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"Billy" Madden Sentenced
To Five Years for Illegal
Narcotic Sales.
"BUI)**** Madden, a former cab
.in-.?er here and familiar up N'inth
atreet war. who haa been fllrtin
with Are for many yeara through
sjiolationa of tbe dru?-- act. had bla
parole revoked by Jtietlce Stafford
yeeterday afternoon and waa aent
to the penitentiary for flve year?.
William O. Madden, alias William
en Davia. aa hia name appear? on
the court record, waa aentence-j to
-.?: v? five yeara in the penitentiary
in April. l'Jli. but at that time he
staked tbe court to give hlnvanother
rnanea by putting; him oa parole
and they acceded to his request.
Since that time, however, he has
failed no leave drugs alone, a*, tbe
court proved yesterday afternoon,
and Justice Stafford told blm that
ha musit pay the penalty by serv
ine; thr original sentence placed
?-rain?t him.
When he found that he must, "go
down** for flve yeara. Madden, who
had b*?en nervously fumbling his
hat. shouted that Walter A. Brown,
a youth who had testified against
him, vus more pfilty tnan he waa
? nd exct*edly pointer, nts finger to
him as be sat among the spectators
in the courtroom. At this junc
tur>*. however, the court was in?
' formed that Brown also la Indicted
under the drug act and wilT be
broight to trial.
Mrs. William H. Kiaher died Friday
?t th? from*- of her ?on. Dr. Charlea
?. ? iahe r. in l*oa ?ndele.?, Cal., where
ah? and Mr. Fiaber h-.d been visiting
for several weeks. Resides her hus
1i..ik1 ahe is survived by three sons
and on?? dnutiht?-** all of ?hom are
married .
The ?.?overnmen? printing Offlee
? >,ic..n.i: la-?-HKii?** -will hold % meeting
la the sixth Poor cWtttH Thursday
evening hI t:30 to dispose of special
Hem*. M. Fowler, ?on of John H.
A, Fowler, of the store? division, ta
.?pendini.: a week's furlough at the
home en Queuec street after two
yejBnf strviC*? in France.
Fred Tarhox. of the electrotype
foundry. ? oi'ducted a party of friends
to ? tina t ?I is for the football came
? harte* W*,*on has returned tn the
proofrrM,.-n mftm spendine his vacation
In Philadelphia.
M is* Nellie -Quill has been trans
ferr?*d to thr ?COBnUlM division.
?t? the Grand Central alleys tonight
the I.inoa will meet the Jobbers, and
"P*p?'i Cold Compound" Tfceo
Break 3 Up a Cold is a
Few Hoars.
- Doa't star ?tuffed-up! Quit blow
ing and aanfflla* ! .\ dr?*?e of "Papr'a
Ce>M Coi ipound" ?nk'-n every two
hours uittil three d?>?ea are taken
naiially brea ka mat a severe cold and
ends al' Krippe misery.
Tke * try first dose open your
r'ont-Nl-up nostrils and the ah
passages of the head: stops nose
itinmnj: relieve? the headache,
dullness. ff Trrtekar?_ sneezing.
aoreness and ?tiffn-'ss.
"Pape's Cold Compound" la the
quiekest, surest relief known and
osta only a few eenta at drug
atores. ? act? without assistance,!
taatea nice. contata* no quinine? I
Insist upon Pape'.?.?Adv.
?sa M?i?rs and Mono? will roll a post
poned gstne ?
Mrs. Virginia A. Bussey, ?f tli?
kayboard room, has been called to
Philadelphia by th? death of a rela
M. Low?, of tb? ruling room. Is
busy planning for a new horn? In
Potomac Height?.
Joseph W. Broakay. maehln? oper
ator In th? pamphlet bmdery. Is oa
Mrs. Sarah U. Street, ?a? ef th?
New Tork "vaeatlonlata" wh? has
been working la th? keyboard room,
has rssbjaad aad returned to her
rressman In Charge Albert McMul
laa 1? absent from ths nlfht press
room on leave. a
Alexander Zimmerman, of the car
penter ahop. Is spending a' week on a
hunting trip around Wast Point, Va.
Valentine Ruff la absent from th?
hand section to move tato his new
home en E street.
John C. Killer, of th? night keyboard
room, who haa been HI several months
? ts Improving.
Pnssman Jtrasspb A. Lunch of th?
? night press force. Is spending two
weeks la New Tork City.
j K. W. Plaskett. of the day press
room. Is detail?*! to th? night forca
Joseph B. Reld has baaa transferred
to the castina* room from the office of
the superintendent of work.
Foreman John J? O'Brien, of th?
electrotype foundry, la at his desk
after ?pending a week In New Tork
Willard E. Cary haa returned to the
jobroom after a week's leave.
' Adrian Van Buren aod Chart?? Gate?
, war? on the ?lek list In the mach?n?
[ shop last week.
! Paul Himmel hss transferred from
j the proofroom to the hand section,
William Mearns and William
? Myers, ot the ruling ?action, ar? oo
Observe Amiitice Day ia Parkview.
' The Parkview Citisene* Association
I will celebrate armistice day at a raeet
? Ing In Parkview school tonight. Dr.
Jonathan Van Sehalck will speak on
, the sltustlon In Burop? a year ago
,?nd Sergt. O. D. Miller will tell what
; the armlatice meant to the soldier?
! at the front.
Navy Yard News
P. J. Cooper, of the torpedo tube
, shop, went gunning yesterday, the
; opening day In Maryland.
F. T. Burke, of the breech mech
anism shop, entertained relatives I
from North Carolina who were mo- |
toring through yesterday evening.
Joseph Walters returned to work
i in the botler shop after a few days'
Harry Ilur?ty. of the teol shop.
has been transferred to the pack
? bit division.
J. Hyde, of the west gun carriage
..hop. haa completed arrangements
? for a two-week hunting trip in
? 8. D. Herrell. t? the rack bit di
! vision, has sold his ear and an-'
i nounced his Intention of buying a
I larger machine.
W. F. Lamke, of the miscellane
? cu? shop, has returned from ? hur
I ried business trip to Philadelphia.
F. I? Payne bas returned: to the
1 broadside mount ahop after a ten
day vacation.
V. B. Roade. of the boiler ahop,
ia ?pending a fifteen-day vacation
al Niagara Fail*.
U IT Davidson, of the east gun
carriage shop, baa announced the
arrival of his rrother, who is here
on a short visit from Muneis, lnd.
E- W. H'ilc. of the torpedo tube
shop, i? confined to his home for a
few day? with a heavy cold.
?. Hall, of the storehouse, is
taking aix days of his leave to gun
in Virginia.
C. W. Moore, of the broadside
mount shop, has returned from a
week's stay in Baltimora.
R. E. Lane, of the sight shop, is
I taking a few days of his annual
I leave to entertain soma relatives
? who are visiting him.
Sam ?losche, of the miscellaneous
I ?hen. haa returned to work after
I three days' successful hunting In
j Virginia.
Samuel Bates, master mechanic
! of the west gun shop, has been 111
! for several days.
Is a simple effective remedy for sufferers from itching,
bumin?*, skin troubles. Try today, bathing that uncomfortable,
irritated surface with RESINOL SOAP and warm water. After
you have dried it gently with a soft cloth, apply RESINOL
OINTMENT with the finger tips. Then see if you are not
Surprised at the prompt and blessed relief.
gives a rich lather, full of sooth
ing, healing propertie? which leave
the skin comfortable and refreshed.
AH' arti fi is Is curry ih* RttiHot
Twenty-Five Year? of
Good, Honest Dentistry
My Itrrwrd. aad for ?eat ill r> That l.aat?
by Dr. Wyrth aad Staff af F.iarrt.
? nrrfiil. ?.killed llen?l?t?.
in our large, handsome offices you will find
everything that will add to the comfort of
our patients is provide?*?. Every instrument
must be thoroughly sterilized before using.
The LAHURKT. the most SANITARY, and
best K?H IHI'KD,offices In this part pf the
country. Four entire floors of two entire
buildings given over to operative and me
chanical dentistry. Everything in the prac
tice of modern dentistry' you will find here.
Teras? ?f Payaaeat ?a Halt?Bxaaalaatl?? Free.
My Perfect
Suction Teeth
Will Nat Slip
? r Dr?*??
Other Seta .r
Tee?k. ?S.00 *p
Filil?g,, 50c
t? li m
la ?old, ?Uver,
aaalfan sr
IMd Cr.wii.
?d finit,
. _. B-vea-y Kvealag Ca-UI ? O-Clwrfc ?ad ?a Saaday? 1? A.M. ta 4 l'-af.
tfy snd maids la attendaaca Ol work fully guaraateed far M ruara.
Klaaiy keep tbe wa? aa? I??ari?? af aay ???? la ymmr pasa**.
>R. WYETH, Ine, 427-429 7th St N. W.
[????He I aaabararh A Hew. aaal ever O raw? Vaiai
*** Mm? TwtMSslllr Wtmrntpp** l*artera
Mala BUS.
a Tea a***?? *********
1 Rainbow's "tti?
A H.rtl by ?EX BEACH
?th.r at ?Tk. |?. Traik" ?Tfc? ?reliera." ?Hear? at the Snnee..
(Copyrl-rht hy Harper * Brother?, Publlahera.)
_._- . ? -_ ?
Dea aMsam Tanna owhed e *mh s-lantatlt-a
In Coba'and man/ lle.ee. The man*T ba ****
?imtUaia* ka hid ?M?, te? ?Uh tao death ot
bla ?if? to t-hUdblith arcual of a faithful
alas-a. gabaatiaa, pad htaawll throu?h siolancar.
tha eterei et tha hidln, -alao? per-hed Hia
lumi wlfa. Daaa laabel. al 11*? Uh? te the
twine, t-tebea 'tot ham. ?la. Mn a 'u-leet
dull, saars-hln-r for tha treaeure
Paaoha Guato, a diatiaaaat mtxtem tt the
plantation, temtett la ?enliag it Iim? tba
childi-a. Roaa rs>?;u a net, old aultor for
lot? of a ??ant aauctcaB. John O'BeUIr Htr
hrothar. ?etebari, la espoatd at Cuete aa bain*
la laa-r*? ?Ith the Cuban lat-nractoa. Tba
Vim? ara fosead to ?M aad ted i****u?? ??b
Maaan-blla 0'MHr. basita? haa? to Maw T?k
? aad free
t-rotaUWo rninaiet, baa menaadad la latam
la? ta Ont? aad ta -main? te the nanu of
Roaa aa nut aa be ma Tana? IWabm taba
Boia that ba la ?ora that ?be tieaam la buried
in th. o? wall la which bla PMfMMMS ?aa
drowned. Re conduota early rnornin? raidi trlth
a band ot raetea followers, tn harry Paacbo
Cueto. WbUa on auch a raid Rosa and nsaa??
Itna ara **a**p-*iaed. and Roaa la capturad be
OUanal Cobo, a bnital Hramai officer, wbo baa
been told of her beauty by nieto, wbo wlahae
to be rid of both od tba tw toa.
Ce Ob with tke ftaty.
> Roaa ?aw a ?warthy. thick-set roan
tn th? uniform of a colonel o I volun
teer?, and behind him Pancho Cueto.
Tearing tba hand from her lipa far a
moment, ?he cried Cueto'? nain*, but
he Bave no heed. He waa ?trainine
hia ?axe upon the door of tbe boblo
In the Imm?diat? expectation of aoe
Ing Esteban emerge. He clutched A
revolver in hi? hand, but It waa plain
from the nerveless? way In which M
held the weapon that he had little,
stomach for the adventure. He wa?, ?
In fact, more inclined to run than to]
stand hi? ground. Rosa ahrlefced hi?
name again i then ?he heard the old?
cer aay;
-Whin I? the young fellow? I hear
nothing but the squeals of that com
mon wench. '
?avangrllna'? crie? of rage and de
fiance auddenly ceased, and with them
the sound? of- combat. From th?
blazing bohio ran two armad man,
brushing ?park? from their ?lothlng.
A third followed, drawing Kvgngaun?
by on? naked arm. Th? black woman
waa Inert; her ?canty garment? w?ra
well-nigh ripped from her body; eh?
lay huddled where the aoldler flung
Koaa felt h?r??lf swooning, and
she knew nothing of ?That Immedi
ately followed. After a time ?be fait
herself ?haken, and heard the col
onel aililreseins her.
"Come, come!" h? wa? saying.
"Why don't you answer me?" tie
dragged her farther from what waa
now a roaring furnace 'Where la
ydur precious brother and that black
Roaa could only atare dully.
"It seem? w? missed them." ?aid
"Mora ot jour bungling." Cobo
broke out at him. wratbfully. "God!
I've a mind to tosa you Into that
Are." He turned his attention one?
more to Rosa, ?ad with a JerW that
?hook her Into fuller cptuclousnem
repeated: "Where are they? Speak
to me."
"Gone"' she gasped. "Gone!" ah?
struggled weakly toward Cueto, im?
plorlng him, "Pancho, don't you know
"Well, we've taught him a htaaon,"
?aid Cueto, grinning apprehensively at
Cobo. "We've accomplished aomethlng
anyhow, eh?" He nodded at Rosa.
"She's all that I told you. laook at
h?r!" ,
Colonel Cobo took time to scrutinize
hi? prisoner. lie turned her about In
the light from the burning dwelling;
then he agreed.
"Yes! She's a pretty little spy?
quite a prize, truly. Now then!" His
thick lips spread; he spoke to her
more gently. "I want you to tell me
aboin that brother of yours, eh? ?
Cueto ?aid I would find him here. |
Ha! Still frightened. I see. Well, l|
have a way with women; I dar? aay,
you'll b? glad to tell m? everything
by and by." Then, seeing that hit;
men risked a ?corchlng In their
?carili of th? hut and were already '
quarreling over the scanty plunder i
which It afforded, he turned from ;
Rosa to call them away.
Profiting by hi? inattention. Rosa !
wriggled out of hia grasp and ran to '
Evangelina. who lay face down In the
dirt, her limbs ?prawled loosely Sh?
flung herself upon the prostrate body
and cried th? black woman's name,
but ahe **-Misd awaken ino re?onse.
The ?ret pink of dawn was now
deepening in the east, and as soon as
it had grown light eeough to see to
travel Colonel Cobo prepared to return
to hi? horses. The roof and walla of j
the bohle had fallen away to ashes,
its skeleton of pula? and Its few
pieces of crust? furniture alena were
smoldering when he called his men
together and gave th? word to go,
"Come, sweetheart." Ho addreassd
himself te the girl. "Leave that car
rion ror the buzzards."
Uosa looked up to find him leertnli
at her. She brushed the tears from
her eye?, crying:
"Qo away! In God's name haven't
you don? h,arm enough I"
"Oh, but you're going wtth me."
The girl rose; her face was color
la??; ?ha "?'as aqalver with indigna
tion. ''Leave me!'* ehe stormed.
"What have I done to you? Don't?"
"Caramba! A temper. And you
hav? strength, too, as I discovered
Must I bind those pretty hand? or?"
Colon?) Cobo reached forth, laugh
ing, and encircled her In hia power
ful arms. Roa? fought him as she
had fought at th? first moment ot ?
desperation, but he lifted her easily
and went striding across the field be
hind his man.
Estaban'? party mad? good time over
the hills and into the San Juan, for
Aaenslo knew the country well. MM*
afternoon found them in sight of La
Joy*. Cueto'? cane waa thick ?nd
high; It was ready for the knife or
for th? torch. Making g detour, tli?
Incendiarle? approch?d It from the oast
In order to have th? trade-wiuda at
their backa. They dismounted In the
?heiter ef a wood and removed the
baga which thay had carried on their
?addle?. Inside theae hags war? sev
eral snakes, the largest perhapa eight
feet In length To th? tail of eaen
the negroea faatened a leather thong,
and then to each thong a length ot
telegraph wire, the end of which had
bean bent Into a loop to hold a bundle
of oil-soaked waste. These prelimi
naries accomplished, they bore the
reptile? Into the cane-fields at widely
aaparated places and lighted the
waate. *?
Esteban, from his aaddle. saw the
?ret ?lap? of smoke arise and grow
?nd unwind into long ribbon?, reach
ing deep Into the ?Unding crop. Soon
tongues ?f flame appeared and th?
green top? of th? oane began to
shrivel and to wave as the steady
east wind took effect. from the -lear
nt conflagration a geeat snapping ?no
crackling of Juicy ?talk? arose. The
thin, dry ?tripping? with which the
earth wa? carpeted formed a vast
tinder bad, and one? th? fire wag
started there -aras no checking it.
Smoke billowed upward and was bur
ri?? wastwsafd, bsMor? the pr-MM, In
a dose, placa, th. ?.1<*? bum* ?g
flam?. Fro? eof^wher? ****** *g
shouting, then . abot or two. an
finally th? ringing of a WMi.
E.teban waited only m**Xm_ mr
that Ms work of ?evi*???? TLS^r,
under way. then ha to* ^.'X^T.
back tower* th? hiu*. a'f?"^?-.
relned In upon th. cr?at of a rap
snd looked ^"t^ie* utth
lay. The whole sky ?a? mm\amt*
smok?, ss if a elty wore ????**=,
Removing hje wide -?^??,^,,,?G.
youni man aw.pt a mecklng -*wm
tion to the esst. - ~- - v..
?S..now, good Pancho Omt*. ms
crl?d. *% lo?v. you th? c*?P"iTW
of the?, twin, you lo?? *e> ?jeu.
in the shelter of a taaa*tt*t*tW
took tima to eat supper, thai' JJ
m?sl since m*tmwjmta*ja*a *?
aft.r d?rk wJian the*/ MWg JT
negro??, Who W.I? tbo*rtrua*kty Vraa.
wwwlor .pe-vTUW-th. ?tebthor?^?
Estaban, more eautlous than that.
would r*t bava It so. e*taartiPSV.
the men ro-wonata* thalr '*r**Trt^m:
though not without -^??[""",^;?
and *et out. M ?M ?low ^"?J*
\r th. woo*, wer. *ark ""?*?
trails wer. blind! the men were
f.trly obliged t6 fael th.ir way- *?
.nfth the' cross* th. .u???? end
worked down toward th. Tumori, but
it ?eemed as If Axyllght. would ?over,
''Tatar? ride," ?teban yaw?.*.?
"1 ahall .toep for a woo". ? I
?^?,?? a?re.d. That .Cueto will
be furious," said he. ***?**???
p,rhsp.. he and I will *-*? Uf* ??
See. Th?? I shall kill him.
B.Uben reined In his hott*. i?eo??
Mid he. "Yonder to a "**??' MM.
The other horaenTen crowded clos?,
aurina through th. darkness. It was
very stm In the woods; *awa maa laa*
than hall an hour away. ?,,??,.__
"What to Evanaallna thlnkina
about?" A-stnslo mutter???
???Sut. ???! It ?raw? brigbtar.
There followed a moment or tw? aur
ina whleh th?r? waa n? aound eaoepi
th. breathing of th. m**m**Sm*
creak of ?aedi, leather, as ?M rtoers
crsnsd th?lr naok. to tea over the low
traotops below thorn. Then ?totonen
"??Com.! I'm .frald It's our hotev?/*
F??r artPK?* him. but h? -manattad
to say. oalmly. "Perhapa thera aaa
bean an-accident''
Assnsio. muttering excitedly, was
trying to crowd past him; for a few
yards tha two horses brusb?d slong
?Id. by aid? Th? autant point ot
light ha* ?aecon? a alar? now; ?
winked balefully through the openliuj?
a.? the party hurrtod towar* It. i?ut
it was still a long way off. and th?
eastern iky had grown rosy before
the dense woods of the hillside ?fave
way to the ?parser growth of the
low ground.
Esteban turnad a sie*, wblt* fae*
over hla shou'dar snd Jerked out his
ord?rs; then h? kicked his tired mount
Into a swifter gallop- It was he who
first brok? out Into the ?learlng. On.
glgnce, and the story waa told.
The hut was but a crumbling akeis
tpn of charred pole? Strung out
aereas the little field Of malangas.
yueeas. and swset potatoes were sev
er?! hilarious volunteers, their arms
filled with loot from th? cabin. Be
hind them ?trod? an ofileer bearing
Rasa atruggllng against his breast
Ksteban did ?ot pausa; he drove
his hot*?? headlong through the ?oil
rad earth ef th? a-ar-tUn. His sudden
appearanoe ???mad briefly to paralyse
the marauders. It vu a moment be
fore they could drop their ?-polls, un
sllng their rifles, and begin ta fire ?t
htm. and by that time he had cov
ered half the diatance to hi? slater.
Those rifle shots came faintly to Este
ban'? ears; he scarcely heard thena:
he merely lowered his head and rode
straight at that black-vlsaged colonel,
sobbing and whimpering In hi? fury.
But In aplte of his speed he made no
difficult target. A bullet brought his
horse down and the boy went flying
over its neck. Nothing but the loos?
loam saved him from injury. As h?
ross to his feet, breathless and cov
ered with the red dirt there came a
swift thudding of hoofs and Asensle
swept past him like a rocket. Esteban
caught one glimpse of the negro's
face, a fleeting vision of white teetn
bared to the gums, of distended yel
low eyes, of list, distorted features;
then Asenslo was fairly upon Colonel
Cobo. The colonel, who hsd dropped
his burden, now tried to dodge
Asensle slashed once st him with his
lpng. murderous machete, but tb?
neat Instant he wa? engaged with a
trooper who had fired almost into
his face.
iTo Be Continued.?
Loafed Three Monthi.
Judge Robert Hardison read a
severe lecture to a stalwart and
well dressed young man who ap
peared In his court yesterday
charged with vagrancy. The de.
fendant answered to the name of
Leon C. Hawkins. The policeman
testified he had not worked fa?
three months.
Hawkins was placed on probation
for six months and advised that ha
must go to work or suffer the con
sequen? <s.
Caletabi, the New Naateab? Cal
omel Tablets, Cot Short Colds
and May Prevent Flu By
Keeping Liver Active.
, Physician.? have learned from ex
p?rience, during the epidemic of in
fiarnza. that one of the most im
portant factors In the prevention of
flu and pneumonia Is to keep the
llvar active so that the digestive
organs may be in perfect working
order and the system thereby en
abled to throw oft colds, cheek sore
throat, and realst serious complica
tions. For this purpose they have
found that tbe new, nauseates?
calomel tablets called Calotab?. ara
far more effective even than the old
style calomel, which was formerly
the universal favorite, a? Calotabs
do not weaken tbe patient, nor in
terfere with the appetite and-diges
At the flrst sign of a cold ?r?r sore
throat. doctors recommend on?
Calotab at bedtime with a swallow
of water?that's all. No salts, no
nausea, nor the ?ligbtest Interfer*
enee with your diet, pleasure or
work. Next morning you wake up
feeling line, your liver is active,
and your appetite la keen for a gooa
For your protection Calotabs ar?
sold Only in original sealed pack?
age?, ari?? thirty-five cents. AM
druggists recommend and guaran
tee Calotabs. Tour money back If
?ou are aai asm Uta* with Uae-???.
Municipal control and operation
of th? city refuse collection system
wm ordered yeeterday. following
notlflcatlon by Private contractor?
that they must discontinue the
work at the present contract fee.
Koni* Hacker, superintendent of
garbage and ash collection for the
District, will have charge of the
work for the municipal govern
ment. He ?ill take over the ro?
fuss-disposal plant on Mount Olivet
road, over the erection of which
citizens in tbe northeast section of
the city have raised A ?torm of
Increased ro?t cf labor and other
Incidental? waa given by the J. /
Whitehead Company, the contrae
? .tor?, as the reaeon for their inabil
ity to pursue the work further
; Striker. Attack Oficial.
Somerville, K. ?*?. Nov. 10.?Walter
Dewltt superintendent of the packing
department of tke Johns-Manvllle
plant, sustained scalp wound? and
Joseph Richards, a laborer, was
?truck on the head.** today, whan
De Witt refused te stop his automobile
at the command of atrikers.
The strikers overturned the motor
car Into a ditch.
Steel ShorU.e Sn Million.
New Tork. Not. 10.?Unfilled ton
ha-ge of the United States Steal
Corporation, on October II was *.
472.4(1. It wa? announced today.
This is an increase of 118.010 over
'the amount on September 10, which
was ?ist,??.
Daughter Mide Sole
. A daughter, Bessie May Ooodtng. to
th? sol? benedei?-?? In the will of
John W. Gray filed for probate tn the
Dlatrlet Supreme Court yeeterday.
Mr. Gray, In his will, make? hi?
daughter "Joint partner with the
money at the Capital Traction Com
pany" and give? her authority to sign
ail check? aftor hi?, death. The will
la datad March t. IMS. aad revoke?
two former wills of earlier data.
-pan tasthted that Curt? w*M ?ary
dnfltk a-tlta. ? beetle ot ?wd ai*.,
hot I? ki? pocket.
Tke court latetrrupted Curtis' dts
eoarao ts t-nrer-a Man ?hat ?* ano
Fat That Show?
Soon Disappears
David Curtis, a prisoner tn the Po
ltee Court, yesterday defined th? dif
ferent degree? of drunknea? when ar
raigned charged with being Intoxi
cated on Thirteenth street. A pollee
tkew at ?casts
r wette Smart to ?a Mb
Co. M Willen? Ate.. Datntt. I-M
ean tbas aajr ?aud aya ia distia-, eme-a
a? Im
a ta
rn ?
.?:-.; ?*.?.>?
Why Maz?la Saves Money
in Cooking and Makes Food Better
In deep-fat frying, not a single drop ?f
Maz?la is wasted. Fry fish or onions, eren
garlic, in Maz?la; strain and use it over and
over again?even for cake making. Maz?la
absorbs no flavors or odors.
Use !4 to ?? lass Maz?la for
than butter or other shortenings.
No smoking?no soggy foods. Foods
cooked with Mazo la, or in which Mazola is
used, are wholesome, healthful, easy to digest.
FREE CockiDe n-u-*e ?imp;? and econocuc-l
~^? whan you consult the new exl-paxre
Corn Prod crts Cook Book. Recipao try ca-perts.
Attractive il lustravi or. i. Free ? s-nte for h today.
L. A. MOUSSEAU, Salea Repreaentatioe
40T Vickera BoiWing Balli.
Give the world
the once over
IISTEN, fellows, to some straight talk. Many a
ml man when he gets to be 40, misses aome
thin?. He may have lots of money and a ftne
family, but? **3f|??
He never "got out and saw things'*. After he
get? settled .down, it'a too late.
Every man wants to see the world. No man
luce? to stand still all his life. The best time to
TRAVEL is when you're young and lively ?
right NOW! aw\9}*4\H?5 **
Right NOW your Uncle.Sam is calling, "Shove
off!" He wants men for his Navy. He's inviting
you! It's the biggest chance you will ever get to
give the world the once over ! ,*. ..+< tfi|tt^
The Navy goes all over the world?sails the
Seven Seas?squints at the six continents?thafa
its business. You stand to seeTmore odd sights,
wonderful scenery and strange people than you
ever dreamed of. m "\???\? riTurf?
You'll wc? haM while you work. You'll play
hard white you play. You'll earn and learn. You'll
get, .in addition to "shore-lekve'', a 30-day straight
vacation?which is more than the average .bank
president can count on.
You can Join for two years. When" you get
through you'll be physically and mentally "tuned
up" for the teat of your life. You'll be ready
through and through for SUCCESS.
There's a Recruiting Station right near you.
If you don't know where it is, your Postmaster
.will be glad to tell you.
Shove off !
"Join the

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