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Financial News?Stock Market Prices
? - # t
Rails Take Slight Boost fte-|
suit of Announcement of
Return March I.
New York. Dec. 31?Railroad stocks
wore the backbone of the market to
day although they did not more much.
The fact that they advanced any In
fhe face of 15 per cent money was
considered remarkable and their
strength was extended to the Indus
trials, in which several very important
improvement* took place.
The Street feels that money will be
more plentiful early in the new year
and la willing to take a chance on
the market in the meantime.
Standard railroads advanced an
average of a point The reason of
course was President Wilson's proc
lamation a*npuncing their return to
private ownership on March 1.
ReceiverfHips are not feared so
much by Wall Street as is govern
ment ownership. Pere Marquette dis
tinguished Itself with a movement to
a new high record because the road ]
la making remarkable earnings. Ru- .
mor says that the Canadian Pacific ,
may become interested In It but what
has been done Is Justified by the
earning* reports alone.
Corn Products directors deol&rc^
the long-delayed dlvtdepd on the
common stock, placing the rate at 1
per cent regular for the quarter and
M of 1 per cent extra The stock
* waa atrong throughout the day.
The fact that President Wilson hsd
Mgned the Edg* bill revived the cop
pers. Anaconda was the leader of
thia group. '
Announcement rtiat the railroads
would be returned and that the Edsre
hill had been signed were both bullish
factors on the steel shares, all of
which advanced Republic wn.? th*-1
leader and more was heard of th*
combination that ha% been talked of
>o many months to include in that
company the Lackawanna and the
Pennsylvania Steel companies.
tW. P Bibfcs k Compear. Bibhe BniMingJ
Bid AeSod I
A*i? KxpfcaOce .. T ?
AlfMd Parte* ~ 9 3
American fUmr I7'? 17H j
American Writing Taper 10 11
vmc^ !... r? a
Meter Kateamon * I*
*1 L?df? 1 l? S|
f4M ?! .. T 1
Reelue and Montaaa TO "3
Benton ami Wjeatiaz ** *
la t 30 33
and Jceoaw IK .VIS I
1 3-l?|
<kaad* Copper
rarhaa SS?H \m 130
C%g Light and Pooar 246 |
m 369
fllns Xew 41 \ ?
Odes **eroc* Old 411 ?I5
Cities pfd. 71 T?
tolooial T\n. T ?
ODp?*r 4Si
s o
rW. ; 4-4 ?S
....? CIS
?iold 2 2?,
? nrtus A?rt> II 13
I*its Uel?
12 1*
rk Baas ?*?
C??el OU 1 l'i
Federal Oil .... 4>, 4S
General A wpttM.r Ill 113 1
< eoetal Aaehalt r44 1<*> 19S j
(Heovock Oil - 3?i Xi I
liul^r-QillegiM S't 3H,
* *+ ?
OB /. 19 Mi 1
H#*e Sou?id
Hurt Motor-. U4 13 j
Indian Packing - W?% Va!
Intercontinental Rubber 13 1* j
International Petroleum <D
Iv'and Oil : 3S ? ]
Jifoewi Tetde H
11. mho Lrtn-aion a
I .eke Torpedo. l'i
l ima l<ocomoti*e... *?
1 iviagaten Oil
I^eft A
Means Copier. 3
Mamm: ot Amenca >? 6
Masoe Valla* T% 3
^Varritt Oil lfc?? 1*
Metropolitan Petroleum. 2\ 3
Midosrt. OU Com I'i
Mid wax Oil
MMteg Reflaiag
Motberledo- New
N-tada O^ktr
New Cornell* IS 20
Nipt^aiag Mine* On 13** 13
North America* P. h P....~ I
Narthweatam Oil 40 43 I
Oil Ce *e *?|
3 3"
143 1?&
rv%?r'and Ttf
Phjlbte Prtroleum..
TUy Hervulee
Bjao OB ??
Hapulpa Coe*
ftequmah OU -
Miaima Pet m'cum
Ktacuu Gnif :* re
IB 8o I
\\ 1%
40 41
gs r*
V* ^?|
Htandard lloton.
? 10
Submanoo rorporation *.
AeeeH Co..
W 10%, I
fS o
Tobacco product* Export J 32
Ttmepah Bsteaaoo \\ 2?i
Trapl<?l Oil It 33
Tailed Saatem 3S ?e|
r. S. Light and Heat Oom 2** 3
r. 9. Laght and Heet pfd
tailed Motora
Vnited Profit Sharing?
U. H Steamahip.
I'm red Retail tandj ? ?
Tald Tire -
Way Wad Oil
Bayao CdsI
w?m Itad eons 14 l??
B'rtght Manne Aero JS
Oadahy racking m l? ,
Lihhy *i
Bvlft h C*. 33 31
talon Oarfcide... T4*i T|%
HT? lit
3 4
2?4 2?i I
3\ |
U it
4U J
? 21
4 4\
4S 4^2
Sr. To*. Dtc rtOBiit rttts (.*?
?tan riLhaace- Srwtinj 179^4; cables.:
IB. Frasc. *?: WS?: B?1 |
(B. 16.40; cabin. *?: c.trmui?.
cf^ta. ' OP cnblc. 2.W: AuaUta. cbKkv -t>:j
cakKa Hol'.n'i. d?c??. JJS; cables .W*:
lulr. dweka. U?: MM: 8wi?. rhwrto. I
IM' cabin. IM: Stockholm. kn*?t chacaa.
n.?: ?nacr. cabtaa. ?IT?.
tuniai Ttiaphon* t Tdefnpti C>
A #(xl<end of Two Dotl?r? per |
ahar* will b? paid on Thu radar..
January IS. 1>1*. torytockhul4era ofl
record at the doe* of bualneae on |
Saturday. December 20, 1919.
O. D. MILNE. Treasurer.
It la a severally recognised
fact that Brat mortracea ar. the
aafaat Ineaatnmt in tbe world.
We would Ilka to aand you our
booklet telllnc of tbe many
?afefiarda we hava placed around
OlTl ln( mortcace tlx par cent
aotaa, wild we balloea. make
aecurlty doubly aecure and wblch
eeaatltute the chl*f raaaona far
wttr record of fifty year* without
Swartzell, Rheem
ft Henaey Co.
TW 1Mb afreet W. W.
New York Stock I
... ????*.
.... c <c tz a 1
.? 1% i* i* I*
*?*?? Ou^. . 'x k 90*
A" Banknote VJU. MJU
"TV**" ^ 94 n* ?*
? .?"?* "a?M?o. 13 13S EB IS'i
i- ? ?**- 1,1 >* <?*?
Am. Ojttoa Oil 4ftfc ML MU AU, I
f- i^l,Aa7,d'T*- 12 ?=* ?* u*
i" 2*? * ,u,UMr> ? * m **
iiJL . ?* ''*? m 1WH IM
.louncaa ic? m ^
*?. Idictmiomi ... iii" m ?J .
Am. liUHd i ? B -i.
t- h??*.? ?*?*?;?;
Am. U>Oomotir* igji mg^ uv, I
i- "-???? 5 ^ ? 5 I
i- ??'* ?rs ?r ?*,
f* SS - ?? KW. ?*'? l? I
A* sw* Poondrr .. m n lis w
A? so??r a ui iji m
A*. ?wu Tobtcm 9t_ 99 57 97*
*" * ** *?? *?* ws ?*
Am. Mu> m ar^ r7 ?t
Am. Tut?ono M. I*k TiS JH OH
*"? a> i?s L* uos
Am. Writ P.p. pr... m SI ii' 55
Am. Zuu * itmA 14 mi* iVi 16*
Am Anc I* J? st', J,. gfti
A.aoanla ? M* ?* v.* 61*
Amodated Dry lioods ?| t*> W
Atchison OS M *S OS
Alchmm pr 7*S 79S I* 79S
*? *- ? A 7% ?S 7% *S
Atlantic Oeaat Lioe.. 91 91 91 91
AU-. Gnlf A w. lad. 47TS m 17JS 174%
Baldwin Looomoure.. IMS UJS m 112%
Baltimore A Ohio 33% 31 3JS 33%
Baltimore * Ohio pr 17*4 4*% 47% iS
Barrett Co. 12P* 131 UJS 13%
Beth. Motor* a 28% 27% ?%'
Bethlehem Steel 91 M ? ? '
Beth. Steel Clam B.. 94% Wfc ?% 96%
Booth Fisheries OS 13 1?% E%
Brooklyn R. T 4l\ BS 11 114
Brooklya R. T. rcta.. US ?*4 *H 7
Brooklyn Ca. Gas... 31 SI SI 51
Burns Brother. \* 1^ U?S i?S
JSatte Cop * Zrnc.... ?>, 9 i*, *\
Bwtto A Superior 35?* r>S 5S
Caddo Oil 20 'J)>s JO JO
Calif. Packing tf% *T?? P3 P5
Calif. l'etrolr<un 42 43 42 ii
Calumet A Ariaona... 4C &; ?
tSnadian raeifo isi% ijc^ 131S 132S.
Central L**U*t *?4 r\
Carro de F??co 5* MS 56 j0S
<Srtain-T?ed MOS ? ?DS
fhandler Motor* 124 100 124 130
C^iemprake k Ohio... 54S SSS 5?S 56S
Chi. Cleat Western J? 9 SS ' *S
Chs. Gieat Wfwtcfn r* S\ 23S 23S
Chi . Mil. 4 Ht. Paul ?S 3dS 38 3iS
Chi.. Mil. * Ht. P pr 54S ??. W'i 54S
Chi A Korthnmtira. ?S rs ?S MS
CT??.. R. I. A Paciflc . 27 > 2T% JT 2T%
r R 1 a p ? pet pr w, *s <?? ens
C.. St P. M. * Om. 60 ?? *> 60
<-h?a Cippsr 1*S Ifi l**% 1?S
? ?hino Con. t*>j mar 3S* *S 3?\ T^4
C. C. C. * St. Lou.a 48S 501* ?S ?S
Clnmt-Paabody ? * ? ??
Oca Cola 4ft 40S 40S
Colorado FWl 40 41 3?S 41
Columbia C.aa G2 ? 6JS C2S
Oiumhia Graph *IS ?2S ? S CIS
Om. Gaa US MS ?S * S
Cot aol. Trxtila 31 31 .US *>S
oew lot. Cal Mining 1?S 1* 1SS 1?S
Contl Candv 12S U l.-H
Corn l*rod?K-ti &>?.> i?6 SiS ?S
Oirihle Steel 113 21* 213 217S
Oiban Cane Sugar . y. MS 30S AH
Oiban Cane S*igar pr CS K1* 53 MS
l*elaw?re A Hudaon . 9SS 98*? ?*?*? 94S
Oeneer A Rio Gr. pr. 13S 14': 13S US
Endic^t-Johnioo 139S 1421* 142
ftie R. R 13S 13S 13S i3S
nr.? lit rr -*1* ?S 20S JOS
Erie M iw 14S 14S 14S MS
PSm. PU-Lnaky W- ? ?S WS
Rah Rubber ?f% 41S 40S 41
FVeport TVxas 34S 3SS 3IS 36
Gaston Willi?ma 17S ITS 17 17
Gen. Cigar 73S 73 73 74S
Gta. Mofora 333S J3H J32S 337S
Gen. Motnri deb K\ ITS S7S 87S
t^odricii B P 79*4 ?>?* T^S TSS
* 'Milby Mining 4SS 4481! 4?1*
tireat Northern pr? 79S 79S TS? TVS
<?reat Northern Ore.. ."JS *S ."?7S *S
Gnene Cananea i4 3IS 33*4 M\
Gulf Statca Steel ?s ?S 71S!
Hartmsa Corp. * 1<WS ? JOBS
Haskell A Barker 7 61 V 61 I
Illinoj Central *'j ?\ *?? ?S
Inspiration S+S 367# 54 S6S |
Interboronjh 3S 3S *? ,3Sj
interborough pr 12 12S US 12S
Itt. Agricultural 1* 19 19 19 \
Int. Mar. Manse .... 4*. 43S 47\ 4?S
int. Mer. Marine pr.. lWS HVt 1W? W-4 1
Inter. N'i<*el 2P? AS 25S
Inter. Paper 7SS 77T? 75 77S
Iron Prod Orp 37S Jri S:? 5TS
Jewd TVa 1SS l^s 15?? 1VS
Jewel Tea rr US 40S 3^, 4tS
Joces Brother. Tea... 25S 'J> 2B?*? 2?S
Kansas City Southern 1C*? 16 :.V? 16
Kan.-%as City Sontii. pr 45S tt*a 45S 43"?
KHi* sprirgrteld VA l.? 131 1JS
Keixr*- WM 75 7S?? 75 7IS
Kennecutt Copper .... 28'4 ^? "SS 29S
Keystone Tire 41S 41S 2* .V*
L-.rk4?anna Steel ? *6 I'j 85S
Ijt* Tire 3?S 3TS 3* 57
l^ehigh Valley 42% 12S 43
U A M. Tofcnem 3? 3W 20l> 2P0
l4>ft (lor. 1 ^ *S > ?-?
Loo no Wile* Biscuit. ?* ? 60
1-Artllard ?P) 1C IK 1? ^ !
I^ai?rille k Nash nil* U1 U W, 10?S
Manhattan Elevated... 47 49S 47 19
M.nh.f.11 Hhirt r? !; * *
M?rtin-Perr\- ^84'* 3P4 2P* 34S |
Maxwell Motor ^SPs <3S ?S *!3S I
Mexican Petroleum? il9S 2L2 3*?S 22i'a!
Miairi Con. Copper 22S *3 SS 2S j
Middle States ?8S 6^? te .
Midrale Steel ?S 50S 5C? J
Minn A St. I* inewl US US l*S US
M . St. P A S. S. M 74S 74S T? 7?S
Mo.. Kansas A Texaa 10*4 *S 1?
Mo. Kan* A Tex. pr 13S 15 13S *4S j
Mi*40?m Pacific -S1! 2IS 25 a 26'* |
Mimcuri Psdflc pr... HS 4IS *J** ?
Mortana Power 55S 5*S SH *S
Mull?os Body ... ?* * ^ J?
National Acme *S -*S -*S
Nat. Aniline Chem... 67 ?7 C7-*
Nat. Clonk A Suit.... 77S 77S 77?i 77 ?
Nat. Cond A Cab. .. I*i ^
Nat. Knam. A Stpf.. ?? ?* * *
National Lead *1 J'
Nevada Con Coprrr.. 14% l> ?
New Or.. Ts*. A M.. *
N%w York Air Brake.. UO 1US 1?S ll^a
New York Cantral.. *? 'J/
New York Dock 4S ?% ^ ^1
New York Dock pr.... ? ^
N Y. Chi. A St. 1* ? ? J ?
NY N. H- & Hart. 2^ '*S 27S
N* Y." On*. A West.. 17 ^S
Norfolk A Western .. ^
Northern Psaflo "*5 2* n
Nora Scotia S^l ?- - - ^
Ohio Cities Oh ^ ^
Ok la. Prod, and Ref ** ** jJ?
Otis Steel 3--S ?fs *S 3ffc
Owen little ..??????? ^ ?
P.ri Me Mail 3* 3?S 3b ^a**
Pan-PKro. 1W% l^
t?a? B mw 1M 10' 1?*
Sr m. n ...... Wi ?s w W4
^ 5
Pfople" Gw ^ J* qj
i>t? m?*iu*u? ^ *' 2,
nT?^^.."c/d:..:: ?x ?* *s ?s
Bsrtsr-==ra ? 55
? 5 S.
rond Ofk Oml .... ??? *? ,* ?
Dwd Stl. Car WO WW HO W2H
?????:? Co w* i*s w w
I'unt. AtogK ? *? ;
Hjr. Stl. Spr. W WA ? *k
*aT OplXT ^4 W4 ? ?k |
lUadm 7**4 7*'? 77^1
O^llnjr ill pfd. v. .. 3W MS 3HS '
Rem. T> pewriter ..... 91 !>t 907. 90*.
It?v. Irm sad RU ... lit* law 1" l?'i
Un 'osK St?l S? ? <* "
Ren>lili<' Twh W 51 51 54
Rov.l Dutch Wi ?'i
SI Jimk IA 13*4 13?4 W-i , tt*
M. k ud 9. r u% t?? l?'4 I 1!'4
St. L. ud 8. F. rfd =3 0 a !J 8
M.M> Aim. n ? ? ?
s.lM. ?ioion 13* W* 13% 13H
Seabmn* A. I. t T 7 T
S^?bMRl A. U pr. . 1414 "1 lt'4 I5'4
Kb.v Art*. Oop II ir> :r? 12
Sh.-n Trmw. Co- .... 71* 7TTk 77* TTH
Sincferr Oil 43 t?i 41* 45>?
K'.cwaiwSlrld 9* TS 72 7414
S,.|lk.ra PK??e 1??* 1?* 1?3>4 1IW,"
MUim 23'j !4 2!* 50".
luttm Rr pr. .... 5? S7 .? K',
Standard Mi'l 14? 140 14? 140
stmniHPrj Cuh ..... 74 74 f> 73
Stidit?krr MM* 104* 10J* IMS
Ittnts Motor UBH 1W* 1?S 1W*
Superior Stwl 474 4?* ?T.- 4S"i
Twin. Cop. and Ch. . (* J* 5* 1%
Trsa. CO 213', HP. 3M, 2M*
Tni* and Par41c ... 42 43* 41* 43
Toharm Prod. ........ OT4 W4 WS >4*
T-.n?-Oon. OU X'i 30 K* S
Trnomt. and WUL ... <3 66* 4.1 6S*
UoioB Ott 3? ? ?* ?4
U?. Bar and P. .... 99 fS <n 93
Union Pacific IS 124 IB 123*
Union Paciflc tr S?N OS" ?7* ?7*
initrd AUor aa .... ?\ SI* 50* ' SI*
L'aitcd Dn? Ml 141 141 '141
Unitad Pnrft 190 301 110 3>1
CotUd Rj. tar U 184 u ,tf>,
Cniirf Rr. In*, pr... K K m w
CM. IMI Mar. .... ? ?* H SC
Market Quotation*
I \V. B. Illkb. A C?.)
U. 8. a I. P. 4 r. ?1S BS 21* _ES
0. 8. rood Prod ... 1%>, T?S T? > 7?
17. 8. Ind. AM IMS HIS Mts llMt
V. 8. Rmi ud Ik...' C <1% 41% 4IS
D. 8. Rubber 13% IMS IMS 19
V. 8. 8?lt. tad R.f T?% rts MS T5
0. 8. 8wrl MS MIS <M% Ml*
(J. & 8lnl pr 1U 11] 11IS 111
LUK Oomrr TIS 74% TJS T4
UUh 8m. Corp. IIS 11% IIS US
Vtnrdlum Coma. .... W? ITS S*S WS
V?. Car. Cbem. MS MS MS M
Wabuh <S IS I ?
WfcbM. pr SIS US W4 MS
WaDuli I? B ....... US M 1JS US
Wrlta Paign OS Si MS a
Wot. Maryland Iff. II Its US
??? Md. J pId IT Its IT US
Warteni Parlflc M 3 tt MS
W nt. p,? ,*d H K _ ?
W?*t- 0>m TW. ITS ITS MS MS
WwlhM. A. B. IMS 11?S IMS 1IM4
WMtiofhow. 59% M BV OS
UTiwl and L. B. ... US 13S IIS IJ
Wbf?l. and I. B. s<d. US 1?S US 1?S
sis!i. h?'0*1 * H MS MS
Wttaoai Co 7? m 7? n%
WUlj K>T.rUM JTS * MS 3
IB W UJ I as
Worth, niton M 90S M M
rvn w Hi*h ,/am
CS11 Moo?r> u ,o
Jl M. XE.W0 11b aat lan
> i> " tc.wo j n ta.m
(Pmni W. B. Hibba * OOMMlj )
Bid Asked.
Artlo-AmviiD Oil Co. (new),... ^
Atlantic Refining C\> 1373 'V
Rorne~Scr>mser Co. ...f WO W
Duck eye Pipe line Co ? ^
CtlMbiwih Manufacturing Oo... SO 50
Contirental Oil Cb 3? *0
Crearsnt Pipe line Oo ? ^
Cumberland Pipe Line Co 14? l**
Eureka Pipe Line ^
Galena-Signal Oil Co. com
92 i?
Calena-StgnaJ Oil Co. pfd 108
lllimi? Pipe lane CO 170
Indiana Pipe Line Co tn T>
National Tranait ?Y> 24 .*>
New York Transportation Co 170 1C0
Northern Pip* l.ine Co lflO l?*
Ohio Oil Company 370 375
Pfclri* OU and (in Co...A <5 ?K>
Prairie Pine liue Co 263 J18
Holer Refining Co 3W* *A)
sont Pip?? line Co 1% 1?>
South Penn Oil Co CM ?*? 330
SMithweetem Penn Pip* line Co. 91 90
Standard Oil O*. (California) 3.0 315
Staidard Oil Co. (Indiana) 7*0 700
Standard Oil Co. (Rinaii W0
Standard Oil Oo. (Kentucky).:.. 4flft 4*)
Standard Oil Co. (Nebraska) MO "10
Standard Oil Co. (New Jwifil... 722 727
Standard Oil Co. (New Yofk).... 442 ???
Sundarrl Oil Co -Ohio) W>
Swan & Pinch Co '00
Vacuum Oil Co ??*
Wuhtaftot Oil Co ?
Vnior. Tank line To 120 Ul
WtthiBftoB Stock Exckaift.
Capital Traction. 5 at P0
Waahins*on Railway and Qectrict mm . 7* at
Menentlialer linotype. N> at 13K*-. 10 at 136'*
After call:
Washington 'la*. X at 47. S at 47. S at 47.
35 at 47. 5 at C
+ Bid
American Tel. and Telfca. 4i T7H 78?4
American Tel. and Telca. 4'ia P?
Am. TVI. and Tel. cU. tr 5e 7T? ?0
Am. Tel and TeL coor. 4s *S 99
Clteaapeake and Potomac Tel. 5a. . %
? "a'rital Traction R. B. Sa XT* 9*
City Suburban 5e ?"?
Heorjetown Oaa 1st to 94
Metropolitan R B. ? 91
Potomac Ele^rie Light 5a BH ^
Potomac*Hectric cona 5s ?s? ??
Potomac Electric Puwer 5s. 94
Potomac Electric Power G. 51. fa . ?7 97'?
Wajthincton Oas 5e *1 ?
Washinatou Bwy. and Elec 4a 50
Wash. Rwy. and Etec. O M ?? ??
D. C. Psper Mfg. Co 5* 9?
Riggs Realty m (longi 91\ Wi
Ricgs Realty 5e (rf>ort) 93
American Trl and THga *
Capita] Traction B9'i
Washington Ha.? 47 47\
Norlolk end Wa?h Steamboat *W>
Wash. Rwy. and Elec. com 20 25
Wash Rwy. and E>?c pfd 34 50'*
American *W t(W
Colombia 175
Commercial 1*) 1*)
District *174 . .
Farmer* and Mechanics' *?40 380
National 5Ietropolitan 1?)
Higfa 4f0 . ..
Second 153 l?
Washincton ?J? 2)0
Ameheen Security and Trust....... 233
mminental Trust *113 l'i
National Sarings and Trust 3W)
Union Tnwt 11* I JO
aching*on Loan and Trust 240 2H0
Cotvmcrce and Sating* *)j
Fast Washington 12
Liberty 1J>
Merchants' Its
Security Sarings it (Jommercial "J*)
Sereuth Street 145
Uuion *115 u*>
U. S. Ssrings .7. UD 22)
Arlington TH
Corenrsn 70
Firetnen'a -jn
iierman Amencan Z?
National Union 5H
Columbia *l a
Real Estate *77
C.raphoiiione com ?81?$ ??
Grspbopbone pfd ?oj'i m
Chapin-Sack# IX
D. C. Paper Mfg. Co. 50
D. C. Paper M(g. On pfd 99 101
Metcbants' Tranrfer A Storage *105
Mergenthaler Linotype ?{% iWf
O'd Dutch Market com. 44 a
Old Dutch Market pfd I] li
Lanaton Monotype 80>? 414
Security Storage ^3no
Security Stores and Safe Dsp 140
Washington Market 17 ...
*Kr dividend.
New York, Dec. 26 ? Money on call opened at
10 per cent: hifb. 15; low, 10; doae, 15. Time
money unchanged. Rates 74aS per cent lor
ind cat rids.?
Mercantile unchanged 5*4a0 rrr oeiit
n. y. bank clearings.
New York, Deo. 9 ? Bank clearings today.
Hiicago. Dec. 21 -An order issued by the Rail
road ^riministrktion directing that grain N*
given ireference for ?hiv*nent o?er all othci
oxnmoditics caused heavy filing hy lioWera of
the taiioua futurea here today. Declines fol
lowed the telling. Deceitber Uroppang 3H4c, Jan
utry. 48?c to 4Sc, and 5fsy and July both de
clined Vi to !Sc. . ^
Caih corn declined J to 5c with sale.* of
SC.OOO Niahel^. Be*n?h newt from Argentina
helped tbe selling side of the msrket here.
Oats were under selling pressure and pricc*
declined H to lc. Sales of cash osts smounted
to 4O.C00 btishcls with prices unchanged to It
CORN? Oj?n. High. Low. C3oee. close.
Dee 1.43 1.49 1 30 1.30^4 I 43 ?
May 133 ID 1.304 r.30?? LS^s
Dec 014 .024 014 .02*^ .924
May 934 I3*a 92S US ?4
Jaa 23.75 23 05 Z3 05 33.77 1 23 70
Mai M.70 31.00 91S5 24.69 3L3C
Jan I 10? 19 06 19.70 19 70 19.9T
May 19 55 ItJT JOST 19.37 19 89
Jaa 37.30 3790 3f? 31 00 3190
MV 37 W 37 15 31 00 31 50 37.29
NEW YORK produce.
New York. Dec. A - BUTTER - Market
steadier: creamery salted and unaalted. 73a724c;
hrata. 544a70c; State dairy tubs, 52sJOc; reno
vate astray, 574aj8c; inutation creamery rtr?u.
CHEKSKr?Market weeker; %Uto whole-mUk.
?jxciaU, 3Z4a33c; fancy. Sl^aJS: WiamMto.'
wtete-milk. fancy. >wung America*. 32a3Z4o
State *kBS, special#. 22a394c; choice. 17s20r;
fsir to good. imiOe; lowsr, 9sl3c.
BUGS ? Firmer; nearbr white, fancy, I
brown, 74*79c; sntia, 71a73c; OcgL Ca99a
New Plan Will Please Em
ployes of Institution in
N. Y., Says Holland.
One of th? banks of New Tork
City did not fall in line with other
financial institution* which an
nounced a few day? ago that in ad
dition to the .salaries bonuses would
1 be given to the employes, the
; amount of which being equivalent
i to 25 per cent of the salaries.
The bank which did not delight
its employes by announcing that a
bonus would be paid to them in this
j holiday season, is the largest in the
! United States and one of the largest
J in the world. ^
. It is tbe National City Bank. Al
though this bank abandoned giviu*
1 25 per cent bonuses it did something
! which is probably even more grati
fying to Its employes. For it de
, cided to Increase each salary by as
i much as 25 per cent. The difference
I between this new method and the
old should be obvious.
A bonus is a gratuity. It may or
may not be granted every year. An
{increase of salary is permanent and
'the clerk who was receiving $4,000
| this year will hereafter receive
J $5.000, with the understanding that
? if he merits further increase he will
I be sure to get it.
Of course from one point of view the
clerks are not fjulte a* well ofT for the
Income tax collector will levy an ad
ditional incomc\tax which will cover
the 25 per cent increase in salary,
whereas a bonus, being a gift, is not
liable to taxation.
^ Very likely this change in the City
i Bank's method of remunerating ita em
ployes reflects in moidp measure the
remarkable expansion of this bank.
It has now neventy-flve branches. As
a whole they cover practically the en
tire commercial world. These
branches, together with the parent
bank, are certain to be occupied with
the work of stabilizing foreign ex
change. This, however, is only one
feature among tbe many associated
with the world-encompassing activi
ties of the bank. It was the ttrst
American banking institution to enter
the foreign field.
Chicago, Ike * -HOGft-ItcceipU. ? l.OiO
' higher, hulk. 13 5flair?.t5; to|?,l3.T5; I
(13.00: milium. l3Ka 3 70. light. iZMtfeC;
I .glii. light. I3lial3.3">: heavy packing row*,
?mouth. 12.75a 0.2): Parting s??w*. lo'igti. 12.00a
i tirsc ri'jhtii *
? C#TTLI?-Receipts. 13.000, .low; be*f st?*r*.
J medium and heavy weight, choice and |fiiue.
;1885aX(0; medium and good, <1125al4 85: c?en
j moc. 8.70*11.25; lurht-weight. good and ?hoice
I 14.10al3.50. comm^u and medi.uu, 8.?9al4.W;
butcher cattle. heifer*. 850a 14.T3: eo*s, 84Ai
j 1350; canner* and cutter*. 5S?4.?C. ?eal calree.
J 15 50wK> 75; feeder 7 00112 3; stoefcer steei*.
I 8 00a 10 28
| SHHfcJ* A N'T) UMBS Bereipts. 14.0U) Arm;
? lambs. 16 00k Iff. cull* sod cMammi. L:tfa.i7j
meuium and good. SOQsIO.jO; culls and
' crjunao" , I ji<* ^
j Baltimore. Md . Dec. 38 lanitals l)> ho*t.??
I LIVE fOl'LTRT ? Ch.ofcena, y**i?^. Isrg*.
? aou-oth. Ih. 32: do. smail to medium, lb. 32;
do. white leah ?ra. 30: do. rough and poor.
?JT; <4d rooa'ers. lb. ? do. old hm*.
1 o*er 4 pounds, pcund, 32; do., small jx.nud,
28aJ0. white leghorn hen*. pound. 5?a*>;
duck*. wuseovy. young. i*Mind. !As30k/do. white
! Pekins. voung. found. 22a33; do . puddle, pound.
31a3S; do, am slier. poor, pound. 28; geese
. nearby, fat. rU23: *urke?*. choice, young hen a.
J poun-J, 56e?: do. gobbler*, pound. CMO. oM
?torn* pound. 55; rir<?on>. <?W. pair. 25a30. <oong.
? T*ir *a30 guinea fowl, young. mer 1% pounds,
leech, 80; do., small. each. 80; do. old. each. 40
| KlSOS-re>?n*lvania. Maryland, nearby, doaen.
?70; Ka*tern Shore Man land and Vvigiuia, -losen,
j 70- * Western, dozen. 0*; West Virginia, doaa,
H.Mi'ncrn North Carolina, doaen. ?waf8
? BUTTER?Creamery west separator. extras,
I 70a7l; dr . iwiuts. V!?und eitraa. 71a72; do.,
i print*. 1-pound ektra-. 71a72; nearby creamery rx
! traa. 87*68; dairy print s Man land and Pennsyl
i ranis extras. 51a!E; store parked 47: roll*.
| Man land and Petinaylvacia eatraa. 48 do., Weat
' Virginia extras. 4?a47. do.. Ohio eatras. la,
I procena butter. V*a59.
j Baltimore. Pec. 9-FLALR- flotation# per
barrel m ninety-eight pound aact.s (carload
! lota*; Winter straight. 10 00ul0.2j; acting
, straight. 14 25a 13 rya flour, medium to choice.
[7 73a? 75; com meal, jn'r 100 pounda. 3 73???0.
j city milla winter |*tent. 1180; city nulls win
! ter straight, 11.85; city milla aim g |>atciit.
j 14 50; city tnill^ Idendtxl patent. 14 00. lTl?e
i ab>r?9 ijnotati' "a on city mills flour ??r job
| bing prirta ) Receipts. 4.250 barrels; no ?**port.
j Wheat S?hrt?. ninall bag Iota, bt sample, per
1 bu S15a2 21
CORX-Cob. quoted at?White, 7.10: yellow.
T 15a7 a) per bbl for carloads; track yelloss corn.
No. 3 domeatic, delivered at 1 70 p?r bu. (*orn
sales, hag lots?White, new. delitcred. at 1.16
per l^i; yellow. !.G8 per bu. delnered.
OATS?No- 2, white, 81 aakt-d; No. 3 white,
?O aakrd
RYK?Bag lota of nearby rye. aa to quality,
1.40al 75; No. 2 Weatem expiwt. 1.92.
HAY?No. 1 timothy. 31 50. itandard timothy.
aO.jOwS.OO; No. 2 tUlkrfhy, 3i}0)b30 50, No. 3
timothy. 33Wsl7 00; No. 1 light cloter. mixed,
?.50*30.00: No. 2 light c'oter. mixed. 27 00a2S (/0;
No. l cloret. mixed. 27 50a28.0C; No. 2 ck'eer,
mixed. 25GOa2I.OO; No. 1 clover nominal, 17 00;
No. 2 Horer, nominal, 25 00; sample grade,
20.50a 23 00
STRAW?No. 1 straight rre. IT 00a 1800 No. 1
straight rye. 15 50all00; No. 1 tangled rye.
i2(S8al2S0; No. 1 wheat. 12 80al300. No. 2
wheat, ll.00ail.5e; No 1 oat, llOflalSOO; No. 2
oat. 12.50al3.S0.
i _ ?**n Hifh. I?w ^Clote. clJ*e!
*10 37 70 iRiwt.10
* *Md 38 90
36 70 3b 32 38 Sj *.18aJ5 ^86
J4 % Nd rj.85
J1"' 33. JJ 34 80 il 58 S4.4?a48 33.35
. bid 2 00
July 310i 32.SO 31 ? 32.7ta75 ?1 M
I September ^.80 ?? 30 10 hi J 9.4C
j October 3 88 2$ 75 28 ? ? 70a70 218.75
New York. Dae. 38.?'9 pcraistent demand by
the trade. incr.^a.^d buying bi' outaiders. and
actir? cover.ng by Wall Street short* gave a
rtrong upward moremrnt to oottrn today. Jan
uirj touclied a new high reo>rd lor the li/c
c4 the contract "Hie atart wa? 2 bi 17 polnta
higher, and offerings were ab^jrlasd so weil
that by the middle of tbe morning the general
li*t had riaen 34 to isiirta above Wedoes
da*'s dose. The more urgent d<raand appeared
to have heen nu>plied at this level, and tliere
were reactions of 10 to 1? p<rti0? around main.
Tha buying power, howerer. was excellent and
last pneea showed a net gain of 40 to 122 points
Spot l#ere wa? steady -uid unchanged at 3t.'J2c;
there were no aaie*
; Phil,phis. P. , D*. ? - BPTTBR- Le?w
j Quotation* follow; Solid packed, creamery
( fancy, high-acoring goods, 72s7?e; the latter for
I jobbing sales/extras, 71c: extra flrsts. 8*e08e;
j firata. 6^a84r; aeconda. 58a?lc; storage creamery,
' 57a8fc ; aweet creamery, choice to fancy. 72s7Cr;
. fair to good. &"xf>7c; j>rinta Jobbing at for
fancy and 86a73r U* fair to ?rw?d
BG08? Firm. Quotations follow: Free caaea.
nearbj- flmta. 21 CO; current rwc#lr<?. : West
ern extra flratt. 2180. firsts, fMOefl. nearby and
! Western aeconda. 18 75all *>; refrigerator eggs, aa
' to quality, 14.iOalO.IO; inferior Mi lower; se
lected csas. Ml 40 doasn
CHEiCSC?Hfeadily held. Qu<4ai|.ma New
Tork arliole milk flats, liald, la mi, & , held
apecista higher; held, fair to gnml, 32mX%> , fresh
made, best. SftCflte; fair lo g???d. 3U3IV;
Wis, wholemik flata held, feitry, ,i|Sal>r:
held ^<ecials higher; he4d, fslr 4? gmal, IIVia
Jobbing aalea of fancy goods, aOa.1*
<>REKN KRUITH Api4ss, \M . as t? quality.
???; bog, 2s3 75. Craahsrvtss. \M, CM; eesfs.
??aJ?. Orsnpss. 1*1 , boa, 2,10a81, KU
'?ox, 1.500.00. Tangar4n? Kls , W-hoa, I 40.
?88 Grapefruit. Ma. has, M
VlSUBTABLBft?Whit# yotsiaea, fo.# owk.
3.M*; X Mft., TT*3W, Md. Hoo*rr?.
curt.. Awaat pout oat, Southern, No.
1. bbl . 4*416: No. t, bbt, S.1SU; hanpw. l.M*
19; baafctt. 1 15?1.40 Cabbag*.
DanUh, ton, Salt. Oninot. l?Hb. Mtka, yel
low. No. 1. ATM; No. 1 and ''picktera." ?*?
lilVB POULTRY-TowU. an*, fat. ??4cfcing 5
lba and o*?r ipttcf, Sfc*r; medium riae. tood
?paltry. ?**; poor. Stem. Broiling Hiicknu.
tancjr. Kit meat*] wcigfcutg mat lba . apiaco.
fial*. Siring chickam. atarigr, toft meated.
;aa30v; inferior. 9t36c. ; Old roaatera. 21a2Se.
Ihick^ Whita Prtrin SaMc; Indian Kunnar.
i 3Wlff Jluaoory. 3S3c. t:?a*?, 14a3b . Tur
koya. Mc. Pigoona^ oM. pair. BaJbc; young.
I lair, flb30c. Guinea*, young, pair. weiring 1
^and o?er apiecc, plump LfttlJD; lHal\
apiaoe. 1.40al.fft; 1*1\4 lba apiece, lal T>
Guinaaa. old. pair. Mil.
DKKtfHED POULTKY-Turleji. Dal . Md.
faScy. m*Zr-. Va., fanes. *afcc fair to good.
Uatfr; Wmtrrn HOlng. fancy. J5aS7c; aaoap
tionai lata higb?T, fair to guod. SlaAV. old
toma. Ma. Kowla, fraah kilWd. dry-racked. In
boxes. weighing 4H lba and o*ar apicce. *c; 4 j
lba. JV: SVi lba. 38aJBo: amaller sue*. j&aMr : ia I
HN?, drr-piefced, 4H It* and o*er artecr. 36e;
t lb.. Mc; *? Its. inultar aiu?. ?USt:
old nioatar*. drj-plcfc*d, 26c: broiler*. Jo tee*.
Mry packed. 43a48c; ordinary nearby, drypacked.
3Sa42C; Western dry-packed. weighing lUa2 lba
apiece. VatOc; :oe?Ung chicken.-. \Veaters. dr>
Ilacked, in bbU, weighing 4 lba and over apiece.
33a34c: 3H lba apiece, 30aii-: 2>4a3 lba apieca,
C7a2Se; Weateni. corn fed chicken*. 12 to boa.
17 lb* and under to doaen. lb. 44a46c; IS to 31
!ba i?nd under to do-/n. lb, 43a44c; 'X> to -3d lba
to doaen. lb. 3fta34c; 31 to 3* lba to dozen, lb,
:v3a34c; 37 to 42 lba to dozen, lb. 32a3Sc; 43 to
47 lha to doaen. lb.. 2Sa3(e; 49 lba and orer to
1 do;en, lb. JieMc; dn<*?. Western, fancy. 36a41r;
| geeaa.- Wert mi. fanoy. 90a32c; fair to good.
I gate : "
I 1
jthe Universal Petroleum Corporation,
has leased quarters in the Waldheina
1 Building, Kanaaa City, for Its execu
tive offices. The operating offices sre
i located in Tulsa. W. J. Hermann, vlc*
| president of the corporation. in
j Universal Petroleum Corporation Is
an amalgamation of the following en
Uerpriaes: C Oil Company. Blisa
j Oil and Refining Corporation. Crystal
i White Refining Company. Cnfversal
! l'etroleum Company. Univeraal I.ubri
j eating Company. Hazel Oil Company,
j David Oil Company. Conejos-Mull en
! leases 5o per cent Interest. Young's
I-akc leases V) per cent interest. Crys
tal White Refining Burkburnctt l?-ase.?
|7J? per cent interest.
j Currier A- Co., Kansas City, have
1 been appointed fiscal agents of the
i rtew amalgamation.
The Harvey Crude Oil Company Just
declared a 6 per rent ca*h quarter^
dividend, for the current quarter, t"
all stockholders on record. December
, I. 1919.
terday among some "mild reaerva
' tioniats" on the Republican side of
the Senate, who indicated they would
j like to see Senator I-odge adopt a
: vigorous method of getting the treaty
ratified Senator McNary, of Oregon.
I conferred with several of the "mild"
group and suggested serving an
i ultimatum upon Senator Ix>dge to get
busy before the holiday rece^a is over
Mny fiet Off Reaeryatlaa.
It whs intimated that unlesa Ix>dge
showed eome .?irns of atarting ac
tion on tl?e treaty. McNary and
j Other* would desert his leadership,
open negotiation* with the Democrats
and vote with them for ratiflration
It was said there micht cl^htewn
Republican* willing to Join the anti
i'Lodge movement.
Senator McNary said he "sincerely
desired the ratification of the treaty."
and could net understand why Sen
I ator Ijodpe should tiave ao much
i trouble about arranging a compro
i mise. His view of the aituation la
that if a few minor changes in th?
I-rOdge reservations are made?Just
enough to enable the Democrats to
"save their faces '?enough Demo
crats will veto with the eighteen
"mild" Republicans to bring about
J tat ificat ion.
He could not understand wliv Sen
| ator l.odge spent so much of his
'time dealing writh the avowed ene
j mies of the treaty, 'ike Senators
' Knox. Borah and Brandegee. Mc*
J Nary said.
I "I belteve that if the Democrats
; vote for a compromise, the Pres
ident will accept it." he added.
Don't Know Who to See.
j The unsettled leadership question in
; the Democratic ranks ia a atumblinar
block to a compromise, it was said.
.This question is not to be settled
i until the Democratic conference Jan
uarv 13. Republicans who desire to
compromise find it hard to decide
whether they should negotiate with
Senator Hitchcock, acting leader, or
with Senator I'nderwood an active
aspirant for Senator Hitchcock's
If the leadership should be won by
! Senator I'nderwood. the "mild" Re
Ipublicans might find the way to com
promise easier, because Senator I'n
derwood has announced he will accept
anything* even to the Knox resolu
:tlon. in order *o get peace. Senato
Hitchcock is holding out for reserva
;tions. which would be acceptable to
the President.
Wholesale Selling
Price# of Beef in
Price* realized on Swift &
Company sales of carcass beef
on shipments sold out- for
periods shown below, as pub
lished in the newspapers, ave
raged as follows, showing the
tendency of the market:
Wrek UnitRf Per Cwf. A*. Prl?
f '.ndlnat KroM To Per I'wt.
May ITffc
Mbj- -4th
May 31?t H2B.T3
June 7th
June 14th flft.33
June Mrt SlR.nr.
Juar -'Sth
July Sth
July 12<h
July loth S10>5
July SOtli HMi
Auk. Hk
Aa*. l?lh aiR.4?
Auc. Mrd UM
Aue. WMh tir.sa
*rpt. aih ' aiT*
Sfft 13<h * (IMS
Wrpt. 20?ll SI7j*I
*rpt. -7th /
ort. 4th ,,17;
o*t. nth .fltai
Ort. IMh
Ort. JBth ?i?.o;
K*<. 1?t
Not.. Sth SI3.K.1
No*. U* nun
5?v- "i,. ?1S.M
?? #14.74
IfOr. atli 912,71
I lor. 13th ?I.V4?
Orr. 3twh ?lit.M (34.00 I17.M
Swift & Company
t . \
Promotions Fail
Landlady <
Some new form of profiteering M?
up every day.
But here's a new one in Washington
which shows some of the greediness
displayed la taking the joy out of the
life of government employes.
.Home of the employes In local de
partments have gone home of lat*
Joyful over the prospect of a new suit
or of smoking a better brand'of cigars
as a result of a little increase in
ralary. But I at "home" they meet
the landlady! who demandn an in
crease In the amount of board or room
No plea of being acarce of fund*
goes. She has read In the paper "of
your promotion" ind cannot .ontinue
to serve you In the face of the high
cost of commodities, although she
never said a word until the Increase
was announced.
Mislig, Russian Leader,
Facing Contempt Charge
New York, Dec. 38.?Argument* In
the case of Dr. Michel Mislig,, former
treasurer of the Russian Federation,
who must show why he should not be
declared in, contempt for not answer
ing questions of the L.usk Investi
gating committee, must be completed
tomorrow morning, Supreme Court
Justice Davis ruled today. Deputy
Attorney General Berger, In court to
day. said Mistlg had Information
j which would enable the committee to
learn the identity of many persons
? connected with Bolshevist organiza
] tions.
j Charles Recht, appearing for ?iisllg,
i?aid his client had given Berger In
confidencc all the information re
quested. Recht argued Berger vio
lated a confidence in trying to force
j Mislig to give this name information
I to the committee under oath.
{ I,udwig C. A. K. Martens, "Bolshev
,ist ambassador," and Saniter I. Nuor
jteva. his secretary, faring the name
charges a* Mislig, were Mtill in Wash
! ington and their ca>es were continued.
to Cheer;
lirabs Extra Pay
'The boarding house mistress isn't
vtia only money vulture. Solicitors
watch for these announcements and
storm the clerk at his home and at
his offlei In order to show htm In a
thousand different ways how he can
use his increase in salary to advan
So serious has become the practice.
In some Instances that chief clerk,'
of departments and of independent
bureaus have had pleas from th? J
clerks to withhold the promotion list, .
Investigation baa been mada by sonv j
of the department officials, who have]
found the statements to be true.
In the cases of two local depart-1
ments It has been found necessary
to bar solicitors from approaching
these clerks. They would even come
in and ask for-speclal permits to. *ee
men whom officials knew had lust
been promoted.
Snccess of Italian Loan
Guaranteed by Citizens
Rome. Dec. 2S ?Subscriptions to the
new national loan are assuming sur
prising proportions, according to the
Popolo Romano.
Reports from all parts of the coun
try Indicate that every financial In
stitution Is preparing to lr\vast every
cent available. The success of the
loan is said to have been assured al
Dock Deutschland Used
Reopened to Commerce
New London. Conn., Dec.
Connecticut's million dollar pier,
where the German submarine Deut?eh
land docked during the wsr and
which later was taken over by the
government, wan reopened for com
mercial purposes today when the
steamer Western Glen arrived via
the Panama Canal. She brought
28.000 barrels of flour, destined for re
shipment to Kngland.
Hatyoke. Hw., Ok. XL?MIot ABa)
Kauntie. V, who disappeared Iraa hat
homa early rhrtatiMJi moraine. wej
?Will mtaalnc today Police and friends
were aearaktac (or her
Mlae Sauretle was clad I* a aKM
Sown and a Pair of ailppar* what
?he dlaappeared and H waa balleva*
that ahe may have fallen Into a eanai
near her home Pottee declared thai
will bedn dragstnr the canal If a<M
la not located by nl?tit
The Ctrl'* father conld not icemni
for her etranre fliaappearanc*
meg be yours
A clean, healthy skin is usually ?
lovely skin, but the use oi the proper
soap is neceaaary.
is specially cleansing, yet it is mild
and soothing because it contains the *
Kesinol properties prescribed by phy
sicians for years in the treatment ol
skin troubles. It rives a rich, refresh
ing and invigorating lather that yoa
can really feel is deanang.
RESIN'OL SOAP is also excel
lent for the shampoo as it tends
to lessen dandruff an^ make the
hair aoft and lustrous.
At all druggists and toilet goods dealer*
New Issue
Exempt from Normal Fsdsral 7mm*
OFFERS $3,000,000
7 Per Cant Prefsrrsd Stock SS.SOO.OOO S2,500,000
Common Stock 1,000,000 1,000,000
Dividends have been paid regularly for the past seventeen years.
Payable January 1st and .July 1st. There is no better 7 per oent
investment in the United States.
If you are looking for a safe and permanent investment wt believe this 7 per rent stock will *|ipasl to
you. It is an old established business. Tbe net earning* available for dividends after t-h. Federal
and all other tax** were paid darinc tbe past fonr yearshave averaged nearly (our times the divtdeads on
tlie preferred stock outstanding. W. L Douglas name is known throughout the world. The trade mark
is a very valuable asset worth millions of dollars, aad is the property of tbe stockholders. It is oaeof the
most valuable trade marks in the United States.
You would make no mlst&ke to order at once as many shares of this stork as you can afford to bay.
Ice SIOO.OO per share. If you care for more particulars All out the coupon aad mail at oace. Application
11 be made to have this stock listed apo^be stock exchange.
W. L. Donflas sheet an
This company owns and operates 106 W L. Douglas shoe store* located in tbe large cities.
also sold by over 9.000 shoe dealers in the United State*
The p*? few years onr shoes hare been more eitoneively advertised than ever before. Slam ping TC. L. Douglas nam*
and the retail price on the bottom of tbe shoe* before they leave tbe factorv has saved the wearer* millions of dollars, and
guarantees them the beat shoes in style, comfort and service that can be produced
for the price.
A great demand for W t. Douglas shoes has sprang up in leading conn tries in
Europe and Asia. Our domestic Business has increased so that our sales hare
actually doubled in four years In 1915 the sales were S8.0S9.628.41 and in
1918 Slt>X>ao,?43.46. The past six mouths' business was at the rate of over
$30,000,000 per year.
In oommon with other great businesses we need additional capital to meet
the urgent requirements of increasing domestic and foreign trade The new con
ditions of business also demand more capital. The cost of labor and material has
nearly doubled so that twice the amount of capital neceasary under the old busi
ness conditions is now required.
Send certified cheek, caahler'* cheek. Post Office Money Order or
Kxpre** Order to W. L DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mass.
w L. POCOLA8 sllor CO.. BrecMea. ?>?
Pleas* sead prospectus of ths W. L Dou
glas Shoe Coaipaav sad special op':
certificate aautliag aie 10 purchase wlth-p
thirty davs shares of tbe T per ceet
5referred stock of the eoiapas-. It ts ua
crstoed that this reqaast tocars no obliga
tion oa aer part. sales* after uveetigauoa
I subaenbe for the stock.
United States Railroad Axinumatratioiv Announces
lean^ttTahoti of New AflJllh? Tosu-ist Trains from
New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and "WashmAton
laavuvjt, New
to Florida. EiTectiv* with firu
York January 5th. 1920, and con tinning throughout
the Winter Tourist Period.
l.v. Xeve York (Pa. R. n.? ?dte P.M.
Lv. Weat Philadelphia *i53 P. M.
U. Italllmere 11 ilO P.M.
l.v. Ua?tlBktss |W. V-R. F. * P. R. R. I Ul3i A. M.
Ar. Jnrkaoavllle ( A. c. I.. II. R.I I'dto P. M.
Ar. Palm Beack (K. K. C. R. It.I ....HtlO A.M.
Ar. Miami (K. K. C. R. R.? 11U5 A.M.
Ar. Key Weal if. K. c. H. R.) ?>se P. *1.
Ar. *t. Peteruhura (A. C. I- R. R.) 'tOO A.M.
Solid PuUuiaa train carrvin* elab. staapin*. ceenpartment and
u> Palm Beach.
dab. aiMpinf. ?
through xrric* from New York
Miami. Ke* West and St. Peterabur*. , ? ..
Dining ear aarrtea. Baths. Valet. Barber. Ladies' Maid aad
Aa extra fare will' be charted. Accommodations oa this train
win ha limited to a specified number of paaaenrera
rhses era*as are in aMthn (e eh. amsales deal* Fleeid. 1
IsT. >ew v?rk < Pa. R. R.) ?C*
liV. We?l Philadelphia M4T
Lr. Ilaltlmorr . .fla?l
l.v. \% ??hi nx l on IW. *.-K. K. A P. R. R.) 1M?
Ar. Jarkaaavlllr A. I.. H. R.I *>4.%
Ar. Palm Heurh iK, K. ?*. R. R-) MM
%r. Miami (P. I- C. R. R.I .11 x**
Ar. Krj Wr?| (P. K. C. R. R.I ?iS*
Ar. St. Pftmkarg (*. A. I.. R. R.) ...????? .8JI
Solid Pullman train eorrria* riah.
obaarvaton cars: throarh Mrvtra trrm
Miami. Kay Weat and St Pamrebari
Dmin* ear
P. *.
A. M.
A. M.
r. m.
A. *.
I A CT.. ILK. _d < 4 C. Alt
Special Wintar Excursion Far. Tickets on Sale Daily, With Limit to May SI, 1930. liberal
Stop-over Privileges. For further information call otl or writ* any Ticket Agent or
Travel Bureau,
143 L^erty St., t o>*oi.iDatkd tickkt opkitk Travel Bureau.
New York City 13Ml K msvj*. *. w. 60s Healey Bid,.,
washuk.tov d. c. Atlanta, Ga.

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