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?. a.
Qotajy; probable
IH torDOCTTjr*,.
Hrghet* temperature
eti. 58.
.73; low*
-_ ?SB. ???
77ie ?Ye/ Circulation of This Newspaper Yesterday Was 40,582 <
Toast <??
t the people get m Ten
Wssfcanftoa Herald. Hit ?rron-t ?Isiiw
it exist?, it The HcrakTs policy.
NO. 4736
*Both Sides Decide to Put
Throu-gh Measure to Stem
Threatened Rush of Euro
pean Radicals?No Op
position Develops.
Emergency Authority Ex
tended Until One Year
After Peace?President
Quoted As Opposing Ad
mission of Radicals.
<? -
j. Tbe House last night agreed to
???"?pass first throy today the bill de
signed to prevent the threatened
rash of European amiesirablr-. to
das i-utmlij. The bul extends the
war-trine control or passports tor
one year after the proclamation
o? peace.
Fina] action on thr measure
would have been taken last night,
bot for a parliamentary tangle
srhich forced the vote over until
today. Discnssion of the bill re
vealed that there was no opposi
tion to it
Tbe Senate win be asked to ex
pedite the l?gislation when it
reaches that side of the Capitol.
It is hoped to get it through the
upper branch before the rnd of
the week.
RevTjMfcaas and Deroo-n-st.? both
? ?li lerne tti?t the future
aaXety of the United States from
?"?nt-rroiis azltators demanda that
tne most entectjve barr-rera* poeatble
4 be set -op against their cornine into
this ciuluU ?? It ?rae pointed out
| that this Is only temporary legisla
? tion tr? meet tbe Immediate situation
M and troat meajra-res to stiSBisltrea the
^?cenerai lmrnieratlon laws will be
taken ?pun early date.
Representan-re Rra?ere. RrpoWi
ean. of ?TaassrhuaetU. actinc chair
man of th* r*vreiirn Affali-** Com
rntttee ?ehier. reported out the oil!.
tleelared It i.- "aimed at the danger
oae pi^spaarandiitt class ef aliena."
Re pi St ntstive Flood, of Vlnrinia,
t>>-?TrnwjsTO oit psi?b two
Hit DepArtBient.
I Atlantic Oty. Oct. 16.?Consider
ine the handicap under which the
Postofrtce Departrnent worked dur
ing the war. tbe service waa "effi
cient to a marvelous degree," Post
master General Burleson declared
her? today, in defending his depart
ment against the complaint.? of 100.
?00 000 critical master*.
William McKee Bentzel. i:r_t? ? .-?feet
??'...rthea.-rt. died at 3:2& o'clock yester
day mormnc at Casualty Hotrpita1,
from a fractnr?d -kul!. which, the
police allege, was inflicted Tuesday
nijchr by William Parham. colored.
ttH Sixte**nth street northea.-r
Parham. alias fCdward Taylor, was
arrested yesterday morninc. and is be
??? held *t the Fifth ?precinct pending
the decisi?n of the roroner'.?*? jury. An
innoest win b** held at the T>iMlric
moryur this afternoon
Sbubert-Garrick?"Tea for 3."
Poll's?"Parlor. Bedroom ?nd
National?"Three Faces East.
Shnbert-Belasco ? "A Little
Journey." ?
Cosmos?Vaudeville and mo
tion pictures.
CrandaH's Metropolitan?Pani
ine Frederick in "Bonds of
CrandalTs Knickerbocker ?
Affiti Stewart in "Mary
CrandalTs?Gladys Brockwell
in The Sneak."
Moore's Garden ? Constance
Tab-oad-fe in The Pall of
Bad y ion.
Moore's Rialto?Hoodini in
"The Grim Game."
Moore's Strani]?"Evageline."
R P. Keith's?Vaudeville.
LoeVs Palace?BSlie Borke
se "Satfie Love."
Loew's Cotambta? The Gam
.?- biers." ?trit?i Harry T.
Gayety ? Burlesque; Harry
Lyceum?Burlesque; "Mischief
Chicago?Snow and cold
ather continues in west.
St Louis?Julius H. Barnes,
United States Wheat Director,
favors early end of govern
ment grain control.
AshevOle. N. C?Bascom
Coggins, minister, sentenced
to jail when be refused to
take an oath in court.
New York?Jewels valued at
$150,000 stolen from the apart
ment of Mrs. Ley la Brandeis.
Princeton?Licensed vice is
fostered in Korea by Japanese
officials. Dr. Syngman Rhea
said here today.
El Portal. Cal.?King Albert
and Queen Elizabeth left bere
today for a trip through Yo
sereite National Park.
Chicago ? Soldiers today
raided the I. W. W. headquar
ters here and set fire to all tbe
literature ready for distribu
New York?Brig. Gen. WUds
P. Richardson. commander
United States troops in Arch
angel, arrived here yesterday.
Tarrytown, N. Y.?Col.
James McNaught of Seattle,
Wash., dropped dead here.
Central High students pro
test selection of football school
Baseball magnates after
Johnson's scalp, await court
Edward Whitney puts over
regular "coop" at Laurel
Technical High eleven have
easy romp in beating St. Al
ban's 30 to o.
Leonard and Dundee in light
weight title battle at Hartford,
Conn., October z8.
Western and Gallaudet re
serves in 7-to-7 draw battle.
Harry Harris will play with
Rex football team.
State leaves today for game
with West Virginia.
Georgetown eleven ready for
Virginia Polytechnic team.
'Threatened Strike by Em
ployes at Midnight Un
authorized Report.
Flat denial that workmen of the
Washington Rallwav and Electric
Company had planned to take dras
tic action la.**t midnight if the Com
pany h:nl not by rbat tin.e granted
th*ur wage inert*?*???? 'Jemand;- was
lasued last nigh: by a committee
??f *he brotherhood of en:p':oyes.
?Vhtle the committee, headed by
H. W. I.ynn, wa.' conferring with
President William G Ham. of the
company, il wa*? reported from un
author'-rind yource.-. v?>st*rday after
??'?? tha? an ?ultim?tum had b'cn
hand*- th?? tracti* ? bead calling fv
action by midnight - r, a demand fnw
a 25 per cent increase.
\.ym\ declared that no such action
had been in?Mi it ? The commit
tee conferred for -?even hours during
the morning and afternoon with Ham,
with the result tha? the workmen
agreed to cut thAir demand In half.
Ham refused to promise the men
an increase of more than ? 1-4 per
cent, or ?. centi? an hoar, and de
clared that this would be dependent
on an increase in carfare, fl was
decided to hold another confab short
ly. This failing of results, Lynn
said, the matte?- would be placed in
tibe hands of the Public rtilttice
Commission for arbitration.
The commission met in closed ex
ecutive session yesterday to consider
the company's petition for an in
creased fare. No announcement was
made of the proceedings.
Dennis Patrick Murphy, ??. ?
8tre?t northwest, died ?t a o'clock
last night at Caaualty Hospital, aa
the 1 ?suit of a fractured skull, re
ceived in a street car accident at
Fifth and ? streets northwest.
Tuesday night.
Murphy waa ?truck by a Wash
ington Railway and Electric Com
pany car driven by E- L. Jones. The
motorman's brother. H. L. Jones,
waa the conductor. An inquest will
be held at the District mt-rt?u*?? this
I Acts to Prevent Sugar Skortafe.
Pittsburg, P*., Oct. 15.?Pittsburg
?rill experience no tugar shortage
If th? plane of Director of City Sup
plies J. F. Melon? made with the
Sugar pallatization Eo'ird in New
Vork materialize. I'ndcr the board's
new plan, effective tomorrow, no
sugar will be ?hipped ?HI ef Pitts
Hem Veri.. Oes. is.?Misa
Rrl-lfca ItiimbiiUKll la eme ?t the
few winni-n t-undldnlew In ?bla
ftty I? win eut 'n rt-t-rjit prl
?tariea. ?Haa Rnmhnuili wm
??minate-i by thr llrpultllean?
as tittr of ?belr dlalliel ramll
tliiii?? fer munlHnnl t-oitrl
)ntlr*-- At present the prwa
p. ?-?. ?f her eleettaa ap-pcnr t?
be eaeellewt.
London?Dr. Kuno Meyer,
professor of Celtic language
and literature at the Univer
sity of Berlin, died in Leipsic.
Rome?Baron Romano Avez
zano is to be appointed Italian
Ambassador to the United
New York?Stock market
soars to a new high level.
Chicago?Weather conditions
continue poor in West and
middle West, send grain mar
ket up.
New York?Heavy selling
canses reaction.
?Manager of Plant Is Haled Into
Court?Claims His Was Not
Guilty Stack.
Th?? White House "wa^h." hang?
1 ing on clotheslines in rear of the
Presidential mansion, is smudged
?and blackened by smoke from some
of the tall stacks nearby, according
Ito a wltnesB In the Police Court
! yesterday. The cue on trial waa
| that of Max Millo, manager of *
[showcase e?.chanpe plant at ?01
?Thirteenth street northwest, charg
led with violating the smoke law.1
i Gen K. \V. Whittaker. District
I smoke inspector, was the complain
ing witness. He testified that dens?
? black abd gray smoke poured from
'the company*.?? stai ? for two and a
j hnlf minutes.
"It may he that Gen. Whittaker
was observing the wrong stack."
Mr. Miller stated. "There are many
stacks in that vicinity."
"We are not trying that case now."
Mr. Miller's personal bonds wer?
taken not to repeat the offense.
The Baruch resolution, which waa
passed at the Industrial Conference
yesterday, provides that the report on
collective bargaining* be brougnt in
not later thtin tomorrow afternoon a*
J::10 o'clock.
With Mr. Gomperw absent because
of illness. U K. Sheppard, of the
Labor Group, entered a resolution
asking consideration of the principles
of railroad ownership and control as
set forth in the Plumb plan.
Harry A. Wheeler, of the Farmers'
Group, asked for a larger representa
tion of the agriculturist.*.
! Other resolutions offered were ba
John Sparso, of the Public Group, on
tbe right to atrike; by R. 8. ? rook -
I inga, of th? Public Group, for a system
j of bonuses IX the prom-sharing plan
t i-etween capital and labor is not de
[ t idt-d upon; and by J. F. Valentine,
for the creation of an employment
bureau In the Department of Labor.
Apple Tree? ia Bloom Afaiar
Ashevllle, N. C. Oct. 15.?County
Farm Agent E. D. Weaver reported
today he had found the second crop
of apple blossoms on many trees in
the country. This Is due, he states.
Ito the heavy rains which have via
lited this section during the past
few days.
Merrier Vieti Nkgan Falli.
Niagara Falls. Oct. 15.?Cardinal
Merclef today reviewed Niagara's
j cataracts from the spot where
I Father Hennepln. drat white man
lo see Niagara Falls, stood centu
i rics ago. Later he was taken to
, other points of raterea*. He Mt
?batti/ aftar ms? tmr "??*1
President is improved.
Low temperature yesterday,
Washington Railway and
Electric Company workmen
deny they intended to strike.
Cut wage demand in half.
Women lawyers, led by Mrs.
Ellen Spencer Mussey. begin
battle for rights of illegitimate
Minimum Wage Board low
ers minimum pay for minors.
Lieut. Com. Albert C. Read.
U. S. ? . arrives at Seventh
street wharf with trans-At
lantic seaplane, NC-a.
Postoftice to equip airplanes
with asbestos containers for
Dr. Louis B. Thomson, aged
Washington physician, dies of
heart failure at his home, 3433
Sixteenth street northwest.
Rear Admiral Richardson
Clover, retired, died on a train
near Cheyenne, yesterday.
Dennis Patrick Murphy dies
from injuries received in street
car accident.
Allen Stensell. aged 4, struck
by auto while playing in street,
is near death.
Two hundred representative
women meet to plan for
Women's City Club.
Third D. C. Infantry, Na
tional Guard, plans big organi
Vote on Shantung amend
ments to peace treaty expect
ed yesterday will come today.
Delayed by debate.
Senate considering methods
of collection of $1.500.000 debt
railroads owe government.
Rear Admiral McGowan.
paymaster of the navy, yester
day appealed for more ade
quate pay for all classes of
men in service.
Stricken on Anniversary of
His Daughters Death.
Under Great Strain.
Samuel Gompers. president of the
, American Federation of L*abor, is
confined to hie home here in a state
; of nervous exhaustion. Mis tempera
! ture yesterday wai AH decrees, and
; his physician has ordered him to re
1 main In bed.
The sa temen t announcing Gompers'
\ illnea-* Maid:
I "Mr. Gompers returned home from
?the Industrial Conference last even
: ing very greatly exhausted and went.
j immediately to bed. Hie physician.
Dr. Henry P. Parker, was called in
to see him. He found Mr. OoHtfUirr
' in a state of nervous exhaustion with
a temperature of Wl degrees. The
doctors said it would be absolutely
necessary for Mr. Gomper* to remain
in bed."
Gomper? illness followed a speech
urging adoption of tnr? r?solution to
mediate the steel ??trike, at the con
j re reme yesterday.
Hundreds til *tV;t -li ; ii*-*r on i;t 11 * fin
their eveninc strolls last night were
attrai-ted by a Are in th? H?nne
luneh room. 12S1 ? street north
When the flame.? had been "?
? tinguished, however, it developed
! that the Are wa.? caus-ed /by an
! overheated stove in the kitchen of
: the lunch room. Damage amount -
! ed to |60. The lunch room is owned
j by C. T. Taylor. C. H. Lee fa the
i proprietor. ,
, London. Oct. 15.?Sir Auckland
i Geddes, president ot the Board of
?Trade, said In a speech here today:
"Within two months Britain will
' have to find employment for more
j than 1.000,000 men and women who
are now not engaged In product i ve
! industries. One of the most urgent
? needs of Britain's Industry is the
I formation of a great transport pol
i icy to aid the British export trade.
"If Britain wants to reach the
, jtrt war level of prosperity, it is
1 essential that a large rorelgn trade
j be established at the earliest pos
'? sible moment"
Gatti Heads Holy Ro*?ry Drive.
Stefano Oatti's team was reported
last night as leading in the *CO,00?
drive for the Holy Rosary parish,
with 11.336 subscribed durine last
week. Among the large contributions
was that of Mrs. Federica Leverone,
J1.000; L. P. Gatti, te?0; A. Anselmo.
VU; J. -Statu, ??. About uzooo eme
/Seven Hours Consumed In
Argument Wednesday.
Vote Is Stopped.
Sees No Reason For Unwil
lingness to Turn Back
Province Now.
O ? assal debate on the Shuntili.-'
emondmont io?>k up sll the Ufas of the
^?'iiato .vcsterday, it having been hoped
bo leaders on both sides that it would
b,. possible to brins Ihr question to ?
vote before Ute day's session eridejd.
So many Senators expressed h desire
to be heard, however, that 'Senator
I,ode?? wan finally compelled to ask for
adjournment after the debate had
lasted seven hours.
It is believed that the vote ?ill be
taken today. Senators 1'helan. of
California; Johnson, of Calltprnta;
KoIIoks. of Minnesota; Townsend. of
Michigan, and Hale, of Meine, are
?intone those who will ?peak before
the vote is taken.
Reed Sarreeh inter?.t.
In yesterday's debate the greatest
interest ?.-??ntered upon the speeches by
. Senator Keed. of Missouri, and Sen
| ator Borah, of Idaho, in support of
the amendment. Senator Lenroot. or
Wisconsin spoke aeainst the amend
ment, bat aroused serious attention by
announcing that unies? a reservation
exempting the United states from
acquiescence in the "Shajitung erime"
$150,000 TAKEN
Thieves Jimmy Safe in New
York Apartment of Mrs.
Levia Brand?is.
New York. 0<*t 15.?Th?* -heft of
jewelry valued m $15?.??? from the
West Seventy-second street apart
ment of Mr*?. Ley.a Brandei*. widow
of on? of the mo.m prominent mer
chants of Omar.?**, wa? road'* public
? today- Th*? theft vra? < ommiU-M on
| .Sunday.
Mrs. Brandete, who i? a yonnp
| woman, cam? to ?Cew Tork City
froni I-ondoD two week?? agro, hav
ing ??ppnt Di'* sunjiii'-r in England
? Mr.? Brand?is went to Freeport, I*
I . ?.? Saturday to spend th?* wcek
?f*nd wiLh her mother and when she
returned on Monda> found a safe
?r?uardinR ih** jewels broken open.
The safe, which contained a large
rupe of pearl?, a diamond necklace,
diamond pins ring* and other artl
! elei?, was a "safekeeping box" built
, into * closet of the apartment The
| burglar or burglar?* pried the safe
I from the closet and by the me of
I a jimmy opened it and took the
j content?. The ?afe was afterwards
! f"und in the bathroom.
The police claim they are work
j ing ?>n an important clue.
Tittoni in Para About Fiume.
Paris, Oct. IR.?Foreign Minister
Tittoni. of Italy, arrived in Parts
today to engage in further negotia
tions over the disposition of Piume.
How Much
Do You Know
About the Bible?
NEVER mind. M a n y
supposedly well - informed
persons know less.
A GREAT artist painted
a picture of a young woman
I with glorious red hair,
crouched on the floor,
weeping bitterly. This pic
ture i- called "The Weep
ing Magdalene" or "The
Repentant Magdalene." All
are familiar with it.
A FEW years ago a the
atrical producer in New
York staged a play, en
titled "The Eternal Mag
dalene," giving Julia Arthur
the star role.
These titles are all based
on a popular misconception.
There is no authority for
thinking that Mary Magda
lene or Mary of Magdala
was a "fallen" woman. The
woman who was about to
be stoned has been con
fused- with Mar?< of Mag
dala. The latest edition of
the encyclopedia, under the
heading. "Mary : Magda
lene," at last corrects this
old tradition. Read the
Bible and see for yourself.
Will Print the Bible
in Serial Form
Baruch Resolution to Keep
Meeting Sitting Until Plan
Is Found for Settling All
Strikes Upheld by Chair
man Lane:
Grieved Over the Failure to
Crush Steel Strike. Are
Treated Like Actresss
Says William Allen White.
Feel Fight Is Theirs.
It became evident in yesterday'?
ee5?ion of the Industrial C infer
ence that the employers' 141 }up
md not the tabor group was tne
'one that needed to be handled
Aith yloves.
? The delegate? heard that President
?Wilson was anxious to have the del
Iagata? sit until their task is tin.
? ished and. as an evidence of the
?President's feeling. Bernard Baruch.
I who is assumed to represent the
'President more than any other dele
gate, bea'tlrred blrnself to get a
Icomprt-.mise on the steel strike mo*
it ion which was introduced last ?reek
; by Mr Gompers
Balk tor Paar lia.??
For four days the conference bas
been bulking at that resolution. The
Baruch compromise ?ras to postpone
?action without prejudice until the
?subcommittee on collective bargain
* ing should bring in a permanent
plan for the adjudication of all
?strikes The Baruch resolution had
1 the aolid vote of labor: the solid
vote of the public group, excepting
two?one of whom ?ras Judge Gary.
* himself sitting with the public
(t?a??and the two farmer votes
In th?* employers' group.
? Tt had an overwhelming majority of
?the conference, and the chair declared
* that ao long as it was merely a motion
to oestpone a resolution and not to
determine a policy of the conference.
he would declara it earned without
lUmmontOT. ? J.. Oct. 15.?County
i detectives today mude the greatest
| progress recorded in ? h*? starch for
j little Billy Dansey, mining for a week
from hi? home here They definitely
established the feet that Billy was
? seen in company with two strange
? men two ra?les southeast of the Dan
j sey home at ? o'clock Wednesday
? morning, little more than an hour
! after the boy disappeared
I-^hn P. Wilson, chief of county de
j ??-*"?;ve?* ?nd his assistant, Benjamin
I Nusbaum. obtained evidence from
three witnesses which resulted in the
tracing of Billy from the time he left
tbe Dahlia field near his home until
l the trail disappeared m a cranberry
The witnesses wer?* close enough to
the men and the little boy to hear
their voices, but rouWJ not understand
what wa? said. Thr men were lead
ing the child, who made no effort to
struggle and who was talking with
Wilson and his assistant did not be
gin their investigation until late yes?
Members of the International
Conference of Women Physicians in
i New York, who are visiting Waah
I ington. will spend a busy day ??
? day.
Thr program arrar-red for them
[ Is as follows: S:30. visit District
department nf health service: 8:20.
ride to Walter Reed Hospital under
auspice? of Red Cross Motor Trans
port Corps; 10 o'clock, inspect Wal
ter Reed Hospital: noon visit Capl
i toi: 12:40. visit Army Medical Li
I brary and Mi:scum; 1:30. luncheon
I under euspices of Y. W. C. ?., with
! Mrs. Robert Lansing and Mrs.
?Thomas R. Mai-shall as hostesses:
| 2:30. visit Mount Vernon: ~.:30. visit
residential section of Washington:
?:J0. visit College Women's Club;
6:45. dinner at College Women's
Clnb; 8:S?. vlelt Library of Con
gress; 10:30. leave for New York.
Chauffeurs Ask Inquiry
Of D. C. Hacking Laws
Representative Fred Zihlman. of
Maryland, at the requeat of the
public vehicl- chauftenrs of this
olty. bae Introduced Into the House
a reaolntion to Investigate the Dis
trict hacking laws.
The publK? vehicle chauffeur?
have been complaining against the
unjust hacking lews, and particu
larly against the taxicab corpora
tions, which they say have special
privileges granted them to the det
rtment of ta? privata vehicle
His Obs<?rver, Lieut. S. 0.
Miller, Is Hurt in Crash
In Utah.
Lieut. Maynard Plunging
Through Raging Snows
On Return Trip.
Sail l_.ke City. Fiali. Otri I?.?
I?sal. Prendi Kirby. pil.,1. ws? 'S
st.ntly killed, ?nel L?tmt. ?. ?. Mil
, 1er, observer, ?r.? seriously injures
when their TV Hsviland plane feti
iat the Kitrby Ranch. ne.r Castle
j Rock. Utah, at 4 o'clock thi? after
! noon, according- to a report rraetaing
I here tonight. The aviators wer?
westbound a*? tae transcontinental
j air race.
rnfavorable- aviation weather de-1
veloped over ?h?? Middle We?! toda? ?
snd ronecm wss felt tei fly?ts now '
between ChlesKo and the Pacific
? "oast. Lieut- Belvin w Maynard,
the first aviator In a?W transeoe
' tioental air derby la reach Saa
? HYanciseo aad the nrirt to start on j
,ih' return trip. ??? plunging I
! through snowstorms tn the Par |
\ West.
?fawaar? Prr??? Oo.
: One flyer left Chicago this tuoi run?;
? for the West. He ?_ Lieut ?. ?
? Gllkeson. entry No IOC He departed
|.t 7:17??" L?eu? W ? Taylor, entry
1 No m. rear?ted here at ;?_7 Be
i cause of threatening weather he de
1 <-lded to lay over here until tomor
ro??. A nils* htm?: over the lake ?r
--IOI1 and heavy clouds ihreaiened rain
! or snow
The latest word from I_eut Mar
nare) said he left Cheyenne at I 44 this
Afternoon for fidney. Neb In his
fliarht from FU wlins to Cheyenne
he dodged several -nowsiorms and
weather forcea.terr said he might ex
pect to encounter snow and rain be
? tween Cheyenne and Sidney. D?suite
j the warning he decided to make ? he
Dr. Louis B. Thomson Suc
cumbs to Heart Failure
At His Home Here.
j Dr. I-ouir? ? T>torn?on. a r?sinent ef
j Wajhinpton tor ftfty-fo*ir vm-> died
; suddenly of heart fai-ur*? U?i nicht
at V-rSo o'clock at hit? home 7423 Six
teenth street Vorthwe.??! He wa.? Tn
yean* old
Despite hi? ?g*. Dr Thomson h?d
j been pract .etn?r only twelve v^ar* He
j began the stud*, of medicine at the
jMj.r>land Medica! College in Bait
, more, when well beyond & yean? of
ja?e. havm- been previously a busi
!ne?s m&o. He came here from Syrm
jcuise. ?. ?
! Dr. Thomson s s-rv.ded by hi!? wife.
'Mrs Anna R Thomson: a. ?1.? ?-,-hter.
.Mrs H. C. Gtbb?. and a -on. Albert
i Ray Thomson, who .? the I'm:ed
States Consol at Omsk. Siberia.
Dr Thomson w_t a Master Mason
He was a member of The Mount Plea>
ant I-Odge He was deeply rcli-nou?
and a staunch member of the Central
I Presbyterian Church. He was a mem
ber of the Sons of the American Rer
' olution.
Funeral service? for the ftew Wil
liam Q. Davenport, for twenty-eight
years pastor at the Kmman?*ol Kpis
copal CTiurch. Aoacostia. oho died
suddenly Tuesday mornins in Detroit
while attending the Kpiseopal eonven
I tion there, will be conducted tomorrow
, afternoon at ?.? o'clock at the Chun h
; of the Ascension
Members of the Masonic Lodge. No.
? _*1 ; Royal Arch i'hapter a?? Civil War
I veteran* will attend the service? .it
I the church. Burial will be in Arling
ton National Cemetery.
During the CIvn War he served
I with a regiment for hia borne etate,
! He was formerly rector of Anacos a
? chuivh. l'Ut irtired and bream? af
I nilated with the Church of the A?
| tension. He was a chaplain in the
Anaoostia Masonic Leodge.
Rev. Mr. Davenport lived at i:a_
Mapleview place. Anacoetla. D. C. He
is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary E.
Davenport; a son. Rev. George w.
Davenport, and four daughters Mrs
Irene North snd Misses Ftaioses. Anna
and Mary Davenport.
Steamer Retenes AD
Aboard Burning Liner
New Tork. Oct. 11.?The French
liner Niagara bound (or Bordeaux
rescued all on board tae F-bre Ila?
stealDer V?anla, imported ?Are la
Ulli]m tan It ora? sarro?*nod by
Fahre line official? her? tod.?
Official? or the line ?aid th?
| steamer carried no XM**rnsyr*.
j News dispatches from Huvhiim.
whence she sailed October 4 for s>
? Nasalre. said she hsd If. p??sen
jarers, a crew of IM aad 1C2M ?_ck?
of ?
President Remembers Ffo
Wife's .Birthday and It
Able to Make Her a Pres
ent Ordered By Him Ser
eral Days Ago.
Troubled Slightly During
The Day With Headache.
Recurrence of Attacks
Which He Suffered Dur
ing Trip Across Country.
The foUowinc bulletin on the
President's condition wa*- i-.-ned *?'.
to o'clock fast nicht by ?? Geny
- r r :
"The President ha- had a Wft?
factory day.
"Thr President ?FE xiH _
Teaterday arai Mrs. Wilsons birth
day anniversary, and the P.-#-fi4**-?t
eurprleed her with a pret^em
Several daw aao accordine '*?
Rear Admiral <'ary ? Gmy*on. Th?
President's personal phy.-'?.?p h?*?
?had eauaed to be ordered a %\f* tear
Mrs Wilson but *be wti> kept ??
iprv riBff of the fact- Yeaterda**
j when eb* * niered hie siokrnooi th"
! President produced it ani arhfc?d
| her many happy return?? ?f the da:
Vi "bat the present wae w ? i I Ha??
to remain a aoeret. for T>r. Grayron.
? who aatd be wa.? mor?? or Ve.*?? bebind
tbe ?rene* when th* t?ken w?*? ??"'
en Mr?. Win? on. pre^erv^d afi+mrC** ??
thi? point
There wa? no m-et'r-?' ebanc*- ??
Pro?rdent Wilson** condition paalnr
day Th- treatment triven him hv*
Dr H A Fowler Warhinrton -n*?
einJint. enabled him to ppend a *-e?i
fvl nicht Tuesday mrbt and ba
enjoyad h if bre-akfnat y-*-nte?-d*?*?
moratof bot wai> ?"mewha' tram
bled dur??? th?? da> ?:'h n -lie*t
?Che benda? h?? m jo?!? r-ro.-d ?? *??*
a r?*curren>.? of the atta? k? ??*GGt?*??
by the President whtle -->p h.? rin-?
?continental trip For top dar>a *->f
tha Wettern tour he w bot her?---*
irreatly by severe heada? T.* ? b ?
the.?*?? were taken ?*? ho ?.?:? n*?
a|omont in hi?? aeaemJ p?? r ??-? . - \
hauptrMi conditi??!!
Had t.oo.i Niaht*? Ro?v.
Y*Merday*t hu l*i ?n fr^m ib
?enrpa of pfeyav-i-tant at '??? Wim?
H?U!??? had this t? -a?
'The Pre ideiti had a uo^ri nanti
reu enjoyed hi* kta-m kfaat ind
agirte fr?.m a .-lieht l'eadaekr - ??
' atae* to make tmpT'V? went Th?
* onlition ? huh i**tt*edj 'he r*
',..,,. ... ,?,' Monday n*eht ; nd ? h
which D? K-?*al ??? . ??nyii ; ?? ??
su, v. ? ?? it ???ibi? ? ? ? an 'he inebi
?r*r;\ Y.-oV
>titt -
Me-aa. ttir Preeidenl ".i-*e4 a
ealm du? in t? ??? ?;. ?? . ?\
reH and qu el r>rr -''r .'? "'
<?octOl ;-. -Mini t '?- ind? ^ift-'il ?
outside matter* ??er?* bmuaht ??? Hi
attention Man*, bovaju? I *?' rtew
' er* ?ere >ent to t'ie Wl,??? Itovae
Iyeatetday. not '???> h? ?.??-..??,: '
friend?* of the |T-?? :>t I?.il 0.11 -
? wm?m-?? ?< V* e?l
M ? - ?.. L. ? - G???G t?.
John W Pa t ??- \?,. ? ? ?iti -Vu?!*? -
?ador to Great Britain imneani*!? ?
tb-G followtnc me.-f.j,p. ?? m* \\
Mou5<? tht* alf-rnoon
"Hi* Royal Hicl-ne-- tbe
Ke >(4?1. a-k-- me. throuffb I - r? |?re
.-enlHti\?v G.? . Cie-em Uaddad ?
land Bri*. Gen V-.i*? Paeba. t
[tranaanM an ?amr? ? - i? ???????
health and IO e*xp?r-- ih? ?11. ? ?
. hop?1? of h itnt-ejf a ufi * l>. ?V ? ahi an
'nation for ynur f.pe''d> ??--?.\?*??
V, Marques BnM il Ine it ?\ -
'president nf Venecueia, ?-?? in??
"In my narn naine and ir ' h?
name of the ?, n*'r.uelan _o\ r- ? niu* ?p?
I <a-tS Piace rea t ?* ieh??* fit? ????
healtTi of yo*iir eacellenc> "
All?ri MaaarB. ? (M s*t*-r'h ?tr?*?
?arfJnaat. la in ? ~,*tton- fom-ittion at
<~ai-ualt\ Hospital a* Ihr rfmilt ef le
juritaa receivi-d in an automobil* oei
lleton r-wt'rear aftfrnoon
Th? chfld ran in th? rath ?f ?a
automobile, driven by J???? 1 Back.
1343 Jackson street north<-a?t Buck
took the mjur?* hoy and hi? motVf
to Camtalty Hoepltal The child'? n?
?uriee are br-Mse? on hi? head ?od
body aad a fracture at th? top* ?r
"Ui Cfceck. Anew**
?t?a? Ruth Alma WNum- aaed Ti
I and ?ie?l.i. of Nerto? V? i. nmms
? h?i?l at the Hnuae of Detfnttmi ??
' a-eait trial on a chatae of ttbtainift-c
t money under falae iwetetiea*-*. sh? ??
lallesad to he"? ouhan aovoral ?arta

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