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Stabilization of Foreign Cur
rency Big Worry of Busi
ness, Holland Says.
? 1
The question of foreign exchange
??ema to the commanding topic
? In all bualneaa circle#.
Not a great deal of attention la
paid to the diacuaalon carried on In
the United State* Senate \jpon t'ne
eagu? of nations covenant ind
treaty of peace. Tt le true fhat
many bualneaa men'are anxious that
thla aubject be determined by the
Senate aa early aa porsible.
It la looked upon almoat entirely
from a bualneaa point of view be
cause the feeling prevalla that If
the treaty of peace be ratified then
there will be developed a new factor
which will tend toward the etablll
satlon of foreign exchange.
The foreign exchange altuatlon la
the general topic of diacuaalon In
banking bouaea and in the dlrector'a
rooma of the great corporatlona.
Senator Robert L. Owen recently
What Lydia El. Piakham's Vege
table Compound Did for
Ohio Woman.
Portamouth. Ohio.?"T suffered from
f * I
Irregularities, p*ins in my aitie and
was so weak a?
times 1 could
hardly get arour.d
to do my work,
and as I had
four in my fam
ily and three
boarders it made
It very hard for
roe. Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege
table Compound
was recommend
ed to me. I took
It and It restor
ls certainly the
beat medicine for woman's ailmenta I
ever saw."?Mrs. Sara Shaw, R. No.
1. Portsmouth. Ohio.
Mrs. Shaw proved the merit-of this
medicine ariH wrote this letter in or
der that other suffering women may
rmd relief as she did.
Women who arc suffering as she
was* should not drag along from day
to day without giving thin famous
root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, a trial.
For special advice in regard to such
ailmenta write to Lydia E. Pinkham's
Medicine Co., Lynn. Mass. The re
sult of ita forty years' experience is
at your service.?Adv.
cd my health. It
stated that In bis opinion the only
way to balance or stabilise foreigir
exchange Is for the American invest
ing public to buy European securi
ties or demonstrated safety and
Senator Owen is convinced that
Europe Is solvent both financially
and in productive power, and there
fore there should be no reason why
the ?AmericanHn vest Ive public should
not willingly put some part of their
funds In European securities, and
do It now. because at the present
rate of exchange securities may be
bought cheaper an& are sure bv and
by so greatly to appreciate as to
give a profit to the Investor.
The public has little knowledge of
the embarrassment to American
business life which is now occa
sioned by the abnormal rate of for
eign exchange. Some of the busi
ness men are almost In despair,
fearing that it may take years to
stabilise foreign exchange rates, and
iT it does then American Industries
will be Impaired and we face the
danger of losing some part of our
foreign markets.
Toledo, Nov. 11.?The city council
by a vote of 12 to 2. refused to re
voke the ouster ordinance forbidding
the rail-light company from operat
ing Its street care on the city streets,
and which caused Henry L*. Doherty
to remove the cars Into Michigan.
Mayor Schreiber, addressing the
council, uald President Coates, of the
company, had given him hi# word
last Wednesday that the cars would
not he removed until so ordered by
the city. Coates. In a statement, de
nied that he had'broken faith with
thtt city.
Board of Trade Will
Name Officers Monday
I New officers for Washington
| Board of Trade will be elected next
Monday afternoon at a meeting of the|
hoard of directors.
The 10 newly elected directors In ad
dition to the 20 already composing
the board will elect the new officers.
Positions to be tilled are those of
| Mi* president, two vice-presidents, sec
S retary, treasurer, general counsel and
j assistant secretary.
} It is unlikely that Walter A. Brown.
' president of the Board of Trade for
the pant year, will be a candidate for
reelection, in view of his announced
intention not to run.
The ?Rth annual report of the Board
? of Trade Is JUst off the press. It was
announced yesterday. Copies of the
report will be furnished members free
of charge upon application to the of
fice of the secretary In the Star build
Mud Hen Crazy He Claims,
But Is Worth Attention
j New York. Nov. 11.?The 'neglected
I and despised mud hen at last has
I found a champion who recognizes the
true worth and sterling character of
this long overlooked bird.
Dr. Harry C. Oberholser, of the
United States National Museum at
Washington, made a plea before the
convention of the American Ornithol
ogists Union today for more consider
ation for the mud hen or coot.
It's a foolish bird, he admitted, and
has some crazy habits, but it should
be recognized in some way, at least
it could be shot, he argued* It's pei
fectiy ^-ood eating and it's easy to
4 shoot.
Rainbow's HEnft
.A N?rel by REX BEACH
tath?r ml "lit lr?B Trail." Tfc? l?MI<i?i* "Heart ?( tkc Saa??t,"
I (Copyright by Harper * Brothers. Publlih?r?.)
Don" Estebaa Varona owned a rtch plantation
in Cuba and many slstea The money ha ac
cumulated ha hid away, and with the death of
hie wife In childbirth and that of a faithful
?lare. Kebeatian. and ttfmaeH through violence,
the secret of the hiding place perished. His
?econd wtfe. Dona laabel. stepmother to the
twtna. Eateban and Rosa. alao meeta a violent
death aearctung for the trcaaurv.
Pancho Cueto. a diahoueat mans get of the
plantation, succeeds in ateallng it from the
children. Rcaa reject# a-rich o?d auitor for
love of a young American. John O'Reilly. Her
brother. Eateban, is eaposed by Cueto as being
in league with the (Axban ineuirectoa. The
Varonaa are forced to flee and find refuge with
Dvangellna. old Bebaatian s daughter
Meanwhile O'Reilly, having been to New York
to reeign hit pueltion and free himself from a
tentative engagement, haa succeedrd lo return
ing to Cub? aud is coming to the reecue 01
ltuaa aa fast sa he cmn. Youug Kate ban tell*
IU?a that he is sura that the treasure is buf^l
m the old well in which hia stepmother na?
drowned. Ha conduuta early merning raida with
a band ?f ragged followers, to harry Rendu#
Oieto. While on such a rsid Rosa end Rhange
lina sre surtaiaed. and Roaa is captured by
(\4onel Cobo. a brutal Spanish officer, who hss
Uen told of her beauty by iXieto. who wishaa
to'be rid of both of the twina.
lle+ore tha marauders can maka off with their
capUte and their spoila. Roaa'a brothrr returns
with Asenio and tlteir troopa. and there enauea
a fight bloody beyond words.
Go Ou with the Story.
The other negroes alao were In the
open by this time yelling and firing as
fust as they could work the bolts or
their rifles, and although they aimed
at nothing in particular, the, effect
of their fusillade was all that could
be wished. Cobo'a men, led by the
terrified Cueto, turned and fled for
cover, believing themselves m dhnger
of annihilation. Nor was the colonel
himself In any condition to rally them,
for Asenslo's blade had cloven one
I full dark cheek to the bone, and the
eho?k and pain had unnerved him; he
was frightened at sight of the blood
that streamed down over the breast
of his white tunic, and so. when ho
saw his men turn tail, he followed suit.
! lunging through the lush garden
j Krowth, holding his wound in his
J hand and shrieking profane commanda
; which went unheeded.
| The field was small, the Jungle was
close at hand. A moment and the ln
I teriopers had vanished into It. all hut
! one, who lay kicking amoung the
j broad malanga leaves, and over whom
j Asensio kept spurring his terrified
: horse, hacking downward with insane
I fury.
This was the flrgt hand-to-hand en
counter Esteban's men had had. and
their swift victory rendered them
ferocious. Flinging their guns aside,
they went crashing into the brush on
the trail of their enemies.
Rosa found herself in her brother's
arms, sobbing out the story of the
outrage and quivering at every sound
of the chase. He was caressing her,
and telling her to have no further
fears; both of them were fairly hys
terical. Even before Esteban had
hoard all. Lorenzo, the mulatto, reap
peared. leading three cavalry horses
and shouting extravagant praise of
his own bravery. Esteban compli
mented him and the fellow galloped
away again, voicing the most blood
curling threats.
Kvangellna, thank* to her thick
skull, wes not dead. In the course
of time under Rosa's and Esteban's
ministrations she regained her sense*,
and when the other men returned
they found her lying tick and da*ed.
but otherwise quite whole.
Then, there b?*Me the ruins of the
hut. w&i a-st range scene ff rejoicing
Asenslo/ recovered now from hl? burst
of %savagery, was tearful, compas
sionate; his comrades laughed and
chattered and bragged about their
prodigious deeds of valor. Over and
over they recounted their versions or
the enoounter. each more fanciful
than the other, until It seemed that
they must have left the forest filled
with corpaes.
Esteban alone waa grave. He hao
I beard of Colonel Cobo. and. reraem
. bering that denim-clad figure out
! yonder In the trampled garden, lie
knew Chat serious consequences would
follow. The volunteers were revenge
ful; their colonel was not the eort of
roan to forgive a deep humiliation.
Doubtless he would put a price upon
1 the heads of all of them, and certainly
h# would never allow them another
encounter upon anything like even
i terms. Then. too. the narrowness or
I Itosa's escape caused the boy's heart
to dissolve with terror.
After a conference with Asensto n<
decided that they must prtpare fo?
flight, and late that afternoon- the
all set out to seek a safer refuw
Kvangellna In tears at leaving 1h>
precious garden plot. Their led horw
one of those Lorcoso had capture*:
entiled a pitifully ltgfct burden-onl
*ome tools, some pans and kettle*
and a roll of charred bedclothes.
Johnnie O'Reilly had no difficulty t
locating the residence of Ignacio AI
varado, but to communicate wlU
him was quite another matter. Inss
much as his every step wss dogge< !
by thkt persistent shadow from Neu
vitas. Leslie Branch had told hm |
enough about conditions here l?J
Puerto Principe to make him ex"*
, i \
"Pape's Diapepsin" is the best ?
Antacid and Stomach |
Regulator known
When your ifceals don't flt and
I you feel uncomfortable, when you
I belch gases, scids or raise sour.i
undigested food. When you feel
?lumps of indigestion pajn, heart-'
i burn or headache from acidity,
j Just eat a tablet of harmless and
j reliable Pape's Diapepsin and the
j stomach distress Is gone.
Millions of people know the
j magic of Pape's Diapepsin as an
? antacid. They know that most
j Indigestion and disordered stomach
are from acidity. The relief comes
I quickly, no disappointment! Pape's
I Diapepsin helps regulate your stom
? ach so you can eat favorite foods
without fear and a box of these
world-famous stomach tablets cost
! so little at drug stores.?Adv.
"The Coffee You'll Talk Ahoilt9 \ (
Starting the Day Off Right With
tremely cautions, and attar their lint
talk rfe had once more concealed hl?
revolver in ? safe hiding place, taking
good care thereafter th^t nothing In
hi* eonduct should awaken suspicion.
Unfortunately hla roont waa on the
econd floor of the hotel, and hence
'lie going* and coming* were always
open to observation. But he noted
hat a window at one end of tha
ipper hall overlooked a sloping, tile
oof ed (tied, and that the garden wall
lehind the hotel premise* wa* not
rovkJed with those barbarous spike*
r broken bottle* Which decorate ao
lany Cuban wall*. It promised him
means of egress when the time
hoold come to use It. In this hall,
loreovsr, directly opposite his door
here was an oil bracket-lamp which
-ave light to the passageway, and
vhlch was forever going out, a fact
| hlclv the yoifng man noted with eat
One evening, several days after hi*
rrlval. a sudden rainstorm drove
>"R?l!ly Indoors, and a* he ascended
to hi* room bo mw that the lamp in
the hallway flared and smdfced at
every gu#t of wind. It woo very 4ark
outside, hes reasoned that the streets
would be deeerted. Hastily securing
that book which Alvarado, the den
tist. had given him. he took a position
clooe inside his door. When he heard
the spy pass and enter the next cham
ber he stofe out into the hall and
breathed into the lamp chimney. A
moment later he was safely through
the window and was working his way
down the shed roof, praying that his
movements had not been seen and that
the tiles were Arm. The rain wss
driving In sheets and he wae wet to
the skin when he dropped - into the
patio, nevertheless he was laughing
to himself. He nimbly scaled the
wall, crossed an Inclosure, climbed a
second wall, and descended into a dark
tide street. Taking advantage of the
densest shadows and the numerous
overhanging balconies, he set out at
a brisk trot.
A light showed through the barred
windows of Um Alvarado tian, imtir
eating that the family waa In. Altar
aome fumbling O'Reilly laid held of
tha latch; then, without knocking. ha
opened tha front door and stepped In.
He found himself, as he had ex
pected. In tha parlor, a hlgh-oellinged,
sparsely furnished room with a glased
Door of Bpanlah mosaics. Hla sudden
appearance threw tha occupants Into
alarm; a woman cried out sharply; a
man whom O'Reilly identified aa
Ignaclo Alrarado himself leaped to
his feet and faced him. exclaiming:
"Who are youT'
"I'm a friend. Don't ha alarmed."
Johnnie summoned his moat agreeable
?mile, then be extended tha sodden
package he had carried beneath Ma
arm. "I come from your brother
Tomas. He aaked me to hand you
thla book and to say that he la re
turning It with hla thanka."
"What are you saying?" Plainly
the speaker did not comprehend; there
waa nothing but apprehension in hla
trMMHjr tare UM m paper ma
UM Volume atuJ laid It In AlTMMr
hand, -book at It. pleaae. and rou"
underatand I didn't take Una *.
knock, far fear I mlsht ba foil?a*. 1
AJvarado atarad Brat at tt?a boa*
than at hla caller. Attar a noon
ha aada a alsn to hi* wit*, who let
the room. Wet tins hla Up*, ho In
(Olrad. with an effort. "What do r>
v (To Be Contiaued)
"Jhs" StM?er b Inai *
Camden. N. J.. No*. It?A. Sere* Bn
today la the hold of the 1>.?M-*M
?taamahlp Sea Olrl. under conetrec
tlon at the yard of the Krw Tori
Shipbuilding Corporation, raalated th
efforta of the (Ire department for i
Ions whil* bafora M wa* finally ex
tlnsulabed. The damaffe waa eaten
aire- The veoaei atuck oa the wayi
when attempt waa made to laaack t
three months aso and ram a load Ine
movable for atx week*.
Sanitary Butter
It takes only one trial to prove to yourself that this butter is
top-notch quality and ad that you demand that your table butter
should be. Per pound carton ?
Corby's "Mothers" Bread l2w' 8c
?lest than one-half the cost J
of butter, yet you'll find that i
as a butter substitute it's most j
No use denying yourself a j
bread - spread when N U T
MARIGOLD is available.
A pure nut oil product
! that's guaranteed to please.
Carton. . .
Lard, lb.
3-Ib. Pkg. Scrapple for 43c I
1 Quart Cooked Hominy.. 15c]
"Salad King" Products
Olivenaise 14c and 30c
Mayonnaise 14c and 30c
Tartar Sauce. .... 14c and 30c
Evaporated Peaches
Del Monte
Brand, lb ... Zli/C
Sun Maid Seeded
lb> ? at* . ? , . ?
One Pound
Sanitary Quality
Peanut Butter
Packed in a ONE-PINT
size Ball Bros.' Sure-Seal fruit
'5<"?n One
Head n ,
Brand FeCK
SHOE POLISH - 3t* 25c
KARO" - - SYRUP 2c"'25c
Per Jar,
as AboYe ?...
Wonderful Soap Bargain
i ?
Our announcement will appear in Thursday's Star. As we can offer tkis bargain for the two days
only we would suggest that you defer your soap purchases this week until that time.
It's Well Worth Waiting For!
G. Washington
Instant Coffee
Small ?
Swift's Premium
1 lb. Carton 57c
6-lb 46c | Vi-lb- Envelope. . .29c
. 75cil2-lb 90c UNEEDAS .... 7c
Family $1.20 24-lb $1.75 TAKHOMAS . 7c
JELL-O, Pk .. 12c
Campbell's Soups.
All varieties,
per can
Peas, caa.
La France
Laundry Tablet
These wonderful tablets
cleanse thoroughly and whiten
the sheerest garment without
injury to color or fabric.
Not a bit ot rubbing?no boil
ing?for they work just as well
in cold water as in hot water.
They sa?e wear and tear on
clothes and knuckles?take out
easily the soil of daily wear?
the discoloration of age?and
stubborn stains that defy or
dinary treatment.
Your linens, laces, silks and
fine fabrics are absolutely safe
when washed with
La Frasce Laundry Tablet
Hurts Nothing But Dirt
Our Price, C ^
Par Pkf OC
Instant Postum
Large Can 40c
Have You Tried These
v Canned Beets?
Silver Lake
No. 2 can. .. .16c
Silver Lake
No. 3 can. .. 20c
Better Get That Double-Size Loaf of
Finest California
Paper-Shell ?
Per Lb 45c
j ^
Every day you put off cettig ti.e drat loaf means on* day lost, to
enjoy rating the moat delicious frade 0f bread that ever came out of
a bakery. To try tt means that you'll demand It. and when you realise
that It coat# leaa you'll be doubly pleaaed.
We pell and recommeftd this Itrfe-iiu loaf.
Per Loaf

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