?-.
But the greatest opposition which
Senator Johnson hts to contend
with 1? among Senators of his own
party, who for valions reasons are,
to apeak plainly, afraid of the
amendment. Some of these Sena
tors p.re trying to meet the ques
tion Involved In the amendment by
a reservation, despite the fact thai
Senator Lodge, Senator Pall and
others have decisively ?stated tha ?
the question is one which can be
met only by an amendment. Other
.Sonatore on the Republican side are
hoping that by delaying action on
the amendment a new situation
may arise which will enable them
to either vote against it or evade
a vote altogether.
Senator Walter Edge of New jer
sey is one of those who are lean
? ing to the hope that the question
I involved in the Johnson amendment
i may be settled by a reservation so
I that it would not necessitate re
submission of the treaty to other
powers. He prepared a reservation
which he submitted to other Sen
Senator Johnson will never con
sent to the substitution of this or
any other form of reservation for
his amendment.
Valuable Goods Stole?.
Vincent Campanelli, sot Twetfth
street northwest. rcpoited four
pairs of shoes, a clock and $5 In
money, stolen from his shoe shop.
The total value i* ??>
Not a Single Reservation, He Tells ?
4.000 Enthusiasts at Meet
ing Here.
_ G
"G am in favor of the leafue ?**
nations?in favor of it without one
single' amendment and without a
reservation." raid William Jenntnr?
Rryan last evening a bud the cheer*
Of more than 4,000 at an overflow
meeting arranged by th? Non-Partl
j san L*eague of Nations committee of
! the District in the Mount Vcrnon
Iff. E. Church. Ninth and Massachu
setts avenue. Secretary Baker also
..?poke on the covenant and urged the
; adoption of the treaty in Up present
j form.
: ? Several hours before the doors
opened hundreds congregated oat
aide the church and the gathering
jrew in such proportion that it was
necessary to hold an overflow meet*?
ing- in the auditorium of the church
as well h~ an open air meeting: on
the church premises. Mr. Bryan
I spoke at all thrive meeting?..
Mr. --"Bryan was loudly cheered as
he expressed himself in favor of a
I league of nations. He said it was a
j subject far remote from partisan
politics and that the Democrats ana
Republicans should lay aside all
j partisanship and adopt the covenant
immediately. He dw?lt on the non
I partisanship of the Senate and
House on th? prohibition amend
ment, the suffrage amendment and
income tax law and their adoption.
"Do we. want p?acr ..r war? To
have peace we must adopt th"
treaty of the l.-agne of nation?. If
we b?h?vp in Christianity wr should
prevent war, and those who believe
in the leajrne of nations know that
the covenant in its present form
wiTl prevent war.* said Mr Bryan
Mr. Bryan said the league of na
tion.*? would abolish secret treaties,
the most troublesome thins amoni;
nations, previous to the war Just
ended. He said it protected th?
Monroe doctrine and that the most
I outstanding feature of the covenant
? was the provision that the united
States could withdraw if it wished
from the leacu? after a period of
j two year?.
"We have two years' time to test the
; treaty, and I urge that we give it that
CoNTlNUKD ON ???? I**"??.
i i
Their Only Recourse, Is A.
F. of L. Head's First
Public Comment.
Samuel Gompers. president of the
' American F?d?ration of I?abor, late
yesterday in his first public utterance
since the start of the steel strike made
I it clear that bis sympathies are en
j tirely with the striking steel men.
***Jv7aen employers refuse to meet
workers and refuse to arbitrate, tbe
men have no recourse but to strike."*
i Comperi declared.
(?ompers was appearing before the
; Senate Interstate Commerce Commit
? tee in opposition to the Cummins rail
. road bill
Government conciliation i<.... rds
; may grow out of the steel strike
h? aringa to begin before the 8enu*e
Labor Committee today, it was suh
g*-sted by Senator Kenyon. of Iowa
Although opposed to compulsory
arbitration a.- a general remedy for
. ndusti ? ? I ill*1. Kenyon said voluu
'. tar y concilini i on board.?* to investi?*
| gat" <l (Terences between labor and
rapita?! ? *??' lay the facts before t?ie
pubi ?? miffbl be the out com?
Nokesvilie. Va., Bank
Robbed of $10,000
Nok*-v HI'-. Va.. September it?A
robber blew open the safe of the
Nokesvilie Bank last night and .?tole
JlO.fO) in Liberty bonds and War Sav
ings stamps. He made an unsuccess
ful attempi lo ;?et into the money
? vv idcspread search has been In
stituted by Washington police and
! authorities of n?arby cities for a
j daring band of bank robbers who
J broke into the Nokesvilie bank.
?Nokesvilie, Va.. early yesterday
Packers Get Low Fregiht
Rates, Is Fordney Charge
! Pressai rate discriminations in fa
? vor of the big packers was, charsed
Imjuinst th? Railroad Administration
by Representative Fordney. ftepub?
ii-iiri. Michigan, (-hail-man of the Ways
'and Means Committee, in a speech
: In the House yesterday
: lie produced fleures to show t/.iiit
I imported goods are transported by
the railroads over longer 'listane? -
| al lower rates than are charged for
domestic produc?s hauled over short -
i r routes The one exception, he
'said. Is in favor of the packers
Sflrer Plate Stele?.
A large quantity of silver plate,
totaling in value 1556. was reported
stolen yesterday b? Mr?. William
H. Hughes, living at the Kenesaw
?parimente. Sixteenth ?nd Irving
>sU4MU northwest. ?
t -U
Here is a Pittsburg steel worker's family which finds happiness in the strike. The family
lace curtains are put outdoors to dry without fear of a smoke pall making them dingy and the
eldest son is getting acquainted with dad, who has spent so little time at home before that he was
almost a stranger in the house.
Charged With Threatening
To Put Woman's Bureau
"Out of Business."
Th?* stsr witness today hefore the
House sub-committee considering
? he proposed salary increases for
member?? of the Washington poliee
department will be Edward B. Mc
TVstv B> !s expected to reply to the
stlepation made yesterday by Mrs,
Mina C. Van Winekle. tn charge of
the women's bureau of the police de
partment, that MeLean had threat
ened to **pnt out of bosiness" the
organisation of poltre women over
srfth-fc ?she preside? #
Samuel Oewnpers. president sf the
American Fed?- ration of T*abor. ap- ;
p-ared hefor*? thr Senate sub-com
mfttee ?n "-vpposrtion to the Myers
resolTTtlon forbidding Washington ?
policemen from becoming members
of a labor nnion. When President
Gompers roneloded his statement ?
Senator Sherman annonnced that the
hearing was concluded and the sub
committee would make a report to
the District eovnmltree In a fes- day*.
* l leCe ?? a ? sf sed Prspsrssds.
Both hearings on the House and
Senate sides of f,ie Capitol were well
seasoned with verbal sp*ee. Out- :
standing features were snappy cross
fires between Senator Sherman and |
President Gompers. and the state- ,
ment of Commissioner Brownlow and
Mrs. Van Winckle before the House
Mibeommittee that there was an 01
> tran 17. ed propaganda against th? ad
ministration of the police department
? ?>??!?*??> ON PA?.G Tv?'it
? The reported activities of Amerkan
I Marine- und warships in connection
| with Gabriel d'Annunzio's coup nt
Plume may he investigated b> 'he
? House
1 Cha inns n Port?*, of the Fore i 271
Affair* Committee, ?nnounced la^t
n.ght that he*'.tad called a meeting
of hi.< committee today to consider
: the resolution introduced by Repr?
sent?t ive llusted. Republican, of New
?York, (ailing for a policy of "hands
off" on the part of this government
In making th^ announcement. Mr
. Porter intimuted that if the info-.
I mation developed at the '..earinf, is
j sufficient to warrant it, his commit?
! tee may recommend an investiga
J. E. Ray Appointed to
Maryland Taxation Board
Baltimore, Sept. 24.?Governor
Harrington this afternoon appoint
ed J. Enos Kay. of Prince Georges
i'ounty. to be a member of the State
Tax Commission, to succeed the late
Arthur P. Gorman, jr.. and at the
same lime designated William W,
Heck, of Kent County, at present a
member of the commission, to be
chairman. This la a promotion for
Mr. Reek and provides an addition
of f 1.000 a year In salary, the chair
man teteiving $6.000.
.Mi. Raj, who is a former speaker
of the house of delegates of Mary
land, will ferve till next June, at
which time Mr. Gorman's six-year
term would have expired.
Police Union Meeting Tonight.
? special meeting of the Washing
ton policemen's union will be held
tonight at Musiciens" Hall. 1008 ?
street northwesl. It is expected that
some action will he tnken on the
demand of I he Commissioners that
the union withdraw from affiliation
with the American Federation ot
Deserted for
'His Vamp,* She
Asr\s Divorce\
Bi?tBXDsx her domestic unhappmes^
on a woman whom, she declared? her
husband styled as "lus vamp." Mrs.
Ida U Kearney yesterday filed sntt
for aheohate di ?puree In tbe District
Supreme CVnirt against Robert H.
Mrs. Kearney charges in her suit
that since WM her husband has K?ft
his bosineas and deserted her for sev
eral months at a time after being
persuaded to do so by "his vsmp "
Sb#? gives dates and addressc?- in ?
four diff?rent cities where, she Heims.
her husband reveled vrfth "his vamp "
Cnetody of her four children, two
girls and two boys, is asked by M\*
Kearney. 8he sets forth that she was
in.irried m Alexandria. Va.. Aprii Et, .
- _L_
"Rosh Hashana" Special Services
Will Close at Sonsei '
Services ? ? r *? lebratton of ' 'Reali
Hnshnna.** the Jewish ?? Year,
?ill Iv held .ornent m all local or
thodox and reformed Hebrew congre
Thf New rear peri??! \** gan last
night with sp.<cial .-er. i?*es ta the
Washington Hebrew Congregation at
the Eighth Street Temple, at the
Aduf.i Israel Synagogue. Sixth und
I streets northwest, an?! elsewhere.
Th?? ? crom?me* will ? los?- tomorrow
at sunset. toltowinK tradition
The campaign to obtain *.?>> Oui? for1
;i Hebrew hospital and horn?- for in- ',
t-urables, to be located in Washing- !
(on, was launched last night in the
local congregations
Dr. Abram 81 non preached last
ni^ht at the Kicbih Street T*>mpl?
?? "God's G???????? Love.*'
The main auditorium o- the .
Kighth Street Temple was us?d ladt
night for the tirst tim<- m three '
month.- Thv tempi? has been reno- ?
\ a ted and improved ? xt?_n.-i\ c-l> .
Memorial servici s at .he ilebr.w
Cemetery, Congress II? iphts, will be
held Sunday morning at 1-vso
o'clock. Members ? ? thr Washintr
lon Hebrew Congr? -'?ration will fol- !
low their custom of ma kl aft an an-!
nual pilgrimage to the cemetery 10
honor thoee who have died durine;
the year.
1,300,000 Packets Still
Held By British Censors
The State Department y?*?teroay |
announced that th? ??ritish war ol
Ilcchas issued a statement showing:
that during lb?' war the British
postal censorship? examined ????,- I
000,000 postal packets and that ap- {
proximately 1.300.00? were detain* d.
Of the number retained less than
?iOO.OOO registered and unregistered
packets are to be released, while a
:argt? part will be destroyed or e lie
put in tbe prize court.
Such of this correspondent-.- as <
originated in. or was destined for ,
the I'nited Kingdom will bf d^
stmyed. except where i* contain?
articles or do?umenis of value
1 which can now be transmitted with
Inquiry as to a missinp letter, ?
that is desired to be made by per- |
sons other than those resident in;
I he I'nited Kingdom. should he ,
made through diplomati* channel*, ?
Billion In Bonds Retired.
Nearly ?J.fX-O.OOO.OOO-.L.f I.ibcrty burn?*
have been retired and paid off by ;
the government v*ith loans returned)
by the allied governments aid Metala ?
taxes which were paid in bon-l>
themselves. The total of all issues
ef bonde na to
Hierarchy to Discuss Icfea
Of Groups Working On
Own Farms.
Formulation of plans and *_j
poinum nt of commit teje? to carrv
out ih? Cfctholn. birdiop*- pro?_-ra*m
rv ^-ardiri- *-?.pitaJ and ihor cond? -
tknas os?cupied the tnaj??. part of
th* hr>t ? s.-tnn of th? ? orni a ve of
the Roman Cat holte hteraj-hry m
tit? t'nited fWatn which l>? g_.n ; ? s
lerday at Catholic University.
Cardinal M**rd*-T attended t*V*
r_a*?ttaf a ? noen and delivered ar.
aaslrtas. National er^antxatuin o*
tisV Catholic Chnreh vu .itar tassa <L
l*ast nicht th- tjtmf* ree s ? ?'???"! *.
sssavSr-hssT in Mr.Mahon Hall of m?v
tior. pi? turc ? nf Ute worti ?' <*a*n ?
Isrs -tarssg t h# var
Th* complete piai form :?"? he dts
rnssed durinir ihf i-vmatooe*- ?f the
sedi follow.*? :
'eiytahhshmer: _* d?charged snidi-tri
?ni sai*o*"b a.- ??inu.i of farrrna. m
croups- or oolo-rtt*.- aeasstxSd hj toan*
fron- tfte nwenim."it
rVrpetostrOtfi nf Uu ? rated st__S_
1 -employment Htsrvkje and the VI ar La
hor lioard
?? uni nation of women from *P work
that is harmful to health or mofnts.
OlrVTIXt r_|? ON I'A-.K IW-i
That the beef packer? man?- two
and one-half times as much dur-rtr
th?- war as previous. and that
Pr. sident Wilson r? qt?e*1ed the
withholding of th" Trade Cotm-mis
ston's report d u r- ? c the war lee
cause it mit-ht injure the food-sav
ing plan of th?? Pood Commission,
were statement? made te a report
?I hmitted to th? Senate yesterday
by the Fed? ral Trad? CassaadUssMsa.
Th? rep.irt mad?1 public confid n
11.* ! eorre.-jpnnden? ? .?howinp the
commission told th? Pr. sident the
packers profit** were "unreasonably
hi,-ii." and that n.e footf adminis
tration rer?lalTo_s : houid be
? hanc d to "safcrruard p-itdic in
t? rest." Herbert Hoove: ???? ?-d
puhlicit y m a letter to th? Preat
The ?mill iatsssti would have re
duced tbe pail ? n' profits te S per
cent and t.nn>d aJ! nwcoai pi on; >
inio the Federal Tremavir>.
Sixty -tU ? ??...men repr? j-mt m_ local
club.?- of indusitisl workers orj?sniJ?ed
lindi r th? Voline Worn? ?s Christian
.\sooiation will m?! in Wash i net ? p
Oi'tnlser _?>. 31, and _" 01 the tirst
?such nation.*, coni? reni -.? ailed by the
V. W C. A
These fiixty-nve ilrtcgstaa have been
clmsen by popular ballot in the V. W.
C. A. industrial clubs and councils
throughout the ? ountry in co-operation
with a car?full> appoint?*! national
committee The> will repret-ent tne
.TO.ojvi women who are memt?? is of the
Y. W. C. A. industrial movement
They have been chosen equally from
organised and unorganized i;.t?or and
so thai as many industri*?? as possible
will he tei-r.-sented a?? tIm- conferei!? *?.
Trades Conferences
Delayed One Week
Th-- International Trade C?fef
enee, wi k*b Tas to have been h? Id
at Atlanti?? CHjf th? Wv*-rfc of Sep
tember 2$. has been postponed until
October ??. Homer Ferguson, head
of the Chamber off Commerce of the
I'nitcd Mates, announced yes te rday.
The portponenfnt was due to in
ability of many ot ? he de lega tea
from other countries to reach here
in f__w for the opeam*
Steri Fight Simmers Down
To Marathon of hn?ur
ance?More Than Ha?
Mills Running and Men
Declared Returning.
Walkout Will End Minate
Gary Grants Conference,
Says Fitzpatnck?Labor
Leaders in Gmference.
Pittsburg .Vpt. J4_Des-ptte ?H
cenfliettng ? la ro* of union iVaitves
and aieel ?-ompanw? -.fa?-i*.s bata
?ddes err beeqtnrnr ? ngaiisajit <af ina
fact that Che rnk* is ? pi na. Iilin a
d* ad*k ck Witory bow bids fa-t m
r?jrt with Lhe ai*V frort emm ?wf^?
the strain the Ion#eatL The w*tmtnf^r
of \Jmt msm who ?xtrtt s*y**sn rTawry at
--'main out and tis?->?*-#? --t?* lia-Ued ?a
heed the stria.? caTt ? un 'k??*?? M
stick to thetr jobs
\>oteiv-e ? d-v-reasrnr m rn-i? ??
trtet, and the stai. <-o-ns-tJL-w?v?ta/ra
d* natie* and regular polie?? ?-?-??? ts
b?r?? th?? sftuation w*>n ? hand ia
thr ectryine- dlatr-eta
Th*? oat*ianjJ.TLr f>atnr*?? ?af the
??**ination t*>day- are:
Th** r"nft-*d States ffrt---i -~ ?? tu m ?.
tioTi atilT b^Ws the k?*v po?r>Tnoiai ta
I'Mtsbargr and the Monon^rabe-im V?i?
lew thrtTfigf* its subsidiar-: tv <!???*-?
n'g ;-.?-? Company rJth'?a?Ce_ ths
mifons hsTT? rsP-M otit -?r^ajr* m
t? e?*.? p-ro?i*T?-tV.B m ?is" ? ti-?? di-s
**n.nl. G With* ..f ?**, r'?iwsfw
?tare* TtwT-.-ifr ia' rvjrmri? ?????-?-?. ai*e?>4
by r?t_finf-e' .?t---?t??7G*-*?? ??Hnim-ti???? #*,
?r-vri ???* sap1??-! <?->*-a?w? *-? tajajp hue
1" ?M m *r**? *Trfwt?? ?-?t?-? r***'^tt*o?? ?
?r -?>n-**
to??? t r^t_j^wrrirjV- o^r^-n -l
ttw ?--?t?onsT c^nar^rtt????- -a-*?^ - ?
"Tike r. ''? mi m mirra?.? .ind s hall
tsfler ???**' -ier.? age?-?*.. ?? -?*- -
''?G.'-. with thr p???..G .
i*! r-oJlis-?lt-? i?l-s?rrt Cje -?. r ? -?
f?-tu*?^tr c -rhir?? str-.t-' i^BtvXf'
san th*HJ raer? are trarttm?
The Ka*4.blene*m s*?- o
? ve^ antfl ; o*H?jriw
?^?-Tionii u- aanfwsr with the aite??.
r.attvt arf a ?^tr.fc,' Sunday morron-t
Che me Ui ? of th*. ra?ttjooai aoerv
. tras th*. principaJ featur-? o4
th< day ? Ubor progrs.ni. ? handrvd
it lion [?vider- and organi-aera. in ?
.?^?exct s*-a8ion r_tat lasted twet-sa
bo .?? diacuBBt?d vuaou? piasse? ?f
la* sixUi- The ?riT rtatVnr tn the ?t_ar?
negi? plant-a, the ha.*h aw of the
industx> here, and in tbe Maeton?
gar?*.??. Valley, ?aune in t - ?rpec.-il
?*>;'? ii.*m and
iiia?_he to rea<_t
laajot? t> penianai eanraa? ae?Ve?
t_w end of the veak
Siepe ??u*? Wstui L?ahk?-c ui ? ipetflTS
tM--.-onaJ.jott?? wiLb iiidepeotien'. ou*-*
crus fur re*_ogTU_>oi. of list u.ii-'jt- a .?
arrant? iiaeriis w-ar? iiiatle t*?' pre?.? a
r^c?veiur.g of any of the pU_nt-- nom
cJo^nd. LsetpaJ ?? ? tc curb un
due actrrity and bruTsUity of the p..
lice ?uxj State troope-ri- aJsr? w**r? di ?
The (-3-ming of Frank r* w'ai???, ?3
? xpecrt?-^ tr. bring to a bead ihr Qua??
' ion of 'he l*acaJ 11_> of the act on. ?-*.
the ptoltos m diisperving pohlir m*?!
irt.- and arreeting mesi on mere .-u???
picioti w alsh will b*> aakc-d iot hie
rtiSTwr-p? *vs ?a?-.?: ran
kolchak Is elf ve ??? ha.- as-ajrr?' |
^br a#taaiai agaiaaa th- Roisht>r?i<c
?G?????t?G t-i advu-s?*? vt-stersaav- *e
th*- Ptat? rw^partiTH-nt
Ot he r re p?"*rt> to off mal ivonro'-e
, -?how that a pit'-b^d baiti?? i> imn -
n^-nt ahon? 10" mil**?* v??v-t ???( ?^rnisK,
thr capital of Siberia, and it '- K?
iieved t)i? result of ihu will make
plain the futur?? of Siberia 1' noi '?f
all Rus#ia> Kolehak is er.?d;i? d
with .?r-.O.OO?'? men a,nd the B?.|j*h? . ?
army facinK bini numb. /.- ?.??,?????.
Kor th*1 last thr?????? month* -iipph-s
hav?? b?r*en rushed to Kulchak fro!?a
Krane*-. England, th- G? ted Stat-e
and Italy vie th? (Tlaek ??'? rou??*.
Denikine's army is about ?V*<*t
G". trnit. s? r' 5??Industrial aal?*
ri ? or.is *\-rrc v^?Tt<?G.<1 whfn H.nrw
?Sor? and his s?.n ICdrel F*ora.
boue"' ?.""1 fliar'? of stork In the
?,.?? Auloniobil?* CompsBjw for ?*>?
rifimnialHi t?? *??.???, BSwiaa ara
? ?<????'????? tu liavr orl^naUy aast
!>1*tnr Jani*?^ ?.????'??? "t??t aswnit
t?.??*? R> ihis pin I'lin ? ?? *??>??? ?nd
jhts *nn brpfims sol? omnsrs atf tas?
?eus. atasca. ___. m

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