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Financial News?Stock Market Prices
Little, People Slaughtered
' When Rates Rise on
Wall Street.
York- Nov- 11. ? The little
reopjo were slaughtered again to
day,in Wall Street when the market
wMf**ided with a 25 per cent money
'y T . At the ?P^ningr there was a
rally in the market averaging
aboq?two points in active issues. In
?uclraia^k^ as Mexican Petroleum
and {Cen^Su Motors it ran material
ly M*h<-r. \Thi high prices of the
day'-Vere ma<M in the first five min
utes. for selling began Immediately,
as l^was whisp^Ved about the street
tbatLttt would be another field day
for f*he bankers.
Tm market had quieted down and
fc^djjjost most of its advance at 11
o'clttk, when fhe renewal rate of
14 fler cent was given out. This
proved to be the lowest rate of the
day. end from there It advanced un
til Just beforo the close 25 per ceni
was bid with no money offered. The
avenge rate for the day was in
the -;vieisrhborhood of 15 per cent.
Time money was 7^ P^r cent. Even
at thesr high rates there was but
little money offered.
Around midday there was a sharp
rally that brought prices almost to
the opening figures in many stocks,
but in the afternoon it was one
steaity retreat witb professional
I *n exc*te<* pursuit. The close
was ?t the lowest prices in practi
cally,, everything with Mexican Pe
itrol^UD and Texas Oil down 20
| Points from the high. General Mo
tors down 37, Studebaker 7. Ameri
can Tobacco 14. Retail Stores 6,
Pierce-Arrow 0. and others more, or
less <fcre?.t as th?*y have been more
or tees active of late.
Tttjp railroads alone remained firm,
but |(they were firm only because
they- had never moved.
New York, Ncc. U. -Xfealer* in lorngn n
tbautre said thf market was flooded wiU? largo
selling orders today, offerings of lire and francs
bring in lots of aererai millions at a ttee
Thi.4 heaw pre.?ura wn the cause of new low
rates. Francs checks dropped to 9.U, peaking
?hs lojf of 9.21 made on Sef?tember 17. Italian
ewtii^n w*s In a demoralized condition, lire
c.ierks dropping over 1 - 4nco j?*tcrday and
?e'tin*'at the new low of El62.
Today's closing rates:
Sterling. Irojund. 4.12%; cables. 4 13'i. Bank
at?. ?8 days. 4.W%: ? days. 4 W? Franre.
cbcck.s, ?.4u; cables, $.37. Belgium, rbeeka, 8.60;
ahlea. 8.3?. ?;enn.in*. checks. 133; cables. 2.35.
AnaCria. cheeks. 1.09; raM.-*. 1.01 Holland,
tberkii, r\: cables. JK% Mr, 1254;
eabks. 11 ju. Swim, checks. 5.53: cables. 53L
New ToHi. Not. 1L?Money on call on the
tock ?ciiange opened at H per cent; high. 35
II; c+,*e, i Meat of the day's loan*
nade ton al! industrial collateral ware 14a2
ht cfnf.
Thne tormer market was again one of wipply
as.3 <Jtmar !. K.d?t ??f 7*4 j-er cent were again
r.J'ieVfl irixel ci?l*ateral. while bids of 8 per
rent en att~ industrial collateral. Mercantile
jtpiT|ooatBQcs to be quoted at 5H per cent
' r high-grade nsjnes, wlii'e names not ?o well
will ciwrunanl 6 per cent. I^emaivl fnjtn
sources abanrba about all the paper
Inte^-r money rates were unchanged.
| New "York. Nm. II ?The bank clearings here
day we-- ?i !-2.*r:.llS.
[Another winning. Ljst week's ad*ice?"Sell
Monday Morning tor Break Satnnlay Night."
: sated Thw weefc?Sell Wednesday for
?other Prida> S?tnrday break. Some advance
i Am. I<-e ?rul I'nlted lYuit seheduled.
SUCCESS CLCB. 77 Broad St.. N. Y.
?*ibscri^ now?$15 month.
I*0si:mly gi*es top and bottom DAYS.
Organised 1879.
Aumr-tn KS.IHm.lon.in
Surplus 091.US.O2
'thile yoa have a Meady in
nunc- la the time for em
ri" that may arlae in t
the fa.
Suhacrlptlon* for the
. 78th Issue of Stock
lleinc Keeelved
? Shares, $2.50 Per -
4 Per Cent Interest
915 F ST. N. W.
IOHV JOT EIWOS. Pre.ld.nt.
I KHi>K I'. KEKMDF. Srry.
It ?? a generally recognized
Set that flrat mortgage* are the
hreat investment in the world.
wot;Id like to send you our
?ew bo klet telling of the many
h/ogii irds we have placed around
|UR first mortgage air per cent
Sote*. which we believe, make
feeurlty doubly Mcure and which
bnstltute the chief reasons for
br record of fifty years without
wb to an investor.
|Swartzell, Rheem
& Hensey Co.
T2T tStk Street W. W.
Members ConsoBdated
Stock Exchange of
New York
Phones Main
I Ma, 1M1. 1942
[421G Street N.W.
New York Stock
Opa. High. Low. Oka*.
Mr Ruaatr O O a C*
aju buHht so* wi tt% ?r%
Ala*. Gold 3% J* J* 3*
Allla (Umi ?S es C* M
>m. Acriail. Cheu... >1% M* ?*
Am. Ben 8iw M w* ?l at
Am. Mac W U Ifli Oil
American I'M. ??"? ?Wi 57 ?
Am. CM * tWdrr.. 13B4 1*S Ui m*
Am. Cfatton OU K j* 56 B
Am. Dnic SrxUaate.. I?* I J"* 10% 1#*
Am Hid. * LMW.. S4 XS 11% ]i
, Am. Hlda * Uk. nr.. I38\ 1?* im% kT
\ American In a tt ?* ?*
j Am. lntaraaUouJ 13 13 lint 1I8\
i n* m wi n
Am. W>moU? 103 103 99 JO* |
I Am. Ship A Com? 3M4 xs ;** a
Am S^l"^
Hlmtlt F?* ?* ?
1 Am. Sugar UB* W IS IX
(Am. SumatraTofcacoo ]0Mt io,\ m n
Am. TW. A Tal so* W* 99S W4
Am. Tobacco 291 281 280 281
Am. Wrtt. Papi p.... C4 64 82 63
Am. Wool? 134 1J4H 130 130*
Am. Zlne * Lead IT 18 17 1714
Anaconda 66* 66 , (.% ?n
AaaMa Realization 4* S 4% 4\
AnMated Oil 135 IX 133 13?
At=hlaon 904 H ST* 88
Atdviaon tM. 79% 7*4 TT4 TTt
AtL. Gulf * W. In.. 1T7H 174 17m 174
Ant/? galea Co IK 19% 17 17
! Baldwin LoccoioUre. . Bit 131* 123* 10
1 Baltimore A Ohio ?t W W
Baltimore A Ohio pr. 51 SI 50* BOS
Barrett CO. 128 128* 155* 1 25*
Beth. Motor, SJ* 34 32 3214
Beth. Steel dam B... 103 103 99S l?i
Beth. Steel < pet. or.. 113 115 114* 114*
. Booth Khhcriee 16* 16* 16 16
Brooklyn R. T 30 30* 19* IS*
Butt. Copper & One. 10* 10* 10* 10*
Butte A Supl Hopper 34* M* 31* It*
Caddo OU .T* 31 30* 30*
Calif. Packing re* T?* 77* 78*
Calif. Petroleum 51* 51* <6* 46*
Canadian Padflo 1?* 149* 146* Its*
Central Leather MB* 100* 100* 101*
Otto de Pasco 56* ST* 66* 56
Certain-TSed Corpora.. 59* ?\ St* 5S*
t handler Motor. 133* 133* 136* 136
Cheaapeake * Ohio.... 57* M* 57 57*
Chi. Gnat Wntm... 9* 9* *4 9*
Obi.. Mil. * St. Paul 41M4 4314 42* 43
ChL. Mil A St. P pr 63* 64* 63 63
Chi. A Sorthaaatern . 90* 91* 90* 90*
Chicago Pheu. Tool... 110% 110S 110* 110*
Chicago, a I. A Pan 38* 28* 3 3
CniAP6pctpr? 64 61 64
O R I A P 7 ppt pr 75 75 75 75
Chile Copper 21* 21* 21 21*
chino Ooo Copper ... 41* 41* 41* 41*
Coca Cola CO 42* 42* 41* 41*
Colorado Fuel 43* 45* 43 43*
Columbia Gaa U* tt* 60* 61
Columbia Graph. 71* 71* 67* 67*
Con. Gaa 93* 94* 90* 94*
Con. Int. Cal. Mining 17* 18* 17* tt
Cont Candy 14 14 13* 13*
Continental Can.' f8 9! 92 92
Corn Products W MS 87* 86*
Crucible Steel ........ W fcl 221 23!
Cuban Cane Sugar. .. <3 43 42* C?i
Cuban CVne Sugar re 83* 83* 83* 83*
Delaware A Hudson,, lot* 102 101* 10!*
Dene. A Ilil Gr. 1** . 17 17 16* 16*
Dome Mine. 11* 13* 13* MS
Elk Horn Coal 54* Si* 33 35
Endicott-Johnaon 11*1*4 137 131 131*
Erie R K 15* II* 13* 15*
Erie 1ft pr 24* 3 24* 34*
Fairbanks 9t? ? 87* 88
F.m. PUj Laakr 10t* 1?4* 102* 103
fVk Rubhef 47* tr't ?* 46*
Frteport Texaa Ci 43* 42* 43
GaaUm-Willlania 24* 21* "31* 21*
General Cigar 79* 80 77 77*
*?-nrt?l Rretric 170*3 170*4 W#* 170
General Motora 386 386 SjO 3BW4
General Motora de*?... 86* 86* 86*
Goodrich B. F 86* 85*4 81* 82
Washington Stock Excbanfe.
Wiahingtoa Railway and Electric pfd.. 5 at
| 5?\
Tjan^on Mmotypc, 18 at MV?. 20 at M1*.
| Mergmthaler iinotrpe. 1 at 140.
Bid. Ask*!
I American TVL and TfUra. 4a 80 K
American Tel. and Telfa. 44a ?
! Am. Tel and TW ctL Tr. fia M ti
IAm. Tel. 1V1. coo*. ?a W* 100
rbeaapmke and Potomac Tei 6a.. *
Capital Traction R- B. 5a 94'a *
; Georseamm Gaa lat 5? fl
j Metropolitan R. R- 5s. W
; PfXoaoae EI?rtrio Li^iit 5a 9^-i 09
! Potomac Elwtric cons. 5a 91 S2S%
! Pr^omac El?rtric Power 6a 9i
Piktomao Electric Power G. M. 6a 97
Wr..?hinaton Gu js 94'i 9*
Waahin^ton Rwy. and Elec. 4s.... 62 62l?
Waah. Bwr and El?r. G. M. 6a 94S
American Graphopfcone 1st 6a 99Ti 1?
D. C. Parer Iff*. Co. 6a 90
8?.c. Storaa- and Safe Deposit 6a IC1
American TH. and Tel** 904
Cap4tal Traction 90 W
Washington Gaa 51
' Norfolk and Waah. Steamboat..... 190
Waah. Rwy. and Elec. com 22 24
j Waah. Rwy. and Oec. pfd 57*4 59
i American 170 180
. Pdlumbia 173 ?
Commercial 164 190
j District *. 176
! Farmers and Mechanics* 242 2f>0
Federal - 1W JOO
I Lincoln Ifl6 .....
: National Metropolitan ............. 205
Ri?s - 636
! Second 152 165
Washington 200 23
American Security and Trust 227
Continental Trust 112 125
National Safings and Truat 2G0
Union Truat 116 120
Waahington Loan afd Trust 240 .....
Commerce and Sarlxvgs 12 .....
East Washington 12
Liberty 1JD .....
Merchanta' 140
Security Savings and Commercial.. 200
I Beventh Street 146
i Union 100 U2
I U. 8. Savings 1? 219
; Arlirgton 7'j
Corcoran 70 ...M
Firemen's 19 .....
(lerman American 21S .....
National Union 6 .....
Columbia 5 6
Real EaUto 82
Graphopbone ova..:....?.....M*.... f? 70
Graphopbone irfd. 9K4 *
Cba pin-Sacks 138
D. C. Paper Mfg. Co. **)
D. O. Paper Mfg. Ox pfd- 101 100
Greene Chnane* 40
Merehanta' Transfer and 8tor 106
Mergenthaler Linotype 139^* 14?P?
Old Dutch Market core 4Va 6
Old Dutch Market pfd II l]
Lanaton Monotype RH* 81%
Security Storago 2D0
Security Storaae and Safs Danuait 120 .....
Washington Market li .....
Baltimore, New. 1L
Poultry, lira chickena. young, large, smooth,
per lb.. SOr; do. amall to medium. 30c; do.
young, rough and poor, lb. 27a28c; do, White
Leghorns. 2S*29c; old roosters, per lb. 28c;
do. old hens, more than 4 lbs. lb. 30c; do.
small, lb. 28*29c, White Leghorn hens, lb, 28c.
Ducks?Muacory. young, lb, 28c; White Peking*,
young, lb. 30c; do. puddle, lb. 29c; do. smaller,
poor. lb. 25a26c_ Geese nearby, fat, 29a30c.
Turkeys?Young. 8 lbs and over, lb. 36a37c; do.
old, lb, Xa37c Pigeona. old. pnir, 25a30c; do,
; young, pair. 25a30c. Guinea foarla. young, mors
than 1% lha. each. IQaLOO; do. ana Her, each.
I Eggs?Weatern Maryland. Pennsylvania and
! nearby., doa.. 66c; eastern shore of Maryland
| and Virginia, doe., 66c; weatern. doa.. 66c; West
I Virginia, doa., 64c; southern, doa., 63c; loss off.
Buttar?Creamery, Western, separator, extraa.
70a71c; do. ^4-lb extraa, 71a72c; do. printa, 1-lb
extraa, TOaTlc; nearby creamery extraa, ?7a68c;
dairy prinU. Maryland. Virginia and Pwinajl
vania. extras, 47a48c; do. West Virginia, extras,
46*48c; do, Ohio, extraa, 46a47e; process butter.
56a57a No grain quotatiotia. Chamber of Com
merce closed. Legal holiday.
c, Nov
hero today w?r?;
Month. Open. High. Lam. Claaa. dom
inrembtr 38.* ST.M
>ecesaber Iff.75 ?? V IS 3B.18a9 37.0
January 97.1* 37.69 37 C 37.1ft39 3199
F rhi'mrm
Ne. Tort. Nor. n.-Tka mg,
3tS 3656 36.04 36?al) 3M9
- J??.W]
April 36.10 36?
Max 3699 36 70 S13 36*al7 3W2
June 34 70 3M0
JbK 3199 34.99 :-4 12 ^4.4? 31.10
August .... 33.69 3 60 33J9 33 40 2130
September 3L? S.7? 2L38 1L10 32.99
October .if.. 3129 Hi
Market Quotation*
Ocm. High. Low. Clan.
! Olwt Movtham V MS MS M M
Onrt North*? Of*... <14 tr4 <1* US
1 lirao* Onun ?H ?? M
Cnlf Hut*. Stmt..... MS 7?S fl 73
HmMI * Butv <2 O) lit g
Illinoi* Oaatril MS MS M M
IrurfraUon MS 57* KS ?7S
Intrrborwgh is IS ?S ?*
Inter borough pr IT 17 MS MS
lnt HarraaUr 137 137 in us
Int. Mer. Maria* 57% M Ri it
Int Mar. Marin* or... 10H4 1WS lOi 106
loternat tonal Nldirl... JrtH Vt SS US
International Paper... 71% 71 TI 72
Iron Prod. Corpora... 49 49 43 44
Kansas City Southern 18* 11% 18* 18%
Kelly Springfield 1* \X 149 148%
Kelsry Whorl 100 100 97 18*
Kennecott Copper... 32% 33% 32* 3*4
Kaystcne Tiro 61* 6!* I** 60
Lackawanna Steel ?3* W ? 91
&?? ? ? 34% 30
Lehigh Valt?y 4? 46* 44 44*
LortUard (P) 205* W, 197 198
l^mla ft Nash Ill M m m
Manhattan Elerated.. 63* 55* 53* SB
Manhattan Shirt, new 31 31 SO* 3D*
Martin Perry ro V) a*, ?*
Maxwell Motor 46* 47* 44* 45*
Maxwell Motor 1st pr 75* 7?% 74 74*4
Mexican Petroleum... 2344 257 217 23
Middle Statce 61% -O 60 41
Midralo Rteel... 82% 53 814 63
Miami Oon. Cop X 3 ? 25*
Ma. Kan. A TViaa.. 13% 13)4 12 12
Missouri Pacific 28% 28 28* 28%
Mullen# Body 47 47 47 47
; National Acme 37* JC* -7 37*
, National Aniline Ch.. 60 68* 66 47
Nat. Oond A Cab ... IS* 13* 1314 13%
Nat. Knam. ft 8tp... 80 SC, 78* 79*
National Lead 88* 87 82* 83
Nee. Coo. Cop 14* 18* 14* 14*
New York Airbrake... 127* 127% m 123
New York Ontral.... 73* 73* 73 73*
N. Y.. N. H. 4c Hart 33 3* ?e% 32*
Norfolk ft Western... 100% 100% 100* 100*
Northern Pacific 85* 86 85* 85*
No*a Scotia Steel 79* 79* 77 77*
Ohio tttie* Gas 52* 53 52 62%
Okla. Prod, ft Ref... 9% 9% 9* 9*
Ontario Silver 10 16* 10 10
Oti? Herat or 137* 137* 13 138
Owens Bottle 66 66 66 65*
Pacific T. ft T 38 .'8 38 38
Pan American Petro.. 13 125% 117* 119*
I'enna R. R 42* 42* 42% 42*
Penn. Seaboard 40* 48% 3P, 36%
P?e Marquette 21* 24% 2T* 24
People's Gas 40
Pierce-Arrow 91* Wk
Pierce Oil 30 3
Pittsburg Onal 41 tt% w* ?j
Pittsburg ft W.. Va... 31 31* 31 31*
Pond Creek Coal 27* 27* 3* 3
I "reward Steel Car 105 108* 105 106'?
Pullman Co 13* 13* l?% 121
Pnnta Alegre 83% 84* 81* ft!
Ray. HUrl Springa.. 100 100* SO* 90
Ray Copper 22 23* 23 23
Reading 81* 81* 79* 79%
Remington Typewriter 9&* 91 90 91
Rep. Iroo ft Steel.... 118 IIS* 111* 113
Republic TYuck 60 60 57* a8
Royal Dutch 1*4* 104* 1?> 101
hC U ft San. Fran. 18*4 18* 16* 18*
Sarsge Arms 85 83 83
Seaboard Air line.... 9 9 9 9
Seaboard A. L. pr ... 17 17 17 17
Saxon Motors 3% 3% 20 3
Sinclair Oil 57* 57* 5^? 55
SIoni Sheffield 71 74 71 71*
Southern Pacific 188% 100* 107 106
Southern Railway 21 25 24* 3f*
Southern Rwy. pr 62* 62* 62* 62*
Ntudebaker 134% 1* 1!T:
Strom berg Cerb 91* 92 8b
Sluts Motor..: 114* 1!9* 111 ...?
Superior Steel 45* 46 45 46
Superior Steel 45* 46 45 46
Twin. Cop. ft Ch 12* 12*4 13* 12%
Terse Co. 317 ??% 300 302
Texas ft Pacific ?l* 51* 49* 50
Tobacco Prod 97 97 * 93 ?
Trans-Coo. Oil 41* 43% 60 60
Trarsue ft Will 61* 64* 43* 41
Union Oil 41 41 40 40*
Union Parific 134 121* 12?* 13
United Alloy Steel.... 62* &2% 51* 51*
United Friiit 198 193 190 191
United Retail Storea. 107* HC* 102* 104
U. 8 C. I. P. ft P. 27* 27* 27 27
C. 8. Food Prod 83 8a 80* 81
U. 8. IrxL A'.cofaol... 114* 115*4 1W. 114*
U. S. Rubber 13 125% 13* 13
F. 8. Smelt ft RW... 74% 75% 74 74%
U. s. Steel 107* 1?7* 106 . 105
U. 8. St*e! IT 114* 114* 114* 114*
Utah Copper 80* 80* 79* 80
Va Gar. Chemical.... 75 75 72* 73
W1 hash W 10 9* 9*
Wabash pr. A 29* 3* 3% 29*
Western Maryland? 12* 12* 12% 13%
Wrstinghouse 55% 55% 54* 55
Wheeling ft Lake H 15* 15* 14* 15*
White Motors 71 74 70 73
W 1 y? - Ore r land _ 32* 32*4 51* 3
Wilson Co 82* ?4 81 81
Worthington 97* 97* 91* 93
High. Low.
Ckll Money ? 14
Ham 471,000 12 m 65C.TO
lpm 1.127.400 2 p. m LC64,?00
91* 81* a
19% 19*
?r jours r. rnrnauu.
Chiesgo, No*. 1L?Cora was irregulsr sad tm
astUsd today with the trend of the market
uncertain. 71m rank and file of profesalatkslt
podttfond to follow larger bum* or seUcy*.
The January future wit unchanged, while De
cember wu %a to %o loww, and May and July
war* both %o to %o lower.
Cwh oora waa higher, advances of lo to Be
being made fer the old crop and lc to 3c for
the new Salca amounted to Ml bushets- di
vided between Eastern shippers and local In
dustrie* The settlement of the ooel Strike
waa the principal stimulant Ixwrer hoc prices
were one of the weakening itema. Fwmers
are anxious to harrest oorn and house it before
teupsratuKo today permitting harrmting fit
grain iu nearly all sections df the belt. aod~
whether or not the movement of thia grain will
be oo a large scale waa a question.
Indicatlona wore that fanners who need the
money will market their corn, but others not in
ne^d of ready cash will hold on until prices are
more favorable.
According to reports seaboard en potters wl._
canvassing the market for heary-weight oats.
More interest was displayed In light-weight oats
here, with sales of 145.000 bushels st an ad
ranee of Ha
Hog products trade waa wnall with the market
unsettled and irregular. Lard declined Bo to
10c. while pork advanosd 15c and ribs were 1
Grain and provision prion:
CORN? Open. High. Low. Close, close.!
December... 1.3B 1.33% 151% LS3% 1.33%
May 1.9% 1.9% 1.25% 1.36% 12R*
December 71% .72% .11 .7*% .71%
May. 74% .76% .74% .71% .74%
November ... 28 45 2B 45 *40 *45
January 24 45 24.73 34? 84.70 S 67
January 1S35 i8 60 KJ3 15.50 15.43
January 34.90 31 65 34.90 3165 34.50
Liverpool. Nov. 11.?Spots opened in fair de
mand today with prices easy. Sales amounted
to 1.000 bales. Receipts totaled 40.000 bales, in
cluding 30,000 American. Futures opened
American middling fair. 29.46: good middling.
20.51; full middling. 26.11; saddling. 2S.J1; low
middling, 24.06; good ordinary. 20.91; ordinary,
Futures dosed steady.
Opeo. High. Low. Close.
December 21.23 2140 24 23 21.30
January 23 75 23.90 23.72 23 90
March 22.74 22 90 - 2X70 2190
May 22.05 22.32 22.05 2232
July 21.60 21.53 2157 2153
Chicago. Nov. Il-HOGR-Reoeipts. 53.000;
slnw; 25c lower. Bulk. 1175alS.15; top early.
15.31; heavy. 14.30al5.15: medium. HB5al52B;
flight. I4.25etf.15; light lights. MOBal*; heavy
parking eown. amooth. 14.B0sl4.75; packing sows.
{ rough. 14.15al4.50: pigs. 14 80sl6.
CATTLE?Receipts. 15.000; strong. Beef steers. |
I choice medium and heavy, choice and prime, 19
I a 19.90; medium and good. Ila18; common, lT73s
111; light, good and choice, 14 50*19 75; common
J and medium, 8al4.nO; butcher catMe. lieifera,
I 6 90al4 75; cows. 6 50al3 25. canners and cutters,
j VWa6.a0; real calves, 17.50alB.50; feeder eteers.
| 7.25al3; storker steers, 6.25*10.25; Western range
j steers, 7 50a 15.25; cows and heifers, G50al250.
8HLET?Receipts. 2.000; firm. Lambs. 12a
j 1175; culla and common. S.60&1L75; ewes, me
dium, good and choice. 6 75a5 25; culls and oom- ,
muu, 3a 5 30. I
New York, Nor. U.?BUTTER?Market ateady;
salted and unsalted, fresh creamery extras. 60a
7%; do, firsts, 65a70c; do. higher than extras.
7&aT3^c; State dairy tubs, 51a?5%c; renovated
extras, 57aJ57'/ic.
CHFEfeK ? Market atrong; State whole-milk,
specials. 321*a33%c; do, fancy. 3lHa32%c; do.
lower grades. 'JBaJonc; Wisconsin whole-milk,
fancy. )oung Americas. 33a33%c; State nkims,
specials. 22s25l:c; do. choice. 17s20o; do. fsir to
good, 14al6o; d, lower grades, 8al3c.
BOOS?Market Ann; nearby white, fancy,
9Bcsl.OO; do, brown, 75a78c; extras. 71a72c; firsU,
Philadelttiia. Nor. 11.
BUTTER (dose).?Doll. The quotations:
Solid-packed creamery, fancy, high-scoring goods.
71a73c. the latter for jobbing sales; extras, 70c;
ex*xa firfcts. 65ai68c; firsts. 50a61c; seconds, 55*57c;
thirds. 52a54o; sweet creamerj, choice to fancy,
72a74c; fair to good. 6Ga?c; print a, jobbing at
76a78o for fancy and 60s75c for fair to good.
BGG&?(Close). ?Higher. Quotations: Free
cases nearby firsts, 21X70; current receipts, 20.10;
fair to good, 18.90al9.50; Western ettra firsts,
3).TO; firsts. 19.50a2D.l0; nearby and Western sec
onds. 17.40al8.60; inferior lot# lower; selected
esre. 76a78c docen.
LIVE POULTRY?Fowls, fine, weighing 4
lbs. and over apiece, 35a3Xc: medium size, good
quality. 32a34c; poor. 26s28c Chickens. fine
quality, 30a32c; inferior, 24a28c. Old roosters.
21 a22c. Ducks, White Pekin, 32^Uc; Indian
Runner. 2Ba30c. Geese. 2Ba3Gc. Turkeys, 32a30c.
Pigeons, old. pair, j&35c; young, pair, 28a3te.
' T
Guinea*. Toon(. pair. 2 11* and oe?r aptow.
l.llaUB; lHal* ?? apiece. l.COal.C; U1W lba
.plana. im>; old. Mr. LMat .*
DRK88BD POUl.TmY-Turkepa Wntm
?urine. ?at* rowia, tre* uu?d. dir-pieM.
to bn ? 0* and oear apiaoa. Mb;
exeapttanal Iota. hUfcer; *>4 lba. SCaSc; _iU
er elan. 27aJtc: la bMa. dry-pick
ed. 4 lba and orer acta*. Jfc.) M D*. JlaJfc;
aoallar ate OM RMtn, dry Uckad.
Me. DraUan. J?*f. loa-pockod. ???.; otter
oartv, Ico-peeked. ekoter. MaMr; ordinary to
pood, aufc; Watan. ke-padud. xw lba.
?pint. MaMe. Tloaallaf cbirkeue, Wratern, Icr
packed, < lba. and onr vim. Mfc Chick
ana, Weatcm. Ica-packed. JH lba apiece, Mr.
Weatem. ice-packad. Ma] the. apiece. MaMc
WnUra milk-fad. 1* to bra. IT *<? and uthJt
to doa. lb . OMfc; ? to S Ha. to doa, lb .
<Mas: a to 30 Ika to doa.. MaMc; M to X
lba. to deaan. Ib.. *?C; W to ?2 lba to doa..
lb, SlaSSc; a to ?r lba to doa, lb., JlaJ*;
M lba and ow to doa. (b. JU.V Sprint
durkhoca. nearby, u to quality. MeWc. 8du.be.
doa., prhttr. walcblnc II to 1J lb. doa, Mitoll;
* to VI lba doa. iMalO: ( lba doa.. 7*7.60; T
lba, doa.. 5. Mat; ?a*H lba.. doa. I Mat; dart.
1.90*2.23; aaiall and Ko. 2. 1*2.
COGS?Strictly fn*. 71; nrnp receipt*. ?;
"oSSsC-llee Tock StaU factory, whole
adit. Me*
BI TTER-Sundard creamery. ?1; print. G.
I.IVB POCLTBT-Rooetele. per Ib. *: tar
ktn. per lb. 9c; cbl<**na per lb. Sa34c; hoi.
per Ib. kctli. young. each, rieJOt.
DRERAKD POULTM-Freah killed ? print
qMcksna, per lb. J4a*; bent, prr lb. M; roaet
?. per lb. 22c; turkeys, per lb. 44a46c.
PORK?8m*Il and neat, ?; medium. Malt;
heary. If.
LIVE 8T0CK-Cabe* l?e; lsmba, lfic; sheep,
FBUITS?Applsa. per bbl.. new. S.M.M; bw
ket, 1.00al50: California lemons, per box. ?0Ca
f.SO; pineapple*, per craU. S.00*6.00. California
erangea. 500a7 00; grapefruit. 4.<Os4JO; grapea.
per baaket. 30a*; do. Niagara, XaJg; Delaware.
30aXc; honeyd*ws, par crate. 2JQU.I0; lima
baana. SOaOOr per quart.
VEOCTABLEa-PoUtoee. per tack. 4 00*4 23;
do. No. ?. l.StelV; string beans, per bbl.
f.OOaT.OO; eggplant, 4 0*4.00 per crate; com.
nearby, per doaen, SOalfr*; cabbage. 1 MaZBO per
bbl; beets, 2a4o per buncb; lettuce. T5oa2.fl0
trr basket; New York celery. 4 0ua6 00 per crate;
celery, per docen. Steal 00; remaine lettuce. 1.10a
1.21; squaah. 1 OOal.SO |ter crate; spring onions.
I ZSOaJ.O* per W0 bunchaa; onions, per 100-lb
sack. 4.00s4M; tomatoes, nearby, LSCaS.OO per
crate: sweet potatoea. 350*450 per bbl; yams,
per bblr-3.00a4.00.
1 The first arrests for food profiteer
ing under the amended Lever act.
signed by President Wilson October
22. were announced by Attorney Gen
eral Palmer yesterday.
One of the first to come within the
provisions of the amended act was
John Burke, Baltimore grocer, charged
with making unreasonable rates and
Two are being held at Scranton. Pa.,
for conspiracy to restrict distribution.
An Indictment has also been found
against Louis Leavitt. of Brooklyn, on
a charge of hoarding 1.300.000 pound*
of bacon.
Save five to ten dollars quickly
by dry cleaning everything in the
home. You can dry clean, bright
en and renew children's coats,
suits, caps, woolens, swiss, lawns,
organdie and chiffon dresses, kid
gloves, shoes, furs, neckties, rib.
bons, satins, lace, silk waists, dra
peries, rugs ? everything that
woutd be ruined by soap and
j Place a gallon or more of gaso
j line in a dtshpan or wash boiler;
put in the things to be cleaned,
then wash them with Solvite Soap.
Shortly everything comes out
looking like new.
Nothing fades, shrinks or wrin
kles. No pressing needed. Do
not attempt to dry clean without
Solvite Soap. This gasoline soap
is the secret of all dry cleaning.
A package of Solvite Soap with
directions for home dry cleaning
costs but a few cents at any drug,
grocery or department store. Dry
clean out of doors or away from
-where the Sun is on the job
Pack your trunks and go to California
this winter.
Stop the heavy blizzard-time expenses.
There you may live as taste and income
dictate?in great resort hotels, or
rose-boweredbungalows, or in com
fortable boarding nouses. Your chil
dren may keep on going to school.
The transcontinental trip, there and
back, also is a pleasant experience.
En route visit the national parks, na
tional monuments and other winter
resorts. See Hawaii, too.
Ask for information about Excursion
Fares to certain winter resorts.
"California for the Tourist," tad "Hawaii," aad other
reaort booklet*, on request. Let the local ticket agent
help plan tout trip?or apply to the nearest Consol
idated Ticket Office?oraddress nearest Travel Bureau,
United State* Railroad Administration, 846 Transpor
tation Bldg., Chicago; 14J Liberty St., New York
City| 602 Healey Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. Please indicate
the places you wiah to icc.ea.route.
? United SmjesRailroad ?Administration5
Weak, Rundown People Can Easily Build
Themselves Up to Robust Health and
Feel Good All Winter Long.
Thousands Are Doing It?Fortify
Themselves Af ain*t
Everybody Is apt to feel a little bad
this time of year. The hot summer,
overwork. fast eating, Irregular houra
and other modern day excesses, hurry
and worry does It- The whole system
gets so weak that a person's diges
tion. nerves, appetite, blood, sleep
and whole body become deranged,
rundown and out of order. *
We don't feel as bad or as ?eak aa
a person doea after real sickneaa, we
feel bad all the same and need the
aame kind of tonic. Few of ua can
afford a reat cure, change of climate
or trip to sanatorium and bo we muat
keep on plugging and working the
best way we can.
Nine out of ten people this
vear need a good bracing, upbuilding
tonic and when people ask for the Dear
and quickest acting tonic we must
agree with the many eminent author
ities. nuraes. doctors, chemists ana
.iruesists who assert that Earle sHj
po-Cod ia the most powerful, effective
and palatable nutritive, digestive, al
terative. reconstructive tonic made.
People right here in thia city come
into the store singing the praises or
Hvpo-Cod snd declaring they are feel
ing vounger. stronger, and better?eat
ing like hows, sleeping Just fine and
gainin* weight and color when Just a
week or two before they were run
down. weak, nervous, unable to eat
i or cood find losing weight, ener
cv and vitality every day.
Some of them claimed to have ser?
ous kidney, blood, bronchial, catarrh
al or digestive complaints hut all such
troubles seem to fade away like mag
ic as you build up the system * ith
thia preparation.
Earle's Hypo-Cod is a superb prepa
ration made in one of America a larg
est and best known laboratories of the
very finest ingredients. The f?rm"'?
appears upon each bottle and ^the
statements of several local Pcopl
published elsewhere on this page
prove it does the work.
It is composed of the Compound
Svrup of Hvpophoerhites and < od
Liver oil extractives. Just as the name
implies and in addition includes Malt
extract. Wild Cherry Bark, extra se
lect Sherry wine and iron, and a
stronger, more efficient tonic to h.'ild
a person up to vigorous, robust health
couldn't possibly be made
A glance at the statements of local
users which are published on this
page prove It builds you up?gives
vou new strength, hearty appct.le an.l
digestion, rich red blood more weisht
and vitality. It sort of cleanses the
svstem of the imouritles "d Pf'jSD*
that have collected and then strength
ens the whole system, fortifying it
against disease, coughs, colds, ca
tarrhal and bronchial affections-just
a few davs being sufficient to work
wonders for a weak, nervous, rundown
man. woman or child.
Hypo-<"od besides being exceptional
lv powerful is so pleasant to take chil
dren love its pleasant taste It agrees
perfectly with the most delicate stom
sch and we suggest that readlWj
the statements appearing on the r eht
that vou come down to the drug store
and get a couple of bottles. Ask the
clerk about free offer to purchase? of
two bottles. I>"t the whole familj
Improve their health. Increase their
dlaesse-reaisting vitality by taking!
Just before meals and on going to Deo
for a few days.
Remember that the manufacturers
have announced an advance in price
on Earle's Hypo-Cod effective Novem
ber 15th. Buy now?save money, we
prepay large b?ttle anywhere on re
ceipt of present price. $1.20. P'u* ?"
war tax. until November 15th. Peo
ple's Drug Storea. Washington. D.
WeU Known 7th St Merchant Fol
lowing "Flu" Couldn't Re
fain Old Strengths
"The after effects of the 'Flu' in my
case had me nearly down and out. It
left mc in a terribly weakened condi
tion, in fact I was ao weak that I
could hardly walk. My (salt down the
stmt was shifty and unsteady and i
wasn't sure of a single step. I w*h
very nervous, being or a nervous tem
perament ai>yway. seldom could sleep
good. My appetite wouldn't come bacK
either and the catarrhal condition in
my throat bothered me lota, declared
E. Thos. Loftua. a well known Severn n
street merchant, whose address ia
given below.
Piwret Blessing Is Hlaa.
"I sent down and got a bottle of
Hypo-Cod aa soon as I saw it adver
tised and it proved a blessing to me.
Its wonderful tonic properties seemed
to take right hold of me and the first
bottle did wonders. I now walk about
as of old and have been vastly im
proved In strength. Those terrible
dizzy spells vanished and my appetite
even has returned It sure is fine, I
sleep good at night. It surely con
tains the right Ingredients for an ideal
tonic and builder, for I at one time
worked In a drug store years ago and
the doctors all prescribed the very
things I see it contains. I hope other*,
will try It. I know they will get good
results." continued Mr. E. Thos. uof
tus. 1606 Seventh street northwest.
Hypo^bd quickly Mnngtbmi and builds up
the weakened system. Qlvca new atmigth.
stamina. and vitality. It promptly relieves
the catarrhal broosbial aymptoms. chr* sure
?eas. cough and co4d. Steep ia Improved;
nerves an benefited aad It actually pans a per
?on back to wort days and weeka sooner It
la ?I?I'll* cool to inaissit the complications
which an ao apt to follow If one seta up too
aoon or la exposed to wintry weather. It re
etvaa the disease reflating vitality quick which
it what everyone wants after the "II" " Pixai
msnia or any other wasting illiissa Read what
another Waehtnctoniaa aajra hatow aad then
, MtCe of Hypo-Cod St the nearest Heo
ntea r?ma ?o?? Hypo Oed dadir preps Mi
snywheeu on taaipt af Wioa, 11.9, plas S ay
war tax Pew^e's Dtw Sum. Wa*ia?tsa. D
c r
NOV. 15th
Catarrhal Cwlte if Htd ud
NimJ Puuft, Cotffc aai
WiMter CoU RcIwtmL
"My daughter, aged 24 yaara.
a bad cold this winter. She cougtied
and coughed, and the catarrhal coo*
dition of the head and nasal |MH|Tt
worried her lota She had pflna
through the lungs, and I think afas
had some fever.** < Note?everyone
with a cold haa a fever#. She had no
appetite and was nearly prostrated.
She just looked and #elt miserable,
but the first bottle vf Hypo-Cod gave
her splendid r*li?*f. Her coughing
stopped and the cold seemed to dry
right up. and she ufw eau as hearty
as anyone. Beside* she Is much
stronger and ha# lgore strength and
energy and says sh* feels better than
she has in months. She took nothing
else and I know It foes the work. It
has my hearty endorsement." declared
Mrs. A. Gaghan. 16|5 First Bt. N. K
Read what still fther Washington
folks aay about H ypi-Cod above. Then
get a bottle at th<s nearest Peopie's
Drug Store here It) Washington. A
mall order directed Jto People's Drug
Stores and incloaingmiJO. plus 6c war
tax. will bring a botfie if reader Uvea
outside of Washlngtfe.
Mother Sayi Dida't Hut a Doctor.
Baby Boy kfti Four.
I suffered from a bnd c",d "nd
cough. So did mv baby boy aged four
year? We both bad all the symptoms
I of Spanish Influ.-nxa but we did not
' have a physician no we didn't call It
anything. Our noses run Our heads
ached and my eyes and the baby's
I eyes were terribly red and waterj -
| Our noses run and sometimes the fe
| ver was bad. It made us so weak, i
had no appetite and waa weary-oh. so
1 weary. My nerves were so unstrun*
I couldn't sleep." declared Mrs. V. I
! Parker, whose address on Wisconsin
avenue (Georgetown) is given below.
I -I saw Hypo-Cod advertised and we
both took It. Both the baby and I.
I and It was no time until we both had
I a good appetite. I can't Innumcrate
I the things Hypo-Cod did for me. but
'it surely did strengthen and build us
both up wonderfully. It was so pleas
ant to take baby simply loves It and
I'm glad, for some medicines are so
hard for children to take. We think
lots of Hypo-Cod. I can tell you. and
especially as a tonic. One thing I no
ticed was that the first dose seemed
to take hold of your system and you
could actually feel yourself growing
stronger I cheerfully and gladly per
mit the publication of my name for 1
am sure Hypo-Cod ts something out
of the ordinary in medicine and mis
a great public need at this time when
so many of us are suffering." con
tinued Mrs. Parker. 413 Wisconsin
The above lady's heroic battle re
mind* us of the several instances told
in the papers during the worat of the
epidemic here. How people
I with the "Flu were alone for aa>s
willne against odds. How simply
Re told i? How grateful this lady is
whose husband is l-.ttglneer at the
Fort Reno Pumping Station, is easil>
to be seen.
Rend the story and actual statements
of still others here in Washington wijo
I praise Hypo-Cod. Then stop in at the
t nearest People's Drug Store snd get a
bottle if you wish to '?ecover rapidly
from long wasting illness .
I vou have a friend who i?lnot reacTmg
the papers to whom Hypo-C od would
I w a blessing. May we suggest a bot
' tie tonight. We gladly prepay Hvpo
1 (Vd in large bottle anywhere on re
i^t "f i'? ?iao-pn.. ~ ~"';nu?
I people s Drug Stores. W ashington. D.
Three Children Ako Down at Sa?e
Time?A*acortia Mother
Tefl* About It.
'?I suffered from pneumonia first
a vrry severe attack with the result
long in doubt-and then the dreadful
"flu" snd then to add to my trou
bles my three UtUe children-two
girls and a boy-were taken with
this terrible affliction. My husband
was compelled to give up his busi
ness. and it is due to hi* devotion
'and untiring care that I am alive
' today." declared Mrs. Ella C. Denni
jaon (arfdress below). .
| -We used Hypo-Cod. as It was so
I highly recommended by so many; U
was just wonderful what it did for
us. My appetite was restored and
my strengtjh was ranidly renewed
1 'eat heartily, sleep well, and can
attest with all earnestness to my
belief it was responsible for my rap id
return to normal health. ? I honestly
believe it will quickly help anyone
who has suffered from the "flu" or
pneumonia as I did." continued Mrs^
Ella C. Dennison. 2206 N. Railroad
Ave S. E. (Anacostla).
How happy this mother is and how
enthusiastic she ts at seeing her
little ones again romping around
the house and she herself once more
normal and strong is plain. Read
what still others ssy about Hypo
rod on this page above and then
drop into the nearest People s I>ru?
more and get a bottle. We gladly
I ship Hypo-rod anywhere prepaid on
receipt of price. II.?. '?
K<'> 8to??. Wash,n?ton.
Head Ached ind Every Rome ia Ha
Body AW. Eye* Watered,
Had All the Srmptoai
?*I really believe I had a touch ?f
the Tlu' though I did not go to bed.
I had a bad cold. My head ached me
something terrible and every bone 'a
iny body ached. My eyes and nose
run all the time and I had sharp
shooting pains through ray lungs and
chest. Every once In a while during
the day and aiso at night 1 would
have chills and fevers and simply felt
miserable all over. I really should
have been in bed but ray business was
so rushed 1 just hung on as I oould
not afford to lay off from work just
then," declared a * rll-known plumber
here in Wsshlngton. Mr. George E.
Krug, whose address is given below.
TtH Soaae Hypo-Co*.
"While passing the People's T>ruc
Store one day I dropped In hurriedly
for a bottle of Hypo-Cod. having seen
it sdvertised in the papers, and I have
since found It to be all that they
claim. It took right hold of me an?i
certainly did chase my cold sway in a
hurry I am feeling good now as 1
ever did in my life and 1 attribute It
to Hypo-Cod. It did more for me than
they claim for it. and I cheerfully
recommend it," declared George E.
Krug. plumber. Id 30th 8t N W
Whether it is just a dcep-seate?l
cough or cold naturally followed b>
sore, aching lungs and dissy heao
achrs. or a plain case of the "Ru"
matters little to the one who has it
The main question is?what should ?
take to wsrd off sertous illness. an?f
the answer Is Hypo-Cod. Thous
ands of people praise this one rem
edy above all others.
Read the other statement* of Wssh
tngton people printed above. Then
stop In at the nearrM People's Drue
Store for a bottle of Hypo-Cod. li
builds you up and stops bronchis'
and catarrhal trouble* We g!adl>
deliver or prepay Hypa-Csd any
where on receipt of n-cutsr price $1.?"
In P. O. M. 0..#stamr>> or coin.?Peo
ple's Drug Store, Washington. D. C.
Clerk Said Take Hypo-Cod?Oaf
Bottle Stopped Caaffc; Feeli
Entirely Relieved
"I bad such an awful oold and oougb and
j was so burn* I could hardly talk wtw T
wrrt into the IVopIrS fVug Store. I had
a dreadful cough and ?' arp shooting patna
through my ch>w. I am euro I bad a
few too. fnr I really frit ilL I had no
appetite, cuold not eat a tlunc and my e>?a
watmng no much it looked like I waa
crying My bead lied b?en aching, too. and
I knew I ahould be in bed. but I aakod the
clerk at Seventh and K vtreete what I should
do and she aaid: "Take Hypo-Obd; it wiH
cure you up quickly *? I an srtghty dad
that 1 did. for I had not taken more
half the bottle when 1 twgan to feel henw
better It ?:opp*i the . ough and oa*d tm
no time and by the time the firat bottle waa
gone I had a dandy good eppetita 1 surHy
felt dike my old eelf again To make a kxg
etory abort. I believe it warded off an attack
of the Flu' for me. and if my Mania aaa
tin* they <*n take my word far H. Hyp*
Tod ha? my heanieai reoimmeodatioa." Oe
(larva Mr*. Mary Lott. 2K V street north
Stopped f aagk la Bit Time.
The abore lady, wbcae Unahand wtwfca m
nghl around bar m that whtt
now sneer by Hyp^Oad hots aa a
fttrengthenirg remedy to ward off tbe -fW"
alent HypoOod _
Then get a bottle at the nrerest Peiph .
?tsw.-We gtadtr ferny MrpoOsd any
fc war tax. reople . Dm
" A

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