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Qiicago Rtxeivers ?tn Halt
Base ?Stealing of Cmcin
nati Club.
item Tork. Sept. ?.-What the old
? ?ray? about "the band that
the cradle.'' baseball ssges say
? hands that receive the pitch
er?* ?laut?.
at la admitted that in combatting the
lass? ? ?? S of th? opposition and di
recting the field play of the team, the
natnhT baa on? of the most impor
tant posta of th? defense
tn IB department the White Sox
at* stronger than the Reds. Ray
dchalk is on? of the greatest catch
ers of th? game. He is a hard work
as?, a fln? general aad Judge of plays.
aad his work In steadying pitchers
assi iafl?*d?r? mahn? him a more de
sssBdavba? player than any of the Red
a-t?-rv sjjsjsjjsk?; the entire series of
1SI7. batted JSX fielded .94? and held
th? Oiazits to four stolen bases in the
?U garnis He baa workod in 127
??mss this season and bas batted
84. the bast mark he has made in
tbe last three yean.
43eta Call.
Ivy Wingo and Bill IJundin have
alternated through the season fur
Moran. Wingo is but one point be
hind Schalk in battimi, but he is
the inferior by a wider margin in
kaao running and general work. On
account of previous experience in
the big series, Raridea may get the
call from Moran. He caught five
cun? of the 1*17 series after M? -
?3arty had been hart He betted
-1SS. fielded 1.004), and held the
White Sox to six stolen batta. Hut
his generalship waa below par.
New Tork fans to this day have
not forgiven blm for leaving the
plate unguarded in the sixth same
wben Heinle Zimmerman pulled his
historic fate of chasing Eddie Col
Una aero?? the pan. Hia stick work
this season has been around .21':.
Schalk waa worked so much this
??aaon that Byrd Lynn, the second
stTiag catcher, hasn't had much uf
a chance to show himself. He has
wnrked in only twenty-four games
ta year and has a batting average
? no.
iniB May sv?rk.
Allen, the ?econd-strinn m;?n
at C ?taran fold, bas warmed the
he? - a season. He ha* a very
a*???? h. ?ce of gettine into the
9el*?J* - " be depended upon to
???? ? _. latlon that arises in
et?- ? ? dangerous man
mt Ite bat atei : ?"lesle on th? ba- ??-?
Al. -. -t-j ?>w him weight
?no?. I? oat^aaaaee either ?>f M -
ran's .?? ' r? ^-?a.
Tlie Navy Tard football team were
?u-, bjbS ?t '?tn" again today holding
r.a?-t I abo?'
;wo ? mm. V were
rtsier ?urn? l-ir? nphre?.
_ -c-ja, IwaJtln.??.
-e-V?_ I? . .*?-?- ??<-*"?
\w.<i.-i?? Coach
??. ? . ? ? . _M are re
.-e.i ir. y yard
field, ?outh end of Anaco*?? Bridue,
?? 103? Sunda? mornin.. for ??-rini
m?ce practice.
riK.-vr fur**?: Mil? r <: KHis. "? ?""?
. at. .?ea. 1 to ? t M tri OemnaMm. 1ST (M
er*. 7 ? I 3 to 5 Hn-ra?. It? ??**1. ? ?J? >?
?_, , at : '< i??ei?u?lch. lndt*????'t. '???e?
Tra.??. *utu?rr Si;h. Wilfred?. |?p??-??? U* la
?.?afre. Mis. -M-rliii? ?k? ran , . - .
?amp BACK Si? fnrlor-s ??p? Brifti
trav IIS l?-al-r?. S t.> V ?'? M S. I ??*: l?ruitr??r.
il. ? ? .immer . I !.. ?. 11?.' r-as?. OS rhwan*.
? !.. -, Tfl-e. 1 11 W Ma-d?. Tot? el?o ran
T-niRI> RArE Mile V.ee ??.?--. 1G-' 'P?
ra??. 7 to M?. 1 to ?. ant. |rem?ne. H77 ihn??-'.
, i? -,. ,.it Henb-ria. 112 iKiee'. ? 1" 5. Tim.-.
1 ?t lwrnr-1.. IsstrSk ?la. ran
??1 BTH li't: Mil??. ?>?er ?????. Il? irai?
brother). 3 to 3. oat. .?it ; W?r Ria? "? fei
?Uasnl. ? lo V oaf Hall?. Ili (g?uns?e?'. ??It
Teme. 1.3S1*. Sienr ?too r?n.
tlrTU RA?"?V Mile ?ad ??e-ferteenthe. Ooal
-, m (?.tori. 1J t,. 1?. 2 to 5. ??it : Hasin. Ill
iBjastoai. t t.. t rait: John ? ??t. 115 iRorsaai.
1 to i Tlfae. 2.1-2? War Note. Rorjrport.
Babette asa? ran.
?tlXTH RACO-F1?? turi?*???. Kdwina, Iti
.???irh-i-hrr). ll u? i 4 '.. 5. : to 3: C?m?r?on.
ili 'Fatori. S to 5. 7 t.? 1? s?nd!?-d. 113 'IH
rasai. ? to t Tu?e. 5S1 5 The Sa? h. t?. Wear?.
Royal l?*-? Til? Waeooer. ???|??.?? Je. ran
?TRST RAPfcV r1?e hj-lonf-: Korerer. 11?
??JsutTiusvrl. ?4? ? ">. 14* Titani?. US 'M'ir.
?p??|, 11."?. tat. It '-.!.? p ??? iCnllin- 4.5?
G??. 141 I-raanberr?. Koval Red Bird. Sea
Mine! RoUVtdn?. Sadie ? U le Ma.?. Tarl.e
"rf?a.rai Mis- ?ita.hetn. ?n-???? The? ?hai*
??t Pam -I- tau.
??G???? ???'?-??-?.! ' >" nil-- i.ar?o?le.
JS IKenuedT?. 4c*. ?.*?. i?. H?>. ? Heart.
SS IBan-sl. 11 ?. SS? Sea >trete. US IWil:
srns? 4.*a Tinv ?I??? ilialknte. Superi??.
S-G?. ronnell al?o ran.
THIRr? ttA?T- Si? lirior?? -^dan : 12
W*dsl 7.1?. ???. X??: Imam V. IIS 'Srhtrnn?
?? _9X -? Menon II. .11* St ?'"ItiHelt.
If? Tie? II] IS. Kur Ttrri!, f-erterl tnrl.
Imi? Quero. Hal??- O.rrene?. Matte Mirror.
Jemmay. lest? Ira?
rrjrOtTR SUCK Mile and or?-?iileenth An
Biir?l? ST IWtdsl. *3TS U.? a?S: Belano ?G
??jB-aOBMI. ">? **> T,'<.Km. '?? M
rascar?!, ?J? T.m- I ?: tS The I_at Bird.
??? P. -p??'- B.ermar Sopi-Je Gtlneol
'?BKea artlsm. Kali? ranal <~Vr?nnt. Tootete
?e? ?rj? ???????!? B. Nanre-i. Al?i?4l? ?Jsn ran.
>IS1SJ ??l-B-MO. end mrtenlt yards Belle
?a???" hs Isssssssss??*;. ass. is?, ?set: f>i<-h
a? T???. ?C 'Raauttiaal 15" ont-. Bally .Moone?
BJ (sCtssjb???i. ?sl Tun?. 1:44 3-3. Dtn?sla? S
BW. nav
S1XTB ??G? Mil- aad ooee?nte-nu, Tbe
?arlsisn II. 1? iKeh-rV STS. 4.30. X4S; Bet??.
? IPI?re?l. Uli?. ??: Kimnalon?. ST (Wide).
a?. Tas?. 1 4SJ- Polio?, txrbalia. Cain
?arlns. Artist. Cahelt. KiDl Bird also ran.
?Mi RACK- Mile ?nd one furious'
WoTisr. 11? iDr-ier' UTS. I ?. 4J0: Thrift, 114
tAmaati. SJS SIS; Balled. 110 (Hamilton!. ISO.
rts-r. IS) ?5 Bsr Cor. Boc>t?oard. Kirstin
3a%\ nsa-lt. Woad Violet ?ho nan
why folks with Tttlan-hued top
piece? always seem to be some
what sensitive about them. For
?or part, we like red-haired
folks?belie?? they bring a? all
sttrta of lack. Wby. just tbe
other day our flrat customer was
? chap who?? upper story looked
like a Bolshevik battle-flag.
oi th? balance of the day we
nearly had tailors' cramp taking
That's wby we're going
pick oat the reddest-h?ired man
tand woman ia Washington and
saake >m a present very s?x>n.
We're rr">ing to *u?t naturally
cinch this lick thing, and make
the other ta.lors ?It up and take
Keep your eye on The Herald
tor final announcement and If
?roa ' oeld use a Free Suit and
have red hair, drop us a card
?nth your name and address on It
811 ?evnnth St.
Ke air ???er the Addre??
Major Ir-eagrae Statuti?.
, AatKftlCAlV LKAblE.
? twlerday'. ImUt,
New Tork. t: Athletics, ?.
Detroit, IS: Chicago, 7.
Where Tbey Fatty Today.
Boston at Washington, t games.
New Tork at Philadelphia
Detroit at Chicago.
St. Louis at Cleveland.
Staatallauj ot Uto CM**.
w. u im. w. ??, ect.
Cajear.. ? t? ?
Oawswatsd... S 54 ?
New Tork.. TT S? ,S
Bort?n. at et at
ri? Louis ? ? .??
WaaJlingt???. ?S SI
? ?S Ja-rJAthWiefc.... 3? !? SB
Testerday?? Beaalta.
Brooklyn, It; Phllles, $.
New York, t; Boston, 3
Cincinnati. (; Chicago, 5.
Cincinnati. S; Chicago, 0
St Lout?, 2: Pittsburg. 1.
?tere Tbey "?lay Today.
Phillies at New Tork.
Brooklyn at Boston.
Pittsburg at St. Louis.
Chicago at Cincinnati.
?tanaHaar of ?he Claa??.
W. L. Prt W. L. Pet.
Ctaarutati.. SS ?3 "AT IwookWn. A T? .4ST
New Tork.. M SI .?UJilosti-?. ? st ?B
l-hirasw. T4 M .5*-.! Usais. . S ? .S
rittstsirs ?? ? .ill IM.?llie?. tr ST .SS
Laurel. Md.. Sept. M?Consider
ably more than $100.000 will be di
vided among the owners of
thoroughbred race horses that par
ticipate in the twenty-seven days
meeting of the Maryland State Fair
Corporation that will begin at
Laurel Park on Wednesday, and the
eleven days session of the Maryland
Jockey Club that will be Inaugu
rated at Plmlico track on the ftrat
of November.
The purse distribution at Laurel
Park will be $247.000. at Plmlico
$130.000. At neither Laur? I Park
nor Pillili??-, will a purse ot latta
value in added money than $1.000
be offered. Overnight events will
run up to $:.00n (added money) Tn
The stake? ? hat will be decided at
Laurel Park have closed with 827
entries;, the nominating horsemen
representing* the best of American
sportsmanship and the animals
named to rompete for the Maryland
State fair purses being the best of
the various nares the countrv af
? _
I FIRST OA? ? ?laiming SIJS?; lor j-;ear
olds aod up: 6 furlong? led? Walde??*. t?;
*R B. JoboaiA. lie*: ?rtiuivri?l linen?, ? IIP;
?Militare System, 117: Montarue. lflB: Pnlhi?.
Ul: *Traat-. K5; *sirocoo, IE: "Star Bahr, H":
Boo Tromp. [?; stwr y??., ???: Blaise. ??.
Aim eligible: V? Stall?. St: I'ortlistit, 112;
? Fairr-la;. 1*4: -Milda. U; Hast; Cora. NT:
, ??lie H. 10D
SBIXlNl. RACE-I'iirar $l.*n: 2;e?r-old mal
den Mile?: St. hiri?os??. Wild Plow?T, 115:
! Met?. 115: Herarlf. 1!S: Di?na. 115: l'an?-. BU?
lata?. 1:5; Hravtaenlar liiri. 115: Iris, IK:
I'eior OL. 115: Hemod rtmsln. US r>yes '
[Tooth. 115: MssBky, US; Donna Roma, IB.
Alan elbtibtr: Onterrllli?. US: MassaW, Hi;
Water. Meet 1W: DrealeO. 115; Uotden Dawa,
IB; Mamie ??.. 115.
THIRD RACK U ?0 >iee\eotds and up; 1??
aule? Mis. Hertaan. 100; Cotlaterbalance. 105.
L* Foudre. 10*: ?2 Rey, :?T: *Uooker>. Ul:
I^ah ? ?retiran. 1?; 'Lucili. T. 104; Bed Sur.
Ill: 'Alhena. 103 'Thaiikrai'inl. HS; Shadow
: I..O. Irt; TukaJon Marrli. 110. AI.? ?lisible:
| Kshorter. IB; Se? Oenhid. IK): Rolland. Ml
' -lanK. FbeAer. 105: ?instai lra>. 109; Rhymer,
FOCKTH RACE ?,,?. ?2.??3: the rmoing
Hand cap; S-vear-okls and up: IV? mila? Aram,
M?: Ptatoraui. Its': Bell Solar. 102; Piedra.
113: San.. lv.:r 3d. 103: Drastic. :18: John O
IK: Pnsapeotor. IS): landen 06: Minto 3d. ie
na?*???, RACE-C,?? added; tha Autumn
Handicap: 3->ear-ol?ts and up: ? furino??. Top
? Coat MIO: Col Tailor, 100: linden. KO: Looting
L'i? 104: ?????t Klee. 105: Major l'arte. IB;
Basil. 105"; Sex-li Curare.. Uti Amenean Ara
? 11.': Blartie D.w. 115: Cboruihip, 115: Viva
Arri rio?, tal; nrm?.?vLU\ 115; Kiaf ?Tonn. US;
?tal Gwa. US; Jack Harr. ir. 13: High Ooet.
.-IXTH RACE Pursr I1.5S): Ijear-old?; ?
?wrluasr?. U.1, Batt?i, :?: Marvin Ma;. V?:
Make ti.. 10?: Lorraine. 10?; Our Birthda;.
105: kint uni. 109: Mvel. nous Ulrl. MB: Pya.
I lei VI?, l'ub., IOS; ClintunTille. 112; Isuke of
| VlVI?nglj-n ??: friz. US. Also eUgibla: Viola
Part. WS: Wendy. IOS: The Swimmer, 100.
sKVEXTH BACK- U.?*?: J-icar-.??*..; Hi
mil.. "Rodds Tucker, at; "Meduea. H7; 'Calli
r.-rrt. SS: Wadsworth'a last, 110; Jodfr Daeid.
I I<B: MfcAdoo. II?; Boh Bater. KB; Money. 11?:
?Sol i.ilw . 105: Pan-ish. UO: Aldebaraii. IN:
! -Ctiilhnn. IOS Also eligible: Mia? Pronor. lie,
?I'd Berrman. 10T: Rimerai.. 103; Broom ?sweet.
I UO; 'Walter C. Peer?, 10f; T?-nghee. IK?
| *Apr?retitioe Allowance tlaimed
- FIRST RACK I laimint: 3->ear-olds aod up:
? I1? Diilee. Cai.tal Cit;. 110; Sir "Saw, Johnson
j 110; 'Will Is-. 110: *l*airl?. 105: -Sophia Oate?
! wood. IOC: stir L'r>. Ut: latta, ???: ?Halle; Head.
? MS: Edith Bamr...iin. 10?!: 'lark Heal;. 9?; John
?W Klein, 11?: ?Prone.. Iti: ?Senator Broderie?
? 105: *Balv. Siete? US.
-MUSH RACK Selling: slo-pli-cNase : 4-;eai
old? and :r: : mile. Crear Hill. I?S: Candi
date H. O?; Harenod. 134 ;-?tt????. 140: Mini..?
' China. 134: l?. r.-i. 13?; Rhomb. ?49; Bob
Reiltleid. 13?.
THIRD RAI f. Tin Bite Purse; ?;e?rold
t ?lUes: I furloruo. led; of the Lake, !?S: Martha
? Uietett. of Alli.aJi. KS: Herri Girt. IOS; His
> (tioio. IOS; Vtolet Tip. IOS.
? t-OCRTH RAI*): G?.? S?i-oAiehann? Handicap:
?-rear-oiu? aad wp: ? f-.H^ig? Bill; KaDy. US:
? startttaf. ITO; Bill IteCluy, 9S; *Ctiartte La??
derjkar. S: leeieham?. IS: Franklin. HS: Rakn,
9?; Oraak. US: Paating shower, IB: Onaaweil.
??GG? ltACB-The Haere ?le Orane Handi
| cap; S-rear-o+fte and up : 1 radle and 1 fnrlong.
TCodgel. TS: Brterminator. 131: Orjdre, 1*2;
'Midnight *in, MS: tSIr Barton. 134; m. Poe
'ter. U>: Midway. Ul: Crank. MS: ?Bill; Kell?.
I US: il^ocharea, li?: Tlppit; Witrhat, MS: Slip.
I per; Elm. ?. *C"r?Oimai!der Boe. entry. t**orr
? 8???1 RACB-Selling: .'. learoHs and up;
I 1-M miles. King John. Ul: 'Sunn; Hill, 1st:
I -Dalreman. 103. Lord H.rbert. US: Mriah Kla?.
iMS; "Th. Dewrrt. SS: Wb^t ?"??1. 10?; "Brooat
? Peddler. .03
-KVF.\TH RAi'K-<1aimirig; 3-ye.r-olda and
up: lit a?iles Bajaaat. lit: Shimbeeer 3d. US;
' isabelle ? 10G: 'Jack Damon. 16T>; *Don
I Dodge, Kfi: Noucldin. U0; Haadful, U0: ??????
1 tain Fay. 107, *1>rllnsoarre, MS: -Bill Huritle;.
I 1*; IrsdolerMe. UO; Lutlu-r. 11?: 'Harrr Rret
' ?ogel. 105: *l*ut? and Calla. ME.
j *Apprwatio? tilowaaoe elatmed.
, -"Teo rsorjTids claimed for rater
1'IRsT RACB-Fne 3-;e?r-oid. and up: i-ksim
nag; ?B? fririons? Mackenzie. US; Uuueoirr.
MS; linind;, US; ilmbala. St: Jynlee. UT:
Boratrn-aid. ??, lAIbert A. US: IrUtobtal May.
1?: lilerpner. 107. Gus rlrbeer. 11?; "trotiby. MB
i Right Angte. 110 Tho? F. Meatthon, 107;
Kohlnoo,. MB. Bar of Phoeaii, U0; Mia? Org.
, 105 Ibe Deciaioii. 120; Back Bay. Ul.
SatCOKD RACK - For J-yrarolde aad up :
gueevxsboro Handicap OAgM lias? : abo??? 2t.
! mile?. Dec???- 1? Bartlle. 153: Northwood.
1 lit.
? THIRD RACK?Por t-year-olda; aelling: t fur
long? Indiscret io?. UO; Sbenaodoaii, 110; Ox?
o tbe Rooat. s?; Pr?wdo?ore. st; Orlean? Out.
FOI RTH RACS-iTor Setal ?III? aad up; The
rilsiaaaii Ifandirap; tails and a furlooc. Nut
cracker. IT: Cora TaaatL MS; IsKSlBte. US; War
Matutee. St.
FIFTH RACrV- Poe all act?; aeJIing handi
rap: mire-Paaaa-an, U7: R-count, US: Tenon.
bona. 112; ?Triiatledoe. 1?; Tetley. A: Bltir
rowt?. 112.
Si Aril R.VCtJ-?*or *-;mroid raaidena: 5 fur
lons? Issltarretirst, U4; Urrhetlo. U4; tV??ide,
Ul: tad; ?marar,, IM; Marran Adama Ul;
Junboe??. HI; Lady ?? rat at. Ul; led; Wood.
Ut; Mar Roberta. 114: Ma; Alle;. Ut; Rambler
Baa?. U?; G?? paper. 114; rioriai?. US; Swirl.
IM; Dtrkka. 111.
its a good
Thing- ????'e
OrL \'? SHOW
, you SUMPlN?,
6oy5 Sto ?
Trenton. N. J.. Sept. 26.?An offer
? of S2ii.'iori w?? made todny by the
, Trenton Athletic Club for a Benny
Lreonard-L#ew ' Tendier eight-round
j bout to be staged in the Secona
?Regiment Armory some time In No
: veraber.
Joseph R. Mense, half owner of
the Trenton Athletic Club, is ready
to deposit a certifl.-d ?-heck in any
? bank the fighters may name the In
: stant they sign article? and post for
I feits.
Gallaudet's football squad was out
| yesterday for a short drill and pre-'
timinary work with the varsity run- |
nine tlimugh signals. It Is thought
that the hack Held will be made up
of Sei?.? ?if Washington State, a new I
candidate, together with Wilson.
Siinnor and D??wnes, the center of
last year*? basketball team. 1
The squad will bold Its first scrim
? mage of the year Monday against
one of the high schools. Bucknrll
?college h?s canceled its canie of
i October 4 with Gallaudot.
Tigen Chase White Sox.
; Chicago. Sept. _?..? The Detroit TiKer?
: defeated the f'hampion White Sox
i here today In a slaughter. 10 to 7. The
I Juncleers piled up an earl?? lead and
th?, Sox could not ?-atcli up. Si-oi.? t>>
. innings:
IMroit AUH.OA.E.,0.ic?an Au.H.1) A K.
Brno.a?.. IIS1 1 l-it?..l.it . 42111
Yt.nnc.2h II".? Mt ?? HI?? ss 11)11
Shorten.cf. 5 2 0 0 MM Mnl'n.2b ? 1 2 0 ?
VcacfUf... ? J 2 0 l1?ea?er.3h.. 2 10 0 1
Heilman.lb S1D0 SIM riel njb ! 2 1 1 ?
Klecw-ad.rf 4 4 1 1 '. J...-4?-. ...If.. : t 0 1 0
Jonesjb... 3 2 0 0 OM.ieihi.lf J 2 0 0 0
Ainenilth.c 4 3 3 4 '? .1 ? lhi;?.ei 3 2 2 0 0
DiuHkp.... 4 10 2 Sjiiandil.lb... I ? 10 ? 0
l-rr.?, ... 1 ? I I I Hieben.?!.. 4 0 0 ? 0
Jenkinse... 4 1 S 3 0
|Sulli?an.|i.. 3 10 11
1. ,?,?.. 110 0 0
Tutsi?.. 41 t? 27 17 ?. Tutee . 41 14 S 12 I
?Retted for Sulliv.u: ir ?. ? 111
?Xteolt. 001 IM ?10-1?
?Jhjcaso. 000 303 002 7
Sur. narr: Runs?Burn, Vasca 2. Heilman 2.
? Ftacstrad 4. Jone?. I?-ibold 2 F. t'olita?. Mc
Multin. ".?-Oh-llen, Murpbv. J rolline.. Two-ba?e
Mt*-Ve?eh. liana?. Mi.rph>. hlruck ?-?it? B>
' Suili.an 6. by D?iiim Z. Ba&e in bell? ?iff Sul
: ll??n 5. .?T Dan?? 1 IroiiHe |Ja>??Bash to
! Youiir to Heilman. I ? -t to Toma? to Heilman.
? Serrtficr hit? Ainsmith ?. Teems, Shorten,
j Jone?. Stolen uasr?~Jetiklli-?. V".i,h. Shrvten.
.Time rf ?.me?1:40. t'mpin? II?Mebrand ?id
Giants Trim Braves.
B.?ston. S-pt. J?.--Th?? Giant? de
, feated the Bra\e? here today In the
? Muni asjfseBraae. ?>f the Gotnamites,
5 to S The McGrawlte? bunched
.in. in tn?? .hi! atad linai innin-s
? una put over th?? n.-.-essary runs to
I ?apture the ?tarsie?*. Score by in
: nings:
: New Tork . ... ono 030 Oil?5 S 1
! Boston . 100 000.00?3 7 2
Ryan, Dubuc and Smith: KHlin
i gim and Gowdy. Wilson.
Dodgers Land Slngfest.
| Philadelphia, Sept. M?The Brook
lyn 1 >"<!-? : ?? captured the final
| iiamr of the series from the I'liil
i lies here today, 13 to 3. A trio nf
I'hillie pitchers proved easy for the
Dodfrers. Score by Innings:
Brooklyn _220 003 411?13 IH o
Philadelphia. . 200 U10 000? 3 10 1
Smith and Miller: Cantwell. Che
ney, Rix?*y and Clarke.
Pepcoi Laid Another.
The Pepeo A. C. defeated the
Remoce A. C. yesterday on the Monu
ment Lot by a count of 5 to 0. The
features of tbe game was the pitch
ing of Klein and the batting of C. Jett.
The score :
Pepe?. ? S S 1 S 1 0 1 I-*.,
oatterie? R ?. a. Hoben, ?nd Bailes P.
A. C, Klein ?ad C. Jett. Cmiir?--Mr<'.mder
and Martori.
Pirates Lose to Cards.
St. Louis. Sept. 26 ?The Pirate? mid
Cardinals were hooke?" up in a long
battle which took twelve Innings to
de? ?de in favor of the Cards, : m I.
Adams and Schupp had a duel, with
Fred receiving the best of the armi- ?
ment. Score by Innings:
Pittsburgh..1 0000000000 0-1*0
St. Louis....0 0000010000 1?2 8 2\
Batteries ? Adams and Schmidt
Schupp and Clemons.
Greennard's Win One.
The Qreenhard baseball team de
feated the Brightwood olub yester
day In an exciting game. 2 to 0.
Monahan. who pitched for the win
?ter?, waa In form and held th?
Brightwood? safe all the way.
Walter Hurley and ?.-?G???? Leopold
.aught twenty small mouth baas at
We verton last Saturday afternoon
and Sunday.
Walter Johnson i> spending a few
days at Aquia Creek angling for
bast- and pike.
Kroni now until the end of the basi*
sea-ten .smelt are a moHt attractive
bait for bacs of either variety and the
only live bait for the Mg mouth fel-1
Iowa. There is a tendency umori- ;
aneler? to crowd the bait bucket with,
too many which will ...in?, bad results
without fail. Put from twenty to;
thirty fn vour pail but before doing so ;
lower tiff temperature of the water I
several decrees by putting in small ?
pieces of ice. Then place a big piece
of Ice on top of the bucket and your
chances for ivarhing the fishing
grounds with bait alive are excellent.
Capt. Ch?rlf-i (?. Simons, who ha*
been llshfn-K at Anula Creek for the
past two week.-. rame up a few
ttoyi fago with sixty bass, which h*?
distributed emoni: his friends and
r? turned to the creek for more.
Hugh Oriffin lias returned to dutv
after several days' ?shlng on th
lower part of the Potomac.
?Toe Hunter had a successful da:'
with artificial bait above Great
Tails the early part of the week.
Sergt. Chick Richardson went to
Piscataway Creek last Sunday with
fifteen smelt and caught flftc-n
buss. Tou couldn't call that wast
ing bait, culliti voti?
The annual fishing tournament clv
en by the Howard A. French Com
pany was held nt Chesapeake Beacb.
Sunday. September 21. Two hundred
Washington fishermen attended l'io
outing. Six hours* f?shir.n in very
rough waters, kicked up b? the brisk
The Nationals will battle the Bo.
lott Red Sox Cus afternoon in the
final ?louble-header of the season,
when they ?tat t a three-game serien
with the Huh tribe. The first gam
win ?tari ?.? S o'clock and the Sun
?la> same ?Jill liegln at the regular
time?r.-??? i? ?it.
Manager (.rifilili ?aid last night
t'.iat he would ?tart two of hi.?
younasters ngainst the l.e.l Sox trioe
in tilts double attia?-ti??n. Tim Jor
?l:iti will have a chance to show the
Washington fans what he has tn
warrant hi., being retained by the
Nationals fot* another season, while
Harry Courtnc?-. the l*kely-looktng
left-hander, will do the honor? in
the second contest of the afternoon.
Reds Captare Two.
Cincinnati. Sept. **?.?Redleg? cap
tured both -ames? of the double header
here today from the Chicago Cubs, the
opener ? to 5 and the nightcap by a
shutout. S to ft. Bailee wa? hit hard
In the flr?t game but managed to
tighten up In the pinches while
Vaughan was hit hard In the sixth
antl seven runs crossed the plate.
Score by Innings:
R ? E
Chicago.? 0 1 0 0 0 n S tV-5 13 2
Cincinnati....0 0 ? 1 0 2 0 ? 1?? 9 0
Batteries?Carter and CParrell: Sal
lee and Wingo.
Second game:
Chicago.0 0 ? ? 0 ? 0 0 0?4) S 1
Cincinnati....!? 0 0 o ? 7 ? 1 x?8 S 0
Batteries?Vaughan and Killlfer;
Fisher and Rarlden.
Racing Today
Havre de Grace
Havre de Grace Handicap
$10,000 Added
im ii ihm; ? steeplechase.
Special Pennsylvania Railroad
train leaves 12 o'clock noon direct
to course.
ADMISSION: Grandstand and
Paddock, $1.65. Ladies, $1.15?
including War Tax. '
FIRST RACE ?? .:.o IN Jl. I
winde attending the equinox, brought
a big aggregai*? catch, but no unu
sual individual one?. Albert Collina
carrit?d off the fine split bamboo deep
eea rod with a catch of fhirteen
trout: Name Shadid landed the priste
for the largest fish while Ix>u Phlpps
drew the $G. gold piece for iho boat
man brin King the crowd with the
largest catch. The rough watermad??
trout rather scarce and some of the
unifiers were mad*-? aeasick. but on
the whole th?- affair was a Mea?**?.
l'asti Achterkirschen, Henry vveti
renberg. Butch Schooler and John W.
.?urloy were the participant? in a
fishing expedition near Annapolis laat
Sunda\. which they do not en re to
repeat. Chartering one of the local
iMiatmen they want to tne hshtng
grounds deapite the rougrmeas of the
water, but shortly after anchoring
the boatman became seaaick and final
ly the whole party, except Hurley,
lucami? affected violently. They pulled
anchor and started for port, hut a big
wave went over the boat ami CMMtl
the engine to atop. After a perilous
ten minute? in which Hurley prayed
and worked at high spe-ed to start the
engine, while the other occupante of
the craft didn't care if they did aink.
the engine began to function properly
and the party reached land safely
with ? vow of "Never again."
Pc ti irlas Watten, Cheater Ferris
and Thomas"WH|M caught sixteen
bass and four pike In Piscataway
Creek last Sunday, The flah w* re
taken ?luick'y and lack of bait only
prevented a record-breaking catch.
The opening of a coal mine on
the south fork of the Shenandoah.
just above Overall, is said to be in
juring the fish ine in that excep
tionally fine locality.
Football Games Today.
? ieorgetown vs. Twelfth Infantry,
at Hilltop. 3 p. m.
West Virginia vs. Man?*...?
V. M. T. vs. Hampden-8idne>.
Kutgere vs. Ursinus.
I.ehigh va. Villa Nova
??eorgia Tech. vs. Fur man.
Ci emoni* va. Krakine.
Virginia vs. Randolph-Mucoti
North Carolina State vs. Ouilfoid
Itucknell v.-?. Pennsylvania.
Davidson vs. l?ako Forest
Dartmouth vs. Springfield.
Harvard vs. Bates.
Itrown va. R. I. State.
Amhcrat vs. Bowdoin.
Army vs. Mlddleburg
Wounded soldiers from all the hos
pitals In and around Washington will
b?. enabled to watch the world serie
battle between the Chicago Americans
and the Cincinnati Nationals when it
start? next Wednesday, and as it
lasts until ? he champions are declared.
through th?? Knights of Columbus
committee on war activities, which
has arran-cd ?o that an automatic
scorelioard is io he brought here from
N.w York City.
? fiarle? F. O'Conneil. general secre
tary, has returned from a visit to New
Vork. and announces that th?? electric
lighting hoard is to ne installe?! on
the athl. tic Held at Walter Keed Hos
pital, where thousands of veterans of
fVance may view the games ?? though
they were on the scene.
Scholastic Gossip.
H ich school football tram?? held
thi-ir regular predir*? yesterday.
Central. W?UMB. Eastern and
T.iij-inees .-.quads have not reached
the intensive stape a? yet. but are
likely ta start scrimmacinc some
time next week. The Tedi .jquad
battled around considerable, and
th?? boys are used to the hard
knocks they, receive in ?i-rimmait
ing. Coach Apple had at least flfty
five boys tra in in?, Contrai had
sixty-five. Western forty-ft v? . East
ern twenty-ftve. and ' Kui-iness
Coach Metzler of Contrai, will
start scrimmaging today. H?? has
an abundance of experienced mi?
'. tertal. and the candidates should do
As to the Central situation, all
matters indicate that there will be
a schedule of sports. It hag been
learned from reliable sources that
the athletic faculty advisers* ruling
will, be ignored. and scholastic
sporta be run on the same basis as
Indisi? WO Work.
The Mohawks foothall squad will
hnld a practice this afternoon at Sev
enteenth and T> street.? southeast, and
all candidates are requested to be out
for this workout.
Westovers to Work.
The Westover football team will
hold a practice Sunday at Twenty
fourth and ? streets northwest, at
11 a. m. All candidate? are re
quested to be on hand
Are You Fussy
About Your
If You Are
Come Ser These!
Die Fnirmount"
We have just put in this sporty new model for the
snappy young dresser, whose shoes must match his up
to-the-minute clothes. This trim leader of fashion can't
be beaten. Take a look. Low heel, classy lines, and a
long, slim last which makes your foot look like a million
dollar?! ? ._
Walk-Over Shoe Shop
929 F Sired NW.
HiTre ele Grace
?y MICH W A T.
?-lrsi Ha???Baby Sastatr. tsoiatiia
Oa te wood, gir Willtam Johnwon.
Sesoooel Rao? Crast Hill. Candi
dale 11, Uhomb
Third ltJice-Hl? Choice?. Htr4
airi Alllvar.
Fourtn Rar*-Hill? Kelly. Uoo
t-hai-os. Crank.
Fifth Rae*?Th? Portai. Reas
Entry, jSale? uilnator.
Sixth Raor?Dairyman. ? Ins
John. Rannr BUL
Sventh Raoe?Indoleni-e Harry
Brtevorel. Bill Munlry.
Nationals ?Land Long ?End <
4 to 2 Score In Big
Benefit Battle.
?-??rori-etown s footDatl campaign ?hi
be opersed this afternoon when the
Twelfth Infantry football einen from
Portsmouth play here la the initiai
(ame of the year. The ?-sontest will
start at 3 p. nt. with the Blue ana
Gray line-up a. they worked out in
?crlmmajTe yesterday
The first back held will be corapoaved
of Flavin, quarterback ? apt. Atc
Quade tU Al Leary at halfback ana
Thornton in fullback Succesediii?; im.
quartet will find Jimmy Hulllvan la??*?
era. Hete Carlin, and Jimmy ?tfuca-l.v.
The rest of the team will be made up
aa follows: H. Sullivan, left etto;
Ahearn. left tackle: Huda-k left
sruard; Wirts, ?-enter: U*i*onnell. riri.i
iruard: T. Sullivan, right tackle, ana
Kenyon. nitht end.
Yankees Trrm Macks
New York. Sept 2?.?Tale Vank??-.
<-l?.s?-d the local American !.. ?t .?
season her? this afternoon by scot
inp; an easy victory over the Ath
letics. The score was 8 to 2. The
Auletica Ab H O A El Vanee?? Al? H ut I.
The Nationals landed aa rantf
tion rame yeateittay at tke Flor
? venue bailiwick for th? benefit
the Salvation Army before a a*oo
Katherine of fan? from t*M ell
Army team, by a 4 ta t
M anatrer Clark C. OrltBtr. ?ra
??ente?* with a larare basket of fltytr
ers befor? the ?rame by his adrair
??? frMnd. J
Walter Johnson the a* ansa?
'yclone. was ?ailed upon to do the
honors by ?h? Old Fot
tipped them over for three la
when he retired la favor of
"Catsup" Snyder. who finished the
roate. The bit? train had bla deliv
ery nicked for a scratch slaarle ky
Kraser In the aesrontt. bat the nei?
three batters were art back ky the
strlkeoat route. Walter waa at?war
In danarrr durine hit workowt.
l-'.d Kelly, who started for Massa
arer Pat ?O'Brien, was not totjehess
f??r a hit in his thr??. Imatnfr*. on the
hill, but one run crossed the plaie
whi-n ?Sammy Kior was passed aad
on aome poor pearri nir by the Arm?
infield went all the way around In
the plate with the first tally for tb.
Nationals. Emile pfeil. who rellnwid
Kelly, was touched up ror sia kite
and four tallies In six inninr?
The Nationale ssrored in the o*t
nnd. fifth and put over a ?air of
counters in the sixth, while tke
Army ??cored their tw.? tallies in the
eiarhth on three sins-lee snd an error
Ab H ? A R Asav. *k?.0 A a*
I 1 1 1 <? Vi.t,rf
?IriffiD.lb.. 4 18S S ?ije.il ??
Welah.t-f... S ? ? ? ? Per* a*j??
I - . - s
<iallu.ar.aa t
I ei-kes. ?.. I
?.?MJb . 1
?bastas... J
Rotwruvp 1
Boona.p.... 1
a-awaa. 1
S ? IT raster*
t ? ?Warrl.-*.
? J 1,?*??,..1?.
J ? ty,Haunali.lb
? ? l|Pta-t*h
? 1 OLrwia,!'
? aiiawsctiH
? ?
: ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
I 1 ? I ?
? ? ? 1 ?
4 1 17 ? ?
? ?
: ?
li I
S ?.
Total? ?
? ? ? leFewWer.rf
!" H.sf~o.an.r
J ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
I I ?
: >? ?
? ? ?
a ?? r is ?
?JUrtn uattesl fur abrberu in ?r?Th
S.sire b? iiinusej
AUiIcik?. ?tt ?tt as.-?
Yjukee.. (Jl ?Jr. ?tat
>.imm?r?: ltita?v-?lrirrln Welsh. Per*. Baker,
l-tnr J. P??a, Ravi. ???? Truer rasar bite
Rani? T?otraae hit??!'.?*, lesna easrrlrle
I.Hs ?.sl|.-w?? Iswrra. ??VsLea laaar Virt I???
Me pia? Koben, to Galiowa* ' ? HnlTtn ?????
?m 1.11? -<>. ll.i4.Brta '?. atf Boude I Strack
?wit-?? Mas? C, Ik rVsnese 2 Wild pilen
?Veene l^fl ?se bus?* Tankt ? Athlet ir? r,
G? ? r?? ?Tiill ?nd 4-er.osn- Attea?dao"e--*.???
Hiffclaads Hold DA
At the m. ? ? ?? held laust reUM.? by
the Hiarhland A. C it ?a? decided
upon to call seat all candidat??.- for
the football team Sunday mornina;
at 11 ??'clock. on the Held at
Thirteenth Mreet and flood H?.pe
The mectina wa? largely attend
ed, there h-ine a lara*e /number of
n?-? men present.
Arm? .
I: :B> -
Arme. ?.
Ann? 1 Iseft ?aa
?ae on Bales??>f?
Kell? 1: ?a* P"a?l. x. laa?
Juliiwsn. 3. be Swisdar. ?. b
I?.- .1 S Hu avade ?'ff Job?
5 ?vT Pfeil, t
? ??1er. 8 ?? Ptail 3
?Hule? ?star- Rine?
A'?-?? Gnbel tr.
stata Altro?? atsrl Marta? "ratte at ?
I New York. Sept ? -Three amaieu?
boters will represesl the Cniteil ptate,
in the Scandinavian chamnlon.hir r.
Novemher The A mateer Athle? .
Ink? tods? sent rs?..iest? to all aWI'
ated chits? to arra-ic?- an elimination
eerie, tn the hantam welrh*. listht
weiarht and lltrht hea-rv-wele?
-'ae. . - 4
Why We Are Confident
Our Fall Suits Will
Please You
Months ago, when wr be
gan preparations for the fafl
trade, we oi-rJered onK' such
buits as we could consic-e-fr
tKHisly recomrriend. These
prie? of $30 and $35 actu
ally give us a ?ea*sewds?*T per
centage of profit than many
other makes we could have
secured. We invite ct-im
parison with any other suite
on the market at these
prices, in point of la/orkman
ship. quality, (it and mate
Guaranteed to Fit and Wear
$30 and $35
Other Suits for Mea, $25 to $60
?Smartly tailored from the cleverest materials?
models that are seldom shown even at a considerably
higher price.
Other Slits for Boys, $7.50 to $20
Glove-Grip Shoes
America's Most Comfortable Footwear
$10.00 and $12.00
New Fall Styles in Stetsons
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