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? ?
Dr. Fowler Looks for Grad
ual Decline in Number of
Cases Reported.
* \
Red Cross Enrolling Nurses
To Be Prepared for
Any Emergency.
%? 1
Reports received during the last
few day* at the District Health Office
indicate that danger of a serious in
fluenza epidemic in Washington prac
tically has been averted.
Dr. William C. Fowler, health offi
cer. expects a gradual decline In
the number of cases reported from
now on. It is thought the peak of
?he outbreak has been reached. Colds
Of a more or less serious nature are
Very prevalent.
Mild Farm of Disease,
i 5,ecurrence of influenza In Wash
thls year was anticipated by
authorities. It has taken a
m?a rorm In comparison with the
characteristics which marked the epi
demic last year.
Mont of the deaths have occurred
among persons of advanced years.
;.K.,Cj>mparatively ?mal1 number of
year'" have afflicted this
The District health officer does
?.?Kntemplate clo8lng the schools
or other places of public assembly,
as this does not seem to be' neces
sary. Citizens are urged to take
proper care of themselves during
inclement weather, as colds and sim
ilar ailments render patients liable
-r-w a and Pneumonia.
Instructing Visltln* Nurses'
Society Is still in need of automo
biles til transport nurses to home*
or those sick with Influenza. Those
who can lend motor cars for this
work should communicate with Miss
C.' Ra?ley. Instructive Visiting
Nurses- Society. 1413 G street. Miss
lin I 'S* ephonc "umber is Prank
K'd Cross Ksrsll. > arses.
Prefaced by Dr Fowler's state
ment that no cause for apprehen
sion exists, the District Chapter of
1-!, Am"jcan Red Cross yesterday
Hnnounced it is desirous of enroli
ng nurses who will help those need
ing them.
,h"T',VV~rvi<> ?wMI hc P?j<J for by
" Red Cross, either to graduate
or practical nurses." said the an
nouncement. -Those who desire to
1wh/'n ,h,> occasion warrants,
?an telephone Miss Anna J. Green
5 head ?f 'he chapter nursing de
partment. North 5S1S. up to 1:30 a
m. tomorrow (Sunday) and after
that hour at Main 1910. the nursing
headquarters at the chapter house.
!?? Jackson Place."
There are more than 1.300 women
in the District listed last winter as
.maimed to act in the capacity of
nurse or aide, it is to bring the
list up to date that the appeal Is
sent out.
Miss Greenlees said women of the
7 y V responding in great num
^ instruct ion in the thirty
Ited Cross home hygiene and home
??are of the sick classes. Miss Kllza
heth I^-wis is in charge of instruc
"T th'" rh?Pter house Tuesday
Thursday evenings at 7 o'clock.
5>ne i.? a Red Cross nurse.
A class was organized in home
hygiene at the Immanuel Baptist
? hurch last night under the direc
tion of Mrs. W. H. IJIakely. At the
National Catholic School Miss Inez
I-. Cade I of the District Chapter
nursing center. organized two
classes last week.
Rites for L. J. Silverman
Tomorrow at 2 o'Clock
Funeral services for Ix>uis J. Sil
verman. prominent retail Washington
clothier, who di??d at Kembal House
Sanitarium, h ridny, will be conducted
at his late residence, loll park road
northwest, tomorrow afternoon, at '2
o'clocfk. Burial will be in the Hebrew
Mr. Silverman was born in Phila
delphia. lie came to Washington
ihirty years ago. In 19U9 h* acquired
control of Herman's clothing store
Seventh and H streets northwest.'
and continued the business under its
former name.
He is survived by his widow and
on? son.
Boarding and Lodging
Hous-s to Be Inspected
Weekly inspection of boarding and
rooming houses is being considered
by Frank J. Wagner, chief engineer
of the Fire Department, to prevent
Apartment houses of the District,
numbering ].<W0, now are being in
spected systematically. Reports on
them as Are hazards are made to the
fire chief. Where conditions fail to
comply with Fire Department regula
tions. notice is served on the apart
ment owners.
Don't Suffer
From Piles
T*A*n> D?CO OOniHT
6TJ Pyramid Bid*., ?
?*?. ??pi.
Ti??? rwnnlMit.la plain inmu.
'y* .???*??* ?' the I'Baoa,
n? ? Treataieat .Now
Offered F ree to Prove What
It Will Do for In.
Pyramid Pile Treatment gives
quick relief from itchinv. bleeding
or protruding piles, hemorrhoids and
Headers So Oaickly.
"icSLr*ciMl troublf. in tho privacy
2r.???t!!0<D? J? cent" a bhx at all
sit Take no substitute*. A
b2i.often relleves Free^tam
?le for Trial mailed In plain w~aT
?er, if you aend coupon beiow.
Brings Pershing Boom to
George J. Wood, who arrived re
cently in New York from Nebraska
with his brothers*. Mark W. and
Frank H. Wood to launch the Gen.
Pershing presidential campaign in
the East. The brothers, upon their
arrival in New York, where they
have established their headquarters,
made the following statement: "Gen.
1 Pershing will accept the Republican
nomination for the Presidency if it
is tendered him. He will not
scramble fop it and is not an avowed
. *
Board of Trade Preparing
Bill to Connect Forts
By Boulevard.
I ' 1
| Provision for carrying out an ex
pensive park improvement project, in
cluding the connection by a boulevard
'of the old forts skirting the city, will
bo made in a bill to be presented by
jthe Washington Board of Trade to
the District Commissioners for trans
mittal to Congress, it became known
Fred G. Coldren was appoitned
chairman of a special committee,
other members of which are Dr. Har
vey W. Wiley and Daniel E. Garges,
for drawing up the proposed bill at
; a meeting of the parks and reserva
; tions committee yesterday afternoon
'in the board rooms. Judge C. S.
'Bundy. chairman, presided.
; Frank P. L.eetch was made chair
man of a committee charged with
I conferring with the supervisor of
: playgrounds on selection of sites
! for proposed new playgrounds for
I the District. Charles D. Drayton
; and W. B. Todd were appointed
j members of Mr. Deetch's committee.
I However, it was brought out at
jthe meeting that several members
'of Congress are actively supporting
i the park improvement program,
I considering the project as very "im
1 portant."
In view of this the committee will
Iorsa tlw< \>m 111 i sy i oners to use their
best efforts to convince Congress
that the program is of sufficient
' importance for the inclusion in the
; estimates for the District.
ARREST, ASKS $200,000
Unjustifled arrest and imprisonment
and assault are charged in one suit
for $100,000 damages filed in the Dis
trict Supreme Court yesterday by
Amanda Byrd. and in another she
asked an additional $100,000. Defend
ants are the National City Company,
I of New York; Representatives Will
iam O. Oliver and Ben Johnson, Hugh
Roberts, newspapermen; Dr. D. Percy
1 Hickling. alienist for the District;
I E. L Phillips, District sanitary offi
cer, and Louis F. Zinkham. former
superintendent of the Washington
Asylum and Jail.
i It is alleged by the plaintiff she was
forcibly taken from the House Office
Building January 25, 1?19, and locked
up in the Washington Asylum with
out cause for three days.
A separate suit, also asking $100.
, 000 damages, was filed against the
National City Company alone, charg
ing assault and unlawful detention
for thirty days at Bellevue Hospital
in New York prior to the afTair in
Charles E. Sessford Funeral
To Be Held Monday Morning
Funeral services for Charles E.
Sessford. Washington real estate man,
I who died at his home. 1121 Fourteenth
j street northwest, Friday morning, will
be conducted in the undertaking par
; lors of Joseph Gawler's Sons, 1730
Pennsylvania avenue northwest, to
-morrow morning at 11 o'clock. Burial
in Congressional Cemetery will follow.
Sessford was bom here in 1868. He
I was educated in the Washington pub
lie schools and at Georgetown Uni
| versity I>av/ School He was one ot
the organizers of the National
1 Fencibles. an organization of" the
District National Guard. He became
connected with the John W. Thomp
son real estate firm three years ago
I and at his death was its secretary.
He is survived by two brothers, both
I of whom reside here.
Women's Clinic to Meet
At Rauscher's Tuesday
The Woman's Evening Clinic will
hold a public meeting at Rauscher's,
1034 Connecticut avenue,?Tuesday, Jan
uary 27, at 11 a. m.
Dennis A. McCarthy, secretary of
the City Club, will deliver an ad
dress on "The City's Opportunity."
The work of the clinic will be dis
cussed by Dr. Elnora C. Folkmar and
Mrs. Charles W. Westmoreland, the
president of the clinic. These ad
dresses will be followed by the an
nual election of officers.
The clinic has done a great deal of
preventive work among the women
?or*>r* of the city, and Tuesday's
meeting will be of great interest to
those interested in th^ work.
C i
Chairman Clarence R. Wil
son of Committee Re
futes Charges.
Charges that the District Fair Price I
Committee is a "useless and expen
' wive" body were refuted last night by j
Chairman Clarence R. Wilson, when
he was informed of the letter contain
ing the allegations sent to Attorney
General Palmeu by John II. Bray
whaw. president of the District Retail
Grocers' Protective Association.
Chairman Wilson indicates his be
lief that the letter was a personal ex
pression of disgruntled dissatisfac
tion with the committee's fair price
campaign and not the expression of
the majority of grocers in Washing
?"The only persons connected with
the District Fair Price Committee
who receive salaries for their work
are the clerical force and the execu
tive secretary." declared Mr. Wilson
last night. lie said that the highest
salary paid to any employe is $2,500.
| There are three or four office clerks
and approximately the same number
of field investigators now composing
the force.
Chairman Wilson stated that he
had not read the letter In full, and
he did not make any further com
ment with regard to the charges
lodged aginst the committee by Mr.
i Brayshaw.
He said, however, that he under
stood that the last meeting of the
District Retail Grocers' Protective
Association, of which Mr. Brayshkw
is president, was attended by ap
proximately twenty-flve persons.
He contrasted the membership of
this organization with that of the
other grocers* protective associa
tion. which had a membership of
over 500, it is said. This associa
tion has formally indorsed the fair
price campaign and one of Its
officers is a member of the fair
price committee.
The letter to the Attorney General
I from Mr. Brayshaw charged that tho
District Fair Price Committee "is
now resorting to a form of boycott
against grocers who have the cour
age of their conviction, listing gro
[ cers who have signed a so-called
agreement to sell milk at a certain
price and tending to brand those
who refuse to sign as unfair."
Sentenced to Five Years
On Charge of Burglary
I'buI Frarier, colored, was sentenced
to serve five years in the penitentiary
for housebreaking and larceny by
,, Justice Stafford in Criminal Court
No. - yesterday. The prisoner en
tered the room of Jung Tung, a
1 Chinese. June l!0 last, and stole *1W
worth of property.
I Ulysses B. Dacons. also colored, re
' ceived a penitentiary sentence of four
! years for assault with a danserrus
weapon. Jacob Brinsky, charged with
I non-support, was sentenced to a year's
Congress Heights Chnrch
Honor Pastor Richardson
' Congress Heights Baptist Church
will hold special services today, in
j celebration of the seventh year of the
Rev. Dr. E. E. Richardson as pastor
ot the c hurch.
Since Dr. Richardson took the
parish, a new church has been erect-,
ed and the activities of its societies
i have been broadened.
Besides acting as pastor. Dr. Rich
ardson i? professior of philosophy at
<Jeorge Washington University. He
also is president of the Central Union
Mission board of directors.
Sues Car Company for $10,000.
Gertrude V. Scett yesterday tiled
suit in the District Supreme Court
against the Capital Traction Com
pany. asking $10,000 damages. It is
alleged that, while crossing the car
tracks at Fourteenth and H streets
I northwest in an automobile, she was
struck by a street ckr and injured.
Attorney William K. Richardson rep
resents the plaintifT.
"Cure Your
Rnptnre Like
I Cored Mine"
HI* Remedy and Book Sent Free
Capt. Collings sailed the seas for
many years; then he sustained a bad
double rupture that soon forced him
to not only remain ashore, but kept
him bedridden for years. He tried
doctor after doctor and truss after
truss. No results! Finally he was
assured that he must either submit
to a dangerous and abhorrent opera
tion or die. He did neitfcer! H?i
cured himself instead.
"Fellow Men and Women. You Don*t
Have to Be Cut Up. and You Don't
Have to Be Tortured by TruMses.**
Capt. Collings made a study of
himself, of his condition ? and at
last he was rewarded by the finding
of the method that so quickly made
him a well, strong, vigorous and
Happy man.
Anyone can use the same method;
it's simple, easy, safe and inexpen
sive. Every ruptured person in the
world should have the Capt. Collings
book, telling all about how he cured
himself. and how anyone may follow
the same treatment in their own
home without any trouble. The book
and medicine are FREE. They will
be sent prepaid to any rupture sur
ferer who will fill out the below
coupon. But send It right away?
now?before you put down this pa
Capt. W. A. Collings (Inc.)
Box 116-D. Watertown, N. T.
Please send me your FREE
Rupture Remedy and Book with
out any obligation on my part
N'ame ? ,
On? My ?t 8 A- E- p==j The Bob Farnitore Co., 7th and D St&, N. W. f=| ???? dj> atfca
ificedin the Hub's
January Clearance Sale!
January Clearance?
Living-Room Suites
$25.00 Three-piece Fused Oak Library Suite (Table,
Armchair aid Rocker). Chair* are upholstered in imi
tation Spanish leather; stock is limited.
$32.75 Three-piece Fumed Oak Library Suite; Table,
Armchair and Rocker; about 20 suites
34.75 Foor-piece Fumed Oak Library Suite, con
sisting of Table, Side Chair, Armchair and Rocker....
$22 75
At Factory Cost
All samples, one, two and three of a kind; Arm
chairs, Side Chairs, Bedroom Chairs and Rockers.
Odd lot of Chairs; 0 f f\ f)
values up to $4.00; to ^
Odd lot of Chairs;
values up to $2.00; to
close out at
close out at.
Odd lot of Chairs; An j ?
?aloes up to $?.00; to *p Jo 4 "
close out at....
Odd lot of Arm- (ft ? a f\
chairs; values up to
$12; to dose oat at.-. V
Other Chairs at January Clearance Prices
Closing Out Odd Lots and Remnants of
Carpets and Rugs
Remnants of Runners in Ingrain, Wool Fiber
and Brasselette. Worth up to 85c a yard.
Sold by the piece. Choice,
25c Yard
Carpet remnants, Brussels and Velvet, for
halls and stairs; worth up to 85c a yard.
39c, 79c, 98c
Sixe 8V4XW/2
feet $79.00
Size 14x26
Made from high
frade carpet ends.
Bound edges, 18x27
Single pairs,
worth up to $3
a pair,
Gray and Tan;
$5.95 value,
Goodak Dining Table
4 Side Chairs Ml?ch
Puce Dinner Set
The Outfit
As Shown
On Liberal Credit Terms
Odd Lots of Infants' Cribs
and Cradles Reduced
$2.95 Golden Oak Cradles,
reduced to
$11.75 Simmons' Enamel
Wood Crib with spring.,,...
Automatic self-rocking gold
en oak Cradle
January Clearance of All
i?Jkniteware, Kettles, Dishpans,Etc.
FnO 10-quart Pre
serving Kettle, re
duced to
Full 17-quart gray
enamel Dishpan....
Fire-quart Stew
Kettle, with lid....
$35.00 Circassian Wal- Af ? ^^
nut-finish full-size Bed, # fj g J
reduced to ^
$45.00 Genuine Amer- (ft O O T ^
ican Walnut DoubleXX. ?
Bed, reduced to w W
$60.00 Mahogany full- An/) ?7^
size Wood Bed, re- Jk >5 W I
duced to *** 9
Lowest Prices of tbe Season on
$35.00 Cast Iron
Coal Range; shelf
is extra
$45.7S Cast Iron
Coal Range; shelf
is extra
$15.00 Coal
Heater, $9.7S
$11.50 A11-B 1 u e
Enamel Oil Heater,
with gallon brass

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