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800 Employes of Capital
Traction Company Be
gin Negotiations.
Bight hundred employes of th* Capi
tal Traction Company have baa.ua ne
sotiatlons for an Increase lrj traces.
J. H. Cookman. repr?aaansfj I??al
_? ???. Amalgamated Association of
Street and Klectiic Railway Employas.
inferred yesterday with J. H. Hanna?
general manager of the traction com- ;
pany. and presented a letter from the
employes setting forth the high coat !
of living as s reason for the Increase
as?Bad for.
No demands are being made by the ,
men They has* an agreement with :
th? company as to wages and working
conditions which expires next March 1.
When this agreement was entered into
last March, it is pointed oat in the
letter. It was thought the cost of liv
ing had reached the high point.
"?? this we have been disappointed."
reads the letter. "Since that time.
Instead of prices fslling. they have
continued to increase. Not only has
the cost of food and clothing continu
ed to go higher, but the prices of
ran- and fuel have gone far beyond
?-vine's expects?oa in their increase;
and bacanas of this condition we Und
it i m no?ih 11 to continue to Uve on the
pr?int rate of wage."
The letter, requesting the company
to receive a committee of employes to
talk over the wage increase. Is signed
by Cleveland Riley. M. C Sherbert,
E. H. Armstrong. H. A. Hanley. H. U.
Trammel!. Maurice W. Poole and J. H.
Navy Yard NeWs
R. Sharp of the holler shop has
returned from his trip to Kansas
Geor-re "Wallace of the torpedo
tube shop reports a very successful
day at Havre de Grace.
John ?. King of the radio shop
has joined th** benedicts.
Harry 1- nt< ? of the tool shop has
houn-ht a farm and home near Land-'
over. Md
After an extended vacation spent
at Ocean Vie??. Va.. Roy G>. Hare of
the *ie*,si engineering department
ha; returned to the office and G*-?
n'imr?' his work with the Commu?'
nity Opera Company of Washington.
rv c.
Tom Sehastan and Jakey Saks of
the torpedo tube shop are off on a;
all <aj fishing trip to Rock Point.
Samuel shreve. master mechanic
of th* coppersmith shop. left
Wednesday for Norfolk. Va., on gov
ernment business.
Charles Pur*-ell of the construc
tion and repair shop rendered a?*?-;
eral beautiful .-?olos on his new seti
of bells at a house party given for
the benefit of his friends.
?. Rauth of the miscellaneous
shop, a bright light in the social
stctlvltlaa of Cherry Pale. Va.. is1
draw tu g plans fnr a new bungalow.
F. S. Kandriek of the hoiler shop
will totrr northern Virginia for the
rest of the week
Wholesale Selling
Prices of Beef in
Week ending May 17th.
1919. to week ending Sep
tember 20th. 1919:
Prices realized on Swift &c
Company sales of carcass beef
for ptaiu?? shown below, as pub
lished in the newspapers, on
shipments sold out, averaged as
Week toding Pnce per CWT.
Way ITva *X_*3
"or ??_, ?si.?
May Slat *_71
*??* Tt? *_!?
Jaar 1*1? ???__
Jaae 2J*t SleUM
June ?th ?HUSO
?-?r ?a sis.??
?air 1*? si*_M
Inly ltrlh tir..??
?inly Soto staut?
?a*-es? ?Seti ?17.44
Au?*?? ava Sion
Aasraat l?tk ?ls.4*
Aaaawt r?vtl gtaJM
?namst XtMft HT.XD
?ettraierr ?1? SITO?
aWeSnaaaT- -Hk ?ISA?
a*????e* ItMa ?TAI
?Tfcrwuirh clerical error the*
prit. nncinaJly appeared ?*
J17 7_
Swift & Company
Tapltal and Surplus ? IZ.000.000
YY/HY tuve the seenritv
W of Small Valuable.
aid Important Papers con
tinually on jour mind, when
a trifling som will rent a SAFE
DEPOSIT BOX in our vaults
for an entire year?
Oar safe ?aalatacsnt In asede rn
???' ?aapllte la etere er.?? it.
?sei tarer* atre all *ere*.?e? faetll
ite* f?r p* Issare? e*aveale?re.
National Savings &
Trust Company
C*?. ISA aad N. T. Ave,
Peni. Caia.
ins eiclusrrelj st las
*ea?*l ?( D?sela?
IZ1S l?*w Y*r_ Atee.
? ?it th? _i*at*sj Sett-the
r?i1j aretr>-dU4 dannnc asad
-rev sauta of Maw Tork. teach
?"all th* ntodern dance?. "Vi
rai, lata net, any hear. _r. Ton
retto not ate? appotntmenL
(-at. Prank SsM. On** t
Under tbe direction or Ma]. Ed
ward J. Sberbourne, U. 8. ?.. the
Coniala College Cadets last even
ing were exercised In the first les
soB or tbelr 19l9-:o military course
Maj. Sherbourne, It was announced.
has been appointed by the War De
partment to conduct Gonzaga'? rn?
tir. military ocurse.
Oonzaga's new school year was
opened with a solemn mass or the
Holy Ghost, which waa celebrai-1
by the Rev. Paul K. Coaniff, S. J .
president or the college. The Rev
John H. Mulligan. S. J.. was deacon
or the mass, and the Rev. Fathc
Lloyd, was subdeacon. The sermi.n
to the classes was delivered by th?
Rev. John C. Geale. S. J? rector of
Hcly Trinity Church. In addition t"
the college classes, the students of
Notre Dame Academy and of St
Aloysius' Revs' School assisted at
the ma.*.
? roirn.NiEr? prom raot one
at the hands of certain persons who
oppose the police because of t'.iclr
active prosecution of vice.
Mrs. Van Winckle made It plain
that her police rank is that of "de
tective sergeant'' It also was made
plain by Oommlst-ioner Brownlow
that there, is nothing in the law of
190? requiring a sex qualification to
be appointed to the Washington po
lice roree. It was inferred, there
fore, that should the entire force
be composed of women, it would still
be within the law.
Mrs. Van Winckle. on the advice
of Commissioner Brownlow. stated
that Edward B. McLean had threat
ened In her presence to close the
Women's Bureau because Me disap
proved of it.' and it had Interfered
with a particular case In which he
was Interested. Samuel Small there
upon requested that McLean be heard
in response to Mrs. Van Wlnckle's
allegation.-. It was srranged that he
shall appear before the committee
at 1?:*). o'clock r.iis morning.
Will Xante Thirty P.llce-women
Commissioner Brownlow announced
that he would not ask the Appropria
tions Committee lor money to con
tinue during the next tiscal year the
women's bureau, as it will be his
policy to enlarge the bureau by ap
pointing thirty policewomen.
Chairman Gould brought out that an
active propaganda had been conducted
with the view ot maintaining the '
women's bureau and in defense of
M aj. Pullman. It was conducted
mostly through women's suffrage u?- '?
sociations in the States. Commis
sioner Brownlow admitted that Mrs.
Van Winckle had traveled consider- '
ably to interest other cities in the
work of women's bureaus. She learn
ed of the attacks on the police depart
ment while in other cities.
Mrs. Van Winckle said she had ad
vised McLean to "go to It" when he
threatened to put the woman's bureau
out of business. She acknowledged
having sent letters, approved by MaJ.
Pullman, "to let the women of the
country know the work we are do
Oaacers Treatee aa Vassal?.
The enure session of the Senate
s-.i.committee considering the Myers
resolution was occupied In the exam
ination of President Gompers. ??|
started out by declaring that the
policemen in various cities have ;
been treated as ? assai? rather than
as human beings, and dismissal faced
them whenever they sougnt Justice.
Because of tilts condition sixty-nv*
unions of policemen have since last
June applied to the American Federa
tion of Labor for chaltera
Mr. Gomper? regarued the Myers
resolution as an attempt to place a
stigma upon the A. F. of L He,
said labor problems can be solved
without Congress enacting another
prohipitoty law. He declared "Thou
ehalt not" seems to be the order of
the day. and charged Congress with
having enacted too many unjust
prohibitory laws. He emphasised
that there is no power in the A. F.
of L to order a strike of policemen.
The action of the policemen in form
ing union? was voluntary. Thirty
three charters have already been
granted to policemen's unions. The
present membership of the A. F. of
L. is nearly 4.000.000. but with {he
proposed affiliation of the railroad
brotherhoods it ?nu total about ?.
"Policemen of Washington are to
be thrown into the street because
they 'have dared to organize and af
filiate with the ?. l?'. of U" Mr.
Gompera declared bitterly, "an or
ganisation that was 100 per cent de
voted and loyal to the public during
the war."
?annoi J*la Frateraltie*.
President Gompers asserted that the
policemen of Boston ore only permit
ted to be members of three organiza
tions?the G. A. R.. Spanish War Vet
erans and American Legion. They can
not become members of the Masonic
fraternity. Knights of Columbus. Odd
Fellows or other fraternal bodies.
As to the particpation of the A. F.
ot La io politics, Mr. Gompers asserted
Its right to carry its activities into
"any lawful arena." He admitted he
had signed telegrams; and so on, to
influen?a votes, in certain districts, in
the event that Congres* opposes th?
organization of Washington policemen,
Mr. Gompers admitted, the records of
Um Congressmen opposing such organ
ization will be sent out without com
He asserted that there would be no
danger ot a policemen's ?tri It e in
Washington because of their affilia
tion with th* A. F. of L.
proportion of women in industry re
duced to the smallest practical num
ber, ?quai pay with man for equal
amounts and equalities of work.
No reduction In the general level of
?ages attained during the war.
Cities to take up the housing
Co-operaUve stores to reduce th?
cost of Hung by eliminating all mid
dlemen's profits.
Th? minimum wage.
State insurance against illness, in
validity, unemployment and old age.
supported by a levy on industry.
The right of labor to participate in
industrial management.
Vocational training in all qualifier!
private schools, aa weil as In public
schools, but always In such form ?a
not to deprive any children of at least
the elements of a cultural education.
Taxing child labor out of existence.
Prevention of monopolistic control of
commodities and adequata government
regulation of public service monopol
. Heavy taxation of Incomes, excess
profits and inheritances.
Bandits Rob Michigan
Bank of $20,000 Cash
Grand Rapida, Mich.. Sept. 34.?
Posses in automobile? are searching
for bandits who early today blew
tbe safe of tbe Bank of Mulltken.
at Mulliken. Mich., aad escaped In
motor cars with I?0.O0O in cash and
liberty bonds.
Boston, Sept 14.?Taking no chances with th: type of gamesters who started crap game* on
Boston Common as Soon as the police struck, thr militia ordered all "hands up" whenever they
approached to break up ojie of the groups. The drastic thoroughness of the soldiers soon brought
order in Boston.
op.nion and advice on these points
Incipient violence accompanied by
numerous arrests continued all day,
but no ?eriou? outbreaks were report
ed In this or the outlyin? ?Vetriata.
Conditions in the Alleghany. Monon
gahela and Mahonln? valley? remsin
ed about t\*e same as yesterday.
Net Half Mills Closed.
Optimistic reporte from the Carnegie ,
Steel Company. Ameritan Sheet and
Tin Hlate Company. American Steel
and Wire Company and National Tube
Company regarding conditions at their
various plants were met by counter
claims of the union men claiming new
ga.ns- H?cre and there a new furnace
or maehjie shop was reopened, and
here and there more men joined the
strikera, but these changes did not
affect the general situation materially.
The best that can be said Is that both
??Ides seem to be holding their own.
The strikers have not closed half 'he
m.II.-?, but by crippling essential parts
of many of those remaining open and
drawing an immense number of men
from the industry, the output has been
reduced at least ?VO per cent in the
opinion of expert.?. Th.? tie-up ot Ihe
plants In the Chicago. Cleveland and
Buffalo districts has contr.buted\ to
prevent the recovery of the plants
It is admitted that unless the Car
negie plants in the Manongahela Val
ley, with Pittsburg and Homestead as
the main stronghold, yield, the unions
cannot win by the walkout and shut
down system, and the Carnegie Com
pany ton.ght claimed that the situation
had improved greatly during the day.
i'ary. Ind.. .Sept. SL?Agents of the j
Department of Justice began a close
watch today on the steel striker* to '
prevent radical agitators from using i
the strike as a means of advancing
Bolshevism. C.overnment ?Rents aie ?
scattered 'throughout the city and'*n?,
eryone suspected of radicalism has
been put under a dose surveillance.
Thai irie government intends to deal
severely with all advocate? of liol-,
shevism was made clear by the in
structions issued to its agents The
Iicpartment of Jui<lce men are under
orders to treat all agitator? in the
?ame manner ay under the Kspionage
;.? ' iinrin j the war
Evidence of L.ie government's policy
alies y has been fumisbsjd by the ar
rest of a man who gave tue name of
Mike telovltch. He was taken into
custody, charged with urging a revo
lution through which the worker?
would win control of the mills and or
the government. He was held issder
?lfj.fino bonds.
Strike Equivalent of
Civil War, Says Thomas
The steel strike was called upon;
the flimsiest excuse in the world.
Senator Thoma*. of Colorado, de
clared to the Senate yesterday. In a
?perch on hi* reaolution volcine
disapproval 'if the strike.
He declared that the strike is al
most the equivalent of civil war.
that it is a strike for power and
that no real grievances are in
"The principal objec? of esiline:
the strike at this time Is to so dis
turb and bedevil the industrial con
ditions of the United State* as to
fore? the hand of the .President at
the coming conference and compel?
him to yield tp the extreme de
mands of those who seem to have
the upper hand tn the situation at
present." Thomas declared.
Fire DuMfei Shed.
Fire of mysterious origin in a
shed at the rear of the Potomac
Electric Power Company plant.
Bennlng?, P. C. did damage esti
mated at $75 last nicjht.
Reconstruction of the roads in
France will coat nearly ?WO.000.000"
it is estimated.
Scratching is dangerous.
???a stop it with -i
Every time you ?cratch that itching
rash you make It worse. The intense
desire to scratch such skin disorders
as eczema, humor, nettle rash and like
skin ailments, may be instantly re?
lieveti when Resinol Ointment is ap
plied to tbe affected pans.
Tt is aeJvwasJ? in most ra?? t? riiereagri
. Ir riami ta* I?fl?r??* bk wsb Kbb?boI
Sob* aad ?rane water "fine accelerata,
?m h ?? Ha? action ef Um ??trneai. and
cc?eeeaeatiT quick? ?ad bet?n- rayait?.,
Per ml* 99 eJt eVner?tl. Fer fret trial write
Ve-?W Be?imeri. Md.
1 here will be I r. eel lev? Frldar
night at S o'clock In Keller Memo
rial Lutheran Church, Ninth and
Maryland avenue northeast, at
which time Dr. Augustus Pohlman.
of Philadelphia, will deliver an ad
dress to men.
The Trowel (lab, e.snpssr* ?f
Master Masons in the Interior De
partment, will hold Its September
meeting Saturday evening at 8
o'clock in the Old Masonic Temple.
u n.?Inste, lira?. Modera Wood
men of America, will hold its regu
lar semi-monthly informal dance
Friday evening in old Masonic
A merlin? ?f the Bear? ?f Edu
cation will be held nt 3:15 p. m. to
ilay ?t the Franklin School.
Thr Wa.hln.rt?* ?ale? of the
French Club will meet tonight at
the headquarters in the McLean
Building. 131? II street northwest.
A band concert tvlll be- given by
the Third United States Cavalry
Band at Fort Myer, Va., from 4 to
5 o'clock this afternoon.
The Home dab will h.ld ? re-ce-p
tion and dance, at 1?2? H street
northwest, tonight at 8:30 o'clock.
A daaee will he held uneler thr
auspices of the Knights of Colum
bus. 80? E street northwest, tonight
at 8 o'clock.
A? open-air ?tance will be held
at the Thomson School. Twelfth and
L streets northwest, toni.-rht at 8:?5
There will be ? .Inner nt ?he Tria
it y Psrith. ?Third and C streets
northwest, tonight at 8 o'clock.
?eversi huilai bout> tvlll W
given at the Walter Reed Hospital
tonight, under the auspices of the
Knights of Columbus.
A raralval and daare will be hrld
on the Boulevard. Hyattsville. Md
' The Catholic Women . ? Art?1er
l'lub will meet this evening at 8
? ?'clock at the National Catholic
Community House. 801 E street
tnul snd if there are any changes
necessary two years hence we should
change it then," ?aid Mr. Bryan. He
further paid. "There are no provision*?
conccrninK the naming of a delegate
to a neat in the league of nations
meeting, whether or not the delegate
will be named by the President, Con
gress or by the people. A referendum
of the Amer.can people srill place un
limited power In the hands of the
people. The peace treaty fs a com
promise, and each nation has conceded
something. Who w^ll give us a guar
antee if we wait and wait? I would
not he responsible for one day's delay
as I look upon the hoy?* here tonight
with wounds from the ravage* of war
and think of the sorrow of thousands
of mothers. I am will ine to take
>nances with the treaty rather than
to turn ba?"k to the chaos of another
Secretary Baker spoke of America's
part in the great war and .said that
if the league of nattons had been in
existence a few years ego there would
have been no war. He said the adop
tion of the league would diminish the
armaments of all of tbe nations and
stoi> the ?pending of much money for
sTjcn use.
? Lack of ears ? ??? .??.. ??><?
Jenni? Levy, sa* ?-tr -st*** . ?
northwest, was ?Tit ?< h ? ?? at"
Jury yesterday at u >???*??
fatal accident al s. e '
streets nortavw'j? ? '.'
e hen Mr*. Isrvy w- ? < ??;?
automobile, operatrd .?..nal
Whsrlon. or Please' ? .Va
The driver nf ihe r_ .? released
Woman Attend? Reunion
Of Confederate Veterans
? Mrs. Stuart atoaby ? ulsfnan. of
Washington, a daughter or Col atjus
by, famou? Confederate soldier, at
; tended the annual reunion of .Mus
by'* Men at Krederlcasburg, Tuesdsy.
? Between forty and fifty veteran*, all
\ that remain of the famous cavalry
command, attended the reunion. A
? cablegram was received from Mr*.
William Waldorf Attor, in Kurland.
* donating llfjo to the Mosby memorial
German Officers Would
Enter American Forces
Berlin, Sept. 24.?Germso officers
sre wsrned thst attempt? to Join
the American army will be fruitless.
1 in an. order issued today by Defense
'Minister Nocke. The order points
| out that many Germans have asked
( the Americsn army of occupation
, for permission to Join ft? ranks, but
declares that America has sufficient
! officers and does not desire any from
' foreign countries.
Mobile.?Sale of Georgia. Florida
and Alabama Railway property or?
, dered by Judge Shepherd.
Toronto.?Dr. John W. Mowr.ll.
chairman Washington State afedi
? cal Aid Board, warns employers
' against two forms of ?hell-ahock?
those former soldier* who claim
injuries destroyed their usefulness
' and those who ?et up symptoms to
: impress observer?.
Mobile.?Chin Chang. Chinese
} merchant, says hi? countrymen In
? America will use every effort to de
! feat Shantung clause in treaty.
Toronto.?Write issued for pro
?lilbttion election in Ontario, October
I * ?'
Knoxville, Tenn.?Pearl hunters
. flock to shoal* of Tennessee. Bola
I ton and Clinch river?, where mus
i sels are plentiful.
Victoria, B. C.?Prince of Wales
| will spend five days at golf and
| sightseeing.
Os we go. N. T.?Crew ?nd coal
I steamer Traffic believed ?unk in
; Tuesday morning** *torm.
Cleveland.'?Mis* Florence Allen
resign* from Aaaoclsted National
Democratic Committee because ad
ministration back* compulsory mil
I ?tary service.
Ashevllle. N. C.?Virginia houses
? will be shipped 6S0.000 pound? of
I tieef from stock f?rm? in Haywood
? County. N. C.
Atlantic City.?New Jersey Liquor
I Dealers' Protective League opens
convention "to perpetuate the liquor
Cleveland. ? 6tate leader* of
miners say national strike will be
can?? November 1 unless operators
*lg*n ?atl?f?ctory wage agreement.
Special Notice to Employes of J:he
Washington Steel & Ordnance Co.
now, while the iron is hot, and let
us put you in a charming bunga
low on a beautiful site within 20
minutes of your work. A $200
* cash payment and $25 a month
does the trick.
/ Real Estate
MAIN 7122
714 Colorado Building
?_ a. s. D?***-?.
nt Krnt ?tritt.
Alexandria. Va., a*pt ?-? ????
bar of tram* buildings vslucd at ba
t-asu t26,ooo snd SM.O0O war* dastrayad
by- Are st Quantico yestrsday. Th?
atartnes at Quantico brougki but thsir
flr? apparatus snd ssv*d adjoining
Th? flr? originated In a building oc
cupiad by Petar PandaaMas. proprietor
of a cafe. An overheated stove caused
th* blase. Th? burned building* war?
owned by Judge C. E. Nicol, of this
city. Thomas H. Lloa. of Quantico,
and Matthew Blsson. of atsnasaas.
The building owned by Judge Nicol
?as Insured for ll.oon
Through the efforts of Represent
ative R. Walton Moore and other Vir
ginia members the House or Repre
sentatives yesterday appropriated
tiai.OOO for the completion of quarter?
for officers at Camp Humphrey*. This,
therefore, mean* that Camp Humph
rey? will be continued as a permanent
Deed? of transfer for the fol lowing
pieces of property today were placed
on record In th. office of the dark of
the Corporation <\>urt: Howard W.
Smith to E. Kthelbert rvownham. Jod,
lots C. 7. 8. 5 and 10 In block 13, ?eetJon
1. Oaorge Washington Park: Cbe?t*r
I A. Owtnn to B. B. Vaughan and wife,
lot* 31 and ? In block 1 Oeorge Wash
ington Pnrk. Gardner U Boothe, trus
tee, to Charles ? Stoler. house snd
lot at li; Rosemont avenue: Bari' w.
Kaum to John aXinseaal ?nd wife, house
and lot on the east aid* of Payne be
tween Car-meron and Quean streets;
Ti ???-_ I? Carter aod J. Brooke <'ar
to John W. 8lsk. house and lot at
M Prtace street.
?''?ttrews of this city tonight cele
brated ?he Jewish New Tear with
?er?lee* in the synagogue. The aarv
"C*a were conducted by M Vounger
ntan. ? student at the Hebrew Union
I'o'leg.?. Cincinnati Services ?vili be
held there at li> o'clock tomorrow
store* of the Hebrews of this city
closed at ? o clock this evening and
will remain closed until ? o'clock to
morrow evening. Those of the ortho
dox Hebrew? will be closed for two
The commissioner? of election
will meet at 10 o'clock tomorrow
mornin*. In the office of N. S. Green
; away, clerk of the courts, and can
! vass the vote cast hi Tuesday s
epecial .lection.
Capt. Fountain Seattle, this city.
. has been elected commander of
Moby's men at the annual conven -
; lion of that organization held ??
Fredericksburg. Va.
Negro Gunman Taken
After Four-Year Hunt
After eludine the police for four
years, during which time he tourc.1
the entire country. G us Dorsey. col
ored, is locket! up at the Seventh
precinct station on a chs?"ge of as
sault with a dangerous weapon.
On the night of April 3?. 1?1". police
say. Dorsey shot Floyd Fltxhugh. s
negro, st Twenty - eighth snd c
streets northwest. On the same nigh ?
Dorsey left the city.
Dorsey was arrested at 2349 Twelfth
Mreet northwest, where he hsd re
cently returned to live.
Kitxhugh. who recovered, recognized
, the prisoner.
Uvwpoel. Sept SL?&Qt*m ap-Md _? -?**
d<*___. tuda* with prfoaa mjm*i >_ *?.
_ri*o*_nted tn 6 ?? balea. Ile_iitta trt? : J"?
bau?, an Amartefan.
IVuire? orv-ted qniai and bu?**1 t M*v*_*
Amartoan raHdlinc fair. __tv ?->. m ? ?,
?Iff: fr.li rel'Wtlinc 9 30: matM?**-.. ??>: - ?t
aavMt?aaaVatl 17 ? i fDod ??_0_?, 1*?.-*? ? Utt?gJ,
15 ?G.
lv:tjir-at dia?d b_rh ?Airad y
Opro. Hi?rh ? -.
Sestmutomr .... ?01 ?13 .PO'
octohw ._. ??.? an .?.?s
Kot ?tar . n% -pot .-.?. rtfi
rtvjor^mtar . 1?* -? 1- I9J. - ?
Janoarr-. I?-* A9 ?*-? 1*
MaiTh ...._.__. If.? 20? 19? 15?
Mar _... ?JK 1?*? Iff**- 1??
New Trat. Sept a.-Banse of New Ve,-.*
trm priest:
j Month. Opan. Ifirh Ur?. Cne. eha*
Se??ernber ._._. U
ne?.*.- . _.a> list .-its siati 3i ?
'November ....-r. . J1J7 hid UM
p**ta?? . sin ": ?? J144 li ?*?? :.? :<
iaJissry . 31.?? 31M S-S 11 ?BaTO li?t
iNMsaxf . a.neid m.*i
| Marna . G. ? 32 OC SITO 3! SS bed 31S>
??s?? . .'!?? rerl 3?f*
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?ptt msrket ?t. taaaw Stiel? tacher
Osts .aa atroag ?afir, bu:
and flnlat.M Se te V .'?? -
and avons e_tatssana bou?e.
'?r!.. La*er aststd. interest d?r_t?sd a? aaa_l1
ur<vorU4ii. Chah eatts ?at ateadr io le hare
rV-ieuton* n?ed baebw .-. ersi* of toj?i
in artln Ttus ?s? due to auisaart ?r ?atr?
? >b, erte? of lard I, - pars-ine Inliinsi ?sd ttewi
novenne ht other product?
' .rajL? and ?*?t???? f Massi hat* uvate.
OOBK- tve*
M..C-?. OBS?. B_h Ist*. de*? ?bree
e>Wa?her U? 1 * ?1 LK? LB
Dastsaber Lav? isti? 1 at? '..?TV, : r.
Mar. lsV, l.rt. i?t ?. i?-,
?JS .??? .US
nt? t?? .tt?.
s?- *u
_?, ??
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?? ?? ??*
?ltf ?w
:-.? Sf? .... 1
?'BaytjT Tablet* of Aspirin" to *-**?
perniine mu?t be marked w?t_ ? ?
Mvfety "Bayer CiOe?** A}way? bu*
an unbroken Barer packap-*- which
contfuns proper dlrec?oT..- to fc_feJ:
? el ir ve Headache. Tootl__rbe_ Bar
bcbe. Neuralgia. ?Old?, and pain
Handy tin box?.- of 12 tableta ?-at bui.
a few cent* at drup rtorei??larcr
packape.- t\l.-o Aapenn ?* tbe tra-.?
mark of Rayer Manufacture of alon*
Hoelicacide.-tfr of SaJicyl.cacid
Twenty-Five Years of
Good, Honest Dentistry
My Record, and for Den
tistry That Lasts
By Dr. Wyeth aad Staff of Expert,
Careful. Skillet. Dentist?.
In fir large, handsome office? yeu will find
? verythitsja ? hat will add to the comfort of our
patient?* is pr<\ided. Every Instrument as*?**?
he thniotaVhly sierillied before using THK * 1G ? 1, the mon
?IMTllll. :md best ?'??G????? ofTlr,F In thi- psrl ef the country
Four entire floors of two entire buildings r vrn over to operai ^ e
and mechanical dentistry. Everything in the practice .,f mt?drrii
dealistr} >'U ??-? 11 find here.
Terms of Piyroeat to Sait?Examinations Free.
riilicf?, 50c
to $1 up.
My 1'crfect
Sactiou Teeth
V III Net Mlp
or Dl op
$5.00 "? f0?"?? ??*????
other ?eta ef amal"5T or
Te-th.fW.eo ?a. | porcelsi,.
Cp>U CteWII*
ura ttnd{"
53.00?44 1*5
Owe? F.vrrr ?tvealas; Catti ? ?Tier? aed ?? ?end?j a I? ?.J?. ?? 4 I ML
Lady and maids in attendance. VII work fully guaranteed for G? years
KJaely keep ?he
aad 1er?tie? ef ley eftlce
DR. WYETH, Ine, 427-429 7th St N. W.
Opaaelte Laaabargh ?ft Us-*.. ??? ever Graad tal?? Tea Ce. Laras??
? and Most Taoroushly K^nlpped Parler- In M asbiasrt??. Phaar M.JM70
$5oo sgeoo $7.00 $goo $9.00 ? $1050
You can save money by wearing W. L. Douglas shoe*, the best
known shoe? in the world. Sold by 106 W. L. Dou gla? own store?,
and over 9000 shoe dealers. W.L.Douglas name and the retail
price stamped on the bottom guarantees (he best shoes in style
comfort and service that can be produced for the price.
The ?tamped price U W. I_ G-nig?r- personal guarantee
that the shoe? tare always worth the price paid for them.
The price? are th? same eses y ?here they coat no more
in San Francisco than they do in New York
W.L-Douglaa shoes are sold through ?Mir own ?tore? direct
to the wearer at one profit. All middlemen 'sand rnaruif ac
turing profits are eliminated. By this iittsthod of market -
irtg our shoes. W. I_ Dotagla? gives the wearer ?
lowest possible cotL
L. Douglas S7.00 and $?.?? shoes are abttohitnly th?
best shotWalues for the money in this country. They are
the leaders every when a. W. L. Douglas $900andS 1 ???
?hoes are made throughout of the finest leather the mar
ket affords, with a style endorsed by the leader, of
America's fashion centers; they ??smbirt? qtjjllt^^rtyU
and comfort equal to other makes selling at higher prietas.
W. L. Douglas ?hoe? are made by th? high?* paid, ?killed
shoemakers, under the direction ?and >>t_pea-?TW>n QJ,?~p*?
rienced men. all working with an honetrt determlnabon
to make the beat ?hoc? for the prie? that money ?jan twiy.
CAUTIOW-Insist tjpon ha-tag W. L, DttaftMaUss
with his nani? and prie* stamped on th? bottotn.
Bast la ?V* WejrU
If W. L. Dettla? ah*t* e.?*.t he tattlac? I?
r.tr eicialtr. ?r*er direct free fec'i
Pareti Past ehanrt. ?re?.!? ~rtt
r ?~ . ., UtAoi ?atator thtiVli?"?.? ta?ratr at a?, ?f *_tY*_T -V"__
W.L.DOUGLAS STORE: 905 Pennsylvania Aveu. N.W. Washington

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