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5ublic Session Will Be Held
From 10 a. m. to
4 p. m.
commission Gives Rules of
Procedure?Quarters at
900 Penn. Ave. N.W.
Temporary headquarters for the
*ent Commission of the District
?f Columbia have been established
?> the building at 900-2 Pennsyi
rania avenue northwest, and the
wmmisslon is now ready to re
vive complaints from tenants and
and lords, according to an an
nouncement made last night by
^apt. James F. Oyster, chairman of
3>e commission. Daniel C. Roper.
IT., the secretary of the commls
don. assisted by a small offlce
Sorce, will be on the Job tomorrow
The first public session of the
district Rent Commission, to hear
rridence and oral arguments In
:asea of alleged exorbitant rent
jharses and other landlord-tenant
lisputes. will be held Monday. Feb
ruary 2. beginning at 10 a. m.
Permanent headquarters will be
?btained by the first part of next
reek and occupancy will De
ftn immediately. The exact loca
aon has not as yet been determined,
is several places are under consid
eration. The hearings will be held
n the new location.
i f!apt; 0y?ter also announced the
oilowinpT rules for carrying: on its
rork as provided in the Ball rent
The commission will meet pub
icly on Monday. Tuesday and Wed -
lesday of each week and sit from
a. m. to 4 p. m. Other sessions
nay be called if the commission
iees fit.
The secretary's office will be open
pery day. except Saturdays. Sun
lays and legal holidays, from 9
> clock a. m. to 4:30 p. m. and close
>n Saturday at 12 noon.
Any person, corporation, partner
P. '"mpany or association desir
nx to complain to the commission
ir.der the provisions of the act to
-egulate rents in the District, ap
>roved October 22. 1918. may file a
.omplaint with the commission, in
>erson or by attorney.
Cases will l>e heard before the com-,
mssion in the order in which th*?
complaint is received.
Complaints must be by petition set
lng forth briefly the facts complaine.1*
The name of the complainant
nust be stated in futl and the address
?r the petitioner. The name and ad
Iress of his. or her. attorney, if any.
nust appear upon the petition. The
?etitlon need not be verified The
nmplainant must furnish to the sec
*tary ?f the commission as many
opies of the petition as there may be
?rties complained against, to be
*rved personally by the commission,
?r by registered mail, upon each com
Two or more complainants may join
n one complaint against one or more
lefendants. if the complaint Involves
wbstantially the same allegations,
lubject, or state of facts.
Am swers.
A defendant must answer within ten
lavs of the service of a copy of the
implaint. but the commission may
horten or extend the time for an
swering in its discretion.
The original answer must be filed
?ith the secretary of the commis
?ion. and a copy thereof, at the
?"me "me. served bv the defendant
?ersonally or by registered mail
ipon the complainant, who must
orthwith notify the secretary of
ts receipt.
Answers should be so drawn as
ully and completely to advise the
ompiainant and the commission
?f the nature of the defense, and
? hould admit, or deny, specifically
und m detail each material allega
Hon of the comnlalnt. The an?w?
need not be verified.
If a defendant aatlaflea a com
plaint. either before or after hear
fnc. a signed acknowledgment muat
| be filed by both .*, {??
when and "how the complaint haa
| been satisfied.
Serriee ?* P?K?
Notices and copies ?l^[
than complaints, must be ser?a ui?
all parties personally, or by r?*?
tered malL When anyr pwtj ba. ?Pj;
neared by attorney, service upon
attorney will be deemed service upo
thAmPe*dmenU to any com^aUit. ^or
answer in any ^ by ihe
commission, will be a'1""?!1 y
commission in its dlscret on.
, Continuance and exfer.slons
I will be granted, or denied, by tne
commission In Its discretion. by
| Parties to any pr?c??diriK y. (he
rJanS Whenever
When issue is )o'ned upon^fo^rn"!
complaints by ?erv5f time fori
commission will be examined
provided in these rules.
In case of failure to answer, the
commission will take such proof of
the facts as It may deem rea?0"?^'
ar^l proper. and make such order
thereon m the circumstances of the
C?trZr%r0t forma, complain,
the complainant may ?P*"and close
Motion. will be heard by the com
" Not?yofdether hearing of any action
shall be served by the moving party
at least two days before suchhea .
lnC- TslTlon ?ioCre?"dS Su^y.
lega" holiday*" blrt Saturday shall ho,
included as a whole day.
The deposition of a witness for use
in a proceeding pending hefore thc
commission may. after Issue Joined
be taken according to the rr?cUce o
? Supreme Court of the District. ,
Subpoenas requiring ,he I
of witness may be Issued by any,
?mh.'r of the commission. ,
rules were drafted under the
.. ' f \ L#?ftwich Sinclair, j
aided bv Guy T* Mason, to define the ^
commission's powers a"d to show^h 1
public just what -rocedure to takt ,
inT:r.V?r'm ca^s a,ready
Pending before the commission.
Cyrus Townsend Brady,
Famous Author, Dies
I New York. Jan. IV-The funeral of
ithe Rev. Cyrus Townsend Brady i
I clergyman and author, who died of
i pneumonia today at his home In
yonkers. will be held here Tuesday
afternoon, with interment at Tarry,
^Brady's wife and two daughters.
Margaret and Catherine, were at hi-,
beside. Another daughter and three
Mrs. Theodore M. Glenson. Po t,
Washington. I- I-: ^rus Townsem!.
ir Buenos Aires. MaJ. Sidney u.
J ,, A t?ulsvllle. and Esmond B.
born in ^e'he^
Pa fifty-eight years ago and was
gradual from the United Stages
Naval Academy In 1*8. He left th
service of the Missourl Patinc and
,-nlon Pacific railways after several
veirs to study theology. He sened
?n Episcopal clergyman In
churches in Missouri. Coloraoo. Kan
sas Philadelphia. Toledo and New
York He was chaplain of the First
Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry In
Ihe Spanish war. He was twice mar- ,
/^r. Brady wrote a number of his
torical and religious flumes motion ;
nictures scenarios and a biography
of John Paul Jones. His latest PU'>- ,
lished novel was "The Man Who
Rainy Day Briap Theft
Ualn vesterday brought thieves to
the rooms of Herbert Coswell. 2 Eye
street. He was absent at the time.
They stole his raincoat, he told po
lice. Other articles taken Included a
watch, a razor and a coat.
leal Danger When the Disease
Reaches These Vital
First it's a bad cold that be
:omes stubborn and hangs on un
il it develops into annoying Ca
arrh?and too many cases neg
ected or improperly treated until
he lungs are endangered. In this
way many a seriously complicated
rase has had its origin.
Catarrh is a great deal more
lian an annoying disease that
Jogs up the nose and throat and
.tops up the air passages until you
an breathe only with the greatest
ifficulty. There is a more serious
jhase of the disease that should
jot be overlooked, for when the
disease is allowed to reach down
nto the lungs, everyone realizes
hat there is real danger ahead.
This is why we cannot advise
:oo strongly against the folly of
elying upon such makeshift treat
ment as sprays, douches, atomiz
:rs. jellies, lotions, or other local
ipplications, which at best can do
lothing but afford some slight tem
xjrary relief from the clogged-up
iccumulations of irritated mucus.
Catarrh comes from a disease
germ that finds lodgment in the
jlood, and makes itself manifest
>y spreading its attack of poison
mjs irritation to the delicate lin
ngs of the nose, throat and air
>astages. These become stopped
ip by the mflamination of 'the
mucous membranes, making it dif
ficult for you to breathe, and you
are constantly hawking and spit
ting in an effort to clear the
clogged-up nostrils and get relief.
Even if you loosen up these accu
mulations by the use of local treat
ment, they continue to reappear,
and unless you direct the treatment
to the foundation of the disease
you will have to use sprays and
atomizers the balance of your life.
You must realize that your blood
is loaded down with catarrh germs,
and these germs must be removed
from your blood before you can
expect real, rational relief from
the disease. And, of course, you
know that you cannot reach these
germs in your blood with sprays
and douches. When you have
cleansed the blood of impurities
and the catarrhal poisons which
cause the disease, then you will be
truly relieved of Catarrh, with its
disagreeable dripping in the throat,
hawking and spitting, sores in the
nostrils, and offensive bad breath.
Experience has proven that
S. S. S. is the best remedy for
Catarrh, because it is a fine blood
remedy that frees the blood of all
disease germs. S. S. S. will cleanse
your blood of the cause of Ca
tarrh, and give real relief. It has
been in constant use for more than
fifty years, and is sold by all drug
gists. Buy a bottle today and lose
no further time in getting on the
right treatment.
If you wish special advice re
garding your own case, it will be
furnished free. Address Chief Med
ical Adviser, 154 Laboratory, At
lanta, Ga.?Adv.
9:15 A. M.
J 100*17 25, 1920.
Weather?Always Good
? P. M.
<5.15cct>r) 6or>s Co.
$1.75 Wizard Combina
tion With This Coupon
for $1.19
?Includes one Wizard Polish Mop,
$1.00 size; one 50c bottle Wizard
Polish; one 25c Duster.
?None sold without coupon.
Kau'l?Third Floor.
Triple-Coated White Enameled
wiA Hi.
Coupon for
?Have ufam
less enameled
covers; alight
?None Bold
without coupon.
Third l lour.
49c Felt Base
With This
Coopoa for
?Size 18x36 In.:
variety of pat
tern*. Splendid
for the kitchen.
hall, bathroom,
etc. (Unit 4 to
a person.)
?None, sold
without coupon.
H Third Floor
50 I?ope Portieres
With This Coupon Each for $3.47
?Valance style; made of heavy velour ropes, with tapestry
bands running through, lit combinations of red and green,
' red, green and green and brown and green
green and
?None sold without cou
K Third Kissr.
With this
Coupon (or
?First qual
ity. In sizes
I to 3 only.
?None sold
without cou
Fourth Floor.
$1.25 to
$2.50 Felt
With This
A Pair, $1.00
?O n 1 V 3?o
pairs to sell.
?None sold
without cou
Fourth Floor.
Georgette Crepes
Plain and Fancy
?Buy them now at less than
you will pay for them later
when we reorder these beau
tiful fabrics.
?From the many cal's we
have had for Georgette
crepes during the past week
or so, we assume that Wash
ington women have recog
nized the saving they are
making in purchasing now.
ETTES in a very good line of
colors, including the light
shades, also navy, brown, taupe,
gray, tan, sand, beige, pink,
rose, green, as well as white
and black. (Q f|A
At, a yard
dark ground patterns, chiefly in
the lovely large designs, and
striking color combinations that
are so characteristic of these
sheer fabrics. ^ Q |"A
A yard $J.DU
FURS! You Will Have to HURRY!
The January Sale Ends Next Saturday and With It End These
Most Extraordinary Low Prices
?Thfere never was a time when it was to greater advantage to anticipate future requirements than right
now?from this January Clearing of Furs. You can buy the very finest qualities at prices lower than will
be possible for perhaps several years. The time to buy. therefore, is right now?it is a good investment
?$69.50 and $79.50 Taupe
Fox Sets, at $50.00
?$75.00 Taupe Wolf Scarfs.
at .. $50.00
?$89.50 Red Fox Scarfs, at $65.00
? $95.00 Red Fox Scarfs, at $65.00
$89.50 Black Lynx Scarfs,
at $75.00
?$95.00 Beaver Cape. at. . $75.00
? $98.50 Dyed Skunk Throw,
at $75.00
$38.00 Mole Scarf, at... $25.00
? $69.50 Mole Scarf, at....$48.00
-$89.50 Mote Cape, at. .. .$65.00
$98.50 Mole Stole, at ...$75.00
?$35.00 Hudson Seal Choker.
at $25.00
?$39.75 Hudson Seal Choker,
at $30.00
? $48.00 Sealine Stoles, at..$30.00
?$89.50 Hudson-Seal Cape.
at. $55.00
--$250.00 Mole Coatee, at .$175.00
-$315.00 Skunk Stole, at $200.00
? $345.00 Hudson Coatee.
at.. $250.90
Sealine Coat, 36 inches
long $210.00
Marmot Coats. 36 inches long $225.00
Sealine Coats, 40 inches long $295.00
Near Seal Coats $285.00
Hudson Seal Dolman $465.00
Taupe Fox Sets $69.50
Brown Jap Cross Fox Set $79.50
Natural Lynx Set $145.00
I Floor.
Simple, Conservative Tailored
Blouses of Crepe de Chine
Lt\ yara .
?Soft, lovely and daintily feminine in spite of the fact that they are chiefly
tailored styles, which the tailor-made girl can wear to office.
- One style has a tucked front, the other a little tucked vest, square-neck front,
and both are finished with sailor collar. Still another style is made with
tucked front and two-in-one collar. These are in white, flesh and
navy blue. Choice
Crepe de Chine B!ouses, in white and flesh, hand-embroidered Iront; another
style is made with an artist collar and trimmed with fine pleated QC
ruffle. These are in *hite, flesh and black. At
Kuan's?Second Floor.
2 Chocolate
Bars, with
This Coupon,
for 15c
?Borden's or
Runkel's plain
milk or nut
filled choco
late bars.
?One 15c bar
and one 7c
bar, the two
for 15c.
?None sold
without cou
Street Floor
?I.are Store.
street Floor.
With This
Coupon for
?Smooth fin
ish, splendid
?None sold
without cou
pon t
Mrwl Floor.
White Goods
?White French Voile, very
closely woven, with a fine soft
chiffon finish. A regular $2.00
value. ?Q
A yard *1.03
?Mercerized Batiste, very 6ne
quality, with a silky finish; 40
inches wide. "7P
Special, a yard ItfC
? 10-Yard Piece English Long
cloth. very closely woven, and
a good heavy weight. $5.50
va'ue; ?r
a piece ?i)T. I %J
?Extra Fine English Longcloth.
I-yard pieces. PA
Special, a piece..
?English Nainsook. 36 inches
wide, with a fine soft finish; 10
yard p.eces. ? A PA
bpecial. a piece..
?White Wash Satin, a highly
mercerized quality, with a fine
luster Jinish; very desirable for
?Imported Swiss Organdies. 45
inches wide; very fine sheer
quality. ^ | PA
A yard. $1.00 and ?J)i.?0U
Hsnr't? Mrc t Floor.
Drastic Clearing of High Grade
Coats and Wraps
?Now is the time to buy if you want to save money.
?ONE LOT OF EVENING WRAPS, high quality models, ill panne velvet in solid
a shades of Copenhagen, taupe and blue, with collars and cuffs of Australian opossum,
? with fancy silk lining and interlining. Others arc finished with natural skunk and wolf
fur collars and cuffs. Included at this price also are some wraps in combination
effects, in tan, velvets and brocaded materials. Values to $198.00. $75.00
?FULL LENGTH COATS, with fuH silk linings, in loose back and !>elted models.
The materials are all wool velours, douvet de laines and?silvertones. with collars of
seal, Australian opossum and self-materials. In the lot also are some 7C
handsome Bolivia cloth models. Values to $89.75. Choice at Ow ?/?!?/
?HIGH GRADE COATS, long models, including tinseltones, Bolivias. CQQ AA
with collars of Australian opossum. Values to $139.50 at ?PvO*UU
-Second Floor.
The Greatest Shoe Sale of the Season
An Event Supreme in Value Giving
?You will have lo hurry, though, to receive
advantage of it. as the quantities arc not larpc.
?The prices?lower than any quoted this sea
son for the qualities?speak for themselves.
$2.95 a Pair
?For choice of about 200 pain Women's High
?button and lace
model?: black,
tan and a few
c o m b i nations.
Sizes 3 t<? 5. prin
cipally: a f e w
pairs however, in
larger siz^s
$4.95 a Pair
?For choke of about 500 pairs
of Women's Low Sho
?A clean-up of pumps, oxfords
and colonials: smart styles, suit
able for present, spring or sum
mer wear.
Hfinn'*?Itk Floor.
Warm Sleeping Garments, Etc.,
To Aid You in Keeping Warm
?And to assist in warding off colds, the grippe or the
?Corduroy Robes, three priced
lines much reduced to clear
them out before stock taking;.
Limited quantities only in each
$8.75 Value at $6.95
$13.50 Value at $11.50
$18.50 Value at $15.00
?Out In* Flannel (iowni. made
of heavy flannelette, with and
without collars: some have a
touch of hand embroidery.
They afe in striped and $9 Eft $1.50 and $2.50
all-white flannelette, ataim ft.on
?Brljcktsn Carlsbad Flannel
ette Gowns, strictly tailored
style, trimmed with two rows
of braid and finished with lit
tle pockets; others are trim
med with silk braid; some are
in double-breasted
style, at
?'"Illllle llnrke" Pajamas,
striped flannelette. In white
combined with pink or blue;
some are finished with em
broidered scallop and frogs,
some in tailored style; a num
ber have pockets; all are gath
ered at the ankle with elastic;
in "V" and round neck s^les,
$3.00 and $3.50
?Qnilted Saeques to wear un
der the motor coat, at?
$5.75 and $8.50
?lionu Quilted Itobcs. with
and without collars; some fin
ished with frops and pockets,
many with cord and tassel to
match, some lined wjth self
colors. Not all colors or stylo*
at each price. At?
$10.50, $12.50, $13.50
to $28.50
?<lullted Jackets. without
sleeves, in black with white
or lavender linings; also in
all-white, at?
?The same, but with sleeves,
$3.00 and $4.00
?Cardigan Jackets, with
sleeves, in Oxford and fcQ Kfl
black, at #O.W
?Cardigan Jackets, in waist
atng,h .My!c: $2.00
?Inrdlunn Jarkrla, without
Kleeve* and finished with pep
lum, at?
$2.25 and $3.75
?Ilrfirhton Carlsbad Sleeplair
Garments, with and without
hood ? attached and detach
able; some have the little
pocket at bust. There are
styles with pockets for the
feet; others without, in <?Q CA
plain, straight styl?...^0*^
Kann'a?2nd Floor.
Ready First in Washington
in Art Needlework
Not One Line, But Every Line Is Here.
Royal Society?Pacific
?It is an achievement to have all these excellent and popular brands as
sembled together under one roof, but we are determined to make
Kann's Art Needlework Headquarters for
and have' persuaded the makers to send their full lines here. *
?All these new things will be seen here for the first time Monday, with em
broidered models to show just how each article will look when made up.
?Each article is stamped in neat designs and complete with sufficient floss
to embroider.
?Women's and children's readymade gowns, women's combinations, chil
dren's dresses, hats, coats, underwear; infants' bonnets, bibs, gertrudes.
dresses, pillows and carriage robes, bedroom sets consisting of dresser scarfs,
pin cushions and pillows, women's dressing sacques and boudoir caps, bunga
low aprons, etc. ,
? l
?"If it is new in needlework, we have it."
Knnn'o*?Foartk Floor.
Now Is a Good Time to Make
Up Needed Garments From Our
of Wash Goods
?3-2-inch DRliSS GINGHAMS for the
children's summer dresses, as well a* lor
the smart house, garden, morning and
street dresses that the older sifters and
mothers will want.
?All are America's best ginghams, in
pretty plaids, checks, stripct and plain
colors. All guaranteed last col
ors. A yard /DC
?36-inch SHIRTING MADRAS, fast
color, in plain and fancy stripe*; excellent
for men's and hoys' shirts and TO
blouses. A yard JOC
Kimn'k?sirM Floor.
A Quartette of Specials in
?81x90-inch regulation size SHEETS,
bleached, and made from an excellent
grade of sheeting, strictly pcrfect. ^ 1 *7 r
Regularly $i.jo. Special Monday, vl?' w
plain hemmed, require no starching or
ironing; in site for single beds only
Regularly priced at $i.7j. (?) AA
Special, Mondav
suitable for many hon-rhold uses. Thiv
is our regular 45c quality. OP
Special, Mondav. a vard DOC
extra heavy, bleached. Regularly selling
at 65c. Special, Monday, r/> _
each, at JuC
, Ki?'(-Vrrrl KImt.

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