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justice Department Eager
To Learn Success from
- Advance Information.
4AUemr Qansral Palmsr to expected
to take complete char** of the 8u
XM Court -teak" investigation upon
Ms return to Um city Thureday
- Department officials art Boat In
teracted la IHauililm the exact
- tassrtsl suceeas that attended the
ck market transaction* of the
alleged to kava uaad "advance
lawyers and a minor attache of
Supreme Court have already been
r. ationed In connection with the ease,
i The department la Interacted also
determining the amount ft
city In the claim of the men vlri
lavoatlgaUon that they had no
Information of the decisions
the court, bat simply flsured out
decisions through a process of
ductioa. It la probable that the
da of a number of Wall Street
(s houses win be Investigated
discover the extent of the prodt
ness of this process of deduction,
j The Department of Justice lawyer
?nder investigation is not an assist
ant attorney general. It was deflnlte
etatod yesterday. Nevertheless,
ale here are dumfounded to
?now that a Federal employe should
|ven attempt to deauee the declalone
the highest law body of the coun
before the decisions were made
Mk In open session.
I Ther> was no disposition In Con
yssterday to act on the mat
unUI the Department of Justice
Anally completed Its tnveettga
and leeued a statement concedi
ng the ca^e. and the members of j
Die Supreme Court sre content to
pgrmlt the department's Inquiry to
completed before they take any
action or request that It be taken
punish the guilty.
! Winchester.?A volunteer force of
It men have started to chop down |
?r trees in every section of Fred
ck County as a means to save the |
pie Industry of tne Winchester re
It Is esId fruit growers have |
itatned a loss of tl.?n.WW this sea
l on account of the cedars.
anvllle.?mr. and Mrs. H. F. Vass,
recently were run down and serl
Injured by a motor bus of the
*el Burton, driven by a negro, are {
jtlng the hotel for HS.WO.
; Winchester ? Tha anticipated ap-j
ifaisal by land assessors for ths state
Ee la slarmlng farmers In this sec-'
Real estate recently has been I
ted greatly.
!: ?
? Danville.?Samuel D. Kent, recently!
iiuatered out of tha naval service. ,
Iks awarded a distinguished service I
itedal by Secretary Daniels.
?"Blacksburg.?C. A. Montgomery, who
tas served as county agent at Fred
reksburg. will come here January 1
take the poaltion of assistant Stats
Stub agent.
J Fredericksburg.?Edgar Weedon, son'
M Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weedon. of
flat Run. Orange County, la dead at
(kattanooga. Tenn.
? Richmond ?Tha Klwaola Club has
toted against tha proposed raise of
Seres on the city car llnee.
Richmond.?A light developed In the
krsL day's hearings of plans for high
ways before the recently organized
State Highway Commission. One
group insisted upon concentrating Im
provements on the main trunk roads
while the representatives of outlying
districts Insisted on distributing the
? Norfolk.?Thirty-eight officers of the
bid Dominion 8teamshlp LJne operat
ing from Norfolk, have submitted to
t temporary settlement of their de
mand for higher salaries.
' Richmond.?More than EtB.000 pounds
Of sugar released here by the Sugar
Equalization Board have been placed
(t> sale at 14 cents per pound.
Roanoke?Plans are being made
Wire to take over the armory for use
?a a school following the loss by Arc
tk ths Park street School, one of the
largest in the city.
"Petersburg.?Miss Mary Mulcahy, of
freteroburg, and James O. Barnett.
Were married at Huntington. W. Vs.,
ftcording to a telegram from there.
^ftsnvlile.?Joseph H. Harris, llfe
I' . resident of Danville. Is dead at
Tie age of W.
^Fredericksburg.?John R. Perry and
|(lae Msrgaret G. Thornton have been
jjarried. They will live in Stafford
pVarrentnn.?An American Legion
vat. known as John D. Hudduth Post
fo 71 has beea organised here. It is
gmed after a Fauquier County man
^io lost his life In the service.
j Paper Company Sold.
piontreai. fiec. W?The Howard
pnith Paper Mills. Ud.. has been sold
k a going- concern to a new company
fcorporated under tha same heme
hd with an authorised capital of 17.
B.0Ml This announcement was made
?day by stockholders.
: "Bayer's Tablets of Aspirin" to be
genuine must be marked with the
safety "Bayer Cross." Always bay
?n unbroken Bayer package, which
(ontains proper directions te safaiy
ftelleve Headache. Toothache, Bar
* " \ Neuralgia. .Colds and pain,
dy tin boxes of 12 tablet* coat but
fejr cents at drug stores?large
"?fs also. Aspirin Is the trade
ef Bayer Manufacture of Mono
dester ot BallcyHcadd.
?Want to Dance?
Tor cam luur at
Rifkwiy Scksi ?f D
ISM m. r. Ave. fwt. 1M *
k If tos as to tss*L
Wska, Os.?N>. ft.,
say bssr. Wa
*11 iOIBMT ai
rr sad
Christmas Cheer to Last Twelve Months in
A Fourteen Homes of Unfortunates If
Total of $10,949 Is Raised by Society.
On thoiwfcd ddollars wu sub
scrlbod to tho Fourteen Christmas
Opportunities of the Associated Char
IHaa yesterday, tl\f first dsy the op
pert onlttes were open. offlclels be
IIsts that two of them will be closed
An earnest appeal Is mads that the
suns swift pace of progress be con
tinued until every one of the four
teen opportunities is closed and the
needy families Involved provided for
throughout the coming year.
Givers stain are assured by the so
ciety that every dollar they clvo will
be credited to the opportunity which
they select. The only exception Is In
cases whore the full amount asked
for has been already Subscribed be
fore the particular contribution Is re
celved. In those Instances the money
given Is assigned to some other op
portunity and la the acknowledge
ment sent to the fiver, the number
of the opportunity to which the dona
tion Is spplled Is stated on the re
Everything told in the stories of
theee families is true except the
names. Christian names of the chil
dren have been changed and no sur
names are being published. While
the stories are real they involve
typical cases, so that ons might guess
in vain in an effort to identify the
particular family whose need is de
Those desiring to contribute should
send their money either to The Wash
ington Herald or to the Social Bervlce
House. KJ H street northwest, for
these families. The following gifts
have been received to date:
v No. 1.?The father gone blind.
bravely re-edoeatln* hlmsein
father and SMlWr and two ehll
dreni needed for the yean
I. A. P.. *3.
A. H.
727 Kinc Street.
Alexandria. Va.. Dec. 16.?A branch
of the Virginia Association for the
Common Good, will be organMd In
this city next Friday night.
Preliminary work was accomplished
yesterday afternoon when a number
of business men were addressed on the
aims and purposes of the organiza
tion at the rooms of the Chamber of
Commerce by John K. Branch, chair
man. and W. T. Dabney. of Rich
The meeting was presided over by
Carroll Pierce. Afterward those at
tending held a meeting, and M. B.
Harlow was chosen chairman, and he
named the following committee on or.
ganlxatlon: J. M. Duncan, A. D.
Brocket!. Julian T. Williams. Judge
C. E. Nicol. Joseph E. Schwarzmann
and W. A. Moore.
I'. This committee will hold a meeting
Friday night at 8 o'clock In the rooms
of the Chamber of Commerce.
The purposes of the organization
are to promote constructive economic
governmental policies, national ^nd
State, and to awaken the people to
deeper Interest and participation In
the affairs of their country by fair
and earnest presentation of the com
posite views of the men throughout
the Stats hav'.ns *ide and varied ex
perience in directing activities upon
which the real prosperity of the coun
try depends. Dues are ? a year.
This organisation is to act with
similar organizations* in each Con
gressional district, to be composed of
two members from each district, which
committee shall act In an advisory
capacity, each district selecting the
representative to aerve on said com
Miss Susie Mabel Wood, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wood, and George
W. Allenworth were married yester
day afternoon at the home of the
bride's parents. Rev. E. B. Jackson.
D-.D- pastor of the First Baptist
Church, officiating.
The bride was attended by her sis- t
ter. Miss Etta Wood, and the bride
groom had for his best man. Douglas
Merchant. Following a Southern
bridal trip, the couple will reside at ]
112 South Patrick street.
At a social session of the Henry K. |
Field Bible Class, of the M. E. Church
South, held last night, addresses were j
delivered by James R. Caton, John H..
Trlmyer, H. B. Caton. N. S. Green
away and J. Frank Myers, sirporin
tendent of the Sunday school, and i
Rev. E. V. Register. D.D., and ?I
reading was given by David E. Robey.
A musical program also was given in I
which Washington and local talent j
participated. Afterward a supper was ?
tendered the guests.
The dance committee of Fitxger- J
aid Council. No. 459, Knights of Co
lumbus. has arrange* for a dance i
which will be given Friday evening, j
December St. In the auditorium of
the Elks' Home. It Is expected that |
a large number of members will at
Eight days have passed since the |
disappearance of Kenneth M. F. j
Sprlngman from this city and no I
trace of his whereabouts has yet I
been found, although every avail
able cluo furnished the authorities |
has been run down.
The Virginia Athletic Club to-!
night gave Its first 'dance of the
season In the auditorium of the
Elks' Home, which was largely at
Puck and Jidy Bciaf Revived.
Washington "kiddles" will be Riven
a rare treat by the Community Serv
ice during the Christmas holidays, it
plans now nearlng completion are suc
cessfully carried out Director Eng
lish, of the Washington Community !
Service, ? ha? planned to revive the
ancient Punch and Judy shows and to
exhibit them free of charge to Wash
ington's boys and girls.
Coatmac Navy War Pay.
The House yesterday voted to
continue war-time allowance* to
officers of the Navy until peace Is
proclaimed by the President Under
the provisions of the measure, the
commissioned personnel in the Navy
will receive approximately >10.000 a
day additional pay until peace la
To Tali aa Laacae.
Reproeentatlve Will D. Upshaw, of
Atlanta. On., will be the principal
speaker on "The league of Nations"
at a meeting to be held tonight In the
auditorium of the T. M. C. A. Jack
eon H. Ralston, prominent local attor
ney, will praaide. There will be a
special musical program.
A >**?!?? That Does Hot AfoM Head
aeesast oI Its toaie and bistfvs s??ct. LAX A
TtVB BKOMO QC1XI.NK (Tkbtefe) can be tstan
lae bTtnT head. Is pa?'iiio"^aSo ??
sine." a W. oaowa J| - Mtniaa
IV*. taah away
the hresdwlaaen wM?w ail
four eklMreai 11^40 aeeded far ^
the yean NIm A. P. Hi Mr*.
W. J. Ik. *25.
Ha. 2. ? Wife 4catk?4 try lac
fa keep the Imbm 0re? baratagi
4eaerte4 wife aad twa children t
?780 needed far the years Mrs.
G. L M. 9100.
Na. 4.?Health hreshlag, with
aaa safsfartaae after aaatheri
deserted wife aad three ehll
dreai 91.390 far tha year fta
aeededi ' Mrs. M. 9., 9B| Mrs. L
A. B., 991 Aaaaysaaas, 99.
lfs. 5.?A?rgregste ages af this
family af three, 229 yearsj 9780
far the year la aeadedi A. J. I...
9191 Prirad. 98| MU? I. C. F?
92M| Mrs. B. H. B.. 9250.
Na. 7.?Nine younjc Aaaerleaaa
la the Mahlagf wldaw and sine
ehlldreat 91.002 la aeeded far the
yean A War Warher. 911 Mlaa
M. T. B.. 910.
I*a. H. *? Better aff wlthaat
their fatheri deserted wife aad
fair childrenj 946S far the year
la aeededi R. ?. F- 910.
If a. ?.?The award af Damae
les. taberealoslsi wldaw aad flvc
ehlldreat 9520 la aeeded far the
yean T. O. 9.. 925.
Ne. 12 A little aaather aad
her ehanreei widow aad foar
ehlldreai 9979 far the year aa
needed I H. S. K.. $10, T. O. 9..
?>o. 13. ? Widowed aad crip
pled, hat aaahlajr s plaehy l|ht|
widow aad Ore ehlldreat 9520 Is
aeeded for the years Mrs. L. C.
W.. 925.
Ka. 14. ? Shoring her hosae
with naother widow aad foar
ehlldreat 91.002 Is seeded far
the yeart Mrs. Q. L, 941 Miss
A. 9.. 9200.
Total suked for. 910.9491
ssaaaat received. 91.027.
. (i
Home-comlag reunion of Phi Kappa
Iota Fraternity of Emerson Institute |
In the chapter houao. 314 C street,
at ) p. m. December 27.
Meetlnar of the nature section of I
the Twentieth Century Club tills af- '
ternoon at 3 o'clock in the home of
"Mrs. Frank G. Carpenter. 1?23 Con
necticut avenue. Mrs. William H.
Herron will preside. . I
Christmas party and dance by the
junior class of Cohimbia College, i
George Washington University, Fri
day night In Sigma Nu Fraternity
House. 1739 P street.
Meeting of the Anthony League at1
20C7 Columbia road this afternoon at
3 o'clock. Miss Mabel Boardman an-J
Mrs. Archibald Hopkins will speak.
Organization of a new troop of
colored Boy Scouts will be under
taken tonight at <5 o'clock, at Mount
Carmel Church, Third and I Streets.
Deputy Commissioner Charles A.
Marshall, in Charge of colored scouts,
will deliver an address.
The Big Sister*' Club of the Thomp
son Community Center will tdtertain
the boys at Walter Reed Hospital
tonight at 8 o'clock with vaudeville,
followed by refreshments at the Red
Cross Hut.
Dance of the Alpine Club tonight
at 8:30 o'clock in the Old Masonic
Temple. Ninth and F streets.
The Washington City Auxiliary
Mission to Lepers will hold a series'
of popular meetings during the week,
commencing today, at Hyattsvllle.
Md. There will be addresses and
Meeting of Y. W. C. A. "Book
lovers" at 8 o'clock Friday night in
their headquarters. The story of the
Nativity in art will be discussed.
Dinner for former service men
of the First Baptist Church, in the
church. Sixteenth and O streets, by
the Men's Olub, Friday night. Rev.
Dr. Henry Allen Tupper and Repre
sentative Upshaw will speak at
services attending the demobiliza
tion of the service flag.
New York, Dec. 16.?The follow
ing Washingtonians have registered
s? New Yrrk Sill*.
E. D. Mayer. Pennsylvania: Mrs.
C. Nohre, millinery. 432 Fourth ave.,
13th floor; Mrs. C. Johnson, Alcazar;
J. W. Osborne. Grand.
'Talks, chow, and smokes/' are
going to feature the meeting to
night of the "Old Troopers," ac
cording to an announcement by E.
H. Coolldge, troop clerk, of the as
sociation. The meeting will be held
In the Dutch Room of the New Eb
bitt. starting at 9 o'clock.
Dr. M. M- Madden, of St. Louts.
Mo., will speak at the Ebenezer
Church. Fourth and D streets south
east. tonight at 8 o'clock, on "The
Reconstruction of the Negro Race."
A meeting of the South Washing
ton Citizens' Association will be
held tonight at 8 o'clock at the Jef
ferson School.
Officers for the coming year will
be elected tomorrow night bv the
Louisiana Society of Washington,
meeting at the Washington Club,
17th and K streets, at 8:30 o'clock.
Members of the Society are request
ed to be there an hour earlier in
order to participate In the election
of officers. The Louisiana Senators
and Representatives and their ladies
will be the guests of honor. There
will he dsneliior. i
Mother Pronounced Insane,
How Boy Met Death May
Never Be Fourid Out.
Atlantic City. N. J.. Dec. M ?
Whether 1-year-old "Buddy" Blake
tumbled from the South Cambridge
venue Pier to his death in the
breaker* or waa thrown overboard by
hi* mother, lira. Either Blake, who
waa pronounced tnaane today by two
medical expert*, may remain a mys
Mra. Blake, who 1* under arrest
In the Atlantic City Hospital,
charged with the murder of her lit
tle son. has modified the original
>tory of the incidents leading to the
boy's disappearance and death, ad
mitting to Dr. Bredwith. the mental
expert retained by the police andj
I Dr. Souder, the coroner's physician.,
that her first story of the kidnap
ping of the boy by two negroes may
have been a delusion.
She said she remembered Buddy
tearing himself away from her as
they were walking along the board
walk and disappearing lir the dark
ness and fog. She called for him.
she said, fearing: he might run down
I the pier and fall overboard, but
there came no answer; all she could
' hear was the sound of fog bells and
the shrieking of sirens out beyond
the breakers. Then she became un- ]
conscious, she said, and wheii she,
I came to sometime afterward. ??mf
| thing seemed to snap in *r*'"
and she became obsessed with the
idea or delufion that she had been
held up by two negroes who haa
run oft with - Buddy."
The physicians declared Mr .
Blake to be suffering from recur
rent or periodical delusionary in
sanity. Today, while slfe was tell
ing the atory of the boy's disap
pearance. her mind semed to be per
fectly clear and alert and there was
no sign of derangement. nr.
Souder. however, believes her to be
an incurable paranoiac. The phy
sicians announced that in
over Mrs. BMVa'* P"t hl,?ory ^
had discovered that she had bee
a sufferer from delusions for
"None'of the woman's stories, they
sav can be accepted without cor
roboration and thi? is nianifeaty
impossible, there being no eyes w t
nesses of the tragedy, so far as
known: therefore, the mystery ma>
never be solved and Mrs. Blake may
never be brought to trial for the
boy'* murder.
New York. Dec. 1?.-The congres
sional committee which has been in- (
vestlgatlng Immigration
litatlon laws and procedure wUl make
seven recommendation# to the House,
for "tightening up" national imml
'^re^Tisaac Siesel. member
of the committee, said
committee will propose establishment
I of naturalization courts In all large
[cities; a method of requiring ail
voung Americans to take an oath|
of allegiance upon becoming 3 5**?
of aw. abolition of the office of Com
mfssioner General of Immigration;
appointment of an assistant secretary
of the Department of L*bor to super
| viae immigration alfair?; mandatory
legislation providing for more rigtd
inspection at Ellis Island, where !>?
per cent of all alien* enter the coun
try; a military immigration P*1?)
the Canadian and Mexican borders,
and more drastic punishment for ship
owners allowing alien members of
crew* to desert.
D. C. Episcopalians
Report Drive a Success
Indications that the quota of
?"04 000. set for Washington and vi
1 cinity. In the nation-wide campaign
'of the Episcopal Church to raise a
fund of 120.000.000 will be far ex
1 ceeded, continued to pour Into the
. # . v.? mno i cr?
ceenea, cunimm- ? ?
local headquarters of the Campaign
Committee through yesterdXy and
last night. -
Notwithstanding the hearty re
sponse to the pleas of the workers
every effort will be made to keep
the campaign going full force. The
Rev. D. Wellington Curran Is chair-j
man of the local committee.
Senator-Has Bill to
Relieve Paper Famine
Senator roindexter yesterday in
troduced a bill providing for a survey
of the pulp wood resources of the
United States, with a view to reliev
ing the paper shortage.
The bill direct* the Secretary of
Agriculture to classify all timber and ,
public lands which is suitable for
wood pulp, to report to Congress on
present consumption and production j
of pulp wood and to recommend a
plan for insuring a sufficient supply j
by reforestation. It appropriates a
million dollars for making the survey, j
$900,000 Toledo Fire.
Toledo. Dec. IS.?Fire did damage |
estimated at J900.000 to the stock
and bulMtngs of the Milburn Wagon
Works here today. Two four-story |
buildings and thirty electric auto
mobiles and other property were
consumed. A dozen firemen narrow
ly escaped injury when a wall col
Fire Damage to Home, $800.
Fire of mysterious origin caused
$800 damage to the home of John Jack
son, 4<v> N street northwest yesterday
afternoon. The fire started on the sec
ond floor.
Fruk.413 Cafe St. Marks Street
Neu) Year's Eve Celebration
?Reservations now being made
?Limited to 200 guests
q A special COURSE SUPPER, with
many innovations and favors for every
guest, will be served New Year's Eve.
DANCING from 10 to 2 o'clock.
Positively limited to 200 guests. Write
or telephone, reserving your table NOW.
Market Chickens
Go Beyond Reach
Of Even Dealers
Chicken* soared beyond the
reach *t customer! yesterday at
Canter market. They were so
high that they coald not b? sold
and dealera themselves experi
enced difficulty in getting them.
The chickens, two of thehi, ad
journed an whirring pinions to
the roofs of building* on L<ouia
iana avenue, inaugurating a mer
ry cha*e which eventually In
volved owners, sympathetic deal
ers, customer* and pa**ersby.
For fifteen minutes the situa
tion was tense, a* chickens and
chaaara cantered over the slip
pery shingles. Frultleaa grap
ple* served only to spur the pur
surers on.
Finally both birds displayed
the white feather and were
brought triumphantly back to
their cages. Bad to relate, how
ever, the prospective customers
for whom the fowl* were re
leased are still being sought by
a hopeful dealer.
isFauto cases
$20 Fines for Violation of
j 15-foot Rule Next Move in
War on the Reckless.
The harvest of the police campaign
against traffic law violators, as re
vealed In the police court yesterday,
was 150 cases. Twenty-eight of the
inumber were for speeding. Collat
eral of $5 was forfeited in twenty
three cases; four defendants for
feited $10. and one other $15.
Those charged with passing street
cars stopped to discharge and take i
on passengers and the amounts for- *
felted were Alonso S. Mutersborgh, j
$20; Edwin BotU. $20; T Joseph!
Goodlow, $20; William I*. Bowman.
Assistant Corporation Counsel
Ringgold Hart stated that hereafter
collateral for passing street cars in
violation of the lS-foot regulation
will be not less than $20.
According to the records of the
clerk of the court. Frank Sebring.
the forfeits and fines in the two
branches of the police court Monday
totaled more than $G,000. d
Cafe Row Costs $S9.
Aldin H. Davis, a stylishly attired
young man, wag charged In the Police
Court yesterday with "making threats
in a menacing manner." on complaint
| of Jojeph R. Rabbi tt. It was testified
I that while in a restaurant Sunday
I night I>avls started a 'rough houne."
and threatened Rabbitt. Judge Mc
! Mahon fined the defendant $00.
, '
Usual Crop of Street and
Home Thefts Is Reported
To the D. C. Police.
Bobberies in department it ore* jrn
terday took an appreciable drop, while
street and home thefta increased.
Jewelry, valued at 1312. was stolen
i from the home of Mrs. M. E. Vernon.
100b O street northweat. the police
were Informed.
Henry Cole, of Massachusetts ave
nue extended, reported a theft of t*0
from his trousers pocket while at
work in the Bureau of Standards.
Miss M. B. Norwell. 1517 Euclid
street northwest, told the police of the
loss of a pocket book containing HO in
Two lap robes, both valued at 133,
were reported stolen from an automo
bile belonging'to Or. E. C. Shade, #21
Fifteenth street northwest.
An overcoat, the property of William
Edglngton. 1612 Rhode Island avenue
northwest, was reported stolen from
the Central Y. M. C. A. building.
Ten sheets of corrugated galvanised
Iron, valued at 314. were stolen from In
front of 1017 Twenty-flrst street north
west. F. G. Tubbs. of 2* Florida ave
nue northwest, reported.
Mrs. Margaret Rhyne, 3011 Dumbar
ton avenue northwest, reported a
pbeketbook, containing 317, stolen
while in a grocery store near her
END 50-50 PLAN
property In the District compared
favorably to other communities, Mr.
Si* son declared that Kentucky realized
more on the tax on dojrs than was
paid on Intangible property for a num
ber of veara.
Mr. Slsson. who 1? chairman of the
District subcommittee on the Appro
priations Committee, declared that if
the half and half was repealed, he did
not believe Congress would tax the
people of the District of Columbia
as much as some cities voluntarily t*3t
In an argument with Mr. Worth
ington it wai brought out that while
the tax assessor in the District is ap
pointed by he commissioner and is
amenable o him, assessors in other,
communitie are elected by the people
and a desire for re-election prevents
them from rendering a fair tax as
Mr. Sisson contended that while
the District gets just as much pro
tection as State governments and
exercises all the functions of a State,
or county government. Investlga-]
shows that upon two-thirds' valua- j
tion assessment, the people of the
District pay only half as much tax
as other cities of like slxe. including!
the county and State tax.
Mr. Sisson reiterated the charge
made by Herbert J. Browne, that
? ^
Final ?rr?m?ir.f-.tj for th? enter
tainment to be given Friday alghl
at the Pythian Temple were made
last iilfkt by the (Jen. Neleoa A.
Ml lea Camp. No. I. of the United
Spanlah War Veterana. at a meeting
In the Perpetual Hall Bulldla*. The
entertainment haa been planned (or
the gnrilllif at the rmoblllaatioa
i Capt. George L Armstrong, past
department commander, who com
manded a company of Infantry dar
ing the world war. told of eome
of hla experience* lighting the
bocbe. Paat Commander Jerry A.
Coat el lo also apoke.
Brie. Gen. George Barnett, com
mander of the Marine Corps, who
will be unable to attend the enter- .
talnment. haa selected Brig Gen. J
Charles J. Lonf to repreaent him.
Hostilities' Renewal
Danger Now Averted
Paris. Dec. M.?Danger of posatble J
resumption of bostilltlea aa the result
of Germany's attitude toward the
protocol of the peace treaty was
Anally averted today.
The Supreme Council decided that
the German reply to the allied note
demanding acceptance of the proto
col delivered by Baron von Leraner.
"moat conciliating" and that a
reply would be dlapatched to Berlla
"aa soon as possible."
Break Prison Yard Gate
To Steal Jailer's $200 Cow
Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 11?Thimi ?
broke through the heavy iron gates of |
the Jail yard here just before day- |
break today and stole Jailer Reeves' J
Jersey cow. valued at $300.
Wilsop Sites Soldier's Life.
President Wilson has saved Capt. !
Daniel Smith, XKlrf Infantr/, from
execution for alleged retreat from
the enemy at Bin&rvtlle, France, in
I September. 1918. the War Department
announced today. The President or
dered Capt. Smith restored to duty.
many wealthy people moved to
Washington to avail themselves of
the low taxation. He refused to cite
Mr. Worthlngton, who preceded
the / Mississippi Representative.;
charged that repeal of the half and ;
half plan would revert conditions
in the District to the "horrible"!
state of affairs that existed prior to j
1878, when Cong-res passed the or- ?
ganic act. known as the half and {
half plan, as the only means of I
rescuing the National Capital from I
its position as a disgrace to the na
If a change in fiscal relations be- I
'tween the District and the Federal
I government is to be made. Mr. Worth
I in Eton insisted, it should be made
only as to the proportion of the
I moneys to be paid by the Federal and
j District governments rather than by
an indefinite arrangement which
would permit the District to raise
' what it could and Congress appro
priate whatever it saw fit to create
a sufficient amount to cary on the
affairs of the District government.
Story of Attempt to Bribe
Sergeant Is Given in
McMahon's Court.
Chimin* their ptaaa to ?tvOtr."
(our men wprt mund to ?? n IN
4tri to Uw District Workhouse u4
to pay additional Ones on chargoa
of bootlr?tfng. by ju<tc* MeMahon
lata yesterday afternoon.
Tliey were:
Thomaa Lee Ftodds. MM ThleteH
street northwest: I>ewl? Mdvtn Walk
er. Edcemore, Md. . Curta Edward
Ooeoell, ion Thirty-that street north
waot; and Charles Smith, colored.
12M Second atreet KwthVML The
first three were required to pay p.fM
?toe. and Smith
Motorcycle ' Pol Iceman E. P. Alei
ander arreted the men September 7
According to the testimony, one of
the men attempted to bribe Ser*t
8 J. Marlu. of the Tennallytmrn
police station, n was also developed
in the testimony that the men had*
purchased a fT.Jin hotaae In the North*
west to whidi to store liquor.
Discovered by Woman;
Prowler Goes Quickly
Mr*. Fanny Cunningham. proprietor
of a boarding houae at 1512 K street
northwest, discovered a negro prowl
ing in a room on the third floor of
her home yesterday morning The man
said he was a messenger from a cloth
ing store and was sent to got a pack
age which wa? left at that addrea*
by mists ke. He left hastily.
Mrs. Cunningham told tho police the
man had been seen in the house a
week ago.
Boxer Held far Dcitk.
New Brunswick. 1*. J.. Dec. !#.?
Johnny Carroll, a bo*er. of Roose
velt, N. J., was arraigned here to
day on a technical charge of man
slaughter. The action came as the
result of the death of lx>uis Ronki.
a fighter whom Carroll knocked out
la*t week. Joseph McNulty. pro
moter of the club before which tho
fight waa otaged. wan also arraign
ed. Roth were held under bond.
joix orit
1920 Christmas
Savings Qub
Washington SaTings Bank
The Greatest Assortment of
Christmas Footwear
At the Lowest Prices in Washington
For Women For Men
Women's Black and Gray Felt Slippers?Turn
leather soles. A comfortable, well made slip- ^ 1 J r
per at a very special price
Women's Felt Juliets?In Black, Gray and numerous
other colore. Leather soles and heels, daintily f 1 ir
trimmed with fur. Special s
Women's Felt Juliets?Plush trimmed. In Lavender,
Old Rose, Pink, Blue, Wine and other colors. Leather
soles. Extra good quality, made by Dodgeville
Felt Shoe Company. Special
Women's Ribbon Trimmed Felt Slippers, with pom
pom, soft felt soles; in Gray, Blue, Lavender, Pink
Old Rose, Black and Wine. Made by Dodge- (1 QP
ville Felt Shoe Co. Special
Women's Boudoir Slippers, of kid, with pom pom
turn, flexible sole. In Black, Pink, Lavender, {1 nr
Old Rose, and other shades.... vl?W
Girls' Regimented Shoes
Good strong shoes for misses
and children. High cut, tan
chrome leather.
Sizes 8H to 11,
Sizes 11 ^ to 2
Mta's Felt Romeo*?In Black and Gray.
Leather soles and heels. Well made ffl QC
and comfortable. Special at.....
Men's Kid Romeo*?In Black and Tan.
Turned soles. Excellent quality at a (O QC
very low price
Men's Everette*?In Black and Tan.
Turned soles, well made. Bargain at...
Men's Opera Slipper*?In Black and Tan. M QP
Turnd sole*. Acceptable gifts.............
Men's Everette Slippers?In Black <xr Grey
felt, with felt solea. Special................
Famous Storm Fighters
The greatest shoe value ia the city
Heavy extension sole, long uppers, with
two brass buckle strap?; bellows tongue.
Almost impoesfM* to wear them out.
Sixes ? to 1S% | Sises 1 to 5*
$3.45 $3.85
For Misses
Misses' and Children's Felt
Juliets, fur trimmed, with pom
poms; leather soles. In pink,
blue, lavender, red and other
Size* 5 to 8 $1.39
Siae* 8Vi to 11 $1.45
Size* 11V, to 2 $1.65
7* St. N.W
Beautiful High
Cut Boots, $5.85
Wonderful boots at a wonderful
price?a typical Hirsh value, all
the new models?all the waited
shades. Tips and plain toes.
Full French and 1-4 military

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