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Fair, moderately eold today: tomorrow
fair ?llarhtly warmer; t-soderate northwest
winds becoming warlable.
Highest temperature yeaterday. ti: low
est. ?*. _
?Waa admiral by more Amari??? thmm
other tamm la tata* laat quarter of a ce?*?.
He was ree*????,ed by bis enemiea. ?n?e Herald,
wlthlB a few dan. wil announoe a R?fea?e*relt
feature that will ba read by every
of the faaaily _
NO. 4765
Yesterday*. Net Circulation, 38,992
Kentucky and Rhode Island
Only Will Interfere with
? Drastic Enforcement of
Law by U. S.?Injunc
tion Effect Small.
Upon Supreme Court Rests
Hope of Wet Forces for
An Armistice Before U. S.
Is Made Dry Under Na
tional Measure.
Injunctions .?surd against the
.-arryinf? out of the war-time pro
hibition act in Kentucky and
Rhode Island will have no effect j
jn the government's enforcement I
jolicy except in those States.
At the Department of Justice it|
was stated yesterday that Attor-;
'ney General Palmer would con-1
tinue to pursue through the courts ,
the intention of the government,
as expressed by the war-time pro
hibition act, until turned down by
the Supreme Court.
V. S. Will nbe?.
"There ta nothing to be sai?! about j
th? injunction in Kentucky." wa? the1
statement mad**. "The injunction j
speaks for itself. The go\ eminent of
cours**- is ??? coin:; to re*?* ist an in
Attorney l.cneral l'aime r's view of
the result of th*? recent referendum in
Ohio, which nullified the legislature's
ratification of the prohibition Consil
t utlonal amendment, is that Ohio's ac
f ion ** ill make no difference in the
?,oiniC into effect of the amendment in
? lies? statements from the depart
ment, expressed on account of inquir
ies* evoked by the action of the judge.*?,
in Kentucky and Rhode Island. coin
Aide with Attorney General Falmer'i
?ttf-fvkH? statements as to the govern
ment's prohibition enforcement Pai
The policy ma> be said to be that of
iir.sdicti-m.al enforcement. Where
there has twca no decision by a court '
antagonistic to the act. or where the
act has 1-een upheld, the t>epartment
of Jjslice events I.ave been active in
:'s enfor.*? m? nt
I'olley t mrbmma.ru.
The linterna) Rmnw Bureau
?il.*?o said its enforcement policy would
not be alter* d by the decision.-'.
?So the hop? of the wets that there
will be a prohibition armistice before
? he Constitutional amendment goes
?nto effect in January rests upon the
.Supreme Court.
The date for the In a r irrt; before the
Supreme Court of the arguments on
the l-oulavtlle liquor case, involving
ihe wartime act. is November 30. In
this case the lower court held that
the wartime acl was unconstitutional.
^ In Congress the action of the Ken
tucky and Rhod** Island Federal
judges was praised by the wets and
discredited. If not condemned, by the
Senator Sheppard. of Texas, loader
*>f the dry forces in the Senate, said:
The decisions are unsound. They
wdl not stand the test in the higher
? ourt."
Poll's?"Irene," with Edith
Shubert-Belasco?Lenore Ul
ric in "The Son-Daughter."
National ? Julia Sanderson
and Joseph Cawthorn in
"The Canary."
Shubert-Garrick ? "When a
Man's a Man."
Loew's Palace?Douglas Mac
Lean in "*??/, Hours
Crandall's Metropolitan ?
Viola Dana in "Please Get
Moore's Rialto ? "Anne of
Green Gables."
Cosmos?Continuous Vaude
ville and pictures.
Crandall's Knickerbocker ?
Anita Stewart in "Her
Kingdom of Dreams."
Crandall's?Gladys Brockwell
in "Chasing Rainbows."
Moore's Garden ? "Soldier*
of Fortune."
Moore's Strand ? "Yankee
Doodle in Berlin."
Loew's Columbia ? Sessue
Hayakawm in "The lUue
trious Prrtace."
B. F. Keiths? Vaudeville.
Gayety?Burlesque; "Behman
Lyceum ? Burlesque: "Oh,
Chicago?Miner tender?; in
Centrad Field reported to be
leaving posts, allowing pits to
Indianapolis. ? John Lewis,
miners' union leader, sees en
couragement for miners in
New York.?Magazine offer
ing marriage ads is suppdeas
ed, publisher held, fraud sus
Fargo, N. Dak.?State opera
tion of mines finds support
with Non-Partisan League
Newark, N. J.?Singing of
German opera barred by
Chicago. ? An attempt to
gain parole of J. J. McNamara
under way.
New York.?Crew of steam
er Craigsmere, lost at tea,
arrives here.
New York.?William J. Dee
gan protests report of Post
master General Burleson re
garding operation of wires.
Buffalo.?Because his people
aie starving, the Polish Am
bassador to America refuses
Baltimore. ? Radicals plan
ning seizure of shipbuilding
plant, arrested.
Conference of coal miners
and operators assembles here
today. Few miners return to
Belgian delegates to Inter
national Labor Conference will
return home Sunday.
Injunction against liquor en
forcement is effective in only
two States.
President Wilson, in lii>
sick room, receives the Prince
ol Wales.
Winficld D. Williams, Phil
adelphia, charged with bring
ing stolen fsjo.ooo slock or
liticate into District, is rclca.
cd on $2.,,ooo bond.
John 1*'. King is held aiter
his auto kills Margaret Zel
le r, 17.
District Food Administrator
Wilson limits retailers sugar
profit to 1 cent a pound.
Key. German envoys will
occupy old home of Count
von Bcmstorff.
Driver of police patrol ar
rested for -.perding with pris
oners is fined $10.
Blow on head hy insane man
in St. Elizabeths kills (".or
don Beery, an attendanl.
Reservation to Article X is
adopted in Senate by vote 01
46 to 33.
Fight on Esch railroad bill
begins in House; drastic anti
strike amendment is suggested.
President Wilson is con
sidering his mersage to new
session of Congress.
Senate adjourns today out of
respect to memory of Senator
Martin, Virginia, to be buried
this afternoon.
Bill to require three-fourths
majority of all voters to make
amendments to Constitution
effectice, proposed.
Government deficit in opera
tion of telegraph and tele
phones $14,418.337. Congress
is told.
London.?"Pussyfoot" John
son, dry worker from America,
assaulted by students here
during speech.
Brussels.?King Albert and
Queen Elizabeth cable greet
ing to President Wilson.
London.?Earl Brassey dies
of injuries received when run
down by taxicab.
New York.?Stock market
make? good recovery after de
clines of Wednesday.
Chicago.?Stronger tendency
of stocks in Wall Street is
reflected in grain market.
Liverpool. ? Cotton market
opens with prices easy. Sales
Southern Maryland Agricul
ture Association will open its
gates for race season at Bowie
track today.
Technical High School will
place crippled team against
Business in game at stadium
Georgetown eleven left yes?
terday for game at Atlanta,
Ga., with Georgia Tech. Cath
olic University and Maryland
State teams hold final scrim
mage for big game at stadium.
New York. ? Garry Herr
mann scoffs possibilities of the
forming of a third major
Four Democrats Vote with
Republicans for
Hitchcock Declares He Will j
Vote to Reject Entire
The reservation to Article ten o?
the l-eague of Nation-, convenant wan
adopted by the Senate yesterday by
a vote of 46 to 33.
Senators Reed, of Missouri; Gore.
of Oklahoma; Smith, of Georgia, and
Walsh, of Massachusetts, Democrats,
voted fox the reservation.
nmj Kill Treaty?
After the vote, Senator Hitchcock.
Administration leader, declared he
would haive to vote against the ratifi
cation of the treaty, so drastic did
he retard the Senate's action.
Amendments designed to modify the
effect of the reservation, one of which
culled for the 1'nited States adher
ence to the obligation?* of the article
j for tlve years, were defeated.
j Aside from the adoption of the
reservation, the important develop
? inent of the day was the resolution
I of Senator Iaodge to invoke cl?ture
upon the debate to bring the treaty
to an early vote. Thirty Republi
can Senators Mgned th* ri mifst,
llllrKr.,,*. IMlili tr?.
I Kartier In the da> u Hitr|i
cock offered a cl?ture mneudinent, but
It was objected to by Senator Norris
( l-ec.iuse it related only to the reserva
tion? pending and not to the treaty j
as a whole. This was upheld by Sen
ator Cummins, in the chair, but when
Hitchcock appealed for a vote. Sena
tor Lodge's motion to table the ?p- j
?peni carried. ?4 to >?.
Senator Hitchcock introduced a set \
ot interpretative reservations which
represent the maximum that will re
ceive the Administration'? rapport.
These will be acted tlpoa piobably j
The police last night declined to
comment on the discovery of a %?.'/)*)
pair of diamond earring-**, supposed to
have been .stolen from Mrs. Mary J.
Mlayner, of Troy. Ohio, in a Baltimore
pawn shop, hy Head-iuarters I>? tec
|Uv? Springman.
The earrings and other jewelry, val
' ued at $\?\<**0. ?rere reported stolen
from Mrs. Hay ner while she was _
guest al the Burlington Hotel. Octo
ber 2S. ?
? Detective I-le ut BuHingame said
last night he was unac-juainted with
! the details of the robbery, and of
, fered the conjecture that the valu
? ables might have been stolen here, in
1 Baltimore or on a train en route to
' Washington from Dayton, Ohio.
The Jewelry was kept in a silk glove,
which was in Mrs. llayncr'a suitcase
at the time of the theft.
Survive Schooner Wreck.
New* York. Nov. 13.?The steamer
('raiarsmere arrived today with the
naptain and crew of four m-m of the
schooner Gigartic. which foundered
in a gale 160 mile? east of Cape
Race, November 10.
Executive Chats for Twenty
Minutes with Britain's I
Heir?Royal Visitor Lays j
Wreath on Washington's!
Tomb at Mt. Vernon.
Royal Party Going to Moun
tain Resort After Leav
ing Washington?Due in ?
New York Tuesday?To |
Return on Renown.
A chat with President Wilson
in his sick room yesterday after
noon was the fitting end of a
great day in the life of Albert
Kdward, Prince of Wales, and fu
ture ruler of Great Britain.
The prince was received by the
President at 6 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, following a tea with
Mrs. Wilson, at the White House.
Dr. Orayson and Mrs. Wilson
stood by while the fair-haired,
regal youth laughed and exchang
ed pleasantries with the President
for twenty minutes.
tn*??? Wre.ith on Tomb.
Earlier In th* da}-. Prince Kd- j
ward visited Mount Vernon and ?
laid a wreath on the tomb of tlie ?
father of American independence.
This lattT event, one fraught ;
wtth internat^nat significance, vie- ?
thi y impressed the royal visitor. !
He did not speak. There was no
need*- for words.
In the fading light of a "floriona j
autumn day. surrounded by digni- ?
taries, who stood by with heads :
I bared to a piercing wind, the heir
Ito the British throne entered the I
! tomb of his forefathers' foe and ?
? paid hilent tribute to the great man I
lying there.
\rttlrrn*. \m-ew AWes.
Through the IlitlXl I1M of (he ?
? stately tree? on the old Virginia
[plantation, far Heroes the still Po
[ lornac. loomed the eity that a cen
? tury ago saw pillase and arson at '
I the hands of invading British
? troops.
I Rut that is changed now. Invad
er and invaded stand shoulder to
1 shoulder in the fog of post-war
(disruption, fighting their battles
together against the common foe?
until the morning.
<.reet* President.
The prince arrived at the White
?House at '*:V*. He was accompanied
by Admiral Halse y and Capt. QtipM?
was served in the ?State Uinfng Room.
' Mrs. Wilson presiding. She was as
jsisted by her daughters. Miss Mar
?Tea was served in the State Dining
| Savi e.
I After tea. the prince visited the
President's sick room, tie was ac
companied by .Mr?. Wilson and Ad
Imirai Grayson. the White House phy
(sician. The President in bed. received
Translated ?nit of the
from the edition known ?
? CHAPTER ?? ?
1 Tbc fieiiftk-gy. ace. and ?learn of the !
latriarclis imiti Adam unto Suai- Ci i
The godi ?**?? ?nd translation vt Enoch, i
This 1? the book of the gen
erations of Adam. In the day
that God created man. in the
likeness of God made he him;
2 Male and female created he
them; and bleated them, and
called their name Adam, in the
day when they wore created.
3 ?ff And Adam lived a hun
dred and thirty years, and he
begat a son in his own likeness,
after hia image: and called his
name Seth:
4 And the days of Adam
after he had begotten Seth were
eight hundred years: and he be
gat sons and daughters:
5 And all of the days that
Adam lived were nine hundred
anJ thirty years: and he died.
t. And Seth lived a hundred
and five years, and begat Bin thr*
7 And Seth lived after he
begat Enos eight hundred and
seven years, and begat sons and
8 And aJl the days of Seth
were nine hundred and twelve
year?: and he died.
9 fl And Enoa lived ninety
years, and begat Cainan:
10 And ? ? os lived after he
begat Calnan eight hundred and
fifteen years, and begat sons
and daughters:
11 And all the days of Enos
were nine hundred and flve
years: and he died.
12 V And Calnan lived
seventy years, and begat Maini
la te. ?1:
13 And Cainan lived after he
begat Mahalaleel eight hundred
and forty years, and begat sons
and daughters: +**
14 And all the day? of Cai
nan were nine hundred and ten
years: and he died.
U tl And Mahalaleel lived
sixty and five years, and he be
gat Jared:
It? And Mahalaleel lived after
he begat Jared eight hundred
and thirty years, and begat eoa?
original tongues ?mt
s "Our Mothers* Bible "
and daughters:
IT And all tbe days of Maha
laleel were eight hundred ninety
and five years: and he died.
18 fl And Jared lived a hun
dred and sixty and two years,
and he begat Enoch:
1$ And Jared lived after he
begat Enoch eight hundred
years. and b**gat son.? and
20 .\nd all the days of Jared
were nine hundred and s I'M y
and two years: and he died.
21 1 And Enoch lived sixty
and flve years, and he begat
22 And Enoch walked with
God after he begat Methuselah
three hundred years, and begat
eons and daughters:
-?': And all the days of Enoch
were three hundred sixty and
flve years:
24 And Enoch walked with
God: and he was not: for God
took him.
25 And Methuselah lived a
hundred eighty and seven years,
and begat Lamech:
SI And Methuselah lived
after he begat Lamech seven
hundred eighty and two years.
and begat sons and daughters:
27 And all the days of
Methuselah were nine hundred
sixty and nine years: and he
28 *tT A nd I_amech I i ved a
hundred eighty and two years,
and begat a son:
29 And he called his name
Noah, saying. This unr shall
comfort us concerning our work
and toil of our hands, because
of the ground which the I-ord
hath cursed.
20 And I-a mer h lived after
he begat Noah flve hundred
ninety and five years, and begat
sons and daughters:
.11 And all the day? of
Lamech were seven hundred
?seventy and seven years: and
he died.
22 And Noah was flve hun
dred years old: and Noah begat
Sliem. Ham. and Japheth.
tTo be Continued.)
r*r*ge***mm\*W \
Sew V.rk. \??. IT*..?l*.?illnr ,
Kra*4r?irk I? u.l.lnti ? Cliarrr
tmi? Willard Mark, pin? ?? rlishi.
In private HIV lhe? ?ara- I'miliii.
r. M.'I.MDBhlln snd ? ******** ? .
M. I umliliii. Il"il, bad brea ,
?Basra-ted .Md ?II? ororil |ir.? loua
ta tbelr pre.en? mani.??,
As-sault on St. Elizabeths
Attendant Revealed After I
Death at Hospital.
An assault upon Gordon Beery, of!
Potomac, Vs.. an attendant at St. .
Klixabeth's Hospitat by James H. j
furl ton., a patient at the institution.!
on October at?, resulted In the death of j
.?Be^ry. at Cow-MMr Uoipiit.--*-- yeater-1
day moi*? ini.. ?
An inouest held st the I Ms I ri ct '
morgui- vest et di* y afternoon culmi- }
na ted in a verdict of death from sep- I
tic meningitis, "as the reputi of being ?
struck on the heed with a piece of ?
ir?? ui ihe hands of James R. ?':???;-'
Beery wa.? washing windows in ward |
1 at the hospital when G ari ton became
infuriated from some unknown cause.
An argument followed. Carlton picked
up the iron covering of a sewer and
struck the attendant.
Beery was treated at (he hosptal
dispensary for eight days. On Novem
ber 3. Beery went to his home. The
hospital authorities knew nothing of
his whereabouts until informed of his
death at Kinergency Hospital, where
he we*? taken Wednesday afternoon
from his home
Carltoii. who had not been regarded
as dangerously insane, was present at
the Inquest. He had been confined to
the hospital since 1SW. His mind was
so affected he knew nothing of the
Wive.? al Five. Ten and Twenty-Five
Dollar? Too Costly, Federal
Attorney Says.
X-?v York. N-ov. I3.?TII,. printed
voice af Cupid was .?tilled today.
riefet i ve? from th?, office of Ka
win P. Kilroe. ????tsnt district at
torney, ??vooped dimn on the hcad
QU.rtera .?r Cupid's Advertiser ?nd
the .MatiiTiionial Review. ?t,d seized
all record?.
The raid followed ? visit to the
offices of Kilroe. f*o.?inR a? a wifc
s??>kcr In- asked to insert a "mate
want*-d" notice.
Vive?, lie ?.? ?aid to have found,
cost from It to $2R each. The "new
hope society." as the wedding bu
reau was known, offered to Insert
hl? re<iue?t for a plain, every-day
wife for $5. Kilroe ?aid. For $10
they offered to obtain a wife with
good look?, and for $25. a wife with
both beauty and money.
Kilroe decided a $5 mate would
be (rood enough and deposited the
money Then hi? agent? raided the
The warrant charged obtaining
money under false pretense?.
Committee? from the Senate and
House of Representative? and per
sons prominent In social and po
litical life of the entire country
and the State nf Virginia will at
tend the funeral service? for Sena
tor Thomas S. Martin, of Virginia.?
to be conducted today |n the family
home near Charlottesvlll*. Va.
Among many message? of sym
pa th-y received by the Tumily was
one from I'reside m Wil?.??
t*..ir?*:i will b?? in the cemetery
of tile University uf Virginia.
Conditions in fields Are
Alarming, Officials of
Unions Say.
If Pits Are Filled with
Water, It Means Long
Coalless Period.
Chicago. Nov. 13.?Reports received
today from every Import?? cosi pro
lucine Stale in the country showed
miners did not return to work after
lohn I?. Lewis, acting president of
the Ignited aline Workers of America,
rescinded the strike order Tuesday.
Conditions In some fields were alarm
ins; because engineers and pump
tenders have deserted their posts
permitting the mines to flood. The
only hope for early resumption of pro
duction was that an agreement would
be reached at the Washington con
ference tomorrow according to opera
tors here.
Says Strike Still Oa.
"Tbe strike is still on." sai.1 An
drew T. Murphy, editor of Black Dl_
G-?.?-????G> ON **AGa- TWO.
John Dunigan. Charged with Assault
On Wif- and Other Woman.
Will Be Peaceable NW.
? lather diminutive man answer ??_
to -he name of John Dunigan in the
police court yesterday. He ?ae
charged in two caaea of assault on
two large and muscular looking
women?hi? wife, Doola Puni?an, end
Mrs .Manne Speak man. Tl.. women
testified that Dunigan went to the
hume of Mis. Speakman. where hi?
wife was ? taking, and assaulted them
by ' di-acginp them about by ine hair
of the head.**
Th* court suggested that the wutnen
were t>\? and strong enough to have
protected themselves from the little
man to r bw-h Mr* iJutuffangp-eirttc-d
?he wa?- afraid of him and ?aclared
ahe would not live with htm any
long*r. Dunigan waa sentenced to
serve three months in jail on each of
the two case*, but upon his promise
to stay away from hi? wife? home
h* ?? placed on pi o tat ton A police,
man was directed to accompany
Dunigan to hi? residence last night to
get his personal effects.
Rumors of Big Fortunes
Won and .Lost Follow
Wednesday Selling.
N'ew York. Nov. 13.?Afte l m ?lav
of fe\erish price movetin nts and
man. wild iunior*?, the stock mar
ket closed this afternoon w uh
I etroBK recover!?? in many of the
stocks t lis-it had li??*ii hardest hit
in yesterday's panic.
Anioni: the most noteworthy Haitis
today were: General Motors. <0
points: Mexican Petroleum. ?*; .\s
isociated Oil. 19. 1'nited I'l^urs. ir?:
Texas Tompanv. IT: Kelsey Wheel.
H '. ; Chandler .Motors. 114; Pitt??
burs Coal preferred. 10??; BtTOatt
hers Carbutt'lei. 1?* (? ile?ble Si-H.
I 7: American Tobacco. 8*?. Ajax
Rubber, ?**; Uarkawamia Bttel, *\:
j I'nited States Steel _??*. The num
? bri of share? ?-old ?as L'.J30.?00.
I against MS7.3-M vestterday.
Silver advanced anta, but did not
I touch the hi-h orice on .Monday.
? Sales of silver bullion bv the treas
| ury after meltintr coin? aie netting
? a profit of 10 to 50 cents on the
dollar on the price formerly paid
for the bullion to coin the dollars.
The street ws? full of rumors re
garding yesterday's break. One
bear operator was credited with a
profit of millions by hi.-* operations
during the ?lump. Hankers heading
la pool in General Motors were re
! ported to have been unable to care
for the heavy offerings due to the
break in th- stock.
Fleeing Bandits Fire at
Storekeeper and His Wife
Two ...una.? ???G? Ir.IP.Il ?* (..????...*
lo be members of the trio who robbs-n?
th?? store of Isaac Teiis-baum Tueii
day night, entered the grocery stoie
of Joseph B. .Vmosky. 5?1 South Cap
itol street, shortly afier S o'clock
last night and got away with S?
from a cash box
Amosky and his wife surprised the
pair in the store. They fled, one firing
two shots into the ?tore, neither tak
ing effect.
Pasquale Torcasio. *_ Third street
noi th.-K.--t. was held up st the point
of a ? evolver by two unidentified men
Ht Third and C 'eets northeast, it
? o'clock last night. The hichway
meu took tu m bills, a watch, ring
and other personal property.
Returning Miners
Not Permitted to
Take Old Places
Unions in Alabama Field Report Operators
Are Discharging Men-Palmer Wires for
Information to Bring Action Against
Owners-Conference Opens Here Today.
Upon ad\ ices last night that Alabama companies ?vere dischargiasg
and turning back miners who had returned to work. Attorney Genera!
Palmer wired at once to Birmingham asking for names and stating that
he would take prompt action against any operators who adopt sudi
methods to restrict production.
From George Har-rrove. Interna
tional representative, I'nited Mine
Worker? of America, Birmingham, At
torney General Palmer received the
tallowing wire:
"In compilane? with the court or
iler of Judge Anderson the miners of
Alabams returned to work today.
Hundreds of them were discharged
and turned back from the mines by
the companies. The public wanta coal
The miners are not permitted to dig
il. 1 ask you. what ia the Depart
ment of Justice going to do about It ?"
Attorney General Palmer replied to
Mr. Hargrove:
"Your telegram received. Please ?Tire
me immediately name? of companies
and officials thereof who have dis
charged or turned back miners who
returned to work in compliance with
the court order. I shall take prompt
action against any operators who
adopt such methods to restrict pro
Dr. Harry A. Garfleld. United States
Fuel Administrator, yesterday ac
cepted an invitation by the Secretary
of Labor to attend the conference
which will begin here today between
the representatives of the miner? ?nd
the mine operator?.
It ?vas stated at the Department of
Ijibor that the conference will cover
in its scope not only the Centrsl
Competitive Field but the enure bi
tuminous coal industry and that in
vitations had been extended accord
laia?rii?ai a? Psjfclar.
The fact that the conference will
cover tlie whole field make, ita ie
#????. ? a'l the more imp??,, tam to the
public, asad it is for this reason that
tlie Fuel Administration, which is the
guardian of the public's interest as re
gards prices and distribution, will take
A numbei of the lepresentstives
20 French Towns
Honor D. C. Woman
French Con 1er "Citizenship" on
Red Cross Worker Who
Won Decorations.
Ml* A'ice In-?er-roll t-Uuart. a for
mer W'ashinKion woman, who haa
.??oen many -month- of aervice with the
Red ????? in America and Franc*.
Ims reo*iv?-?d th*? honorary title of
"ciliit-?" from twenty French town?.
two dt-coiution?* from the French Red
(VaM and one from Um French *?ov
Mr-. BfWI is-i.ve.i h.? ?ramine in
-ooi'tl ?* oik with tin A**??.?ciated
< 'ha ri ties of the Pish ;<.-t of Columbia.
She was ?rhoeen as h.-.*-i>taiu ?-tecietai y
of ;he lioni? Service Bccti-M of the
District Ked Cnm whew* **;*r ?*** de
clared atui ic.t?e uj? ihi*. ofT.?.**.- to work
for ihe National litil Craae in it?? re
habilitation woi k in France, where
*h" has li?e ? since I ?. .-mU?, Nt?.
llf' husband ?Aas a you ? ? Canadian
who went to France as n volunteer at
the outbreak of the -war and wa?
l?ill.-d in action, April. if*?];.
Deposit of $20,000 Stock
Certificate Leads to
Wmrteld D. Williams, of Philadel
phia, whs lelensed on ?GG..?.?. bond at
police headquarters last night after
being arrested ?m a charge ot bring
ing stolen property into the DistricT
He we.? arre?ted by Headquarter.*
I ?elective 0'G*??*?. at a hot? 1. ..e?t?r
day afternoon followin.- information
reoel\*a>d by tit*? Washington polire
Friday ntglit that ? New York man.
named llurncs. had l?een rol?bed of
two Crucible Steei stock certificates
lepresenting ir-n shares .-?ch.
Williams arrived her,- Wednesday
and yesterday afternoon was ad
vsnceil *lK.(aai on a CtXi.OOO Crucible
Steel stock certlftoale by Harry lj?m
e??. a local stock broker, and the
National Savings and laeposit Com
pany Th? certiftewte then mas de
posited in the bank.
Williams is alleged to lis?, lotd the
police the certificate wa? entrusted ft?
him b,? a Philadelphia woman, whore
nam- he did net divulge He de
clare?] the mailer would Ix cleared
up today
Reports from the leading bltu
mlnous mining: district? yester
day showed that only a small
proportion of the striking
miners have returned to work.
despit? the cancellati? of th?
strike order hy the union lead
ers In obedience to th? Injunc
tion obtained by the .government.
Reports from the ?arl?os dis
tricts were as follows:
Pennsylvania?If.? ing practl
rally at a standstill. Resump
tion not expected before next
Monday. Strike cancellation no
tices rece i ved hy locals disre
garded becauae they are not on
regular letter heads and do not
bear official seale.
Illinois?About 7S per cent of
miners willing to return, but
deterred by malcontents. Pro
duction not likely to he resumed
for some time.
Ohio?Some small mines pro
ducine, hut big mines still shut
Indiana?Larger mines all Idi?,
smaller ones producing on lim
ited scade.
Maryland ? Men of George'?
Creek ?nd Ppp^r Potomac field?
to resume work Monday.
West Virginia?Most ??f minea
in northern district working.
but less than 2 per cent of m?a
working in other districts.
Kansas?Mines likely to ro
main closed pending outcome of
Waah-ngtoo wage conference
Kentucky?Little coal beine
No-ih Dakota?Minor? return
ing to work aad ?itu*?"-oo ?fsat
he isOVrevwd s._? Beate looks
ov?r operation of the min?a. aJ
1 owing th? owners a royalty of
1* to ?S cent? a ton.
Says He Drove Fast to Pre
vent "Holdup" He Heard
Was Planned.
The wild ride of the prisoners in th?
automobile "Black Maria" Wednes
day, wa.? explained to Judge Hard'
son in police court yesterday when
Milton l-*ee. chauffeur for the T'nited
States marshal's office, was arre rne*_
for Fpeediiif.
1 Lee informed the court he liad as
passengen? three desperate prisoners
he was conveying to the criminal
court for trial, and four guards. He
said the marshal's office had bean in
formed an Ht tempt would be made by
friends of the prisoners to hold up'
the van on its way to court and at
tempt to rescue them from the law
Kxtra ?ruaid?, were therefor? pieced
on the vehicle and Chauffeur Lee was
?directed t?* "shoot them through" ani
-not lo?e any time in getting the cu:
? priLs to the ? onrthouse ?-ages.
I Judge H.tnltson said he ,i*rt b?en
' inf.*? ????-? of the mail-r, but the law
hail boon violated. He imposed a fine
j ?f Si?? on ixrW-e* and placeel him on pro
? ballon.
I -
Baltimore. Nov. 13.?Kleven men al
leged to hsve Ltet-n anarchists con
I cerned in a plot to seize a le rie
I shipbuilding plant, were captured here
! tonight by Kederal agents who were
| quick to take action when the natura
of the teported plot was revealed
One cf the men arrested ws? a
worker in the shipysid.
"Red" pamphlets of an Inflammatory
character were found to hav? had
wide circulation.
New York. Mow. 13.?The trans
port Mfif-ury arrived today with
2 French war brides. 13 generaJ
prisoner?* ????nm;:ned to Fort Leaven
worth, l-^- army personnel and II?
navy pei sonnet after an extietnoly
rouph voyage from Brest.
L obioa ia Fuie.
London. Nov. 15.?Prices took a gen
eral tumble on the London exchange
today as a result of Wednesday*?
great slump on the New Tork market
The miniature "panic" is regarded aa
precautionary rather than a
Rsl-ueh- ? C Nov. IS.?The G. H.
lianes Knittinc l'orapany of ?Vinate-??
Salem has sin*>n*ie?1 its charier te m
creass? the capital stock fi*om S*".??*.".?
to eimw.jwj. ma kin? It the lar?at tar.
pois ? .on in the state wHh this ia

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