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i '
Cloedy, somewhat warmer, probably
followed by showers at night.
Highest temperature yesterday 60, low- J
cat 40
The Net Circulation of This Newspaper Yesterday Was 40,668
Ask readers in which paper they get
the most city news They wilt tell y?*
Tbc Washington Herald lead*
NO. 4734
ONE CEJiT !5Jw?Tfw.eSi
-Dvercome by Smoke ini
Maryland Building Blaze,
Miss Bessie Repp Is Car
ried Six Stories Down
Ladder to Safety.
Breathless Hundreds in the ?
Street Watch Perilous De-1
scent of Trio Down Diz-,
zily Swaying Ladder.
Other Escapes in Fire.
> ___,
The thrilling resene of Miss Bes- ,
^ie Repp, of the American For-'
?try Service, by Sergt. O. A.
Seeker and Private F. Ncwmann.
?f No. 3 Truck Company, in view
?f hundreds of breathless specta
ors, furnished a sensational climax
o the bla^c of unknown origin
? the Marvbnd Buildinc. 1408 ?
rtreet, yesterday afternoon
Overcome by :h? deiuw fmrkf.
Hies Repp ?v.u.* found nneonscious
?n the .?second floor by th<? liremen.
ibo ?-srried her up to th** sixth floor
?nd then down the steep ladder tn
Ole street below. The weight of
9m> three persons caused th*? frail
iidd?r to ,.?wny perilously and as
:he men halted in their descent oe
raBion.-illy to shift their burden or
k> secur?? a better hold, ihr? rrowd*
???low gasped in anxiety.
il"? K?-?ene a?? Marie.
Becwf I'd the way down the
lotteria? ladder. rjBtekrag Miss
Repara llaaW with At* ri?ht arm.
rt~Hdytn< biaaaaff will- th*. other.
Fewaaami '.-Ilowrd dit.ctly after
'lito, .'ii-pvrtin?; th* \ictim's bod>
*jth both arm.-, hraotng himself
lamtaafl th- tadder-rurars to keep
I from falling Tne slightest mi.
I it*p or lose of bajaaee vpuld hav.
at suited in the punible ueatb or in
" h*ry ??!' ail three per.-cn-*. but the
root, rmrefnl ? r-rk of tbe re>eu?rs
*:i- r?-ward"H wren th.-y reached
ili? b-'ttom runt? in safety.
Reaching the ground. Miss Repp
ras restored t<> eonsclouenees b>
Irst-aid and B-eker and Newman ?
lashed hack into the building in
i*-areh "f other victim-1.
Clerk? Klee t* Surety.
Thi- blaa?? waa d? .I to ih ?
?torerooag <-t lio- K'Tt-try A?ocia*
: on about ; o'eloek by clorka, wh<j
reported it. and then fled to safety.
So quickly did the blaz. tain head
way many clerk.- ?ho lingered to
rather up tnolr Ni-lon-incrs.? found
:h? em?TKcn^> .-xit barred by
flamea and bad ?. i-.-.-eued by
the firemen.
In record tin:? ? ;.? tir?- company
ran lines oi ho.-.? over the roof to
the rear of the building and soon
had streams atawiaa* on the bin*?-?
?treet crossings rigging waa erected
for the hos*. and atre at-ear traffic
rut delayed only a few minutes.
Although th? actual damage 10
the buildint was not great, the total
km? of records of the r'orestry
ji?rrrice and oth**r %-ali>able paper* in
rxtyrisvTD on it..? t? t.
Spain Celebrates the
Discovery of America
Madrid. Oct. ?.?Yesterday was oh- \
r-rnred as a national holiday in Spain,
rowmemora 11 ? r tb? discovery or
America by COlombus ? decree pro
laimini; thr holiday was tseued by
fvin? Alfonso.
Shubert-Belasco ? "A Little
Shubert-Garrick?"Tea for 3."
Poll's?"Parlor. Bedroom and
i National?"Three Faces East.
B. P. Keith's?Vaudeville.
a- Loew's Palace?Billie Burke
in "Sadie Lotc."
Loew's Columbia?Marguerite
Clark in "Widow by Proxy."
Cosmos?Vaudeville and mo
tion pictures.
Crandall's Metropolitan?Paul
ine Frederick in "Bonds of
I Crandall's Knickerbocker ?
Billie Burke in "The Mis
leading Widow."
i Crandall's?Gladys BrockweH
in "The Sneak."
! Moore's Garden? D. W. Grif
fith's production. "The Fall
of Babylon."
Moore's Rialto?Houdini in
"The Grim Game."
Moore's Strand?Anita Stew
> art in "Her Kingdom of
Gayety ? Burlesque; Harry
?> Hastings.
; Lyceum?Burlesque; "Mischief
New York?Col. House re
ported improved.
New York?Red literature
distributed on streets urging
"arm against government?"
Montreal?Canada celebrated
thanksgiving today. It was a
holiday throughout the Do
rn imon.
Hammonton, N. J.?Posse?
searched swamps for kidnap
ped boy.
Memphis ? Private Donald
Higgins kills self before bride
of three weeks.
Atlanta?Four held in burn
ing of bank in which $32.500
bonds disappear.
Santa Barbara, Cal.?Belgian
Queen spent day in foothills.
Mine?la. ?. Y.?Transcon
tinental fliers Smith, Queens
and Worthington complete air
Oconto, Canada?Lieut. H.
D. Norris, Washington, com
peting in cross-country flight,
slightly hurt when plane
Trenton, N. J.?National
Chairman Hays urges New
Jersey Republicans to win.
Rome?Denied that King
Emmanuel is about to abdi
Paris?Fighting between ci
vilians and Italian troops in
Paris?Allies demand Ger
many withdraw troops from
Madrid?Spain celebrates dis
covery of America.
Berlin?Germany sought to
give United States giant Zep
Orrlnnl. Ohi?. Oct.
It'? munii le br ? ilo* In (lala
il;" of blak rout or Urlali. l?oK
boardlnc kaaaea ta Cleveland
have ,hovetl np tke eaat of
wnln trim SI.75 <? m.sn a
week ani Htlaema ?????? *oath
Mb? hrri l..for?? hmr plnred
ckrlr prtn In exrl?Hivi* ratak
HahitM-nta nr* now piacine ???p??
In li-r iinrrrtala rare of frtrmU.
?rlllnK Hum or Jo.I lrtllne
farm ?blft for tbemarlvr,.
Laurel?Clean Gone wins Co
lumbus handicap.
Winter baseball trades al
ready in wind.
Central High looms up as
scholastic grid champs.
Jimmy Wilde to meet Ameri
can bantams in New York.
Marines play Catholic Uni
versity football game today.
To renew McLean Memorial
Stake race.
Britton starts extensive box
ing campaign.
Mohawk Club to have but
one football team.
Eddie Manan will help coach
Harvard eleven.
President's condition un
Yesterday's lowest tempera
ture 40.
W. M. Moore, Soldiers'
Home, died on the way to the
hospital after an - apoplectic
stroke at Ninth and E streets
The sugar famine is being
felt in hospitals.
Large crowd thrilled by
rescue of Miss Bessie Repp
from the sixth floor of burn
ing building at 1410 H street.
Police raid building at 333
Virginia avenue southwest,
and arrest 108.
One man killed and score
injured when a Forest Glen
street car crashed into an
army track in front of Walter
Reed Hospital.
Steel strike question to come
before Industrial Conference
Two given jail sentences for
carrying weapons.
United States calls on Car
ranza to protect American
colony at Mapini.
Supreme Court for second
time refuses to hear DuPont
stock case.
Twelve hundred Marines sent
to Haiti and Santo Domingo
to be released.
Bill to increase salaries of
Washington police passed by
Senators Norris and Borah
discuss speeches on treaty.
Deportation for immigrants
after five years unless they
learn to speak English urged
by Senator Kenyon.
Measure Also Provides
Against Men Affiliating
With A. F. of L.
Alter ?*, votimi th* entire afternoon
to discussion of the District bill pro
viding for increases in salary to mem
bers of the Metropolitan police force,
the House late yesterday parsed the
measure by ? vote of 22S to S.
I'oHeemen. who ?at in the galleries
while the Representatives were con
siderine their ware measure, were
jubilant over the .speedy and favorable
action taken hy the T-ower House, and
soon spread the good new- among
the.r companions.
These interested In the hill nelieve
It will receive nuick endorsement in
the Senate.
Representative Gould, of New York,
chairman of the District of Columbia
will? Will Im. which drafted the bill,
declared this action by Congres?
in repudiating affiliation with A. F. of
I... should serve as **a note of warning
and advice" to state and municipal au
thorities, "who are faced with a simi
lar menace and may not. perhaps, ap
preciate It at thie time.**
The anti-?trike section was stroncly
supported by both Republicans and
Democrats, the only opposition coining
from members actively affiliated with
labor organizations. Two eflforts were
made to strengthen the prohibition,
but these were voted down on the
ground that it was sufficiently strong
in its original form to meet the situa
The Washington police union only a
few days ago withdrew their affiliation
with the American Federation of La
bor, after notice had been served by
the District Commissioners that fail
ure to take action would result In the
discharge of all members who re
mari ned In the union.
The police pay measure provides for
a total Increase of $'?46.420. made up as
follows: On superintendent, increase
from 14.000 to $4*500: two assistant
sueprintendents.' increased from $2,G?0
to $3,000; thre inspectors, increased
from $2,000 to $2.400; four police sur
geons, increased from $840 to $1,400;
twelve captains, increased from $2,000
to $2,300: twenty-one lieutenants, in
creased from $1. 00 to $2,000, fifty-six
sergeants. Increased from $1.400 to V,
?00: 403 privates < third-class). In
creased to S1.660: eighty-six pri
vates of das two. Increased to
$U60; 226 privates (first-class), In
creased to $1.W0; twenty motorcycle
men. an increase of $120, m?ittmr a to
tal of $480 allowed dthem for purchase
and upkeep of motor vesicles; thirty
five patrol drivers (second-class), an
increase of JBfiO attendant upon auto
matic conversion Into the police force
as reguls r members
The police pay bill also provides that
the patrol drivers shall be members of
the metropolitan police force, but shall
not be rated above class two privates.
The measure contains a special sec
tion which forbids members of the
force to become affiliated with any or
ganisation which may call a strike or
order cessation of work.
Dieting Interfered With By
hortage of Supply
I'raiticaily all local hospital* are ?
ft-ellne: the sugar i-hortagc acutely I
and considerable inconvenience in ;
dieting has resulted, it was learned ,
last nljrht. Its effects have not j
reached a serions stage, however, j
it wu stated at the more promi
nent institutions.
; Efforts by authorities at Casualty j
Hospital to obtain a sufficient sup? ?
ply of the commodity have failed ?
successively, it vas announced. The ?
present small supply has not been |
, replenished for several days.
About the same condition pre
j vails at Emergency. Sibley, Oar
I field. Columbia and other hospitals.
? Most of the institutions have
I enough sugar on hand to last for
I some time but unless quantities are
?available soon the situation will be
I come critical.
Dieticians at several of the hoa- j
pital.- last night expressed concern!
| at the inconvenience caused by the!
! near-famine, but were not fearful i
Fifty-four couples answered the roll ?
call in police court yesterday morn in ? ?
following a raid the day before on the I
house at 333 Virginia avenue south-1
west, in which the police took 108 pris- j
oners, about equally divided between ?
Hm sexes.
Samuel Blackwell was charged with |
keeping a disorderly house. The mat- ?
ter went over until today.
! The neighborhood was thrown into I
I wild excitement when officers made i
'the mid early Sunday morning. It j
jwas the biggest police raid made here ?
. in many years.
The Real Estate Dealers* Associa
tion for several hours last night, at
the Wardman Park Inn. tried to re
elect Charles W. Fairfax their presi
dent, but the veteran realtor stead
fastly refused the honor.
Giving up trying to re-elect Mr. Fair
fax, the meeting was adjourned to a
future date when elections will be
held. The meeting last night heard
reports of various committees. ?
buffet luncheon was served.
North Carolina Alumni
Organize Chapter Here
The Washington Chapter of the
North Carolina University Alumni
Association waa organized at the
meeting last night at 1851 Wyom
ing avenue northwest.
A. W. MrClainp was elected pres
ident. Or. G. M. Ruffln. vice presi
dent, and R. O. Davis, secretary and
treasurer. Secretary of the Navy
Joftephua Daniels was elected chair
man of the executive committee.
Mr. Daniels addressed the meet
ing- and urged the erection of a
memorial tablet to the late E. K.
Graham, former president of the
New York Doubles Guard
Following Fiery Attack
On Government.
New York. October If.?An anarchis
tic ?all to arms against the Pnited
Stale.?; (iovenirfi^nt and the capitalist*
who, the anarchists declared, have the
'kwernment "in their clutches,'" wa*?
contained in a circular, copies of
which were freely distributed in the
city today. As a result of the issu
ance of the circular, city and Federal
forces have joined in an effort to dis
cover the persons responsible for the
writing and printing of Ihe document.
Also, as a precaution, because of
threats made in the circular, police
guards were stationed at the homes
of public officials, bankers, capitalists
and financiers.
Kspecial care was ardored in the
guardine of Supreme Court Justice
Bertow S. Weeks, and Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Alexander Uorke. who
are engaged in trying a case of al
leged criminal anarchy, and of Detec
tive Seregant James J. Gegan. who
has charge of the bomb squad, since
they were named personally in the cir
cular. They are to "pay the price for
every worker killed or wounded," the
inflamatory circular declared. One of
the circulars was found In the strct at
the entrance to the Criminal Courts
Dutch Laborites Start
For Big Session Here
The Hague. Oct, 13. - The labor
delegation left today to attend the
International Congress in Washing
ton. Two women deelgates, ap
pointed by the government, will leave
....-? M
Private Southers, Riding On
Army Truck, Victim of
Conductor Placed Under
? Arrest?Not Speeding
Says Company.
Until a late hour last night but one
fatality had been Ihr death toll of the
crash of a crowded city-bound Forest
Glen street car with an army truck
yesterday mornin? on .'..-orgia avenue
In front of Walter Us? d Hospital. Kd
ward C. Suthcrs. privale. Q. M. C.
ridine on the truck, was killed and
'eighteen were injured Five car pas
sengers are injured seriously and ten
more arc still under treatment at
Waiter Reed Hospital
Southers was killed Instantly by the
impact. He was removed, with fifteen
of the injured to the operating ward
at Walter Reed Hospital. Others who
sustained minor cuts and bruises were
treated in the receiving ward and sent
home. Their names were not taken by
the authorities.
Motorman Carroll Nash. 15M W
street northwest, est-aped miraculously
with slight contusions of face and
J body. He will be placed under arrest
' when able to leave the hospital. Ben
I Jamin Hawkins, conductor of the
street ear. was arrested, and la being
? held for Invesilration at the Tenth
I precinct station.
lavcstlaatloa? starred.
Investigations by the authorities
I at Walter Reed Hospital and of
tVials of the Washington Railway
and Eleetrir fnmpany were begun
soon after the accident. Col. A. D.
McAfee, of Walter Reed, who is
.?'???GG?? ON G.?G,G. t???
I Cumberland, Md.. Ort 13.?Six
skeletons packed in a trunk of a
type used by emigrant? from South
ern Europe were discovered here to
day on the city a-arbag?? dump, and
tonight the police authorities are
working on the theory that they
?may have been s wholesale black
hand slaughter
, The trunk, weatherbeai* r and
I broken open from rolline down
from a hierher point .-n the dump,
was discovered by two you ? ft men.
whb immedio telj notified Sheriff
Hutcheson. The trunk was taken
to the office of Staie Attorney J.
Philipp Roman
No garbage man recalls having
hauled a trunk to the dumps.
Still debating labor's proposition
that the National Industrial Confer
ence name a board to arbitrate the
steel strike, the committee of fifteen
of the conference met here yesterday.
Labor's proposal has been before 11
since Friday, when the convention
recessed until today. The committee
Is understood to be deadlocked.
Many delegates believed yesterday
the committee would make a nondom
TMit.il report, leaving the issue to be
fought out on the floor. There it
seems doomed to defeat. There la
j ssid to be a Freat diversity of opin
ion. A majority vote within each
Kroup is necessary to decide how the
proup's single ballot shall be cast on
the convention floor.
All other business before the con
ference is being held up while the
committee deckles what to do with
the arbitration proposal. A number of
programs for industrial peace have
been introduced. ? and are waiting to
he discussed.
Our Mothers Bible
Will print "Our Mother's
Bible" in ?erial form. One
or more chapters will
appear each day.
WHEN you ?vere
young, much too
young, perhaps,
to understand its entire
meaning, your mother read
to you from what is known
as "Our Mother's Bible,"
the old and more popular
version of the Scriptures.
Have you, since the days
you knelt at your mother's
knee, read the Greatest
Word ever handed down
to man?the most fascinat
ing Book in the world's
history >
Giant Handler-Page. Carrying Ten
Pereons, Also "Visit***
I Edison.
j .Mitch, l Kleld. Mine?la. ?. Y-, Oct.
; 13.?The ?-aiii Hundley-rage plan* left
?here late ? hi.- afternoon for a short
I llij;lil our New York City, carrying
?ten persons. laurini; the Wt hour
and ten minus of :he Hi^ht th< plane
? had elided vetara! times arouiMi id?
lower <>f the Woul**'.,rth HuiUtlns and
ci geste! tit? 11tni.-t>n Kiver to hov* ?
?over Ih? plant of Thomas A. fc.di.on.
??jnir.il Ken* was pilot in loda? >
V- hile l.igli in the .-ir over (he elec
I nicul wizard? plant. Ur. Al. R. Hu*h
iuson, otie of the passenger^ and a
former employe of Mr. Oji.-on.
? jioppi-d a note reading:
Mr Kdison: Salutations from the
air from the Handjey-P%fte machine
[ Atlantic, the largest land machine in
I the world.
| "Hutch."
Tile Ktvafl piatte is tosM unaided to?
night by ? special detail ol soldier?.
as it had to be left on the field, none
of the hanj?ai? hen? being larffe
encUpTii u Ikhim it.
.Revolt Extremely Violent.
Command Raze
Villages as Reprisal.
Parii. Oct. 11?"Bloody righting has
broken ?ut In Albania between the
native? and the Italian occupy.nr
troops' says I-a Liberte'? corre
spondent at Annamassr. on the
Kranoo-IW-liaii border.
??Report? reaching Annunanc Mr
! the Italian loases arc heavy. The
! oonflict ir the culmination of loo?
and careful preparation by the Al
banian*, ?"bo resolved to throw oat
? he occupying force?.
"The revolt assumed a character of
?-?treme violence. Overnight the
whole nountry rose in arm.?, and the
mountain? are divoitirn hundred?
| or armed bands ot ferocioua bandits.
. who, net ?ontent with holding trp the
Italian ?'rpply train.?, an? ms-sacre
! irx Isolated detachment? of scout
and foragers, and have. In several In
stances, descended in eonsiderabi.
? forci against organised entrenched
"Unable to catch the real maw
gents, the Italian high command In
Albania, by ara) of reprisal, has raxed
j entire villages to the ground, the In
j habitants of which, thirsting for re
1 \ enge, have lied into the mountains
? and taken up arms against Italy,
swelling the Insurgem rank' b? the
| thousands."
Comen Women Meet
j The Cornell Women's Club will meet
tonight at the home of Mrs. Joseph
I Zirkle. 1K3 Irving street. All Cornell
i women are invited to attend
Toy Engine Found Far From
Home Only Clue to Miss- !
ing Lad.
Detective Seeks Man Mother
Refused to Wed Boy's
Hammonton. N. J.. Oct. 13. ?
, Posse* of farmer*, militiamen, re
! serve*? and former service men to
| day tramped bog and swamp in
j search of Georg* William Daneey.
? 2*4 year? old. who we? kidnapped
from hip home near 1?* ? r last fJrVtf
Their only clue ?ir found near
a lonely red bouse several mile*
from town It was a tiny tin toy
engine, identified as one belonging
| to a neighbor?. ? h*ld a playmate
!of the lost bab>
Gypsies ? ere MinpecteA. bui a
via It to the only ramp fn the virln
ity showed that a fair-haired * hild
'there was not the missing boy.
Tribes id other parts of Jersey and
in Pennsylvania are to be qu?
. tinned The stigirewt lajaj is now
made that trampa ab ducted tne
gaaa-re. l^-laa >?ltar.
One belief i- that "Billy" was
-; stolen by a rejected suitor of Mrs.
Stella Danaey. the child's mother.
A detective left for Pittsburg to
day to find this man T*?e Daneey?
' mored here from Pittsburg three
month? ago. The boy's father es Id
today thet when he and Mrs Dan
????????? ON PAGE TKRI.l.
Twelve hundred Marines who un
listed for the "period of the eraer
? gene??" and who were seat to Haiti
' and Santo Domingo, will be master
I ed oat by the first of tne year 8ae
| rctary Daniel.- saM 'sii rasi
I Tbey will be brought basa? at U>e
. rate of tao a month. Daniel.? said.
i New Tor*. Oct. IS -Col. ?. M Hoes?
was better today, accordine to a bau
, letin tonight by his son-in-law. Gor
don Auchincloss The bulletin read:
"Col House's condition is better to
' day. although he is still weak from
? renal oolic. which be experienced
? shortly after 1 earing Paris and from
which he suffered during the voyaa-e.
Temperature and pulse normal.
Mr. Auchincloss said that two bul
! letins will be issued daily for Um pres
Dr.' Voronotf Describes How He Has Re
stored Youth in Aged Men by Trans
planting Glands Taken from Apes.
By int. si m.? \ORO\orr. ?
Meaieer ef the College de France
and the French Aeadesay of
Paris. Oct. 13?Has the tabled foun
tain of youth been discovered? Per
haps But it Is already a positive faci
that man is worth as much as his. in
testinal gland. This saying should
now replace the old one that "A man
i" worth as much as his arteries.*'
At the same time, the American pub
lic should not be misled Into believ
ing the mystery' of life has been
solved. The importance of the scien
tific discovery of which I speak is so
Immense that it needs no exaggeration
to be sensational. I assert this:
An enormous step has been taken
towards the abolition of old age and
It is already a mathematical success
with animala, but not yet with human
beings, chiefly owing to the lack of
opportunities to teat men
We may. therefore, hope for much,
but must wait a while before we
can feel positive that we no longer
need have fear of ills and decay
brought about by age.
Sensati??. la ?r-rwng.
My communication to the medical
congress In Paria caused a sensation
the world over. It startled the sci
entists assembled here as well as the
general public. It is not an idle as
sertion. I cited facts and Instances
which amazed the medical men. I
arrived at my conclusions through
years of experiments conducted
gradually, without haste, with all
scientific guarantees and the invalu
able help of my assistant, atre. Eve
lyn Bostwlclt, of New York, who
worked with me for years at Um Col
lege de France.
The Mea is not saw. Tb* Chines*
jknew the functions of tie intestinal
gland thousands of \ears ago: we are
now rediscovering what was already
?: "? n to atwicnt civ.! I'ntil
recent years 1 it tie ha. der
1 stood of the function* .d relative '
importance of the various t,ainl- hid
den In different portions of evrr>
animal's body.
It is now a fact, accepted by seien- ?
tists. that these glands ideerete fluids
of various kinds which supply the vital
organs with that particular store of
energy require*;* ?j\ r?ach for the exer- |
eise of its proper lunction.
Take, for intitance. the t h y rotd
gland. Through some mysterious pro
cess this gland draw? from the body
and atores up liquid matter which it
Hags were placed at half-staff on
the District Building at police sta
tions and fire-engine houses and at
other city institutions yesterday In de
ference to tne passing of Brig. Gen.
William T. Rosaci. V S. ?.. retired,
former District Engineer Commission
He died Saturday night at his
home at New Brighton N. J. His body
is being brought here for burial in
Congressional Cemetery
Gen. Rossell was attached to the
District government Noramber L.lse.
He Barred four roars, first as
taut, then as Engineer OoasmlasSner.
Be was a life-long soldier. attsVins
the grad? of brigadier general him:
The flags will remain at balsV-tatl
or three days.
Perfectly Capable of Form
ing Quick Judgment on
Urgent Matter If Called
Upon to Do So, Declared
Dr. CaryGrayson.
Animosity of Certain Sena
tors Toward President
May Result In Some Sort
Of Inquriy As to the Char
acter of His Disability.
The 10 o'clock bulletin ?sued
at the White House last night wa??
as follow?:
"The President'? tonditjoo ?
about the tame.
There was no material cha?ar
in President Wilson'? condiUoi.
yesterday, it was said at the White
On top ol the publication ol
the letter written by ?wnato.
Moses, and the many rumor? cal
culated, the physicians attendin:
the President issued the most ex
tended bulletin on his condition
yesterday forenoon that they ha\c
since he was taken ill It was a?
follows :
"The President's condition re
mains much the same as tor thr
past several days. His tempe?..
ture, with the exception of or,?
day. pulse and respiration ratr.
heart action and blood pressure
are norma] and have been *? since
the onset of his illnssi The kid
neys are functioning normal] \
Will Nat Matter K>?r,
Mention of the Presiden: ? heai; ?c
t.on. blood nrcseti-v. pulse and ? cap,
ration rate bas been included in a?
official bulletin The statement ?*.
reiterated at thr White House >e
terday thai n,? more rumors wou>
be dented
Dr. Gra-taon said (He Prteident ??.
pertectly capable of formula quic?
judgment on any urgent matter lb?
arose, but that he would present tn
such matter with toe greatest relu* -
tan, < because of its Interference <?
the physK-ian.? orders o: rest en
Dr. Oravyaon ?aid that the pub?
wouJd bave been informed had an
setback occurred in the Pr?sident >
condition, and that should any me:
back occur the public would be in
formed immediately.
????Ir, May aVr stara???.
Although the White House bulletin.?
continue to show improvement it>
President Wilson's condition it is den
nltaty kuuwu that step.? tonato bring
log a suit to test the ph> sical capacit-.
of the President to perform hi? dulie*
are being seriously considered l>> Law
yers of high national standing
Such a test prooabls will be mao'
on the first piece of legislation inai
suffered to become a Ian withou" ti
President ?* signature
It was .-aid here yesterday th.?i ih?
prohibition enforcement act ma? h
retecied a? the measure ??por. whw
?OVTIM1? ?? pao?, -ix
Philadelphia ?. ? G? ir.?.
X. Iiercum. i*on>utting ncnrologtei ??
President Wilson, todav ictu?,n b
deny ot confirm the statemen' e
Senato! Mote, in a lette t to ? irieti*
that the President ha- - ifTeree"
brain lesion
"That nv.i.-t Lwasc from I?' 'lea*
son." ?aid Dr. Dercum
"I have my opinion " be cuntii.u'd
with some heat "'of Senato: Mose
or anyone else who uses back-?taie?
gossip or porch-climbing methods."
Today Dr Iiercum refused to com
ment farther on a statement attrfbat
ed to him lost night that he had no
read Senator Moses' letter and tba?
its reference to the President's eon
dition was "'nonsensical
Providence, B. L. Ont, 1S.-T??
Providence Journal, which pruned at
many "inside" stories about tier
ntaay's operatione la the war. w*
publish w hai it believes fron authcnii'
sources to be the facts concernine
President Wilson's condition
The Journal says he Is suSrruw
from cerebral r?eorrhage with can?
piste aphasia of mental processe.? ??..
partial phyaieal paralysis.
The Journal adata that there is ne
hope of his bela* able te perto? n?
the function? of his ?mot new or at

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