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Philadelphia Orchestra Con
*cert Delights Capacity Au
dience at the National
Philadelphia Orchestra gave the
esBderUof this > ear's *erl??
it fjo In the New National
iter. Leopold #toko??kl. con
befog indisposed. his place
.Ml very ably filled by Thaiideus Rich.
Ue concert master and assistant con
?doctor ot the organisation. The or
cjMftra rose to teh occasion. And Mi
Rich allowed himself an excellent con
??dor playing the Symphony. Schu
? mmnn'a M in C Major, with excellen
?Interpretation The delicate adjust
'meat of parts In the third movement
Adagio Egpreesivo. was remarkav?lr
whila his reading ol the Mst mo\
.Bent, Allejrro moltd rfvaee. show
?todloia attention to the detai
?atmcfur?' of this great moverm*
?Ihe first number on the prrfi <
' ^Overture to Die Meistersinjr* r '
Waimer. was al 4o played In a ma*t
fashion. #
Alfred Cortet. the distinguish
French pianist was the soloist of tK*
Afternoon. He played Rachmaninoff
Third Concerto In D Minor. ThU
.preat artist revealed the rape beauties
ef the Concerto In a manner which
telf no doubt of his ability as a
technician as well as his greatness
pa an Interpreter. The ptaniaimo pas- i
safes were rendered with great deli- 1
eaey. but tha fortlssimos showed re*
toarkable brilliance and the phrasing
waa most clearly marked.
589 Pa&engers Missing
From Wrecked Steamer
Paris. Jan. IS.?Five hundred and |
ctphty-alne persons were still miss
ing today from the wreck of the
a^pamer Afrique. which tank in the
?py of Biscay early yesterday.
T%ey were believed to have per
The steamer, which was bound
from Bordeaux to Dacar. carried
4ff passenR-erg and a crew of 150.
Only two life boats containing
twenty-six persons have been
picked up.
During a terrific gale Saturday,
the Afrique sprung a leak and was
driven off it* course. It ^ as kept
afloat with difficulty intil sbout 3
o'clock yesterday morning, when it
sank, fifty miles off La Rochellc.
Disese Killing Hundreds
Named "Winter Cholera"
Oklahoma City, Jan. 13.?State
health board officials today diag
nosed the dixease which is epidemic
la Shawnee, Muskogee. Sjl&took.
and other Oklahoma cities as "win
ter cholera.' Hundreds are" ill.
They said it was caused by heavy ,
rt>e*?a Vm :h have fallen through-!
O0i ihe e ate recently. A similar
-pi4em>e < wept the state lu 1915. i
'bey It was* followed by an
ej?i?. .wt' ft typhoid fever.'
Philadelphia. Jan. 11.?WHEAT?4 ar tutu 1
iff export elevator, government standard in-,
?pertion. Standard prire*. No. 1 red Win
t*. 2.39; No. 1 Northern Spring. 2.P); No. I '
fcsnl Winter. 2.3ft; No. 1 red Winter, gar
licky. 2.37; No. 1 red smutty. 2.30; No. 1 1
red. garlicky ind smutty. 2.34. 'l'lie U. 8.
Grain Corporation's purchase* of wheat are !
ftaaed on the following schedule,of discounts:
No. 2 wheat. 3c under No. 1; No. 3. 6c un
der No. 1; No. 4. 10 e under No. 1; No. 3,
15c oader No. 1.
CORN?We qaote new. as to quality, at!
1.50a t. ?s.
OATS?Hiaher Car lota aa to location; No. I
3 white. 97i,a9; No. 3 *hlte. MaMfe; No.
4 white. 96*?U,.
PROVISIONS?Quiet and unchanged. Quo.
tat ion* Beef, in sets, smoked a nd^a Id-dried, |
33; beef knuckles and tenders, smoked snd '
air-dried. 34. Pork, family. 54. flams. S.
P. curad. loom*. Mu7; skinner. loose, 24a
20; smoked. 23s27; boiled, boneless. 4'?. '
Ptcslr .boukl.r.. ?. p. rur?d. loo^- 34;
smoked. 25. Bellies, in pickle, looae, 20. I
Breakfast baron. 32. Lard 27.
BUTTER (Cloae)?Lower. Quotationa fol
low: Fresh solid-packed creamery, fancy,
trick scoring goods. 0T>a07; the latter for Job
biag sales; extras. 01; extra firsts. 02a03;
firsts. 37a01; second". 35a30; sweet creamery,
choice to fancy. <Nafi8; fair to good. 3&a61;
aetata jobbing at T2a74 for faacy. and 5?a
71 for lair to good.
MKH iCose)?Steady. Quotations: For
mm ?eart>y firsts. 23.70; current receipts,
5* Westers extra firsts. 23.70; firsts,
?.'j.r "V.10; nearby and Western seconds.
iXMC" 90; refrigerating eggs, as to qnality,
KIT', .80; nfertor lots lower; selected eggs.
M||>7 Men. i
r*t. SB ? Bod slowly and prices favored
'Qaotatlons: N. T. whole-milk flats,
e* '?icy. 324a33: fancy held speciala
? fair to good. 31V?a32; fresh-made.
afiSH; fair to good. 31a 32 V*; Wlscon
oie-milk fiats; held fancy. 32V?afi3;
Sit good. 31VfcaB2; Jobbing sales of fsncy
ktk 30a3.
POULTRY?Fowa. fine. fat. weigh
-m. and orer apiece. 36a38 medium
4*91 )d quality. 82a34; poor. 27a30., Broil
h| ? kens, fancy, soft mested. I^a2 bs.
?. t 30s40. prlag chicken*. average, soft
32a34; iaferlor, 28a30; Indian Rur
iM; Ml
?? ?-?. ***0. Picaoaa, old. pair.' 40a 4<5;
pair, 39a40. Gnneaa, yoang. pair. 2
^ onr aptec*. plump. 1.15a 1.23; lUa
1 *? aptot*. m.io. lal* iba. aptecc. 75a
>; n'lB. ?0a?0: old. pair. 75.
^(Pormiabad br W. B. IHMx * Co.)
OH Co. (aw) 2?H
?* Co laoo i?o
. Co. ?MI 480
Pipe U? Co Ml 102
* **?. Oo 2*0 280
I Oil Co 630 580
-Cnacrat Pipe Li a. Co 33 40
? 'mftorlaad Pip. Lisa Co 123 l.lo
Hnnka Pipe LIb. 13? 138
<ialna-Slcs*l Oil Co.
OU Co. p(d 108 lit
lUtaaU Pip. U?<o 170 180
ladlaaa Plj? Ltm Oo 18 io?
NatloMl Traa.it Co 33 38
?i. Tart Tranaaaalatioo Oo.. 173 180
XL. ?? Plpa Line Co 102 107
<?"" CO Co 375 310
Oil aad Oaa Co 870 ?so
t r-%<n Plpa Llaa Co.- 270 277
* !-> Ulalac Co.
?? Ptpo Use Co 165 170
!*m 0U Co 340 330
Sdoianiat P?oa Pip. n? Co. ?T 102
??('.!< Oil Co. (OaUfMU) S2S 310
" t?*.!-* Oil Co. (ladlaaa)... 740 780
Oil Co. (Kaaaaa)... 8*0 710
S>MM Oil Co. iKaotorkr). 4?) 4?
1 Oil C?. 1 Nebraska). 323 IM
? '??4r-1 Oil Co. (N.w J.ra.7) 770 780
" -?*. 4 Oil Co. j n.w Yartl. 44a 453
-??*W Oil Co. (OMo) 330 M0
'?a I PlBrt CO 100 - 11(
?' ? Oil CO 423 433
mtm 0U Co 43
T*ak Lioa Oo 117 132
RJc^war Sd.0.1 w Dudsc. '
lltS How York Aw. IM Ott-Uib)
Xov *at Clti Pfiaab kaaona any baur. 13e;
Otm f a. B.-U p
f WHV \
Even 1 f
L&T'n J
"TO SfcH. Hl^>
S HI h? r
V Herre )
' X* HE UKH5
? N- \
iN TAv/OTC .
o1*5 Mir*> ]
'IT5 TO yOt>N6
to guem
Pari*. Jan. 13.?Paris salon*. ?>
ciety and diplomatic circles are
buzzing with vthe news that Pre
mier Lloyd George has fallen vic
tim to the Jaz* dance craze.
The Hotel Claridge. where the
British prime minister is topping,
was the scene of his capitulation
to the frivolous goddess. Terpsi
chore. Return Fhg from an official
dinner, the premier was struck by
the brilliancy of the hotel ball
room. where Parisian society was
IiOungpra heard him remark to
his companion. Bonar Law: 'This
reminds me of the good old days:
I don't believe I can resist the
appeal of that music."
Llogd Ceortr?* espied a noted. Paris
beauty. a member of the diplomatic
sot. "My dance. I hope." whispered
the premier into the flattered belle's
The orchestra struck up the strains
of a lively dance and the distin
Baltimore. Jan. 18.?WHEAT?No sale*.
CORN?Col>. yellow. 7.50 per barrel:
white. 7.40a7.45 per barrel: track yellow
corn. No. 3, 162a 1.63 per bushel.
r Cora sales?None. ^
OATS?No. 2 white. asked; No. 3
| white. Ma03'<] asked.
? BYE?Bag lota of nearby Vye. as to qual
I ity. 1.60al.s5; No. 2 Western export. 1.96
i HAY?No. 1 timothy. 38.00; standard tim
othy. 32.00: No. 2 timothy. 31.50; No. 3 tim
othy. 27.A0a29.00; No. 1 light clover, mixed.
29.u0a3n.00; No. 2 light clov#?r. mixed. 27.00
a2?.00; No. 1 rlover. mixed. 27.5Oa2*.00; No.
12 clover, mixed. 25.00b27%*?: No. 1 rlorer.
nominal. 27.00; No. 2 clover, nominal. 25.00;
sample grade. 20.50n23.tK).
STRAW?No. 1 straight rye. 17.00* 1S.00;
No. 2 straight rye. 15.50al6.00; No. 1 tangled
rye, 16.00; No. 2 tangled rye. 12.00al2.50;
| No. 1 wheat. 12.00a 18.00; No. 2 wheat. 11.60
all.50; No. oats. 14.00al5.00: No. 2 oats
12.90a 18.80.
It is estimated that in Colorado
there is sufficient shale, in beds
three feet or more thick, to yield
30.000,000 or more barrels of crude
! petroleum.
gulshed couple gaily poceeded aero**
the gleaming parquet, and from start
to finish Lloyd George clapped his
hands for an "encore" when the
dance ended.
The spectators were amazed at the
easy grace with which Britain's
foremost statesman continued danc
ing throughout the evening. He did
not attempt to "do" the tango or
shimmy, but was heard to remark as
he passed out:
"I don't see why they all denounce
the shimmy. It looks like gre&t
sport to me. I wish I knew it. I
must learn it if I ever fit the time.'*
Baltimore. Md.. Jan. 18. ? Mrrirals bf
?"?t i.?POULTRY?Live: Gblckeaa.. yoon*
law. ?moot>. ponnd. &2aS8; do.. Small t*
mediam. posnd, 32a 38; do.. White/sLag
borna. 39a 31; old rooatera, lb., 'Jff', do.,
old hen*, mora than 4 lbs., 82a33; do., small,
lb.. 3ua31; do., white lag born bena. lb.. 30.
l>nrks?muscovy, young. lb.. 82a 33; do.,
white Pekins. young, pound, 35m 86; do.,
puddle, poond. 84a86; do,, asMller. poor,
pound, 30; geese, nearby fat. 81a32; tur
key*. rhoire young hena, pound. 42a43; do.,
gobblers. lb.. 30a40; do., old torn*, lb.. 35a86,
do., crooked breast, poor. lb.. 32a33. Pig
eons. old. pair. 30a35; do., young, pair, 80a
35; guinea fowl, young, mora than 11* Iba.
each, 50; do., smaller, each, 80a40; do., old,
each, 30.
DRES8ED POULTRY?Turkaja. young, per
pound. 42a 45; old toms. 37s 3*; chickens,
young. 33a34; do., old and mixed. 82.a33;
old rooster*. 21a22; ducks, 85a3d; gee*e,
31a36; capons. 37a45.
K(iG8?Western Maryland and Pennsyl
vania, nearby, do?#n. ,72; Eastern Shore
of Maryland and Virginia, doses. 72; West
ern fro?ts. down. 70; West Virginia. 70;
Southern, dosen. 09; cold storage, dosen. 50a
BUTTER?Creamery. Went separator, ex
tra*. 69a70; do., prints, half-pound extras.
70:?7l; do., prints, one-pound extras. 69a70;
nearby creamery, extia*. 66a67; dairy prints,
Maryland. Virginia and Pennsylvania, ex
tras, 4*a50; store-packed firsts, 44; rolls,
Maryland and Pennsylvania extras. 47a49;
do.. West Virginia extras, 45a47; do., Ohio
extras, 45a47; process butter. 57a50.
Plica Cored In 6 to 14 Day*.
I)nir?Lt? refund money if PA7.0 OINTSiKS'T
fails to cure Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Pro
truding Piles. Stops Irritation; Soothes and
Heals. You can get restfal sleep after the
first application. Price 60c.?Adv.
A Lo*r of v?r?y VAtuAQce
TIMC TAC.KINQ WHervi it oosht
to X>OlKiG.
Fichmond, V*., Jan. 13.?With
the advance guard of legislators
already on the scene and consid
erable "lobbying" going on, this
city is ready to entertain the mem
bers of the General Assembly,
which begins its regular session
here tomorrow at noon.
.Perhaps the most important
matter to be considered will be
the appropriation for the prohibi
tion department
There ha* been considerable talk
of abolishing the prohibition de
partment entirely and dry advo
cates are fighting mad and already
have Rounded their "call to arm*."
William Jennings Bryan, promi
nent Democrat and one of the lead
ing dry advocates In America, will
lecture at the auditorium next
Wednesday In the interest of the
1 anti-saloon campaign for law en
forcement, Americanization ot all
?iU*en? and world-wide prohibition.
Norfolk. ? Water, water every
where?but not a drop to drink.
The precious aqua Is so near and
yet so far, for It is of the salt va
riety afid hardly Is suitable for
drinking purposes.
Reservoirs of the city have run
dry and with no rain in sight the
situation has become acute. Ar
rangements have been mafic by the
local officials to have water shipped
here in barrels from Richmond via
the Old Dominion steamship line.
Under the plan from 50 to 100 bar
rels of water will be brought here
daily by the steamers.
Charlottesville.?The board of vis
itors of the University of Virginia
voted to admit "mature and quali
fied women" to graduate and pro
fessional schools of the Institution.
The ruling goes into effect next
Richmond.?By an order just is
sued by Safety Director W. M.
Myers, the number of passengers
which one-man cars may use on city
lines here is limited to forty-five
persons. A maximum of eleven
persons will be allowed to stand in
the aisles and four on the rear plat
Lynchburg.?The explosion of a
film caused a fire considerably dam
aging the Gayety Theater.
Charlottesville.?A prise cow be
longing to R. A. Hunt disappeared
December 8. After a thirty-three
day search the cow was found in
an abandoned well near Its home
Barely a cup of water was left in
the when the cow was rescued.
A veterinarian was called. The
animal will live.
Bristol.?The Republican convention
of the ninth district will b? held In
Pulaski March 16. it was decided by
the executive committee. C. S. Pen
dleton was elected District chairman.
Petersburg.?A coroner's Jury will
examine the body of Richard Gal
lion, who was killed on the Cox
road by an automobile driven by
Sidney Cotton.
Richmond.?Dan Pippman, a former
stave who was sold on the auction
block here at the age of 11, has writ
ten to "Mir. and Mrs. Postmaster, of
Richmond," -offering a reward of *5
for Information concerning his rela
Abingdon.?Mrs. Henrietta McBroem,
widow of Judge Henry McBroom, is
dead at her home here, at the age
of 78.
"Bayer's Tablets of Aspirin" to be
genuine must be marked with the
safety "Beyer Cross." Always buy
an unbroken Bayer package, which
contains proper directions to aafety
relieve Headache, Toothache. Ear
ache, Neuralgia. Colds and pain.
Handy tin boxes of IS tablets coat but
a few cents at drag stores?Urge
Packages also. Aspirin Is the trade
mark of Bayer Manufacture 0/ Mono
acetleacidester of-jgallcyllcacld.
tbb imlD BLBIAO.
A. ft Dealt**..
rr Kint fttw*
'vi'rittnt*r*C*roltn? 'ctXleal Com
iiny which al~.4y J>" '
a - -
number of eraploye.ofthUjon?rn
here will bo ?r??tly. lncreMM.
. contest for ?cho?l
trufttee from th? Fourth w*rd.*t *
SSM5 of the clty councu to;
? il, n en Charles B. TenneMon !
'"i ^ ptttey On the flrmt
S^lot Mrt.nn??n "U elected by |
tt nhirtrt E *D?r* .? choeen .chool
,?.tee1or the th1rd ward. The new (
[%.?. ?k. the pl.ee. of <3?or?e ?
W.meld. Harry H^T^tly were !
Clifton Howard. wh0 recently I
elected but declined to ?er?e.
>S, the recommendation of the |
finance and tire committee, the P*y
the v-y of operators ?uu ?uh?
ll^ht committee .nd ^fered to tb?
??? "sr-* r-n |
men^rom " "*
read and ordered P"bll,h*<L dd to
ssu ?.?? ??a-~j?ras
Asaph .nd Pitt .nd one on St A?pn
?e?r'^.>?t^den KUwbeth
menu ^Tu"^keV?t h. I
Bill of Mm. Minnie Touar ' , -u. :
inston. for CO for ',R",as",t? H 1
tomoblle pre.ented by Att0 y I
Noel Game- 'van referred to ne w
were placed on record . ^ B '
the clerk
nrmdna !' end wife to Wll.lwn *
?ent wi MaTy E ^oic-.'to Sam- i
wife o Samuel MendeLon. h ?u? bv,^.
Tot .t the southwest oorn-r oflMm
svr? STtoti
on X? north Mde of ^ betw-nj
Kayette and Payne streets. "
Turner, and other. ?* ??Ve.t^
of ^Alfred!* h^ween Wofe and ????
Hon 6. Hosemont.
The meetlM of the hoard of dirrc
tor* of the rtiamber of Commerce *111
be held ?t 3:W> o'clock tomorrow after- ,
?on T^e Retail Merchant.' Bureau
of the Chamber of Commerce ?I11 hold i
a-meeting at ? o'clock tomorrow nl*^. ,
The case of Sidney Hyrle. '?'?"*? !
white And Walter. Smith, colored. thej
UM nCd two indicted for viola.in, ?
the prohibition law, arc ?et for ?rt?l
January 38 In the_Corporat.on C ourt. I
Xhe national banks today held
thSr annual meetings and e ?ted
directors and two of them elected,
0flThIy follow: First National?,
cardncr U Boothe. M. B Harlow, j
Benoit Baer. Jr.. Harry.Hammond.
7' A "ToUT Warteld. '
Officers * or this b.nk will be cho.cn
t0CIH?n. National -Edward U
? "'Vrfleld J- Clinton Smoot. t
1?? ,? Mulfish M. A. Ahem. John;
>t. Johnson? C?rroU P'erce. Urban ,
Scenes During Flag Raising
By Reds in Cairo Rioting
Cairo.?These pictures were snapped during the recent dem
onstration in Cairo. Above: Students took charge of the cars,
using them to carry the anti-British flag of Islam through the
streets. Below: Mobs gathered and. flaunted the flag of Islam.
An agitator had just unfurled one when this snap was taken.
8. Lambert. Officers are: Edward |
I* Daingerfleld. president; Carroll,
Pierce, vie* president; Rlehard M. 1
Green. assistant vice president; M. i
U Dinwiddie, cashier, and J. 8.
Douglas. Jr., assistant cashier.
Alexandria National: Judfe C. E.
Nicol, Judge H. O. Brent, John D.
Normoyle, W. G. Harvey. Jr.. L*. H.
Dudley, William P. Woolls. Offi
cers: Judge C. E. Nicol. president:
Judge H. G. Brent, vice president:
J. I-aurence Perry, second vice |
president; L. H. Dudley, cashier.
Richard C. Kox. Broolcland. D. C.. ,
has issued invitations to the' mar- |
risgc <?f his daughter. Miss Mary
Helen Kox. to Coyrtland H. Davis. <j
of this city. The wedding will take:
place at 11 o'clock the morning ofj
January 21 in the Baptist Church;
at lirookland, D. C.
Tho newly elected officers of Lib
erty Rebekah Ix>dge. No. 18. Odd
Fellows, were Installed tonight at 1
Odd Fellows Hall by the district;
deputy grand master.
Dr. Kate Waller Barrett left yes
terday for Boston, where she will
address a number of organisations.
The initiatory degree will be con- j
<erred on a class of candidates to
morrow night by Sarepta Ix>dge of!
Odd Fellows.
An entertainment will be given at j
Loe' Camp Hall January 20 by the:
United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Mrs. Annie M Dlehr. aged 60. died
yesterday at her residence. The body
will be taken to morrow to North
Garden. Va.
l^ee Camp. Confederate Veterans,
will not hold any banquet January
If in observance of Gen. Lee's birth
day. The veterans, however, will
be tendered a banquet that nijrtit by
Adj. Edgar Warfleld at ICamp
Mr. and Mra. William D Zimmer
man tonight celebrated their golden
wedding anniversary at their home,
V)Q Sonth Pitt ftreet. Attending the
reception were tha four children and
aeven grandchildren
The Brazilian government main
taina a snake farm for the produc
tion of a aerum antidote for anake
Judge Hardifon Holds D..C.
Hospitals May Have
. All TT*y Wish.
Hospital*. or ur owmmh *??
ptrtwil UMcr la (Wd of ttaaor
for mtdldiul. meobabioel or acien
KBc uk, may get Is. If application
U made in proper farm to tke po
lls* oourt
Tho proper war to proanr* liquor
from the aUoki seised and confis
cated by th* polio* or otfcor aant?.
I* to secure th* recommendation of
th? District Attorney. who Bay pe
tition th* court for It* coacoeairm.
Till* lntepretatloa of the law was
(lom y*aterday by Judge Robert
Hardlson. of the United States P?
11c* Court.
Judge Hardlson took Issue with
recent published ?lat*menu that
the existing law docs not permit
disposal of liquor confiscated by the
Pollc*. H* da tiled he was powerlee*
to mak* grant* of liquor la hos
pitals. and Mid that, on th* con
trary. a law giving tin this power
Is now In effect, and ha* been sine*
the paaeage of th* general prohi
bition law. July K. 1?1?.
The section of the law permitting
the rcleaae of 'onftscated liquor for
hospital un read* a* follow*:
"Title n. section 27. In all caaea in
which Intoxicating liquor* may be
subject to be destroyed under the
provisions of this act. the court shall
have jurisdiction upon the applicatloa
of th* fnlted State* attorney to ort%
them delivered to any department ar
agency of the I'nlted State* gov
ernment for medicinal. *nechanicai
! or scientific uses or to order the
wmc sold at prlvat* sale for *uch
purpo*** to any person having a per
mit to purcahs* liquor, the proceed ft
to be coavartad Into the treasury of 1
the United Stata* to the credit of
miscellaneous receipt*, and all liquor
heretofore seized in any suit or pro
ceeding brought for violation of law
may likewise be so disposed of. If
not Maimed within sixty days from
th* date this section takee effect."
If* Gctt?| Connoi
The picture had prripp^d #he *pee
tatora emotionally It htu plot,
plausible and touching. Th* pho
tography vu superb Acting wan
all that could be dpaired and th?
J direction waa 100 p*-r cent. It vu
; an oasis In the dreary desert of
mediocre fllmp. Men. worn* n and
children were spellbound, held by
the ma*ic which only a motion plc
Iture can wield. Then came a sub
title. The hero waa addreuin^ his
I fiancee. ^Where waa you last
niirht?" he demanded. Why. oh.
why allow the studio Janitor to
write the sub titles??Film Fua.
This was our slogan in inaugurating the Christmas
Saving* Clubr The results have been so wonderfully
successful that we have decided to keep the
Club Open Until January 20th
This will give an opportunity to government workers
to make their initial deposit after receipt of their check
corresponding to January 15.
Think what a relief it will mean to you next De
cember to be in funds for the purchase of gifts, the pay
ment of doctor's and dentist's bills, the interest on the
mortgage, the premiums on insurance, or some other
obligation pressing or to be incurred!
The Farmers & Mechanics National Bank
OF GEORGETOWN?31st a?d M Streets
Closes Sons
7 and TElcventl) Sts.
January Linen and White Sale
Bleached Pu.; Linen Table Cloths and Napkins. 2x2. 2x2/2,
2x3. 2x3/2. 2x4. 2/4x2/4. 2y2x2/z. 2/Zx3 yards. Designs are Cent . ice
discontinued from the lines of leading manufacturers, they being mad< kc
unable to secure the fine yams needed in these grades. Beaub-1
ful designs with odd napkins to match some cloths.- All re
25% Off Regular Price
nch Quny Lace-trimmed Linen Table Coven,
D lies and Scarfs; odd sizes of fine linen, hand
nen centers.
J5% Off Regular Prices
Hemstitched or Hemmed Huck Towels, /i lines
tor r lixed. Called Union Huck; plain or figured bor
- or giest^ize. 50c throughout the country; 39c each.
72-inch Double Satin Damask. $6.25 regularly, for
$5.00 yard.
70-inch Heavy Satin Damask, $5.00 regularly, for
$4.00 yard.
70-inch Heavy Satin Damask. $3.75 regularly, for
$2.95 yard.
70-inch Heavy Satin Damask, $3.00 regularly, for
$2.25 yard.
Bleached Pure Linen Scotch Crash Toweling; plain
white, red or blue borders. These were made to our or
der by Baxter Bros., Dundee, Scotland.
75c grade, white or colored borders. 59c yard.
65c grade, white or colored borders, 49c yard.
59c grade, white or colored borders, 39c yard.
i!Elite" Cotton Sheets, Bol
sters and Pillow Cases
' 1x99
Reduced to
Reduced to
Reduced to
Reduced to
Reduced to
Reduced to
Reduced to
Reduced to
Reduced to
$2.29 Each
$1.98 Each
$1.82 Each
$1.35 Each
$1.30 Each
99c Each
82c Each
55c E h
49c Ei
. ==^
Madeira Hand-scailoped and Embroidered Pure Linen
Tea Cloths, Centerpieces, Scarf?, Napkins and Tea Sets.
Reduced in price. '
, Tea Napkins; one corner hand-embroidered designs. Regu
larly up to $15.75, for $10 doeen. $1^.75 to $21.75. 1*3 doien.
Tea Sets of 13 pieces, 1 center, 6 plate and 6 tumbler dotyies.
Regularly up to $15, for $9 set.
Tea Covers; 36-inch diameter. Regularly, $20 'to $25, for
$15.50 'each.
Centerpiece*; 28-inch diameter.' Regularly, $12 t6 $15, foi
$8.50 each
,C 1.1 e-pieces; 24-inch diameter. Regularly, $8.50 to $10, for
$7.50 eacJ'- ; ^
S'J.r'i t8 and 20 inches wide by 36, 45. 54 and 6j inches
lorn.. tw -.'.tiful designs on pure linen. Actual values up to $10.
C'" v,Cf> *5 each.
Hr Silk, Satin, Sateen, Silkoline, Dotted Mull and Fancy
Covers! -OTi'.lorts of Sanitary Cotton; Mixed Woo^ and Cotton
??* t nrt Lamps' Wool lining; foil sizes. Our entire line of new
sMNtdasd Con. orts (no
*? 1 m
Off Regular Price*.

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