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Playing, Grounds in Shape;
for Nationals?Vanguard ;
Leaves Tomorrow.
Bj i.n.ici.i. t HORELA.\D.
Th?.- departure of Mike Martin
and Nick Altrock tomorrow morning ,
for Tampa, prove? the baseball ?eiaon :
is approaching. The two member? of
the Nationals will leave Baltimore ??>
morrow night at ? o'cloclt b>* boat,
arriving at Jacksonville next Stftiday
morning at 7. They will then dr
part for Tampa by train, arriving at
the camp about 3 p. m.
Krom then on both will M busy
retting the grounds ready. This *.T.
mot be so hard, for the Hotel Com
pany is already at work getting
things In shape. They have hauied !
many toads of loam to the field an'l
a steam roller haa been herd at work
the pant week. The report from there
says the grounds will be in excellent
shape, .? 11 the grass has been cu*.
s?? that when the players arrive March
1 they can start to work on a regular
baseball field. #
This was pleasant new* to Presi
dent Griffith, aa he feared that ''???
boys would not have the proper flcM
t-? play on. but since news was re
ceived tha? the diamond will have a
skin infield he feels better.
???gaa??! Leaves M-aaa.
But ten more days until the first
squad leave? under President (Jrlf- :
He will take in the first squad
about twenty people. KUerbe will
board the train at Unta. S. C. as
arrangement??, have been made to |
? have the train stop at that place to,
take on the youth. Several of the ]
men who live in the South and
West will go direct, so that all will
Ix on hand when OrM and his'
associates arrive Saturday n i-ht,
February 2S.
This will give the players a day of :
grace to visit the city and get ac
quainted with the burg. The next
day they will statt In on a long
iirind that will end October 2.
By the 8th of next month all of
the boys will be on hand, and then
the fun will begin, i.ritlith has his I
work ?ut out already, for under '
the many change*-? in the rules he.
as well as all managers, must train '
lh?- playcr.-?? in thr many changes. '
One of the most difficult will be the
pitch-out. This is irking to cause
mor?-' tro ubi?? than any other.
Many tin not understand th?? rule
:? ? 1 .i i ri ?Ion ?. ? ml the;. will be
fooled in the play.
This? nil.? Is \.ry strict it will
not only prevent the pitcher from
handinu a batter an intentional '
walk, but It will also prevent the
??atrher from stepping out of his
Ik?x lie fore the. ball has left the
hands of the pitcher. He must wait
until after the ball has left the
twirier'.** hands. In < ase he does it
is going to cause a how I. If a man I
is oa third and one on first and a !
double steal is ordered, of course *
Um catrher is going to try to get,
the runner going to second, and in'
his hurr> he may step out for a
fast one Should he do that, the
umpire must order the man home
with the run. and no play can be
made on him.
What a howl will go tip if (?liar- ?
it. or l'i- inieh >tepH out to get !
a fast one and the winning run is
ordered home! Poor everybody on ?
Tie Nationals' But let the play be
reversed, then what a yell of de
light and rrmarVs about bone
heads' You see. we will not have
any players on our team like that?'
oh. no!
War Fii*?k and Ingram girls' bas
ket-ball teams will take the floor
tonight in a return match .at the
t'entrai High School (?ymnasium.
Thi?* contest will be the second game
pl.'V??! I.y these leKllis. lugrum w : ? -
ii i tic the first by a margin of two
poi as after an e\tra period.
l.oth teams put forth their best
play during the initial encounter--.ml
the ?ontest was t'.e i?.??ii plp.ve-' ???d
the hardest fought that has taken
place between h? two 10 al ... i
? l 's in this vicinity this *?.?*?> ?
The War Risk sextet will take
t' ? .!?. .r wkii every confidence of
reversing the honors as they will
I ! rue ram on a neutral floor, the
last game having been played on
. ??? court of the northeast girls.
Joj. -f Baltimore, will cross cu.'S
with Fr?nk. of this city in a game *-t
??? points, to he played in three blocx.s
? <r fifty. The first game will be plkyed
at the Sherman billiard parlors to
night, at vl"> sharp. The second block
in John Klein's rooms, in Baltimore. !
Friday. February '-**, and the final
[?lock of fifty at the Sherman rooms. I
Tuesday. February M
Reserved seats are held at seventy- I
G ve cents, while standing room will j
?oat thirty-fiv?! cents. Proceed? are I
to so to the McKimmte fund. The]
plsyera are ? eery evenly matched and j
a close contest Is anticipated.
Manager Georee Lewis has booked
a large advance sale for the opening
;,.me, and he and John Klein, of B?I
t more, are to be commended for h'a-x?
'r.?-: the play for such a worthy caw*?*.
Yi.ginia Polytechnic Institute bas
ket-ball five will play the Catholic
I'Hversi'y team tonight in the new
gymnasium at Brookland in what is
looked forward to as being one of
the best games of this season.
<"?MM h Dice has been sending his
? harges through many stiff drills
for the coming contest as the visi
tors are credited as being one of the
best floor teams In the South.
Peck SUn Land
Teck Stars cam* back last nicht and.
;ef-*ated the fast Boiling Field bas
' -'-hVl fliiint of St. Klizabeth's Hall.
.".. to 23. Summary:
r?efc fltar*. Pottt ?n-* ltoJlio* Flel.l.
???-Ott .^.L. *. Jmmwl ?
Itestel .II. r. Thrailktll
O'N-III .Ce?-er. Rammer
Hi ??F? ,.?., ??.%- Hsrvy
ftn-mler .R. ti. llu?ut
S l?sT:f,-ti.?n? Bielu for Harvey: Kar-vll
r.r Tkrailklll. Goal? from foor?-Seott (4'.
O'Seil ?T r MeAnley M). J snowies (?>.
Swwr i-Ji. far-sell. HoaU trota tasti??
?r?? iti. Immel. Mr-Aiiler Jaaowin. R?-*?
ms*rm H?. Referee?Mr. (?limas M!. W. V.l
Tli-aekeeper?Ur. Pi ion.
Shi-ubb Oit An?.
I-oadon. Feb. IS. ?Shrubl?. tbe
?aaarM's champion runner, tompetad |
in a. ftve.mil. raer with ? trottine ,
H?r?? ?t Hnrartsm last earning; The |
?ana. won by a lap anal three-a,i??r
a In 2? minutes 1 second, flhrubbj
? JtiaM ?l minute? t 1-i ?econd?.
on tfi? ^-^
port?n Kings"
Cetaway day.
For the occasion the "?Dynamiter?" have plans
laid for an old-fashioned melon cutting. The
medium of their plunge will be Wendy, which
will sport color? in the second.
According to the boys at the track this bird
has been carefully prepped and nothing short
of a bad ride can keep this smart daughter of
Peter Tan from bringing home the bacon. She
lias all the best of the weights and, on works,
stands away out. ? uff said.
Kreadman and Ball-j Beli have the balance
of thr purse between them with who cares a
dangerous outsider.
Cointreau should back Home Nodding to the
wise boys in the grand stand. Is far trie best on works and Ambrose
will be wide awake at the barrier today. Silver Springs is the con
tender. Those close to the stable think he's a bear-cat. White
Star and Tenitc will be fighting it out at the end for the "peep"
All over bot the .almutin?- in the?
third. Thi? 1? the ?pot ?elected by
the Pickwick connection? to kill
the "goese." The kale i? planted.
a good boy will be In the coop ?nd
?old "pick" will be "hotter" than a
Mexican frijole?. You get me. don't
you? Tho?e In the know think
they are going* to "fcet 3 to 1 for
every ?artwheel they plant, on hi?
beeier too.
Tac?la i? awfully good right now
Arnold and Ticklish fleure right
bant- up and will be knocking at
tl,.* d?ior. ,
T..?? nut that rece of Bolster'? :
la*t Saturday. It wa? too bad to ?
he true. He'? in a touch ?pot to- |
day but ?mart people are down |
(.....k. line and ?inker. Indicating ?
that they know ?omething. Her- I
?.anally I like Bondage a little the
If th?*y de.-ide to ?end old Ranch-;
.-? after the grape? in the fifth the |
Tlendrie .rack will be on the front :
end of the procession when the j
pay-off station Is reached. Docod I
ha.? terrific early speed and will ;
tak?- a lot of beatine. W'adsworths |
Last, at juicy odds ha? a go-^d |
chance to cop the ?ixth. while j
Handful is the whispered good
ISISaBj in the last.
FIRST HACK?Three furlong?.
iVntimct.T. 11 ?? (Smallwood). 25 to
I. 10 t?. 1. and I to 1: I'.cn Valet,
llii (Dryer). 3 to 5. and 1 to 4;
.\lhert S. 113 (Coltiletti). I to 4.
lini.. :''?? Charley Hoy. Hunters
??.?? I? t, Vera Twiford. Audrey A.
Miss Pluvius, Northern I.ady and
Matti" I'?. Kent ?lso ran.
SECOND RACK ? Six furlongs.
Goldvale. 104 (Erickaon). 6 to 1, 2
t.. I. and even; Bell " Ringer, lit
(Thurber). 3 to 1 and 6 to 5; Prom
k and Pul- ?
rille. Court- |
ise Me. Ill ( Pauley)." even. Time.:
1:14. Iiurwanl Robert. Kingling 11.!
Joseph P. Murphy, ila? Mask. Loan j
Shark. Neg, rir. Zab. Fireplace and j
Miss Orb aleo ran.
THIRD RACK ? Six furlongs. I
Bobby Allen. 10? (Murphy), g to 1.1
3 to I. and ? to .*.: Siesta. 110
? Wright). ."> to. 1. and 2 tao 1: As-j
sum.?. 117 (Stack). 1 to I. Time,.
?:13 4-G,. A. N. Akin. Who Care?,!
Mark Vest. I.ady in Black and Pul-?
lux also ran.
KOl'RTH KACK?(Ine mi
? hip. ILI (Kelsey). ? lo I. i to
and 1 to 4; Port Bliss. 103 (Colti- |
letti). 7 tl. "... and 1 to I; Piedra,
Mil (Boyle). ( to 5. Time. 1:39 4-5.1
Matinee Idol. Lively and Ballet
Dancer II also ran.
G?G??? RACK?fine mile and
yeventy yards. Puke John. 114
(Thurber). 5 to ?, 2 to 1. and even:
Sir C.rafton. 103 (Coltilettl). even,
and 1 to ?-?War Club, 103 (Smith),
even. Time. 1:45 2-5. Gourmand.
La Foudre. Grand Slam. Vaphank.
and Gain de Cause also ran.
SIXTH RACK?Mile and a six
teenth. Koreas. 99 (Stack), 7 to 1.
5 to 2. and 6 to 5; Bar One. 109
(Coltiletti). 7 to'5. and 3 to 5; Gold
Crest Boy. 106 (Richcreek), 3 to 5.
Time. 'l:4Sl-5. I'rumpsall. Mount
Ro?e II. Glass Toi. Hadrian. Tod
dler. Dandy Dude and Marauder
uls.i ran.
SEVENTH RACK?One mile and
a sixteenth. Capital City. 112
(Pierce). | f. ... 2 to 5. and 1 to
">: Nellie Witwer. !>6 (Jarvas). 2 to
1, and even: Lottery, 111 (Kel?ey),
even. Time. 1:49 1-5. Brian Koru.
Bogart. Messalllance. Rappahan
n?M-k and George Muehlbach also
ran. a?
FIRST RACE. ? Three furlonm*.
John S. Reardon, 116: Silver Springs.
116: White Star. 116: Land? End, 113;
Tenite, 113: Cointreaux. 113; The Moor,
110: Omer K.. 110; Fading Star, lift.
SECOND RACE?One mile. Bread
man. 114; Who Care?. 107; Bally ?sell,
100; Wendy, ?at; Allivan, 102; Domin
ican. ML
THIRD RACE.-Six furlongs. Pick
wick. ?? American Ace. 119; T?cala.
The Royal team surprised the Grand
1 Centrals in the District Duckpin
j Leaeue last night when they won
three straii;hi tunn op the Grand
I Central runaways. Harry ?Stanford.
? with a set of .*:7?i and the high game
? of 1G. featured for? the night. The
? cores:
i.rail.l Central. Total
; llrnn.lt. till ?.-, ],.; .in
'?I*?*???. IO*.? llC. ?7 ' ?M
Kri.er. ..?I ?SJ ||s JM7
? ??rhew. m um um bbj
v.etb. sr, p? ion sot
4?? .-?JO 52? 1.305
llov?is. Tot?!
Carroll. 10? 93 111 311
.???'darri. 104 :.-. no -a??
Slanfunl. 14? 11.1 ???? 37s
l>wl?. Ill 111 l.m 3U?
Kraus?. Ill ui j...*, ?aM
? "'77 515 54? 1.114?
Entry blank? for the indoor track
meet of the Firth Regiment Athletic
Association ami the John? Hopkins
Cniverslty Athletic A??oclation, to be
???*?" ??? tii? Flf>h Regiment aVrmory
Febmary 2S. will close Friday, thus
1.-avin?; only four more days to emet
ine meet. ? .
Oar brat b.1 of tbe day???'??dy.
. Hr.! laki-a-a-kancr bet?Botate?.
Beat parla???IMrkwIrfc, Hoadacr
aad ll.M-aaal lo abona.
WmSt ORI.KA *.'.?. eElaitCTIO*?"?.
Flral Rare ? ? olaalrrau. Sllarer
?airlnis. Wblle mar.
?..-.a,nal Raee??M'eady. Breadataa.
Unii? beli.
I fclral lla.-c?Plrkarlek, Tar?la. Ar
l'ouMb Rare ? Boadasje, Bolster.
Fifth Rare ? llaaaarr. llorad.
? ? a? ?Inai.
Sixth Rare ? Wadawortb'? I ???.
Saint'? Brider, Mnanlaln Roar II.
?caa ?ah Raras-llanilliil. ?.iiunr
?iiaaa. Poaderoae.
Beai bet?Aaibaaaador III.
Flral Race ? 1'alnlcr. Katbrrlae
Beai. Vie ?atoaos.
s.,-,?nal Roer? Sberry. Aprir Jark.
Tblrd Rare?tahaau4.r III. Ila
irlnai. Hramnul? Girl.
I a.urlh Rare?Rlshl Anale. Ali
Aarlow. ?urraca-.
Fifth Rae.?Keyaaar. Qala. Haaly
?alalb Rare?l.rnaey, I aar. Xodlae.
US: Tickliah, 11".: Arnold. 11.".. Marie
.Miller. Ill; Charley IgOyAattttT. 110:
Mahony. 1??; 1 Win. 1<??: ligotai. 101;
Hueklaide. Sii; Toe The Mark, ?. Also
elisTible? Marmite. Ms.
FOI'RTH HACK. ?Mile anil onc
iiuai'ler. Rancher. tSti Slippery Klin.
11X; Holster. 114 : Bondage. 110, Dum
aisk. H*; San?is of Pleasure. IO??; Court
ship. IK; Piator. Id?; War Mask. 10?:
I'agnleur. rat? Prospector, MS* Piedra.
100; Tailor Maid. !?;.
FIFTH RACK.?One mile. Raneh.r.
113; War .Mask. Ill: Woodatone. ill:
Kd Stone, la?; Night Wind. Ilr.; Sands
Paur. HI; Mnnoa-uvrr. 106; Kecod. IN;
I.aza' ?,???. 19.1; Sweeping ??lance. G??.
SIXTH RACK?Mlle and one-nx
ta-enth. Saint? Bridge. 110; Tantiius,
IOS; (?rande.?. IOS; J. P. Murphy. 100;
Sun (iod. Ill; Wadsworth Last. 110;
The Belgian. 2d. WS; Mount Rose. ?d.
l'T: Frank Monroe. 105; Merchant. IOS;
Sir ??rafton. t*; Celto, 9X: Rookery. ML
SKVKNTII RACK- Mil? and one
?ixtca-nth. Cahullo. Ill; Ponderoso.
Ill; Hcoairgeman, 11? ; Water War. 10?I;
Little String. 107; Indolence. 107: W.
II. Buckner. 107; Sophie Cat. wood. 104;
Dr. Crlegler. 102; (ladling. 82; I'li.h
tine. IOS; Handful, If?; Sea I'rehin. IOC';
Tit for Tat. lui. Also eligible?Bethel
Hill, i'T; Triumphant. ?. Marry !?m,
101; Blue Thistle, 107.
Weather clear. Track fast.
? ri rat race, three furlongs ? Vic
Munai?. 108; Bertha Mlnix. 108; Fe
lix M.. Ill; Katharine Beai. 112; Dor
othy. 112; Fire Fly 2d. 112; Painter.
Second race, live and one-half fur
long??Vain Chick, 92; Sherry. 92;
Rockaree. 99; Clip. 105; Lillian <;..
108; ?Tlilder. 110; Roundel, 110; Fly
ing Dart. 112; Shaaata. 112; Sophie
K.. 112; Apple Jack, 114.
Third race.,five and one-half fur
long?? Drusil?e, 02' Lama. 103;
Weymouth Olrl, 10.1; AaWtTdsssaVlui
3d. 108: D. C. Olrl. 108: Willie
Woods. 110; Melinra. Ill?: Tmn ?.
Ill; Hasel Nut. 112: Artist. 112;
Royalty. 112; Bulger. 117.
Fourth race, five and one-half1
furlongs?W. Ward. 102: Peasant.
102; Currency, 105; All Aglow, 108;
Nolawn, 113; Right Angle, 113.
Fifth race, five and one-half fur
longs? Dainty Lady. 106; Iron Boy,
108; Eddie Trantor. 108; Hasty Cora,
110; Blanche Donalton. 110: Blanch
ita, 110: King Tuscan, 112; Key
Mar, ?2; Peaceful Star. 112; As
sign. 112; Whlppoorwill, 112; ?juin,
Sixth race, one mile?Jack Healy,
101; Chansonette 1st. 104; Jack Daw
son, 106; Timothy J. Hogan, ???:
Pretty Baby. 107: Ooldstone. 109;
Legacy, liatl; Zoaliac. M?? l'nar. 1 ?:
Attorney Muir, 109; Half and Half,
109: Hands off. Ill: Mana,kin. 112.
Tbe Mtandinff of the Daba.
w h Pet
Prendn aught?. ?" - 2 713
1.v.-.Mitn??. 4 3 JM
Vlrflala. 4 4 ?SOU
Caini' Humphrej*?.. 1 3 .167
Alexandrin. Va.. Feb. Vi.?Th? Vir
ginia Athletic Club jhj> ?1 a *bli? sur
prise in the City League here tonight
1 when they defeated the league-leading
i ProHdnaiu.it quint In the Armory by
: a count of J5 to 30. The feature of
| the game waa the all-around work of
? Peyton, Davi? and Mlmmick of the
Virginian.1? aad ?eeton and Lo verla ?
j for the Dr?adnaughts. The line-up
1 and summary:
iW-e-adaangbt?.. ?????,???. Vlrrtnia.
I P. Drey f ne* .L. F. ttampeon
Reetoa .R. y. Da.U
Crouch .Cea'er. peytun
??t?-? .U C...*... Wmnnick
, laorerUn .K. <;. Owens
Siihntltittimi?? ?; Iirv> fur??? for fjSYeiian;
; J. Weaaell f?r Fraaea : i.eeguo for M im
m ick; LoTerlaa f??r rrmiHu <!<?li'fn>m floor
?P. Diwyfttae (???. R-aemi ill?. G-t-??.
Himp????. Travia?. IVytoa C?), Mltniuick (21.
final?* fr. mi f.-iil? 11??.?(<??. 1U out of IS;
Davi?*. 13 ?at of IH. Referee?air. Hts
geraM. Time of liaKe-t?Tweaty niin.it??.
A squad of thirty-five men report
ed to Capi. Held fot baseball prac
tice. The ?quad will work out In tli?
gymnasium, until tbe weather per
mit?, outdoor practica.
American Girls
Sure (o Compete
? In Big Olympia
Detcrmin.'d that American w-om
anhood bo given full opportunity to
?how it? mettle when the world
ro m pet (? on* the field of ?port-*? at
Antwerp thi? summer, irirl swim?
mers throughout the country' are
mak inn every effort to aecure a
representative list of aquatic eventi?
at the Olympiad.
Thone herewith pictured are
amoiiK the ?-tarn who have petition
ed the ?. ?. V. to do its uttermost
toward broadening the present lim
ited schedule of water sporta.
It la expected that ? ? gland and
other countries will add similar re
quests to (Imi that have already
gone forward from .Sweden and
from many American ri tie,*, includ
ing San Francisco, Stockton, Phila
delphia. laOtti .\ng*les. Halt Lake,
New York and Minneapolis. Con
fronted by such a demand, it MM
extremely likely that the Belgian
officials will act favorably.
The American request Is for
events of ion, ?JOO. 800 and 1.200
meters free style; 100 meters back
stroke; 200 meters breast stroke;
fancy diving, and -100 meter relay
race for women.
Tryotits for the American girls'
team will be held either in New
York tyr Chicago early in April, and
promises to be the biggest aquatic
event ever1 held in the United
lUi.-im--.- will have a tennis team
this year ?s the sport Is getting
popular at the Rhode Island ar?mue
school. Tiny will no doubt be rep
resented in the scholastic tennis t
*?*Ht*? OM??t?, (*?Ow Witt.
Will now sing*: Oh, a quiet little ?pot, in a quiet little cot, on
a quirt building lot on Mount Vesuvius.
Bill Bryan is dumb on the Lansing subject. Bill is dumb on
any subject.
In t'liirpitiK on the Cabinet situation, Senator Adenoids said:
"America is a democracy. ? man should be able to sleep wth
his shoes on." The Senator was elected to Congress on the crest
of the prohibition wave, which dried up America last summer.
The Senator used to guzzle some himself, but America was.
dry for him when whisky jumped to 15 cents a snifter. He never
drank anything he couldn't alford. But he drank many a drink
the other guy couldp't afford. Most of the Senator's relatives
were killed by the Eighteenth amendment, and his own case
is a remarkable example of suspended animation.
Senator Adenoids continued: "The Senate is with Mr. Lansing
to a man. We'll see him through this or drag him down to our
own level."
"Each day. Woody sends the peace treaty over to the Sen
ate and each day we clip some of its tail off. There is no chance
of a Democratic President next year. I would describe this year
a? the best administration that the Republicans ever had. That's
a fine Cabinet pudding that Woodrow has cooked up. If it wasn't
for the reading? of the peace treaty each day, I would never grab
any sleep. The treaty might br described as the Senatorial Lullaby.
British Pro-Soccer Champions
Play Here Sometime in August
Local enthusiast? of a??4>cl>tlon
football. better known aa ao??-?r.
? tarted negotiation? laat night with
th? American Soccer Association to
have tb? professional champion New
Ca?tle football team of Ensland pi?)
hese sometime In. Auguat
When England? beat Invade? the
State? to challenge our best ?oocer
team?, thi? outfit will be tb? first
dhampion professional team from
aero?? the pond to be Men in Hftioti
la Tankeeland.
Ia paat year? many forelm amateur
teams have met our best club? In tab?
North, and each game played by the
visitor? wa? clean and faat.
Tbe American Soccer Association
haa arranged matches In New Y or?.
Chicago. St. Iaoui? and Philadelphia
for the New Castle S4>ccer?. and they
have expressed their deaire to meet
?ome fast soccer nrzaelsation from
the Nation?! Capital while they are
on their tour.
I ?????ll.ee at V* ?rV.
J. G. Kmmlnway. of I'hilsdelphia,
who l? the eecretary for the Phlladel
phi? So. cer A??o? i?tion. with Kred
Fitzgerald, of thla city, will arrange
the conteat here, aa Waahington today
la the home of many former profes
sional football players of Scot
land, Ireland and England. Among
them I? McGtnty. who played
th? poaltkm ot etatltr half back far
1 Ul? Falktrk Ro?era. of HoiXI???! ;
1)1?*? Hodge, a ?piny caaater far-war?
1 for Ute Ml anatratali carver, of fkattiaai:
Alex Douglas, ef Um RaiUi Rosarj.
Scotland Jimmy Cruwtora. trnt, mo%
the ouuide light for th? famou? Dura
blane Soccer Club of Scotland; Jimmy
Ulbson. ?rl th Um A berat???? Club,
?ht wa? craditad with bel???; atta ??
Scoti???]'? beast goal tandera, and aea
eral other? who have h?l*>ed to rnake
, ?occer hl?tory for Scot la,? a
The British Erobaaaey ha? a few
player? who h??e taken active parts
with chaba of the ?rat division Kar
ll?h league, and theasa- player? will t
? eti^ng-then the local picked team 'to
give th? vialtor? p?enla play
I It I? the Intention of Kmmlnwav asal
Fltsgerald to ?jet ?? many player? aa
. poaatble. and then arrange gaanea be
tweaen their charges ao aa to get the
beat material possible for thla Inter
national combat.
Should It prove Impossible to obtain
enough [layer? from tbe Capital t'ltj
a call will be sent to Baltimore and
Philadelphia where players ?r? takin.
?n ?ative part In the game today
I The game will be booked m thl? city
?round the latter part of August, a?
the visitor? start their league aeaaoe
in England ear? I? Octob.r and play
I? continued until April.
Nick Altrock's Baseball Career
Aa Told by
World's Foremost Baaeball Statisti? tas.
Who Writes Kxrluatvely for
Fiftfc ln.t?lWr,t
During the ?eason of 18s? Altrock
had many funny etperiencea. In the
first-named year he wa? offered a
Place on the Plirua. Ohio, club. This
w?a hi? first profeaeionat enpagemont
at a salary, which called for ?4.? pr
month.and what a big trip. "And ?o
near New York," thought Nick. 1 will
never be able to get enough money
to go thst far. He showed the letter
to several of the boy?, and one remai??
?I that he thought the place wa? in
hlo. They hunted up a railroad guide
id found it waa about ninety mllea
"Well. It? some trip. Ju?t the ?am?.
You ?ee, 1 had never been that far
away from ?'Incinnali before in my
life, and after digging round among
the ganz and holding a raffle to ?e
cure my fere. 1 left for that wonderful
city, whl.'h wa? going to pay me ??.
!much money. They said in a letter 1
wa? to he the rniah.'St-???.? man on the
team. Of couree. 1 fei! for th?t gush
| then, but I found out that it waa a
? dream.
"I wa? not getting half a? much ??
? the lowe?t-paid man on the lean But
had the last laugh We played two
I weeks, when p?y day arrived. We
I called on the manager, and for thi?
Insult we ?vere all fired. You ?ee. a?
I only lost half aa much a? the next
fellow that next to me In price. I wa?
perfectly satisfied But to make mat
ter? worse, we were all arrested by
the hotel man for trying to beat our
board bill.
"We had an awful time to get thla
matter adjusted, but the manager aald
that If we would play two week? long
er, he would pay all the billa and give
u? enough to get to our several home?.
We had to accept or go to work mak
ing little out of big one?; and aa I waa
never known as a hammersmith, I ac
cepted the new contract.
..oa-s ?? lnrlMSMIk
"Wrien the time came to leave for our
home?, we received notice that there
? sir an openinx for ?overa] good hall
I players at Portsmouth. Ohio. Now.
that Just suited me ??>? ?*?.. that rliv
t>ordered the Ohio Ri ?er. ?nd If I scoi
?tuck for my pay, I could '.uild a raft
and float home.
"Thing* would not hraak right fot
me. I had not lost ? gam?*? all sea
son. yet I had many a touch Jot
to win. for we had a bunch at
rummitr? playing th? . ther position
who did not tar?? ? hut happen???
so they got enough t<> rui-h the duck
fl?M a a\\\\*\%*%
"After we fini?h-?-d at ??-iwa w?
left for Portsmouth We hunted ur
the manie? r. ? ho told us that 1 ?
wa? paying . m h man who playe
regularly lac him 11.60 p*-r *-- '??
but he hart ? no. rt job working >r
a larve toba???? .factory ?? h-*r?? ?
could mill"' food money ?aorkin.
piece work. We manag? d to Kn
out a coupl*? of bones p? r da^ * hi *
working at the fact or >. and wit'
what wp made playing Kill W* we;?
able to get along very w?-H. \
least. Sag were all ?atisf.? 1 w.i:
lif?? until one ?*-*? the man^c
both thr cluh ? the factory
a meeting an >tifled
that we were 1 to wa ba*
not ?teal tub?? We all i.
insult, but hi?J i-i take oar medi
? ine. When we got on th*" trat*-*?l
for our home? each man bragge?
about how much stock he had.
didn't buy a plug of tobacco f <f
two years.
King Georare hau mad. the tirsi
definite move to atart a fur?
to defray the ??-penaes of th.
British athletea to the Olymp ?
llame? at Anaerp by a contributi ?
? f ISO?.
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