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&. 15 atw 6omCo.
TODAY?See the .
* _i
Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties
In our garment department, second
floor, between the hours of n a. m. and
12:30 p. m.
These beautiful girls are posing as
models to show the new suits, dresses,
coats, furs, blouses, millinery, etc. The
young ladies are:
Miss Billie Fricker, Miss Anita Garvin,
Miss Ann Hughes, Miss Mathile
Lawrence, Miss Rose Lorraine,
Miss Florence Redmond,
Miss Adriene Wally
I hese young ladies also appear in per
son at the v
Strand Theater in Connection
With Yankee Doodle in Berlin
They will be here the rest of the week,
do not fail to see them.
\\ rdne*dn>. November 12. I01fl.
WW. tw T>- .M'tlure Newspaper
1 >
This should bo a lucky day. ac
1 -'rdii?K lo astrology. Tho Sun.
Man* and Jupiter arc all in beneflo
* j* pert.
^ \\ hile this configuration prevails
be a strong: impulse
R>ward ell constructive activities.
K' It ?s j? most favorable time to
^venture into any n*?w business or to
l>Ptt#*r connections.
Under this rule politics are espe
?ially well directed. It is a for
? tune for those who have am
? it ions.
B?-tt*?raspects govern all that
x*eeon.l Floor
503 7 th St. N. W.
<*%er Commercial Ji
Sa*lnK? Hank
$13.75, $16.75, $19.75
pertains to the recent war. Adjust
ments and reorganizations are sub
ject to good condition*.
Building. whether It be structures
, for public or private use is again
| subject to incouraglng conditions
[that promise much for the spring.
Mars culminating in seventy de
j grers west longitude gives warning
of danger to rulers tn that part of
{the world.
As Mar* Is on the cusp of the
{fourth house in the horoscope of
the national capital astrologers
' forecast fires and tornadoes. In
jcendiansni is encouraged by this
aspect. ?
The stars that made It possible
for men to fight in the recent war
are still powerful in their influence,
the seers declare and for that rea
ron riots and outrages tn which
young men of military age take
part are to be expected unless wise
care Is exercised.
Since the seers declare that the
world mind Is still sick they em
phasize the need of constant care in
safeguarding the public against evil
and malicious propaganda.
Persons whose birthdat* It Is
have the forecast of a busy year.
They should avoid changes.
Children born on this day may be
f exceedingly clever and original,
j These Scorpio subjects may be too
fond of travel for their own good
Clothes Don't Have to Be
Drubbed and Scrubbed
to Be Geansed
Better, Safer,
More Thorough,
More Sanitary?
The most delicate fabrics are as safe from injury as
the heaviest materials, and both are brought to a decree
of CLEANLINESS that shows the process to be without
a peer.
We'll send a machine to your home for FREE DFM
If it proves its value to you. you may buy one and
pay for it by the month?really less than it costs to em
ploy a washerwoman.
We advise ordering while prompt deliveries are assured.
Carroll Electric Co.
Electrics), Mechanical,
Supplies, Domestic
MAIN 7320
? The flrst formal state funcUon tn
honor of his royal highnean, the
Prince of Walts, was given last
evening by the Vice President of
the United State*, the Hon. Thomas !
R. Marshall, representing the Presi
dent. It waa given at the Belmont
home, which la the headquarter* of
the prince and his suite. Mrs. Mar
shall was unable to attend because
of illness, so Mrs. Robert Lansing,
wife of the Secretary of State, acted
as hostess.
The table, which was arranged In
the shape of a large U. was net In
the spacious dining room which was
fairly aglow with American Beauty
roses. Intermingled with white roses
arranged in large silver bowls at
frequent interval*. The handsome
dark red tapestry covering the
walls, and the heavy red hanging*
of tbe same color made a colorful
background for the historic scene.
The dining room is a very hand
some, artistic one. The doorways
and mantel are of a soft gray mar
ble. A few large oil paintings are
the only ornaments on the red
walls, but in each of the four cor
nera of the room is a huge bronse
standard, topped by a circle of aim
pie electric candles.
Alternating with the groups of
red and white roses on the table
were silver bowls of magnificent
looking fruits and allvcr candelabra
wltb red shades. Pale pink rose*
and asparagus vines trailed along
the table between the vase*. In the
center of the table juat In front of
his rqyal highness was a J large
plaque of American Beauty roaes.
white roses, white orchids, liliea of
the vaJley and sweet peas, beauti
fully combined.
The prince sat in the middle of
the table with the Vice President
on his left and Mrs. Lansing on his
right. The French 'Ambassador,
d^an of the diplomatic corps, sat on
Mrs. Lansing's right, while his wife
was placed at Mr. Marshall's left.
Chief Justice White was at Mme.
Jusserand's left and next to him
was Baroness de Cartler de Marchi
enne. wife of the Ambassador of
Belgium. Secretary Lansing was at
her left.
Just opposite the prince was
placed Mrs. White, with the British
Ambassador on her left and the'
Belgian Ambassador on her right. j
A tiny place card, ornamented
only with the gold coat of arms of j
the President, and an elaborate
souvenir list of the guests were at j
each plate.
The drawing room where the guests j
assembled was decorated with huse j
tall vases of white chrysanthemums.
Among those at the dinner were J
Miss Margaret Wilson, Rear Admiral i
8Ir Lionel Halsey. K. C. B . K. C. M. j
G.. Chief of Staff; MaJ. Gen Sir.
Henry Burstall. K. C. B.. K. C. M G.; j
Lieut. Col. F. W. M. Grigg. f. M. C.. i
D. S. O., M". C.. Military Secretary:]
Sir Godfrey Thomas, baronet, private |
secretary: Commander Dudley North.
C. M. G.. R. N.; Capt. Lord Claud
Hamilton. IX R O.: Captain the Hon
able Piers Legh; His Excellency, the
Ambassador of the French Republic
and Madame .Tusserand. His Excel- :
lency, the Belgian Ambassador and
Baroness de Cartier de Marcnienne. I
His Excellency, the Ambassador of I
Great Britain on Special Mlssieu, the j
Right Honorable the Viscount Grey
*f Fallodon; Hla Excellency, the
Japanese Ambassador Kijuro Shide
hara; Sir William Tyrrell, the Honor
able Ronald C. Lindsay, the Secretary i
of State and Mrs. Robert Lansing, the I
Chief Justice and Mis. White, the j
Speaker nnd Mrs. Frederick Glllett. j
the President pro tempore of the
Senate the Honorable Albert R. Cum
I mlns, the Secretary of the Treasury
, J and Mrs. Carter Glass, the Secretary
of War and Mrs. Newton D. Baker.
Ithe Attorney General and Mrs. A.
'Mitchell Palmer, the Postmaster
(General and Mrs. A. S. Burleson, the
I Secretary of the Navy and Mrs..
|.T?>sephug Daniels, the Secretary of the
Interior and Mrs. F. IC. I-ane. the
Secretary of Agriculture and Mrs. D
I F. Houston, the Secretary of Labor
and Mrs. W. R. Wilson, the Acting'
Secretary of Commerce and Mrs
Edwin F. Sweet. Senator Henry Obot
I-odge, Senator and Mrs. Gilbert
Hitchcock, Representative and Mrs.
John Jacob Rogers. Gen. John J
Pershing, commander of the Amer
I lean Expeditionary Forces: the Chief
j of Staff. Gen. Peyton C. March. tl?e
Chief of Naval Operation* and Mrs.
Coontz. MaJ. Gen. George Harnett,
commandant of the United States
; Marine Corps, and Mrs. Barnett. Ma.i
Gen. John Biddle. Rear Admiral
j Albert P. Niblack. Rear Admiral Cary
IT. Grayson. Aide to the President,
J and Mrs. Grayson, Col. Clarence S.
j Ridley. Aide lo the President and :
i Mrs. Ridley. Commander Newport, i
! Mrs. Francis R. Savve and C:ipt. ;
j lVrry Belmont and Mr*. Belmont !
! After the dinner the Prince went to ,
: the National Press Club for a w hile. ;
j The board of governors of the Press ;
Club gave a dinner earlier in the (
evening in compliment to the five j
British newspaper men who are with,
the Prince's party.
The Prince paid a formal call upon I
Mrs. Wilson at the White House yes
terday afternoon at 3 o'clock He
was accompanied bv his suite Col. I
Clarence Ridley, the President's side, j
met the party at the entrance ??f thej
Executive Mansion and Jed the Prince
to the Green room where Mrs. Wll- .
son and Miss Margaret Wilson await- ,
ed him. After shaking hands, they i
*mt and talked for about I# minute*,
when Mn. Wilson expressed a desire
to meet the members of the Prinea's
suite who had paaaed the time mean
while exploring the East room and
iha Red room. Jffter a brief greeting
the party departed.
Prttor to going to the White Houu
rrluce Edward waa the host at an lu
formai luncheon for member* of hla
party at the Belmont home. Oapt
Perry Belmont waa In the parly. The
personnel of the prince'* party In
cludaa: ' ?
Rear Admiral Sir Lionel Halaey.
chief or staff: MaJ. den Sir Henry
Burstall. IJeut. Col. E. W. II. Grig*,
military secretary; Commander Dud
Icy North. R. N.; Capt Ix>rd Claud
Hamilton, equerry; Capt. the Hon.
Piers l>>gh. equerry, and a retinue of
ten person* attached to the suite.
The following are the American offi
cial* attached 10 Prlnoe Edward's
party; MaJ. Gen. Blddle. military aide
to his royal highness; Rear Admiral
Niblack, naval aide to his royal hlgh
nMt- Jefferson Caffery, first secretary
of embassy and apoelal representative
of the State Department; I- Lanier
\\ inflow, second secretary of em
bassy; Myron A. Hofer. third secre
tary of embassy; MaJ. R. a. Sharne.
special aide to the Secretary of State;
Lieut. Commander A. B. Legare afde
to Rear Admiral Nibtack. Capt. John
N. Potter, aide to MaJ. Gen, Blddle.
and J. M. Nye, special agent of the
Department of State.
During the afternoon the Prince re
ceived callers at the Belmont house.
Including Cabinet members. Senator
Cummins. Speaker Uillett and other
Vice President Marshall, represent
ing President Wilson as tlie nation's
host greeted his royal highneas as
he stepped from the train, accom
panied by the Secretary of State.
Robert tansing, who met the Prince
at the Canadian border; and the mem
bers of his suite. The Assistant Sec
retary of State. William Phillips, was
next to be greeted by the- Prince, who
In turn offered hla left hand to Gen.
Pershing, Gen. March. Gen. Barnett.
I Secretary of War Newton Baker, and
i Secretary of the Navy Josephua
Daniels; also Admiral Cary T. Gray
I son. Admiral Coontx and Major Pull
I man. The Prjpce'* right hand, which
: has been crippled with so much hand
slinking, grasped a grey kid glove
| Walking up the platform a short
distance with Mr. Marshall Jte stopped
? to apeak to viscount Grey, the British
Ambassador, and the metnbera of the
embnaay staff who were waiting there
to welcome him Clad In a uniform
of a colonel of the Welali Guards,
with a ions grey overcoat made with
wide lapels. with his tan boota and
spurs scarcely showing beneath and
his sword clanking by his side, the
[ Prince made nn interesting figure
wslkitig down the platform with the
Vice 1'resident. As they passed on
Into the big Station building a shout
of welcome greeted the first sight
of the l*>yi?h figure and increased in
volume as he advanced.
When the Prince of Wales and the
Vice President entered the Presi
dent's room he was greeted by a little
band of 17 Red Cross Canteen ladies,
hen tied by Mrs. I. w Littell and Mrs.
Eldridgc E. Jordan, all of whom were
In uniform.
I Rows of deserted chairs flanked the
walls of the big reception halt. The
soldiers, sailors and marines who
were present to welcome the Belgian
royal party were absent through
orders which prohibited anyone enter
ing this room except the official re
ception party. Even the canteen
I women were requested to vacate he
fore the arrival of the Prince, but
Mrs Jordan refused to have her work
ers leave and stood her ground. They
had been summoned to the canteen to
furnish lunches for the wounded boys
at \\ alter Reed, who failed to appear
owing to the rain.
As the prince proceeded through
the room the canteeners loudly ap
plauded him and he smilingly ac
knowledged the tribute by saluting
them three times.
Among; the members of the Can
teen Corps who welcomed the dis
tinguished guest were Mrs. Thomas
Bell Sweeney. Mrs. James Mitchell.
Mrs. J. w. Jovea. Mrs. Randall
Webb. Mrs. Goldsborough Adams,
Mrs. William S. Greaves. Mrs.
James Totten and the Misses Nellie
Keane. Kntherine Rigg*. M. W. Mc
Carthy. Mary A. Tngle. Mary Sheri
dan. Irene Sheridan. Louise Sheri
dan. Mary Patten and Lydia Loring.
The presence of these ladies was
warmly greeted by Gen. Pershing,
members of the Cabinet and of the
I British Embassy and of the State
I Department, all of whom had Inti
; mate friends in the little gather
Because of the rain and the strict
1 order* concerning the President's
1 room, there wasn't a large gather
ing of society ji waiting the princo's
arrival. Just outside of the Presl
j dent's room in front of the station
was Mrs. Charles Warren, wife of
| the Assistant Attorney Ceneral,
with a party of ladies. Inside in
| the concourse among the officials
and members of the British Em
bassy staff were Miss Mildred
Hrotnwell. Miss Margaret Harding.
Miss Jane story and Miss Olyve
Ora?f together.
'loniuht the Vice President and
Mrs. Marshall will be hosts at a
brilliant reception at the Library
of Contra*!, at which the Congress
of th. Unltad Bute.. w]Th7"
i'^SL.0'. ^."r "d other!
? a I, h*?? opportunity
to meet his highness Preceding
the reception the prince will be
entertained Informally.at dinner by
the ^Secretary of state and lira
Lansing at their residence t?
Eighteenth etreet. They will have
twenty-fonr guests, among them a
number of peraona who have Eag
llah connections. Tomorrow even
ing the Itrltlih Amhaassdor vis
count Orey. will give a star din
ner at the embassy for the prince,
j and this will be followed by a small
| reception, when It Is thought that
Mrs. Blake, wife of Capt. Oeoffrev
Blake, naval attache of the British
Embaasy. will act a* hostess.
Tomorrow afternoon the prince
will motor to Mount Vernan. ac
companied by Vice President Mar
shall and Secretary Lansing. It Is
expected that he will lay a wreath
on the Htone sarcophagus of Wash
ington. beside the one placed there
a short time ago by King Albert of
This morning the prince will visit
the Red Cross headquarters at
about 10 o'clock after which he will
Inspect the Lincoln Memorial in Po
tomac Park and go out to Waltas
Reed Hospital.
Leaving Washington Friday, the
prince will go to Annapolis by
trgln. where he will Inspect the Na
val Academy, but his program for
.Saturday, Sunday and Monday ha*
I not been announced He is due In
New York next Tuesday
The Prince of Wales will quit Amer
ican shores November a after a five
day visit In New York His highness
will visit West Point, and attend a
service In Trinity Church, sitting In
'he same p#w where his grandfather,
later King Edward VII. sat when he
vlaited this country as Baron Ren
frew. II. M 8. Renown, which carried
hi* hlghnes* from England to Can
ada. will take him from New York to
Halifax, and from there back to Eng
lish shores.
The prince has only Ave members
of his suite staving with him at the
Belmont houst. Among them are Rear
Admiral Sir Lionel Halsev and LiauL
Col. V. W. M. Urigg. Though very
th? Belmont home can't accom
modate the entire party with the
prince ?o the others arc at the home
of Mr. and Mre. Joseph Letter. The
prince and those of his suite staying
at the Belmont house are accom
panied by about twenty servants. His
royal highness is occupying Mrs.
Belmont's suite of rooms.
?? x
Mrs. Albert S Burleson, president
of the Washington Center of Drama
League of Amcrtca. will entertain
it* members at a tea tomorrow af
ternoon at 4:30 o'clock.
Miss Lenore ITIric, who is sppear
'nK the Belasco this week in
"The Son-Daughter." has been In
vited to attend.
Edwin V Morgan. United States
Ambassador to Rraiil started ves
jterdav from hl? post on a vacation
i trip lo the United States after hav
|ing remained at his post almost con
! tinuoualy during the |a?t three years
of war. He expects to return to
Braall in March next. *
Craig W. Wadeworth. secretary of
the Embassy, will be In charge dur
ing his absence.
The Minister of the Netherlands.
J. T. Cremer. underwent a minor op
eration at Emergency Hospital Sun
day and Is progressing satisfac
It is expected that he will remain
under treatment for the next two or
three weeks.
Joseph Tumulty, secretary to the
President, has gone to New York,
where his 7-year-old son, Philip, is
to operated on for Intestinal trouble.
( Admiral W. S. Benson, who has gone
j to Charleston. S. C.. at the invitation
of the Atlantic Deeper Water Ways
Association and addressed it there
yesterday, will return tomorrow when
he will receive a decoration from
the Prince of Wales.
Maurice Egan. formerly United
States Minister to Denmark, and Mrs.
Egan entertained informally at lunch
eon yeaferdav at the Cafe St. Marks.
Dr. Bojldir Pouritch, secretary of
the legation of the Serbs. Croats and
Slovenes, left Waahlngton yesterday
for Russia going via San Francisco
and Japan.
Dr. D. H. Andreae. commercial at
tache of the Netherlands Legation, is
making a short stay In New York.
Miss Anna Hamlin will entertain ni
a luncheon today In compliment to th.
Mlaaes da Oana. the debutante dauch
teraofMme. Domingo da Oana. win
Make, the ?
S?FJiP velvety.
O bach if not tniinif/ pUamd.
** La* cmm. ? hj
Tsfct C^n,,. hikTm, W.fcA.
The Flour of the Family
"It Speaks
for Itself" v
There Is Always a
'Best'of Everything
In Flour adapted to the spe
cific uses of the family it is
?made from specially selected
wheat; blended scientifically.
Ask your neighbor who uses
it--she will tell you of het bak
ing successes with never a fail
Ad food grocers seB Waskiofton
Flour became it fives sack excel
lent satisfaction.
k spending >he winter with the
Ambuitdor of CJitle and Mme
Met hieu
ictus Bnid Sim* will be hoe tees at
a luncheon today In honor of Mies
Virginia Jeffries.
Mre. Charles Broth well has gone to
New York to remain a few dare
During her absence her daughter.
Vise Mildred Bromwell. Is being
chaperoned by Miss Katherine Win
ston. Miss Bromwell ha* as her guest
- Its* Margaret Harding, whose father.
W\ P O. Harding, of th? Federal
Reserve Board. Is out of town on s
business trip. Miss Bromwell and
Miss Harding will go to White Sul
phur Springs at the end of the week
to make a short stay.
Mrs. Bromwell's m<*her. Mrs. Mat
thaw T. Scott, who Is at her homo
In Bloomlngton. 111., wilt return here
in about a week.
Mre. ^ Newberry. wife of Senator
Truman H. Newberry, who has been
in Philadelphia for several days. wHI
return here this evening
Sir Cliarles Gordon, commissioner of
Canada, arrived in Waehiiigton last
night and will be at the New Wlllard
during the visit of tbe Prince of
Representative Frank Doremus
will return at the end of the week
from a short stay In New York.
O. D. Ollphant who msde a short
visit with his fathor. Hughes Oll
phant. has returned to his home in
Trenton. The latter 1s quite til at
his apartment in the Ontario.
Mrs. Oliver Harr'man. of New York,
who It here to attend a .meeting of
JolUe Long Tail had tossed his sis
ter's doll up on a stump where they
couldn't reach tt when along came I
Uncle Wlgglly.
"Can you jump on top of that stump.'
Uncle WlggilV?" asked Jollie.
"You Just wateh me"" spoke the |
bunny, confident like.
He gave a little run. took a hop snd
a skip, and right up on top of the j
stump he jumped. Jollle and Jillie
expected to see him land safely and
stay there until he could toes down !
Jlllle's doll. But. lnstesd. Uncle j
Wtgglly, all of a sudden. Just vanished
and disappeared from sight, as when j
. you drop your penny down a crack tn
the board walk.
"O, did you see that?" cried Jillie.
I somewhat frightened.
"Yes." answered her brother Jollle.
"I wonder where he went? O. Uncle
Wlgglly! Where are you?" cried the
little mousie boy.
"Down inside the stump.* answered I
the voice of the bunny Yabblt. com- I
ing faint and far away aa if he might 1
be In the cellar. "The stump is
hollow aa<l I fell inside. I'm here
now and your doll's here with me.
"O. can't you Jump out?" asked
"I'm going to try." answered the
Jollie and Jillie Longtail heard funny 1
noises inside the hollow stump. Uncle
Wlgglly made them as he tried to
jump out., but he couldn't leap high
"It's no use!" sadly said Mr. Long
ears froin inside the stump to the
mousie children outside. "I can't get
out. Better go and tell Nurse Jane*
she'll never see me agein." .
"O. desr! O. dear!" ssdly squeaked
Jollie and Jillie. And they thought it j
was their fault that Uncle Wiggllv j
was down inside the stump. I'm not
I saying whose fault it was.
j "O. dear." cried Jillie again, and
just thea along came Mr. Stubtail. the i
llJoobaarft feEothrcip
New York?WASHINGTON?Pari*.
Unusual Designs in
Floral Cut Glass
--meaning |h( lighter cuttings. which ?? shown in such a |
profusion of graceful design#: new flaring, curved and straight
shapes, the prettiest slender pieces and tall colonial pitchers,
candy jars and other articles of elegant statcliness.
A, ?
There are many pieces this season that are thinner and
more delicate than the light cuttings shown heretofore;
exquisite Jack Frost tracings; the pearly-petalled Moss Rose
pattern. Thete are pieces for your dressing table as well as
your dining table. Every piece of this glassware is unusually
well made snd extremely artistic.
You W31 Be Delighted to Find That
These Desirable Selections in Cut
Glass Are Very Inexpensive
Water Seta wlUi ?l*
K?blrUi: Brw rtif
liair and mrm akspr $4.73
sad Cracker
II lake* 1175 up
Ukipped C re* an ar
NsvoaaalM Seta,
?km plfcea.. 9I5d up
Hrllth tVimhtm. tl&O ip
C?Tprrd CSfttte, tl.SC ap
Jelly U?Mr<r 9LM ap
Sanitary *yrap Pltek
Hid np
I'edeatal Frail (Mahe* SZ.SO ap
CaterH B after
am Jmrrn.
Pickle HUkea
H aadled Sapplea
Haadled Cake ar
Saadwleb Traya. . SI.78 i
Urered Caady Jafa .SIJS
^aadwieh P la tea tlM
Mayaaaalae Bawla
?LN mm
TSa ap
..**?. fr'Uui auot
Goblets, Fruit Cocktail
Glasses and Sherbet
Glasses, as Illustrated
Special, $4.50 Dates
They would cost much
M>ore if we had to go
into the market for them
today. We bought early
to give a good value.
kind bear father of Neddie and
"What's the matter?" h* aaked the
two mouse children.
"O. rncle Wicgily went down inaide
the stump after my doll, and now he
can't set out!" sadly said JUlle.
"Oh. ho! I ruess 1*11 hare to help
him then." aald Mr. Stubtail. Belr.f
big snd tail, he could look right down
inside the hollow stump. And he did
this and aaw Uncle Wiggtly at the
bottom. And then Mr. Stubtail put
liia big. soft paw, like a sofa cuahton.
down into the hollow atump. Uncle
Wigffily hopped up on the bear gentle
man's paw with JUIte'a doll and ha
was lifted out as nicely as you please.
Mr. Stubtail had aaved the bunny.
Span*] ifltw tl! nwk. RB. H.tt. viloa
!? ID 00?in -pimJa, utd toraided All
mum and colon
Just Nrw Bhltxncf-t of
Opw T\ll $ p m.
So never after that did Jollle toss his
sister"? doll up In the air.
And If puwycat doean't aat up all
the honey rakes whan the puppy do*
comes to play tag with the rar do11.
I'll tall you next of Uncle WjggUy's
first slide.
Voice Culture
Artistic Singing
^Albert TfarntA
1329 G Street Northwest
WHATS THIS? Ak??t Gray Hair
Most remarkable results obtained.
A single application of 8cheffler s
Half Colorlne restores original
color. If you don't find this true
you pay nothing. Colorlne is abso
lutely harmless. Not sticky or dirty.
Used for SO years. Recommended by
best hair specialIfta.
ja o e se.ve.ntk stj
Oil II lik.C the rich fla
vor of these peaches. -
All Morris Supreme
canned fruits bear the
yellow and black label.
Look for it.

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