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The Washington Herald Company
??25-437-4*0, ?Cot-vrnth Street Phone
L ?. BELL...._.tmSmmmtt
ft G. BRYAWT.,.',..?, ,,,.Beale
the BTscKwrra special agknct
New Tork, Worin Building; Chicago, Tribune Building; St- _Ixmt?V
Po???-Dispatch Building; Detroit. Ford Building: Kansas City. Mo, Bryant
Building. _
Daily and Sunday, 10 cents per month: 11.80 per year. _
Dally and Sunday, ?3 cents per month; ?6 50 per year. Dally only.
? SO cents per month; 15.00 per year.
Entered at the post office at -Washington. D. C as second class mall
ij ?
Give the Firemen More Pay.
The increase in pay having been given the police, it is now in
lorocr for Congress to quickly recognize the needs of the firemen.
"The bill providing for the increase for the firemen should be passed
?nefore the House adjourns. The firemen have been unobtrusive in
their demands. They have quietly produced evidence of their need
for more pay. It is a business proposition and Congress ought to
treat it as such.
The capital group at the Industrial Conference holds that the
establishment should be the unit of mutual interest for collective
bargaining. What difference will it make if the establishment em
ployes take orders from a national organization?
The laborer sells a specified number of hours to his employer.
t3trquiring overtime without pay is stealing from the . laborer the
?Only commodity he has to sell.
Back in the stone age, before men learned to talk, there were no
Kojpy man but one, either of foreign birth or foreign parentage?
and every man now an American. Representatives of fourteen na
tionalities have in truth become "Americans?All." The melting pot
has melted.
That is descriptive of the "Americans???" detachment of the
United States army which has been touring the principal cities of the
country after thrilling the people of New York for many weeks by
a scries of drills. Thousands attended the exhibitions given by
these soldiers who, until a few months ago, were just plain illiterates
???including the one native American.
Since last May they have been under the instruction of the re
cruit educational center, at Camp Upton, New York. While they
were undergoing training in the duties of the soldier, they also were
taught the rudiments of an English education. Today 'every man is
able to read and write, to sustain ordinary conversations on almost
every variety of topic, is able to read and understand military orders
in English. And from the army viewpoint, not the least of the ac
complishment is the remarkable proficiency of the men in military
' But standing out so far and so prominently that the recruit educa
tional center and army officers do not need to point to it, because
everyone who sees the detachment recognizes it at sight, is the
thorough Americanization of these sons of fourteen foreign nations.
That is the one feature which commands the admiration of every
genuine American as it undoubtedly has that of every soldier of the
?"Americans?All" detachment. It is a perfect example of what can
be accomplished in even a few months by a well directed system of
?trainfiBT m Americanization.
The Department of Agriculture informs us that the world's supply
of food animals is about the same as before the war. Publication of
the bet convinces us that the packers' censor is loafing on the job.
In the old days before there ?aras so much talk about the American
Eta-rrdard of living, fewer men wore silk shirts.
Once upon a time, the man who got his name on the sucker
Pst 1 eteiwed many offers of fake stock. Now he receives an equal
amoont of political propaganda.
? Machine Made.
One of the tag bare spots that is robbed into the weave of
rhildbood of city kids is caused by the absence of anything to love,
su Iside the family circle.
Anything animate that is their own, that protects, and, m turn
vires irnfa?rrrg loyalty for a master's care.
The exxmrry child still has his dog or her pet lamb.
Time was when nearly every town boy had his pup, and the
sight of a dozen tumbling children cascading over a great benevo
fent Dane, or riding three deep on the broad back of a mastiff, or
iojojf to school chaperoned by a Newfoundland was as common as
s waa de-'igtirfuL
Nowadays the dog is of tin and runs on wheels. ? child raised
?rith a <!og is lucky. The eternal lessen of loyalty, unquestioning
l4>r?fience. unquivci ing faithfulness, unafraid protectorship, and ever
jovial compaxiionsfaip caoaot help but leave a wonderful impress on the
arid. Any man here present who was lucky enough to hive a dog
for his own a* a bey 'emembers tfce dog with as sincere devotion
is be does his first love. Chickens arc silly things, bat the girl who
fcts fondled and reared baby chicks has early been sanctified in the
pvino order of motherhood. The lamb that was raised by hand on
lie nnxsing bottle did more for its nurses than they did for it in
"bin?eating the fundamental virtues.
The broad backed family horse that never shied, that ?ras e rei
?rient, that nosed yon over for sogar lumps, and tha/ stood outside
be uotntiug house on a Sunday morning, the embodiment of family
Rrtne, loyalty and high-bred patience, such a horse was almost as
euch an aid to Christian character as grandmother, with her Dutch
ralbes, and spicy cookies, and a vast understanding of the needs of
fce juvenile stomach.
And the spindle-legged calves, and the woolly colts, and the
tigs that learned to follow yoa about the place like poppies, and the
nake-believe, fierce old gander and the tame pigeons, and the
coofly-wttted fat sheep, all these 'dumb ones under the benevolent
lominion of the farm family were loyal vassals, whose virtues re
sected in the tenderness and patience and kind-heartedness of all
riio lived with them.
Man needs animals just as he needs children. He requires the
reaker vassals to raise him to the spiritual dignity of aa overlord.
- And in tbe old days even townspeople had enough retainers of
1 < sort about them to be kept kindly. ]>
Now we have a devil wagon that snorts and Stinks, for oar
family horse. ? A contrivance that gets there and back, but that
ares nothing for kind words, caressing pats, nor a rug by the fire.
We defy "anybody to acquire character by consorting with a six*
joinder engine on a December morning when the radiator's frozen.
And for a watchdog we have a burglar alarm that never causes
toy real burglaV a mornent*s alarm.
Wires and devices and engines and thingamabobs, instead of
l.*-h and blood, devotion and sincere admiration.
It was a poor swap, especially for these whitewashed poor
aiaemic city kids, who would probably break in two if they indulged
n a regulatTromp with a regular 'pup.
The first littje task of tbe league will be to find a way to make
?copie do what their governments agree to do.
Belief in the equality of men ? held by those who can't afford
t> hire servants.
The salaried man feels a deep sympathy for the poor mechanic
rho is burdened with the task of spending $8 every day.
By 0. 0. McINTYRE
Mow Tork. ?-let *?.?*l*ho?as*t? while
strolling around Manhattan: ?aaaaaa?
?rltlt glassy brilliant eyee harangue
tng? oro wds la full of heroin. ? devTl
d"****". CjhluuMaia. tn a iliue stor? win
da??*. Lot of isbw fur overeoats. Of
nos sten say. man I? a specialist In
eMarose-uro! Ther?'s a word for tou.
meat Bis BUI mawurae, most popu
lar man In town, perhar??.
Pauline J-Yederlck In a leopard ooat.
Cider aen? for a. cent? a stasa, Grand
father used to ?Mv? It ewer. There*?.
Charloa lJvln?reton Bull, th? animal
artist Modest and Shy. Sidewalks
rettin?; crowded again Wonder what
It It Ilk? In th? Kiondyk?.
Olnro-loolclng man going oat of Us
way to help cr-Ipple over ear track.
Considering eve?rythtrjf, people are ra
markahly rood. Badi?*? ?? io to
church Sunday. President of Cuba's
wife corns; Into Alt-nan's. Crest on
the car aad ?.vu jthtna.
Novelist Lotiia Tt-aoey takln, a
stroll. Very "Snsrllsh. Bnnvn eoat.
Gray Test. Checkered tronser?. And
spats. Studious looking fellow Is
Joel. Runs night life ehm con earns
place. Write? hlfm-trrow hooks an.l
publishes them himself. Mexican rtrr
olutlona brwwed tn his place. Pal of
' Fornero, the artist Walls plastered
| with original cartoon drsiartmrs.
Hope the moths have overlooked my
winter clothe?. Afraid to look. If
j they're rained there's nothlns* left hut
the rtver. Wonder If it*? trae about
all your sins com ? ? ? before you while
drowning. If it is It win take me
some time to emit the last ?rurale.
Jack Lalt here from CMcaasjo. Al
ways ran? New Tork. Still, I notice
he has to ?some her? to set] his stuff.
?*unn/* They don't mis? him when
he ?roe?. At. that he's one of the
world's beat humorists. Richard ?t
? dynskl the Metropolitan director,
rendine th? bill of fare in a French
pastry shop wiridosv. If he (roes In,
I wilt There he ?roes!
Rondini, the handcuff expert. Is
?back from California, where he has
i been escaping from things for the
| carriera men. He has a fine home
now in HobOken. but he ?pends most
. of his time around Broadway. The
: other day I recalled to him the time
1 he pave a perforrraaric?? for sjrame
: newspaper men and the chief of po
. Hoe In a Western city. At the tfme.
naked, he escaped from every cell
and drrrrgeon we put him In. And he
also ?mr.nowed a paper of needles.
let us ezarnlne_hls mouth under a
strone lieht then swallowed a piece
of thread. When be brought thread
vrp the needles were all threaded. I
have been Interested In magic for
years, and that trick always trot my
Houdtnl say? It is simple?but he
won't reveal It ThPre wa. a time
wham ?Rondini could not afford chicken
and ^iee cream ever/ day. In those
day? be boarded at fifth-rate board
Intr hrsrisee and did not always have
money at the end of the ?reek for
his ??. On one of these occasions
his landlady asked htm his line of
"Oh. I am a specialty actor." he
I told her.
| "What do you do?" she asked.
?Oh. I spend ray time getting out of
tight place.." he replied.
He had to'pay six ?reeks' board
in advance rieht on the ?pot
? Older Inhabitants tn Manhattan are
? chortling over the sudden rise In
I the ??rice of elder apples These ap
ple? rteed to Bell for 6 cents a bushel
Now the prie? I? Il a bushel. The
sudden Interest Is tied up to the fact
that If left to itself, elder develop?
an alcoholic content serenely Indiff
erent to th? phraslnr of Federal or
ders or enactments. The sudden In
terest In elder la very InteT?i?-rtmg.
Oirs-er? used to buy it then hare
to (rive It away before th? end of
the ??f<a???m. And they had a hard
time giving It away.
"I WISH I wee old so I wouldn't
have to go to school."
"?Oh. for the days of my child
hood, when not a worry or ?sau-e
bui-dened me; just a little school
in sr and a lot of play ini?! Ah, those
were the days!"
"I WISH she'd say Tea' when I
aak the dearest sweetest s-lrl ln
?11 the world to be my wife."
**I WISH that confounded Jodare
wouldn't take so long- granting me
nry divor?a"
"I WISHI had a million dollars."
-I WISH I could trade a million
dollars for a good, old-fashioned
appetite, and the ability to digest
what I ate."
"T WISH I was ln business for
myself; a fellow i?e-rer gets any
where when he's working? for
somebody else."
-I WISH I could ?-et out of this
business and go back ?tn a salary
where a man knows how much he's
soins; to get on Saturday."
**I "WTSH summer was here; this
cold weather always treta my s-oat"
"I "WISH this hot weather was
done with; I cant stand the heat
at an,"
"? WISH we lived tu' the etty
when we could tjet to a movie
once In a while."
a* ?
Sugar at 20 or 30 cent.? a pound
will be Um American grocery bill
next year. unless Congress acts
promptly In extending the life of
the Sugar ?QqrraJixation Board, in the
opinion of Senator McNary. of Ore
"In fact." Senator McNary said.
??sugar may go to almost any price
tn the United States, for it is en
tirely possible that unless -we act
and act quickly the entire Cuban
sugar crop will he contracted for by
European countries.
**Tb&t would leave us with only
our own sugar production to depend
on. Olir production, even including
Hawaii. Porto Rico and the Philip
pine?, will be at the outside 2.00n.u00
tons. As we are accustomed to con
sume annually something like 4.000.0-1?)
tons, you can sec the situation we
would he In. Price wouldn't mat
te?*. "We simply couldnM. tret tbe
sugar at any price.
japanesr co-ntrol
imiiiiitim: outpct
"The fact is. however, that even
the output of Hawaii and the Philip
pines will not be available, for Japan
has secured contracts covering the
greater part of the Hawaiian and
Philippine crops of 1920."
To remove possible opposition In
the Senate and expedite Congres
sional action on his bill extending
the life of the sugar equalisation
board through 1920 Senator McNary
is redrafting the measure? eliminat
ing provisions for licensing refiners
and wholesaler*.
"*I hope that In Its new form I can
obtain unanimous consent for Its
Immediate consideration." he said.
"And that it will pass without a
flgbt. It must pass quickly if It Is
to be effective in warding off the
most acute sugar shortage this
country ever knew."
Failure of the Sugar Kqualtzation
Board to have previously sewed up
next year's Cuban rugar crop is
placed at the door of the adminis
tration. President Wilson's interest
Our good name sbroad as resolute
observers of the law is dyins by
lynches.?Atlanta Constitution
Th? blg?est argument for the
?igninc of the peace treaty Is that
I delay Is dangerous. ? Philadelphia
The FLih Trust bas collapsed at
Boston. But the sacred codh> h still
hangs hlsh.?Philadelphia Record.
"Dock Workers Strike." Be some
takiPeT more In the way of new? If It
reati **DocJr. Strikers Work."?Phila
delphia Inquirer.
Risine; prices Increase the conn
try's wealth about as much as best
ins eggs Increases their weight.?
Boston Herald.
"Baker Backs Wood's Authority st
Gary." And In this Instance every
law-loving, loyal American backs
Baker.?Boston Transcript
? Onr guess Is that the old woman
who lived in the shoe was the origi
nal victim of the rent gouge.?Phila
delphia North American.
King Albert and Queen Elisabeth
are reported to have been thrilled
by the Ceve ot the Winds at Ni
agara. What a glorious time they
will have when they visit the Sen
ate.?mem York Evening Post.
In the league of nations fight, it is
declared, prevented him from giving
attention to the aproachtng sugar
shortage and from taking a step that
would bave protected against it. ->
The United States Sugar Corpora
tion is a stock company, all the
stock of which is held by the Presi
dent, who must vote authority to
the Sugar Equalization Board for
all purchase a
Karl y In August an agreement had
been reached by Cuban producers,
and the 1920 crop offered the Equal
isation Board at a price approxi
mately 1 cent per pound over that
paid last year?5.086 cents. '
The Equallzat-on Board requested
authority from the President tn en
ter into the contract, but failed to
receive .t.
In the meantime. European buy
ers appeared in Cuba and began
bidding up prices. As a result th?"
Cuban offer was withdrawn nn Sep
tember 25 and to date about one
third of Cuba's next crop has been
contracted for elsewhere.
There is hope that if Congress
acts quickly extending the life of
the sugar board and specifically re
questing tbe President to vote It
authority to make the purchase
that the major part of the remain
ing two-thirds may yet be obtained
for this country
Even if it is ?nd we get all that
Is now sold elsewhere we can hope
for no greater sugar supplies In
1920 than In 1919 and with the per
capita demand for sugar In the
United States Increased from t*0 to
92 pounds per year, as ft has since
the advent of prohibition, the sugar
problem is one that will remain
with us for at least another twelve
And unless the government has
control of the supply And can re
strain prices there Is no telling to
what level prices will go.
Wires ob tbe Rhine.
A soldier on the Rhine, writing to
the Cologne Poet, the newspaper pub
lished by the army of occupation com
ments, according to the London Daily
Mail, on the "gross rudeness of a cer
tain type of German who, not content
with his objectionable staring habit, is
not above displaying open insolence so
far as English ladies are concerned.
"Why is it,M he asks, "that some
Germans males have so little gallan
Another complaint Is also ventilated
In the Cologne Post. The recent ar
rival at Cologne of the wives of offi
cers stationed there is adding greatly
to the amenities of life, but there is a
little heartburning on the part of the
bachelors when they see their neatly
married brother officers planning ex
cursions with their brides.?New Tork
t Thr Next Step.
Methodist preachers demand a mini
mum salary of $1,-500. We may now,
look to their congregations to request
time and half-time for overtime ser
mons.?Philadelphia In?uirer.
Safety Vahe Opea.
The world series is a welcome sign
that American civilization Is still
functioning properly?at least in part.
?Springfield Republican.
An American Traveler.
The Gulf Stream ? I've certainly
found going to Europe means keep
ing In hof water.?Mew York Sun.
BT t??? rbt. r-iisni-Ks stki.zi.k,
StaJt Writer ?ta Rell-cloo. Toolc?.
If? raining.
And. ln spite of what Solomon said
about the monotony of the dropping
of a rainy day, I like It?sometimes.
I like it not only because God made
th? rainy day as well as the sunshiny
day and therefore it must have its
"hidden" blessing? for mankind, but
because G think I've discovered some
of these secret blessings for myself.
We'd get eternally tired of the con
stant shining of the sun?no son
mornings when the clouds carry mist
and when the hills are crowned with
color. **
Qlve me the rainy day when '."
hills are crowned with color.
Oiv? me the rainy day when sounel
are softened?the kind of a day ?rh.
the house seems coaler than eve ?
when the world Is shut out and SO
loved ones ?hut in. ?
"Then la th. time that ws -ret eloaei
together, and we have a chance to
smile at each other.
We discover things In th? ???aat?
that we never noticed before, and He
old familiar things take on new mean
ing with their darker tones and their
more intimate setting.
And when It pours and pours as
though the heavens would fall we
say to each other: "How fortunate we
have such a comfortable home."
The mists that gather about the
?tately buildings make it appear that
heaven has come closer to the city,
and ?he low-lying clouds, that touch
the tree tops create the feeling that
? ?"d Is not far away.
You sit cosily near the window snd
read and dream and plan and hope?
ind the rain brings a calmness that
clears your mind of troubles and per
plexities. _
The world takes on new meaning
ind life 1? sweetened and broadened
and deepened.
Thank Cod for a rainy day!
Such Is Life
As It Is Seen
The real live, red-blooded sky-pilot
appreciates a Joke as much as anyone,
as many a soldier of the great war
learned from association with th?
priests ?nd preachers who went to the
One of this type delights to tell this
one on himself:
lie was crossing an Icy field with
the officer of the day in one of the
winter campaigns when the officer
slipped and fell.
"The wicked stand upon slippery
places." quoted the chaplain.
"I see they do, but I cant" flashed
back the offlcer.
Kansas City. Mo.. Is a peculiar
place. We don't wonder that upwards
of a-hundred million Americans don't
live there.
For in that town they fine folks for
spooning. Honest to goodness they
do. Other day they pinched a man
for kissing his own .wife. And oil
because he ?Ud the kissing while they
were driving In their ?witrrmobil?
through the city park.
Indeed, the police of X. C are so
busy nabbing ?rxxraers that they hav.
no time to wast? on lesser criminals
such as boot-legger?, gunmen snd
And the K. C. courts have a system
of bonding which runs something like
A man ail earl ed tor spoonlnx must
supply 1501 bond.
A woman arrraeted for spooning
must supply G??? bond.
A frequenter of an Immoral resort
supplies tat bond.
A woman of the street gives CE
Concord. N. H.?A picnic party at
Island Pond, returning: from a walk
through the woods, found a cow
standing in the stream eating; out
of the boat She had eaten one
large loaf of bread, one pie in a
pasteboard box. a pound of fancy
crackers, a pound of bacon, half a
magasine and two red bathing capa.
and was in the miodle of a ball of
twine, chewing- it down, foot by
When~other cow? ?ret this appe
tite for red bathing cap? dairy feed
ing bills will go to such heights
that the city milk distributor won't
have to stay up late at night fie-ur
ina; out a new excuse for boosting
retail prices.
Revision Downward.
Tbe division had lust returned from
overseas, and the lieutenant colonel
who would soon cease to be brigade
adjutant had ooIMded with a civilian
who had e ??sad to be a lieutenant
and the brigade commander's aide a
few ?reeks before.
"Seen MaJ. ? Inks yet*- Inquired
the new efvUian. ?
"Major? Maj?-Oh. you mean Gen
Blnks that was.**' replied the coloneL
"No, I haven't. What's h? dolngf"
"Oh. he's poing to have chsrge of
some re-employment agency for dls
charired soldiers out West."
"Is thst so?"* ?raid the colonel, ?rlfh
Interest "Ss?y, you don't suppose
he's going to need a captain to help
him, Jo yon**"?Home Sector. #
Erer- Day h Sunds?
Redd?Oh, you're a piker!
Greene?What do tou mean br
"Why, you've had four nut
sundaes, and now you want to quit
the bunch and go home!"?Tonkers
Teil From Pitaba**!
"If Wale? visits Washington and
New Yoak only he will gain little
knowledge of the United State?. The
real nation Oes mostly away from
those cities." - Plttobur? Oasttte
'Still at some time or other most of
the nation goes to those clUes to do
Its lying-Philadelphia Inqrjire-.
By Job? Krodrlck Ba?*?.
lUorsyrlabt, M. I? <?? MoOro?? N"w?ror*r
Being ? Dune? I'd not ?tve way
To melancholy, but I'd say
"I am the sort the world should prise
For making wise men seem mor?
The stars themselves would seem lesa
But for th? ?tarlili?as of the night
?G-\ ? 1 1 HP *-W* CAPT.
Round the lown t,\^22
of Manar O. ?Via
There Is a pornrioow colonel com
manding a military past near Wash
ington who regards himself as a most
Important person, accordine to Na
ttonal Inspector WILLIAM L. K1"IJ.
of the Army and Navy Union. He
not seen service overseas but
has succeeded In making his post s
hades. His particular fad Is
to ne Issuing orders. One of
these commanded the soldiers to can
turo and chloroform all stray cats
found, on tbe military r?servation be
of their weird solos and chorar
as rendered after "taps" aure sounded
for lights out and* the orsini Inn of
all unnecessary nolsea The tinkling
of eowbells about the post also gets
on the colonel? nerve?. Comrade Hull
says. So he has issued an edict re
quiring his men to remove all bells
from the necks of cows found loaf
ing shout the post. The soldiers ar?
said to be wondering what manner
of order will be issued next.
Why He DeeUrl to Walt.
Queer scenes are occasionally en
acted in the office of CoL WILUAM
A. KROLL*, who Is m charge of the
deportment of marriage licenses of
the District Supreme Court. A pros
pective colored groom ?ritti his "beat
man," bent upon procuring a permit
to wed presented the name of a
clergyman who Is not registered on
Col Kroll? list.
"Tou will have to furnish the name
of a minister who Is oo my list of
those authorised to perform marriage
riles," the genial colonel explained.
A oolored employe of the court came
to the rescue or the groom to be.
and gave the nemes of several oolor
ed preachers that are on the list
How about this oner* be asked,
naming a well-known oolored divine.
I ain't acquainted wid de gene
man." the prospective groom replied
Til be pleased ter meet him. but? till
I dux th?r*e nothln' dorn' Dis am
er empotant matta h ter me in' 'Lisa
an' we le got ter be rar ful who mixes
into de perfnncdon."
The men who wore the gray of the
late Confederacy in the civil war al
ways referred a"* ? Uonately to their
great leader. Cen. ROBERT K. LEE.
as "Marse Robert." I am informed
by afra. WALTER E HUTTON. a
leading spirit of the Daughters of the
Confederacy, and a valued member
of R, E Lee Chapter of this city,
that the drive Is now on to raise
funds for the erection here of a magi
nlftcent memorial building in honor
of the Confederate chieftain.
"It will be a tribute of love from the
women of the South," a member ex
plslned. "and we expect everybody
in Dixie to contribute to the fund,
also his admirers In other parts ot
the Union. All brave people should
unite in honoring the brave, and Gen.
Lee was the soul of chivalric bravery
and high honor."
Mr?. Hutton savys It is contemplat
ed to erect a building, the front of
which will be a replica of Gen. Lee's
former home at Arlington. It will
be In the form of a convention ha-'L
with reading room and library, curio
hall, in which will be exhibited relic?
of the civil war and those of the Lee
family. There ?U?o will be ?mall ae
?embly rooms. The entire second
, floor win be used for the convention
' hall, approximately 56 by loo feet, and
I will accommodate fully 2.*Up people.
The structure will greatly add to the
Ralph Morris, of Pefham Manor,
N. T.. Is spending a few days In
Washington with frienda
Ensign Jam?, Wood I* violting
I relatives at 3514 Thirteenth street,
? nortbwest.
Mn. F D. Lewis, of th? Hamilton
| Hotel, has returned from New Tork.
I where she visited relative?.
Samuel H. Marka of the Treasury
Department, will -?pend tbe week
| end at Bluemont, Va
William O. Brltton has returned
I from Framce after a trip -with the
Merchant Marine service.
! T. Fletcher Dennis, chief of the
? law division. Pension Burean, has
j returned from a trip to Georgia on
j official business. While a-way. Mr.
? Dennis visited Frank Flynt. formerly
| or this city, now postmaster at enf
in. Qa.
Miss Kate Sexton, of tbe G??torneo
I DeparUnent. who bas been quite in
! the past week. Is much unproved.
, though stfJl too sick to attend to her
! official duties.
John Gordon, who trias fteeh -nett
ing his mother. Mrs. Julia Gordon,
? has returned to bis home in Phlla
?"delphla. where he I? ebief of a di
vision in oonneetlon ?vlth the work
(of the Department of Labor.
1 Joseph J. Cotter, admlnstrattve as
sistant to tbe Secretary of the In
terior, hss been ill for several day?
' and confined to his borne.
| Mr?. W. FL Hutton. president ef
fhe Robert E. Lee Memorial Board.
, has returned from attending the Con
federate reunion held last week In
! Atlanta.
Mr. and Mrs Hubert Fuller, of
! Cleveland, with their two young
children, are visiting T. Fletcher
Dennis snd the Misse? Dennis at
the .Fuller residence in Florida ave
Willlara Allen White, who ha?
been attending the Industrial Con
ference, bas returned to bl? home
In Emporta. Ran
Mr. and Mrs. Geerge S. Lens, of
Boston, are at tbe New Willard for
a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Washburn, of
New Tork. are at tbe New Willard.
Mr. and Ars. Charles F*1?enman.
of Cleveland, will be at the New
Willard for a few days.
R. Brook Gott, deputy clerk of
the polioe court, was absent from
his duties yesterdsy taking tbe ex
amination at Roekvtlle for admis
sion to tbe Maryland bar.
George Bond Cochean. 1215 Nine
teenth street northwest, has return
ed to Washington for the winter.
Thomas L. McAndreora, of New
Torte will arrive here October te
to visit frienda
Charles Graney baa resigned bis
position at tbe Navy Department to
? return tr> school.
Headquarters Detective Charles
Mullen, police departemnt. Is on
A Delightful Season
Lier? Washington.?iM P.M.
Ar. OM Peint Comfort, ?taw A.M.
Arrive Norfolk.Mme A.M.
dry TIrkri Offlee.
mwsememn? neiieio?
TU 1Mb Stree? *? VI".
beauty of Washington ?no will ai
tract many visitor?, eaptscially fr???
tne sunny South.
In s letter rwoeived from <apt
WIL1JAM R lowVaVJN. formerl? o
thl? city, but now engaged in a com
merdai line?In Oiicro. he inform?
me that step? are being takr-a Us
bring about a meeting of former ?ol
diera. ??llora ?md Marta?? la tala
city la. UH. Her? la an extract fro??
hi? leUer:
"It will requir? ??varal rooaths af
eVort to Interest the member? of th.
?. A R, th? Army and Navy Cnlen.
.-pan is h War Veterans. Veteran? af
, Foreign War?. Arms of the Philtp
; pine?. Order of th? Drr-a-on. ithe conv
rades who formed TJncle Ram's part
I of tbe allleal army that put down th?
Roxer npnelng in ?Thinai the Aater
?c?n Le*?non aad other ill |?nl??la?a.
I growing out 0f th? world war. In Ori?
*?** PremtX. It hi ??ts-??l.il thai th*
.??bering b? a sort of ???agi ass Of
American fighting men. with reguler
. ly elected delegates from ail the erar?
j military k>so? uuion.
' Tltese are very many thtn ars roe
cernlac our comrade? of all w?r? that
require ?tiention. my dear captain.
and I feel that you oriti ??ssajsatassa
th? tsteoetuilty of ?xmesivc co-nrad?
I ?hip. something wa ha?? never had
| before. The Chicago comrade? I l_
talked with are enthu.la.tjc o??r ?
! project One influenti?) G. A- R ea
{ rad? said: "It la sonnihm? we
have had forty year? atro. It _
be a oonetructlre orcanixa*lo?i as well
I a? an educational one. As ? ? pilo*
truthfully saya, the peopl? orar ?r?
',\?clatc their ?oldiera '?Ima the
drum? begin to beat and the gun? be
gin to ?hoot.' In the Int?rim, be
tween war? the fir h ting men are on
ly Utrhtly rv?-arded -
l??r?er WHS a Vote.
Wliile a colored law ??a. t-rtth a Icrad
?nd fisniiasiit voice, was anruinr a
cese ta the polle? court, my good
friend P. J. RYAN ?a,d
"In th? good old day? FRANK
BROWNING was nicknamed -th?
trumpet-toned l.oryer.'? lima u.r of
hi. loud voice. In the e?-Unlnal ex???
one day th? late DAN ?CAHILL. may
he root In peace, ?ras arguing a ea??
before Judge ?"arier. Dan w aimed up
to his ?ub>ect and hit oratory rane
through the courthouse aad Seated out
through the corridor, f-inally hi?
honor Interrupted Lean', fiery discourra?
?Mister Cabul, you most be trylna
to beat the rarsnrd of Muster Browning
for-ifrrmimiaiii But you'll never
succeed, sir; you'll t-ever ?ocoeed."
Drive far Wsattra Wt nttstl|-i
Vow that pirihlbltlt-n I? la effe???
the cry has ?rone forth, "What ?sill
the temperance axy-ietles do. now that
there are no ?rarere drunkards to be
saved I** The euer/ is ax?sr?aserv?d in
a letter ? ? ?-caused fiieiii Ml?? AMT
U. BR?KERTON. OS I. street north
east one of the leaaUrrg members
of Onward -|>?H. ite. Independcr*
Order of Recbabites ? Female Branch I
She says the orrtsntsaXion Is going
to make a drive for rnembet? young
g:rls and old one? and rnrist tbern
in the ?orV of estss-taininr ??nd raak
ing happy the? men who have s1op??ad
drinklna; "the d-srnon f-irnr" and now
ape lee^trrg drvet-sion along betto?
liS?? Tbe tent of ?which ?he is a
mentber meets every Wedneoday night
at Fifth and G ?atmete M?li?e?t.
KMZvrBe lUotcn a? Trial
Knoxvllle, Tent?. Oet 1?. ? Th?
?rial of rwenty-two men <"h?i"s?>d
with f?lonie? in conuaotlon ?nth
rioting here August SS win be erm
iinucd un'.I next Monday. Judg"?
Nelson announced toda>.
My Mother- used
MoTnERls Frit:\d
beforv I was born
2b ?-?-en ago and my r-txth was prtr?
ticalry a painless <**-,* ?s-rSsat ?-tne etv
tliutiastic luutiai. Ilo? *??crf* nst*nsnl
then, that her own mr-ther, ?s-hc-se ?m -
rrerience had uxKTiislifi?vfrv (aui-ca ?the
i. Tiilt ii-* Fi-Manti wrruld hstre
her ?laughter enjoy the same ben
Mother't Frisad it ?tsa-I ?JUiuietsa>
At eu Dreetisa.
Mothers, Prepare!
l?urnham. Pa?"I ?ma fully hrador??
?nd recommend Dr. Plerr***? Pav-ortte
Pr?Li Irtloa _to
all proa^poca-rv?
mother*. I foe'
th?*. I could rer?
be without I t
during exTsoe-ta?
try. I ?m th?
mother of four
living children
Am strong an '
healthy and able
to do hard work
A woman of my
acquai ntanc?
a-a? the mother of thirteen children.
and all the doctor ?he had was 'Fa
vorite Prescription' which she u?ed
for three or four months sad never
had any trouble. I would not do
without It" ?Mr?. J. C. Kanour.
Box 21C
A Prominent
Nurse Testifies
Philadelphia. Pa.?"When I cat a
-old and have pains through my
'unga 1 resort to Dr. Pierce'? Golden
Medical Diacovery. which I cannot
praise enough.
"A? for Dr. rierce'? Favorit? Pre
?crlptlon I never have a case of e .
nectancy that I do not recommit ?
it. They all ?ay they would not a ?
without it
"My kidneys ?nd back ware ?o b>
that I had to turn down aeverat
case?. After takln?; a trial package
jt Dr. Pierce'? Anurie (tati-un> -
arid) Tablet? I got ? full-sited botti?
?nd the relief wa? wonderful. I am
relieved of the backache and the ex
cretion ?? healthy looking. 1 am
feeling fine. y
"As for Dr. Pierce'? Pleasant Pel
let?, ?hen I feel duty and drowsy
?nd get the blue? I go for tb? P?
lets.' and In twenty-four hour? t
am feeling fine. They are th? be??
cur? for liver and indigestion
could ?peak equally aa wall for Dr
Pierce-? Extract of Smart-Weed 1
have also used th? Irontto <iree
tomrl Tableta, aad they have proved
"I could go on with praise of Dr
Pierce'? valuable remedies, but spec
will not permit. If anyone rails "*?
me I can tell my experience better
than 1 can write If???a. touioa
Baumgard. 2111 B. Cusoberl.nd St

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