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of Wisconsin Casts
Lone Vote in Favor
Of Socialist.
Victor It*. Berger. Socialist Congress
m*n-elect from Wisconsin, waa ex
cluded from membership In the House
of Representative*? last night by
vote of 300 to 1.
Berger was specifically charged
with having violated the espionage act
"" by conspiring to interfere with the
operation of the Selective Service act
and other preparation for the war.
He now Is under sentence, of twenty
years tn prison, imposed-' hy the
< Federal court at Chicago.
The one negative vote was cast by
Representative Edward Voigt, Re
publican, of Wisconsin.
If there was any doubt in the minds
of the other members, it was swept
away hy Berger*? own speech.
For more than an hour Berger be
littled ?he government, ridiculed the
.President, severely arraigned Con
gress and the Republican and Demo
cratic parties and assailed the Fed
eral court in which he was convicted.
"I take bade nothing that I said in
my speeches and articles," Berger
shouted iletinntly. "I'ndcr the same
circumstances I would sny and write
it all over again, only 1 would make It
a great deal stronger."
The espionage act was characterized
by Berger .ts an infamous measure
passed at the order of American au
tocracy and declared that it had been
used not to punish spies but to hound
citizens whose opinions differed from
those of the administration.
Arraigning the administration. Ber
ger said it made a specialty of hypo
critical phrases and autocratic, tyran
nical acts. Except for England, he
asserts. America is the only civilized
. ountry which has political prisoners.
"Victor L. Berger is a living ex
ample of the old saying. 'a leopard
cannot change his spot nor the Ethlop
_JM his skin.' " said Representative
?lonahan. Republican, of Wisconsin.
"It would be no more unpatriotic*, and
'un-.Vmeriran to put the ex-Kaiser in
the White House. Hindenburg In
charge of our armies and von Tirpitz
in command of our navies at an hour
when we were at war with Germany
than It would be to vote to give Vic
t% t*. Berjer a seat in the House."
Bogota. Colombia.?Is-eague of na
ttons ratified by Colombian con
Newark, N. J.?Work on thirty
two steel ships for government or
dered stopped.
Des Moines.?Schools will remain
closed until aft? r coal strike ends.
Mexico City.?Wife of President
Carranza dies.
Tampa. Fla.?United Daughters of
Confederacy convene this morning.
Chattanooga. ? Eight Southern
Kovernors will meet with National
Tuberculosis Association here No
vember 25.
Chiropractic Association
in ?electing a chiropractor you
can ascertain his standing in the
profession and thus know some
thing of his ability by asking him
if he belongs to the "Chiropractic
Association of the District of Co
lumbia." If he does, you can rest
assured that he is a graduate of
a REAL school and competent to
care for your needs. The associ
ation found that out before admit
ting him to membership.
The chirpractor who applies for
membership in the "Chiropractic
Association of the District of Co
lumbia" must present a diploma
from a recognized school (recog
nized by the twenty-seven State
boards and the American Associa
tion of Chiropractic Schools and
Colleges), he must pass an exam
ination equivalent to a State board
examination and demonstrate his
ability as a chiropractor by giving
This accounts for the fact that
twenty of the Washington chiro
practors are all that have been
found qualified for membership.
There is only one national asso
?ociation. The Universal Chiroprac
tors' Association.
Consult classified section of tel
ephone directory under heading,
"Chiropractic Association of Dis
trict of Columbia." for chiroprac
tors properly qualified.
63 LYNCHED IN 1919;
New Tork, Nov. 10-Durlng the
first ten months of the present year
slxty-three persons In the United
states were lynched by mobs. Of
this number sixty-one were American
citizens snd two were Mexicans
Fifty-nine of the victims were
negroes. These facts are made pub
lic today In s statement by the Na
tion?! .Association for ths Advance
ment of Colored People. 70 nfth
Georgia led the States with a'
record of seventeen lynching?, ?Ils
alsstppl followed with ten. Alabama
and -Louisiana divided third place
with eight lynchlngs.
Twenty of the victims were shot to
death and nineteen were hanged,
eleven were burned at the stake and
the others were burned to death In
various ways, in nine instances the
details of the lynching being un
Store's 20-Year Gab Holds
"Good Fellowship Dinner"
Seventy-five members of the Wood
ward ? Lothrop Twenty-Tear Club
held a "good fellowship dinner" at
Rauacher'a Saturday evening. The club
Is composed of employes of the firm
who have seen twenty or more years
service and upon, thia occasion they
were the guests of the firm. Donald
Woodward, president of Woodward A
laothrop. Inc. expressed the apprecia
tion of the firm for the loyalty of the
members, and recalled with what high
regard his father. S. W. Woodward,
held those who had served them so
long and faithfully. Dr. John Shera
Montgomery delivered an inspiring ad?
dress of encoursgement and good
cheer. F. E. Mack, president of the
club, addressed the members on the
friendly feeling that existed among the
members and pointed out the splendid
Influence that such a strong body of
men and women could have upon their
fellow employes.
At the conclusion of the dinner an
entertaining program of music, songs
and vaudeville acts wss enjoyed, the
asrembly closing with the singing of
"Auld Lasng Syne."
At the recent annual election of of
i fleers of the club the following were
i named for the ensuing year: F. E.
Mack, president: William Davlea. vice
?president; Frank P. Scott, secretary;
Clifton F. Gray, treasurer. The ban
| quet committee consisted of George B.
j Ostermayer. T. E. Jasper. C. F. Grsy.
[ Walter Iaehman and W. J. McMahon.
Girl Scout Rally to Be
Held Here on December 6
| A Girl Scout rally, to acquaint the
public with the purposes of the Girl
Seout movement, will be held here
December 6. A committee composed
of Mr?. Newton D. Baker. Mrs. Archi
bald Hopkins. Mrs. Frederick Brook
and Mrs. Charles Hamlln will select
an auditorium and arrange the pro
? At the meeting yesterday, held at
?the home of Mrs. Adolph Miller, SKJ
? S street northwest. It was announced
I that more than li.aoo was raised In
I the recent Olrl Scout drive.
Southern Doctors Meet
Ashevllle. N. C. Nov. I0.-One thou
sand delegates answered roll call at
the opening session of the thirteenth
annual convention of the Southern
Medical ?Association today.
Rrrrptlon ?mg dance. Tkomaoa
School. Twelfth snd I? streets, at
7:JO o'clock tonight.
M??ttn-t ef District ?ranch ot
National Association for the Ad
vancement of Colored People, to
morrow. 8 p. m.. Twelfth Street'
Branch T. M. C. A.
Stereaptlean Icetare ?? ?Keren.?*
Thursdsy. 8 p. m? Public Library,
by Dr. Phillip Jalsohn.
Strreoptleon leettsre by Dan Car
los Ellis st 8 o'clock tonight at
Bethel Literary and Historical As
Meeting ot Smart Walker Poet
tonight, postponed.
Tw? hand-reel aad ninety-aeveath
meeting of Chemical Society of
Washington at 8 p. m., Thursday,
Cosmos Club.
Grand Rally at Veterans at For
eign Wars. -General Clrvlc Center.
Central High School. 8 o'clock to
Meeting af Johnaan-Pawrll Com
munity As-sociatlon tonight at Pow
ell Community Center.
Meeting ot the West Virginia So
ciety at Thomson Community Cen
ter tonight.
Meeting of Enet Washington Ceaa
munity Social Club tonight.
Meeting ot Bay ?rea? tra apa 50T
and 608 and Community Chorus at
Miner Normal CVa-mmunity Center
Meetings af Civic Aaaaeintl??.
Community Chorus, French, dra
matic-, thrift and violin classas to
night at Randall Community Cen
Mra. Priscilla Wilkinson Streeter.
president of the National Anthem As
|soclstion, has returned from New
Tork and Boston. She will gUra a
lecture tonight tn Thomson School.
A? we received many letters from people who could not
come in last week, we have decided to continue thia offer
for four daya more ,
RINEX 11.65
Wbole Soles Md Umba Hctls.... ?*
NEOLIN f>?00
Whole Soles aod Robber Heels_
Excellent Workmanship All Work Dona State Day
521 Ninti St. N. W., 5 Dom Below F
Attorney Miller Files Motion
Seeking Retrial Three De
fendants in "Shoot-Up."
Picturesque details relative to line
"?hooting up of Pierce street" on
Xprll SO, Isst. which wer? relatad In
Justire Stafford*? court. Criminal
Court, No. 2. early last week. m?>
be ra-told It Attorney Robert 1. sill
ier'? motion for ? new trlsl tor
Bryant C. lfcMahnn. "Hippy" I.ee
and Benjamin Butler, the Ihre? de
fendant? In thi? case. I? grant??.
Attorney Miller tiled his motion
for a new trial yesterday and deci
sion is expected to be given In Jus
tiere Stafford?? court Saturday.
If the ?notion for the new trial
In thi? ? n?e I? not granfe?] He
Manor. I.ee and Ituilrr. the latter
two of whom are colored, muat each
face thirty-year sentence? in the
.According to the testimony which
convicted this trio, bullets from
their guns were responsible for In
juring three pasaers-by In the vicin
ity. It was the contention of the
defense that the injured person?
were hit by bullets from gun* in
the hands of other persons who par
ticipated in the affray.
Maeazine Printers Return
New fork, Nov. 10.?The Literary
Dit-ent'? compositors, who have been
on "vacation" we're back today and
two other big printing plants resumed
with full crews. Conditions are r
turning to normal. ptibUahcra say.
Ask for
11 ILL'S
Stin4ard cold remedy for 2? year.
-in tablet form??afe. iure, bo
opiate??break? tip a cold la 24
hour*?relierea grip in 3 dars
"loney back if it fail?. Th.r
genuine box bat a Red
top with Mr. Hill*?
At AU**\ww*w Seawmt
Increases In coat of material, heavy
wage raises and high operating ex
pense? ware cited by w. T. Ham. i
president of the Wsshinston Hal|wa> -
and Electric Company, as reasons far '
asking Increased farce in Maryland,
te correspond to the recent inct-asse
In the Districi. oflViale uf fhe cam
pan y teatlfled yesterday before Inter
aiate Commet.? Cotr-mlssion. d-lclsr
ing th? electric linea never had been
a paying proposition but were taken
over mainly to develop suburban (lia
: riete and feed tha city Unas. Nane of
ihese line?, they claim, show a aur
plu? above oprratiasT rsprn
?l?o mrnlioned th? ?oss of ?t?? Eck?
tngton oar basa by ara la Fetwaary.
only partially covered by insaiwace.
Thery ask ammrr?, of one oMat per
?one In Maryland and wtuld raise ??
price of commuiatlon book* ahoat ?
pan- ?sent. A decision will he
<.**i'cago. Nov. tb.?Hemry vnowra,
ar ??mpamled by high wind? aad es?
? russe cold, occurred tn Nebraska, tba
Dakota? and the Northwaat ye?t?rday
? nti today, according to reporta ta
the weather bureau here
The high winds assi tb? heavy ?sasw
freesing on the wire? caused a ?angla
of communication.
You have been working for two, five, ten?perhaps
twenty-five years?and how much money have you
put away as a reserve for the "rainy day"?for the
unproductive period of your life which is bound te
come ) , ~y
There are thousands who at your time of life were
short-sighted financially; now they are old and
penniless, and dependent either on their relatives
or the District. * -_ff
Do you want to get caught the tame way? .
Of course you don't. But you will be. just at
sure as night follows day. if you do not save?aad ,,
save systematically. /
You have time if you begin now, but you have got
to start, and there is no time like today.
Come in with a dollar or more, and we shall be ,
glad to open your savings account. "
Washington Loan & Trust Co.
Main Office, 900-002 F Street X. W.
Branch Office, 6i8^ap 17th St. N.W.
Resources. 13.000.000 JOHN B. LARNER. FWt.
Why Worry
about SUGAR?
Your Grocor lias
Lois of Karo
rnrr The 68-pare, beautifally I
G attillili illuatrated Corn Prodocta
Cook Book. It really help? to ?orre die
three-meal-a-day problem. Every home
wife should have one. Write ua today.
Corn Product* Refininff Co.P.O. Box 161,
New York.
? -
FOR cooking and baking Karo is
used in millions of homes. In all
cooking and baking recipes use mostly
Karo instead of sugar. It is sweet, of
delicate flavor and brinp-s out the natural
flavor of the food.
Nothing better than Karo for candy
making. For successful preserving
use Karo fifty-fifty with sugar or
use straight Karo if preferred.
Buy In Quantities
?Save Money
There are Three Kinds of Karo
Trystai lVhiie-in kibe Red Can - "Gulden
Brown? in the Blue Can G Maple flavor
the new Karo with plenty of substance
and a rich Maple Taste-in the Green Can.
um., mil
,* ?Illll>--!.a^a^__^

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