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#. ?
Report on Nomination as
> D. C. Commissioner
Due This Week.
Enemies Declare He Is Dom
ineering, Resentful, and
Just Won t Do.
The opposition and the defense in
the hearings before the Senate Dis
trict Committee on the appointment
of Dr. John Van Bchaick as commis
sioner of the District, rested their
caaes late .yesterday, -and Senator
King, chairman, announced the hear
ings were closed
Those wno wish, however, will he
given the privilege of filing briefs un
til Thursday. Senator King said. It
is believed the committee will report
the Van. Schaick nomination to the
Senate, either favorably or uafavor
ably. by the end of the week.
Two days have been consumed by
the hearings, most of which time was
taken by those protesting against the
appointment. * These forces were led
and directed by Col. C.f C. Lancaster,
of the Bright wood Citizens' Associa
tion. A. J. Drlscoll. of the Mid-City
CltUens' Association, led the fljht of
Vah Schaick's friends.
Call* Htm Slacker.
tJmi first witness to appear In the
atfernoon hearing yesterday waa A.
W. Scott. colored attorney, who said
he appeared in a three-fold capacity?
as a taxpayer, a parent and a member
of the Parents' league. Scott char
acterized Van Schalck as a slacker
minister. supporting his statement by
s Biblical quotation: "Me that putteth
his baad to the plow, and turn?tb .
t shall not enter the Kingdom of 1
Heaven." (
Fountain Pgyton. negro member of ?
the Board of Education, went into the 1
details of the Bruce case, and char- j
scterised Van Schaick as "dictatorial,
domineering, easy to be offended and j
quiok to show resentment."
He repeated the story, upon which (
stress has been laid by others, of how
Van Schaick tried to influence his
vote on the board when the Bruce case
way up. Van Schaick's words to him
on that occasion, he said, were:
"Dayton. I don't want you to go
into this Bruce case with a fight
ing spirit. I want you to go in and
help make a unanimous report, and
I will And a way to ease Bruce
out later.*
? Exhibits Letter.
Payton ftled with the committee a
photographic copy of a letter, al
leged to h4ve been written frort|
Coolesvillc. N. Y., August 22, 1919. !
shortly aftef the decision in the j
Bruce case, by Dr. Van Schaick to I
Dr. Henry B. learned, member of I
the Board of Education. The let- )
ter was produced. Payton said, to I
prove that Dr. Van Sch^fck had pre- 1
judired the Cruce rase before an!
upon which stress
* - v Mam McKay Clay
t?'\ ?TTeK ? *rlier In the day. j
?h*r V^n :k was ineligible lo j
Commissioner be
1 i* en serving the Red
?n for two of the
last thre? years, was challenged bv
Milton B. Zeiler. of the Mid-City
Citisens' Association. He presented
memoranda, written and signed by
Dr, Van Schaick at Zeiler's request, j
claiming the District as his residence. I
The memoranda, signed Dr. Van !
Srhaick^ Jr., read:
"I have not voted or registered any- j
* j
j "Pape's Diapepsin" is the |
j quickest Indigestion and |
Stomach Relief I j
? " 41
When meals hit back and your
stomach is sour, acid, gassy. ?or you
feel heavy lumps of pain or headache
frofli indigestion?here is instant re
Just as soon as you eat a tablet or
i - ' Pape's Diapepsin all the dys
p*.'- i, indigestion and stomach dis
used by acidity ends. These
ta *?? t. harmless tablets of Pape's
fr'- ??ep iin never fail to neutralise
tl?* r mful stomach acids and make
y )\i *? 1 fine at once, and they cost1
so lit . at drug stores.?Adv.
J , ? ?
Philadelphia! ? ihe mysterious j
4,Dr X" who has been cared forj
by a minister in Lambertville. N-;
J., since he was found roaming* the r
street? in ragx, and who has been j
unable to remember his past. has j
been identified as Dr. John L- Brand, j
64. of Worcester. Mass. Lieut. Com.
Charles L Brand, of the Philadel
phia Navy Yard, says he is positive
"Dr. X- Is his father. *ho disap
peared In March, 1917.
where within the past threa. years.
I have been a resident of the Dis
trict of Columbia since January 8,
t# ?*rve.
Vincent L. Toomey, attorney, de
clared Dr. Van Schalck could and
would serve as District Commission
er competently nnd efficiently.
Mr. Clayton filed a brief with the
committee, charging t?h?t tTie ap
pointment of Van Schaick would vio
late the spirit of the act of July
11. 1878. under which the commis
sion form of government was In
He said Van Schaick had entered
the service of the Red Cross shortly
after the United States entered the
war*, and that he did not return
until Jul yor August. 1919, there
fore "ceasing to be an actual rest- !
dent of the District for three eyars
next before his appointment." thus]
losing eligibility for the office of j
Senator King, of Utah, asked what
influences were behind the appoint
ment of Van Schalck. He was told
by the opposition that the Ameri
can Red Cross Society, former Com
missioner Brownlow, and Miss Mar
garet Wilson, daughter of the Presi
dent. had strongly urged his ap
Endor?rd by Civic Body.
A. J. Driscoll added that the Midi
City"Citizen's Asssociation, of which
Dr. Von Schalck is a member, gave
Dr. Van Schaick its unanimous en- j
dorsement at its last meeting.
"I feel that the opposition," said j
Mr. Driscoll, "has Tailed to show j
any reason why he should not bo!
confirmed as a District Commission.
He possesses all the qualifications
necesssar yto be an efficient Com
missioner. He has been active in
civil affairs for many eyars. ai\d is |
an intelligent and broadrainde J!
Mr. Driscoll characterised as "very;
| pood judgment" the argument of Van'
| Schaick's opponents that'because he
| had served with the American Red
| Cross in Belgium he had lost his
citizenship in the District.
"If that is the case, how about the
I 2.000.000 soldiers who wetn to France?"
j he asked.
Mrs. M. S. Gerry, member of the
school board, asserted that Dr. Van
Schaick. as president of the board.
| had been an excellent executive and
| had been absolutely fair, and had
! not caused and disruption in the
! schools.
Dr. Starr Parsons, of the North
j east Citizens' Association, presented
a resolution adopted by that organi
zation protesting confirmation of Van
Schaick's appointment.
He said Dr. Van Schalck was
dogmatic, his manner offensive and
that the public schools had been in
a turmoil during his administration.
Mission May Pay Ransom.
Cincinnati. Jan. 13,-j-I? the re
lease of the Rev. A, L. Skelton.
missionary for the Foreign Chris
tian Missionary Society with head
quarters here can be obtained in no
other way the society will pay the
ransom demanded by brigands who
captured him near Yunnan Fu.
Western China, several days aico,
officials said today.
Exchufe Scat Bring* $115,000.
New York, Jan. 13.?A new record
price for a stock exchange seat was
established today when tflo.OOO was
paid for the seat held for half a
century by J. V. Bouvier, of the firm
| of M. C. Bouvier and Company. The
i previous record high price for an ex
( change seat was 1110,000.
Among the no
table professional
men of this coun
try who achieved
great success
.along strictly le
gitimate lines was
Dr. R. V. Pierce,
founder of the
Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical In
stitute at Buffalo.
N. Y. Devoting
his attention to
the specialty of
women's diseases,
he became a rec
ognized authority
in that line. His
work. "The Com
mon Sense Medi
cal Adviser," is
now in over two
and a half mil
lion homes in
this country and
Europe. At one
tima Dr. Pwrc*
represented his
home district
, Just Sfty years ago TWi Winter he gave to the world a Prescrip
tion which has never been equalled for the weaknesses of women.
Many women in every hamlet, town or city will gladly testify that
Dr. Pierca's Favorite Prescription did* them a world of good.
Another of mis great physician's successful remedies is known
as Dr. PiereeY Golden Medical Discovery and, like the "Prescription,"
is apw sold by druggists everywhere, in both liquid and tablets. This
is prdfcably the most efficacious discovery evet made in medicine,
for the list -of men and women ail over the universe who have
successfully used it for indigestion and as a blood tonic and system
builder, makes an amanng total of thousands.?Adv.
Drives Called Off for Week
'While D. C. Pocketbooks
Are Replenished.
Now comes a drive In behalf of
hard-driven but ever-gencrous Mr.
His two-way pocket Is becoming
Plteousiy frayed with the frequent
digging deep" to aid thla and help
that and nave this and aave that
and now with a feeling of relief
6 contemplates the coming: cam*
pal*n that Is to help him.
National Thrift Week la the name
or it and Its principal object la to
Mr- Public's pocket some
' "l?t th? one-way variety. It
^ J??u?ry 17, Benjamin
franklins birthday, and run to
January 24, and during that time It
'? hoped to Jive Mr. Public a lot of
apj^rently needed Information that
will enable him to save and to make
money. In other words it will be
a campaign of education, conducted
with the sole aim of helping Mr.
P.. and thare Is no cateh in it.
Here are the lessons to be taught:
National thrift day or bank day,
Saturday.?Ben Franklin's birthday.
January 17.?To emphasize the serv
lc* a bank renders a community.
Share with others' day, Sunday.
January 18,?To emphasise the re
lation of money to character.
National life insurance dav, Mon
day. January l?.-To emphasize the
valua of protecting loved ones with
life Insurance.
Own your own home day. Tuesday,
?""ary ???To emphasize the desir
ability of owning your own home.
Make a will day. Wednesday. Jan
o*ry 21.?To emphasize the importance
of making a will.
Thrift In Industry day, Thursday.
January 22.?To emphasize the Iden
tical Interests of employer and em
Family budget day. Friday. January
. ? the advantage of
using the budget plan for finances.
Pay your bills day. Saturday. Jan
*4 ?To emphasize the moral ob
ligation to pax your bills promptly.
? +
King of Denmark Thanks
? Allied Nations' Heads
The King of Denmark has tele
th* Presidents of the
i n I ted States and France, to the
IV"8" England and of iuiy and
the Emperor of Japan, expressing
thanks to them on behalf of the peo
ple of Denmark for the sacrifices of
those countries during the recent
world war wbieh. the telegram stated,
made possible the reunion of ScKles
vlg with the old kingdom of Den
The American Legation at Copen
hagen, in reporting this fact to the
of >?<?"?-rd?y. ,t?ted
that the king sent these messages of
appreciation on January li, upon re
ceding announcement of the ex
o?v??u.e~MBC*ti?,U ?' the Tr#atJr
Assigned to Deaf and Dumb
She Leaves Centos Job
enumerator* Pr0fl,e"-'??
?ne woman working on the force
m , Supervisor Robert E
Mattlngly quit her job, he ?ays be
cause she thought 3 cents a name
too little pay for canvassing a deaf
and dumb Institution. And this In
spite of the fact that enumerators
regard the collection of statistics
from institutions as a "soft Job"
because office records generally fur
nish all necessary data.
Mattingty soys feminine dlploirt
aoy.. l?rgcly lesponslble for the
rapid enumeration of the District
Monday?01" "W* '? by
N. Y. Would Halt Volstead
Act Until State Goes Dry
Albany, N. Y? Jan. u.-j,, , r<MK)|u.
Utorniv ?Ced T the A"?"bly, the
Attorney Qeneral Is directed to at
tempt to prevent the Volstead act
from being: enforced in New York
Htate until the Htate has passed its
own. enforcement measure.
Should the Attorney General be un
,n this move, he Is di,
rected to bring action in the United
?States supreme Court to teat the
In!i'd.h. ?'. con"tltutional prohibition
and the \ olstead act.
Two Held for Conspiracy;
Trucks and Rum Forfeited
(Br Herald l.raMrd Wire.)
Yeungstown, Oh?o. Jan. ll-H C.
Uammerer, 48, ex-saloon keefcer. and
ufunr rart"la' former wholesale
liquor dealer and proprietor of a
ShTLk? wher? a lar*e quantity of
Whisky was confiscated by revenue
agents, were arrested late this after
522 w?,hKeder"! war?m" char*lng
to defraud the
united States government.
nwnl*' and M I^man. truck
owners, also were arrested. The
Friedman brothers operated th?
tnucks used to transport the whisky.
' _ ? . rjck? wer? declared forfeited
and ta^en by the government.
New York. ? Miss Vartenousch
Karagheusian. first American girl
held as an Arab slave to arrive In
America, has had a run of thrilling
adventures. Her family was driven
milet, into Turkish territory, in the
vicinity of Mesopotamia, and she
alone survived the march. Being
assigned to a Turkish hopital at
Vartenousch. she managed to escape
to the British lines and was then
sent to the American relief station
at Beirut. Her brother, John, a
wealthy rug merchant of Minne
apolis. met her on her arrival In
New York.
Grocef'? Wife Beats Bandits
New York. Jan. 13.?Four armed
bandits who attempted to hold up
: a saloon early today, were beaten
and driven off by Mrs. Ernest Berg
gren, wtfe of the saloonkeeper,
j She placed herself before the reg
I ister and fought them off one by
' nnn Ono man ur fl m atint
% 1
Half Divorces Due to Haste,
Brooklyn Pastor^ Tells
House Committee.
? *
lA two weeks' "cooling of' period
before m>m>n wm advocated by
Rev. Dr. William Sheafe, rector of
Ckrlit Church. Brooklyn, before the
House Judiciary Committee yester
Dr. Bheafe headed a delegation urj.
In* favorable action on a resolution
by Representative Randall, of Cal
ifornia, proposing a constitutional
amendment designed to lead the way
to the enactment of uniform divorce
laws In all th? states.
A wait of half a month before
changing from slagle to double har
ness. In the opinion of the Brook
lyn clergyman, would mean no more
hasty marriages.
"Statistics prove that CO per cent
of the divorces have )>een due to
hasty marriages." he said.
Dr. Sheafe told of a nurs?*he had
known In Brooklyn (name withheld)
who met a man one day. nuraed
him the next, married him the third,
and was suing for a divorce within
two months. v
Pointing out the wide differences
In divorce laws In States like New
York. Nevada and South Carolina.
Dr Sheafe asserted:
"If there was the same laxity In
the laws relating to murder, there
would be a scandal which would
arouse the country, but the effect of
loos* marriage laws on society Is al
most comparable with murder."
Two More Iriplanes Join
Rome to Tokio Air Flight
Rome. Jan- 13. ?? C&pt. Trompeo.
organizer of the Rome-to-Toklo air
plane flights. announced today two
additional triplane* will leave fori
the Japanese capital this week.
Kach machine In equipped with
three 300-horsepower motors and if
capable of making 130 kilometers an
hour. Rach machine will carry 2.600
pounds of >?nsine and 400 pounds or
lubricating oil.
The Youf Lady Acrou the Way
The young lady across the way
says *he reads of many cases of
poisoning fiom wood alcohol and
we 'ought to have a law against
using anything but good clean
$8,000,000 More Needed
For Railroads in Alaska
The Department of Interior yes
terday asked Congress for 98.000,000
for maintenance and operation of
railroads in Alaska during the fiscal
year ending June. SO.
Appropriations already made by
Congrest* for the Alaskan railroads
thi? year approximate* $10,000,000.
LefMn Pott to Elect
Sergt. Jasper Post. American Le
gion. will hold Its annual election
of officers tonight at 118 Tenth
street northwest, room 201, at 8
? i
D. C. School Children Save
And Invest $110,074 in
W. S. S. During 1919.
Proof that the W ash I m too public
school* not only IwnMd but practical
the lessons of thrift th?y were taught
during the year Ittt la shown to their
inveatinants of S1M.071M In Thrift
Stamps and War Havings Stamps, ac
cording to a report of the Savings
Division of the Treasury Department
made public yesterday
This sum was collected and in
vested through the medium ?f 1.MS
War Savings Societies organised la
Washington schools under the. direc
tion of - Miss M K. Whltaell. with a
membership of 21.13 boys and glrta.
The Elisabeth V. Brown Schaoi. at
Chevy Chase, made the highest record
for any individual school durlnc the
year, saving and Investing iUCK
Interest U. S. Wotnea ? D. C. Fiffct
The Woman's Committee for Dis
trict of Columbia 8uffrare?Mrs. Isa
bel Worrell Ball, chairman?will
meet Thursday at It a-m. In the
woman's reception room. New Wll
lard Hotel, to discuss plans for In
teresting the women of the country
In the campaign to secure repre
sentation In Congress and the elec
toral college for the people of the
District The Woman's Suffrage
Committee is preparing to ask all
women's organisations throughout
the country to back the suffrage
Steurftten Elect.
R. H. Witli has been elected
president of the ateamfittera' local
un|9n for lf20. Other officers are
J. Barlow, Yicf president; 8. D.
Zee recording: secretary; J. If.
Bottf. business affent; Charles
Schmidt, treasurer* J. ML Botta,
financial secretary; W. Ls. Watts.
Thomas Hess and J- Barlow, trus
tees; F. C. Luce. H. O'Neill. H M.
Brown. R. H. Watts and J. Barlow,
executive board; Georgm Nau. serg
New -York. JtK. II If W *
utivt New Tort* wl mm aa<
up and calls jtmi U acorapboblsa
don't haul off aad swat kin one
H? will not ten I Melted you. (ot
you are one. Everybody. ?r mow
everybody. wM Una litMl elt>
-U one. Or. Jobn M Keyda. for
merly surgeon with tba A. E P.
?ay* M.
It comes through close waocla
tlon wttb buildings. A rontnif
olty dweller cannot get them out 01
hie s j-stem. once they are absorbed
so to speak; and be len t bappy It
open apace* like parka and prairiet
aad oceana Re may not know tt
but be simply pines (or buildings
big. hlarb. husky ones, buildings
and (hen more buildings Aad Ilk*
the bay reaching far fh< cake ol
soap, he Is not happy till he gen
what be wants.
Also Blackheads. Dandruff
On Scalp. Cuticura Heals.
Burning the Candle
Both Ends
THERE is a tendency
to grossly overload
high grade trucks. They
have the stamina which
invites it. Ordinary trucks
escape this punishment
because they won't stand
up and perform under it.
In mixed fleets, the hard
est work is assigned to
White Trucks. When
work is heavy and time is
short, they carry the brunt
of overspeed and overload.
While this is a tribute to
White construction, it is
also a menace to the extra
prpf it an ownet may derive
from his truck invest
ment?long alter it has
been written off the books.
A Whit'e Truck is re
markable for the volume ?
of work that it does, year
after year. Continuous and
dependable performance
is sustained indefinitely if
the truck is not abused.
Rccords of 100,000,
200,000 and 300,000 miles
are common for White
Trucks, still doing a full
day's work.
It is as shortsighted for
an owner to overdraw
upon a truck's reserve as
it is for a business to
draw upon its capital for
Waihington: 607 Southern Building

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