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Prof. Garner's 23 Years In
Jungles to Be Related to
Geographic Society.
"Can monk???? talk?"
P.. I? Garner, who ?tarted th? na
tion-wide diacusilon of this question,
W.II be on? of th? early lecturers in
Washington before the winter series
?f meetina-s of th? National Geo
graphic Society, which begin next Fri
da)* afternoon and ?venins; at th? New
Masonic Temple.
Havlns; ?pent twenty-three out of the
past twenty-seven years in African
jingles, prim.pe.lly in a study of th?
human-like methods of communication
of the gorilla, ape and chimpanzee.
Prof. Qarner has made observsttons of
{ monkey life akin to th? remarkable
disclosures of in*ect Uf? by th? l?t?
Henri Fabre. He will speak here De
cember 1TT.
The progrsm for thi? season's lec
tures, the thirty-second annual ser.es,
as announced by Ollbert Qrosvenor,
director of the National <jei-?;raphie
.society, cover? a world range in keep
is?,- with the broader Interest in world
sITalrs engendered by the great war.
Topics touch upon South American
countries ?nd the Amazon wilds, upon
Afr.can jungles, the Society Islands,
Alsace-Lorraine, the Polar regions,
Mexico. Canada and Alaska.
? A noteworthy feature of the seri??
will be the report, illustrated by mo
tion pictures, of thi. summer's expe
dition of the Nations! CJeographlc So
clely to that new region of natural
wonders. "The Valley of 10.000
Smokes. Alaska. Motion p.cture pho
?ogrsphers went along with the expe
? The date.? of the lectures, their sub
li ct? And the lectures followT
November TTl?"? '.Vornan in th? Af
rican WIM.?." IT Lady Grace Mac
ie naie.
? November 'S?'F*, tile Argentina and
It.? Vast I'ataiToniaii Plains." By MaJ.
ChsTle? Wellington Furlong.
1>t?t*?t???t i? "National Wonder? of
tie Cnited. State.? and Canada." By
i* Roy Jelfer,
i * December B? "Life Among the Apes
in th.? African J?nele." By Prof. li.
1. Gai nei.
' ???.*??>?t?-r 1.?? Alsace-Lorraine." By
?. ?. Nawman.
Januar* '.'? "Fi* e Years with the
J*..!ar KskliVH..?? Hy Donald B. Mac
?lanuai? '*- Hew i.ife Begins." By
%*r. ? ?. Thomp?on.
January ''?-"The Valley of Ten
?Thousand amo';,-* as Revealed by the
*Sati.>i,Hl Geosraphical Society's lSls
F.xpedltron." By Prof. Robert F.
? .lanuar* -.*?i.-'ub.lect to be announc
ed laten. By foim?.-?- President Will
lam Ha-ward Tat't.
-- January at??' Through the Amazon
Junsie." By Prof. William Curtis
Fa rabee.
Februar:- ?t- Borneo, the Land of the
Head-hun<in?; Dayaks." Uy ?,'arl Lum
PPmraarj 10?"M? >,ico." (Lecturer to
be anno-inced later/.
Keliruurv _??>? "Tolrty Thousand Miles
in Chins." By ?liarle? K. Ld.nund?.
president of Cnntln Christian College
????'?-nary LT-fStar?." By B. R.
March .?* sSunAierina with the Wild
Buns nd AiiiVal? of the High Cam?
emmpa.? By \*piliam L. Finley, mas
?^ 1er photograpjer and nature student.
**-?*???1??? ar.d Her Burled
By Arthur Stanley Rigga.
h l?t-'Th?? Living; Boi>k of Na
Doctor? Now Prescribe Calotabs, ;
The Purified Caiomel Tablets
That Are Nausea'ess,
Safe and Sure.
Don Lorn are warn ins*; the public
that sample colds and mild ca??s of
Influenza oft ?? l*-*ad to pneumonia
and ot Y? ei ?serious r?. ni plications.
They spy .hat every fold should re-t
reive imm?diat?? alianti un and that |
K ihe flr-rat ??**?> in tho ti^.itmpnt is to ?
nrtnkf* .?ur?? that th?* liver is active. |
Kef liij porpore Calotabs. the per-!
f *ci? U. ..hu? ea lee? calo?e] tablet.1- j
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uh'- tersa ti ve.
One fa iota b at b*>d lime with a'
swallow <>f water?that's all. noi
ha.t*. no nau--H ;>, nnd no upsettui,*? '
of tne dt ?fest ton and app?tit??. Ne-tt \
murninj*; your cjld ha? vanl^h'-d, !
?our liver i?, active, your system i.s
rn:?fled t* nd refreshed and you are ?
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??old only !n oricrinal seal d pa-k-t
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?? uiV'-ri.st.-. rcr-ommend and guarantee
Calotab-? ar?i are authorized to re- j
fund the prie?? If you are not de- ?
lighted witb thfm.?Adv. .
tare." By Raymond L. Dltmars, cu
rator of repules. New Tork Zoological
March *?-"The Society Islands." By
Prof. Henry E. Ciampton.
April 2?"South America In IMI." By
Mr*. Harriet Chalmera Adama.
April ?-"How Old th? New?" By
Dr. James Joseph Walah.
Wife Sues Teacher
Here for Support
Charging that her husband is "In
fatuated with another woman," and
haa only given her fit since May.
Eva M. Richardson yesterday Oled a
bill for support and maintenance
against James A. Richardson.
Mrs. Richardson sets forth in her
bill that her husband Is a public
school teacher, making $1.400 a year,
and also doing extra work at night.
8-be states that they have been
married since December IS. 190*.
Asserirai.? Ambition Association
will meet at the home of Dr. E. E.
Bateman. 1414 .\- street northwest.
at ( o'clock tonight.
Grand Army of Americans will
met at 8 p. m. Friday In the Lin
coln Memorial Temple. Eleventh
aad R streets northwest. Senator
Spencer, of Missouri, will speak.
Brthel Literary Society will be
addressed by Prof. L. M. Hershaw
at the Metropolitan A. M. E. Church.
Fifteenth and M streets northtreat,
at ? o'clock tonight.
George nnshiisl.? Post, \o. 1,
of the American TaCglon. will meet
at 8 o'clock tonight in War Camp
Community Service Club. No. 8. 911
Tenth street northwest.
Tbe Southeast Commult-y Cra
ter will give an evening of enter
tainment at 8 o'clock Thursday in
the Tyler School, Eleventh and G
fatreets southeast.
Tke Phil Sbcrldan Pest. Vs. II. <;.
A. R.. will meet Friday at O. A. R.
Hall. 1413 Pennsylvania avenue.
Mrni-a of Petworth Citisene' As
sociation st 8 o'clock tonight at
Eighth and Shepherd streets north
Meeting of the Delawnre State
Society this evening at Wilson
Normal Community Center.
Meeting of the East Washington
Community Center tonight.
Mretlng ?f local post ef Veterans '.
of Foreign Wars in General Civic
Center, C.mral High School, t
o'clock tonight.
Mretlng ef tbe Illinois State ?e-j
iciety at Wilson Normal Community'
[Center tomorrow night.
Blrnry Community Center choras
'will meet tonight.
Hrkrsr?sl ef Garnet Community
Center chorus tonight.
Boy Seont troops 30T and BON. '
chorus and French class meet to
night at Miner Community Center.
Meeting of tbe reading circle of
the Spanish American Atheneum in
Baton High School st 8 o'clock to
Fire Sweeps 40,000 Acres.
Paris.?Started by an incendiary,
tire which destroye?! the game
preserve of the IVinee of Monaco in
Ihe Var swept over 40.000 acres.
Navy Yard News
!.. A. Everett, of the torpedo tube
shop, has return??*, to work after
a three-day trip to llagerstown.
K. I.? Walker, of th? m iseel la ne -
! oua ?-Iiop, is enjoying a hunting:
?trip in ?-southern Virginia.
J. l'arroti has retui ed to work
in the went gun ca riage ?hop
after a visit in Leesb irg. Ve.
.lam- a ?Jackson, elevator opera
tor In the new mach?n*- shop, is
spending eight days at his home In
Sam Elder, of the broadside
mount shop. i_* confined to his home
by illness.
F. G. Schmuck, of the supply de
partment, is entertaining1 relatives
from Brooklyn.
William Driscol. of the breech
mechanism shop, is enjoying a few
days gunrint? in eastern Maryland.
Richard Tetlow. of the tool shop
..rawing room, has been confined t<
his hom?" for two weeks by illness
D. G. David, of the torpedo tub??
shop, is spending three daya fn '
Charleston. W. Va., on a business.
W. X. Adams, nf the east gun
carriage shop, has returned after
a short hunting trip in the West
Virginia foothills.
H. M. Frank, of ;he torpedo shop.
:;pfnt three days hunting in Fred
erick County, Md.
Quartennan Willarm Hebbard. of
the tool shop, has returned to work
after a short illness.
Charle" Fenoli, canvas worker of
the gunners* work shop, has re
aligned hi? position in the >ard to
accept one with Woodward and
Men'* Women-? ?nd Children'??
Felt House Slippers for Christmas,
$1.69.?HAHNVS- Adv.
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American Beauty Twin Cl C (\(\
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Electric Heater.
Rochester Electric
Rainbow's TEn?
A Novel by REX BEACH
lather ot "The Iros. Trail,-? The ?.-?oiler?." ?Heart of the ?tue?**??
?Copyright by Harper * Brothers. Publishers.)
?>?a E.<4?bsn >fmm? ?w_wd ? rieb plant a
tioQ in Cub* end aian, il???*; tbe mot), ? ti?
accumulated he bid sway?, and with th? dt-atb
uf hi? wtfe, a falthfal 9%% e. ?ebiatUft. and
?iini-elf. thu Mct?t of tke ?..?.?*_? i?.ae* pertahed.
His wo ? lift wife. stapMoHit 1 ? tb? twins, E-?ie
ban siiti ???, finally lost l?* r life seeking tbi
ti"asura. Ilio r?iikinii are cheated ont of th*
, Uni it an by a di; hone?,! managt r. Pancho
fttiwUs- He informs th? *U-*uu.i nut bori tica that
KsVban is In league with tb? isaurract?on. Ihm
lasing i? ?''il*. Tht. children ar? lorcvd in
1 ule, and Und refuge with K-raogfltna, old
ht-b-astiaa'a ?Uutghter. and ..scen&io. her husband.
Jcbn '.(-'Brill.,, s young American to ?bom
Il<.?a ia ?ngagt-U, having if .us to New York to
fit? himaelf trxjxv any alliancr there, lcsraa ol
their tlangfT md ratum-? to Cuba witfe th? idea
ut itwcuing Ut**. The twin* haters-en driven
ht. 11 further into the ?NMm? by th? Spaniards
u,d befoie oHeillv can MA tbem hr it ?'?
rtsted as a **IT and deported alotig with an
other Ami ?can, l*fclie Branca.
(.0 Oa with tke Morj.
(CHAPTER XI?Continued.)
Esteban idolized his sister, her loy
alty to him waa the most precious
thine of hi? x,ife. Therefore, the
thought of that swarthy ruffian hunt
ing her down ae a hound hange to the
trait of a doe awoke In him a terrible
anger. Second only to his haired for
the guerrilla chief was his bittern???
against the traitor. Pancho Cuet?,
who liad capped his villainy by set
ting th_ti new peril upon them; une
since Rosa's safety and his own hon
or called for the death of both men.
he had sworn that somehow he would
effect it. It wan. of course, a difficult
matter to get at the colonel of vol
unteers, hut Cueto still lived in the
midst of his blackened fields, and tt
wi'ii against him that the boy was
now planning tn launch hit* flrst blow.
The mentiou of Cobo's name had
moment aril y distracted Esteban's
thoughts. Now he collected them and
"Walt' I am forgetting something.
See what Lacret'a men handed me;
they are posted from one end of tne
island to the other." He displayed a
printed bando, or proclamation,
s.gned by the new captain-general,
and read as follows:
"All inhabitants of the country die
tricts, or those who reside outside the
lines of forti neat ions of the towns,
shall, within a period uf eight dare,
enter the town? which are occupied by
the troops. Any individual found out
side the lines in the country at the
expiration of this period shall be con
sidered a rebel and shall be U-*alt with
a.?* such."
It wag that Inhuman order of con
< cntratton, the result of which proved
to be without panile) in military his
tory?an order'which gav? its savage
author the name of bains; the arch
fiend of a nation reputed peculiarly
cruel. Neither Esteban nor Rosa, bow
ever, grasped the full significane? of
the proclamation t no on? could have
done ?o. No eye could hav? foreseen
the merciless butchery ot noncora
batants, the starvation and death by
disease of hordes of helpless men.
women and children herded into tbe
cities. Four hundred thousand Cu
bans driven from their homes Into
shelterless prison camps; more than
two hun?h-ed thousand dead from hun
ger and disease; a fruitful '.and laid
bare or all that could serve ss food,
and changed to an ash-gray desola
tion; gaunt famine from Orient? to
Pinar del Rio?that was the sequel to
those printed words of "Weyler tb?
Butch?*" which Esteban read. ? e
"Eight day?! When I? Ihe tlm? up?"
Rosa inquired.
"Bless you, this is already two
week? old!" her brother told ber.
"Why, then. It means ?hat we'll be
?hot If we're caught."
"Exactly! But we sha'n't be
caught, eh? Let the timid ones take
fright at the squeaks of this old
blackbird. Let them go Into the
cities; we ?hall have the more to eat!"
Esteban crumpled the paper In bla
hand and dropped it. "Meanwhile 1
shall proceed to vard my aettlement
with Pancho Cueto." Hla very care
lens confidence gave Rosa courage.
Esteban went about hi? plan of de
stroying Pancho Cueto with youthful
energy and ?est. First he secured, at
some pains, a half-stick of dynamite.
a cap and a fuse, and a gallon or
more of kerosene; then he assembled
his followers and led them once again
into the San Juan.
This time the ride to La Joya was
longer than before, and since every
member of the little band was pro
inrribed. Esteban insisted upon the
"?reutest caution. Hut there was little
need of especial care, for the coun
try was already depopulated, as a re
sult of Werter*? proclamation. Fields
were .?mpty. houses silent; no living
creatures stirred, except in the tree
tops, and the very birds seemed
frightened, subdued. It ?truck young
Varona queerly. It waa as if the
whole land was in mourning; he saw
nothing but blackbirds, somber-hued
vultures, dismal J dea-birds with
their ebon*- plumage and yellow beaks.
Far up the valley a funeral pall or
.?moke hung in the sky itself; that
was where the Spaniards were burn
ing ihe houses of tlio?*?e too slow in
obeying the order of concentration.
U Joya, however, was still tenant
ed when early in the evening Its right
ful owner arrived; th? boo?? aad some
of Ita outbuildings showed light?. Es
teban concealed Mi men. Wall? the
horse? cropped and tbe negroes rest
ed he fitted fisse and cap to hi? pre
cious piece of dynamite. It ina
likely, he thought, that Cueto had
provided himaelf wtth a body-guard,
and knowing th? plantation hou?? a?
be did. he ?aad no Intention ot batter
ing weakly at its Stout Ironwooxl door
while hia quarry took fright and slip
ped away.
Now while E*teban was thus busied,
Pancho Cueto waa entertaining an un
welcome guesL In th* late afternoon
he had been surprised by th? visit ot
a dosen or mors volunteers, and In
asmuch aa his relation? witb their
colonel bed been none of the friend
liest since that Ill-starred ex: edition
into the Yumuri, be had felt a ch.ll
of apprehension on seeing the re
doubtable Cobo himself st their heead.
The colonel had explained that he
waa returning from a trip up the Ban
Juan, taken for the purpose of round
ing* up those inhabitants who had
been dilatory in obeying the new or
ders from Havana. That amoke to
the southward was from fires of his
kindling; he had burned a good many
crops and houses and punished a good
many people, and since this wss ex
actly the sort of task he liked he was
tn no unpleasant mood. He had de
manded of Cueto lodging for himself
and hia troop, announcing that a part
of his command was somewhere be
hind and would rejoin him later In the
Cueto piad welcomed hla vliltor In
all humility; he put up the soMlers In
the Date of the sugar-mill, and then
Installed Cobo In his best room, after
which he ransacked the house for food
and drink and tobacco.
Later he and the colonel sat long
over their supper, for the latter? ex
1 ultant humor continued. Cobo, it
| transpired, waa delighted with the
new captain-general, a man of blood
and iron, a man after his own heart.
This Weyler, he predicted, would put
an end to the Insurrection; there
would be no more of I'ampo's weak,
merciful method?, which were, In real
ity, nothing leas than encouragement
to revolt. Cueto, of couree, agreed.
"We're ?weeping the country as with
a broom, and already Mantamas is
bulging with refugee?." the ol*J;cer
teli! him. "They call themselves
psclflcos; but they carry information
and aid our enemies. We'll have no
more ofsliat.??
"Vf-UI it not be a great expense to
feed so many people?" Cueto ven
"Let them feed themselves. Is it
our fault that they make such meas
ure? ne*..*?ary? By no means. Once
we have them safe, we shall ester
nante all whom we encounter In the
country." The speaker drank deeply
of ?'?'???'.?? good wine and ?m:'< k?-d
hi? lip?. "It s the kind of work 1
like. Extermination! They have had
their warning. From now on we ?hall
upare neither man. woman nor child.
The men are traitor?., the women
breed and the children grow up."
Cueto nodded his complete approval
of this program. "Oh, decidedly,".
?said he. "Thia apiri t of violence nuit
be stamped out or none of ua will
be aafe, Lat me tell -jr-eu I ayheit
Uve in conatant tt<?ad of that yonng
villain. Varona, ?-hop? you haven't
forgotten him."
"F?rgot Un him?" Colonel Cobo
finger??! a lately healed scar which
further disfigured hie ugly face,' than
he cursed frightfully. "It*? by Ood*
mercy alone that I'm alive tonight.
And I haven't forgotten that girl.
either. She'll have te ?esa? 41
with the others. The boy ?t?*? atar
oat, but ?he csjn't.?? He licked hie
Upa "Weh vntfl I hav? ftaUssd ?nth
tht? valley. 1*11 drive the Turaan
next, aa a hunter drives a thhrhm
I for his game, and nothing will slip
Hi? thoughts one? turned open Rosa
the colonel could talk of Itttle esse,
and Cueto realised that tbe girl hod
indeed made a deep Impression upon
bisa. The ?vsrae?i was ??HI
d wfcee Coke finally took bssssmsI
te bed ha tssHswJ ks t-ast-ksr apt*?
Iter a*** t***s. M .
look foryard te a aight <
repoae. Pancho'? apacehensie? h
f?fissii? ?pen thaaasslve. aad he *
heem living ef late la a alsrhtsnar?.
> ??
That is The Hoover.
First, an electric car
pet-beater that rids
rugs of buried, nap
(rrindin?* (frit. Second,
an electric carpet
sweeper that defies
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an electric suction
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The Hoover combines
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Hoover Baby, $52.50
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nursery. r
You just attach to any electric socket and instantly de
lightful waves of warmth radiate and
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Price, complete with 9-ft. cord
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