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The French Ambassador and Mrae.
Jusserand were the honor guests at
the dinner which the Minister of
Norway and Mme. Bryn gave last
evening:. The other1 guests were
the Ambassador of Russia and Mme.
Boria Bakhmeteff. the Minister of
the Serbs. Croats and Slovenes and
Mme. Grouitch. Mr. and Mrs. Rus
sell Leffingwell. Sir Arthur and
1-Ady Willert. Lady Campbell. M.s*
Josephine Patten. Miss Marguerite
Bryn and W. T. M. de Morgenstlerne
of the Norwegian legation staff.
Dr. L. S. Rowe, chief of the
Latin American division of foreign
affairs of the State Department, will
give a luncheon today at the Metro
politan Club in compliment to Dr.
Juan Antonio Buero, foreign min
ister of Uruguay, who, with Mme.
t Buero. is spending Several days at
the Willard enroute home from
Paris. Dr. and Mme. Buero dined
quietly at the Willard last evening,
going later to the Southern Relief
Ball with Mr. Hallett Johnson and a
party of other State Department offi
The Attorney General. A. Mitchell
Palmer, will leave Washington to
morrow for Excelsior Springs, Mo.,
for a brief stay.
The Jugoslav government has ap
pointed Jovate Jovanovits minister
to this country.
Miss Flora Wilson entertained at
dinner last evening taking her guests
later to the Southern Relief ball. In
the party were Rear Admiral and
Mrs. Joseph Strauss. Representative
and Mrs. Fred Britten. Gen. George
O. Squier, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Grave
ner. Mr. and Mrs. Hampson Gary.
Mr. an<i Mrs. Lincoln G. Valentine.
Mrs. Walter Crossley. Mr. and Mrr.
I Thomas F. Losan. Mrs. Horace Mac
farland. Dr. and Mrs. Walter Wells.
Maj. George Oakley Totten, Mr. Rich
ardson. Mr. Sveshnikoff and Robert
Mrs. Char'es Ward, wife of I^pre
sentatlve Ward, went to New York
yesterday for a visit to their home
Miss Gildersleeve will entertain a
tarty at tea tomorrow afternoon at
the Cafe St. Marks.
Mrs. Charles Boughton Wood enter
tained at a box party at the opening
performance of Lionel Barrymore's
new play, "The Letter of the Law,"
Mrs. H. M. SLATER,
A charming society matron who sails for France today for an
extended visit abroad.
at the Shubert-Garlclc Theater la?t
evening, given for the benetit of the
Georgetown University Hospital. In
the paVty were Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
llawcs. of New York, and Mrs. Henry
Kussell Talbot, formerly Miss May
Montgomery, of Portland, and Miss
: Morgan.
Mrs. Wood was at home informally <
; yesterday afternoon, when Mrs. Henry .
j fSetty Chilton, wife of the secretary
| of the British Embassy, and Miss
Don't Be"
by disfiguring blemishes.
If you are unable to really enjoy
the society of others because of the
fur that that wretched skin eruption
on your shoulder will begin to itch,
or that your scarf will slip and ex
pose the disfiguring rash you had
tried so hard to conceal, try Resinol
There is no need of enduring such
* discomfort when Resinol Ointment
usually relieves itching promptly
and makes the skinclearand healthy
again. When aided by Resinol
Soap it is even more effective.
nmnimalin. AM d?Urt md lit Ktnmtl
Katherine Rush Porter presided at the'
tea tafcle.
MR. and AM) MItS. McLEAX
GIVE A ])i\m:r.
Mr. and Mrs. Angus McLean enter
tained at a dinner last evening, taking
their guests later to the Southern Re
lief ball. Their honor guests were
Capt. Fred Ben 11. commander of Camp
171. United Confederate Veterans, ana
Miss Jessica Randolph Smith, daugh
ter of Orren Randolph Smith, the de
signers of the Stars and Bars. The
other guests were Mr. and Mrs. H. K. ?
Bush-Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel j
Smith Cfordon. Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin ;
Ellsworth. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Brit- !
ton, Mrs. Charles Fairfax and Mi as j
Rose Fairfax.
Miss Margie Macgill James and'
Charles Macpill James, who were I
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hagner, '
have returned to their home in Balti- ?
Justice Wendell P. Stafford has re- :
turned from a short trip to Boston, j
Mrs. Douglas Robinson will come to ,
Washington today for a visit.
Henry P. Davison sailed yesterday
on the Mauretanla to attend the first i
general council of the League of Red |
Cross Societies at Geneva, which will*
be held on March 2.
miss iii:lk\ CANNON
Miss Helen Cannon, daughter of!
the former Speaker of the House of j
Representatives, Joseph G. Cannon, j
arrived yesterday and is at the New j
Wlllard. Miss Cannoi^ will leave j
Getting Too Fat?
Try This?Reduce
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tunate exreptioo. Bat if you find tbe -fat ac
cumulating or already cumbersome, you will be
viae to follow thia suggestion, which is endorsed
by thouaar.de of people who know. Ask your ;
druggist (or if you prefer write to the Mannola ;
Co.. 864 Woodward Are., Detroit, Mich.) for a1
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reduce two, three or four pounds a week without
dieting or exercise.?Adr.
Is the Range in your Kitchen
what it might be?
IN" SELKCT1KG a Gas Range there are a number
t>f points to consider?such as, reputation of the
range, its baking qualities, construction, appear
ance, convenience of operation and economy in the
use of fuel.
Selection from our display automatically insures the
buyer against questionable Gas Ranges. Likewise,
arrangements are very easily made for deferred
payments, when desired. - .
Inspection will show that our Gas Ranges embody
in practical form not a few?but ALL?of the fea
tures considered most desirable by the up-to-date
WHY the Gas Ranges Our Stocks
Offer Are Such Splendid Bakers:
The Secret is in the scientific system of oven-heat cir
culation, well illustrated in the accompanying picture.
Note how the heat enters the oven at both sides and
through the bottom and circulates to every part of the
oven, assuring uniform, evenly browned, baking. This is
a point you cannot afford to overlook in buying a range.
You may charge your choice?paying in small sums'when ?
you pay your gas bill each month.
/ * / , . *
today or tomorrow for Flor'd*'
where she will be the guest of Mrs.
George U Fort.
Mrs. K. A. Heaton entertained at
bridge yesterday at her home in
Nineteenth street
Mrs. Edmund M. Talcott will leave
Washington the middle of _th
month for an extended visit with
her son-in-law and daughter. Mn
and Mrs. Hugh Gaylord Barclay, in
Mobile, Ala.
Mrs. Louis Mackall will entertain
at bridge on Thursday afternoon.
Howard E. Coffin arlved yesterday
from Detroit and Is at Mia New
Wlllard for a few days.
The Mardl Gras ball for Neigh
borhood House, to be given at the
New Willard oh Tuesday. February
17, will be opened by a pageant or
carnival of the seasons which
while not s? long or elaborate as
that of the Ball of Nations last
year, will be most attractive and
will have many novel features.
Mrs. Walter Tuckerman is again
arranging the pageant, and among
those who will take the principal
parts are Mrs. Sylvanus Stokes,, jr.
Mrs. Scott Thropp. Mrs. William
Burton. Miss Laura Delano. Miss
Gladys Hinckley and Miss Mildred
Bromwell. assisted by many of tne
most popular debutantes and men
and girls in Washington.
Miss Sophie Siebert ia chairman or
the ball and president of the board
of Neighborhood House, for which
a brilliant annual entertainment is
always given. She has already sold
ra number of boxes.
I Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Montellus. of
Pittsburg. Pa., are at the Harring
ton for a few days.
I Mrs. Harry Thomas, of Washing
ton County, Md.. is visiting Mrs
William M. Alexander, who will
entertain extensively for her.
Brig. Gen. Douslas MacArthur. com
mandant of the United States Military
Academy at West Point, arrived yes
terday and is at the New Willard for
a few days.
Mfc. Frank S. High* will be at home
Friday at the Willard
I Mrs. Jouett Shouse. wife of th? Aa
distant Secretary of the Treasury, en
tertained at a tea yesterday after
noon in compliment to Mr.-*. Sidney
Smith, of Omaha. 'Neb., the sister of
1 Mr. Shou8e, who is their house guest.
' Spring flowers formed the decoration
ithroughout the draw in*-room suit?,
and those assisting Included: Mrs.
' R. E. Edwards, mother of the hostess.
Mrs. Blaine Elk ins. Mrs. Richardson
Gibaon. Mr*. S. Wallace Dempsey.
iMrs. James Husted. Mrs. John A.
(Peters, Mrs. Samuel E. Wlnslow. Mrs.
Frank B. Kreyer. Mill Augusta Glass.
Miss Priscilla Husted. Miss Marv
Ellen Marshall and Miss Jeanne
The engagement is announced of
Miss Pattie Nicholas Morris, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John Speed Mor
ris. to Horace King Hutch?*ns. of New
York.' No day has been set for the
Capt. Gordon Gordon-Smith has just
returned from a trip to Serbia.
I Col. and Mrs. Samuel Burleigh
Milton entertained a company of
twenty-five Sunday in honor of
Dr. Emllio Del Solar, of the Peru
vian Embassy, who has recently
returned from a five months* so
journ at "London and the continent
on business for his government.
Emllio Ellas Del Solar, a relative
of Dr. Del Solar, who has "been
visiting the latter for a t*>w days
in the Capital. while on his way
from Peru to Europe, was also
present. Mrs. .Milton was assisted
by her hous<- guest and sister.
Mrs. Wiltord Geist Fronhelser, of
Pottstown, Pa.
Mrs. Milton has issued cards for
a "Gypsy Luncheon" at her home
in Eighteenth street for Saturday
afternoon, in honor of her house
guest. Mrs. Fronheiser. Mrs. Milton
will have a bevy of young girls
dressed as gypsies In the dining
room which will be transformed
into a rustic bower and suggestive
of the woodlands.
The first of the series of eight spe
cial George Washington University
lectures by Langdon E. Mitchell, noted
Washington poet and playwright, on
"Poetry as a Necessity of Life," will
be given at 11:15 o'clock this morning
in Concordia Lutheran Church,*Twen
tieth and G streets northwest. The
public, as well as university students,
will be permitted to enroll in the
course. Many distinguished Washlng
tonians are included in the list of pat
rons announced by Dr. William Miller
Collier, president of the university.
The following is the complete list of
the patrons for the course: Former
Senator John W. Weeks, Henry W'hite,
Gen. Maxwell Van Zandt Woodhull,
Miss Woodhull, William Littauer, Mr.*-.
Perry Heath, John Barton Payne, Dr.
Philander P. Claxton, United States
Commissioner of Education; Senator
Hdward Sutherland, Mrs. John Hays
Hammond, Henry P. Fairbanks, S.
Richard Filler, ^Dudley W. Fay, Col.
and Mrs. Archibald Hopkins, Dr.
Thomas N. McLaughlin. Dr. Charles
Wood. Mrs. John B. Henderson. James
Parmelee, Thomas S. Hopkins,
George M. Young, Henry B. F. Mac
farland, Frederick A. Delano, William
P. Eno, Walter R. Tuckerman, Frank
ling MacVeagh, the Rev. Douglas P.
Birnie, John B. Lamer, Abram Lisner,
Judge Martin A. Knapp, Dr. J. *??
Lemon, Mrs. Henry F. Dimock. Miss
Nelllfe P. Sedgley, Senator Charles,
Henderson, Miss Amaryllis Gillette,
Mrs. Franklin H. Lovell, Mrs. Hennen I
Jennings, Mrs. Eugene Meyer, jr.,
MrtS. Hope Slater, Col. and Mrs. Will
lam Carey Sanger, Dr. George S. Ray- |
mond. Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, Mr. and:
Mrs. Charles Walcot, Mrs. James Car- I
roll Fraaer, Dr. Charles Noble Greg
ory, Theodore J. O'Brien, Dr. and Mrs. |
Walter A. Wells, Senator and Mrs. j
Miles Poindexter, Mrs. John Lindsey
Morehead, Senator T. J. Walsh, Mr.
and Mrs. Victor Cushman, Senator \
and Mrs. George H. Moses, Mrs. Bor- (
den Hjrriman, Mr. and Mrs. Breck
inridge Long, Senator and Mrs. Law- j
rence Phipps, Mrs. Matthew T. Scott,
Brig. Gen. John L? Chamberlain, Theo
dore W- Noyes, George Bond Cochran,
Mrs.' Frederic Keep, Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Castle, Ji4., Capt. and Mrs. E. C.,
Euatia, Mrs. Thomas Hutchinson. Mra.
Reginald Fendall. Mrs. Theodore V.
Boynton, Dr. and Mrs. John Crayke
8lmpson, Dr. and Mra. D. L. Borden,
Mra. Eugene Hale, Mlaa Mary Gwynn.
Mra. Thomas M. Blddle, Mr. and Mra.
Chauncey Hackett, Miss Cornelia Al
dla, Milea M. Shand and Dr. William
S. Washburn.
Ytllow Men Sleep I
(Copyright, 1111, by tv, QmtUf & , j
?TNOP?I? or I.W4U, I
uST tjtnM " ? *?*?-[
u?7 p.ok"t rere",o *"m ,*a* tb*
Tb? Mfart i!L . ' hlddeB ????>">? I
que. t? "for" the" J"' tW? ?WWlfi
23?; u-r-,r ""if z. ^L'i^s. E
him of bis wir^Vw? r,m*' robbed
-su-wee,o ?* z*zt??rJ2i
isa jess
the torn packet
Levington spread hi* coat in the
muddy bottom He marked the care
with which Morna adjusted her
skirt, and then fainted against him.
His head felt large and foreign. The
boatman, making a clacking noise
with his mouth, splashed water
upon them. This angered Con. and
the nervous reaction, with the cold
of the water, served to ?eep him up.
He clutched the sides of the ferry.
| and peered into the fog.
The boatman was in tatters, a
scarecrow poling at the lifted stern.
He did not comprehend much. Lev-I
ington attempted:
"Fang khan. Ta-fang shih khan."
A dull silence followed this ran
.ure. and Con added: "Ta-mei for
you, if you take us to the khan."
I But the gaunt boatman permitted
in v."*" to drift "lowly. River
lights were few and din. and far.
.Stillness pressed down against the
unsteady surface of_^fhe watar It
might have been tb* >cean. Tipu.
moved across the
jnight. The mud in the ferrv-bot
tom was thinning as the leakage
grew. Levincton cautiously rais^a
iwnV 1 acroM his own. so that
her shoes would not be utterly
"Where to?" '? <"*?
!?leep<"'0n't k"OW BeUer *? back to
} "Did J faint?"
J "Yes."
, "Did you?" His thinking appa
H Vk hard to Cl|ntrol. tangled
in the fringe of mentation, "it i
e\er get back to Sperman's," said
? .Ka "?,a ""vely. "I'll stay there
on the little old thirty a week."
I ,.hu<" to >'ou:" be muttered
?jected." * 'ay ,hat ttBain " "he ob
i She sat up and studied the singu
ot ,heir 'erryman.
then turned her head, to look out
atross the river expanse, but came
i r?n'" face, shuddering.
, Where s the town, anyway
fthat liTtT ?ft th""' b">OBd
Wmow? th8t tl,e Road of the
lv.ri,! *l!e mused. "tteenini:
j Willows, don't you *magine?"
|saidN0b0d> mournin* for us." he
foJ'Jall, did . n<>t rea,ize their need
ior talk, but some deep, -unthinking
sagacity of the human heart kept
nh;m U s,,stained them dur
jing that most tedious 'pa.vsaac The
uncertainty of direction was' like
,a dream-curse.
'hi? wa? greedy," she confessed to
iTien fsIlT h?vo t'" trunks?
Tlen-tsln?a couple thousand in
wZi ,rinkets in 'em. Hut I
? f.!.? '*" that wallpf- Mind you.
, I felt the weight of it, when I
probed in there to get the bag-age
checks. I did a faint for hlm.*OW
lw"n t lt?-but he came ou,
Ji?. * ice-water on my brow?all
.that?and I helped myself. I
!couldnt give up. Damn such an
ambition. Don't you say so? Well
that wasnt your first scrap. Tou
went into those butchers like a
'hfalk 7,h7 muft havo ^rrssed in
? V J?" 1 bought we had
? k .? . there was that ax. and
j the light went out. and my two bovs
1 pai J 'em well, too
and they looked husky enough." j
I She sighed in little cadences of'
Con cleared his throat to
saj. That s a mean bit of damage
across your shoulder" B |
| "It hurts." siie said.
!you'?"8'ntly She asked- '"What hit!
I "A touch in the ribs, it can t be :
L':Wh<TJdo you ?ippo*e we are?" |
(she asked, anxiously, peering out
? ,OR- "n? you think we are
going toward the Tourist House?"
f. words were a touchstone
i??In?i?ei.lmEOSS,b'e ferryman, ln
.J", began to chortle words
;from a lipless mouth, and Irfvington
noted for the first time that he was
a leper. He was repeating "Tour
ist House ? after his own manner,
pet it was unmistakable. That one
phrase he had in English. Con
imade frantic signals of assent and
j conflrmat Ion. Whereupon the bnat
P1;"1 d,d things With the black pole,
{brought his craft around, and be
| ?a" wriggling back the way they
had come. The Tourist House lay
jln this opposite direction.
I It was two in the morning when
j the night clerk at the hotel let fall
| his feet from the desk and hid awav
| his beer.-at the arrival of two per
sons. a tall young man whose bodv
stooped heavily as he walked, with
la disheveled girl on his arm. Mr. I
*nd Mr?. Levlngion were hatlen*
? k? i.k? His shirt was hor
rible with blood, his face smeared
w 'th clay. Morna seemed very 111
The clerk ca*ne out from behind the
counter, and supported her.
"We have been robbed." she told
him. with natural presence of mind
"Call a doctor."
.Jfhe A^u'wore amaxedly to him- |
? I. ? door of Room E he
lert them and ran for a physician I
Con gave Morna a glass of water.
yn'u m f'^ht." she said. "It's
"Never mind me." he said.
Ah! What relief! Tour clogged no?- j
trils open right up, the air passages of
your head are clear and you can
breathe freely. Nfc more hawking,
snuffling, mucous discharge, head
ache, dryness?no struggling for%reath
at night, your cold or catarrh is gone.
Don't stay stuffed up! Get a small,
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm from your
druggist now. Apply a little of this |
fragrant, antiseptic cream in your j
nostrils, let It penetrate through every ?
air passage of the head; soothe and'
heal the swollen, inflamedr mucous ;
membrane, giving you instant relief.
Ely's Cream Balm is just what every
cold and catarrh sufferer has been
staking. It's Just splendid.?Adv.
/ . ?
HQoobtnach ^jTCothtop
N ?
February Is the Month That Women's Thoughts Turn to
Reliable Furniture and Rugs
And at the Moderate Prices There Are
Greater Values Here Now Than Will
Be Obtainable Again in Many Months
Here is a display of Furniture and Floorcoverings that we be
lieve will find instant favor with all lovers of attractive and com
fortable homes, because of? '
The Beautiful Designs possessing all the merit of the
master periods from which they are taken,
The splendid quality of all materials that enter in
the workmanship,
The unsurpassed construction of every piece of Fur
niture and every piece of floor-covering or bedding,
The fact that you are assured of satisfactory service
in every selection.
But, most important of all, do not overlook the very moderate
prices now prevailing.
If you are furnishing a large house, a small apartment, one
room or only making additions to the home that is already fur
nished, you will find it most profitable to select here antf now.
Very Advantageous to You
?is the receipt of many delayed shipments of Furniture which
we had given up all hopes of getting. These are from long stand
ing orders and are marked at the prices that prevailed when the
orders were placed.
He steadied himself before the
washstand and forgot all save the
needs of the moment. Stripping- ofT
his shirt, with a novel sense of
fright at seeing*his own blood, he
bathed his face. neck, and body.
The wound in his left side was hot
and stiff?a cut as narrow as t&
small knife, not fatally deep. How
ever, it seemed to shatter his entire
nervous system. He felt bulky,
strangely tired. Now it began to
bleed afresh as he passed the,cool
ing towel over it. lie was combing
his hair when the doctor arrived.
Morna did the talking.
"River ruffians," concluded the
1 _
physician. "I know all about them.
"Do you?" said Morna innocently,
with a shy light in her eye*.
It was daylight when Levington
slept. He had Room A. his allerre?i
wife safely bestowed in Room E.
It was still daylight when he wak
ened. There was no possible Joy in
life. Con'n mouth was metallic with
fever. Shadowed image* from the
night before drove a shudder across
his nerves. Out of this, somehow,
the matter of the plain envelop
came to mind?those instructions
which would bind him if he read.
It was as if the thought of this had
wakened him.
The Chinese had torn the cover
inp. but the content* had not been
what he wanted. Why. then. ha<i
March made so much of the matter?
Con wanted to reopen the envelop
here and now. He could not pay
why thouphts of the letter powr*
ed him. ?nd he frit rather trhamM
of himself in a peneral way. The
events of last nicht were too near
fo?- perspective, like a creat sor
row that Mots itself nut unt-l af
ter many days. Komehow. too. the
f?*elinc was like the pn^t? * akinr
up after a marathon with Bacchus.
(To be Continued )
1 Beats
as it sweeps
as it cleans
Here's an offer that only a
Hoover will make good on;
Next time Vou have your rugs
beaten and thoroughly swept
?and really believe they're
clean?phone us to send a
man out with a Hoover.
First, he'll show you there's no
dirt in The Hoover bag. Sec
ond, he'll just run The Hoover
over those freshly "cleaned"
?rugs of yours. Third, he'll
shake The Hoover's dirt bag
on a piece of paper.
Prepare for a shock! If you
hajjn't seen the bag empty to
begin, you couldn't believe
your eyes. Yes. ail that dirt
escaped the carpet-whip and
But it didn't evade The
Hoover. It couldn't. Because
The Hoover (1) beats better
?in a way that prolongs the
life of the rugs, and (2)
sweeps better?uses soft hair
bristles instead of stiff, inju
rious corn straws.
Tell us to send a man to
"prove up" with a Hoover?
on your rugs. ___ ^
Price $52.50 up?Deferred Payments, if Desired

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