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Th? President aa? Mrs. Wilson
took aa automobil? rid? tog.ther
yesterday morain?,
.. Because of tb? continued Ulne??
of th? President the latest plan for
.'?ha visit of th? King aad Queen of
-Bilgium la for tb? royal party,
-which will lavad la N?w Tark on
-?Friday, to reach Washington th?
ia?t week In October after having
Journeyed to tb? Pacific Coast.
a***? ?
The announcement made about a
fin liilatll sg? that th? Prince of
WalaM ?rould l?av? Canaula for this
' city ?bout November IS bas bean
oonArmcd. Tb? prinos bas given up
'bla plan for a hunt for Ma gam? In
northern ?Ontario.
'"Vies Pr?sidant Marshall addressed
t me?lng of th? National War
-??others at th? Willard Botai last
- The Secretary ot Mat? and Mr?.
Xavnslng reached town yesterday af
ternoon, eomlrig from Watertown, N.
T.. where they have been for a week
after spending? a month, at their cot
tag? at Henderson Harbor, N. T.
; go t? ?a?t?????.
' The Ambassador from FYahce and
[ *??-a?. Fusserand will go to Balti
' mor? On Wednesday. October 8, as
'. guests of the national convention of
War Mothers of Amerioa.
Mme. Sulser. wife of the Minister
I of frarltserland, end their children
' will arrive rn Washington toda; from
. Konquitt, Mass, where they spent the
- summer, and will Join th? minister
' at Wardman Park Inn.
The Minister of Sweden and Mme.
EkenKren have arrived at the lega
i tlcn from Edarartown. Mass., where
1 they spent several weeks with their
! children, after returning from Eu
Th? Secretary of the Treasury and
? Mrs. Carter Glass have leased the res
idence. 1329 New Hampshire avenue.
for the season and are taking pos
session this week. The house whu-h
they have been occupying. 1?G3 New [
Hampshire avenue. Is but a few doors
from their new home. Secretary Glass !
spent the week-end at Lynchburg, j
Vs.. and on his return this morning ?
was accompanied by members of his
Last year Dr. ?Thd Mra Harry Gra
fleld made their home st 1523 New
Hampshire avenue.
Col. and Mrs. Colin Powys Camp
bell have arrived from England to
stay with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Letter.
Mrs. Campbell, who was Miss Nancv
Letter, la Mr. Letter's ?later. Mr. and
Mrs. Letter have recently com? to ?
their town house In Dupont Circle
."rom their country pisce on the Po- I
Mr. Albert Billings Ruddock enter
tained a small party of men at dinner
at the Cafe SL Marks taat evening.
Manuel Gondra. the Minister of
Paraguay, and his family, who^riave
been visiting In Paraguay, have
come to Washington and are at the
Hew Willard for a short period.
Baron Goto, the distinguished Jap
anese statesman, will come to Wash
ington today with the members of
his staff who accompanied him from!
Paris, where he attended tbe Peace
Conference. They will go at once ?
to the Hotel Washington, where a
suite has been engaged for them, ;
and wher? they will stay for sev- !
eral days before proceeding to the,
Pacific coast on their way back tu I
Tokio. While here Baron Goto wtll '
bave several functions given In his ?
bonor. The charge d'affaires of the
Japanese embassy. Mr. Debuchl. will
entertain for him.
Miss Davtette Flcklen will enter
tain a luncheon party today at the
Cafe St. Marks In honor* of Miss
"Evelyn Zane, whoa? marriage to
Capt Arthur Hannum Deibert will
take place tomorrow evening. There
will be thirteen In th? party.
Mr. Julius Lay. siting foreign
trad? adviser of the Department of
State, Is recovering from an opera
tion at the Union Protestant In
firmary ln Baltimore.
Salvador Sol. minister from Sal
vador, has been appointed repre
sentative of his country to the labor
conference ln Washington, it was
I announced by the State Department
MaJ. Gen. William C. Gorgas, for
mer surgeon general of the United
State- army, has left Guayaquil on
90*ta the Peruvian cruiser Lima
lor Panama, after having, with hur
(?ssoclstee on the Rockefeller com
t&ls?lon, been engaged for several
?reeks In directing sanitation work
tor the prevention of yellow fever
tm that region.
?--Mrs. Richardson Olbson and her
d*au?jhter. Miss Mary Duncan Qlbaon,
slosed their cottage at White ?Sulphur
-"brtn?? yesterday and return??] to
?"?sh'.ngton last night. They will
$5.50 $7.50 $10.00
-N. Er^ohrach & Co.
J ?*5 G St N. W.
?733 7th St, N. W.
move th? middle of tao wook frota
the house at IT? ? ?tree*, which thoy
have had for a year, to the ChlUom
hous? In "Rhode Island avenu. opposite
tho headquarter? of tho National
American Woman's Suffraga A?oc la -
M r. A. F M. Or??g, one of the aee
retarie? of the Sritlah Embassy, IS
spending ??? Urne at the Hot
Sporta-, Va.
Mra. Robert Dodge Hagnor ts visit
ing In Newport, Pa.. sher old horaa
Mrs. Blalna Elklns wfll cosso to
Washington tomorrow after pas?<nt
th? season at White Sulphur Springs.
Mrs. F. J. H. ISngleken, of Florida.
spent several days la Washington last
week on route from New Tork, where
?he saw her husband sail for Franc?
for a ?tay of several months, to her
old home In Lexington. Ky., where
she will make an extended ?tay. She
also ?topped for ?eversi day? at White
Sulphur Spring?, after leaving here,
to visit her sister. Mrs. Richardson
Olbson. at tier cottage there. Mr.
and Mrs. Engelken lived In Washing
ton for about a year when Mr. Engel
ken was director of the mint.
Mra Grace McMillan Gibson wfll re
turn to Washington early In October
and open her apartment at 13C2 Eigh
teenth street. She passed the sum
mer at Tork Harbor. Maine, but la
now In Boston placing her son In
school there.
Mrs. Avery Coonlsry hs? Joined Mr.
Coonley at Rosedaie, their home tn
Cleveland Park, after a visit to their
old home In Chicago.
Mrs. Roscoe C. Bulmer, who has
been at White Sulphur for several
week?, ha? returned to Washington
Mrs. C. F. Campbell, who makes
her home here with her parents, the
Assistant Secretary of .Commerco
and Mrs. Edwin F. Sweet, haa re
turned to their home here with her
two children after passing the sum
mer in the mountains of New Tork,
where she goes evefry season. Mra
Sweet and Mis? Sophie Sweet, who
passed the summer at a Mlehtgan
lake resort, are now at their home
In Grand Rapids and will return
here shortly. Before going to Grand
Rapids they paid a short visit to
Mrs. Sweet's brother, who la a
clergyman in Columbus, Ohio.
Mr. Robert Doremua. who ?pent
?everal months visiting at various
places In Michigan, haa Joined his
parents. Representative and Mra
Frank Doremua, at their home here.
Mr. Fred Ray. who was visiting
In Washington, haa returned to hts
home In Detroit.
Senator and Mra Truman H. New
berry have as their guest their son,
Mr. Phelps Newberry. He I? con
nected with the Detroit Steamless
Steel Tube? Company.
Mr. and Mrs. Charle? Denby have
returned to Washington after pass
ing the summer at the Huron Moun
tain Club In Michigan and have
taken possession of the house at
2032 O street, which they leased In
the spring before leaving town, but
never occupied. They had a house
In Chevy Chase for about a year.
Mr?. Modellane] Barclay, of CWca- !
go. will come to Washington the mid
dle of the week, after spending sev
eral days In New York, to visit her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Model
land, at their horn? In Church ?treet
Mrs. Barclay waa formerly Misa Nan
nie Mcdelland.
Mr. and Mr?. Metcalf. formerly of
this city, now of the Eastern Shore of
Maryland, will come to Washington at
the end of the week to visit Mrs. Mot
ea!*"? parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ge?rgie
Cooper. Mr?. Metcalf waa formerly
Mils Helen Cooper.
Mr?. Carl Mapes has return?
1 Washington after being at her
home tn Grand Rapids. Mich.. ?Ince
| last June. Representative Mapes,
| who went to Grand Rapids for a
| short stay, returned with her.
Cards are out announcing the en
' gagement of Miss Elsie Schwarte.
! dsughter of Mr. and Mr?. Ben
: Schwerts, to Mr. Philip Militone.
Mrs. Hampson Gary, wife of tho
?American Diplomatic Agent and
'Consul General to Egypt, has ar
? rived in Waahlngton and taken up
; her residence at Wardman Park
? Hotel. She came here to place her
children. Franklin and Helen Gary.
In school. Mra. Gary will remain In
| thia city until th? latter part of
November, when she will be Joined
by her husband.
Miss Ethel Hlckey. daughter of
Mrs. Edmund Plowden Hlckey. haa
selected Wedntrsday. October tl, aa
the date of her marriage to Edward,
Tlerney of West Virginia. The cere
mony will take place In St. Mat
thew? Church at S o'clock, and will
be followed by a small reception for
relatives and intimate friends at the
home of the bride'? mother in Six
teenth ?treet.
Mr. Tlerney and his bride will
make their home In Kentucky for
the present. He Is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Tlerney of Philadel
phia and West Virginia.
Mrs. Dorothy Williams MeCombe,
who waa at Newport with her
mother, Mra John R William?, thi?
?ummer. ha? gone abroad. She la at
present In London and will spend
some time In Paris before returning
to this country at Christmas.
Mrs. Williams Is In Washington
for a little visit, but expects to
spend the autumn and early winter
months at Hot Springs, Va- and In
New Tork.
Mr. Cacar J. Rlckatts has r-etrn
called to Charleston. IU_ on account
of the death of his mother, which
occurred Saturday morning at To?
peka, Kans. Mrs. ?ticket*?, who haa
been In falline health for some time,
had reached the advanced age of 85
year?. She wa? born In Ohio, and
came from old Revolutionary stock.
Her ancestors were Virginians. Mr.
Rlcketts' father, capt. Joshua Rlok
?tta, wbo waa on th? sue? of Gen
Grant during the elidi war, ?Bed
?eventi year? ago In Illinois. Mrs.
Rlckatts for the past three years
hss been making her home with her
daughter In Topeka. Kan?. The fu
neral will be held Monday at Charles
ton, 111.
Mr. ajad Mra. Cornelio? Ford have
sent out card? for th? man-tag? of
then- daughter, Virginia Catherine, to
Mr. Thomas A. Holden, on Wednes
day morning, October I. at 10 o'clock
at th? Holy Comforter Church. A
reception win follow the ceremony
from 11 to 1 o'clock at tho home of
the bride, lilt Bast Capitel ?treet.
A pretty little wedding
Ot Mias
of local tn
Tb? World's Highest Paid Wo
man Writer,
(t-ajasrdskt, ta?. ImaWaaaU? arr-llcsta)
Tarw? women, all of whom had
mad? marriages that had been mor?
th?n ?Anally auccsassful, ware dis
cnsslng th? Inevitable dlsllluslon
ments of matrimony tb? other day.
"1 hav? drawn a ?-lit-??*?? prise
tn tb? matrimonial lottery," ?aid tba
first woman. "Thar? Is no finer man
/ban my hnsband and yet I hav? bad
my rude awakening from my girlish
dream of what marriage would mean.
?My gr??t?at disappointment In
marrtag? Mas b??n that It has
brought aie ao companionship, and
that la what I long for aad what I
"really married to get I pictured my
husband and myself sa two pal??two
souls with bat a siasi? thought two
hearts that bast as on?, you know,
going down th? years In a commu
nity of Interest that never palled on
"And when I bumped ap ?gainst
the reality It gave me a Jar that
loosened my wisdom teeth. G know
my husband love? m*. I know that
he has respect for my Intelligence,
and faith In my discretion, but a
store dummy around th? house would
be just about as responsive and com
panionable a? he Is.
"I know nothing of bis bu?lne?s.
nor of the men and women with
whom he has associateti during the
boors he is away from bom?.
?-His excuse for this Is that he
needs rest and peace at home, and
that if he baa to thrash Ms business
over with me It unfits him for bis
work the neat day. He does not
want me to tell htm about my affairs
because that la adding the household
worries onto his business worries,
which Is true, but It eliminates one
of the great Joys of life?that of
talking over problems with an Intel
ligent and sympathetic listener. I am
a lonesome woman, and I suspect him
of being a lonesome man be?-ause he
haa shut m? out of his world and
would not com? Into mine."
"My husband Is another blue rib
bon busband," said the second
woman, 'but I. too, had my disap
pointments ln marriage. It was when
I found out that I couldn't tell the
truth to my husband.
"I soon found out that If I was to
hav? peace in life and get anything
I wanted, that I would have to fol
low la my mother's footsteps. I have1
to pretend to regard my husband as
an oraci? and ask his advice about
things that I have already decided.
I have to camouflage unpleasant
truths, and walk on eggs to avoid
treading da his pet prejudices, for
big and fine sa my husband is In
many ways, he simply wtll not stand
for candor and truth from his wife."
"My husband is th? best, snd kind
est, and most generous of men." said
the third woman, "but the blighting
disappointment in my matrimonial
career is my husband's lack of en
"Bell?v% me, there la nothing that
takes the ginger out of life more than
having- to live wtth a person who
never ?Bervcscc?,"
"Nob? of us get all we want tn
matrimony." slt-hed the first woman,
and the others agreed.
Schaff. ' daughter of Mr. Snd Mrs.
John Gardner, of New York, to Mr.
H. G. Reed, of Washington, ln New
Tork City on September 11.
The bride wore a smart traveling
suit of.trteotlne serge, with bar to
match, and carried a shower bou
quet ot bride rosas.
She was attended by her friend.
.Miss Jessie Hawley. of New Tork
?City: Mr. J. Howard Schaff, brother
of th? bride, acted as best man.
After the ceremony, which was^sper
formed by the Rev. W. L ' Hughes,
th? bridal couple left tor Buffalo, Ni
agara Palls and Canada.
ir Reed has bean manager of th?
sales department df th? Washington
Gaa Light Company for a number of
years, and has a host of friends ln
Mr. and Mrs. Reed will be at home
after October 1. at 1334 Monroe street,
Brookiand, D. C.
Mrs. Mary L. Stevens, director of
the business and professional depart
ment of the Young Women's Chris
tian Association, has returned from
her summer at Sagamore Beach,
Mass., and assumes charge of this
new department In association man
Mrs. L. aTlaine Rising has ret-trrned
from VanderpooL Va-, where she
spent her summer doing work among
the mountaineers, and Is assuming
charge of the Toung Women's Chris
tian Association Religious Work
Misa Anna L. Rose, well known ln
Washington, who has been a student
at th? Toung Women's Christian As
sociation National Training School,
ln Now Tork City, for the eummer,
haa arrived ln the city and taken up
her rseponsltlilltles as director of the
educational department.
Miss Vesta M. Little, who has-bean
for ten month? doing T. W. C A.
hostess house work tn St. Etienne and
Loire, France, has retttrned. She saw
much of the fiercest fighting and had
many wonderful experiences. She
comes to Washington to become sec
retary of the first branch ot the local
T. W. C. ?., at (14 E street
Mr. and Mr?. Simon Wolf have
returned to the city for the winter
after an absence of several weeks
In Mala?.
Mrs. Joseph Lewis of Columbus.
Neb., is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. David Goldsmith. 141
Uhland Terrace northeast.
Miss Marie Louise Owens, of Rlver
Fscs Peelin? Easy?
Blonde or Brnnnette
"Th. blende'? ersmrsVxlBOn fad?, early, bacaaas
bar akin I? ??reordinarily thin and fin*," ?ays
Mas?. Una Ca.aliarl. "Th. brunette'?, as a
rata. Is tbe iwrer??. The ?Jtln Is thlck?r and baa
a t?nd??w*- to aa oily appearance.''
For either tba, fadad Mond?'? skin or tb?
brunette'? ofty or ?all'?? complexion. Um best
remedy a ordinary nwrcollard wax. rjaaal t,ery
nlatit. til? will ri?, one ?a entirely new eora
rJtexion wrtbirj ?boot a wear'? time. Th? wax
e-radually isaals off tb. wornoota ?urfac? ?Vin,
with ?11-rt? ?Isfsrus, ? little ?ach day, wtUaout
alTectin? lb? aaalrate onderskio la tb? le?art.
Tb. latter wQ* bai? th? asquistutr beautiful
t?os? of ??nixi-lndesl. on* maj' readily loa? ten
?r lfl?1 rear? from bar aa?, ?s lar aa ap
pearanc? so?, by a conns? of this ?hup!, treat
aaaavt. I'M wax. isrecurabl. at aay drag ?tor?,
1? eppUad Hie eoid cream.? AdT.
Hav. you any id?, be? many tho?
?awawawSS of beautiful ????
entirely ont of their heads* If It ia ?Ion. light it
to a rary aimpl* aad daUshtful mattar. achat-?
*"??*? Bair Ookorina doe? tt la art* Btstwaawawa
aad tt I? lrapoas-ible ta dwtect It Tarn? ?ray
hair? te their natural colar and la perfectly
hariiilass. -kharflar-a Hair Colorin? lean? tb*
?asJr beaatifal aod ao ?aw to a? ad al nnt.la?
Vfifft?ma. Lee's
t? ?*na?
"Color" is a word that should be
lor all tima. It stands for the art of doing
something that cautas happiness, economy and
diversity. Happiness, because it can trans
form, a sombre piece of ugliness into a vision'
of colorful beauty; ecbnomy, because it pro
longs the nse of many things? and! diversity
because from one blouse a girl may have all
the pleasure of three or four if she will only
take advantage of the color chart and dye. ,
Now while it is a more or less complicated
matter to undertake changing the color' of your winter suit or
coat it it very easy to dye your silk blouses. If you are pains
taking and careful you can don a green waist this week and pink
the next, followed after that by lavender or blue, all due to the
same little garment, and a bit of dye.
Dyes are being put to an entirely new use. this year, fot
laces have come in vo*-ue. There are lace dresses in the pastel
shades, some of the solid color and others of attractive combina
tions. Every ?ne is dyeing.
Jonquil yellow lace is one of the favorites and looks "ex
ceptionally well on shades of blue and green.
The contrasting color on a lace frode may be furnished by a.
narrow picot-edged ribbon.
Thirty Day?.
Dear aflas bat: Will vou ptau? ?BSfsss the
Uvr? la retard to thutr-tlair ?otic??, ?a aV?
hora? ye? an cKuupyin?t-H. a. I?
Thia Is a matter (Or privata coun
sel. I would suggest that you con
sult a good lawyer.
Vaalty Cas?.
Dear state Lee: Will van pisto? teil me -??
to pola? s ?U??r sanity caavI-O. C.
There er? a number of good ?liver
polishes which can be purchased at
a very amali coat. Buy on? recom
mended to you by the dealer and
follow directions, '
C?re ef Hair.'
Deer sta? Lee: Win ycm jaleas, ?saavat ?oa?.
good ?Bsatpoe for the halrt Hew crftaa ?avsaM
the balr be wasbedl DM a? insert tt my
previe?!? "naatlo? appear in th. teatri?r. D.
I do not print the name? of cosmet
ic? In this oolumn. Any hairdresser
?Me, Md.. and Washington, th? daugh
ter of Preaident Clarence J. Owen?.
of the Southern Society of Washing
ton, and Mrs. Owens, has returned
to her hoirie from a hous? party In
th? mountains of North Carolina.
Earlier In the seaaon Misa Owen? wa?
th? ?tuest at ? delightful house party
on the eastern shore of Maryland
Ml?? Owen? haa been appointed maid
of honor for the South at the general
confederation. Sons of Confederate
Veterans, for the reunion encampment
to be held In Atlanta, Octobet ?-10.
The appointment waa made by tho j
commander-in-chtef. Carl Hlntoa, of
Denver, Colo.
Mr. Charles B. Bryant of t U street,
will this fall take a course of chemical
engineering at the Carnegie Institute
ot Technology. Pittsburg. Pa. Mr.
Frank Repp Caldwell. of 3342 Mount
Pleasant ?treet, will also enter Car
negie Institute of Technology, this
fall, but to take a course in me?
chanlcal engineering.
Mra Tom A. Williams haa left Scot
land, where she, with her son Regi
nald, has been visiting X-ady Mac?
Oregor at Balquldder. She sailed on
Sept. 20 to return to Washington,
after two years In Europe, during
which time eh? waa engaged for lo.ig
perioda In hospital and other war
work in France.
1 li TEHatSTlNO
A wedding of Interest to Wash
ington took place Tuesday In Moul
trle. Ga.. when Miss Alice Rosa of
that city, was married to Mr. Al
bert Bush Manly, of Washington.
The wedding took place In the
home of the bride's mother. Mrs. A
E. Ross, before the immediate rela
tives and friends of the family, as
the recent death of the groom's
father prevented the formal church
wedding planned.
The bride's dress was of white
could ?nggvjst ?ome good ?hampoc
and, of cours?, different issopi? re
quin different shampoo?. Every
two week? la th? accepted length of
time between washlnft-s of th? hair.
Information concerning th? where
about? ot the U. S. S. OvvJ appear???!
?hortl?? after the receipt of your let
ter. That ?hip haa been In New
York since July 1. I do not give In?
formation concerning Individuals.
TJ. S. ?. Yaaueraw.
Daw Ml?. Lee: Wm yea rirwHr tati BM tt
?h. D. a S. Tamarxa? la la portT-sL O.
The Navy Department Informed me
September 27 that the U. S. 6. Tama
craw haa been at Charleston aine?
August 4L
satin and diver cloth trimmed tn
Irish pomt lace and embroidery of
?eed pearls. She was attended by
her sister. Mrs. Ned Marsbburn. of
Charlotte. N. C.. as matron of honor.
Mr. Wll) Manly, of Birmingham,
Ala., was the only attendant of tbe
Immediately after the wedding
the bride and groom left on a wed
ding trip to Canada. The bride's
going away gown waa maave vel
our with black fur?. They will
make their home In Washington at
4127 Harrison ?treet* Chevy Chase.
Both Mia? Rou and Mr. Manly
have a large acquaintance In Wash
ington. Mi?? Ross cam? here early
In the war In war work and wa?
soon Identified with tb? musical set
of tbe city aa a talented plantat.
?ololst and musical reader. The past
summer she was on. concert tour
with several members of the Chi
cago Grand Opera Company. Dur
ing her ?tay in Washington ?he,
volunteered her services to thr
War Camp Community Servie? en
t*?rt?intnent committee for the en
tertainment of the men In the
camps and hospitals. Mr. Manly
has resided In Washlnton for a
number of year?. He la on the In
terstate Commerce Commission.
, Mr. William a Freese entertained
at dinner on Saturday night at the
Wardman Park Inn In honor of MaJ.
and Mra Cyrus W. Haney. Those
I of the party were Lieut Col. and
?Mrs. John H. Adams. Ma' and Mra
: Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M
I Bayly. Mr. and Mra Isaac Gana Mr.
land Mrs. George P. Mitchell. Miss
H. Winifred De Witt. Miss Annie
I Laurie HardHty. Miss Davi?. Mrs.
J8hlvers. Mrs. A Owen Seaman, wife
of Col. A. O. Seaman. Capt- J. O.
iTaneyhlll and Mr. Will J. Haney.
The floral decorations were beau
; tiful and the souvenirs for the la
! dies were silver calendars. Dancing
; was kept up until midnight.
By Ma
Copyright l?lt. by H. E. ?.
?Bl-B-ang Isvke. rrtday.
Dear Od Joan:
Eric la at work on a aaw *rtory.
?pending hour? each day la his room
with his IjpewirUi? cicklng aspas? ilk?
I aa
long, v-miaiai tramp ht tha
woods with deer Tota Benedict aad
?en-using my?lf-e? 1? 4-varyone else
at the hotel-wlth tha sudden passing
of AnlU Corley. th? fSiasji? '-vampire"
of Sllversvxnd Arms It IT?? III II this
way: -?- .
Thors arrived yearterday ? ?silsaiTI
ferou? man. H? Is an official of tJs?
railroad whleh financially backs tha
Sliversand snd other h?dala dottati
along ita reata, assi hs k? oa ah "or
ganisation tour." Ha la John Herroe
by name and about ? by ?s? si??
what-bald. a triti? too ampi, at the
wat,t!lv4e, very ?If ?atltrlled aad fall
of bu-ines?.
On? glane* at hi. cloth?? and
yon have his ratina* In Dun and
Brad.treet Tou know ho awn?
several automobil??, keeps % bank
balance of a few thou?nd always
handy, nd is aceuatomed to buying
everything ha wants. Ha travel?
la a private oar, with a ?er.tary.
a valet aad a cute Jap who acta
aa cook aad butler tn said privat?
Anita??* asethods aro ant sun-ally
crude, .bat on this occasion, ?he
left Tota Benedict flat in the midst
of taa, aad" woat to array herself
for. conquest Th? Bast tao hotel
folks, saw of tha affair wao A nit?
and th? h?nd?ome stranger gJLIwtjig
gloriously Into tha sunset by way
Of Mr. Herron'? snotorboat?Anita
in a flame-colored evening gown
?nd fur-trimmed wrap, and Mil
lionaire Herron ?millng like aa In
ventor on tho trail of ?n experi
The hotel guests found It pleas
ant to camp upon th? porch??, aad
were prepared to sit op all night
to enjoy the delightful tld-blt of
the exclusive boating p?rty*s re
turn. Imagine their disappoint
ment when the glittering, outfit
earn? back almost Immediately, a
look of stoneltke impassivity upon
the bland, pink countenance of the
railroad gentleman, aad forked
lightning ?hooting from the Indig
nant orb? of Mi?? Corley!
The guetta nearly fan out of their
chair? with excitement I aaked the
why? and wherefores of Mra. Kym
"IThe merely told her." ahe aald In
her delightful English volea, -that
?he could not stop on at th? Arm?.
I fancy aba outraged his aense of
propriety. Mr. Montford says he Is
very businesslike In the running of
hts tnna The young lady has been
an annoyance right alonar, hut Mr.
Montford didn't like?
She stopped abruptly. Joan, aad
Imagine my dismay to ?e? the gen
tleman In ?ueatlon stepping rapidly
toward u?.
"Misa V.rlckr be bagan, while I
caught my breath and bowed, won
dering what waa to come next
"Mr?. Kymbal tells me you were
formerly engaged In secretarial
work. My secretary. Mr. Watte, haa
had the bad taste to fall IU. I don't
know what your engagements are.
But I am In desperate need of a
stenographer. I wonder If you will
help me outT*
I thought of my ahabbylng ward
robe, of niy empty. Idle day?, of the
muddle of my affaira, and of th?
meaaL few dollar? remaining la my
pocketbook. It looked like aa ex
cellent business opportunity, dear,
?o. with a mental eye on the long,
cold winter and me with ao definite
plans, I agreed to the experiment
More detail? aa soon as. I knew
! Narrow ribbon? either of groe
I grain of moire with a picot edge of
' narrow velvet are being used aa a
| belt, taking the place of the girdle?
? and eashe? one saw so many of ear
lier In the season. The belt I? fln
; i.h-d with short loops and long
? onda . ?
woo?war? f TCott)ro?p
New Y*rk?WA.SHIa?*KrrOH-^-arit?.
Tsk. Tot? CaMsm mj
Two Victrolas
We are joat te t-e?eipt of a ship
ment of theae popolax VJctrolss
ta brown aad red m?-.ho?**?ny,
rolden snd westhered osle As
they hsre been te great demand
aad deliveries rather uncertain, wa
su-f-rest that you choose now.
you will get
a "s*lctrolav?
becauM yoa
w a a t tlse
Musical In
strum eat
that all tbe
tb?lr ?rus
Victor Reti Seal Ree?-*rds ?Xe?smA?
Records froea the tem?os siiifeis
instnimentalists ? ?Aoicest
at reduced r-rices.
Uncle Wiggily bad
JD1I. Lontall'a to a cau-idy pan.
After 'a while ?om? of
oys sad giri? Moom? tired of pall
ing oandy and they WMA tata tb?
other room ta danos. "Bot Unes?
Wiggily aad Grandpa Goo??/, ?rbo
also liad bean tovtted. stayed fa the
kitchen wtth ?TB*? ai
-Ler? sit ?e-? a
Grandpa taVOwasr, and b?
Wiggily eat d??vn. Bat
on pulling tb? candy, ?
In chaira.
All of a arata??a th?r? wa? a VMS *t
th? ?lo-ve.
"Oh! Ob! Obr ?wriMekes- J-nita. *1
forgot and left ?oro. moI??sei ta tb?
pan on tbe stove, and now If? oa
fire! Oh, tb? bona? win bum down!
Quick. Uncle Wlggllyl Help me ?ave
I'ncl? Wiggily tried to ran to tbe
sink and get ?om? water for the
biasing mo, aaa ?a But he couldn't get
upl Re was stuck fast to his chair
by th? sUeky molasses candy ?on-w
orse bad l?ft there.
"Oh. what Sball Ilot I eant get
up!" cried tba bunny, twisting and
"?1 ?erre tb? bonse*"
after ft bad laeea paDed
??eiy*>usty aaid It or** -asst Una.
tbey all cVsclare?: that
was vary brave to ?
with tbe w? I ?Musis?!
So If On doll
?svsw tb? TOOer akat?
playtag *?i-*-ptng rape tal
G*? tell
Uncle 'Wiggily aa
Bap ti ft ? o tm?? ? ?top! e
Id Joint Contmuon
B. T. P. U. beid tas Brat a-atwrttsg ox
tb? West Waah*a*rtoa B-LPttot Cbure*.
Thlrty-nrat and ? ?sUsst? ?aorth? ?art.
kart Friday night
? spree?! tati w? W. D. Up?* aw. of
Georgia, adilnased tb? meeting aad
spoke of tbe work before the federa
tion. ?Spedai musical numbers tea
Chai ub in re pressent ed at the meet
ing sjr?re: ?"Jal vary, CherrydsJa. <"*saren
doa. First. Fifth. Grace. Immanuel.
Metropolitan. Maryland Avenue. Sec
ond and West Washington
Reduce Your Fat
Without Dieting
tb? formai, far fat
.** "May h to *Twa? atara-ola
Frasait-taon Tableta- m??jda ten frtlto dnr
?a tall tbslr patientas, ?mil a**a*t**a*a*S Sao? aad
aa? thia cnnsssnle??. hars?rw? asstasod. T*ssv ?sa
?ebst t her Uka. 1? ?w toar U??, ?ad ?Un torn
their two. three m foto- potasds of fat ? ?was.
Simple, effecj??, harmleaa Marea?*? PreacriptJoe
Tab'eta are Bold by all di uaatsst?-* ton*, caw fw
C O il jen SSMS rao ma? ?lit? direct te ta?
Marmol? ?"ttt???.G?. SB Woodwajm Asa.
A STANCH favorite with trister, aa with
almost every one.
Fifteen yean of constant practice by the
largest ice cream makers in the world makes
possible its extraordinary quality; the magni
tude of ita purchasing and selling, its moderate
Provide it for the children?enjoy it your
self?order it for all the family; it rates high as
a food as well as affording a delicious all-the
year-'round treat for old and young.
Made by the
M and First Sta. ?. E.
Frmiiklin 4800

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