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Theodore Roosevelt
Ton ran not fall U worship his milory'
after ret4lu his totters to Ms chlMre*.
Brrry raoralkc la TV Herald.
Foreign Relations Body to
Meet Tomorrow to Con
sider Knox Plan.
Action to Be Closely Linked
With Contest of Sen
ate Leaders.
Some definite action, looking toward
the passage of a resolution by both
houses of Congress declaring peace
with Germany, is expected to be taken (
by the Foreign Relations Committee,
which has been called to meet tomor
row morning.
In issuing the call yesterdsy for the
meeting. Senator Lodge notified the]
members that the committee will con
sider the Knox resolution to ratify
the treaty without the iesgue of na
tions covenant.
According to statements made by a
Bomber of the committee members, it
to believed that the resolution In some
form will be approved by the commit
tee and reported to the Senate. This
will bring to a direct issue in the
Senate the talk of compromise which
^as emanated chiefly from the Demo
cratic Senators who disagree with the'
position assumed by President Wilson.
Linked With Leaders' C sat est.
Closely linked with the probable ac
tion of the committee on the peace j
lesolution i^ the settlement of the con
test between Senators Hitchcock, of
Nebraska, and I'nderwood. of Ala
iMtma. for the Democratic leadership,
which is to be settled tomorrow morn
ing also. Senator Hitchcock, who is
acting leader of the minority, issued
the sail for the caucus. Much de
pends on the result of the contest,
for Senator Underwood stands for the
policy of bringing about peace cither
with the treaty or by means of a
resolution, while Senator Hitchcock
* up ports the President's view that the
treaty must be ratified.
If Senator^Vnderwood should capture
the leadership^ It is more than likely
Niat a considerable number of his
follower* will supnort the Knox reso
lution if they beoitfne convinced that
ixjiee can be obtained in no other
way. * l""
Mltiheorfc t'sUr Fire.
Considerable hit terries* was In
jected into the contest yesterdsy by
the Underwood followers who
charged Nthe Hitchcock contingent
with attempting to take "snap" ac- ,
tion by calling the election at a
time when four of the Underwood i
cuXTixno on p.\?;e thru.
Philadelphia. Dec. IS?Packer* snd
canner* of New Jersey, Maryland and
Delaware at their annual meeting to
day decided upon a program of con
servation for lowering the cost of liv*
A* a part of their plan 11.600.000 ad- ;
vertising campaign was launched to
explain the packets' position to the j
Cassius M. Dashiell. secretary of
the Tri-State Association, said this j
appropriation would include an edu- >
cational campaign among farmer* to
raise better and more prolific crop*
and to analyse some of the nnny
problems of harvesting.
"We are co-operating in every way ,
with the farmers ami the retailers
to bring down the cost of our product
to the consumer." he said, lie staled
the association at the present time
has no connection with the packer's
institute of Chicago
National?Mrs. Fiske in "Mis'
Nelly of N' Orleans."
Shubert-Belasco ? "Carnival,"
with Godfrey Tearle.
Shubert -Garrick?Thurston.
Crandall's Metropolitan ?
Eugene O'Brien in "Sealed
Moore's Rialto?Mary Pick
ford in "Heart o' the Hills."
Loew's Palace?Robert War
wick in "An Adventure in
Loew's Columbia ? Sessue
Hayakawa in "The Tong
Cosmos ? Continuous vaude
ville and pictures.
Crandall's Knickerbocker ?
Olive Thomas in "The
Glorious Lady."
B. F. Keith's?Vaudeville. ?
Crandall's?Stuart Holmes in
"Love. Honor and ?"
Moore's Garden ? "Every
Moore's Strand ? "Desert
Gayety ? Burlesque; "Step
Lively. Girts."
The Coliseum?Roller Skat
D. C. Police Court
Abolishes Credit
There'll be no more "tick"
given by the police court.
Judge Robert Hardison an
nounced from the bench yes
terday that hereafter hit court
will be conducted on a strictly
cash basis. The credit system
has been indefinitely discon
tinued. Heretofore when a
prisoner who had been fined
asked permission to go to bis
home or place of employment
and get the amount assessed
against them, such permission
was granted in many cases.
"We have a stack of cases
in the clerk's office as thick
as a family Bible of defend
ants who failed to come back
with the fines after being re
leased on their word and
"Dishonest fellows are to
blame for the abolishment of
the credit system," Clerk
Campbell Howard said. "Thus,
again the innocent will suffer
because of the shortcomings
of the guilty."
Adopts Measures Making
Rail Walkout a
The anti-strike provisions of the'
railroad bill were adopted by the
Senate yesterday by the vote of
46 to 25. the vote being taken on a
motion by Senator Stanley, of Ken
tucky. to eliminate the provisions
from the bill.
A nharp debate preceded the vote
by which the Senate sustained the
committee's action in writing into
the measure the provisions which
would adjudge a strike against com
mon carriers to be a conspiracy,
punishable by a heavy fin* and im
Senator Thomas, of Colorado, lead
ing the debate. declared that the
strike tendency was growing in the
United States "at an alarming r^U."
He 'aid that whereas the number of
men s*nt overseas during the war
was 2.053.347. the number of men in
the United States who quit work in
obedience to strike orders during
the war amounted to 2.386.285. Dis
cussing these figures the Senator
said: f
"That was at a time when the la
bor and energy of every citizen in
the country should have been ?*x
erted to keep the home flres bunt
ing in order that the boys overseas
might be mo?t effective. Since the
war we have had n perfect orgy of
strikes and in every one of them
there was the threat of violence
against any others who sought to
take their places."
Terror Rule Grows When
Police Withdraw from
Rur^al Districts.
Dublin. Dec. IS.?The government
fuced an almost impossible task today
ir. the policing of rurai Irish districts.
Owing to a systematic campaign of
sHssination and terrorism against
I the Koyal Irish Constabulary the gov
ernment was withdrawing th#?se offi
cers from many interior districts. It
had closed isolated police stations,
leaving wide districts without police
protection. This had resulted in a
virtual reign of anarchy.
Available police, being concentrated
in the more populous districts, refused
to travel except in groups of three to
Decause of the police shortage au
thorities appealed to employers in
Dublin and the larger cities to enlist
all employes possible to protect prop
erty. So far this appeal has been
without success. The employes de
clared they risked their lives or social
ostracism by volunteering for social
work. I
Defense Fails to Shake De-:
tective's Slory of Ad
missions by Chinese.
Relates Gripping Story of j
Killings as Police Claim
Accused Man Told It.
I? a cross-examination of IJtuten
ant Guy Buriltkctme. of the detective
bureau of the police department,
that lasted several hours. Attorney
Jarues A. O'Shea. counsel for the de
fense. Tailed utterly yesterday to ob- ;
tain from the sleuth any admission i
tbat the police used third decree!
methods In obtaining a confession j
from Ziang Sun Wan, on trial in Judge |
Gould's court. Criminal Division, No.,
1, for the murder. January 29 last, of 1
Ben Sen Wu at the Chinese Educa
ttonal Mission.
This confession, since repudiated ?
and declared by the prisoner to have |
been wrung from him under duress j
while he was III. wis introduced In j
evidence yesterdsy in the testimony
; of Burlingame. who told a gripping!
story of the gruesome triple killing as |
i elated to the police by Wan.
Attorney O'Shea made a determined
effort to have the confession kept i
from the jury until all who had had
a hand in obtaining it had been placed
, on the witness stand. He was over
ruled by the rourt. but Assistant j
: Prosecuting Attorney Bolitha J. lawk '
postponed reading the confession
when O'Shea declared that he hadn't
been given a copy of It and was en
titled to know what was in it.
Lawyer Chars** C'eerelea.
It is understood that O'Shea will
make every effort to have the con
1 Cession thrown out eventually, after
all testimony has been heard relative
More Than $30,000,000
Sold as Just Army
Officer Testifies.
I ?
Thirty to forty million dollars*
worth of automobile tires were
I .Aacked in the open at the chief
[ A. K. F. repair shops at Vorneuil.
j France, and after ten months* were
''old as junk for l*cent a pound.
Jcapt. It. m. Clendenning, attached
; to that camp, told the House Com*
j mittee investigating War Depart
.meat expenditures yesterday.
Sliowa and entertainments, cost
ing the government thousands or
? dollars and a needless waste of raw
r'material, were put on by the Motor
| Transport Reconstruction Division.
under Col. Harry A. Hagerniaii. to
| impress Congressional investigating
committees and high staff officers,
| the witness ssid.
j "When the ramp was visited by
? Gen. Pershing, his stuff, or any of
j t he Congressional committees."
| ('apt. Clendenning testified, "instruc
tions were issued to get everything
[in readiness and when they arrived
j we started full blast. working
i nights and at a high rate of speed.
? One of the favorite show places was
i in the blacksmith shops where lurge
lelertric hammers were used to l>at
, ter away on sheet metal which made
| a loud noise and was considered
: very effective in impressing the
' committee."
Sic* Peace Protocol Today.
j Ixxidon. Dec. IS-l'ritish plrni|?o
; tentiarte* will proceed to Parts to
morrow to si?n tlie peace protocol.
The final papers of ratification are
expccted to be signed ' by Britain.
Fiance. Italy and Germany on New
Year Day.
Public Health Bill Patted.
The fust appropriation bill of the,
regular session of Congress carrying j
t3.lfft.mi for Ihe public health service i
and the employes* compensation and'
urgent deficiencies, was passed bv the
House late yesterday.
Snow. snow. Christ ma*lfke snow' should be ready for use r* skating '
Dust off your sleds, kiddies, shine omuls, with I he help of a few more
up voir lee skates. It's eome At last days of ?/.*" o weather.
?the l?M?- -*xPeeled snow and thv $n<?wpl??ws made their first appear
aneo tht* winter on the streets Uisi
night. They Were kepi busy through ? \
?.ut ih?' night and early morning,
.-ending clouds of dustv snow to eitiier
?id<> of the car tracks. The snow fell
steadily, reaching a depth of two
inches by midnight.
Yesterday'* lowest temperature here j
was 10 degrees above zero. This was '
at a. m. At 10 o'clock last night '
the mercury had gone up five de- .
grees. On the same date last year
the temperature was 32 degrees.
Boston. Mass., and Duluth. Minn ,
both are covered wit* ice. and aoonbotfa are fi degrees below Mr*.
best one of tlie
The flurries w.ll
continue today
?nd last over to
morrow. too. so
you'll have plenty
of time to whix
town that hill
tear your home,
build snow m*n
- ml have snow
The Zoo Lake and the TidaJ Basin
"SOS-Shipor Shootr Gen. Wood's
Motto for Fight On Anarchists
Denver, Dec 18.?Drastic action to curb alien agitators and
halt the spread of anarchistic propaganda was advocated by Maj.
Gen. Leonard A. Wood, in an address before the joint session of
the Colorado legislature today. The right motto in dealing with
these agitators is: "S O S?Ship or shoot!" the general said, and
added: ['
"They should be put on a ship of stone with sails oi lead and ;
their first stopping place should be hell."
Gen. Wood urged a revision of immigration laws so that de
portation of undesirables may be made easier. He declined to dis- ,
cuss his Presidential boom.
_ j*
U. S. Employes Pledge
No Pay Increase Fight
If Pension Bill Wins
Federal employes pledged them*
?elves last night to ask Congress
for specific wage increases to off
set deductions from salary for civil
service retirement pensions should
Representative Lehlbach's retire
ment bill be passed.
This action was taken at a meet
ing in the headquarters of the mh
tional Federation of Federal Em
ploye* attended by members of the 1
Joint Conference on Retirement, j
which represents 400/000 federal em- i
ploy?*. The pledge was given Rep- ;
resentative Lehlbach personally;
after he had explained to the em- j
ploye* that their hope for the bill's i
passage lay in convincing Congress
that prohibitive expenditures are
not involved.
"We have an 'economy Congress' ;
and it will discourage any measure
involving a drain on the Treasury.
Federal Employes' Head
Challenges Congressman
To Produce His Proof. 1
A statement made recently on the
floor of the House by Representative j
Martin B. Madden, of Chiqsgo. That'
nine-tenths of tlie government efu- j
ployas are Idler*. brought forth a re- !
ply yesterday from I?uih?r C. Steward. I
president of ?Vie National Federation
of Federal Kmploves. who made an
emphutic denial of the charges and j
challenged the Illinois Representative I
to "produce the proof."
"Sime you have publicly stigmatised, j
from your privileged position on the j
floor of Congress, nine-tenth* of the j
government employes in Washington, i
may we not ask you to state with the '
same amount of publicity the particu
lar bureaus or offices in which you !
have seen einplo>es neglecting their
work?" Mr. Steward asked "It is a
common principle of fairness that the
workers should not h? denounced n a
sweeping generalization with the
Replying to a further statement of
Mr. Madden that he believed the girls
housed in ihe Plaza dormitories should
l?e at home under the influence of their
mothers and fathers. Mr. Steward
asked the Illinois Representative
whether he is opposed to the employ
ment of women in the Federal civil
service, and whether ne does not con
rede to women the right to he sell
Congress must be shown that the;
retirement bill does not interfere
with its economy policy; that the
bill will result in hii ultimate sav
ing for the government.** he d'e- J
cla red.
HrtiftOB far Eronva). i
Representative Leblmach promised J
action on the bill within the next two
months. He said that he is making
efforts to have the steering commit
tee push the measure before the House
at en early date.
"Congress might as well kiss the
White House good-bye and enact
legislation having a large outlay ofj
expenditures in view." said Mr. I^ehl- \
bach in referring to the economic'
policy being pursued.
The I^ehlbach bill provide* for the \
retirement of employes over years I
of age at a maximum annuity of $T20.
Employes, disabled in service, may be
retired In like manner if they have
been in the -government employ at!
least 15 years previous to disability. I
2 'it Per Oat Mssthlj.
The retirement fund would ac
cumulate from deductions of 24 i
per cent from tr.? monthly xalary of
all Federal employes. It was to:
cover a possible "come-back" on
this point that Reprcscntatit e I,rhl- '
bach was given the above-described
Robert H. Alcorn, chairman' of
the joint committee, presided and
attending representatives included
Hdward J. Ryan, of the Railway
Mail Association: Edward J. Gamor.
of the city leuer carriers: Thymus
F. Flaherty, secretary or the Na
tional Federation of Postal Em-'
ploy**: W. I>. Clark, president of
the Plate Printers' Union; X. e.
KPrague, of the Printers and Press
men. and Rolla S. Sexton, legisla
tive representative of the American
Federation of Labor.
The body of George Krutel. a
private in Company F. Sixteenth
Field Artillery, was found hanging
from a tree at Sixteenth *treet and
Alaska avenue northwest. last
night, by two soldiers from Walter
Reed Hospital, where Krutel was a
The discovery was reported to
the hospital authorities, who sum
moned Coroner Ncvitt. At his or
der the body was removed to the
Krutel had been under treatment
at Waltci Re-d lor a number of
months. ?v?*oondency was given
as t'-e cause lor ending his life.
D. C. School Muddle
''Disgrace to Nation'
(>r^;? notation of the trade l?odie* and
I'ivw associations of Ihf eity to ex
amine the lorn I school was
formula toil \csterday by Roy t* Claflin,
president of tlio Columbia School of
Diat'thi}:. mid 'hHirman of the school
committee of the Washington Board
ol Trade
There are renditions now prevail
iiin hi the Mislrnt schools one enn
hardly believe to exist in tin* school ^
>ystew of the Capital ?*ity of the nn- i
tiou. Mr. flndm said. Schools are
crowded. children are not receiving ]
the education they are rightfully en
titled to as Anierieaus. and I he sys
tem Im eontinuajlv losing hiah-elass
?il oca tors through the low silarie*
*lii?h makea it almost impossible f'M '
them to make the sacrifice bv re-'
mainins In a work wl?i? h many or i
them love. lie said. addiuu:
IMnurnrf f tbr \ntimm.
"Tlie situation is a discraie to the
nation and the city and a reflection
on somebody. I am not prepared at
this lime to >av on whom the blame j
rests l?ut probably Oon^reas. or may- !
be it is due to the fa? t that we have j
not n boa?d of education elected by i
the people and responsible to tlicrn. !
"The local bo;nil i* not elcctcd ?>* I
the people and '.?* ilnrefoic not rep
resentative. I do not want it under-,
stood that T am casting any icllec- ;
lions on 1be piesenl Itoard. because
I believe they aie Coing the best
Civil Service Subscription.
The Washington Sunday Herald will be Rent to any part
of the United States or its possessions (excepting the Distikt
of Columbia or towns where The Mciald maintains a carrier
service) stalling with the issue of December 7 and continuing
during the running of the "Civil Service Coaching Course" lot
50 cents, postage prepaid.
Enclosed find .SO crnts. ioi which si nd inr Tin Sunday
Herald, postage prepaid, starling with the i*-ii< of Decem
ber 7 and continuing during the running of I In Servi.c
Coaching Course."
Sot*: TV rule* ?iwLr?*ul?tl?m of th- PoKnltir. t*[?nn>ct.( imhlhl the
o? x-oivaptn through tlx nnU on ?or??d il?? "?l inj innkft lh? nlj of miWh.
in or in tuoci ?kM* cvrirr aeniec la auitaiM* urlraa lot'10 wit boici m
nxoSict lumn^
Mrs. Lesser, on Witness
Stand Gives Dramatic
Touch to Scene.
Defendant Had Scored Two
Victories When Victim's
Parent Appears.
I-o* Angelei. Ctl.. Dec. II.?After
one of the most dramatic court
room acme* ever witnessed, court ,
adjourned tonight with a day of!
legal victories fur the 4*t+nm of ,
Harry New. jr.. and an hour of sen- J
timental defeat for the youth ac-j
cu*ed of the murder of liic fiancee. !
Freda Issuer
And the sentimental loss. the ter
i illc impression made on the 131
male juror* by the appearance of
Mr*. Alice l,e*#??r?far overcame'
whatever glory may have been in
the legal victories. Two witneases i
had been heard. One wu* the ?ur
geon who had performed the au
topsy on the girl's body. The de
fense scored the tlrat point when
Judge Pmii; ruled that surgeon
Wagoner could not Hate how far,
in liis opinion, the weapon had been
from her body when fired. Here the
defense suicide theory had its birth,
feore Palat K?. 2.
The second. Policeman Davidson,
who met New in the police station
that July night he surrendered him
self. waa allowed by the judge, af
ler objection by the defense, to stale
only that the weapon might have
been flred within twelve hours. A
closer approximation was ruled out. !
Score two for the defense.
Suddenly, from the corridor, a
bloodcurdling moan came. liven thr
fudge shivered on the bench.
At once everyone knev.?the net*
witness was to be Mrs. Le?saer. She
was led to the ladies room to l?e
Navy Head Complains to
Baker that Army Officers .
Misrepresent Situation.
Secretary of the Navy Daniels has
protested to the Secretary of War
and to Chairman D. R. Anthony, ot
the House Militarv Committee,
against certain testimony given by
Brig Cen. William Mitchell, of the
Army Air Service, and two of hi?s
assistant, which interferes with and
discredits the business and polities
of the Navy Department on the su?>
ject of a separate naval air service.
Mi. Daniels in his letter to Secretary
Oi" War Baker says: "This reply is
simply an expression of opinion on
the part of Gen. Mitchell, which, how
ever, is incorrect. The majority of the
naval aviators of the regular navy
aie united ir. opposition to the I'nitcd
Air Service as has been proposed,
which is regarded 10 be fallacious in
conception and hence unworkable in
Mr. Daniels calls special attention to
the fact that the army was trying to
;et hold of the Cerman dirigible
in violation of the agreement that
there should he no duplication of ef
fort on ihe part of the army and
navy. Also it is poiriled out by Mi
Daniels that Maj F. D. Koulois is
ntoted as having said that he by "ac
cicent" discovered that the navy was
start in- in Paris a separate l*ombing
offensiv# against the Cernian sub
marine bases Mi. Daniels says ?hat
whatever was done was Willi the ap
proval of Gen. Pershing and A. H. I',
Department of Justice Announces Separation
Of Meat Industries From Side Lines?Re
frigeration to Be Limited and Vast
Holdings in Stockyards and Other
Properties to Be Sold ? In
junction Will Sound Death
Knell of Great Combine.
Attorney General Palmer announced yesterday that the five big
packers, their main subsidiaries and principal stockholders and man
agers had surrendered to the government's contentions against the
monopolistic growth of the packing industry and its control of un
related industries.
By the entry of a permanent injunction decree, to which the
packers have con>ented, their activities are to be confined to beef
and by-products, eggs, butter, poultry, cheese and condensed milk.
Refrigeration is to be limited to the care necessary for carrying their
"Shots"of Dope
Woman in Cell
'Buck' Evans' Wife Charged
With Smuggling Needles
To Jailed Husband.
Charged with smuggling hypo
dermic needle*. concealed in
'?rang*?. to her husband. Charles L
Kvan*. alia* "Buck" Evan*, con
fined in the District jail. Miff. Eve
lyn Evan*, wan placed under ar
rest laKt night by direction of In
spector Grant of yolice headquar
tera. She ma* taken lo the House
of 1> tention and the case will he
given a preliminary hearing in the
police court thie morning.
Kvan.* \\h? recently convicted of
violating th<* Harrison diug act and
j sentenced by Justice Stafford to
cerve five years in the penitentiary
at Atlanta. Hie wife mas on trial
with jiitn'but liwi'*a< not ?uHlclent
evidence given convict her and
' the jury acquitted her.
Her arre*t at the District juil
last night was made up'?r complaint
??f Captain W. 1~ Peak, the warden.
Capt. I'eak. believing "dope" wa?
i being secretly brought into the jail
, for the several addicts there has
kepi a strict match on visitors. Mrs.
Il\jnn i'ullfo to se- her husband
nr.il brought him ? aken. orange* and
other daintier. A guard *c-is??d tliem
as thvy mere being passed to
Evans. It is* tbarged lijpodtrmic
needles wet*> ?oncealed in the fruit.
Evan* resided at I street
noi I hvest.
Mrs. Sarah Tabor Brought
To Michigan on Charge
Of Killing Daughter.
Lawton. Vlich . Dec. is.?Mrs. S*r*Ii
Tabor came home today t?? face her
?ccu--eis. Accompanied by her son.
Waller, and in custody of otter*.
th?- a-?d woman arrived from Cali
toiiiu ."Her an aniuous trip.
She will ^o on trial in January
on iIm- rhan,,? of mui-deiing her
<1: u liter. jla'Mf. nliua' t?od> mas
loutvJ u :i trunk in the ba*em?-nt
Oi" tlic Tabor !iomc hdf.
Mrs. labor lit Wl lo I lie contention
liKii the moma.i dhd irom an over
iJom of chlorolo m.
* Too much |M>mu and glory about
funerals.** \va> Ik r explanation to:
| ?he s**i*t "burial.**
Mr. . Tabor ni!l le confined tin;II
" iwr trial >n the i^an- jr-il w ith Jo
? i>i? Virtu, mhc. nintiiiii Maud Ta
llin cliort ly lietore xlie killed.
I'Alio also lace* * munW*: charge.
S-sfh' Drop. (iaik. double-dyed ohscure corner of liis min?l The Her
eoin<i<il! aid sleuth tju#stioneu on? of thr fair
In thr gov* rnniont domii'o*-ies. too. damsels tho lias n loom in the dor
It i* ?hi.<pfrH-just th? f; i nest mi lories.
niurinut ?that the iiviiy inhabitants Whit do >011 think >rtf xaid? Noth
ol the palatial pl.tz.-i home* nmr th* j ing. nothing at all.
Inion Station, in their h is re mo- j Sin peered into the dusk to see th?t
no*nt>. take sola?*e in cigarettes. J no one else was near. Then she placed
You know?the ones v.i*h the tip- |u >li;n tinker on he: hps.
thai make Up most o. t ? eo>? oT tlr "S-ssh!** she said, and ?'i <:i|?|?eaitHl.
eitfar?*ttes. It is not (hlinitcly knoun: " ^ jj
wlo-thei the Indies "10M their own' PsstOT iS Cn<U*gcd
i.st pi|N-s nl this tline
Thr smoking. If it exists, is kept a
With Rent Gouging
Wilmington. I>el.. !??-?? lfl.-?Ten
jr.nts of the H^v. CeoiR*' llenry D??le,
of the Chinch of the New Jerusa
lem. appeared befote .Ike anti-rent
j 'iou^iDK <ommlttee and eomplained
that Rev. Mr. Dole had in?iea.s?d
ihe rental of his dwellings 1A0 per
cent and refused *t?> make lepairs.
close secret from the dormitory au
thonties. When questioned last night, j Make DepOlilticB Fuod.
one of the houKing officials smiled ' To *?p?vd up defoliation woik ih<
douhtingl> ? and d?claied she was nn- \ Home yesterdax th^ Senat*
, ,?x r?r.?.; . ?i?o iceolullon making immediate!* avail*
HMatr of an> such praeti'i n ,li?' . , tl.. . " . . .
i able heietofoie app:x?pi iat< d
go\ el ntnent hotels. fol Itureuti of Imroigiatlon of the
With suspicion still lurking 1^ an Department of l^obo
W Hvldlaga.
By the d?nf. which la to be ao>
cured b>- thr Attorney Genera I with,
in the near future, the pa. kera arc to
retired lo sell their hold inc. ??
public ntockyardf, .tockyard raUraaia
and terminal,. i? diwaocutc them
*el\-ea with the retail meat businao^
and with all "unrelated ha
le to be done wuhln two y?
This solution of the packers' alt
tion. which began aitk aa invea
Hon by the Federal Trade Cemmie
?>on. and the placing of the informa
tion in the hand* of the Attorney Gen
ual. will !CDdei unneceaaary the filing
of auita against the packera which
"ere in the haada of the Chicaga
Grand Jury when ita early rail aea
sion was adjourned.
< "?? t?atral I.Ueataefc.
"In general. ? aava the Hup
of Justice statement, "tkli
pteicats the di-ft ndautg from
ciaing any further control over t be
marketing of live Mock. It forever
preventa ihcm from any control ovee
the retail ng of meat products, u
eliminate? iheap from Lhe field of
?neat i'l.'-iriiu wHh the exceptiaa
of eg-? poultry and
wr n u ?.r futu
'jo >KKf vta
the, -If < r- ;-r c
'he c*j h i r ? |
***<r ? c.' uv' of
ES *?*?**?? wr ? *.,'al tiai
4iatW> , 03*5
court with re^f ji. r t* vi- vt <mu
practices. Bui -;,a'.-r ..1 7?
establish..- the j?i. ^.pie mat a
group c. men. no .luttf how
ful c*r. eve, attemv to v?<>? t? the
fond '.hi. of (he Ar^er>oa,. people,
or any one of the necei?ttte or na-'
Pomnt puis of It
Heller Tkaa Legal n. hi.
The Department of Juattc.-. <>?*
in mind the neceaaitiea an in*
tereats of the whole American peo
ple in this critical reconstruction
Period feel, that by insisting upon
'hi. surrender on the part of the
packing business it ha. accom
plished more for the American peo
ple than could have been lioped for
as a re-i'li of a long drawn out le
gal battle.*"
I n?i*-i 1 lie decree the defendants
?>l win.iu tiierc are righty--iz are
? uinpelM:
1. To soil under supprvinion of
th* I'mted Staten District Court
preferably to the livestock produc
ers and the public. >,|| ,?f their hold
ings in public stockyards.
2. To rell. under the ram# super
vision. and in like manner, all thoir
interest* in stockyard railroad* and
3. To sell ?i| tb?4r interests in
market n?u>piifHiii.
I.ef 4.0 U arrhoatfi.
\ To dispose of all their Interests
in public cold storage ws rehouses. cjc
c. pt as necessary for their own meat
' To forever disassociate themselves
w:th the retsil meat business.
?? To r<*r>"-er dirassociate themselves
with nil "unrelated lines" ineludn?
wholesale urocnies fresh, canned.
' i'^d ?? s*lt fish; ItoKh. dried, evapor.
aied 01 csnned fruits ?*o.ifetionei iss.
svrupa. soda water founts in .-upplies.
etc molassar. hoi ev. jam*, lollies and
preserve*; spc-*. sauces. rc|i*hes. etc ;
ecflTer. i.?a. chocolate, cocoa, nuts*
flour, susar. rice and cereals (with
an exception to be noted), broad ??f.
*rs. < i ackers, biscuit, spaghetti, ver
m.coii,. macaroni. ?irara. thina. fur
niture. etc.
J To fore*er abandon the use of
then branch hounc,. route cars and
?Mo trucks, comprising then distribu
(lon s\st<-ni. foi any other than their
own meat and dairy products.
nmm All CssiMaet.
*. To perpetually submit to the
iutiadietioa ?f the lnit?d state.
?X'trlct Court under an injunction
forbidding all the def. ndants from
directly indirectly maintaining
?nv combination or conspiracy with
each other or any other person or
person. 01 monopolizing or attempt
ing to monopolize any food rinduct
in t! e J'nited States or indulging ia
any unfair and unlawful practices.
The decree further provldea that
Jurisdiction IS perpetually retained
hv the couit foi the purpose of tak
ing such other action or adding at
the foot of the decree such other
relief. II any. as may become necea
?ary or appropriate for the carry
ing out and enforcement of the de
cree. or for the purpose of enter
taining at any time hereafter anr
application which the partlea may
make wuh respect to the decree.
Ilefeadaata la Caae.
The defendanta named in the do
ciee aie eighty-.iz in number, claa.1
!?? ' ? lolloWf
Armour Company defendants. In
ci sutostaJisrtes- II.
Swift & Company defendants, in
' luluiu subsidiat ies?^7.
Kl??li?tai? Nallroad Tieketa as Mis.
.%? ? ?> < ??aaMS*ti?* lor xbom who ?mS
to ???a<l the lH(i4Uy ru?S ??> lwiMn? tb?tr rail
hj-l ai?<l *>l.ei4iis uar tktH? ab?ad at tksr tar
ilwir O.nstBMrs triiw ths Consubdatai TVfcat
< !B?. ?t l!3 V SfMt. will raniln aan waaS
day* Itatil ? r. m. turn Ncwubfr II to C It
1* exynisl that thr haM<? imtri (fas yaar *il
W and *amtlunuli will aana tlaa
nl slca r*nff car ?(rannnttliOM arslv
t-Z M rltcai r?d}. H' mtnimiuna tkr aanan
iA rhccisMe ^-KSwS* U*) ran m ?? ihaiwln
(irla>? attd l?^t isa'srialb m ndiKiat the aaaal
( tiristBtsa cua^Slaaa - Ad*
- %

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