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P-alr. colder today; mueh colder at nicht:
tomorrow, moderately cold: moderate shifting
winds, becoming; northweat.
HI (cheat temperature yesterday, 64; low
est. 54.
Rrln-rs the fresh now?.. It'? Ilk? a toate M
the mornlB-r It stays la tba hoee ?TI day.
TBK HERALD orlata features of later?*-* t?
?very member of the fa-ally.
NO. 4764
Yerferd?-'. Net CirraUtio?, 40,035
Fintai Arrangements Com
pleted for Conference of
Operators and Miners
Here Friday?No Stipu
lations Asked.
Question Whether Wartime
Schedule Still Effective
Is One that Must Be De
cided?Distribution Re
strictions to Be Reduced.
Althourh the TT?tlted Stetre Fuel
Atfmiulatratlon tuts Dot yet hern in
vited by* Secretary Wilson to be rep.
reeented at the conference between
the coal miners and the operators be
pinnln?* Friday. It Is expected that
the Fue] .Administrator will have a
? culding part In the negotiations.
Attorney General Palmer said yes
terday that the government would
certainly not dispense with the func
tions of the Fuel Administration be
fore the controversy between th?
miners and the mine operators la
.-?aft*ly disposed of by a final settle
ment of the matters to be negotiated
Bearla?: a a Plier.
The Attorney General said also that
?aa the negotiations between the
parties in the min in s industry con
cerned wages and therefore bad a di
rect bearing on the price of coal,
that the Fuel Administrator who??'
business it is to sea that the maxi
mum price of coal is not exceeded
would be likely to be called In th?
It was stated yesterday M the de
partment of L?abor that full arrange
ments bad been made for the con
ference, and that It would begin Fri
day as m a* announced. Both side*
have agreed" to meet without stipu
lating any reservations in advance,
New Record Set for Unusual"Ihinga
When Police Van Chauffeur
Is Held for Speeding.
An unusual case of the taw versu?
the law will be heard 'n the Polir?
Covri Ibis morning. ? warrant
w as issued yesterday afternoon or
th*? oath of Policemen P. -" Wheeler
?nd H. II- ?Toh ? son. rhnrging Mil
ton l.ee. chauffeur of the big auto
van or "Black Maria," that carries
prisoners between ? l??? criminal
?o'.irt.? and th? jail, will? --peeding.
? i?? allegeo that I???"*?.' was proceed
ing tiiwi Ms ihr Jail with prisoners
? ?a nn willing pa.?*-*-) tiger? at the rats
ii" thirty miles an hour.
Th*? ihnrg? of speeding has been
? nlered again-t ?..-e at the Sixth
G ree i net Police station
It <s ?aid the ine ? lor k ed in the
i r on-clad vehicle w-pre being given
? h.? wildest ride in their experi
ence, and that they bobbed up and
Cown like corks ? ? a troubled sea.
Shubert-Garrick ? "When a
Man's a Man."
Poll's?"Irene," with Edith
Shubert-Belasco?Lenore Ul
ric in "The Son-Daughter."
National ? Julia Sanderson
and Joseph Cawthorn in
"The Canary."
Moore's Rialto ? "Anne of
Green Gables."
Loew's Palace ? Marguerite
Clark in "Luck in Pawn."
Crandall's Metropolitan ?
Viola Dana in "Please Get
B. F. Keith's?Vaudeville.
Cosmos?Continuous Vaude
ville and pictures.
Crandall's Knickerbocker ?
Anita Stewart in "Her
Kingdom of Dreams."
Crandall's?Gladys Brockwell
in "Chasing Rainbows."
Moore's Garden ? "Soldiers
of Fortune." ?
Moore's Strand ? "Yankee
Doodle in Berlin."
Loew's Columbia ? Dorothy
Giah in "Turning the
Gayety?Burlesque ; "Behman
Lyceum ? Burlesque; "Oh,
New York?Effort of tbe
United State? to curb ?pecu
lation in ?tock market reault?
in sharpest prie? break in
Memphis, Tenn.?Woman is
robbed of $700 and diamonds
in hotel.
Newark, N. J.?Zone fare
system fought by car men
may bring about car. strike.
Columbus, Ohio?Wet ma
jority in election is 54a.
Wilmington, N. J.?Fire
damage to business houses
here estimated ?t $400,000.
Toledo, Ohio?Toledo lines
up for long war against trac
tion company. Auto bus lines
r.arnrd by mayor.
Boston?riar.s to reduce tbe
State Gua. liint-n on duty here
announced. Nine hundred no
licetren on duty
Providence, R. I.?Four per
cent beer is upheld by court,
injunction prohibits officials
halting sale.
Bismarck. N. Dak.?Martial
law declared to force operation
of mines.
Senator Thomas Staples
Martin, Virginia, dies. Funeral
services tomorrow.
Labor conference in session
here near end of program.
Fuel Administration will
have part in arbitration of
coal dispute.
Prince of Wales is the
guest of honor at reception
in the Library of Congress.
Attended by 3,000.
Fifteen Washington men
are indicted by the grand
jury on wife or child deser
tion charges.
City cast into darkness for
hour and a half yesterday af
ternoon by burning out of a
power cable.
Driver of a police patrol is
arrested while speeding to jail
irith prisoners.
Heavy selling of stocks is
noted here, coincident with
churning-up in Wall Street.
Pet dog saves life of J. B.
Cha tard, driving armed burg
lars from his tailor shop.
Madrid?Alliance with the
French and British govern
ments opposed by Republican
Paris?Election riot started
by Reds in town of Dortan.
Berlin--?Plot to depose the
Sultan of Turkey is discovered.
Paris?American delegates to
the Peace Conference will re
turn to America this month.
Glasgow?Great Britain will
launch thr largest battle
cruiser afloat.
Plans to shut off debate on
peace treaty to hasten vote
are advocated by both parties.
Anti-strike clause in Cum
mins' railroad bill must be
eliminated. Republican com
mittee teils him.
Senate committee named to
attend funeral services of Sen
ator Martin.
ChicagtD?Market takes a
slump following break in New
Liverpool?Cotton market is
easier, receipts small.
Central High School eleven
proves to be better mud horses
in victory over Western at
Central Stadium by a i5-to-7
Engineers from Camp Hum
pherys are easy pickings for
Gallaudet College eleven ia
practice game.
' og fanciers of the District
will hold big show under au
pices of Washington Kennel
Club a tRiding Club on No
vember 19.
Spi-inr-field, Mass. ? Minor
league magnates are talking of
reversing the draft laws of
baseball and also have third
major league" as big item of
consideration at meeting.
Catholic University and the
Sute College will meet as
Central High Stadium Satur
New York ? International
League magnates have agreed
with President Dave Fultz that
Akron, Ohio, shall be given
players formerally with the
Binghamton Club.
Announcement by Reserve
Bank Causes Bull Panic
In Wall Street.
2,700,000 SHARES SOLD]
General Motors Closed with
Net Loss of 66^2 Points
- For the Day.
New York. Nov. l?.?New an
nouncement by the Federal Reserve
Bank of Its Intention to curb specu
lation In the stock market by re
stricting loans caused A bull panic
In Wall Street today. Price declines
were /rreater eren than those In
th? money panic of 1907 and were
exceeded only by those of the North- j
ern Pacific panic of 1901.
The trading; was the heaviest In
the? history of the stock exchange,
more than ?.700.000 aharea changing
?hands on the exchange and at least
another million on the Curb. In ad
dition the transactions In bonds '?
were estimated at the equivalent of
another million shares of stocks. |
Tbe volume of business was so ?
great that the stock ticker was,
kept busy for forty minutes after j
the market had closed.
The highest losses were In the
highly speculative Issues. General |
Motors went off"" 126 points from
Its high price of a week ago and
closed with a net loss of ?.S*? point?
for the day. Mexican Petroleum wa?
down 78 point? at one time and
closed with a loas of 3..?? point?.]
American Tobacco was 69 pointa be
low Its recent high and loat 25',
points on the day. Crucible Steel
was 51 points down and closed with
a net loss of 7 points.
1-o-a.I? M.or? la Orel las*.
Bonds also shared In the decline.
Hi.? L.b.riy ls-.ii,.? going to new low
Money ??jsh-jJ *' 11 per cent st
I1I.V1IM ? ?'???? TWO.
Wounded - Men's Accusations Send
Two Pretty Girfo to
Grand Jury.
I Two pretty and fashionably at
I tired young women responded to
' the nome? of Mario Regan and
Gladys Webber In the Police Court
They were charged with robbery
and entered pleas of not guilty.
It was alleged they entered a
"for hire" automobile with two
? wounded Walter Reed men. I.ittle
! Held and Stewart, and toured the
While riding about town Little
tleld alleges they attracted $40
from hi? pocket? Stewart claimed
to be loser in the same manner of
1$30. After hearing evidence sub
mitted by the prosecution the court
; held both girls for the grand Jury
? under $1,000 bond? each.
3,000 GREET
? t
Young Heir to British
Throne Weary After
Spending ?Second Day
Here in Strenuous Fash
Sightseeing Trip Includes
Visit to Wounded Men
At Walter Reed, to Red
Cross Headquarters and
Lincoln Memorial.
Prince Edward's second day
Washington ? filled with sight
seeing, a trip to Walter Reed Hos
pital and Red Cross headquarters,
a cajl on ? ??. George Dewey,
widow of the hero of Manila, and
capped by a reception in Congres
sional Library last night, attend
ed by 3,000?was a strenuous one,
to say the least
It was a weary prince who left
the library last night, a prince sur
feit*? ilwith handshaking and func
tion* attending, a prince who prob
ably craved absence from the at
mosphere of formality and longed
for war and the comparative qui
etude of the trenches.
?oil.-il,,... ?? howl -?'?????Irai Mon.
"Hello, my man: How were you
wounled?" the prince called out cheer
fully as he leaned over the first cot In
ward 19 ?t Walter Reed Hospital ***
The nurse.? had Jual tlnl?h?*d their
surgical dressln??? and the wounded
men were waiting with patience th?
coming of the delayed royal truest *?>*<->
hi? staff Many of the patients wer?
In pain, but none could resist the
prince's Infectious smile that lighted
up the bleak ?ani on Ih? drearjesi ot
The wounded men had been watch?
In?; through their open windows and
?aw fie prince with he suite and
American ?tan* swing down the long
corridor leading to Ward 19.
As the party neared the door. A!-!
hen Kdwsxrd stepped ahead ot it and
Inherits Husband's Estate
If She Does Not Remarry
If Mr?. Eim!? N'slley does not
remarry ?he 1, lifr husband's
entire estate, bcio i?mI and personal
according to the latter*? will filed for
probate In the District Supreme court
Should ?Mra. Nalley remary her hus
band's real estate is to be divided
between their two children, James U
and Agnes S. Nalley. The ?rill is*
dated October 21. 1st?, and makes Mrs.
Nalley executrix. Mr. Naley died
October 8. this year.
Translated out of the
from th** edition known
1 Th? ainh. Irade, anil reli-aou ??* Cain
and -u?l ? Tli* murder of Ah-sl. 11
Ihe curse of tain. 17 Enoch tlie first
citv. 10 launeda aud Ills two wire*.
* Th* btrtb of Sis!. 3 a.ld Vd.lm
Aud Adam knew Eve hi? wife:
and she conceived, and Laie
Cam. and ?aid. I have gotten a
man of the L/ord.
2 And ahe again bare hi?
brother Abel. And Abel was a
keeper of sheep, but Cain was
a tiller of the ground.
3 And in procer? of time it
came to pass, that Cain brought
of the fruit of the ??round an of
fering tinto the Lord
4 And Abel, he ai?o hreuphl
of the firstlings of his flock
and of the fst thereof And the
Lord had respect unto Abel snd
to hi? offering:
5 But unto Cain and to his
offering he had not respect. And
Cain wa? very wroth and his
countenance fell
ti And the Lord said unto
Cain, Why ait thou svroth? and
why t? thy countenance fallen"
7 If thou doest well, ?halt
thou not be accepted? and if
thou doest not well, sin lleth at
the door: and unto thee ahall Ise
his desire, and thou shalt rule
over him.
I And Cain ;alk*d with Abel
his brother: and it csme to pa??,
when they were In the field, thsti
Cain rose up against Abel his
brother, and slew blm.
9 1 And the Lore] said unto
Cain. Where l.Ati-l thy brother?
and he said, ' know not: Am I
my brother's keeper?
10 And, he said. What hast
thou done? the vole? of thy
brother's blood cried unto me
from the ground.
II And now an thou cursed
from the earth, which hath
opened her mouth to receive thy
brother's blood from thy hand.
11 When thou tlllest ? th?
ground. It shall not henceforth
yield unto thee her strength: a
fugitive and a vagabond Shalt
thou be In the ear?,h
IS And Cain said unto the
Lord. My punishment Is greater
than I can bear
14 Behold, thou hast driven
me out this day from the face
original tongue? and
as "Our Mothers' Bible."
of the earth: and from thy face
?hall I be hid: and I shall be a
fugitive and a vagabond in the
earth: and it shall come to pas?.
that every one that flndeth me
?hall slay me
lfi And the Lord ?aid unto
him. Therefore whosoever slay
eth Cain, vengeance ?hall be
taken on him sevenfold. And
the Lord set a mark upon Cain,
lest any finding him should kill
lfi Tl And Cain went out
from the presence of the Lord,
snd dwelt In the land of Nod.
on the east of Eden.
17 And Cain knew Ins wife:
?nd she conceived, ?nd bare
Enoch: and he builded a* city,
and called the name of the city,
after the name of his son.
18 And unto Enoch wa?"hom
Irad: and Trad begat Mehujael:
and Mehujael begat Methusael:
and Methusael begat Lamech.
19 Ti And Lamech took unto
him two wive?: the name of one
was Adah, and the name of the
other Zlllah
20 And Adah bare .labal he
was the father of Such as dwell
in tents, and of ??eli ? have
21 And his brother's name
was .T-ubal: he was the father
of all such as handle the harp
and organ.
22 And Zlllah. she also bare
Tiibalraln. an instructor of
every artificer in bras? and iron:
and the sister of Tubslcain waa
23 And Lamech said unto his
wlA-e-s, Adah and Zlllah. hear my
voice: ye wives of Lamech.
, hearken unto my speech: for I
have slain'? man to my wouna
ing. and a young man to my
24 If Cain shall be avenged
sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy
and sevenfold.
25 1 And Adam knew his
wife again; and she bsre a son,
and lie called his name Seth:
For God.saM he. hath appointed
me another aeed Instead of Abel,
whom Cain slew.
26 And to Seth. to him also
there waa* bore a son: and he
called hi? name Unos: then be
gan men to call upon the name
?f the Lord.
? .?Raion. Wo*. IS-The retar??.
I"? beeaty la Ea-gllah ?weras-c
la tha* l.aalr?. af I l.hwrwr.
wife *t l.or.1 l.labaraar nod
daiiKhlrr at lion Jail? ale Rll
tra.aarl. altar?, af the Chll
raa' ? r?wiion ?a, ?. *t old
< .-i.tlllnn atari. *n* * typr af
true Saaalwh kraut*. She la aa
nrrwwiplUhrd ?porl.w.mon aad
???wjely lo?-.rl?r.
Both Sides in Senate Are
Anxious to Prevent
Proposals to Invoke the cl?ture
rule for the purpose of shutting
off debate on th.? treaty and bring
ing the question of ratification to
a final vote found considerable ?up
port among Senators yesterday.
Two distinct proposal? of cl?ture
were made, one by Senator Under
wood un the Democratic ?ide and
the other hy Senator? KHlogg and
Hale. Republicans. It was said that
thirty-five Democrat? were willing
to sign up for cl?ture and that al
most us many Republicans would
make a similar agreement.
Under the rules, sixteen Senator?
may present the bcopoaaj o." cl?ture
to tb? Senate, bat the vote of two
third* it ne-ces-sary to put it Ibfeece.
Senator l>odge. the Republican leader.
said that although he had not been
approached with any proposal for
limiting debate, lie did no. doubt that
there would be enough vote? to in
'voke the cl?ture rule if it should be I
presented to the Senate.
Tbe movement to insiiluie the rule ;
for limited debate wa? bro-iuht about ?
by the fear that a filibuster wa? to >
bo made which might prevent final ?
action on the treaty at this session of ?
Congress. Only nineteen day? remain j
before the extra session must dissol.e ;
and the recular session convene.
.Cold Wave in West Heads tor :
Washington. Below Zero in
North Dakota.
The mercury will drop considerably
tonight after a day of fair skies, ac
cording to tit? statement of the
Weather Bureau, while tomorrow Ihe
coldness is not expected to retain ?11
its intensity.
Northwestern cities reported a ?tat?
of general frigidity yesterday. It was
! coldest at Bismarck. N. Dak., where
I the thermometer reached the xero
? stape at S p. m At Helena, Mont..
| it was 6 decrees above at the same
I hour, .'nul at It Paul it was H? these
three cities, beating the record of
Duluth. Minn., ordinarily th? coldest
city in the conniry. but which last
nisht had a tempora tuie of 10 degree?
Night before last tha mercury at
North Platte, Neb., fell ? degree? be
low the zero mark, and at Cheyenne,
Wyo . and Bismarck, N. Dak.. It regis
tered ? below.
Legion Post Votes to
Close I. W. VV. Hall
Sioux City, la., Nov. 11?The IcrOaJ |
post of the American l^ecion at il? j
meeting today appointed a committee |
lo see to it thai the I. W. W. hall la
closed and that the organization be
? not allowed to reopen here.
Feeling among legion member? was
etronf ?gainst Mayor Short, it being
claimed he permitted "Big Bill"* Hay
wood to speak here and distribute
nitrature after having promised to
prevent it- .
District Employes' Pay
Bill Action Deferred
Action on the District employ??' pay
! Increase bill must await the conven
ing ?f the House District committee
l?t Its first meeting In December.
; Representative Carl E. Mapcs, chalr
jman of the committee, expects that
consideration will be given the meas
: ure at that time.
Representative Frederick N. Zihl
man. of Maryland, ha? Intro?uced a
revised bill, modeled after Senator
Franc?'? bill now in the hand* of the
.Senate Dlatrlct commit? .
? Both mea* tires provl.le ?pay in-,
crease? for District employes rena
li?.?? fi-otn 1*1 to ?0 per cent
Nearly Half of Indictments
Are Charged on Failure
To Sustain Kin.
Gang Which Is Charged
With Holding Up Ruin
Runner Held for Trial.
Fifteen Washington tract? war? yes
terday Indicted by th? grand Jury on
aharges of failure te aupport eKher
?rife or minor children or both. Ac
cording to th? taw In ihe Dlatrlet It
ia a misdemeanor for a man to will
fully leave his wlf? and minor
children and fall to provide them
with the necessities of life. Nearly
half of th? 37 Indictments returned
by the grand Jury yesterday wer?
against men of this character.
Those who are indicted becaua? of
"non-support of wlf? and minor child
jr children" follow: Georg? Frederick
Hauratty. John Newman, Owen II
Morris, William Edward Brown, Dan
iel W. Chase. Albert Churchill. George
E. Thrall. Walter J. Donaldson, How
ard Lewis. William G. Hethertngton.
William E. Dunnlngton. The follow
ing were indicted because of not sup
porting a minor child or children:
Claude M. Sims. William B. O'Brien,
Solile Morris, James Edward Lowe
An even dozen in groes ar? included
in one Indictment of robbery. These
men are tbe same which are ssld to
have composed the Pierce atreet and
southwest gangs which held Bryant
C. McMahon up early in the morning
of April DO. last, and robbed him of
Hot Fight Centers on Com
pensation Issues?Many
Compete for Offices.
? r_
Minneapolis, Minn,. Nor. 11?The
American Legion saved its hottest
?hot for the dosine; session when
bonus propositions were up for con
\Aike I.e.i. of Tennessee, chairman
of the compensation committee,
turned in a K-ngthy report with recom
mendations for care and pay of dis
abled soldiers and for the aiding of
ex-soldiers in obtaining lands and
homes, but left th? amount of bonus
to be determined by conclave.
The fleht centered on whether the
soldiers should put a definite valua
tion on their service?, or leave it* to
the country to decide.
One of the most interesting fights
of the contention? the election of of*
$cers?was put over by the unex
pectedly long battle on compensation.
In addition tn Franklin d'Olier.
and K. 1 jester Jones, a long list of
aspirants for commander made them
selves known as the elections came
Once He Was 'Family
Wash' Then Memory Failed
Kianeis Matthews didn't know
whenc he haled when Headquarters
Detective Harry ? ? ana. on duly at the
I'nion Station, stopped him last night.
Sn Detective Evans told him where
he was goinft.
He's there now. under observation.
Matthews, who is 40 years old. told
the detective that he had spent fifteen
years or his life In prison, fourteen of
them in solitary confinement.
He ?.aid that about a year ago he
was released from solitary confine
ment because of good behavior and
entrusted with shoving laundry down
a chute.
One day he went down the chute dis
guised Ilk? a family wash, and the next
thiiiK he knew he wss here. He said
he thought" he waa in Washington.
D C . and that be was certain he was
tired, sleepy and hungry. He will be
held for the prison suthorilies.
Virginian, Formerly the
Minority Leader in Senate,
In Office Since 1895.
News of Death &ids .Ses
sion?Funeral to Be
Conducted Tomorrow.
Senator TT.omaa Staples Martin.
formerly minority leader In th?
Senats, died yesterday afternoon
rrom heart disease at hia hom? la
Charlotteaville. Va. A committee
of eighteen Senator? was ?amad hy
President Pro-tern Cummins to rep
resent th?t body at the funeral to
be held tomorrow afternoon at 1
o'clock In Charlotteaville. The Sen
ate adjourned at t o'clock upon be
ing Informed or his death.
Since UI5. Senator Martin had
represented his State in tb? Sen
ate. Re defeated Fitthtagh Lee for
the seat in ISM. His activity since
assuming the Democratic leader
ship Is believed to have brotight on
the general breakdown In his
health. Born In Albemarle County.
July 2?. 1847, he was educated at
the Virginia Military Institute and
the University of Virginia. His ?
only political position was thst of
Senator Swanson in speaking of
his colleague In the Senate yester
day aald: "Hit death Is the sacri
fice at the altar of public duty. The
Senate lost one of Its most esteem
ed Senators, the country one of its
most able legislators, and Virginia
her most beloved Senator."
Senator Lodge paid a tribute to
the man with whom he had servad
almoat a quarter of a century.
Tbe members wbo will attend tbe
funeral as repr?sentatives of th?
Senate are Senators Swanson.
lOdge. Cummins, Knox. Hitchcock.
?Fletcher. Nelson. Overman. Bank
I head. Robinson. Simmons. Smith
(Aria.). Smith (Md). Underwoo?,
'Walsh ? Mont. ?. Warren. Snoot and
! Williams.
Rain-Dodging Pedestrian.? Stranded '
Downtown When Electric
Potwer Fails.
For an hour and a half indoor
Washington groped in darkness snd
?confusion yesterdey afternoon, while
! outside ? curtain of diiszllng r?ln
! from leaden skies accentuated the
! gloom.
At ?.? o'clock every incandeacent
i light in the city nickered a couple of
[times and faded: street cars coasted
along slippery tracks and drew up
at erratic points. Feminine screams
; pierced department etoree as eleva
itors jerked and came to an abrupt
| halt stories sbove ground. Walking
became In order.
Ossstion of shows sTso resulted
'snd there was s run on s.a.labte can
dle supplies.
Most of the government buildings
?were plunged in gloom snd lanterns
I were soon flickering In the corridors
j of the Treasury. The Capitol and
?While House, however, were not af
ifeeted. hsving their own power
plsnts. Many stores began closing in
midafternoon. unable to do business
In the dark.
Half an hour later the stieet cars
jwere moving again, propelled by
(power from an auxiliary plant of the
1 Potomac Kectric Power Company.
At lit the blanket was lifted.
Onici sis of the power company said
last niitr.t thst the difficulty was
caused by the burning out of a hii;li
tension feeder at Fourteenth and G
Mrs. Butler, ActreM, Die*.
Philadelphia. Nov. U' ?Mrs. Alke Au
Karde Butler, a widely-known actress,
died in a hosp.tal here Ian night. She
was a native of England, where she
appealed with Sir Herbert Tree and
other prominent Kngllsh actors.
"Foch." Terrier. Owned by J. B. Chatard,
Tailor. Leaps Upon Assailant Before
Weapon Reaches Mark.
"Foch" I? a Scotch terrier.
He belongs to J. ? Chatard. pro
prietor of a tallo? shop at 116 ?
street northwe?t.
Early yesterday mornine two ne
groes stole Into the unlighted shop,
with the intention of robbing the
pinco. "Foch." hearing str?ng?
loumii? emanatine from the shop,
pricked up hi? ears.
Treading softly, he patter??! into
the store. At the same time hla
ma?ter. alao awakened by thar* noiae
made hy the robber?, came down
stairs. In the darkness "Foch" aaw
one of the intruders raise a knife
?nd slash at his master**? arm.
With a growl tbe plucky little
terrier threw himaelf upon the as
sailant, sinking hia teeth Into th?
?t ranger'? lee;.
? yell of fear pierced the darkness
and two fotta? flew through toe
doorway and disappeared down the
"Koch" got aa eatra large, raeaty
bone yesterday.
Radicals Held for Killing ol
Veterans in Centraba.
Wash., Threatened by
Crowds ? Some Moved
To Other Jails.
Posse Scours Territory in
Remote Sections in Hope
Of Finding the Others;
Body of Man Lynched
Not Found.
Central?. Wish. ? ThrrateeUf
crowds gathrrrd around the city
jail tonight, in which are confined
radicals held in the murder ?of
four former soldiers darin?* tbe
Armistice Day parade.
Additional troop? wore rushed U>
these??*? to prevent violence and the
mob tra? forced back and a daaJin?
eatabllahed half a block from tba
btldu-ig. Some of tbe p-rjsooer? wer?
? tmWSmtt to other Jaula for ?afekeep
Ing and becaua? of overcrowding
The drive "ti't?*1 fba agitators
tinued tonight and tt wa? earn
Important additional arres?.? would
be mad?.
Search for the radical? rentervd trmm
Centrali? to ream?te ??actions of l*w:i
County, where It waa aaid they war?
in hiding A poase ??arched Ute ranch
of Elmer Smith, aa attorney. aaat ba
have rwsareaentad tba 1. W.
pt-arv*o*aa lltla-ation tt
a ?core or more of radloal? ware h*4
tng there
Another do??? of aaveuty-fiv? mea.
under comaaatid ot Capt_ Dyaart. lata
of tbe Maj Una, ware ?earchtng th?
mmmptamams t******* ta the Maav
arch Mining Distract. It wa? aaM
man g? im???at tn past activities of
tha t. W. W. -arara hiding tbera
The body of BrtU ??rnlth. the L W.
W. who tra? lvnehad laat nijrht was
not tetjoeea**. Ha waa iianged trwm
a bridge and ?arty today so ? ?eoe?
cut the body down and tt fell lato tha
water. The stream la being drag-gad
Arretri? that ware regarded as Im
portant were made by the au thon
tie? today. Mra. Mary McAllister.
owner of the Roderick Hotel Build
ing, charged witb having harbored I
**?". W. acltators. waa taken Into ou?
tody. It waa aaid she had encouraged
John lamb aad O. C. Bland were ar
rested charged with having conspired
in the assassinations. They were aaid
to have confesaed they ranted a roam
facing the avenue up which tbe pa
rade passed with the Intention of tir
ing Into the crowd. They said thetr
nerve failed them when the parade
came Into view.
Herman Allen, proseouttng attorney
announced he had obtained a partial
confession from Jaunea Limb, orsa of
the I. w ??*, leaders arrested sooa
sfter the shooting.
Daniels' Recommand?t ions
To House Committee Show
Increase to 22 Per Cent.
Secretary of the Navy Daniel? yaa
terday recommended to the Hou??
Committee on Naval Affairs smeep
ing increase? in pay far every olTlcer
and enlisted man In the na?-y aiiiuttt?
ins to more* than Sao Oto,?*?*?* annually.
Of thi? amount ??? <*?4?no i? for tha
The increases recommended raasa
from l'I to TS per cent, and would ?*?
tablish the following scale, not tak
ing into account length of sertit??
and allowance?:
Adm?rala ?chief of operations'?, til.?
OOP. an Increase of 11.noe. vice ad
mirals. SIO.ATn. inrreaee ?.**? . rear ad
mirala, upper half, ST-.b?*?'. ?ncreass.
?1.000. rear admirals, lower half. G ??.
Increase S1.00O; captain, after flftaan
years. SG..>fl>\ increase. Sl.OIwi; corn
mander. after fifteen years. tS.tcA. In
crease. tVOt? lieutenant comvfiartdei
after fifteen year?, X..1X. lncreas?.
f-M", lieutenant, after ten years, U.W.
liutenant. after fifteen yeara. Il li:
Ineresse tiZO; lieutenant, junior grade
after ten years, ti,***, lnc*r>taaa, MM.
ensign, after ten yeara, ?T2.TTM. lncreas?
eetv: commissioned warrant and war
rant officer? Increaae of tew par yaar:
chief petty officer?,
monthly pay fixed at SUI;
men. pay fixed at St?.
These increases were recomn*snd>?<
for the next fiscal year only, whlc-b
end? June TO. ltm. when Congraa? will
be expected to revi?? pay acts to mast
circumstance? at that bane.
G?., Fam?e Vara, Qattx
Maoaa. Ga.. Nev. l? -The potto? ?a*
thi? city bave ?-oluataiily ?Ti*?? mp
their labor unlsa ?rgtaja?ti?i> /

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