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Uncle Wiggily's Adventures Text by HOWARD R. GARIS
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"Dear me, Nurse Jane!" exclaimed Uncle Wiggilv, as he came
down to breeakfast one morning. "1 am very late. Hurry tod five
me my breakfast, if you please. That alarm clock must be broken.
It should have gone off at 7 o'clock, but it did not, and now it is 9.
I was to meet Grandpa Goosey at 8. I shall have to take that clock
apart and mend it." Nurse Jane hurried with the breakfast and Susie
LktJetail helped her. "Do you think you can fix the alarm clock?"
Nurse Jane asked. "Oh, of course 1 can," Uncle Wiggily answered.
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chairs and crawled under the table he found the wheels he had
dropped. "I'm join? to take the clock out on the bench outside," he
told Nurse Jane. "I'll have more light and room there." So he took
everything out in the yard. Then, all of a sudden Nurse Jane heard
Uncle Wiggily shout. She /an out with the broom and asked what
the trouble was. "My paw is pinched in the buzzer part of the clock I"
L said the bunny.
Littletail, th? rabbit boy, began to mill aa automobile oirt of the i
pieces of Uncle Wirril/j oUT alum clock, a aoap box tod some baby
carriage wheels. 'You don't cart what we do with the pieces of the
dock, do you, Uncle Wiggily f" barked Jackie. "Not at all,"
answered the bunoy, whose rheumatism was hurting him again, so
that he had to limp on Us red, vfctte tad blue striped barber pole
^ crutch. "Maybe we can giwt Uaalt Wlfgtty a ride," said Sanunie.
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Uncle Wiggily finished his breakfast, went and saw Grandpa
Goosey Gander, though, a little late, and then he came back, to the
hollow stump bungalow. "Now 1 shall fix the alarm clock so U will
ring at the right time and wake me up mornings,'' said Uncle Wiggily.
He took out some wheels and springs. He took the hands of
the clock down from in front of its face. "1 hope Uncle Wiggily
doesn't pinch his paw," whispered Susie. "Hush!" cautioned Nunc
Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy.
All of a sudden, after Uncle Wiggilv rot his paw loose from the
buzzer part of the alarm clock he was nxTng, there was a snapping,
cracking sound and the old rabbit gentleman gave a loud cry. "On,
what is the matter now?" exclaimed Nurse Jane, running out again.
Well, you can see what happened. The big, strong sprihf qt the
clock became loose and caught Uncle WiggHy in its coils. "Oh, this
is terrible!" cried the bunny, as he spun around like a top. "I'll never
try to mend an alarm clock again!"
other parts of Hie
alarm clock on the soap box, Jackie, Peetie and Sammte at last made
a cute little auto. "Now we'll have a ride," barked Jackie, to all
three of them got in. As they rode off through the wooda ill a# a
sudden Sammie looked between the trees and cried: "Ouickt To the
rescue! The bad old Plpsisewah is chasing Uncle Wlgglly and w?
must save him." Jackie turned on hill speed. "Right you ait!" he
barked. "We are coming, Uncle Wiggily!" *><mted Peetie.
' t*f *fth the talcum powder, and ttfo so white that It look* tike a durhtti i
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After a while, having watched Uncle Wiggily tinker with the
alarm clock for ten minutes or so, Nurse Jane and Susie -went out In
the kitchen. But soon Nurse Jane heard a funny noise and, hurrying
back to the room where the bunny was working, she saw him under
the table and everything was all upset. "Why, Uncle Wiggily!" cried
Nurse Jane. "Whatever tn the world has happened?" Mr. Longears
twinkled his pink nose. just dropped some jaf the clock wheel*,
and I'm hunting for them," he said.
With the help of Jackie Bowwow, two pupp y
dor boys, and with Nurse Jane pulling at hia coat taili, Uncle Wiggily
at last got free of the alarm clock spring. He sat down on the bench
to rest, and fanned his pink twinkling note, with his tall, silk black
hat. "Do you want the pieces of the clock, Uncle Wiggily?" asked
Jackie. "No, I do not," answered the bunny. "You and Peetie may
have them; but what good are they?" The two puppies b&rkad
joyfully. "We'll make an automobile." they uid.
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Nearer and nearer the Pip came to catching Uncle Wiggily, but
. the animal boys made the alarm clock auto go very fast and at last
they reached the bunny eentleman. "Hop In! Hop in, Uncle
Wiggily!" cried Sammie. Mr. Longears jumped into the auto, rheumatism
crutch and all, and away It went faster than ever. The bad
old Pipsisewah tried to follow, but he stubbed his toe and fell down.
"Ha! Ha!" laughed Uncle Wiggily. '\My old alarm clock was of some
use after all."
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