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Ut Pleasant Eleven Pre
sents Most Formidable
Outfit in League.
_j wawtaawS win be Inatumrat
wd S-Hday afternoon at tbe Central
Kagb School Stadium, when Coach AP
gaw*> Tflliiilr?! etevan meets Eastern
arra**?, in the first game of the lnter
Vwflowtag the Teeh-Boalnees eon
taat Friday. Wee-tarn and Bosroea?
?HI meet oa October ZL on the Cen
tral nan On the following Friday.
?Mat? br. Olwilba- M. Tech and Centra]
wflj try conehurkms for the first time
H*arh ?>hauen of tbe seho
, pa champion.?h rp in G9G7 ara
??rain looked apon a? favorites tn the
aeries, as their two victories to date
?ver Charlotte Hall Military Academy
ami TftwJUuauie Polyteeh have been
"Treeh, anetnnt rival? of the Mt. Pleas
ant fiam. room? up as first-class ron
?? victory over the Ept*"
i last Saturday* on the
, nde made hietory In
m Prep school circle*. Coach
Vp-ple on this occasion exhibited a
team that can play both the defensive
and offensive game from all angles
and It appear? that Coach Metater has
a Job cot ont for himself at Central
_I a dark horse. Western High.
Ita light outfit. looks like It may
have ?-rotte a good deal to say in
latmreaice to the settlement of the
:haropiot*-er*ip before the final curtain.
eaven tn the face of defeat at the
lands of the Maryland State ITesh
?aetv laet Saturday, the Georgetown
?Aool-boys exhibited some real foot
ball and gave plenty of promise of
levelopmg under the careful tutor
in-g of Otm h Bryan Morse.
Eaarlern and Business seem to he
'he teams that have been given the
setbacks in early-season training. All
?rridrron fans realise what early-een
*on training mean? for a champion
?hip football team, but it seems that
?name Fottnne wished hard luck on
.hese tribes.
First Coach Battersby. ol Kastrm
aigh School, started drillinc this
earn, but he was recently transferred
o Bosine?.-. and has not really ob
"aained a good line on his candidates.
rhe switching of Battersby to Busl
leiva and the appointment of "Cuppy"
sat usta. at Eastern, have banded
both i|ia??Is quite a setback, as
will be a week or ten days more be
rare ciWhaT of the tutors will have
-welly obtained a line on their canili
The officials for the scries will be
tamed at a meeting of the coaches
ind faculty advisers today.
? "aach Tracy's Cw.tiio.ic Lnivenslcy t
football temm will make ita bow to
the local ?rrldiron public thi- aft?
-rnoou oa the Brooktand campus at
? p. tn-, when they face the Quantico '
Marine team. The contest i??* book*-?*!
m a practice affair, but the followers
>f both dubs are looking* for a ban
?o battle as the play-rn of both clubs ?
ire anxious for the opportunity to
-how thetr mettle
Catholic University ha?! .. hard time!
with it? early ses,wo?? dates a.s both ;
Mount Saint Joseph- ind P-andolph-j
Macon cancelled u ? - them on -sue- !
essive Saturday??. X??*? S tturday the '
T'rooklander.s joi.ni? > to Norfolk to ?
play the Naval Base leans. Coach |
Toro Tracy ha.?* on< of the lightest
rl**ven.s in the history of football at |
the Brook land institute, a.? only on??
? eteran is back with the team, this!
?eins Jack Glasscott, who is playing j
? iiiarter back at present
The Bex Athletic Club held a long
i trill yesterday afternoon in prepara- ?
tiorn for its game with the Quantico I
Marines Sunday at G???? Itcaerue
Parle Most of the Rex players will I
visit Catholic University rampi..?* this |
afternoon to watch the Virginians in
action acainst the Brooklanders. t
Practice will be he'd on Wednesday :
? und FYrday and all eeiid-Atti-s -?-?? re-j
i'i^trrl to report
Ywrie YeaHrnjfs Choose Campbell.
NVw F ft ven. **onn.. Od 13. Thomas
' "nrnpbeH. of f%iraa;n. ton.?:.it waaj
"lected captain of the freshman ct-oss- :
country team st Yale I'niversity. j
'"amp-bell holds the world's indoor
reeord of t:TI i-.S for the -Sst jaN in-;
loot* ran.
Martm Net in Charire.
.Mike Martin, trainer of (he Waeli? j
in^ton bas**nall club, vwrll not assume
'its duties *.< athletic trainer at Cath
olic University until the first of No
vesrsber. l**aculty Adviser Charlie Mor
can ann-ooTKsed last nitrht
Few A. L. Cties Had Wranen
Only form- of the eight cttiea In the |
Tueagne have had pennant
The Athletics and Boston:
six times: Chicago, five and I
Detroit three, in the twenty years of !
the league'? history
Racqoetrrs to Play.
i"he Bngliah lawn tennis team which
will play against the Australian.? m
i? composed of Lieut. Col.
A, R. F. Ktngscote. Ma] A. H. Low?
Athletic Gat Clothes
"Way M?? Regvdar Prices
Tnmmim* Savings Assured
428 NINTH ST. N.W.
Fer HeaKh. fun and Vigor
?at Utwaal aad vawwTawat
Mill la Owar Canter Mark?*
or-TaW y-BOaf ? A. H. TO I A. af.
Keep the Doctor Away.
A few aauwea each day
Most Famous Football Coach.)
On offense the guard should learn how many possible ways liiere
arc to block and interfere. He should try new ones, trying a new
stunt every day, to sec how it works. He should always take care
of his quarter, ln interference he should always hit a man so hard?
yet surely?that he will spend .ill his effort in looking out for you
the next time and so have little attention to spend on the runner or
interfering backfield men.
On defense, a cuard should, working clo>e locked with his center,
block long and tight on kicks. He should not knife through. In the
modern game it is too dangerous.
A guard must lake care of his own little section, charge up and
give his man a shove?a hard one, but then keeping his feet. Im
mediately after the charge h? should stand spread with his arms and
hand- ready and looking for what is coming. In driving his man,
the guard should shove him bark and diagonally so that he fills up
one opening while his feet fill the other.
A guard must not be too stationary so as to give a mark Make
it harder for the opponents to know just what spot to find you at
the instant the ball goes. While never knifing through the guard
should carry his charge home, lifting his opponent and then running
him back ? guard must never be drawn out of his position by a
double pass or fake, but always watch over his own section with a
certainty, and he should always be on the alert to prevent a quarter
back plunge.
? guard 11111 >t be taught to play as low as he can on the line, as
his chief means of protection on the offense is to get beneath his
opponent with his shoulder, and lift as he charges, thus bearing him
cleanly out of the opening, and leaving it clear for his backfield toi
come through. An ideal guard will sometimes pile his opponent ?
upon the backfield defense, thus killing two birds with one stone,
but it is rare that a man has the power or the lift to do that
On the defense, the guard should not hesitate to use his hands,
to pull his opponent out of the way, for just a> much may be
imagined by [lulling an opponent through you, and passing him on
the side, as shoving him out of the way, and expending time and j
energy, which might be better used
(Copyright, loia.)
??? ????.1.? ei'RKAC.
?. S. r.tmp' an
727 Khi Street
lAlexandrlu. V., . ?Jet. Ll.^Plans are
under way for the establishment in
thi? city of a nonevfiipment depart
ment of th? Y. M. ?'. A, Th? course
planned includes physical, sor-irii. cdu
cstloaal ami r? lici?n- actrvitle?.
The movement has the indorsem?nt
of the civic bureau of the Chamber
of Commerce and the board of di
rectors of that organization.
The details lor its establish men.
will be decided upon by a eommittee
of fifteen business men to be ?-????-?
by the ehalrman of th? <-i\ic bureau
<?( the Chamber of ?"'ominen-e.
M Leo ????.?. district secretar?" i
nnd ?. O. Caster, stai" county work
.-eoretary. ate in Alexandria in the '
intere?! of the proposition j
Alexandria Indire. No. T#. Henevo
lent and Protective Order of Elk?,
tonicht initiated 8 class of nineteen
candidates- A special meeting win
he held next Monday night, at which
time the future disposition of it?
home will be determined upon
Fltsgerald Conncfl No. 45S, Knights j
of Columbus, tonight celebrated Dia- j
eovery Day with an oyster roast at ?
Lyceum flail.
Arrancemeiits have been ?-ompleted
for tbe annual Sunday school parade,
next Sunday afternoon. Moving pic
tures of the parade will be taken
under tbe auspices of the State
V. M. C A and will be shown here
and at other points in the State.
? meeting of the Board of Police '
Commissioners will be held Wednes- :
dsy night, when two policemen will j
be chosen?one to fill the vscancy I
caused by the resignation of Sergt.
Scott, and one to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of Private
Raymond Grover.
A larice class of candidates will be
Initiated tomorrow night by the Loyal
Order of Moose. More than seventy
flvs applications for membership have
been received.
All arrangements have been com
pleted for the campaign for the Jewish
Relief Fund which wfll be started to
morrow. The campaign will end Oc
tober St.
Sergi. Irving' Tennyson, wro for the
past eighteen months has been over
seas with the Medical Department, has
been mustered out of service end re
turned to his home in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Travis an
nounce the marriage of their
daughter. Miss Eva to Mr.. Howard
A- Simms. which too* place In
Washington on ?aturda >'. the Rev.
E. Hez Swum offlclstlni.
Dr. Edward A. Germi ?. who has
been attendine surgira
New Tort for the- past
ba? returned to hla h*me in this
clinics In
thirty days.
Need of mon? park.** to promote
th*? health and happineys of the in
habitant* 4?f ??rowing Washington
is ? f'li'ii;..-iz< ?1 by Melvin C. Ilai'ii,
surveyor of th** District, in his an
nual report, pubmittrd to the Dis
trict ?,'ommissloners yesterday.
Klvr tract? in Washington art?
.-?pee?.'.?ally recomme ndrd for ac
quisition by th** city for parks "bc
f?.r*' it is tof> laic."
Th<* t racts h re G???>? I'.ranci,
parkway? northeaaterly from Si ?
? ?t nth street and l'i my brandi :
Kling]?? road valley. Mount Hamil
ton, between Bladensburg road and
the Eastern Branch; Fort drive,
connecting Rock Creek Park. Forte
Stevens. Totten and Bunker mil
and the Eastern Branch park, and
the Dean tract.
"Tbe price is now low; it iwil not
always be cheap." Hazen ?ays.
"This undeveloped land is sparsely
settled and citizens ride through it
and use it for park purposes now,
but the time is coming when it will
not be available for this purpose."
Mi-. Hazen hold? as inadvisable
now to drive inhabitants from al
ley homes within a year after the
ratification of peace. It would
create dangerous overcrowding1, be
W. M. lioaie. Ho years old. an inmate
of the Soldier's Home, died in sn
Kmergency Hospital ambulance yes
terday afternoon while he was ;.?*?
rushed for treatment . following an
attack of apoplexy. He was taken
ill while walking in Ninth near ?
street northwest.
A committee of comrade? from Sol
dier's Home went to the hospital and
took charge of the body. Funeral ar
rangement^ are being made
Cable Broke Javelin Mark.
Don J. Cable, of the Montreal ?. ?.,
recently broke the Canadian Javelin
mark by hurling the javelin 111 teec
6 Inches, breaking his former mark
by ? feet.
Boxing Popular in Manila.
Boxing I? popular In Manila. One
of the best exponents there is Dettelo
Cabanela, a feather-weight. Four
round bouts are held once a week.
$15.000 No; Ea<Mfk.
Canadian government's grant of
tl?.000 to finance the Canadian Olympic
team for the 1SB0 revival st Antwerp
Is aot considered eufttcitot
New York. Oct. IX.?One of the
sessions of the Hot Stove League
has brought ont the rumor of a
trade brewing between the Giant?
and the Brsves. which will brine
Itabbit Maranville and Hank dowdy
to theaMcGraw fold in exchange for
ArthBT Fletcher. Heinle Zimmer
man and Hal Chas?.
New York, Oct. 13.?Jimmy Wilde.
fly-weight chsmplon of Knfland. Is due
to America within a few weeks. Ac
cording to George Dwyer, who will
handle the affair? of the little Brit
isher in this country. He i? to ?ail
Saturday from Liverpool with bis wife
? and three children.
? Dwyer has announced the Kngli.-sh
I scrapper i? not making the trip across
I for financial parpo?e?. but for pleas
ure. The champion, however, ia aure
to appear in one bout in New York.
February ". when he ?ill appear
aj-Min.il any one before the Interna
tional Sporting Club. Joe Lynch and
Pal Moore, both of whom have mixed
it before with the British idol, are
being di-ieiiseed a.i hi? probable op
t Cambridge, Maat-., Oct. 13.? Kddte
j Mahan, captain of the Harvard eleven
| four year? ago. is here and is staying
j with Captain Murray.
Mahan recently returned from over
sea?? and will coach the 'varsity bache
and kickers for a few days. There ia
! a strong likelihood that he will accept
, a position on the regular staff as head
; backfield coach. Bob Fisher has been
seeking information of Mahan's
whereabouts for several weeks.
Practice for today was cancelled.
The day is a Plate holiday. The sec
ond team is play ini; at, ? hingt on.
The 'varsity came through the Colby
I game with only minor Injuries and
: work in preparation for the Brown
came will start Tuesday.
At a recular meeting of the Mo
hawk Athletic Club last night the
football question, which has been
hanging ftre at the Southeast in
stitution, reached a final settle
ment. It was decided to place but
one team ?>n the field, this b?#*rng a
cluh averaging 140 pounds.
Players of the first and second
squads will report this afternoon
for the initial practice. Johnny
Murray, of Catholic Cniverstty. hiw
been appointed coach and will take
rharg*' 4if the squad today. The
"Indians" will arrange games with
nil clubs in this vicinity of this
? ve rape.
Eddi? Tipton ha.? b?**n nppointed
business mpnager, while Harry* f*?
Kjorkland. who managed the junior
club, will manage th** affairs of the
eleven. Teams desiring games, ad
dress challenges to 1501 I'ennsyl- ,
vanta avenue southeast, or phone
Lincoln STifil.
New York. Oct U.?Jimmy dabby,
the American middleweight who has
been spending several years over in
Australia, is coming back to Amer
ica next year, when Tom Andrews.
the fight promoter of Milwaukee, re
turns to his home. Andrews Is ai
present in Australia with many
American boxers. Clabby was be3t
en by Tommy Uren. the middle
weight champion of Australia, in a
twenty-round bout at the big stad
ium at Sydney on August 3D.
Canadian A. A. U. Committc*?
The Canadian Amateur Athletic j
Union has appointed the following ;
committee to take cbanre of the Cay j
nadian Olympic games entries: J. <?.
Merrick. Toronto; I?. Bruce MacDoSi- j
aid. Toronto: G. D. Host*, Ottawa: Col. i
Fred J. Tees. Montreal ; Norton H.
Crowe. Toronto, secretary.
Winter Garnet in New Orleans.
New Orleans Liberty Baseball league,
will inaugurate winter games Octoher
12. Six clubs make up the leatnie.
Two cames will b** played each Hun-j
day until March, 11*30
Gunners Will Practice.
The Navy Yard football team will |
hold a practice this evening at 4:30
p. m. and all players are requested
to report at Fifth and I- streets aouth
east Some important subjects are to
be discussed after the workout.
Dreadnought? to Play.
Th? Dreadnought A. C, of Alex-1
and ria, will play the Mohawk Club
?leven on the Ship Yard grounds Sun
day at 3:30 p. m. All candidates of
the Dreadnoughts are 'requested to j
report for practice this afternoon at
:.:30 p. ro. '
Folks talkin boot
GERMS on it , But I
--Hit don' nebum stay
wir> ??? LONG NOUGH
You :
The New York management aaid '
the deal hai not been con?)dered.
It I? almost a certainty here that
several of the Giant veteran? will
not make the trip South In the
up ring, as McOraw bas a likely
school of youngaters already train
ed to atep into regular berth? next
Lauirel. Md.. Oct. 1",-Tht falling ?
lame of Samuel C. Hildreth'? great
?-year-old Purchase, having precluded
the possibility of a championship con
test at one mile and ;? -marter or one
mile and a hall for 5-year-olda at
laurel Park there sccmj* to be a dl*- (
position on the part of the thorough
bred owner? In Maryland to receive,
the John R. McLean Memorial Cup
this season as a three-quarter sprint
for 2-year-olds.
Barring Man O'War. which bas gone ?
Into retirement, all the good 2-year
old.? of the strongest Kastern stable--*
are in Maryland and their owners are
anxious to liave. them race. If the
McLean Cup is renewed for --year- j
olds It will be run in the last ween
of the Manland Sute Fair'? October J
The indication? are that George W.
Loft's brilliant Colin colt. On Watch.
which defeated Constancy. Blases.
Wildalr and two or three other smart
younvsters in the 13,000 National
"lakes: mazes, the Rreeders' r-Mturity !
winner; Wildair and John P. Grier. ?
the atar colts of the stadie of Harry '
l?ayne Whitney; Constancy, the Slu.ooo
Kaslern Shore stake? winner and the
best tllly in training down here; J. ti.
Talbot's Rapid Traveler. W. J. Sal
mon's llobey Itaker. James W. Mc
Clelland's Hasten On, Walter M. Jef
clever youngsters will take part in
the Mclrfan renewal If it* Is revived
as a 3-year-old special.
FIR.-.T Rari! sir ftirleoj-. Dama?? IB
'Amt-rar: 4.?? la?, t?; RiMi im. M?
(Sande). XSS. US: I-- i;tor.--n UT 'Rie , *.' w
Time. ?:1?. Neuer Ann. Red rv-tni-io. Hurt
II Mion , Mi%- str?tlirm. Wetiew, Mi?? Horet-r
G?II?a~her, ?tao ran.
SECOND |t.VCI> -Sii furio??*? Pibro*. It?
Hatnittoa). 8W, 3 90. 3 SO; Ballr Oonnol. US.
Katari. .ISO ITU: tritile Ed. IIS (Rande), ITI.
Tune. ::17 1-5. Orandne. ir?*-?. Ronen, Caen
nada. Mm*?*. Mane Cannali. Par de Gutar,
On?ai*d. alao ran.
THIRD RACK - One Bule Milkmaid ral
Sar-de.'. ??. oat. not: Sli-klii*?. IOC IK-Uorl.
rait, nut: Ballet Ilancrr. Id (Price*, not..
Tim.. 1*44 3-S Tliri-e start/-*
I'OCRTH It.Ai"B-One mil.- an'I : (urloni
Clean Hone. 9a 'tall-Uiani. 14,30 net. ont:!
Own Ta-ael. 1? iPatorl, on. on- Hank O'Day.
15 (Priori, ont Ttme. 156 3-5 Thnv starters. .
KIFTH RACK One and on-*eiztemta mile?. |
Valor. IIS (Painrl. 2-30. oat. ani: Roe D'Or. I
16 (Prior!, oil nut. Time. 1 il *."- iml>
two -tarter..
SIXTH RACK Our mule The Devi-Son. in?
(Ilaaiihanl. S.K. ?? tn It?; T>r Ur>m. '?
'l"?tnr' IS?. '<*: U?era of the 5e?. !??
(Sandr), US Tim-. CO 1? Val?*??. Klrrtrd
M. Broom Peddler. S*.l??t*o. Orum-iwl. Cel?o.
aL-o ran
SEVENTH RAOE - One ?nd one--?lt4rntk
mile?, Golden ? Do? Ml M.-.r-_- . S 10, IC ?9
IT?: Tir lin. IH il limi. L? 3.S?* Harwood
3d III (Bnwwi,. G.?? Ton?. :-? S-S Tit few !
Tal. llartaar. Bill S ?-m? oc Ttie Kalinin M. !
Brio? ???*? ran.
PtRST IVA CE-Por 2>rarold mile? <? f ir
ions?. (;mna. IIS; Ocr-ano?. 110; Cub?. MS:
c..?-*.r'.- 115: ? Co?-, US; lax-ir Mar. W
l?mrri<*k laa*. (B H-rxl Ciri, 11?: Bontnld.
* ?
M0OOVTI RACK s?eejin-lia?r ; --taimin? han-?
'lif??? lor 4*.e?r-o'd? and upward: at-nm -"*-?
mil.? Mil Mr-Hliw?. 1U: Stiicrn, IS: Bob
Reducid IX Smithticld. U? ??Naclhwooi. IT?
???? OMI'Kl? f- ?llnr.1 for r.iirT
THIRD RACE-Maiden?!: all are: I mile
'.nome ir** Rootarre. 9S: War Club. IB: Duke
John. 115; War Plnni-. 1*2. K. of K.. W;
Kmnm-tt. HS; laben. Bond. 1G2; W. Ward.
IIS: War Smote. BZ; Master Bill. 95.
KOITRTII IUCE Handicap: .1 ?-wj*-oid? ?nd
up: 1 1 ? ?aile?. lanchar??. 13: Jack Sluar
T, land Brifhtoo. Ill; Carpet Swnrper. Id
???? RACE-Fbr 3**.rarold? and up: claim
in?: 1 1 IS mile? *S-aint- Bridie. *?: s.li.
Hird. 1(6: Padua. ?1: ?New Harn. W; 'Hare
(? I. K?; sibnl?. 4S: Util?? Cote. IOS: Pill?-i:i. '
W>; Hans? ?: "Tit for Tat. I0r>: "Jo?o erf An?.
Kn: Ilallrr Head. 105: Romeo, TOI : 'IViiti.
Vsmlirer, 96; Polroma, IDS.
SIXTH RACK - T?o-*<*ai*-ol(i?: s fuikm??.
Wildair. OS; Kallinoli?, IIS; Hi? Ohnioe. 114:
Irrland. IB: Curt Pool. Iff- Crane Tlrnir. Ili
SEVENTH RACE - Tree.- >-e?r-ald?? and up
ward: 1 1-M milea OOnduiu 117: Romeo. IH:
Kiirkbo-anl. U?; Little Cottaar. IX: 'Wood
Violet. 1W; tEleeled M. Ill: *Kin,-( Jolin. 115:
?nadaV? Cimice. US: IMatmr-a l?drr. KM: ??Ur
in? lj?. 115: ?*>??-?*. Iff: *K s;,-t?= rntrr.
?K. K. Bry-kju cntr
PIR.-V1' RAOK-Six fuHoat- Tr-j-A:. IH
ll).lner>. 3 .as, ?4?. r.N; Vlrsi Pullet. I?
'Rnh-ets-ml. 990, IK: BBahs. 114 (?ap?tt?.
?? Time. l:ie 2-5 Sam Rrh. Arr^v- Ale?-;
ander, Mild.i. Miss ??????. Cnohle, \v?r PHw*. :
i;ipsr Qnem. Jas. T l'Ur;-. P. B. Jr,bn*wm, !
W??d. ?l?o r?n.
SECOND R.VCE-Oo? nil, Pnure Pal. il'
RektflaVB). 5.(v. ?.T0. ;'.?! Aoorlrial^. '!?>
lainslordl. lid, CSS: (leu lilenn. ?c IW?
lag-houMl. i.V. Time. I:t3 4-5. SOmmie O.
U??? Tnuvraal, Air Drie. Paral. Hoatrr. Onr
Birthday. Mai. F.radlr; alao ran.
THlRI> RACE-PIro and ona<ha]f fnrlonip
Golden Dawn, m Mn-raj-, S?. IIS. S4?; I
Imimr . ?? ? stonai. ?00 IM; Uw Roar, j
MR rpaylori ll 90 Time, la?. Boma J. i
Nellie Witwer. Ari? Doglia Ziaia. Dinetor !
Jan??. Duce uf W-dnal?mi. ?G-ddrn Talent. |
ai?? tan.
POURTH RACE-Sii forions? Onlli Cnrri.
1C4 Murra?). 95.?. ISSI, STO: lonnao Mo?
l(B iMnone?), li?. 5 60 Pi? M. m (b-me
f.r.l*. 3 9? Time. I :I6 Hwensn? Bianche.
Madras cingham. Marry Prinrew, l'n-ci.-us ?lao i
??G?? RACE-One milr Jane Pennvhaaer.
9S iMoonei). 5.?!, 2.40. oui: h mg Corin. I?
rPnoP. -*>. out: Ormeadalr. I? (lekrl. out.
?P.mr. I:C S-5. Only Ulne atarter?.
SIXTH RACK-Onr mue ?nd one (urloni i
RVgalo. ?W (RoMnaxi). and Tin-? Sal?h. N9
rcanflriil., dead timi; Rasalo. 150, 300. 291:
Tippn Sahib. 270. 300. 2.70; I--niepi-ctor. IOS
11> io ?fon 1> 4.90. Tbae 1*S*. Manager Wai:."
Samln al Plfwenl-e, Beli nolar. ??? ran.
SEVENTH RACE?Onr mile ?nd onr turioni '
Bn'lrl-ou iJd, lg. (Borie). 4.N, J.70. ?90; JilTr. ,
110 iOanfleld). S.d. S.?; H. C B?a-h, 112 Ulani*
ner). ?M. Thwe. 1*. Rhymer. Oorydon. I
waterford, ^*? Parer. Prince Ifor. Ni-(ht Owl. :
laKS!]*- I'.. ?l? t?n.
PIRST KX-E-PI-m ?od one-h?l( furlana
Se? Mint. I? (Da-rles). 9 io 10. 2 do 5. eut : ;
Armktice. US <Pali-brother). ( li ", ! ?? :
Moroni. IM lltoariaueai. own. Time. 1-OS da*
Ten fan. Short Change. Prualtire. On Hisli.
Ke'iihrr also ran.
SEOOND RACE-About ait [iirlung?: Luo
atu. 113 (Kummer). 4 to 1. S to 5, S to ft? Ed
win?. Mi (FUrbrother). S tn S, ont ; Briaht flold.
MS iRutwell?. lio i Time, lai 2-5. Rambler I
lioso. Head Oler Herta. Annette Teller alao ran.
THIRD RAOK-Abmt ?ix lur'mn??: Ormonda, ?
an (Bowanl. ? to 1 * to S. 1 to2; ultima Thnle. |
MB iKummwl S to 5. 1 to f: Plaaa. IIS (Rod
rlciMal. 1 to 4. Time, 1 ? 3-5 OM Reaebad. |
Smart Ony. MU MrCVrr ab-? na.
PO?RTH RACE-Milr and on? twlont Au.
darious. 114 ? Rintani. S to 7. oat. ?at: Sfar.
MS (Kummer), oat.'out. Two so. Time 1-JS|
PIPTH RACe-Mile and sOTant? Jtrmi Orjw-1
tal rar?. MS IMyw?) < tn 5 1 ?, \ out :
-TrnlatlwSon. Ml (Carroll). 3 ta 1. san: Scotch I
Vrrtirt. M (Brill. 3 to 1. Tiiw. 1-4B 3-5. Dar
Due, Pouitor-r. Aftwrt A *il?o -pan.
SIXTH RACK?Mile ?od one-miteenin Jaekl
Mount. Ill (Berwelll. 11 to ? on. S to ?:
B*!l? Ro?arte. MS (Mcc?b-rt. 4 to 1, 2 to 1:
Barone. Ul (Bowaa). 1 to J. Thne, 1*4?. Mie?
Bot. Man Kratw. ???.?t Dad?, Rail Bird
P* A KB? ah? ?*
Choras girl basts ankle and gets $50,000 damages. Aladdin's limp.
Give' Pat Moran a string of tomato cans 'and he'd put Tiffany oat,
of business.
There are no semipros on the college team? this fall. Only
Hold em, Sanduslcy!
Sandusky, Ohio! *
Looks like Ludendorff will never be licked so long ?_- he his
strength enough to hold a pencil.
Mother, pull in that service star; your boy is back on tbe scrubs. !
Caddi?' no? ?ani one smacker an hour That'?- ton much for.
three holes
Hold 'em, Kokomo'
Kokomo, Indiana!
Might go further with that service flap -tulf 'Ahm your boy
goes to college, hang a checkbook in the window When hr pets on
the glee rlub, put a lily over the door.
Hold 'em. Watertown!
WatcrtOMii, New York.
Farmer piped those hundred aviators flapping irorn roast lo coast
Then he shanghaied the scarecrow from the cornfield and put it on tlir '
oil tank.
Popular son? < milled, "They Took the Period troni the Period of 1
War and Put It in the Beer."
Democrats arc smearing their own cause holding up the mirri
glue No sober guy would vote that ticket
Football outlook is good at West Point Oliphant is leaching the
boys how to Oliphant The full hack is a demon on thr ukulele
Mattea?an has canceled its 1919 schedule. Can't do everything
with a university where all the students want to be cheer leaders
Hold 'cm, Chinatown.
Fir.-t rac* ?'jerma.Oceaiina. Herd
Second race? Stucco. Kob Red
.?eld, North wood.
Third race- Mai-ter Bill. War
ciub. War Plume.
Fourth race--Lsa?ocbarc'.'- Jack
?Sluart. I?rd i?richton.
Fifth rat* ? Pol rom i. Saint'?
Undue, Doti.e Vand.ver.
Sixth r-it>?Wilda?r. Hi? choice..
PhUK Ti reuu
Seventh race? Kins John. Littl**
Cottage. Buckboard
? ?lte*, ? ?ark. Md.. Oct. 13.?Fall
training for the track and l?MVa*t?e
?<*<<uads is the latest plan of Coach
Curley Byrd. of Maryland State. The ?
players in erven branch of sport will '
l?e called out shortly and work will
bectn in r**a' earneM.
Bill Barali, captain of the tracK
team, won the South Atlantic broad
.iump championship last year. Other?
back are Bos ley. Reedy. Morgan. Uil- !
bert. Peddicord. Twllley. Meyers and ':
The lacrosse squad has a number ot
veterans back. Pete Elliott, enptain
elect, has not returned an?! his al*- ?
sence wil be felt severely. Three lot-j
ter men?Edel. Hick and ?"arroll are
on the scene, as well as Wilhelm
Smith. Hock man. Duvall and Molhen
_ I
HBBT rack culmine ?l J* J-T.?r-nid?
and Hi?; 5 furlong? ledatene. 104 *t>Mir
Tranter. 104: Allah KB: ll.ld.i, Jewel M 11?
Uni. IOS: Aulire?- ?., 110: l..rcK. 1 G Kndinan.
11.1: Janw?. Ut: Sail? Knot. ???; IV? lYeetp.
113: Pastime. ??, Alv> eligible: I U' 1? ?
'tnaonssion. 'S?: lancetnt. 1?T: Led. Fairpia?
Iti: Skier FVe. i]..: ", i.loamte ?
SBCOVn RAIT??, ri.irrunc I.V I., J-.J-).
and op; C furlong* ?JuIt ?,p?. ;rr. *llnre '
ine?, IM: *Jamr? P. Ouromin?r*. lio, 'Paul
'onncOy. Ut; ? ? Johnson. It?; 'Mass', 'S:
.lame? Fester. IIS; J J Murdnek. ir. Verde.
115: Hood?. IIS: Berlin. IS: Puede. ?3? Shs ?
.Itgihle: -Sand? Lad. II?: ?>? Um Tr-.rm?n.
ilo M Han????*!. 110: Little Prave? l?:
Mani Ba?en. 112. G-as de Cham?. IH
THIRD RAC&Pur?? ti.**- ?->??G?? coK?
and geldings: 6 furionga. Aoe of Trump?. IT,
l'ai* Mac Ut: BWSlaidr. ?1: Frank W.. Ill; j
Hrnadman. IH; Claymore. Ili : Horace l^ee*. '
111: ang?n. Ili
G?G??? RACB-Purae CM. ?-r??r-owl? and
??; 114 mura Mande F.. !?: ?? Frank. MS:
Raider. 14B: King nabar. 115
Pirn) RAOB-Oaimrag; t?,?- t-???r-old?
and up; maid???; < furlongs. "Tantben. MB: l
?ICSWia. HC ??? Wtog. MC: ?Ray Atktn. Ml:
?Mugir?n, 105 Neanah. 1ST: Tnmblr Wnd. 0.
Botar On, SS: Ml??ri the Tune. ItS: B*tnh.
IN; Tom Logan. US; Lieut- beater. HO. Ab?
el gitale: Mv Craig. 1?; Splendor IIS: r.-r
(.1 Honor, 110; Prineua Lou, ?OT: lien Glenn.
IB: Ml? Ihjient. BT.
SIXTH RAOE-Pnr?. SM: .Vtoai^M? and
up; 1 1-H3 mil.? Pnftaonl, I?:; Zulcik?, M:
l.idj Haonel, 1?: Brimful. DM; Lotliair. M; I
Sana G??t 11. 107: Honolulu Boy, 110.
SEVENTH RACE -t'ialmiri? 11 *? J-yeareU? ?
? ??! up: 1 IK mil** Danen? Spr?r. I? ;
AdeHa W., !?H: 'Amenta. 1?>: -Daliablah 2d.
107: Sceriec Hag. I?: mappre. 107: -Cracow.
MB; fjBtef Brown. KS: Kd Herrmann. 1K>:
Philistine. IO; Gnon iii4d. 113: Anaean." 113. ;
Alao eligible: 8?J When. *?: lippnetnn*?;. 113:
Lottery. 113: Th? fNillen Boo. 110: "Brownie
Ml ???? 111: 'Mlitrew, Poll'. 1*7
FIRST IlAOaV Per ?year-old?: claiming,
about aia nations?. Rbenandoah. KB: 'Castor.
IOS: Track Star. U0; Bditb K. 11J: Incinerate?, :
110; Imli-cr.s-ion, IB: Lanrhetto. 107; Feather.
107. Hear. Weapon. 113; ?Forerloeuie. I?: Fair:
l?H?ea. IM.
KBOOSU HACK?For ijear-old maidei?: mil?
:>nd teeeetv yard.: Rrakaoru?. U?: Wilfred?.
??; L'EnJolenr. Hi: Honiara?. 112: Ajennjitioi,
112; Tom Young. 112: ?4r lirafto?. 1G2: Hn.?
Traeia IB: ?oaan. X?: Prim 3d. 1)2.
THIRD RACK- All ago?: claiming; about t>u
furlong?: Tiger Roer. 1*4; Obi HareuMB. US:
Slati. 1ST: Padd? ?5: Storile?, lit: Ting a
Li?t. 112; St. laadore. US: Ninety ?.motea. 115
n?len Atsin. IB: Ground S<?en. 104. ?Sherman
A. MC: Marion HoWnii. 104; Bar* Bas. 1?:
Tltl?. W: 'Fooltsar. Mi: Maneen?. BT; Pollu.
107: HoossauM, III; Funk W?tem, US; Apr*- :
jack. 1IT.
FOCBTH RACK-The Rainbow: lelllng: S -m
addad: Swear old?: about eia ferions?- Simple
ten. KB: KkuUrn Glow. ?>; *rBsar Betne. *:,
lady Wood. Iff: THwina, 140: t ? iian ?*
uaer. m.
FIFTH RArnS-Foe \y??e-e?l? and ?p : Bn.
ten Setting Handicap: ?aSe and SSJ fewitb : ,
Paaaman. ItS: Sneprtrairon M, HI: Weeutraa, :
CS: B?lr> 11?: 'Arbert A. SB.
SIXTH R Ar F.-Sellini- Sy?ar-okt>> and op
mile and om?aixteeatA #ParabW-i >ja; ?Kohi
noor. SB: Keai Jase. ??: Hickory *" MB:
F?i??i. Mi; loo??*?, let: awasla, a?; ?Ml??
Ora ?a
New York. Oct. IT rhaiiniimi Jade
Britton h.i?- recovered from ti sie*;e
of Ulne?)* that ha* liad him on the
inactive list and ?? getl-nag in trial
for what In.-- manager. Uaa ?U-.uin.
?**-.> f ?9 g"inp io im .1 hi'i -? .liter"
for the \ et?-ran I Ir ,.- to *? ten
round? with th#- Italian Sieve .Latxo.
at llazieton. Pa.. Octn.-w-r 3?. rtf-r-d on
NflvembiT .it 1-?troit lie will me*"?
the Akron Saat*, Johnny ?.?riffiths. He ,
is to cet %tM* for th* two m.-* tinc??
Willie Jackson, the- \>* York licht
wrtclit. to proving Irr?,-?- If Mmos' a
champion m raking in the r-oal. Kor
three flights last MCk h' dr< w down
B.ttSlt. He knocked out Kddie Mor
ir?n in Philadelphia la* Monday, an?!
pullod down fi.11; tv Krel.ty h? beat,
Jake Shiffer In I.uffalo ?nd drew a :
mmmVn of fl.370.:v And am Saturday
night he close?! ?* bip w?-ek b> out
pointing <",eorc?- Km?? in Philadelphia
.??nd pot ItSW.-S.
Hagmiown Rices This Week.
Hager.-town Md . <>ct. li-Thirty-.
five races arr- or- the program for the
five-day meet ;tt the H*\p?-rstown In
terstate Fair, beginning Tuesday and
endinc Sa tu ?lav T??? lunwii race.?*
and fi ??? ninniti:: moga will be run
each on} The pur?* aggregate fll-ino
?I40J1 in i-*ach Im im.-r- race and fS?*? in
each runnin-r race. The pari-mmnH?
bettinp system will be tn vogue
Pirates Trim Cubans.
Havane, Oct. 13. ?The Pittsburg Na
tional Ijf-apiir baseball team won the'
second came of the a?rien with the .
Havana R-r-di* to-dav. Th*? aeore: Pitta- i
lurg. S run?. 11 hit.?.. 1 ?rror; Havana. '.
1 run, ? lilts. 3 error?. Batteri*-.?? I
Pfeffer nnd Krucger; Acosta f^loea
and 1 kmsak e.
Harrard Soccer Dates.
?^ajubridgc. Ma.".-.. ? ?et IS.--Harvard
soccer schedule ajincunced tonight
contains eipht fam^, six of wht-"h
are to be pla>o-ti at homo, the only
trtt> listed brings the ?Yimson to Cor
nell on Kovetnber t and Prtaoetoa the
follow in:r day. Penna has Nov?? mber
l? at Canil ?rid ce and Yale is allotted
the folowinp Saturday. Haverford on
Norember 2? brings the schedale to a
O'Dowd Is Real Champion
Mike OTowd is looming up as a
real champion of the middle-weight
claaa. O'Dowd la not much of a boxer
so far as science is concerned, but
he ta a tea ring-in fighter and differs
from most of the big pupilists In
li-eing the only American champion
wht went overseas to tight the Huns.
LeDroit Eleven Work.
The manager cf tin- UetMwH Tiger?;
football club announces tliat the team
haa been in practice for the laat three
days. The following players are re
quested to report nt the grounds, cor-!
HOT Fourth and W street^ northwest. ;
e ?cry evening this week at 4:39 p. m : '
Baylor West. Davis, Goodloe, John
son. Hatten and all new men desiring !
Trinity Beats Virginia
The Trinity A. C won from the'
Virginia A. C. at the shipyard grounds
yesterday by a score of ? to ??. Both
teams had a hard time paining ground
on the muddy field. A .though t he
Virginia ?A- C. outweighed the Trinii>
A. C, the District outfit gained more
pround than the Virginians
Murphy Good Drop Kicker.
Yale appears to "have ? prize drop
kicker in Thome Murphy, a ?on ol
the late Mike Murphy, track coatti
and football trainer for many year?
at Tale and Pennsylvania
BOXING, Wit?. Ju-Jit,u
?r-aarwe afftclallr appraved by
the halted Mate? r-nvrmsi???*
?nd hl*fcly lawaraed by Jack
Deatpeey aad premln???? mea.
Scientific Boxing. Physical
Culture *
as? r?. awe. *. w.
The army'? football team saaw Bat
be up to the staadard of otbee .t
but the morale at Wwt Pomi la
Throughout the same with tsyy
Saturday, the Cadets In the
Manp a sona* In which tn? y
plain that they are impatiently
iac forward lo th? cante wit? the
navy at the Polo Grounds late assi
For reasons other then muilcal. It
?nay be presumed that a orrtali
amount of Impatience lilcewlse ?ariste
at An napoli.- Por one thine the nari
ha? not defeatetl the army since 191G *
?ind Saturday, while the arm> was
lomiiE to eiyracuee by the ?core of :
la ". ? h. navy ?a? winning; from John.'
Hopkins by the rnarg-ui of ? to a
TtM- difference between the raasd?*
?tad the score? of th* two gasse? gs
which the service team? rng/aared It
sijrninrarit in thai it eireng-thet?? the
t?lM-r held at Annapolis that that, si
least, la tl.< iiaw's year And a sta?.'1
of the army t-igtn ?? not at all uaBtre
?luellve of evto.nri Iti support of th?
opinion whirh follower? of the navy
have voraciously ceneeated
The team whlefi Oil Doble has en
veloped at Annapolis har played h?
presetvels m its game? to dase, and
the indications are that it ie a pcrwer
rul. weil-halanoed eleven, ?safte eap
able of ?ehievtnir ? victory ?year fh*
*my after a w*i' of ?even year?
??a?t???. Oct 12.? WlHar %Mfl?* re- .
main tn ih?? ??????***? for tbe Wm?>w I
rnrtffi* nr/i football ?-hanip.?m!*htT* ar '
r*>> ii ! t of (*onl*-5t> pin y?**d Pat erd* *?
Paliti... before the ;iow-**rful TH?**? 1
??leven. Purdtic wu ettratnatnd fror?
th?- titln Hrriff. avltbourb th* Bo?V*
miik?'.? nianaiT'vl to hoW Itllno.a to ?>
14 to 7 ????? Purdue maJcinc a toocti
down juat bs-foT?? th*? e? t?? ? ntSe-n
Korward rvisje*??. weT? 1?????> rczprm*'
Me for l'urd??*'? ou?} t*iaark**r
Atth'euch ?be l?linoia-Ptirdur airux
jrl* w^f th? onl> Inter ?<tmt*r*,i***'%
came pla\4ftd. eti 4?titreT "Blic ??*?"
l(nm.> wcr*> tn action. aftd ir prac
tically rvi-ri- -raro*? roll**?, up o*H*-etd?**?I
?s '? t Minnesota war hardy ahk t'
Ite N-hnsk? th** t?-tirn of Iowa -
...i it i ,. .;ntf>d ont the?
iti? iUmpher* ?n^ariably ret away u
a alow atari. The rnro*- wan th* ftr*'
?>? t ? - ??., th*????* tw*. ontvtr-rvit ??*??
Ne? Tork. Or? 1-1??for l,> nc*. ?
\v. ?\ M?? l.Uiixni-w?-?prht. ?.?t- 1-" -
natch**") with ?*?!?" ?T^rnia? foi
?wenty-round c^*mn*onrhjp hn '
\* w OfwWgggM on Tbank-^i?. mr 1?**
\*as anT.o?'tcvad tw>?lay. Uy hit? ?-h??* -
me aicain*-? th* champion af Wat?
hury rom* t.m*? (M/St attd hi? km>ck*v
Sat urda rt.zhx of ih? T?>an. G?
Griffin v-hv w?? -Tiren * re?"?*-'* ?? ??
puThrr ?- <*???)G ?W#*f ?h*1 * '.amp**-? |
?.?t??-1? mar m in??. *V
New Y o?a. Get ll? Brooklyn ? p
rin? a cNrhranor ?fi lionor of
own" .limnii-' Kinc ntxr Pw #
pusher, ni?-i un? of th*? hero?? ?#
worlds fter,??* ("Ttarte? Ebbetta, prr -
d**nt of Tl?*r? H'ooWlyr* baA**>K*T( club.
??\ (tH?taC**?t***d 'hMi a ball jrarn?- ?t ??
IwaTt. ?< ????-?? an-afi?**tiTr. *w ruck?
tetTkawa" of p-*rtf*a*.?aof>al?- ar a featur** ?
l?inc d.1\ ?h*? p*^r*c????^ to >ie ff-v**?'
?? a put*** or ? hr? \oon*r rirerl'-??
"Ty" WB Heat.
Mobii. .\L... iV-t IS ?Ty-rof R???
mona i"ohh ?rill do sorse hetitrn? th ?
?inter on the ? aters of the ??? ?
AJabatn? ?eeordin?; to leieal spor?
i.ien Ty pureha?eel a huntlns lieen???
,n Birmlnirhs:iT .-> Iwsr .Igyf
which he was ?el ?acfe ?!? He t>
His resiel^nee ?> \ue?lsta, Ca O-i.
srsertem. takhwg i?rt BOaM?1? ?'?
iieenre. ??? lite winter sea?on ??
A. ?Vniwurford. I'incliinatl; <??oT?;e
Wrleon. rhttstuirg and ItVrrnen Gesti :
Captai. McGnt? a Vavwsr.
'^pl H M' Mc'iu ?? ? ho u ??**?
known ir football ? irtJ*,m\ ar%f ?
l?? r?? >e.-l?rd:4*s Mir-nuir** nhr. i
former TI;?r\T*id ; 'rt-sfrr I ni*: ?
w** ????' H hhe iw>wjl popnla* ??
that bus t-rrr worlt?^d rn the DtMn'
H?? ?a?titte* i?* th** W*J7 l??irh iVv
vrrl??- w'11 lo?-, h?' rememlr?wr*v?*5
EntTiM CU?* Today
The cr.T?'?*- G?, iht < nlwrnh;. (**.?
? *1 ib - ii>\italion polf tourner<* "
?G .-14.?*. lom^tv ;4t 0 o'clock
It's All Wrong
?this thine; of giving;
?omcthing; <or nothing
in these days of H. C
of !?, but nrverthelest?
some red-haired man are!
a certain red-haired lady
are going to pet pres
ents if ttiey will call
lier.? .it noon, October
1 ilon't kno? a? ?et
who they ar. ?all I ran
say is that the two with
the reddest hair get the
tiri p ?
Maybe vonr hair j?
red? If so, send in your
name and address on a
postal, anil be on hand
when I make the award?
on Octohrr 20th.
611 Seventh St. H. W.
ll.-e.e???er ?he AdSres?
Annual Meetmglfepn. Todi*
l'Ira? nasse, lata r. M.
Special ?. & 0. Trains
otee, t ?? r?BB?wslBad Ueasre
rala? Matt?? t?as?. |:>?B ee?
ni? r. i
RrTTTKAi??. iK?innnnii
Arnca thr -

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