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l Keane Council, K. of C.,
Opens Drive for New
, CVthohc men of Georgetown. mem
bers ot\ Keane Council. Knights of
CotambuH. held an enthusiastic ra'ly
In Holy Trinity Church yesterday,
opening the council's drive ' for new
The large church edifice was filled
to Its capacity. The many knights
in attendance were marshalled by An
drew L Hlckey. chairman of the mem
bership committee of Keane Council.
It was explained to prospective
Member* that the Knights of Colum
_ was organised in 1882 in Connec
ticut. and has todsy about TOO.JUO
feenibcr.v Its principles are "charity,
Mty. fraternity, and patriotism upon
a common plane of devotion to God.
is church and to country." It gave
aeCef to the Sufferers by earthquake,
flood and other disasters "regardless
of religious faith or social affliction."
It Served the troops in the recent
wars, and has endowed many hospi
tals and established many free em
ployment bureaus and day nurseries.
It has the unqualified Indorsement of
cardinals, archbishops and bishops of
the Catholic Church.
Amors; those who actively assisted
in the big drive yesterday were: The
Rev Father John C. Oeale. S. J., pas
tor of Holy Trinity ; Andrew I. Hlckey.
chairman, and John E. Burns. John
J. Stent on. Charles M Connor. C. E.
Bd wards snd Murray A. Easton, of
the membership committee of Keane
Council, and Dr. John T. Rfady. Dr.
William C. Gwynn. J Hartley Doyle.
Dr Martin A Stohlman. Daniel Sul
livan. Edward J. ReUlv. Dennis J.
Reilly. W W. Caton. P. J. Clarke. S.
J. Clarke. Thomas J Conry. George
W. Cook. J. E- Donovan. George 1+
Drury. John L. DuFlef. Samuel S.
Edmonston. William S. Knott. Charles
T* Kenton. Joseph E. Find ley. Edward
J. Fischer. Michael J Koclalek. Paul
K Kubesco. M P IJnskey. J. J.
l-ynch. James F. Murtaugh. Ralph If
MurtauKh. J. C. Murray. Joseph A.
O'Connor. Daniel O'Connor. Martin
Reilly. Frank J. Russell. XV. R. Shaw.
Arthur Small. John E. Stanton. A. J
Sullivan. Thomas A. Vogel,* W. A.
Welch. E. C. Welch. George R. White
rnd Thomas J. White.
prehend?d by Detective Armstrong.
When Mu Ira re's revolver >u t^ken
from McHenrr by Driver J. Moeller.
I it mia fcurd that only one cartridge
[ h*'' 'wn discharged. showing, police
hrtleve. a discrepancy Iru McHenry's
I ?'?ry. when he declared that Mul
care riretl three times at him.
In his p?.<ket was found a wallet
?'sntaiatag He had bought a
I. !.et to Baltimore before being in.
irrih'nd'ij bv Armstrong. A (a
ir^7 rd "rhl w're ??? "-"en
rium ih#? prisoner.
A"Wrong was brought
1 room-h"wif<- ?>?
| ?*? Hje hospita, She.skedJ.im
'/ m, "!' 1 be replied. -I>e
Tr-l\ h ' " J" "oraach. Hon-t
mm- ! .o km *" more ,han onp
Physicians told Acting Inspector
tornwcll that Armstrong had "one
?L"r,\ ,n a thousand to live"
The detect,ve-s Intr tines were punc
.r1 limes by the bullets
*""??? was the son of W. E.
Mulcare. deceased. Miilcare. sr.. was
he owner of the Mule.,re Building.
, ' n*"r Thirteenth. His
Tl Z Vk" Ht Hhod* 'eland ave
northwest while he and his wife
homr m ^ <">?
The Rev. Herbert Scott Smith. D. D
<Tmrrh ??8'~ Episcopal
\-nr7 , ??n**tlcut ?wnue and Ban
th7hom/~, "?ir,hw?''>t. hastened to
Jy?* of Molcare-. mother as soon
death of her sons untimely
*5, ' He found both Mulcare s
?? ,h' rSh^- '-'and
inT,a"?.?J.a-,.?ra^.ic',II'r b"ught up
Dr T, _Plurch-" ,hc R<"-?
ntaM ? . explained to a reporter last
r vn , hira when ^
vr ^," married him to Miss
W Washington girl, four
cw'hW"," prom,ln*'" worker In tnv
w"e -?-<*
While relatives were too upset to
?nak-- complete arrangement* for Mul
* funeral last night It was an
twTst wat he wou,<l bp huried
rrom t.t. Margaret's Church and that
- S?'?h would omrlatc.
?i?h ... . J Mulcare sobbed last
nigh, that she felt as she was going
" iV ??,ock ?,e'"vlces at St. Margaret s
restentay evening that ? some
*?'ng to happen." and that
?n returned to her home
told h ^'vmnfa At?rtn?nts she was
dwtd husl,*"?l had been mur
*'"? Sny, Pullman.
V.T'J:. " ^an" ?" he can be."
3laj. I*ullman stated Isst nis-ht
^rrlnK to Armstrong "^ r
'V 'her,.- he t..id me. ' IfV^J
o . he d have ?hot some one else
" : 'hi. from a man p^
ab!? on his .deathbed. Armstronc
wVo " W"y" , ^"n a detecUve "n
r.rf T-.r? lh* utmost taita
ful I rIT He h*a done wonder
JXd^^e^^ h" - -once
.hi'cH^?rjr'" ",ory one of Da.
*?'e hi'aH^ hudd"d in ? chalr at
Polhe headquarters dressed in a
hi" rap 'he table
oe*ld. Mm. and shocks of black
hair stringing down over his tem
PHe was "father i ",0ry ?f h,s
Mlf *V f?'herle?s at the age of ?
?id s -I"" l'"1 when he w? H he
has not k *" " 5""r" ol?l he
hThad kI"" Dur,nK ,fu" time
town I " " :?y: from 'own to
uVhXt^s^fe. v:r\ir^t:
h^,V'-brfcire'.he'hoot,r'? 'hat
money thowtng that he had at leas,
enough to buy a meai e"1
^'h practlcailv every
in th* "'tectiv. Z
"S "Signed as assistants.
AjTMtroiV *" the 'hooting of
*r*n?tron9 occurred. They w?re
Sermons Heard in Washington Churches Yesterday
'White Elephant" Once Gift
Of Fateful Significance
Exists Today With Its
Meaning Veiled, Pastor,
Says in Sermon.
' "White Elephants In Washington."
! was the topic of a sermon by the Rev.
I Howard I. Stewart last night in the
Second Baptist Church.
The preacher explained the expres
| sion was drawn from an ancient cus
tom of a kind of Slain who always
I presented a white elephant to a
| courtier he intended to destroy. The
analogy was drawn between the fate
I ful gift of the King an<^ the useless
i things In life which interfere with
| future success.
| "There are many men in our own
j day," said the speaker. "who have
! their white elephants which slowly
| lead them to destruction. There are
l business men whose interests outside
i their business distract their attention
j from a careful management of their
afTairs. Then there are store pro
prietors whq stock their stores with
useless articles which represent Just
so much useless Investment. We And
even ministers who have their white
elephants in the books which they
gather from which they learn nothing
that will aid then* in preaching the
gospel or the worldly pursuits which
hinder them from a conscientious de
votion to duty.
"The rich man who centers his
whole life and ambitions on amassing
riches in the hope of gaining enjoy
ment from his wealth In later life,
often finds to his sorrow that his j
strenuous pursuit of wealth has I
sarped his energy leaving no appre- j
ciatlon of the pleasures he might have |
gained. j
"The goal of the great majority of
; men is money-making, but they never j
reach their goal though they devote j
1 their whole lives and energy to achlev- j
ing it because they lack a definite aim j
In life and have no clear-cut Ideas on '
how to go about fuelling their nm-1
bit ions. They live their lives in an 1
aimless. haphazard fashion. load!
themselves down with white elephants
and never reach the success and hap
piness for which they strive."
Rally of District posts of the Ameri
can legion in Liberty Hut at 9 p. m..
December 17. Speeches hv National
Commander Franklin D'Oller and
Commfssioner Louis Brownlow and an
elaborate entertainment program are
' Lectures on the league of nations by
i Representative William Upshaw In
T. M. C. A. Assembly Hall. 173* G
' street northwest, Wednesday night
' at 8 o'clock.
1 A dinner to former service men of
; First Baptist Church by the Men's
| League Friday nisht. Dr. Henry Al
len Tupper will officiate at the serv
! Ices attending the demobilization of j
j tho service flag.
' Meeting of the Rhode Island Avenue j
| Suburban Citizens" Association in j
; Sherwood Presbyterian Church, Wed-;
' nesdav night at 8 o'clock.
i The first after-the-war dance of the j
: Alpine Club in Old Masonic Temple. ?
I Ninth and F streets northwest. Wed- i
I nesday niyht at 8 o'clock.
Y. W. C. A. Christmas meeting of
' "Booklovers" Friday night at 8'
: o'clock. Miss Alice Hutchins Drake!
will speak on "The Story of the Na- j
[ tivity."
Riding and Hunt Club announces'
its next Tuesday evening ride fori
J January 6 and on^each week there-;
after. j
i A play. "Sunbonnets," by the Good i
| Shepherd Branch of the Girls' Friend- j
i lv Society In the Parish Hall. Sixth j
and I streets northeast, at 8 o'clock;
?norrow night.
Meeting of Colonial Beach Society
in the Public Library at 8 o'clock
i Tuesday night.
; An address by Brig. Gen. William j
; Mitchell on "Aeronautics. Past and
j Present," at a meeting of the Men's
Society of the Church of the Covenant, '
at 8 o'clock tomorrow night,
i A Bible pageant by the Washing
ton Readers' Club in Wilson Normal
School at 8:1"? o'clock tomorrow night.
Dr. James Shera Montgomery will
j speak.
Home Comforts in Jail.
Cincinnati. Dee. 14.?Women pris
oners in the Jail here, on the top
floor of the new $3,000,000 court
house. have been provided with
rocking chairs, and Sheriff Bader
says the county can now boast the
only Jail in the country with such
luxuries for prisoners.
Not Wine, Not Women Nor
Song, But Hours of Leis
ure Blamed for "Going
Wrong" of Young Men
In D. C.
F ' ?'
Not wine?Since Washington has
witnessed the passing of liquor, nor
I women?whose beauty is said to lura
I men from the path of righteousness,
, nor song:?with the Jaxx erase at its
j height, were given as the causes of
a young man's downfall last night
J0hn E Brigga, In
nrth Baptist Church, but a danger
ous leisure which he characterize*
the besetting sin of Washington.
Dr. Briggs preached on -How Can a
~,?s , L'v? In Washington
Without Going to the Devil." and
termed Washington the "city of
greatest leisure."
I Make the home attractive to the
| young man and keep fHm away from
| the glamour of the bright lights was
the advice of Dr. Briggs, who said:
It devolves on the mothers and sis
ters Of the young man to Interest him
in his home. To them I would say
give him the best room In the house
make it a place of comfort, hang pic
tures that inspire noble thoughts on
1>T. *Dd "lye " atmosphere
I 'hat will cause him to spend his
evenings there instead of standing on
street corners at mingling with harm
ful companions.
Choosing a vocation or profession
dlscuastd by Dr. Briggs. "The
,r?Ub'' w,,h you"? l?
? epeclal quallflcations
for a particular line of work. Many
of them f.|| |n the.r chosen work
after they have selected It because
'?ey do not prepare themselves for
eveVry"C.engfent *tUdy'n!: " ,rom
"Cultivating the habit of saving
mUZ. e88e",,,,l '? * young man's
wJhof,, "k merHy n,a,Prlal success
^ithout observance of the moral pre
cepts of religion, no one can be said
to have attained success.
reading the dangerous.
ramfnn hi Ur<> ?f th? day' 1 would
caution him not to overlook the Bible
the world's best seller and the aid
posai t5hr'r"hn,ty PlaCM *' h,a dis
posal to help him to achieve material
! r"cc"" a"d at the same time obser^
the precepts of morality." V
School Boys and Girls to
Aid Starving in Near
Boy, and Ctrl, i? the public schools
will be seeking jobs this week to earn
j money in order to have a part in the
'^Z'Tr." ?fre,i,"< ""'""d ?r America,,
people to prevent wholesale death by
on the pla
; tcaus of Armenia and Syria.
I L JZJl5?000 ??" homeless
and ,/).nto orphans are helpless. The
! been char
d by Congress to care lor their.
?Tves!hey arC ab'e ,0 carc fo'' 'h, m
The children will make i|,eir ...
but ma'" h"lC'r ,eachers December is
d^^erb^UU^dpfn,,R Bnrt
o7 z
^dWas m"M"n rePUblK' wl" 1 ' award.
^ch^iawi^ nt? Ser?'ce" to the
Ur?i. eSp,tR c,ft '? the
whi . V. h .? ?K for th" winning
Vn h ","d ?"e for - "lore,!.
*? S^Mbu?onTndeahp',;;^ed ca'ni"
' ward BuUding!* "Stained at W7 Wood
; The parochial schools are to con
i hL campaign later. Cardinal
ibbons fent instructions recentlv be
3?2if SSS ??
Cab Brother in Firht.
j during quarrel"wI tli'waiter* FlelI ^
r'^'2 V'rgini^f^'f
I ?;?' I
(Dr. John Britton Declares
All LaborTroublesWould
! Be at an End If All Peo-j
pie Obeyed Christ's Pre-|
cepts of Justice. I
1 ?|
Better realization of the person
ality and teachings of Christ *rss
proposed as a remedy for the pres
Ient social unrest, especially In the
labor troubles, by the Rev. Dr. John
Rrltton Clark last night In First
Presbyterian Church.
"From the nobility of His teach
ings." Dr. Britton said. "Christ
stands as the one great character
In .history: Everything He pro
poses as a principle of life is of
the finest and best. Applying His
teachings to our own times we And
them In absolute accordance with
the standards of true Americanism.
"Since every word coming from
the mouth of Christ during His
teaching years on this enrth wns
characteristic of the highest and
best In life, on* cannot fail to profit
by a closer contact with His teach
ings. It Is deplorable that the
world pays so little attention to
what Christ hap taught. He guides
all creatures whether they be in
the halls of stats or the hovel of
the peasant.
??Christ taught Justice and His
principles would form the best basis
for the economic distribution of
wealth. Christ taught love of
neighbor which if followed would
quiet the spiteful animosity of the
laborer who supposes h?* has been
wronged by his capitalistic em
"Christ slso taught respect for
authority. We find men railing at
legally constituted authority and
launching their anarchistic at
. tempts to overthrow governments.
Philadelphia Dec. 14. ? Any one
interested In the purchase of A hy
droairplane may visit the navy yard
to inspect the machines, according
to Instructions from Washington
received yesterday by Commander J.
D. Robnett. senior member of the
board of appraisal and sale. The in
istructlons from th*? chief of oper
ations of the Navy Department state
1 the navy is prepared to sell all of
it* aircraft whether or not it has
i bean ii-sted for disposal.
Many Philadelphlans had mani
fested an interest in seaplane* when
only the excess stock was listed for
sale, and It is believed by officials
at the yard that the new older will
bring additional prospective pur
Regena. Canada. Dec. 14.?Silver
fox**s on a ranch near here are er>l
eurians and live on the fat of the
Hand. This need not be wondered
'at. for silver foxes literally are
| worth their weight in bo1<1
I The little aristocrats are fed as
icxpensivelv as guests in the best
| hotels The meat served tllcm Is
I kept in n perfectly regulated and
[spotless refrigerator. It consists of
i the choicest cuts of tenderloin
[steaks and p"rk chops with a little
horse meat added by way of va
riety. The foxes have shredded
wheat prepared as carefully a? it
mieht be for some wealthy and
querulous Invalid. Other breakfast
foods, cereals and vegetables pam
per the appetites of the little beast*.
Automobile Hits Girl.
An automobile, owned and operated
by Nellie K. Sweet, of the Nether
lands. ran down May Donovan.
years old. of 1644 Hobart street north
west, last night, according to a re
port to the police. Miss Donovan was
: bruised.
?Want lo Dance?
R ightway Scboo ol Dancing
1218 K. Y. Ave. <bet. 12th A 13th>
i'roL Cain. Miss Fitxiiugb and Mra. H. L*
Holt can tcacb you id a few leaaona, if job
tan be taught. All Che lateat atepa. Walt*.
One-Step, Fox-Trot. etc. Pri?ate lea^na any
hour, He. Chooae the R1GHTWAY ACAD
EMY and you will not be disappointed, open
} > m. 'o 11 p. a
Quaint New Orleans '
Visit that quaintest of cities in which Spain. Prance and America are bo fascinatingly
blended, Nfew Orleans?that city famous for its Mardi Gras and more famous still for its old
world atmosphere of custom and heritage. Here you will get a passing glimpse of the old
South; taste of culinary lelights that smatter of the commingled art of three races; find a hint
of the history and romance of days that are gone. "
New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Resorts afford all Sports and Pastimes. Winter Racing,
Duck Shooting, Hunting, Golf, Yachting, Fishing, Motoring.
Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to Mobile, Pensacola or other famous Gulf
Coast Resorts where interesting people from all over the country foregather for tha winter
holiday under sunny skies in the welcoming Southland.
Attractive Winter Excursion Fare* to Reaorta in tha Southara offered by tha Unitad States Railroad Adtnlniltra
ti on. For Ferea, Schedules, Service, Maps or Booklet, "Florida and Southern Winter Reeorta," apply to or write
nearest Consolidated Ticket Office or ?
? United -States ? Railroad -Administoaiiw ?
Travel Bareaa Travel Bureau Travel Bureau
646 Treimportation Building 143 Liberty Street 802 Healey Buildinf
Chicago Haw York Atlanta
> '
Baltimore Healings De
clared a Revival of Mir
acle Cures Recounted In
Bible, the Rev. J. Frank
lin Bryan Says.
The recent miraculous cures which
have been accomplished in St. Pe
ter's Church, Baltimore, formed the
basis of a sermon by the Rev. J.
Franklin Bryan last night in North
Carolina Avenue Baptist Church, on
the subject: "Should the Ministry of
Healing Be Revived in the Church?"
The Rev. Mr. Bryan related several
incidents of healing of cripples spoken
of in the Scriptures and declared the
cures reported to have taken place in
Baltimore were only the revival of
the ministry of healing in Apostolic
One point emphasised by the Rev.
1 Mr. Bryan was the advisability of re
i liance on the ordinary human instru
I ments for remedying human ills.
"The physician often is the instru
? ment of God." he said, "and we must
i use these ordinary means of regain
| ing our health besides our earnest
I prayer to God to bring us back to
[Attorney General Asks Sub
Committee to Hear His
Side of Controversy.
J Attorney General Palmer, it wan
announced last night, has asged
; permission to appear but ore the
Senate sub-committee investigat
ing the coal situation, to reply to
: the testimony given that body Sat
I urday by Dr. l.an y A. Garfield, re
! tiring fuel administrator.
Palmer would like to appear bo
| fore tiie sub-committee today, but
'it i? doubtful whether ua audience
fwill be granted. He was iniorme<i
?that it might be possible for him
to come before the sub-committee
Tuesday. When Dr. Garfield was
a witnesH before the-subcommittce
lie sharply criticiczed the plan of
settlement of the coal strike agreed
jupon by Palmer and the miners'
l representatives,
j ?
Russian Blockade Lifting
Asked By British Colonel
Ix>ndon, Dec. 14.?Gross misrepresen
tation by the European press of con
ditions in Soviet Russia is charged
by Lieut- Col. Malone, a member of
i Parliament, who has just returned
; from a tour of Russia. He denies
specifically the stories of nationaliza
j tion of women by the Boisheviki and
I the assertion that Bolshevism is a
I German product. He urges lifting the
blookade and an attitude of neutral
ity to all Russian parties.
Youth Reproaches Compan
ion Who Shot Him for
Revealing His Name.
Philadelphia, Dec. 14.?"Oh Jim
my! why did you tell when you
promlaed me you woudln't?"
While the surgeons were prob
ing for a bullet which had entered
hie abdomen Frank Coyle. 1? years
old, of 108 South Boneall street,
thus accusingly took his chum to
task for confession to^ the shoot
Young- Coyle and his 14-year-old
friend, James Dougherty, went fish
ing yesterday afternoon In the vi
cinity of the South street bridge
over the Schuylkill River. With
them they had a small-caliber rifle.!
When they tired of Ashing they;
decided to test their marksmanship. J
Coyle. It is said jumped up on a
stump, held out'his cap and yelled:
"Hey, Jimmy, see if you can hit
this." Jimmy aimed at the cap and
flred. The bullet struck Coyle in1
the hand, was deflected by a bone j
and entered his abdomen.
Dougherty then called for help, but j
in the meantime Coyle hsd made him |
promise not to tell who had done the j
When the police srrived both boys
refused to give any information about
the accident. While his friend was on
the operating table in the University
Hospital, however. Dougherty broke
down when questioned by detectives.
He confessed to the shooting, but said
he didn't know the rifle was loaded.
Coyle then took him to task for
breaking his promise.
"Your mother is sick," said Coyle.
"and when she learns of this it will
only worry her and make her worse."
Dougherty was sent to the House of
Detetnion. At the hospital last night
it was said'Coyle's condition is criti
I SPEriAL?Thin - . . I
I M Mtnlflrfnt ?.en- (PTC fill*
! mVg ?"TM W ? 5)? vl) }
I 111.IE WHITE |
Iretiknabi.g at FILL PRICE|
j | As Per Written Agreement j
j F.venliKR t'ntll 10 o'cloek J
{Quality Jewelry Co.!
438 9th St N. W. J
Stes Return of V**"
Dr. J. T. Loeb, organiser of the
Hebrew free school la the District,
said last night in an address before
the Herat Club, leading intermediate
Zionist organisation of this city, that
the return to Palestine means the
return to Judaism and urged the
support of the younger generation for
the Zionist movement. John B. Nevis*
ser, president of the club, presided
California Authorities Make
Record Haul in Raids
On Terrorists.
San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 14.?Fed
eral agents and police were busy to
night working through a card Index
of nfore than 1.000 names of members
of the California Communist party
and the Russian Soviet workers of the
Pacific Coast, seized last night in the
most pretentious "Red" raid conduct
ed thus far in California.
Great heaps of documents, letter
files and minutes of the meetings were
also seised. The Communist party
was recently organised In Oaklanu.
J. A. Ragsdale. declared to be State
organiser of the Communist party,
was taken to the Oakland city Jail.
The officers said it will require all
of three days to go over the many
documents seised.
Bail was set at 11,000.
Baltimore Pastor Speaker
At Annual Meeting of
Lord's Day Alliance.
The Lord's Day Alllxnoe la Its
thirty-first annual convention U
Covenant 1'resbyterian Church yes
terday afternoon drew up resolu
tions conveying the sympathy of
the organisation to President Wil
son in bin illness and expressing
its hope for his early and complete
State and District -'-cretarias ?I
the Alliance present were: Reva
S. B. Todd. W. W. Davis. Ph. D.
H. A. Strong and a. D. Price.
Dr. Howard a Kelly, a Baltimore
surgeon, addressed the Alliance or
awakening Christians to definite
action to preserve the America*
obs?-rvano" on Sunday.
Thomas II Rush, surveyor of th?
Port of New Tork, spoke on ths
psychology of the welfare move
ment among Federal rmployaa
Rush is th* originator of the move
ment. He praised the Alliance fs*
| its work to obtain a day of real
for government worker*.
T*> r* thf fmtH. can fw fnt Mm* UlA
?ioatm of H W CRmX Onr* a CkMj*
On* Day. ?e.-Ad?
IF you would have your money earning
interest and at the tam: time subject ta
check; if you want courteous attention
at all times; it you desire to be assured oi
absolute safety for every dollar select the
Union Trust Company as your bank.
We pay 2 ?fc inter
est on checking balances
and assure you ot tb;
utmost satisfaction.
Very Favorable Prices to
Reduce Stock Before Xmas
TJKCAUSE of the backward >eason the
" approaching- holidays find us with
too many furs on hand. To induce buy
ing before the first of the year, when
many obligations mature, we're making
Great Price Concessions!
We bought pelts in advance of raises
in prices, and with the Reductions this
sale enforces, now offer you fine
FURS at RETAIL at Praviously
Wholes Ale Prices
An unprecedented opportunity for
Xmas fur buyers. Included are espe
cially givable small furs?Scarfs, Chok
ers, Muffs, etc.?also Coats, Wraps and
Sets^in every wanted fur and effect.
Odds and Ends of Small Furs
Furs Reserved on Payment of Deposit
Manufacturers Who Retail at Wholesale Prices
X *
, 1212 F Street
In Business in Washington Over 25 Years

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