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Financial News?Stock Market Prices
Favorable Strike New* and
Better Exchange Rates
Are Reasons.
New Tork. Sept- IS.?Of the ??t
as-aJ thins? that <-ontrlbute_ to th?
be>tt?r stock merket today, the one
that rntereete? Wall Street most
was tb? apparent weakening In the
Tanks of steel strikers. More men
returned to work and there waa
snore evident? of _l?pl?*aeure on th?
part of the ?eneral public reaardinn
th? atrlk?. The attitude of the rall
road ?en ?raa cheerlna to Wall
The other favorable factor was a
?enera] str?n?thenln_r of e-chantre
rat?-?, due laraely to a report from
Waahlarton ?ist the United States
aovernment was readjustms the
loans snade to the allies. The ad
vance In sterline was particularly
cheeriaa- 1? tBl* connection. Silver
metal went to another high price at
ILI?-? ?? ounce.
Meter stocks, susars ?nd steels
vrere particularly strong, the to
baccos beln?? neglected. Crude steel
Bade a new hl?h record after an
advance of more than fifteen points.
General Motors did even better In
establishing Its new high prie?.
South Porto Rlcan Suffer "???*?<?_"?
twenty points on a few sales while
Cuba ?Cane was of the very best and
forced a new high price sw> j-M*
ts.ii. for recent week? *-mr??**
Can. Bal-lwtn. Bnanieltns. Cttberi
American Surer. ?nt?n?t',_n,i?_AL
mer. dnst Northern Ore and U?"^
Fruit were other stocks to attract
BBrtlcutor attention.
WhDe mitad ?ate. ?eel was a
sensational lee-ssr jt the market
Bethlehem wa. watelied roost close
ly by th?? traders.
?.- - ?_?_??_. SBSSBBa a"v?___ .-.V
-_*?. ?*? _???1.S ??1?-?.
?a Keane? es?-?? Stt: ******?
i? Ve. ??-e?_??-J,^_^"_Jc?,r
. _ . . ? SJ. ratete. -?=*?*??? <*^?
? m Hs-rl aasama sr% -e.'??
m -S * elT-3??. SU; Maram. ekee...
SS- m?*?.
HTW ? .? ".Or. ??* MARKET.
?.__, se tao se_U?
? Bar f?B* I?-?? tasAr
? eeaJ etra ?a.? pw ?ral.
%?S .??-?* a?-? M?
?Ule? ?set ?*? tn
wot ? hank ??-_--?? est? u?
... -
It*. -?*, ftp * ??? ?e? a d*e-<-*d Im
____,, _ - -mm? tamer ia cotton t_nd?.<?
?t-Mf _??-"*?? ? ??<- pf-sni-eeet?! ??i-wutt!?.
ajmn '-? #?*??*? ??iial-f?*. ?*?
??w-, rf 1?H? ?. _, A ."? Ut* ????*. a__m_-t?
?>?? -* _**?> G-.1-? M?psserr\m ??.???e ?t Isi**n?t*.
? "?.s -frn MtvtCf-- Wal, ine*t firm* ???
? 1-nr*?? T*? mvt*si$rnl up-war?.
rbs? ?*?_?*? b? ???*? ir-Uu
^?Vra MBte?. ??* re
a :? ? .1 *. -*??-"*?? et l_tren->ol
??|?- rwv, ? ? f re???' *? b? ??*?*
??vtw-iaa Si - ? -?? ?SV .' 1 *? ? ?TH - -?W.J- TV
??-rtt? wm e?? : -se e???*??*' ' ?*"?
?-???r ...-?.. ..???-???- ta*?
w }*.' de
e_-_t**-i ?. r- gM '? aa?1 tv. aoms
+r-nyi a p?* ?t-?? ** . ;-^m l
Mpr-t !-??-?-?>- ? t? ?.?-??? at _ ?#? ? I Mi
?t*???? it J.?. . ? i? wer?? PO mata.
S,??* il "Mi ?BNMSMe wa? (Ir? wrtb ??, ihn*
? reap b-S-tn. -t ? U. tba aelea were ??.?3
IVjd't ? ??** ?-tf-nm to??ed ??.?3 balee
MBItibT 11 ?M Ni)?? ?Vprw^twf
r s-a-Uikstaia. Sect * Prediw price? om tb?
**G--* rjr?SB-r1 a? f,,|K--a>?
? ITTER- Sot?- pa--?*xi ereeraen. fae?-T. bixb
sztaTit.t goods. iQanBr the latts-r for y>bbuu
?rw>- ?i_ra, Ab: ?atra Anta. (Bnae: flrat?. S&a
?r: ??l IflaO* eweet .ireiaefT. t-hoire ti
fcetf-y. ?kettr: f.ir to pwwl. J-MtBe: ladl4s-pa?-tatl?
e? t? r-vae-de HUA., twrtti-f eftoct?. taaHe; fmcr
???> (af r-Brtw t-rtnt-t. iolMr-f at E-MAe; guod
fe ejte-sjrr. CtfTc; Ir ir. Ua?lr.
l-.^sH-Vr'aittT aiata, ?-IO par crate; t>earh*.
??net T-vvrtot? that wrjssM fra*?? aixoedb-g to
Mir. ?_? per omt?: fair t?. lood fiaartv a***.
Vei!^? prr ?fl-aa?? 3>Kenda. l_taMl4.lt par
mm* Wret?TM *-r*-. -ut*, il? prr crate; -beta,
_???__1? ? prr rrmxr ?renda. IiaOa.lt W prr
m****, leferlir lesta ?rr, fancy, rartrfnlly select
ari -e*> j- Wmt at Oag-j par d_-a_-__.
UVK POCIsTST - r.rk ?a to qtte-it-r. -Ba
?r. -_m?_W aa k> icu-iitj __ka_Me. rotates*. _0a
Mr. de-ska. tc_nr_f. -Ac*t. 2__r. do. Pefcin, old,
?__*-. rjo, Indian flimaer. nid, 3B__7e; p-cp**?.
__a?? p?** (-aie. 3k-fc, dt*. yuan?, pw pair. Sear.
.WltTt ???\??|?^a?*?-?t. pw baaket: Ne,
U -Mel IS: lr--j_jT vredra S_M.Sc wMtr pi?tatoea,
per '?>???? ?*??* i?r?t?l; do. Pnn*l*iuiia. prr
?a Iba. Uhi?, ?net potatoea. Soutbera, No
L par M-l. lat?s, do. Ho. 3, per bM. I T?
_? _* J????. PT tav aal 10
'?????G? Nev Jet?-/, per haa ?a?r. do.
IE**? T.-rt. d(aTii?-atie. prr too. ?OMa.??
'?MOKS-Nw jeterr. mr ta tan? Let
?? pwr lea-is _?r-ta XMalflu
It te m coerMlly recogntsed
fM4*t thar flrat mort ratera ?re the
--?fear invv'Ktment tn the world.
We would like to Mend you our
new booklet telline of the many
?efeffiierd? we have placed around
OTTI flrat morir?*?? *ix per cent
note?, which we believe, make
i-ocurtty donbly eeeure and which
r'-natitut? the chief reaaona for
cur record of fifty years without
loae to an inreetor.
Swartzell, Rheem
& H en se y Co.
r.-r IStb ?tree? B. w.
Membttt CoruoEdated
Stack Ezckaafe af
flew Tore
IM?, If-?, 1M2
1421 i Street N.W.
trf?ed ? far ca_? er
eaiT-tee1 ?a.
Quoted by Sullivan ?ft Cotr
Crawa. His? Urn ?"lote. Up. O
. ft Wa at Mm %
itnaa ?iitsalj ._..... St St St M De
Al'w-Crulman . ? In IK fil H
At?attesa Caaaias . at? IT, ?S f. IS
AsMttcaa Dna? SrtKU_?. Il U II 11 Vi
Aavrrtca? Bid? A Leather. *t% SS*. 394, G, 1
??man Hid? A Leather pf. rat t?S US', _? %
latri caa latarnatluaal ?Arpara. . We ??% je*. *>s 1
Araerte.n levatami?? . IIS 10? 1?'. HT?. .
Araertoe? tat lit at . Itti TS rjVa TJH 1
Aowr.ian Steal. r_?ir__ Sta M\ Sta wm VA
Amenes? tusar .?. Ut?. IST*? 13ft? IW? ?
America? riarsati? . W ? W ?I Ili
American Tbsaxa? . ? ??? StCS SOS
trarrle.? Wrjotea -? . ?UH 117 ilSS 11?. .'.
A.?aeoD?la ._. M% Mm Km A\ S
At_toe . Mm WS at". SO-,
?UM?'.? l__u?e . IBS 1.16?. IBS IBS 4',
Balttatrrre A Ohio ._?.... 3?S 4? W? J? '.
Beiliiehe?? ?SUel Oaa? ?. WS W?- Il ? l'a
Booth niharie?. . It U IT? ?:'.
Batte A ?ipsttoe . SU t. 1. SS ',
ISttfcrea? Petroleom . ? til? SI H?
Cuudiao Partes . laV. M H?'. IBS
Outrai I_har . Mm NOS M\ MIS 1%
C'baadler Motor . SO?. SS 3DS M rt
Chira*?, Mlrwantw. A Bc Paal... M 4JS ?1*4 ?t ?4
Ctkwx Roe* lalaad A Parine.... S? t\ S"? ?? *?
Cokrado Puai . 41 41 41 41
C'el-nBl ?a 4]?? . ?S 43 W. 63*.
Oortmeital is.nint . Mm W? W? ?
Crunble Steel . IM "M IK ?BIS l.'.S
LVu.er A ?io Graads Pf. IT IT Its ITS '?
Kno _ll_ . W let IW ht V?
Fie?? Bodjr ._.. WS 1?? IS? IM
Guudr?uh Buhher ?De.. T*i t*H T*S ?IS IS
niinola Oentral . ?? ?3 ? ?
Inatirauoii . M ?0 s?? SUS S
bir.rr.ari<Hial MeeranUi. Manne... Sfa SS 56\ 5??. S
blu Mereaatile Marin, pf. UT*, lint 117S 1 TS
lnr.n,?tM>oal Paper . 9? ?OS 5? COS 2S
Kelly SrniirfieM Tin. U* 140S ?H 140'. H
UeUaun? Sta?l . ?S 84 S W. S
Lorillard Co. . "t?S 3?1? 3S'? 36
?.?.?1 Motor .-. Ut ?? ?S, ?,'i l?.
?iiioin reteohrun? ._..... a? xhVw 94 SM 3
Miami Copper ._..... SS SI ? SB
MiaiaL? Steel . St Sa?, si -?-, S
Miesouri. Kasaaa A Tasa?. U 13 13 13 S
Miuo?.n. Kaaasa A Tasas pf. 17 IT 17 IT
oany, 1431 G Stieet N. W.
Stoct? Croen Rit* ta*?. Ctrw? Oa
Miieoun Pacts? . St SI ti tt H
National Conduit . IH ?K IH I? S
Naiional aajast A Ml?ping . IN IK IK TN I
Nail? nal Lead .?.'.. ? SS ? ti
.Mew lurk Central . TS T3S D TSV. 1
X V? New lia.en A liarttord.... 31S 3H? 31S SI? 1
New York Dock ....?. -tn? If, U W?
Norfolk A rVeatata . ' WS ?TS WS WS
No-tiiern Padtlo. tl IN W W I
No?? Scotia Steel . ? TTH TT TTS ??
uklali. mo Prudiu-ine . It It It a) S
Pa? American Petroteam. UTS UM? 1*S 117 %
Prnnrjirania '.. II ? (? VI
Pere Marnuette . US Its ltVt Its
I'M?. Am.? . (IS t3S M HS !*a
Piit?u.iil. Coal . Il ?US I IN ?
I'lllabursh A W. Villini? Railway 33S SSV S2S 3S
Pond enee Goal . ? K ? ? ?
PrewJ Steel Car . M WS ? B S
Pillimi? Ce. . Il* 11? Ut Ut
Ball.a.? Sin? Spnaa?. W ?SS W ?SS IS
ila? CuaioMaUt . Si t? ?. SS S
Reading Railroad .,. Tt TN Tt "?S S
Bo.al Dutch ?>( New York. IMS WS 1W? loi S
Saxon M..IOT Co. . ITS It ITS IS S
-p.'lall Uli . ??, ??s 5?S j??.
?sl..??&he(Ti.ld . ?T? 11. S1, O1.
| Maat? Peano . icos m lOOS 100?, m
? r..T.h.n. Railwaj . M al -IS IN
SI.il. IS l'jrui. TTS TrS TTS Tt SS
I st.Mfclekee . Ul UTS Ul 11TH SS
- - Motor (Jo. HI) 11JS 110 113*. 2S
?/?aa. ('upper A Chemical. 13 IS IS 13
Tr?.i.. Co. . M Mt ? ? ?
Trxa? A Partile . ?\ Jl ".?Ih ?
G? uve Product. . lO?? ?OSS 10= I?
I ? p 1 reali.. . 12."? ISS IS IX S
I ?ile.'. Retail ?torea.. U*. IIW rOsS IWt
I nil?.I Pniit . 184 I*?. Iti ?WS SS
I'nited Bail??? InieeUneot. ? 10 t? 10
D. ?. Out iron Pipe. ?? ?? SS SS
U. ? Ind. Alcohol. ist?, 13?'? IMS UN 4
G. ?, Ruhber . I1*S UTS 1ISS IKS 1
I.'. ? Mi.-I . UBS ItIS ?H? Mm "?
1 ?-mii.? Carolina Chemical . Tt Tt Tt Tt
?.?linghouee . MS "TVa SIS M V
Wheelins A ?. E. ITS IT1? WS WS
White Motor . US ?2S ?IS ?at. W
Worthiturtoo Pump . Hi lei ?h ?h '?
Total ?.lea. WJOO ?hare?
rtbicacn, Sept. ??-Uto corn t-T-ret ?v er
reur talar aad ai the oV-W fVrt-*wber ?bowed
a l<we of Pwo aad deferred mcwitha ? to ,c
V\ aataen la the current deHrerj acted ae e
li .i i-wnij t-rflTieece throughout an?? of the
?r-wur-n At the mam tbe market iri?N to
hate a ?old out aapeet and eonttaat preenre e
neeeaaaiy be* keep t??t?? down. Bear new? waa
(_)rntiful < *-.?h eom waa S to 8c lower.
IMherr of com on 8er<eeaber contract waa
m VP buahola m-Lkuif e total of lwS.Oa> buahHa
f'r the m r'h Aiventtne ihtrencrtj? for the
wBrb wwr \eX9tm hmthela compared with 3.83.
* ornmirwjon bouaia were r-rw_aM?_enoua buj-era of
rr-m on all !? !? '?__--!? finder the previous eJoe
tri? le*?!?, hut on advanrea -mppnrt wa* ?ery
indilfereot. Lea? waa head about pouah ae? of
new corn to the ewintrr and at-tmrrntlr faitoora
war? not an-riooa to follow the recent price d*>
, -Hifie.
Reparu of sx\yett hnane? -.?m-ilatM the eata
marai-t aad doaioa prieaa were nnchanged to V
i h_cb?w OwAmiarion fc? were food hnjer? In
1 the last half hour, tad man? aborta came
| Caah oete wwe ir lower to le higher, the
strength betes in crate of heary weLfht.
| In the i_rori_dea. msrke*. pnrk e?neer? unchanced
' to 35c hifh#-r whOe ?an. fu -SS to STyO higher
: aad riba -2-_ to Xc b-gher
| f^ieaao. Sept, at -Orato and [_roriaion .Tirares
l>efv> today a-er*:
| CORN- Pr
Opre. High. L-nw Hoar. CVar.
eertt. Itt I? I ?-S, \M ?
. Dn. 1 13** l.SVi 1 tm MVi 1 tY\
Mtr. UN I? 111% l.-Pb l-SH
-lept. ->.-, MM ?S * .
, r*ee. as .? ? ari .<
Ma?.m\ .n*? ?m ris ?
rtrr-t. ?C 34 CO
?vt. a.Ts ss. atff 157? :t?
Jan. S? a? 21.? 3 5G 2
"vep... I??? IMS
Oct. Ill Is.S* '?V. 18.? IS.*
?Jaa. 18? 11? 17? l*.*f IS. 13
SePt. 4??? ?.?
|Oet. *? 3.3? Mm ?? 35.?
j F*urni?b?.d ay Suluraa t Co., Itti G street ,
?i1, Ar?~*
' \-'.n? . II n?4
American ataraorrt . ft". T',
F*. ?. ? and Montana.. 77 7?
r-isolidaled Arijuna . 1 1-1? IM?
iCrrrsoa Gold . **? IS
ro?den Co. US IH?
r'ederal Oil . IS 3
.neutral Asp-alt . li? IHV?
Glen Bar? Oil. t% M
Hudson OU .-._. 1 IS
Hupp ._. I??? 10.
l.l.nd Oil __._. 7 TH
McNamar? . 43 . ?B
Midirest . It I"?
Merritt Oil . 8S H
Metrrjrplitaa Pet-?cum . I?. -"S
l-rotil Shariag . I1? ?*.
Rar Hercule, . ?S TA?
Sinclair Gulf . 5s?-. ?S
Tonouah Dirid. ._. ?S ?S
IU S. ?Jap. 4% 4%
Allied P-cser?. Si SS .
Blc Irdje . % S
Boaloa and W-omins..:_. 73 7$
Bru? Oil . 7SS M
nue? Serri??? In??). 4f. ?S
Cm. CU . JBS ??
CoiueUl Ttr? . ? 7?
?Vi.nmr-we.'th Petrrrleu-t . :??? 51?.
lnterecitjnental Rubber . 7S S
Irit-m.tlntial Pe-mleum . 35 39?,
Urir^ton? OU . i -":
Orerland Tir? ...._. B B.
>alf. t^l-?k ._. 64-, 55
Inited Mote-? . ? B
Dtold TU* . IS 5
W.rrj? Goal .m. s SS
Wmht-Martin . 4 S
Tb. Stsjssjjjj market pria-? ??atirda? ru-d
?bout ?? fr????.:
BGGS-Stri-tlr tre??. 54?S5e, a.eraj- reeepta.
"9c: SeyuUieiii. 58?
CHE-HE-Ne? York Slat? fai-tar?. ?hol?
aulk. 34a3Sc.
BL'TTiai-Standard IM??JKT7. Sie: print, ?Ja
LIVB INrl'LTRY?Rnrster.. per Ib., Br;
?urk-s?. prr Ib. *Sk4tk?; eiiieSen?. ?priag. per Ib.
'?Be: tas. per Ib. Sie: keat?. rotuif. each,
DRESSED PO?UntY - FMah -Hied ai?in? ;
bukeris. pw lb. JMOr: bsra?. per lb. Jtc; roe?.
?er?. pw lb.. 8; turke?-*. per la.. 1D?4Sr
PORK-a-aaU ?ad ?Ht. He: ?Mdlum. Bs:
hear?. *_a-3e.
LITB 8TOCX - Oal-ss, lst-BC; lam??. 14?;;
??BEEN mriTS-Arolw. per bW. new. 3 re,
SB: baa. SrSrai:?: CaUfrs-ai? lasanea, ben. SB |
?SB: i?b-hi|4b. pw crate. SBBV?; California
oran?-?. S.???7.B: t?-?*??. 1*??4B per er?te;
zrtree. prr ass. B?-.? do. KissJara. ??25: D?la
vare. Sais. canl-J?x?pa?. per crate. 73.1.00
VB-.UrvBI.ES-Pnt.tne?. pw bc4. 4"Sa47r>;
Me. I. I0Sa?B: ?urin? bwria pw bbl, IS?
3.B: ???rplant. snal.00 per crate: corn, nearo?.
pw doa. _?_0: bBbBB b.w. i stasa pw bbl.
beets, lai bot baaeh : lettucr. ?.??-LTS pw bs?;
Nsw Tot. rata-?. atSal.M pw erate: eater?, pw
do?. l-ilB: rearjaia? lettuce. LOfaXS; ?riuash.
4SaB per reate: ?pri_g nolr-cj. per TOO bunebe?.
ISTs-LB: e-inn?. per MO Tb ?ack. 3*?_?: to
? iln?? -Barb?. rtal-B pw crate; ?weet potato??
IBssLW pw bbl ; Taue, pw bbl. 1.S0.3.50.
Llmpuul. gapt. M?8pnt? opened In fair de.
??and tod?7- Price, wars Ana. Basra amounted
to 5,000 bala? RseslpU totaled ?00O brUea, in
dndins T.flOO American
I .ture? rjpeneri quiet ?ad ?rm
Amene?- bSSbwsS fair. BO: ?and mkMlin?.
BIS: full middllns. ?4?, ?nddUnt. 1?B; lo?
?tnrlTlta B4S; rood ordinari. HV?; ordinar).
f.pen. Hi?-. Lew. Oka*.
Sept.. Sa.? S.B B.M ?I? ?
oot.. BW ma ss ss.
Mot.?. BW ?? BW Ats'
?>?a.--.... ?.? so? BB aou
"??rea-. BB SSO ?? S.?'
Ms.. BM ?IW tt.74 BW
-??.?~.- BB SUB BB BB
S?w Twk. Bsot. a\-Boote mart?
""?SU' asawsm ?rtra?. tBAsB; do. Unta,
arsati; ?a. hishe, thaa ausa. W+seV*. etau
?t?ty taW? ?SsB
Censi. BBVSSt BWSjsJSa StaU ?rao!, eailk
mm l.li. ?S?S1S; de. f?acj. SajdSH: de. lo-w
WT-Wa BIOS: Sta-? -rira, ?bm-s-b. STa-Sli; do.
?Mr-. ISatSt?: fcatkB?. Itasi: do. ls-rw
sattem, ran -
?arast d-Ji l*?_rtsr ?tito ?se. TM?;
Wathiagton Strick Exchange.
rotcmac Uectne con? So, I8.it? at ?3
Lanston. St at It.
Bid Asked.
American Tel. and Telga 4a. ?tS **??
Amencan Tel, and Twlga ?Sa. * ?.'
Am. Tel and Tel (Ml Tr Ss. *V, ??,
American Tel. ?nd Tel- con?. 6?... STS InOS
Cheeapeak? and Potomac Tel. at.. ITS .
Capital Traction B. R. 5?. MS MS
(1 museum Gaa let Ss. "? . ...
M'tropwliun R. R. '- .'.. ? .
Potomac Krcvic Llgnt is. ft ...a
Potomac Ehrotrio ?son? Ss. *?? '"?
Pottauac Ue<tri.- ? .?.t. at
Polomac Qeetrie Power G. M ?a ?VS M
Washington Gaa S.. ? , ?,;
Waahiagtoo Bwt and Ble?- ?_< . ti': M
Waab. trj. and Ele?- ?. M. It. S3
American (Irachophone let ?a_ ?'? lot
D. C. Paper Mfg. It. S?
Riga? Re.lt? Sa .long.. *? .
Biggs Realr?- 5a (?hortl. SO .
Sec fetorage and Safe Der?, (s. 1?
American Tel and Taiga. "ST .
Capital Trarli.??.. ?? St
Waehington '.??. *?' S>1
Norfolk and tVaah- Steamboat.. . -WO .
**a?hington Rrrj. and Eler. com.. M .
Waahington Bwr. and tare. pfd.. 5- M
'American .... MS ITS
Capital . Mt .
Columbia . 175 .
O ?Innerei? I.?..,,,?. -ITS 199
Dtstrat .*ITi .
farmer, and Mechanic?'. as S?
rSdenl . 1? ??
uncoin .H. 161 .
National Metropolitan. ttS .
lUgs? ._. IS?
??-ond . Ill .....
??"??L'incton . Sto S3?
I An..ric.n Reeiirlr/ and Tnatt. 3* .
Continent?' Tnut .112 lit
National . a? .
It mon Trust. li? It)
Wiihinrt?? Loan and Trnat. t? SW
? Commerce and Saringa.. it ....
I East tVa^iogton. it .
1 Libert? . I? .
I Merchant?' .r.. V? .
Se? unir Haling? and Com. 306 .
8e?enth Street. IIS .
Arlington . ? .
Corcoran. 70 .
r'lremen't . IS _,
German-American . 2*G? .
Niiin.l Union. ? .
Columhi? . 4 ?
Real Estate . 73 s9
? Iraphcnhone cren. **l 4.".*.
nrar.hophone pfd. -t3Vi t4S
Chapin-Sacke . I? .
D. C. Papir Mfg. Co. 9?
D. c. Paper Mfg. O. pfd..'. WI
I.natnn Monotipe. 72V 73
Merchante' Tranrfer and Stcrace.. 106
Mergeothaler Unotrp. .*137 140
0?d Dutch Merkt com. 4S t
OU Dutch Market pfd. IOS 15
Securit* Storage. ttt .
Sec. Storage end Safe Dap. 110
?V?.?hirurtoo Market-. 17 .
?Et dividend.
Raluniore, Md., Sept ?? Mai on the local
?-?r ?-??u?- maultet rang? about as follow?:
Bt'TlT:n--^*reim*-tT, lancy, lb. ?-?aSBr; chol.-e.
'?rr lb, 5-5a57e; good, pec lb, Sta?6c; print*, pet
Io. *M0fc, Mock?, per lb, O7aS0e; tadle?, per lb.
~'m\-'r : Maryland ani Penijayl. ania rolls. per lb.
tf_47r; Ohio rolle. t0a4Se: Weat Virginia rol>.
UtV: ..torepecked. Mr; Miry land. Virginia an-1
I'tninarjif-inia dairy prints. 4 3a 45c ; pro<*i*_ Hit
ter. tlali?c. *
EGGS ? Marylaod. Pennsylvania and nearby
lint?, 5-3c; Weateni flrat-, .Hit-, Weet \ irgiiii*
flr*ta, 90c: .-?Vwthe-rTi tin-it??,, __??
UVB POULTRY- '."-harki nr*. old li?,?. 4 lb?
and <?? <*r |?r lb, 36? : filiali ?? inediUDi, 3G*?' ;
while Lcgho-me. Msv?c : old rocstter*, ___t?r> ;
.cpringrn-, targe. 38c; ?nail to mediuip. .Va.'*v
di?ka. yr*m?g. P-'kio*?. S The and rwrr, ?c:
1*>-ddJf, 37a*_8e* Mitaffwy. ?Tat^Sc ; emaJlor, thin.
2*aBc, old, 3__c; .Hgct-trv?. young, per pair.
__Br: old. TmJDc; imivta fowl, y.-unff. Ili lb?
ami o?er, each. ***?<-; amaller, ?loe.
F^Urre? Apple?, large, emnoth. No. 1, pee
bW, 3.50a 1.10: do, ?ordii_r>, mixed. So. 2, per
hN.. .'??3.00. do, Knall windfall*, per hH.. 1.50
a_fX; da No. 1. per bua. 1.50a.! 7?. do. No. 2.
per boa, TScaLS; do. aa to quality, per 4-0 im?,
40*50?*: do, do. per 10O Ilka. 1?!?; do. W Md.
and Pa., packed. No. 1. D. U. bb... 6 or**op
do. do. No. 2 D H. bbl. 4 OOa'-.arv do. do. per
hamp. l.SQ_;_: rrah appi?? ?. Y., pee bbl..
?aODa?lOB; canUkmpea. Colorado. ?A**?dard, r?-**
t-rt.. S.SBa3L(0; do. do. i-xmiea, per crt.. lOOalS.
do, do. fata. Meal.IO; cranberriea. per bbl, 990a
1000: do, per H bbl.. 4.50a5.0O. damaona. per
Ib. faje; do. ?. ? , par 8-lb baa,. 50ee0r. grapes. '
Ooaoorda and Mooee'a E_rly, amali baa. _a_i- \
do. Ntagaraa and S*lema, amall baa. ?a^*; do.
Driawa**? aod Brighton?, mall baa, _a_c:
neexhea, mornta?Ti, ao to q-ialit?*. per at., lOCa
G 00: do, per 4-? baa., l.OOal.TS; do, [?>*** bua., ?00
aa?. do, N T., per boa. baa., 5.00*3.0*
PEARS-N. Y. BartleU, No. 1. lOOOaiiOO: do,
No. 2, ??-?.??; do, per bua baa. 3.ona4.00; do.
SeckHa. No. 1. per bbl., 12.0??:4 00, do. No. 2
*00-_JCO; do. per bua. baa., 3_?_4.SO; do. 8he1
doo. per bbl.. &C**__.?; par bua. baa.. 1.0*4.00;
do, other eariotiea, par bbl. 7.00*1040; do, par
bua. baa., 20D*J _; ???, nearby Kieffer, Ducheaa
and I.eOmipte. per 4-8 baa?. 4fia74>c.
POTATOES-W_tern Marylaod aad Peanayl?
yanla. No. 1. per 100 Iba.. 2??*.Z.~?; do. E S.,
Md ?aad Ya.. No 1. per 100 Iba. M0B2.7I; do.
? J.. No. 1. par 100 Iba.. 2.50b_7?>; do. natire
or DaartaFf. No. 1. par 100 Iba., _90?_1?; ?ilo. all
section?. No. 2. ier 100 Ibe,. l.SOal.75; do. do.
No. J. per 100 .'be..- 75cal.ro; aweet poUtoaa, N.
C. No. 1. per bbL, 2.73*3.00; do, E. 8. and
Va?, ?per bbL, ITSaSOO; do, Bapp. Potomac, per
bM., *.'.;5a3.00; do, yama, all aectlona. No. 1, par
bbl., a.?alOO; do, gaveta and yaaaa, colla and
?a ?. per bW., LODal.50; du. nati*? or ne_rb?,
No l. par bM.. loa_.50. do. native, par 44 tea.
V_OSl-ABLE8-Be?M. natire green, per bu_.
75a_?_?; strine ????, ?ttica!.-0; limaa, per bua. hamp,
OOeal.M.; par 44 baa., 40a60c: hulled, per lb?. 12?
beata, per bta*_h. T??3r%c; B**oc**o'i o?tire. per
baa. 36a40c; cabbage, natire. per M0, 5.00_0.OO.
New York. do*__t?-, par ton. 4400; carrot?, na
ure, par bmeb, *\>3c; New York, per M0 Ibe,
1.75a2.00; cflery. New Tork, waahed. per bunch.
SOuSc; rrragh. par crate, 4.O0?5.O0: corn, natire
per doaan, S0a35c; t^ftrfumber?. New York, per.
broa, baaket, ??*-.?; egg pianta. Dative, par
baakat. 40afi0e: lettuce. New York, fancy, perl
box or baaket. 1.25al.tt: poor aad leafy. SOaftc;
natiia. per bua. Meel.00; oakma. Marylaod aod
l'enne Irania yaUow. No. I. per MD Iba., S2*?3.**f>. \
New York aod Wmat. do 3.S0a3.TS; white. ?.SOa
S.S; a? atsetiriM No. I iOBaiiO; psmyai^, ?_
tit?. Safe; in*a?ii. aativa. ia/ge. per 14 Im? I
?e?, aasa-: needle, orntit: radwHae. natire. pee
rumili, l'istr; stanarli, nali?e. ter tria?., iea?*-.
rquua, nati?., per ?-I basket, ???v. tomatoe?
nali?e a? to qua), per basket, ItoMc; reeking
l.iek. i?t I.?.. I aDal.eOl -enow, per 4-S bsaket.
?.'.-.-s?: green, Mane: turnip?, pali???
r-taltiim-?**-. R*r? ?-WHBAT-l-e?*eipt?. Iff.
m h-is-hr*.-?. fj-ilee. amali bar lota la eampte. aa
to qualUT and c?-ivH?ii***i. ?I *?. 2 ?<* ? H? - ??
2.15. ? T7. IA 2 3*\ ? ?*. 2 2T. M? ?"d *?*? ??
W??! A r?BJ* "f Wmi 4 red trtnfee. r^Hichy.
Txw.*t Print, unid et 3 ??S r>rr ?at-m-1 : ?*?*?* car
Ma 2 t?M -Hntr-r. Pnrt r*>rington. ? "6*4 : one
rtr Vf? 3 'uni ?rrlntiT. t^ntnn. 2.?: one car
??. 3 rrd winter, ??*t?t*???, prsieit. 2 SX.
rORV Hoe-ipt*. ? brtabele: ?**?* i? ?lUKt a?**.
Mni*rn?**Jr W*"d fcr. Q*v**? prime ?"-hile aod yel
low on the wharf at ? to *? per bbl? Mim
A **Tnal! lot nt ir??M c-ptu ?-?? the wharf anM
?t 1? nrr b?iAel. On? hag Vat ?*/ white M.
.'.?iiirrr.-?. hi-nu?*., 1 Th p**T h*r**h??*. T*TT?*?k e?l?*?w.
No. .I or r-*f*rt?*T for a*VaB>fte de'ir??"ry. ie quotable
at t W ****** bushel for rtr lot* on a*"**.
OAT*- Ile?r*WT**la, ?.W4 lai ?*?*?* Kante of
?*!?*? Ve*?jr oaU. No S, white. ??: No 3.
whit?- 74H*7V
RYK-Bag lota neai--br ?****e. a? m F??????*. lai..??
y* ??-?? rf ? -?t???) W of r****** at ti pfr bMaat,
HAT-N'rt t tltnf-thT n?; ?tanHard t'm-*h*-.
VV?'!*r No 2 timothy. 900; Vrt 7 i.-iHh?
2&naS.O0: No 1 light c?o?er. mil"! 30.00: No
2 light cliwer. mixed. 9. (?9*900; Ra 1 ???t?*t.
mi??*?!. ?flOeJi**}? No. 2 c|oi>?-r. aiNed. 2? 90a
?J7 ?; N*** 1 i***Vw?*-r. ?vemn.aJ, 27*?*?? ??** 2 rloeer,
tv?* f nal. 25 00: ?a.mr-'*- h\r. 2" ?*% 22 ??*1
Xew Ynrk. Hep?. St.-Range of New T?irk
Month. One. High T^w. ???. etnae
<v?. ?I -? t??? -?? "ar?? Ji -s
N.?. ??hid 114?
tVr. Are J"?l 31? ??Bar? 31 SS
I .Ian. 3?*6 ??! 4?0 J! ?Sat: 31 ?I
| Peh . -Ctehid Ml tn
M?r?*i. ?? SS? ?1? -2*?ti33 IK
April. -SaOh?rt 31 SI
I Mar. JJJg .?? ?(e ne-hld HAI
Jill.. . ??hid ? ??
?nje. S>? 317? J-miSld 3175
An?. -CWhM II 75
I -
fit I lattali. Ohio ?leT-t. ?- HOT.* Rreeip??.
tsnn l,ead: ?leal. ? ?A.7V lower: i?oree*ed hear?
? .h?.??.. rSTSal???: packer? ??d h?teli?re. IS. "?
r.ir?: common to .J.oier-. 10rr?il a?, jng? and
light? iai?-?1?T5: rtar?. tortelli M.
G???.G, Re?oit??. 7n? |,end ? wrong: e-foner?.
11 ?????: ?te?.. if??.!???. ????? ??0????>:
coir?. - w.irtv. rwle?^. rtronr. 7 ?v.????.
BUEKr-Ree?!??. 1 ?? ??.??*? : l.mrw. ?tradr
Announce Sb?*rf T?t??
Liet for Liberty Bonds
Th. Trrssurv has arlopie.l tho fo?
lowinc fhort titlo? for the various
issues of liberty bond.? and victory
I First Liberty Loan ?1-; per cent
.bord, of 1"?-lT?First "M-?.??. Flr.t
T.iborty ???p Coiivprtod 4 par cent
, bonds of IM?-IT-Kirst 4 s. First I.lb
??rty Loan Converted 41-4 per cent
bonds or 19-S-4??First 41-4's. First
Liberty ????? Seeonl Converted 4 1-1
per rent bonds of 1M?-47 First 8??c
nnd 41-4's. ItoMMti Liberty I ?an 1
: per cent bonds of lST?-t;?First Sec
ond 41-4'... Pecond t.ihertv Ixian I
per rent bonds of 15CT-4?? Second 4's.
Second Liberty Loan Convert?^l 4 1-4
: per cent bonds of 1!C7-42-?i"ccond 4 1-4's
Third Liberty Loan 41-4 per cent
bonds of 19?? Third 41-4's. Fourth
Liberty Ixian 4 1-4 per cent bond. >?f
I 1!?!--??Fourth 41-G?. Victory Lib
erty T?oan 4 3-4 per cent Convertible
! r-ol.i notes of ?Wi-'X? Victory 4 3-4's
Victory Liberty Loan .11-4 per cent
Convertible ?rold notes of 192.-2!?
Victory* 3 3-4's.
Sbstantlally these same titles have
? n Iso lyeen adopt ?Ml for dealings on
I t*ie Netv York Stock Kxchtnge.
It is of considerable importance In
I the campati-n nu'ainst scalpers to hav??
i the market nuotatlons for honda and
! note, appear consistently In as In
I lelllRible shapo as possible. It m
j sccordinitl..? hoped that these short li
lies may be adapted throughout this
I rilstrict for dealin-rs on the exc'ianfte
I and amone banking Institutions end
deniers in Investment securities Ron
1 erally.
Many Mills Can Operate
With Free Trackage,
Says Holland.
If the yards are kept clear, then
It Is possible to ' operate the steel
and Iron plant? although th? force
may be reduced. On the other
hand. If the yard? become rlogged.
then It I? nttcasary to close down
the plant?, for the Skilled artisans
cannot work unless they have the
material at haad. Therefore it has
been the poller to keep the yards
open day by day In order to pre
vent ?ongestion of material In
them. It Is In these yards that un
skilled labor Is for the most part
For this reason those who are
watchlnST the progress of the steel
strike say It le Impossible to report
that although a plant has been shut
down that it I? due to the walklnc
out under union orders of all the
It Is evident that the executives
in the steel? Industry now regard
thr Homestead plant and the Du
quesne plant as the strategical key
to the situation. If these plants
ran be operali??!, even to partial ca
pacity, then the mastery of the situ
ation will, accordine to the belief
nf these executives, be in a little
while, well In hand.
The presumption is strong? that
thr strike will be maintained for
some weeks. It is the belief con
| monly held that the Irresistible
? force of public opinion will at last
1 reuse this disturbance to be
brought to an end.
Northwest Savings to
Erect a New Building
The Northwest Savings Bank If
having plans drawn for the erection
of a new bank building at the
northwest corner of Eighteenth and
Columbia Road.
The building will face Columbia
Rosd thirty-two ?nd one-half feet
siding on Adam? Mill Road, running
back to the alley way.
Marble columns will enter largely
Into the construction of the lower
part of the building And the upper
floor of the building will be changed
into offlcea
The new bank will have a large
up to date safe deposit vault and
the interior construction will be of
the conventional steel cages for the
working force.
The corridor will be on the Co
lumbia Road ?Ide nf the building.
I Vienne?Austria may be declared
bankrupt and placed In hands of aJ
1 lied ponimi j-?ion becatiee of food
Helaln(n?fon-? Finn, uh Social Demo
crat* order workers to abandon war
.i-cainr-t Botehevike and open peace
Parte?Report i? thai ! .?en i ne had been
?lain or overthrown denied on Bourne
Belgrade?Serbe. Croata and Slovenes
Mirrine up hatred ajrainat Italy that
may mean war
Dublin?Procede serrer? tell Judges
they will strike unless higher wagrv
or?* forthcoming.
Bordeaux?Ktn?r Alfonso, of Spain.
makes first visit to FYanee elnce IS..
Burton, Wales?Shooting- at crow? on
housetop?. John Clark shot hie wife
1 who was looking out of window,
Tokyo?Bomb carried in Mukden hv
| Korean said to have killed him and
! several people stendine: nearby.
! London?John t*. Cope will attemp'
j to reach South Pole by airship.
Peris?Norway given suzerainty nvn
; Spitzbergen Archipelago by supreme
i council of Peace Conference.
Caused by
Million? of people-in fact ?boot t octet
10 ?ufter more or less troto lnd1.e?tlon.
?cute or chronic. Nearly every esse is caused
by ? ? hi Iiiibibi.
There an other stomaeh disorders which
also tre ?ore si?? ol A-i?-St-?i?ch- beleb
bai. heartburn, bloat ?iter eating, food re
MkWK?Mpah There ?re man t
alimenta which, while the? do not cause much
distress In the stomach Itaseli, sre. neverthe
lef-, traceable to an acid stomach. Among
tbeae sre nervousness, bllioome?? cirrho??
of tbe ltTer,rber_mata?m. Impoverished blood,
weakness, iniomni?. melancholia ?nd ? long
trsin ot physical sad ment?l mlseiles that
keep tbe victime hi ml?er?ble health yest
sfter yesr.
Tbe right thing to do Is to attack the??
summt? st their source??wi rid of th. ackl
?tom.ch A wonderful modem remec? t called
hAT(in ic now makes it easy to do this.
One of hundred? of thoussnda ol grateful
users of KATONIC writes: "I hare been
. troubled with iotetunal Indigestion for about
nine years snd bav? spent quite a sum lor
medicine, but without reliei. After min?
EATON IC for a few days the gas and pain?
, in my bowels disappeared. tATOKlC U Juct
tbe remedy I needed."
We ham thousands el letter? telling ot the??
? msrveloos benenn. Try KATONIC sad roa.
? too, wUI be lost ss esthusisstic in tu praise.
; Tour dniigict ha? EATONIC. Get s big 90c
box from bim today. Be will refund jour
' money If you are not sstliaed.
?a? (T?R T?0R AatVsfrOM?Cai.
Discontinuance of
Early Saturday Afternoon Train to
With last train leaving Washington 3:50 P. M. Saturday,
September so. Train No. 7, operated durine; the summer months
on SATURDAYS ONLY, will be discontinued.
Beginning Saturday, September 37, Train No. si, at present
operated daily, except Saturday and Sunday, between Washing
ton and Harrisonburg, will be operated daily, except Sunday,
leasing Washington at 3:55 P. M.
Consolidated City Ticket Office,
Thirteen?,-- and F St/eets N. W. , -
Bernard Lado, of the mtscvUa
ncou. ?hop. i. doing Ite? after a se
rious operation on his head.
Raymond Hayes, ot the tool shop.
is 1U with laflueasa.
Harry L?? Leur i a, of the boiler
shop, will spend the com?as; weak
end at Middletown.
E. F. Shepherd aad George U.
Hynaon, of the coppersmith shop,
have returned from aa ?steaded
stay at Niagara Falla
Raymond -dicker, who has been
working In th? draughting room
for the past year, raturas to th?
tool shop today.
Lloyd Roberta, of the miscella
neous shop, announces that be will
Journey South next month.
Harry A. Anderson and J. W.
Dunnlngton, of the drawing room,
were very much pleased to fand oat
that they were closely related and
have announced their Intention of
opening a stock farm In Maryland.
K. W. Morton, of tb? torpedo
tub? shop, and wife, are away on
their annual fall auto trip through
Maryland. Pennsylvania. New Tork
and Canada. They will atop at all
places of Interest ea route, stopping
at Pittsburg to visit their daughter.
Walter Hanneroen. of the draught
ing room, ha? reslgaad to resume
his ?tudlea at the University uf
The helpers of the miscellaneous
shop, led by E. Spauldlng. gave a
successful straw ride Thursday
Ruben Jolkower, of the tool shop,
has reslfrned. He is now living In
New Tork City.
Shanghai. Sept ?.?Though half the
300 miles from Shanghai to Tunki
is covered by rail and steam launch,
it takes ten days to make the trip.
From Tunclu to Tunki is by native
boat, and It takes nine days. There
are 10o rapids to be passed. Na
tive trackers, six or eight to each
boat, draw the boats through the
rapids. Bach tracker is at the en*
of a line SM or SDr) feet long. At
times ?n hour will be ?pent in gain
ing a few hundred yards, but the
sense of speed la terrific
Cardinal Mercier
Goes to Philadelphia
_ I
1'hik.delphia, Sept at?Cardinal Mer. j
cier. primate of Belgium, arrived in
' Philadelphia soon after noon today to
, spend the week-end In this city. The
prelate was accompanied from Wash
ington by a reception committee head
] ed by Mayor Smith.
A mass meeting, presided over by
Oov. Sprout, will be held tonight to
officially welcome the noted prelate.
t Sunday Cardinal Mercier wit officiate
?t solemn pontifical benediction at
1 the cathedral.
-Tveurtaaa dollars per wees, m Ute
?alary upon which 71 par cent ?X in?
eretnan wathen la ?oa But* live,
care for children under It years of afe.
and la many cases support parents. Is
baa statement of Misa alary Ander
son, chief of the Women a Bureau of
Hi? Lahor Department In ask ? ?? aid
of Ute department to make a eurvey
of the working- women of the country.
A large pernentaae of ?eaWJ
wMSM ara paid a was** baaed upon
old traditions that women have not
th? ?ame family responsibilities men
have. The survey shows that of a
number questioned j,77t women sup
port T."M children ander 14 years Bin
tie, women In every Stata aliiaiila
painfully to aupport a parent, or both,
or a brother or alita?-. Mia? Ander
son It collecting these facts for Ute
coming International Congress of
Working Women, to be held here In
Burton M. aatt Bale Wars. AA.
Ja-uc. u and Hatea as. Wend, tw
Jrawph ? and Lotta? ?. Miner, bo?
Claranoe R. and Nane C ModBe? atri
Jota J. and Catharine 1st??, girl
Edward and NwXlr Kane. Ari.
Janea and Irene P. tTlaaaar. key
Wilber A. aad M?r> C. JohnKxv hot
Phillip and I'.jthc Jana?, airi.
Isella V. and M?rrr*nte T. Irwin bey.
firman and Harsh Harroa. girl
Arthar a. and UUiaa 1> Henelat. atrL
Caety C and Prenca A ?infili!., atri
Allen and Hand (?raen, on?.
Oaraelina and Beaatc A DeWwast. aw?.
Itfoia J. aad natawe? ? Bender hoy.
Joke d and Kathrrn Brests, bar.
Wa ? . Jr.. eat flaw tin? M. Beewn. sari.
OBI ? Oik
Taaanyoec Phillip aad Marian Woo tae, far!.
Norhart 0 aad Mildred t, laJaona. ?art
Richard M. aad Pranaa Madrarjn, siri.
Hwnrr aad Adele P. Planer, girl
Krank aad Maiy ? ?^Measen, siri.
John J. aad Uarlle Owoui girl.
Jame? !.. Keed? ? yaara a? O s. ?.
llliaal A. etarar. ?. l-r?>?id??>oe ? rapii?!
Mepher. Maaeralrie. ?A. TnltarrnloM? Heat.'?:
Annie tMstow. C, CWuatbta Hoapltal.
Oiaabeth Keeaar. tt. ? ? tt. aw.
Mare ? ?-oieatan, tV Ptwedniee a Haarst?!
i ? ?rie?. ?cloc ?t Ble. Plata*. I< ?3.
%l?re<er F. Mural., 1. MU ? st a?.
Charle? W. Mann. tt. SB? Itus at- nw
Kart.nl ? rviaoej. 3. 1"?* Waiter at. se.
Laura Hawkins. ?. ri 11 lana'e Hnar.i.1
Intani n< Man and Freak trifali. S anta?
Preedmans' Hosmlal
OUa Glena SwJtb. 3*. ot New Teat, ea
'*avtbw-i*lTae Man? Duafcaaa. Si of Vt'?eta*xgum
The Bar. ? ? Efaa.
??t\ Hf-huai. ?t?at?. 3, of Util?? Ko.**. Aft
atto Sell Blak?*'? Morer. ?, of Amia-I Bill. V*
Howard R Wileoa. 2. al PrulatVii****.**, msH
Mary A Berro?*?, .1, of Washington
Aa**uetiie William Sau'J?. M. of Bi**aua4**ha*a
Ala., aad Uxnm \ alene Wondaon. ?. af Waah
ta*******. Tha Bee. Herbert fierrtt Sauta.
Wanva O Nixon, S. of Ht Le*****?, aad 0?-**di
U Bur!.?-*, a. raf ?*aaiwBi Md
Alban Prancie liagee. *. aad Bable Oaborm
rjsrr? M Br?i li. SI. ?f
*?4 SUtlim K. Eh?? Si. ?f I
Ima Mm. Mameai TTTilSjdli
m. aas stasai? risss?, ?
tttm Tk. Mm. lamm ?
Wholesale Selling
Prices of Beef in
Week ending May 17th.
1919. to wirk .9-rdnrg Sep
tember 20th, 1919: 1
Prices realized on Swift 6*
Company sales of ?carcass beef
for periods shown below, as pub
lished in the newspaper, on
shipment? sold out, averaged as
Week lurduiff Price per CUT.
ttmr m< ? SBTLSS)
May ?lai fesvr?
Jeme rib saat?
J.B? tetk ?!?_?
Jsnsr st?? SUM
Jely Utk S1S-S4
saiy tat- si? sai'
Jaly aatk sia??
??? I??* S17.44
???-??? ?ib S1SV4M
l.mi lev? ? ..
*???_rt ?ara Sisjt?
tan? S?rl? S1TJ?
?M-S.teB.-er ?rk tn - me
Mtpttmastt ISt? SI*-?*
?sjsjjssjbbjjM? sa?? tirai
?Through rleneal error Ort?
prie. ?tiainally ????? rad ?s
Swift & Company
Products that Packers Sell
Their Number Grossly Exaggerated
The Federal Trade Commission has
published a list of some 640 articles said
to be sold by the packers.
This list is ridiculously padded in
order to scare people into the belief that
the packers are getting control of the
food supply of the nation.
For example, the list includes not only "beef
sides" and "beef cuts," but also over 60 other items of
beef products and by-products.
Over 90 articles listed are not sold to the outside
trade but are raw materials and supplies, such as
brick, cement, eta, used by Swift or Company in
carrying on its business.
Glaring duplications appear, such as "sardines"
and "canned sardines"; "butterine" and "oleomar
garine"; "dried sausages" and "dry sausage," etc.
The list includes 37 kinds of sausage; 4 dif
ferent kinds or preparations of beef tongue, etc, etc.
Simmered down, Swift & Company handles in
addition to meats and meat by-products, only butter,
eggs, cheese, poultry, canned goods, lard substitutes,
and to a very small extent, dried and salt fish? And
the proportion which we handle of the total supply
of any one of these is absurdly small.
Do you want to be fooled by such misleading
and ridiculous statements of the Trade Commission?
Do you want radical legislation based on such absurd
Let tu estad you a "Swift Dollar."
It will interest you.
Addres? Swift and Company
Union Stock Yards, Chicago. IH.
Swift & Company, U. S. -A.
Washington Local Branch, 10-14 Center Market
D. T. Dutrow, Manager

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