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Lloyd George to Cross Atlantic
for Conference
With Premiers.
Views of Provinces to Be
Considered in Reviewing
"op J right, 192U, by Publu Ixdj-r Co.!
I am able to make the important
announcement that the various premiers
of the British Kmpire are
shortly to meet on North American
soil to discuss the matter of renewing
the Anglo-Japanese treaty of
alliance. Uoyd George, Prime Minister
of Great Britain and Ireland,
will cross the Atlantic for the purpose.
if political conditions permit,
arcompanied by Karl Curzon, the
British Foreign Minister, and other
members of the Government.
The conference, which will he
unique in the annals of the British
Kmpire. will be held in Western
' anada. probably at Vancouver or
* ictoria. British Columbia. Both
'he United States and Japanese govrrnmtnts
have been informally notified
of the meeting.
"Visit M itBhlnctnii.
If l.loyd fieorge is able to attend
't. he will be invited to visit this
country a* the guest of the nation,
and he correspondingly welcomed at
Washington. The date of the conleren.'e
has not yet been fixed, but
' will be held before the end of
IV". October is suggested as a
probable date.
The following British premiers
M '11 Participate in the conference,
nhich will be the Brit occasion
lhat such an imperial council has
ever been held anywhere except in
the capital of the empire:
J'avid Lloyd George. Premier of
the United Kingdom.
Sir Arthur Meighen. Premier of
William M Hughes. Premier of
B. A. Squires. Premier of Newfoundland
W F. Massey. Premier of New
General John <\ .Smuts. Premier
f South Africa.
Province View* Invited.
It is expected that other British
premiers, of lesser rank than the
Big Six namely, the prime ministers
of individual Canadian "provinces*
like British Columbia and
Manitoba and Australian "States"
like New South Wales and Queens
land?will also attend. Some of
them are of high rank in imperial
affairs and speak for those particular
portions of British dominions
which have the keenest interest in
tn^ Japanese question. The people
?i British Columbia and Australia,
for example, are perhaps more intense
in their anti-Japanese feeling*
than the inhabitants of California.
The Anglo-Japanese treaty of alliance
has been extended automatically
for one year. The conference
f British premiers will deal with
tiie special interests of various
members of the Empire, which have
long been insisting upon a more
direct voice in the framing of British
policy toward Japan than they
were vouchsafed when the original
treaty Mas made in 1905 and renewed
in 1911.
Note* Suppressed.
No decision has as yet been arrived
at with regard to publishing
th^ recent American Japanese diplomatic
correspondence over Japanese
aggression in Siberia. Secretary
Colby has explained that tho
correspondence would only be made
public by "mutual agreement." An
impression has got abroad in Washington
that the fear of undesirably
explosive discussion in both countries
accounts for the suppression
or the correspondence. It was annourxced
at the State Department
yesterday that the question of a
reply to the Japanese note is now
under consideration.
Rome. Aug. 17.?Seven persons
were Killed in a riot at Siena, Italy.
?fcen socialists attacked a religious
procession, according to a dispatch
received here today. A monk was
slain on the steps of the church.
pRINCK SIH'HAEl,, of the Elec
r torate of Valleluna. sat on
bis fa?rlit bench in ,he park.
The cooIbcm of the September
nisht quickened the life In him
like a rare, tonic wine. The
benche, were not filled; for park
loungers, with their stagnant
blood, arc prompt to detect and
fly home from the crispness of
early autumn. The moon was just
clearing the roofs of the range
of dwe||i?g8 that bounded the
quadrangle on the east. Children
laughed and pla>ed about the
/ne-sprayed fountain. ]n the
shadowed spots fauns and hama
drjads wooed, unconscious of the
S?? of mortal ejea A hand or
Detective Wounded j
In Revolver Battle
$ 1 J
A ^K?38
V^k jnffl
I Headquarters sergeant detective,
z who was wounded in a revolver
battle yesterday, capturing single-handed
Thurman Drown, r
j negro badman, hunted for three
months. o
With an empty gun Scrivener a
faeed the negro and escaped
death when a bullet picrced d
his watch,- deflecting through
the side. Scrivener was also r
wounded in the arm.
can Agreement Held to
Virtually Mean Peace.
It By I ni>rr.sal Service.)
By giving sanction t?> the agree-!
jment by the Harriman interests to j *
| take over a 50 per cent interest inja
jail trade routes operated by thej\
Hamburg-American line, the United) t
?tates has virtually recognized a!
state of pea jo between tnc United]0
States and Germany. /
This became known yesterday
when officials of the State Department
and of "the Shipping Board provided
additional details of the deal, r
According to the Shipping Board,
a representative of the state De-|t
partment "sal in" at all the confer-}
enees between the American and',8
German interests. Moreover. the j r
State Department was provided with j
a full cof>y of the agreement after!
its completion by the Harriman andi
Hamburg-American companies. No [ ^
objection was recorded by the gov- i
State Department officials stated i
i today that under the circumstances J
< the terms of the contract are "most J
| unusual." bu tlvy declined to admit I
that J-ecognition of a peace status(
j was intended. It was emphasized.
I however, that the mere fact of the
{treaty not being ratified should not [prevent
the United States from ?ot- (
| ling her rightful share of trade with '
j Germany.
Wilmington. Del.. Aug. 17.?Tho j ^
j retail price of sugar dropped to 13 (
{cents a pound yesterday, with indi- j
(cations of a still greater drop.}
Canned goods were lower by two [
(and a half cents a can. coffee a
(dropped 11 per cent and the bottom r
ifell out of the fruit and vegetable
; market, bringing the retail prices!
[lower than they have been this j a
| season.
| Thousands of crates of canta- j j
t loupes and as many baskets of to-J
i matoes are rotting on Delaware:
| farms, the farmers feeding them to | l'
I hogs in preference to selling them at ;C
| prices offered. Jt
Fruit and V-egetable <
In Local Markets;
Dealers as House
J Peaches! Not the Mack Sennett j a
variety. The edible kind that melt i11
in your mouth. You can get a whole j
' w
half bushel for four bits on Center I
Market. b
Produce prices are volplaning p
|right down to the ground and Wash- J t|
ington housewives will have a f,
chance to harvest the windfall. The ?k
metaphor may be mixed, but prices j c]
land vegetables are scrambled. '
[ "We're selling cabbage at a dollar ,
I a barrell," said a dealer yesterday, j f|
I "The market is overstocked and cj
things are duller than they have je)
been for months. Cantalonpes are If'
selling as low as a dollar a crate J hi
Ran?Philomel by the grace of our
stage carpenter. Fancy?fluted
and droned in a side street.
Around the enchanted boundaries
of the little park street cars
spat and mewed arid stilted trains
roared like tigers and lions prowling
for a place to enter. And
above the trees shone the great,
round, shining face of an illuminated
clock in the tower of
an antique public building.
Prince Michael's shoes wero
wrecked far beyond the skill of
the carefullest cobbler. The ragman
would have declined any negotiations
concerning his clothes.
The two weeks' stubble on his
face was gray and brown and
4as More Than Double
Number of Points of Finland,
Who Is Second.
)ick Landon of N. Y. A. C.
Hangs Up 1.94 Meter
Mark in High Jump.
Olympic ( hamplon VnlrcrMl :
Irrtlrr Sl?l? CorreapondeiM.I
Antwerp, Auk 17.?America. her
?olnt Bcore more .than double that
>f her nearest competitor and with
inotlur world's reeord tucked unIcr
her belt. Is "sitting pretty" tolight
at the Olympic frames.
By her wins today and the placng
of other sons where points that
ount resulted, America ran her to- J
al score up to 69 Is in today's j
vents. Finland is second with 34. I
*he other contestants already are i
Imost out of the running
England has only 19 points. Swe- I
en 13'i and France 11.
>en High .lump Record.
Today's record /ell when l-ick j
.andon of the New York A C. took j
he finals in the high jump uithj
he bar at 1.94 metres.
l.andon proved a great compeli- |
or in defeating Ihe lield of twelve j
tartcrs In the event His record, j
ihich is * feet 4.30' incites boosted)
he bar .01 metre above tlie record |
stablislied 'by Richards, also an j
kmerican. at Stockholm in 1?12.
At the six fol mark halt the con- 1
estants failed, but four of the si* j
emaining were Americans.
Whalen went out on his third :
rial and the bar was moved up j
gain. This time it went to the
ew record, mark, w hich L*andon j
Charles Rossett, 19, Goesj
Under Near Virginia
Charles Itossett. 19 years old.)
hird street and Indiana avenue j
orthwesl. became exhausted while
wimming in the l'otomac ltiverj
ear the Three Sisters just off the!
'irginia shore yesterday afternoon j
nd drowned before help could j
each him.
Half an hour later Harley Conn, j
canoeist recovered the body.
Conn called Dr. John N. Little.!
r.. who worked in vain to resus-*
itate the boy. The body was taken,
o the morgue in the harbor boat, j
!oroner Nevitt w ill hold an inquest j
Prices Tumble
'Overstocked' Say
wives Lay in Supply
nd peaches are going for 50c a i
alf bushel."
One dealer said that a S3 bill J
ould corral as many vegetables!
n the market today as $100 would
uy a month or two ago. How long!
rices will endure is hard to say. but j
lerc are thousands of crates of J
ruits and vegetables piled on Mar- ;
et Row that need immediate pur- j
lasers. It looks the golden oppor- |
inity for the canning housewife.!
Big, juicy tomatoes are selling 1
-om 25c to 75c a basket and you j
an get a whole dozen of "roasting |
ars" for a measly two bits. Beets j
re only 2c or 3c a bunch and the
agrant onion may be procured in (
askct lots for 75c. *
- * - ? ... - . ?
red and greenish yellow?as if
it had boen made up from individual
contributions from the
chorus of a musical comedy. No
man existed who had money
cuough to wear so bad a hat as
By and by came a young man
iff evening clothes and sat upon
the third bench from the Prince.
For half an hour he smoked
cigars with nervous haste, and
then he fell to watching the face
of the illuminated clock above the
trees. His perturbation was evident,
and the Prince noted, in sorrow,
that its cause was connected,
in vome manner, with the sloAMy
moving hands ol the timepiecc.
Copyright. 1*20. r?d*rwood and C?4frwoo4. t
Paris Aug. 17.?It is reported that the tense European hitnation,
resulting from the Bolsheviks' drive into Poland, will
cause postponement of the Quern of Rumania's trip to the L nitcd 1
States. This is the latest photograph of Queen Marie.
lYomans'Party UrgesGoi). Cox
To Visit Nashville and Help
Cause Lost in North CarolinaI;
! 1
111 a supreme effort to swing waving Tennessee in line tor! ^
suffrage, tlie Woman's party forces arc urging Candidate Cox toil
visit Nashville and bring his personal influence to bear on the {1
recalcitrant Tennessee solofc* who b^\e given the feminine cause a
temporary ^ctback. v J
"Defeat in North Carolina," said Miss Alice Paul, leader of the 1
Woman's party, "makes success in Tennessee more imperative. ThciJ
Democratic party must exert itself to lite utmost to insure favorable! j
action when the Tennessee legislature meets tomorrow.*'
iB.v I nlv.rNal Sertire.t tBj I livrnal Service.(
Raleigh, x. C, Aug. 17.?Hope of: Nashville. Tcnn., Aug. 17.?The |
ratification of the Federal suffrage I legislature will not decide the fate 11
amendment l?v the special session of equal suffrage before tomorrow, jl
of the North Carolina legislature Anti-suffragists this afternoon j<
was killed late this afternoon uhen|forced au adjournment of the house t
the Senate by a vote of 25 to 23 : until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, (t
adopted the antisuffrage subsf it ute I The vote to adjourn came at the)
for the ratification resolution and j close of an attack on the Susan R. !
postponed action until the regular Anthony amendment by Speaker"
session next January. Seth Walker. The vote on adjournThe
only way the matter ran ment was 52 to 44.
agan come before the Senate is by! It was the second victory for the j
a two-thirds vote to reconsider, and anti-suffragists during the day. Pre- j
the possibility of getting numhr r is vlous to the motion to adjourn the 1
practicallv be>ond hope antis had been able by parliamentary j
t oir Ik Surprixe. maneuvering to prevent the com- :
The substitute motion came this rnittee in charge of the ratification
afternoon after fi\e hours' debate resolution from making a favorable
on the ratification resolution. The report.
victory for the anttis came as a sur- , lan(kC GeU Hej|TT B|#w
prise forahe suffrage advocates who | The |nofet slunning blow to the (
never doubted but that the Senate suffrage cause was the deflection of
would pass the Vesolution. and it is ; the NanhvU]e delegation. The delethe
result of the superior general- ,s . . ..
, H * gation went over to the opposition .
ship and parliamentarv strategy on I , ?_#*-? 1'
* during the speech of Representative!
Lindsay Warren, anti-leader. ? e. ? v. . ... |
..... Percy Sharp, of Nashville, who anI
robably in no other form than . .
.. , . nounced he had decided not to 1
through a , substitute resolution I...
. . fc. force the Federal amendment on
could suffrage have been defeated).. , ^ . . _
ir, ?1,? 1. , the people of the Lnited States. '
in the upper-house. The substitute !
fK_, . . , Suffrage leaders were disappointprovides
that since present legisla-jed ovfr th(. ,,?Uy but wfrel Pcon(|.
tors were not elected when suffrage , dent of victory tomorrow.
was an issue and the voters had no I Speaker Walker led the opposition .
opportunity to express their opinion in lhe fieht a&ainst ratification. The
i, . - galleries were packed, the crowd
on the question, it is the part of , . . . , . . _
e i,ari tlisurged back and forth, overflowing
wisdom to wait until the regular-onto the floor.
session in January for final action. I Orders Floor Cleared,
Sun mci?tn Caucht Nnppins:. ] The speaker cleared the floor after 1
"Following a dozen speeches. War- the house, by a 51 to 45 vote, refused 1
ren announced that he would ask. to SU8P*n<1 tn? and v>?- '
.. . .. , . , . 1 itors to remain. A two-thirds vote 1
a ?e ebate be closed a.nd the | wm8 necessary to,suspend the rules,
motion put. He also announced he j The speaker refused to consider the)
would offer a substitute resolution request of Representative Davis that 1
Not knowing the nature of this res- j 'Peciul permission be Riven to vis- I
? . itors to remain. Most of them were
olution. sufTrage advocates agreed wonlt?n> Thr speaker declared that
to the prograna thinking they had a j he had been insulted by the charge '
bare majority on the question any j that he was controlled by the Louisway.
0 lville and Nashville Railroad. 1
17~ . "Remain." said
^ , , Prince Michael.
Ii;r Highness arose ami wont to brightly at the Prince. Brightly,
the young man's bench. but the perperdlcular line of per 1
beg your pardon for address- ple*lty between his brows was
ins you,' he .'laid, "but I perccive not smoothed away. He laughed,
that you are disturbed In mind. If am) evcn thcn il did not But hc
It may serve to mitigate the lib- aeecpted the momentary diver"rty
1 liave taken 1 will *d<^ that 8'on;.
I am Prince Michael, heir to the "Glad to meet you, Princc," he
throne of the Electorate of Valle- said, good humoredly. "Yes, I'd
luna. I "appear incognito, of say you were incog, all right,
course, us you may gather from Thanks for your offer of assistmy
appearance. It is a fane/ of ance?but I don't see where your
n.Fne to render aid to otitis?* butting*ln would help things any.
whom I think worthy of it. l'er- lt'sxa kind of private affair, you
haps the matter that seems to riis- know?but thanks ail the same.**
tresS you is one ^hat would more Prince Michael sat at the young
readily yield to our mutuel ef-^ man's side. He was often rebuffed
forts." but never offensively. His courteTho
youn^ man looked up ous manner and words forbade
aid to poland
white house
topic today
3olish Delegation Will Receive
Assurances of
U. S. Action.
:redittobetaken up
\rmed Help Without Sanction
of Congress, Held
Out of Question.
tCopjrigbt. 1930. by Pnblie Ledt'r Co.)
Confidential exchanges of views
*re now in progress between the
allied and associated powers for the
purpose of ascertaining how and
when Poland can be helped. The
United States is an active participant
In the discussion.
Such will be the burdeg of the assurance
/to be given by Prestdent
Wilson and Secretary Colby to the
Imposing delegation of Polish cititens
of the Uriittd States who are
'ailing at the White House and
State Department today. Hut it
" ill be made plain to them that
without the implicit sanction of
Congress. American armed assist?nee
is out of the question.
*r' ar* other forms or aid
, "h America can render. Credits
"Irnmil'lary supplies are among
them. These could 'if made. fluid by
aM ?rtrr " ,s to such
?? ? . t m",ns" "-at the Colby
not to the power, last week had
rpir ronce.
..oTnh:fT,;M:.rV ?f ,hc "on-Public
lion of the Fr(,n(.h r,,,,v fo our nolr
n Russia. Bolshevism and Poland
. ,,c" vrt been cleared up. Th.
Ihere'i rTpl,?""i'>n is that
" orr,a'n dlserepanev b?
" n ,hc version of M Millerand's
^mm..n,cation, as cabled to ,^
. late Department by the American
mUt "d*b'v,n,h v"' "ni lh" Uit -ubmitterj
the Kr,.,,,,], Charge d'Af
fa.res in Washington
Fuller Reply Soo-ht.
The real reason Tor d"lav in =...
Vl'e 'hr An,erfran Public w ;h
he.. . n",? was -Jis' losed in
_ - ? columns yesterday win n it
"Purled that lh? stalr
thn,thc not. '-nUrely satlslied
ind hin,L .rcnrh representations,
nd hinted that certain moves vere
^e?r7r""' farl'i,a!' a mnr, c<?n'J?
'r"p;n" ?? ?he ?-plb> note
The State Department is evideTly
roceedin* on the theory that
:'"aM tr H,"''" ' Past reco,d
d tb the partitioning of itjss.a
nay not be entirely spoil, . , lit
ie* self "in " ,;on"i,i"'nt ? -ommit
lerself in SOnie degree at least to
n .hP?"fCuV,u0re k<tPlnC "= ?
ROBBED OF $25,000
I-OS Angeles Cat. Aug 17?Ex>ert
cracksmen robbed the safe in
"ollce Judge Chesebros court In the
central police >;ation here of more
han 123.000 during th. ni^ht it
>ecame known today.
12 Million War Orphans
Reported by Red Cross
1'iris. Aug. 17 -Twelve million
1 e children of Europe today arc
classed as war orphans, according
to statistics issued by the American
Red Cross*.
The figures for the principal nations
were: Slovakia. 1000.000:
1 ranee. 3.000.000: Kussia. t.uOO.OOO:
Jugo Slavja. tjOO.nuO. and Italy. Poland
and Great Britain, 500,000
Broadway Foot light
In Delicatessen Stc
Gossip on Politics
New York. Aug. 17.?On BroadBy
m vim* n (; riRRn> '
^ ay. north or aireet,
there is an all night delicatessen
store with a penelcd backroom
that between 1 and 3 a. m. fills with
the rarest collection of humans. To
Preserve order and decorum a
"bouncer." six feet three, with curly
hair, is kept on the premises.
It is the center of lato hour theatrical
life, girls from the various
shows rolling up in their cars for
a nightcap sandwich that cost 90
cents. Here one hears all sides
of "inside stuff." Listen. 'Ton
know Sam S^ipman lost $50,000 in
"Clocks," said the Prince, "are
shackte* on the fret of mankind.
I have observed you loo*1ng persistently
at that clock. Its face
is that of a tyrant, its numbers
are false as those on a Jottery
ticket; its hands are those of a
bunco steerer^who makes an appointment
with you to your ruin.
Let me entreat you to throw ofT
its humiliating bonds and to
cease to order your affairs by
that insensate monitor of brass
and steel."
"I don't usually," said the
young man. "I v#rry a watch except
win a I've got my radiant
rag* on."
Warsaw Backed by I
Red Invaders?Lab(
For Front?Germai
Defense Army.
Warsaw, Aug. 17.?Four Red
hired at Garwolin, *ay? a special bull
Garwolin it a city about forty i
Paris, Aug. 17.?Poland and J
j the Russian pcacc terms for Pola
Lloyd George, the J'oreign Office
j Derby, (lie British Ambassador tod
At the same time Lord Der
; positive in her position of view ji
j presenting identical problems to tl
Thus a full deadlock bctwc<
j readied.
| Claims
in Dispatch from Dc
La Huerla's Capital ,
Denied Here.
iPnhllr l.r^c'r Service.!
j Stat* Department officials jfstfrday
denied specifically that this governmi'nt
had oftf to recognize
jthe Do la Hurria governfneni as the!
1 provisional government of Mexico I
iunder any terms, much less those!
j reported in dispatchcs from Mexico
I City. i
f Informal ronvtrsai i??ns have been j
I going on between Norman H. Davis.
? undersecretary of state. and Don i
Fernandez Igieseas Calderon. Me\. t
lean commissioner to the United I
States, but the discut-stons have not j
vet reached the point where ?ondi- I
tions for recognition have been set.
The latest recruits to the men who .
are investigating conditions in M.xico
for the government, it has ben
learned, are delegates named by th?- !
American Federation of l.al>cr. The I
two delegates, whose name? are !
withheld by labor officials, are to I
'enter Mexico within a short time !
and investigate thoroughly the status
of workers in the southern re- )
public. It is believed the report the |
labor men make x\ il 1 be submitted
to the government, with the pos- I
nihility of official support for its j
conclusions as a part of the basis I
of recognition.
Edwin T. Meredith. Secretary of
Agriculture, expressed hop" yesterday
that any break in food prices
would not be at the expense of the!
j farmer.
W hile he declined to comment on ;
, the charge that Chicago wheat
| speculators are manipulating the'
i market to "rob the farmers of profit I
! on the 1920 wheat." ho intimated!
that his department would fight for
fair play for the producer. He is
j-ist as much concerned, he said,
about the producers of hogs, cotton
, and the like.
Artists Find Joy
re with Bouncer;
and Slump in Stocks
[ Wall Street. That i, how he .arne
, to write "Crooked Gamblers! Look*
j like he will get it back in royalties Better
join A1 J Olson's Hardins
| and Coolidce Club. Al is itoing to
have a desk at the Republican head- j
; quarters."
New kind of audienccs this year.
Notice them? They come to the
I theater sober."
"The wire mob got a Western'
j roverntrr for flO.OWO and he don't
j dare 10 make h rumble. The jack
was out for three weeks.*'
"Lot of our crowd got caught in j
the middle-sex oil drop."
' (Copyright. Itao. by Publi. l^Hgrr ??.) '
I know human nature as 1 do
the trees and grass." said the
Prince, with earnest dignity. "I
am a master ol philosophy, a
graduates!!* art. and I hold the
purse of a Fortunatus. There are
few mortal misfortunes that I
cannot alleviate or overcome. I
have read your countenance, and
found in it honesty and nohility
as well as distress. 1 beg of you
to accept my advice or aid. Do
not belie the intelligence 1 see in
your face by judging from my appearance
of my ability to defeat
your troubles."
The younc man glanced at the
clock :*gain and frowned dark I v
% - *
When his sate itrajed from the
Paris as Armies Halt
)r Holds Up Munitions
is Threaten to Form
divisions were surrounded and ca;*etin
jost issued.
niles southeast of Warsaw.
"ranee have deeidrd not to accept
nd as outlined by Premier David
is reported to have informed Lord
by was informed that France
ng Poland and Gen. \\ rangcl a*
ic allies.
n Irance and Great Britain i>
t OfrMu Brfy %lllr?.
The German government har decided
to lake immediate steps for
the protection of the t?Ft Prussian
frontier. a< cording to note rcrfirH
at the French foreign office here today
from Berlin.
The note protest* against the
failure of the French *?d British
po\frnmrnt*i to r"ply to tb?- note if
th e German foreign miriFt^r. l-i|
nion. of July :i. which the dsniger
?>f th#? invasion <?f Germany by
the belligerent y wa?. pointed out It
says ?>rmanv has deride*) to wait
no longer and Mill reoruit and arm
a special militia ? rnpetfnt to cop*
|vith any eventuality.
I -a Her llolifo I r *?*.
Kxhlcme that labor holds Europe
absolutely in it* power was given
I today v hen it w as learned that
franco, Germany. Belgium Fnglaud.
Switzerland ard Austria ar* literally
dott?-?j with cars of munitions held
up because they were Cr route to
Hi*' Polish front
The moment it herame knowi^that
I- ranco was to ship immense quanti.
ties nf munitions to Warsaw the
word \*as passed ??ut from the Cmtral
Labor Committer in I>ondon
"Do not allow a single cartridge
to co through."
No less than :?? car* loaded with
i munitions were held up at Carls[rune.
Germany, by trainman r^fusiing
to run the trains. Dc-k work ]ers
?t Brest. Havre and Bordeaux
r.r.ve taken similar action.
?H>- ( alvcrwal ^tnirr.)
Auc IT.?The ,-irnf of
j victory are beginning to show.
I The civilian inhabitants of Badsyjmm.
which has changed hands five
.times, are re turning to their homes
J Th" roles have pushed the Red
I forces back six miles along this
section. Monday the Vole* r?n|
tinned their attack. Their guns
could be heard pounding the Beds
long the Badz> min-\\ yskoff roads,
j At Modlin. twenty miles to th*
i northwest of Warsaw, the Commandant
said the Beds had bern
j stopped there, their point of great*
jest advance and were then twelve
miles in retreat with th* action
| still going on
Soviet prisoners related they had
I been forced to advance under threat
of being tired on with machine guar
I from their own rear. Most of thr
prisoners were in raps. Some .
J clared that they been without
.shoes since baxing Re rest na <about
,600 miles east of Warsaw)
, All of the Reds so far takrn on
jthia front declared that they had
j been told by their officers that thev
| would have to advance only as far
as the German frontier where thev
I would be mot by friends. Airplane
observers have reported that the
Reds are choked w ith their retreating
transport trucks and wagons.
"The best bargains in real estate
today." said a well know,
real estate man yesterday,
"are well constructed buildings
erected ten or a dozen years ago.
Construction cost has doubled
in the last fifteen years."
There is advertised toda> on
the classified page a three-story
brick building erected ten yean
ago in the colored section. It ia
an excellent location for a colored
physician or dentist. It has
just been listed for sale but will
undoubtedly be snapped up
quickly by a realty bargainseeker
as the price quoted is
about one-half of the original
cost of construction. Bead details
on classified page
glowing horologue of time It
rested intently upon a four-story
red brick ^ouse in the row or
dwellings opposite to where h<sat.
The shades were drawn, and
the lights in many rooms hhon"
dimly through them
"Ten minutes to nine!" exclaimed
the your.g man. with an
.impatient gesture of despair. He
turned his back upon the hous*
and took a rapid step or two ia
a contrary direction.
"Remain!" commanded Prince
Michael, in so potent a voice that
the disturbed on* wheeled around
with a somewhat chagrined
OOfcTlMTU) aG? til. ^

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