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Charge Alien Property Cus
todian Illegally Sold
Their Property.
Accusing John Burke. Treasurer of
the United States, and Francis P. Gar
van. aiien property custodian, of error
in confiscating approximately $500,000.
Ernesto A. Bunge and J. Born,
co-partners, yesterday brought suit
against the former, asking that the
sura involved be returned to them.
Ernesto A. Bunge sets forth in the
hill that he is a citizen of Argentine
Republic and that J. Born is a subject
of Belgium, and that the only other
C-mber of the firm ever associated
th them was also a citizen of the
Argentine Republic, and that their
money was taken over by the alien
property custodian without authority.
Inasmuch as they claim they did not
violate the provisions of section 9 of
?s the act of Congress approved October
?. 1917. relative to enemy aliens.
Tiler state In their bill that $542,400
wss taken from them at the offices of
MacLar^n A Gentles. Inc.. New York
City. ami. that 2S4 cases of tin plate
was sold Without their consent for
I5.X9.? \
A motion is also filed for the plain
tiffs through Attorneys Carlln & Car
lin. of this city, asking for an imme
diate hearing of the case.
The United States District Attorney
has filed an answer to the suit for
John Burke and Francis P. Garvan.
admitting some allegations but calling
for strict proof in others.
Larccny after trust was the charge
faced by Peter Prophet, an Italian,
lesidtng at 611 G street northwest, in
police court yesterday. His sister-in- j
law. Mrs. Antonina Terese. 1004 Sixth
street northwest, told Judge McMahon ,
fchat Prophet induced her to turn over,
to him for safe keeping the savings
of herself and husband, amounting to
??When you need money," she said
Prophet told her. "call on me for the
sum needed and I will give you my
?-heek for the amount."
In this manner she obtained from
Prophet about WOO. when he declined
to ^ive her any more, informing her
the money was all gone, she declared,
.-he charged !;e warned her that it"
she told anybody of the transaction
lie would deny .she had ever placed
anj tm>n?> in his keeping. She kept
outet for :i while and then reported
the matter to the authorities and
Prophet w.is arrested.
Jud^e McMahon sent the case on
? to the grand jury, fixing the bond at
Prophet put up the amount in
liberty bonds.
Trenton. X. J.. Nov. 11.?Republicans
elected to the House and Senate of the
New* Jersey Legislature lest Tuesday
art jtahered at the State House to
0av to arrange for organization.
At the Republican Senator'* con
fer*-nee it was indicate*! Senator
? 'larencf E. Case of Somerset County
would l?e elected to he president of the
Senate and that Senator OMUns Ek
Allen of Salem County would be much
supported to become the Republican j
fl??or lra?>r.
Th?-re ar?* fqur candidates in the j
House for Speaker?Assemblyman L'u- !
vid Young, of Morris County; Em- i
ivor Roberts, of Burlington; Horace
M. Fooder. of Gloucester, and Henry j
tl. G. II-r>hfield of Passaic. J
Columbus, ohin. Nov. 11.?Complete j
??<Ticiel return* from all counties of j
the State today showed the wets de- j
f*-ate< Ohio's ratification of the i?a- 1
tioral prohibition amendment by aoJ
| vote*. Official canvass of the returns
I will be made in the Secretary of
Stale'.* office.
Dry? were hopeful that errors In
L th#? i i"n\or n?y l?e uncovered. They
^bavp already filed petitions for a re
Paris Stores Closed.
Pans. Nov. 11.?The three biggest
?I'-partm* tit store* of Paris aro vir
tually : hut dowrn today as a result
of a strike of their employes. Those
of th?- louvre went out in sympathy
with th<* employes of the Bon
Marehe and the Galleries I^afsyette.
r?ring?n5 the total of strikers up to
1 -*
W H. Coulter has returned to work
In the boiler shop after two months'
Ilarrv Cromwell, sailmakcr in the
gunners* work shop. is taking a few
days leave to celel.ratc his fourteenth
wedding anniversary.
R. K- Roberts, of the torpedo shop,
; came Into possession of fourteen bar
| rrls of sugar and has announced that
** Wl,! two pounds to each of his
, shopmates Wednesday morning if they
j apply to him before 12 o'clock.
L. A. Ferguson, of the jig and gauge
room is working in the old pattern
?hop for a few days, relieving A. A.
l^revost. who is on a hunting trip in
>irginia. K
M r. Bartlett. of the torpedo tube
,, p: *?? returned to work after three
days illness. /
, U Woltz has returned from lower
[blrdf""* W"h p)en,y of rabbits and
I Three boilertnaker.V names were
fhislr^k r?S,er ?f ",c boilFr 8h?P
Ben Crage. sailmaker. of the Run
ners work shop. is spending a few
days at home making ready for the
Joe Collin*, electrician In the elec
tric: power plant, is spending a week
a' olomal Beach repairing his cot
| tage for next summer.
inJCheB^ai:. Va.tinS " ?'d h0m<!
r. T. Williams, of the torpedo tube
*VPendh,B a ?h'rty-day vaca-I
tion ift Texas.
? nyrtl!>*,r of b?ilermakers will j
attend the boilermakers" dance given
in Alexandria.
ism L?'T*"' ?f !he breach mechan
ism shop, is enjoying a week's vaca- i
tion In Philadelphia.
" if c"ne- of th? miscellaneous '
shop, has returned to work after four
petition Bal"more ? shopping ex-j
Rales' Af*init Striken.
Altoona. Pa.. Sov. \l. - striking
railway sliopmen in this district had
no grounds for their walkout. As
sistant Director De Guire. of the
a Rai,r"ad Administration,
ruled today. De Guire upheld the
t?oVuX?uV 0f raUr0ad omci",s
Hilda and Rosalind Phang. daugh
ters of wealthy Chinese, parents
living in the island of Jamaica.
naT? j?^Ver *ern t"eir motherland.
Raised in the West Indies and ex
pensively educated In England, the
fu ^fVve palr r*c*?tly sailed for
the Orient via San Francisco, bear
ing the message of modernity to
their secluded sister-members of
the great Mongolian race.
Toe Misses Phang speak English
and I- rench with scarcely a trace
of Oriental accent. They also know
their mother tongue and "enough
Japanese to get along In Cali
President May Name Body
To Investigate Excessive
Rentals Here.
The appointment by the President
of three commissioners to adjust
rental difficulties between landlord
and tenant and prevent profiteering
may be looked for at any moment,
according to reliable information.
There are several hundred names of
residents and non-residents before the
President from which. to make the
The report was current at the
Capitol yesterday that certain local
real estate operators are secretly
bringing pressure to bear on* the
White House for the appointment of
their friends to at least two of the
rent commisslonershipa. . I
"Such appointments would defeat
the very purpose of the commission
at the beginning." a Congressman
said fast night. "The President
should see that the people?the ten
ants?are fairly represented 011 the
board. The men selected should be
open minded, fair and square and
capable of handling the vexed situa
tion equitably for both sides. No man
who is directly or Indirectly interested
in the real estate business should be
considered for a moment."
, NEWS ;
The G. P. O. "Knights of the Oreen j
Cloth" in the big Elks' tournament j
are now pinning their hopes on the j
"little dark horse." Prank (Shorty) j
Col well, who gave a wonderful exhi
bition with the tipped stick and came |
out a winner in Ills first start In Class j
C Monday night. The favorites who i
went down in defeat were George I
Van Den Berg, Clafcs A; William G. 1
.Tones, Class C; and t.?r. Hjury j
Berrang, Class D. Fred. Whitehead !
ha.? not made his first start as yet, j
ami Jakie D%lght was a stable entry ;
with Dr. B?rrang, and the stable I
started tiie doctor, so Jakie is not :
Secretary Hariy Zeigler announces!
.1 meeting of the Proofroom Relief.
Association, to br held tonight at 1
11:15 in the proof section.
Government Printing Office branch j
of Federal Clerks* Union, No. 2, will
hold a meeting tonight at 8 o'clock ;
in the union headquarters, 1423 New i
York avenue. President William J. '
Hendricks urges all members to |
Hutrh C. Jrev, son of Charles Irey,
of the monotype section, is con
valescing at his home. 1217 B street i
northeast after an operation for j
appendicitis in Sibley Hospital last
Chris Hansen is slowly improving
in George Washington Hospital after
having his right arm removed to
avoid blood poisoning.
Walter Evans, of the linotype sec- j
. Mill
From Eczema. Head Sore
AD Oyer. Caticara Heals.
"When ray baby was wry little
?he broke oat with while blisters
that would dry op later on
and then break out aysin.
Her head was sore all over.
She would Iret and her
hair came oat until she did
not have enough to cover
her head. We were told
it was eesema.
"I aent for a free sample of Cuti
cura. I purchased mors and I used
one cake of Soap and one bos of Oint
ment when she was healed." (Signed)
Mrs. R. C. Hunt, McCool, Miss.
Cuticora Soap.Ointment and Tal
enm usually prevent skin troubles.
!S* *&?S53!S
Vke Prritldent.
Vb* President.
Aulriaat Cashier.
AasUtaat Cashier.
Assistant Cashier.
To the Delegates and Advisers of the
?of the League of Nations, The Riggs National Bank of Washington ex
tends the warm handclasp of welcome with a fervent wish for every
success in solving the complex problems that are today so transcendency
important to the^ world at large.
Permit us to offer the entire facilities of this bank for your accommo
dation' while in Washington, and to advise that you can enjoy here the
most adequate banking service available in this city.
(Hie iuMs National lank
On'Penrisyk'ania Avenue Tocirg Jhe U. S. Treasuo'
capital mm* Miratea. IMMMI. Rraaarrra. < l.?r .r Hwl?.. *??<. IS. ?rUTTjaMH
tion. ha? purchased a new home at
1J#? Shepherd street iwnkwot.
Miles Fiiggina, of the sanitary sec
tion. who has been suffering with an
ulew en the corner of hta right eye.
ia Improving, and hopes are enter
tained that the sight of the eye will
not be sacrificed. ,
Samuel Morris, of the hand eection
annex, la visiting at his old home In
Albany. N. Y.
Pressman Charlea H. Phllbrick is
detailed to the Llbrfcry branch.
William R. Skelton has been trans
ferred from the press division to the
office of the superintendent of docu
Dennis Manson has returned to the
electrical section after a visit to hta,
old home In Klttwy. Me.
Assistant Foreman William KJrwin
has returned to the'stores division
after a hunting trip near his home
in New York State. '
Miss Martha Keshan, of the proof
section. Is spending three weeks In
New York City.
Elmer E. Young has returned to the
electrotype foundry after a visit with
relatives In Philadelphia.
Columbia Typographical Union will
hold a referendum today on proposi
tions to sell Its temple and to re
duce local dues.
l>on V. L<each is at work In the
linotype section after a month with
relatives at his old home in Unadtlla.
N. Y. '
Miss Elsie E. Perkins has accepted
an appointment In the keyboard room
after a two years' sojourn in south
ern California and Chicago. ,
l^evt Patterson and Frank Sherman
have been on the sick list in the hand
section several days.
Gregory Busnlck has returned to the
electric section after several days' ill
Pressmen Thomas Martin. Edgar C.
Whitman and Arthur S. Thomas are
on the sick list in the day press
room. ,
Arrest Five Following
New Jersey Labor Clash
Somervllle, K. J., (Nov. 11.-Violence
axaln marked the MrUce of S.000 un
skllled worker* at the Ji. Johns
HanvMe plant at Manvilfe, near here,
George K. Potten. of the county
prosecutor's office, was badly cot, aev
eral strikers were mauled mid guards
bruised and beaten In ? dash between
armed guard* and strikers near the
plant- rive strikers., lncluging their
leader, were arrested
T|>e flght occurred when Sheriff Bro
ka.w. accompanied by Potten and
about twenty armed guarda. started
for the plant In a motor truck. A
ycKy of Strikers stopped the truck at
a bridge near the plant.
Philadelphia. No*. Four men
were killed, three others Injured, and !
several persons thrown Into the Dela
ware rWer today when the Reading
Railway ferry Atlantic City Was |
rammed by the railway -tug Caspian j
The ferry waa carrying workers
from the Jersey side to their #?b*
In Philadelphia.
3% .Paid on Savings
Foreign Exchange
Have You Done This?
AN all-important duty which every man owes his
k dependents is to MAKE HIS WILL and CHOOSE
1 Attend to this vital duty now, and name a Corporate
Executor such as this company, so YOUR ESTATE will
be divided AS YOU WISH.
10ur Tru?t Officer is ready to confer with you at
your covenience.
Capital, $1,000,000
Her btiibtod. J. Mima Sramlett. u
made the principal beneflclary In
the will Of Annie Florence Bramlett.
filed for probate In tba District Su
preme Court jreatarAay. Mra. Brt(a
lett |lma her Jewelry to bar nle?J ?
Minnie Berlin- ' Mr. Bramlett I
named executor. The will la date
July 11. 1*19
$5.00 Up
Neglected and decayed teeth are repulsive, and not in keeping
with modern life. Modern dental science has made them so
absolutely unnecessary that any society (however humble) will
not tolerate them.
"A stitch in time saves nine"?it is the same with your tee'.h.
Vlrl4sr \\ ork.
MIIUi:* la ?.?!*.
Wl%rr nn4 l'?nv
lala. II.W
Examinatioa Free I
Painless Dentist
Hours: 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Telephone: Main 1711
Velati Bldg. 9th and G St?. N. W.
What youVe longed for in cigarettes
you'll find a'plenty in Camels
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rettes any man ever puffed on!
Your keenest desires for flavor, and
for smooth mellow-mild-body are
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Camel Cigarettes are an expert
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Domestic tobaccos. This blend is a
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fer it to either kind of tobacco
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ways. For instance, Camels never
tire your taste, no matter how liber
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real appreciation of cigarette quality
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Camels are mold e werv
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package* of 20
cigarette*. or ten park,
ages ( 200 cigarette* ? rn
glass me - paper - covered
carton. We strongly rec.
ommend this carton for
the home or office tup
ply or when yon travel
Winston-Salem. N. C
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