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_________ XO.
Capital, Secure Un
velops, Shielded a
tember, 1914?Cr
Striving for Comple
(Washington Herald-Public I
Paris, Aug. 18.?The Spa
wires tonight that the Poles b>
in taking Lukow, on the Brestening
the whole right wing of
Gen. Wrangel accompanie<
visit #to the front today and
(Copyright. 1S20,
(Staff Correspondent of the
(Special Ca
Warsaw, Aug. 18.?Warsaw is
Poland, contrary to all expectat
observers, has duplicated the fir
Pari was saved in September, 19:
The dramatic turn in the ti
^ountcr-offcnsivc against *hc
U north and the southeast of War
f from the problem of defense to
a complete rout of the Red armi<
lines to the points on which the
10.000 Rrda Trapped.
To the north the PoMsh cavalry
in a rapid advance, cut , off 10,00<
Ked troops operating on the wes
of the Warsaw Pantzig Railroac
near Mlawa. This stroke insure:
communication between Poland an<
Dantzig. Polish airmen report tha
the Reds are in hopeless confusioi
trying to get out of the trap. The:
will have to escape through a bottlt
neck to .the south of Mlawa. if a'
all. The Poles feel sure they an
as good as captured.
To the southeast the Polish coun
ter offensive has reached Novo
minsk, Kaluchin and Lukow. Thi:
move threatens the flank of the Ret
divisions that have been operatini
against Radzymin and also tha
part of the Red*army that is direct
ly east of Warsaw. If the Polisl
spearhead goes out much farther i
will force a precipitate flight of th<
Peasant* Uninterested.
An eye-witness reports that th?
Bolshevist retreat in the north hai
not been characterized by looting
the damaging &f property, or th?
molesting of the civilian inhabit
ants. lp one instance where a wind
mill had blown down the Red sol
diers covered the machinery the ac
cident exposed with a tarpaulin.
The peasants continue to work thi
area unmindful of the fighting
Some of the ground has been crosse<
by armies three times?first, th<
Poles marching out; second. th<
Poles in retreat with the Bolshev
ists pursuing; and now the Bolshev
Ists in retreat with the Poles pur
Walter Reed Patient, Miss
ing Since Aug. 9, Pound
| Hanging.
Despondent because he was un
able to obtain sufficient quantitie
of chewing tobacco, a convalescen
soldier at Walter Reed Hospital, be
lieved to be John J. Flutters, for
merly of the uaQrtermaster Corps
killed himself by hanging sometim
last week.
His body, suspended by a slin
halter rope from an iron rod in thi
roof, was discovered last night in i
barn on the Louis I". Shoemake
estate, just back of 7201 Georgii
arcnue northwest, by the caretaker
Marcellus Beckwith. colored.
The authorities believe the mai
committed suicide several days ago
probably Saturday, as that was thi
last time the barn was open am
the condition of the body indicate)
that he died about that time.
At Ward 43. where Flutters, whi
hid been missing since August 3
was undergoing observation, it wa
?aid that he was continually depressed
by the lack of chewing to
' l.ac^o. This was caused, it was said
. bv a shortage at the post. Flutter
originally a shell-shock patien
at Walter Reed, having been injurei
overseas. He was discharged fron
the hospital, but was brought bacl
July t.
WE no longer groan and heap
ashes upon our heads when
,the flames of Tophet are men
tioncd. For. even the preacher
have begun to tell us that Go<
is radium, or ether, or some sci
entific compound, and that thi
worst we wicked ones may ex
pect iu a chemical reaction. Thii
is a pleasing hypothesis; but then
lingers yet some of the old
goodly terror of orthodoxy.
There ?re but two subject;
upon which one may discourse
with a free imagination and with
out the possibility of being con
troverted. You may talk of youi
dreams. and you may tell wha
heard a parrot say. Botl
less Unforeseen Des
Was Paris in Septy's
Defenders Now
te Rout of Red Forces,
.edger Special Cable Dispatch.)
correspondent of the Excelsior
' a counter attack have succeeded
Litovsk Railway line, thus threatthe
Russian army.
1 the Polish staff officers on a
returned very satisfied with the
Public Ledger Co.)
London Daily Express and of
J Service.)
ble Dispatch.)
saved unless the unforeseen happens,
ions, even of the most pro-Polisti
st battle of the Marnc, by which
is now being developed into a
armies on an extended front to thj
saw. The military talk has turned
aggression. The optimists can sec
ts and the restoration of the Polish
y rested prior to the retreat. *
Seeks troops
i .tohelp poles
1 _
| Maj. Butkiewicz Wants tc
! Organize Crack Outfit of
Vets in U. S,
? j A crack outfit of veteran Poles
* j with as many Americans as care t<
T| join, will be whipped into a regi
t ment for service in Poland, shoulf
j the State Department grant Maj
t Thomas Butkiewicz's request fo:
e permission to organize and equip j
fighting unit tn the United States.
But recently back from Poland
5 Maj. Butkiewicz. of Wilkesbarre
5 * a-* who has held commission)
during the past five years in th<
. French, American, and Polisl
forces, and was for seven month:
- following the war assistant commis
sioner for the American Red Cros;
B organization in Poland, has mad.
. an appeal to Secretary Colby to bi
i allowed to ask for volunteers for j
s J veteran regiment.
5' .. I want only experienced sol
. diers." said the major yesterdav a
. his headquarters at the Washingtoi
. Hotel. It would take a very shor
time to whip a regiment of veterans
into shape. I am doing all in m:
power to obtain the consent of thi
State Department, but I am running
into some international questions a
the same time."
The major pointed out that it wai
\ contrary to a Federal statute t<
raise troops in the United States foi
the purpose of waging war on 2
friendly people, and there is th<
question whether the people of Russia,
taken as a whole, are *or are nol
friendly to the United States.
Dimpled Knees and
Peeve Girlies and
Where Man c
t '
< Special <o Washington Herald.)
^ Titusville, Pa.. Aug. 18.?"I do no
e need a bath, but I am ready foi
a So spake the Rev. Frederic*
e Kopfman. when told that the "bath
^ ing bungaleers.- of "Washington*!
r Crossing, N. J., on whose charactei
a. and swimming suits he had splashec
, aspersions, are preparing a fecep
tion for him which he will do wel
i attend clad in his own chasi<
i, bathing garment.
J "I am dauntless, and ducking
j will not deter me from my purpose,'
proclaimed the pastor.
> Led by Miss Georgia Roebling. ai
executive at the Roebling win
. plant at Trenton, it is reported tha
- the "bungaleers" propose to purgi
. the pastor in the cool depths of tht
s canal, from the sin of havipg gaze<
t on hosiery conservation and dimple<
knees. For this, and a will to laugl
n and "cut up" on Sunday or any oh
i\th * Bay' the ful1 extent o
tne snameful and immoral condi
> Morpheus and the bird are Incompetent
witnesses- and your listener
dare not attack your re
cital. The baseless fabric of a
vision, then, shall furnish mj
theme ? chosen with apologiei
and regrets instead of the mor<
limited field of pretty Polly'i
small talk. f
I had a dream that was so fai
removed from the higher crtti
cism th^t It had to do with th?
ancient, respectably and lament
cd bar-of-judgment theory.
Gabriel had played hrs trump
and those of us who could not foi
low suit were arraigned for examination.
I noticed at one sid<
' a gathering of professional bonds
State Department Gives
Out Paris Reply to
Colby Note.
U. S. Officials Gratified at
French Position, However.
uy kiikdf:IIIC WILI.IAM W1LB.
(Public I>odrcr Service.)
France's reply to the American
note on Poland, Russia and bolshevism
was issued, after four days' delay,
by the State Department last
night. As already foreshadowed by
semi-official summaries cabled from
Paris, the French government, in
l suave and knightly language, assol
ciates . itself unqualifiedly with the
United States' demand for Polish independence
and with our uncompromising
hostility to the bolshevi
1st regime.
[ France avers that it Is because
.it so cordially approves'the "spirit"
of the "principles formulated by the
l United States" that the Wrangel
government has received French
. recognition. Wrangel's regime in
South Russia is described as "a
Russian government which declares
that it accepts the same principles."
The implied French invitation to
America to join in recognizing
J Wrangel is not acceptable to our
I government. In that connection the
^Secretary of State announces that
"there is a divergence, not of purpose
6r objective, but of policy."
Feat area of French .Note.
) the basic feature of America's
note of August 10?the affirmation
that "this government would regard
with satisfaction a declaration by
the allied and associated powers
* | The full text of the French
>| note to the Inited State* on Po-j
land. Kuaala and Rolahevism will
1 be found on page P.
r I
I Cognacless, Cognace,
l;\ Devil Dog Monkey,
Is Returned to Zoo
8 - - - - - ...
Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 18.?"Cog.
s ?.ace'" thc sreen monkey of the
Marines, has been forced to take
5 refuge in the zoo by the enforce?
ment of the great nation-wide
i """ought. His master found it impossible
to give him his customary
- n,Shtcap of hot toddy, and the
t mournful squeals of the bone-dry
, monkey made him an unwelcome
t member of the community. Today
,;H. R. Mercer, a Philadelphia war
''j7e.teran' Presented the green im?
biber of stimulating fluid to C. Wer
sen Brown, superintendent of the
t ?oo.
J Cognace," so called on account
j I of his frequent spells of inebriation.
answered reveille one morning
r whlle the First Marine guard was
II stationed at SI. Aigre. France. His
3, love for hard-boiled eggs and
] 1* rench licker" immediately won
t the aomiration, love and eventually
j the respect of the gallant Marines.
Critical Pastor
Swains to Point
>f God Faces Ducking
Itlons denounced by Pastor Kopfj
The town committee of the Crossing
yesterday took action on Dr
Kopfman s demand to secure the
i towns salvation. "Jim" Hallinger
I hnVt sworn in as special inspector of
i fn rt.'.lf a~Parel ,Ie was instructed
to dust off an old ordinance speci,r
^nfownesh"ea ?f bathiDe SUks '?
! 1 "Jim:" who puts touching conflV'1'"'
stringy suspend1
| ers to keep up his own appearance
S i an.,.,?"n"d''is Platform immediately'.
The bathing suits will have to
begin somewhere around the neck"
fh' '* J' ^an<1 wlnd u" no sooner
| than the knees, and I figure everyI
thing will be all rixht. The parson
must have been using his eyes
right smart to see so much. 'Honey
l swat kee molly pants,' as they say
t in French, say I." '
! iS'n,ue Gen' Washington shovI
ed off in the rowboat has there been
-1 SO much excitement at the Crossl|i"g
According to Stationmaster
Johnson, had he been passing that
J way again the Father of his Country
i might have sent the army on ahead
and lingered to watch the sport and
- dimply knees.
rv ~ T
men in solemn black and collars
that buttoned behind; but it seemed
there was some trouble about
i their real estate titles; and they
r did not appear to be getting any
' of us out.
A fly cop?an angel policeman
* ?flew over to me and took me by
the Jeft wing. Near at hand was
a group of very prosperous-looking
spirits arraigned for judg?
"Do you belong with that
bunch?' the policeman asked.
; "Who are they?" was my answer.
Why," said he, "they arc?"
But this irrelevant stuff is taking
up spay that tho story
Kill Germans and
Poles in Kattowitz
Ruthless Acts Charged to j
Army?Hatred Wave <
Spreads. p
j (Universal Service Staff Corr??pond?nt.) \
(Sprrial Radio Oltpatek.)
Berlin, Aug. 18.? In a street bat- j
tie in Kattowitz, between the sol- I
! diers of the French army of occuI
pation and the German and Polish |
civilians, twenty Germans and Poles
i and nine French were killed. Dr.
| Milewski, one of the chief Polish
leaders, was beaten to death and
I his body thrown into the rive^. The
German dead include Maj. Ton
j Kleist, commander of the StcherI
These reports were received at
; the German foreign office at noon
j today from the plebiscite area of
Silesia, which is practcally a "no
1 man's land." It was cut off from
| Germany by the treaty of VerI
salles and is occupied by French
1 troops for the league of nations. H
| The country which is finally to rule B
the region will not bo determined I
until a vote is taken by the in- I
habitants. I
Hand Grenades Used. L
The French used machine guns gj
.and hand grenades in firing into
the mob, the reports stated.
This incident, following closely
upon the alleged ruthlessness
chargod against the French mill-!
tary in the Sarre Valley and al-l
leged new cases of outrages on j
German women and girls by the |
French black troops, have resulted i
in a wave of hatred against the
French which Is sweeping Germany.
The government today expressed
itself as pr**atly disquieted. Never ^
at any timr during the war was
the hatred of the French so unanimous,
so bitter and at so high a r;
pitch as it is today. jj
Soviet Spread Feared.
The French officers at Kattowitx
are charged in dispatches and in *
ofTicfbl reports with adopting "a c
most provocative attitude." . _
At the foreign office fear was expressed
that Upper Silesia in its| 1
desperation and in its hatred of
the French would join the Bolshe-' 1
vists. creating a most serious sit- j
uation for Germany. It is believed!
that if this occurred the French:
would immediately seize the Ruhr
! v??
! ti
Have 100y2 Points. Against j 1
46 of Finland, Second. U
Sweden Is Third.
I Olympic Champion, and I'nlmul ! ||
Stnff Correspondent. [ D
I Special Cable Dlapatrk.)
Antwerp, Aug. 18.?Running with e]
perfect stride and taking the hur- *
| dies with such ease that it almost c'
j seemed they weren't there. Earl j
Thomson, an American boy running:! p
under the colors of Canada, won j
the 110-meter hurdle race here to- ?
day, clipping one-fifth of a second j?
trom the world's record, as well as J t<
the Olympic record.
Tljc new mark is 14 i-j. Thorn-j
son established It with ease. He fin- j t<
ished ?. good eight feet In front or j 8
jH. E. Barron, of Philadelphia, who!
| ran his mightiest and got his place 1 j'
honors by an eyelash. I n
L?. S. t.ainn 32 Point*.
But, though Canada gained the ^
thrill that goes with the most spec-jtacular
event ot the day, the Amer- i
| lean athletes were heard from in L
substantial fashion. They picked up
thirty-two points, finishing the day
with IOOV2. Sweden's fifteen-point
I gain, the second greatest of the day.
gave that country a standing ot c
28^. Finland gained 12 points and S
stands second in the standing for o
the four days, with 46. Sweden is tl
third. England, with 25,/is fourth.
The other nations are France, 12;
She 1
should occupy.
Dulcie worked in a department
store. She sold Hamburg edging,
or stuffed pejpers, or automobiles,
or other little trinkets
such as they keep in department
stores. Of what she earned, Dwlcie
received $6 per week. The
remainder was credited to her
and debited to somebody else's
account in the ledger kept by
G? Oh, primal energy, you cay, Beverend
Doctor?. Well, then,
in the Ledger of Primal Energy.
During her first year in tho
store Dulcie was paid )?> per week.
It would be instructive .to know
how she lived on that amount.
Don't care? Very well; probably
t'.,'.- ^^Hv|: * ' ' pMB
18j W
ffif *g W^K . i
I ^shH Hli afei
1 nigl:
( Bnuaai yw|
e^Emimmme&K^^^^^B ' W ^ ?' iBB hlvi
jj?f B ^ .\f* h ^ ?
Upon the addition of the last gold Mar representing Tennessee's the
atification of the suffrage amendment, Miss Alice Paul, chainnan of ??i
be National Women's party, threw out the suffrage ratification flag ,u!I
csterday at 14 Jackson place northwest, headquarters of the National ln 1
Vomen's party. Siiiiling-faceU womtr., with tears of joy in their eyes,
rowded near as they witnessed the triumph. ^,en
' ~ rati
Victorious Women Planning ^
^ suff
Convention Here That May 2*1
Turn the Tide of Campaign ,?"*
Washington, probably late in Sep-| stated she would immediately move frag
4mber, will see a convention of' to Maryland. Miss Emory has the begi
aders oi the National Woman's j distinction of having been arrested a s
arty which may turn the entire j C4 times as a suffrage picket. and| a'
end of the political situation at the ; was 'n the local jail four times. : *V
,, , i To secure the vote for the women!
ill elections, according lo Miss , of the Capital another Kederal rme
lice Paul, the party chairman. She , amendment to the Constitution must I
iid last night that the national of- j pass both the House and Senate by j ,-j
eers were already at work on a'a two-thirds vote and 36 legislatures j to <
ig convention, which will deter- 'must ratify the amendment by a ma-]
line the policy of the National jority vote.
."Oman's party. 1 Miss
Paul, at lier headquarters at _
t Jackson place northwest, was the j L, n?f I J nrl pr(jrnt 1 Tin ()rO
nonsor last night for the statement V UOt / iCit / g I UUI ILL \J I g
lat "there were &0.000 women in the y-x r T . ., 1 T i
utriot who win establish a legal (j/ International Ink
?sidence in* other States in order ! J
at they may ballot in coming 1 J III"} A \ Jt i
lections. j. H 6(1(16(1 t)U A. MllC
Officials said that plans for the I ^
[invention m Washington, while as
61 'm^Irei> W?rVlrea.dLia1^ <B> v?l.er..l Service?Special Ca-'Gol,
>rm. Migfe Paul aJso stated that ! to
lans have been made by the party Wr DUpatck.) ^
> discuss the District suffrage sit- Paris, Aug. 18.?That A. Mitchell, e
ation when the convention meets. jpalmer Attorney General of the: era
entative plans are now being . , ? , ,
'orked out to help secure the vote Cnited States, is the- head of a vast .
Dr women of Washington. 'underground organization of inter- the
The National Woman's party to-J national inteligence agents was dis- mu
ay will open ar. .nformation bu- I covered bj. Universal Service men i cot.
t>au to aid the women of Washing- i " , vi*
3n in establishing residence in the ! today through diplomatic sources. . ?'?
tates. j Despite Washington's proclaimsJ'
Miss Sheldon Jackson. District i policy of "hands-off Europe." an j
hairman of the National Woman's arm of American detectives has 1
arty, announced she would im- i, . , ... , ma
lediately take steps to secure a Ibern busy since the armistice ga.n- J (on
psidence in New York so she can j ?ring data by which, it is stated. It J COy
oto this fall Miss Julia Emory, hopes to begin world-wide propa- rat
ho lives at ttie Savoy Apartments, &anda to combat the Moscow gov- m?J
j ord
ernment. -iv,
J. S. SHIP PITTSBURGH ! Several of the Severest of the wh
ON WAY TO BUCK SEA ! Russia by means of "cooked"' docuParis,
Aug. 18?The United Statesjments Parting to co e from *** { ha.
ruiser Pittsburgh left Brest forilcaders in the Lnited States, mis i
outhampton thin' evening to take group apparently had unlimited but
n coal She will then procecd to j funds at ,t8 disposal. !
he Black Sea. . . ^ sni
The Franch cruisers Guydon audi Foar Agem? MDe|H?r ^ lbr
iarsellaise ' left Cherbourg under] Four other agents it is stated, wh
oal?%d orders. They arc reported to?were "deported" from the United wil
e en route to Sebastopol. | States on the boat which took Eraoia i tw<
ooked at herself in the mirror.
you are interested in larger swell music, and you see a lot tl
amounts. Six dollars is a larger of swells. You'll have a sweet si
amount. I will tell you how she time, Dulce." ^
lived on $6 a week. Dulcie hurried homeward. Her b
One afternoon at 6, when Dul- eyes werc shinins- and her ch"ks P
cie was sticking her hatpin with- showed the delicate pink of life o
in an cighfh of an inch of her -real "'e's-approachinc dawn. ,
medulla oblongata, she said to 11 was friday' Hn s ? 1 1
her chum, Sadie - the girl that cents left of her last week s wa^es. p
waits on you with her left side: Dulcie lived in a furnished
"Say. Sadc, I made a date for room. There is this difference be- c'
Hinner this evening with Piggy." tween a furnished room and a
"You never did!" exclaimed boarding-house. In a furnished o
.Sadie, admiringly. "Well, ain't room, other people do not know w
you the lucky one? Piggy's an ** when you.go hungry.
awful swell; and he always takes Dulcie went up to-her room? s
a girl to swell places. He took the third floor back in a West 1*
Blanche up to the Hoffman House Side brown-stone front. She lit w
one evening,' where thcyj| have the gas. Scientists tell us that v
/o Days ^eft for Po
if Ratification by L
3aul Declares Victc
)y Securing of Thir
New battle lines in the fight U
Immediately following passage
tr House of the_ Tennessee legii
gorous campaign to obtain reco
c two days in which to force
Suffrage leaders are exerting i
he Tennessee ratification. They
listory as the State which broi
he United States.
Seek Ano
Women leaders also announce
iring ratification by a thirty-sei
' be taken to delay promulgate
retary of State Colby.
"We must safeguard ratificatioi
i Alice Paul, the Quakeress lea
> has personally directed the m;
Tennessee feminine fight for I
"The winning in Tennessee ir
let-down," said Miss Paul. "V
rlook no narrow strategy or le|
"om tis. To make our long wo
energies to gain another State
epare to Block
Reconsideration by
Tennessee Solons
iPublic Ledjer Service.)
ational woman suffrage leaders
? preparing last night to use
ry means to block reconsideraby
the Tennessee legislature of
ratification of the Nineteenth
ndment and attempts of antiragists
to throw legal obstacles
he way of complete enfranchiseit
of the women of the United
Ice. While the action of the
nessee legislature in passing the
fication resolution by a vote of
to forty-six was generally reled
as a consummation of the
rage fight, fear was expressed
victory might be turned into
at unless proponents of the
te stayed on the job.
*'e are informed by our workers
'ashville." Miss Alice Paul, chairof
the National Woman's party
. "that the forces opposing sufre.
as soon as the vote was taken,
in attacks on our men to induce
ufflcient number of them to ren
at home for the next two days
order that the reconsideration
.sure might be passed and the
ndment defeated
Thinks KfTort* Doomed.
Phey are reported to be saying
>ur men "you have done everyCO>TINTED
dligence Agents,
hell Palmer, Claim
dman and other anarchists bade
Russia. These four were listed
"undesirable anarchists."
uring more than a year of option.
the agents successfully
t to the United Slates a mass of
uments purporting to describe
inner workings of the Comnist
party, particularly in Mosr,
Petrograd. Novgorod. Vilna,
it and other iar?:e centers, at
n through American eyes'.
Object of tonKpirar?.
"lie object of this secret diplo<
tic conspiracy is stated to be a
lenting of opposition to the Mosir
government in widely sepaed
centers. At the proper mont
this opposition is to be colinated
into a single, comprehene
anti-Soviet action. through
ich, it is hoped, the present Husn
government will -be overthrown
t even is asserted that the da>
I hour of the counter revolution
i been set.
'hus not only the United States
France today is revealed a?
king all. including the friewrlp
of Great Britain, on a last
ow of the dice which will decid<
ether or not the next five veari
1 see the outbreak of a war be*
uen the East and West.
tic diamond is the hardest subtancc
known. Their mistake
andladics know of a compound
eqide which the diamond Is as
utty. They pack it in the tipi
f gas-burners; and one may
tand on a chair and dig at il
i vain until one's fingers ar?
ink and bruised. A hairpin will
ot remove ij; therefore let u*
al it immovable.
So Dulcie lit the gas. In it.'
ne-fourth-candle-power glow w<
rill observe the room.
Couch bed, dresser, table, wash
tand. chair?of this much th<
mdladr was guilty. The rest
'as Dulcic*8. On the dressci
ere her treasures?a gilt chtm
O *
ssible Reconsideration
egislature?Miss Alice
iry Will Be Clinched
ty-seventh State.
ar woman suffrage were drawn last
of the Anthony amendment by the
slature yesterday the "antis" started
nsideration of the 50-46 vote. They
another ballot.
"very effort to prevent any change
' hope to make Tennessee go down
lght suffrage to millions of women
ther State.
d they will clinch their victory by
>'enth State before any court action
on of the suffrage proclamation by
11 by the winning of another State,'1
der of the militant Woman's party,
ineuvers of the difficult atid draw n the
leans no slackening of our efforts,
I'ith nominal victory ours we must
gal device that may operate to take
rk certainly fruitful, we must direct
;Victory of Women
Ends Battle Begun
'Way Back in 1875
I Nashville, Tenn.. Aug. J 8.?The
Nineteenth amendment to the Fed'
eral Constitution pro viding equal
suffrage for women became effective
today when its ratification was comI
Meted by ,the legislature of Testlessee.
Tennessee furnished the thirty-sixth
and final State needed te
j make up the three-fourths majority
I of all the States required te amend
the Constitution.
I The house approved a resolution
of ratification after a spirited deJ
bate. The senate had adopted ar
identical resolution last w eek. The
J final vote was 50 to 46.
Declare Fight Jo.i Begiaelag.
I Suffrage opponents declared after
' the house had adjourned that "the
fight is Just beginning."
They said Speaker Walker will
| bring up his motion for reconsideration.
which he can do under
the rules at any time during the
next two days.
A majority of the membership of
the house can vote to reconsider.
said Representative Overton, who
j had the Speaker's chair during the
j voting today.
"If this were done the house
( would vote again on the question
of ratification."
Overton, who voted against rattI
flcation. declined to predict whether
| or not the house w ill reopen the
I question.
Declares l ight Over.
Representative Hanover, leader of
thi suffrag. forces, said the fight is
over and predicted an ev?n larger
vote in favor of suffrage when an
j attempt is made to reverse the dej
c:sion of the house.
When Speaker Walker changed *
his vote from "no" to "yet" to get
a chance to reconsider, he brought
the tetal of affirmative votes to i0.
11 w hich i? a majority of the total
membership of the house, which
: IS ??. By changing his vote Walker
gained the right to have two dar?
1 in which to gain reconsideration
For a minute after the vote was
called it looked as if It was a tic.
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vase presented to her by Sadie, a
calendar issued by a pickle works.
I a book on the divination .?f
i dreams, some rice powder In a
i glass dish, and a duster of artl'
filial cherries tied with a fink
; ribbon. 4
Against the wrinkly mirror I
stood fcturcs of General KltchJ
cner. William Muldoon. the t>u<-hess
of Marlborough, and Bonrrnu,
to Cellini. Against one wait was
, a plaster of Paris plaque of an
O'Callahan in a Roman helmet.
Near It was a violent elrograph
of a lemon-colored child assaultt
ing an inflammatory bultcrly.
This was Dulcie's final meat
i CU.VTinU) do,

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