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4-Piy Quarter Size
D. J. Kaufman, lac.
IMS Pa. Ave. Ill 17th It
-I am e.fStjr-Lbree year* old and 1 doctored
fee rfceoaiatiaa ew since 1 came oat
of tbe era: 7. erer SO jeara afo. Like aaay
(ten, I speat moaey freely for ao-ealled
'ever end 1 hare read abeet Trie Add' na
til I cooid alaaoet taate It. I could net
lee* nights or walk witkoat paia; my baada
were ea eeee aad stiff I could not bold a
pea. Bat aow I am agaia la actire business
aad eaa walk wltk eaee or write all day
wit* comfort. Friends are sarprised at the
change." You might Jnat aa well attempt
to pwt oat a Ire wltk ell aa try to get rid
hot year rneaasstism. aeorltla aad like com"plaiata
by taklag treatmeat supposed te
'drive Uric Acid eat of yoar blood aad body.
-It took Mr. Aakelmaa fifty yearn to find out
tbe trntb. Be learned bow to fet rid of the
troe eaaee of kla rheumatism, other dleordors.
and recover bis strength from "Tbe
laser Mysteries." aow being distributed free
by aa aatborlty who devoted over tweaty
yeare to tbe scientific study of thla trouble.
If amy reader of "Tbe Herald" wlahee "Tbe
Tleaer Myateries of Rheumatism" overlooked
*r doctor* aad acieatlata for ceaturiee paat.
imply aead a peet card or letter to H. P.
Clearwater. Nx 108 W Street. Hallowell.
ilaine. Bead aow. leat you forget! If aot
a sufferer, cat out this notice aad hand thla
good aewa aad opportuaity to some afflicted
frlead. All who sead will receive It by retura
ma?l without aay charge whatever.?
Diuaoads, Watche;, Jewelry
South End of Highway Bridge
Our kind of service is i
tbe better kind. Right j
methods, Right Prices; J
Prompt Service, Pleas- I
> ing Results. J
, 710 Ninth St. N. W.
3176 Mt. Pleasant St. i
Fhsae m as will eall. We do eieaa* i
tag. dyedag. repalriag aad pressing. J
Of Elgin and Waltham
K-c.i S-ai^ G iaa a teed
Tweaty Tears,
A Small Depeait Will leeerve It Us til
438 9th St N.W.
Open Evsnings Until O'clock.
^ Mall Orders Promptly Tilled. j
A Remarkable Uoaae Treptaeat
Given by Oae Who Had It
In the Spring of 1893 I was attacked
by Muscular and Subacute
Rheumatism. I suffered
as only those who have it know,
for over three years. I tried
remedy after remedy, and doctor
after doctor, but such relief as I
received was only temporary.
Finally I found a treatment that
cured mc completely, and it has
never returned. I have given it
to a number who were terribly
afflicted and even bedridden with
rboumatism. some of them 70 to
SO years old. and results were
the same as in my own caae.
I want every sufferer from such
forms of rheumatic trouble to try
this marvelous healing power.
Don't send a cent; simply mail
your name and address and I will
aend it free to try. After you
have used It and it has proven
Itself to be that long-looked-for
means of getting rid of your
rheumatism, you may send the
price of It. one dollar, but understand.
I do not want your money
unless you are perfectly satisfied
to send It. Isn't that fair? Why
suffer any longer when relief Is
thus offered you free? Don't delay.
Write today.
Mark H. Jackson. No. 122G,
Durston Bldg.. Syracuse. N. Y.
Mr. Jackson responsible. Above stato*
sat tras.
If TO. ar. think tag about
tea rains t. dine, don't nU.
a dtrl.lnn before you bar.
Tlaltad tk. Rlfbtwaj Studio,
tlw only ap-to-date Daarlai
aontb of Maw Tort
Prlrata coon, lauoaa. kalf
Hour, $1. Prititi room for
beftaacra. "A ?? not bar.
? appotatm^KT Open 10 a.
ta. to 19 p. m. Pbon. Frank
U? TS54.
0U Poiat
Ysfaas Beach
Pilmt Riw, CWsM^ke Bay,
D?ily Service?Modern Steamers
Norfolk k. Waduagton
Steamboat Cm
xeanooat u.
Commissioner Says Staff Is J
Too Small to Cope With
Whisky Makers. \
I Declaring that It *u Impossible \
for a city the else of Washington |
to b? policed against the main- i
tenance of Illicit atllla and the 1
wholeaale concoction of unlawful j
beverages' with the "handful of j!
men" now assigned to do thla
work. U. S. Commissioner Isaac R.
Hltt yesterday stated that Congress
must appropriate more money if tha
situation is to be coped with effectively.
"Those men who are detailed to
ferret out illicit atllls are doing
fine work," Commissioner Hitt
stated, "and I do not want to take
any credit from them, but It is a
fact that we are getting no place
In actually cutting down this practice
in Washington at present."
Benjamin Franklin Bailey. 32, of
in U street southwest, and Jennie
Jaggl. 1230 Union street southwes*.
were arraigned before Commissioner
Hitt yesterday afternoon on
charges of operating Illicit stills at
their residences. Both pleaded not |
guilty. Bailey was released on 1500
bond and Jennie Jaggl's bond set
at 11.000.
The arrests were made by Policemen
O. W. Mansfield and E. F.
Thompson on Friday. The officers
declare they found It gallons of
corn mash In Bailey's home and a
'coll. but no tank.
At the Jaggi home, the officersj
told the Commissioner that they
had found some apparatus secreted j
in a -mnk. while beneath a trap
door they had found two Ave-gallon
jars of whiskey mash and half
a pint of the finished product.
P. McK. Baldwin s Will
Leaves $51,600 to Alexandria
Kin and Friends.
A. S. Doniphan.
727 Kinf Street.
ALEXANDRIA. Not. 27.?The will
of P. McK. Baldwin, dated November
6. 191*. and written in the handwriting
of the testator^ today was admitted
to probate fti the circuit
court, this city. After making bequests
to relatives and friends
amounting to $51,600. Baldwin directed
that the remainder of his estate.
amounting to several thousand
'dollars, go to the Alexandria Hospital.
Dr. Arthur Snowden he named
as executor. The testator directed:
that no inventory or appraisement
be made and no bond be required of
the executor.
| To his uncle. William P. McKnight,
he left S100 and in a codlt
oil provided an additional $5,000 for
1 McKnight; Dr. Arthur Snowden.
i $5,000; Albert Altcheson. $5,000;
I cousin, Elixabeth Jones, $10,000;
t cousin, Frances Davis. $?0,000;
I cousin. Fannie Hill Howard, $10,000;
'cousin. Bertha Baldwin Gordon, $2,;
000; cousin. Bessie Baldwin, $2,000;
aunt. Emily Baldwin. $1,000; to the;
surviving daughters of John T. and
Agnes Johnson, $500 each.
It also is directed by the testator
that $1,000 additional be paid to
Dr. Snowden for handling his estate.
In connection with his bequest to
the Alexandria Hospital Baldwin
said in his will* "Tl\e object of the
Hospital bequest is to alleviate
'human suffering without racial or
religious discrimination, and the bequest
is so made. No part of the
fund shall be used for any sectarian
or religious purpose."
Bowadary Steae Uavelllag.
The last of the thirty-nine original
boundary stones of the District
of Columbia located on Russell road
just north of King street will be un- j
veiled at 3 o'clock Wednesday af-j
ternoon. Addresses will be made by
Representative R. Walton Moore.
and Mrs. Alma Sylvester Barber and
Rev. Dr. S. A. Wallis and Rev. Dr.
W. J. Morton will take part in the
exercises. The affair will be under i
the auspices of Mount Vernon Chap-|
ter Daughters of the American Revolution
of this city.
This stone is know as stone No. 2
and is located about 150 feet north
of the King street road. Stone No.
1 is at Jones Point and was unveiled
several years ago by the
Daughters of the American Revolution.
There were originally thirty-nine
stones marking the original boundaries
of the District of Columbia,
which then included Alexandria.
Work of tracing them was begun
by Mrs. Barber, of Washington. Mrs.
Barber in her talk Wednesday afternoorf
will tell of the work of
tracing these stones. At the conclusion
of the exercises a children's
choir will sing "America."
Dnun Corp* Eatertataa.
Members of the Lambskin Masonic
Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps of
Washington, numbering about 300,
came over t? Alexandria tonight 1
and staged a big entertainment in
the opera house. The visitors were
welcomed by Mayor James M. Duncan.
Others who spoke were William
H. Huttla, master of ceremonies;
Henry Lansburgh, and J.
B - Dexter. Songs and recitations
were given by Nick Carter and L.
W. Brown. The visitors were shown
the Washington relics in the Masonic
Temple and previous to the
entertainment had supper in Odd
Fellows' hall, which was furnished
by the members of Martha Washington
Chapter No. 42, Order of
Eastern Star.
Jasler Order Pragram.
I Members of James W. Jackson
Council No. 55, Junior Order of
{United American Mechanics, will at,
tend special services at the Methodist
Protestant Church tomorrow
| night. A sermon will be preached
I by Rev. G. J. Hill, pastor. They
j will be accompanied by the mem!
hers of Belle Haven Council No. $1,
| J. O. U. A. M., Mount Vfernon and
Mary Washington Councils, Daughters
of America, and Friendahip
Council. Sons and Daughters of
| Liberty. All will assemble at 7
o'clock at the hall of Andrew Jackson
Council on North Pitt street
land march to the church in a body.
inouL vuilt. bbbt w cm.
claftjn optical co.
an r nun .?.
^wSKJ Girl Dies in Vain Effort LEGLESS EX-CONVICT ? Iw"rd "<*>? o^^r^TZIj' jmm!, m.'.. t
LESSENS CAR SHORTAGF been "Wked throughout the eoun- T C n . n I tit y*-VwWTft?l charge. Dodaon I, lo a boapiuU uKAND JUKI WILL HEAR "
iiswwwnmi ^^y*ik2\is?z ? d*" ue held for shooting ? evidence m murdr
,rrr..""n:, '"uvr": ?iar.s57s.,?ys: ^ ? carun proposal , ^
"* "=; ,?rsz r: sswasrffi-wiena happed and praised--' ~ur f=5 s:
>lu. of equipment ... a.en ywter- fetadytriBe GiH Wcdl folk ?d We,t?n Rallmr. whll. ^?ht i0,1"! h? "? olctr Bur- ? 2J25V2U ^
lay In a report of the American BRANDYWTnib uj v . trying to ?ave the life of bar do*. ???,' * mi. la In jail at Th? ''"wtc Untitle* Commlwlon f rLrt.s Bo??na?a ^oml
Rallwav Association BKANDIWINB, Md? No*. IT?A Seeing the do* on the tracka and 5jJ!L*ur' ch?r?e<l with the ahootlng. la confronted with a problem la de- *L ta. kmiZS^rf 7?"
Roads In the South and Central I* wedding took place la St. 11 be run ovar, the men with V .*?" gun '* aM?" cldln* ?? the reouaat?d extension of thur F Hlghtman. near MMdlatowa.
Weat reported that for the week Pmul " EP'?opal Church. Baden, at *'^1 ran out In front of the rapidly Burford la aald t? h,? been ran the Capital Traction Company. 4mw* **? Robertaoa la now la
snd.d November IS they had a aur- noon today, when lflaa Francaa HKuttl* **" eackln* Dodaona houae when ^he Jlnea on' Seventeenth atreet north tb* B*u,"or* H? to aa*
Dlua of 1MSS cara. Railroads In Elisabeth Briscoe, daughter of Mr * owner arrived and Burford la chare- weat north- to have aigned a statement coafeaa e^rtSTa
con\Ynu7uonV?hW."car Br??f "f B^Syw.n/TeVa^^h." ^ f rom'Ther'"^.'''" ~?cUy
ihortage although It la not aa acute, bride ot, Ronald Kllng of Freder- WINCHESTER, Va., Nov. 17.?Fire '"">? one for robbery aad on* for pouring In to the executive office* b^r ro ''Rr'T?.1^
,VV**e^.y I.?. ,r?7POrted ,ck- Md- Th? R?v. Dr. Char . E. of undetermined origin completely "Policeman. A March of of the commiasion. When U. co?- "Si 1? uTSTfJ? JZXTlLlli
V. vh? I... wa," s"" ,c*r*- Cruaoe officiated. Mi.. Eunice Saa- de.troyed the home of Mra Jennie .nf^'owd * lot of good. mission la ready to make a daclalon ^ ^ ,"cfc**
?hlch waa 4.SSJ car* lea. than in the .cer sang. The uahera wer. Hehry E Coptnhaver aT Boyc" io??heJ Siv'jfj? be,n ,tole? T,,or - 11 wl" have to through ". I*" -
preceding week. St. Jamea Linden Brlacoe. Jr., broth- with its contents. The ' I OBI wa* ern tlf< k . * Norfolk * Weal- batch of latere praising the pro- nnM 1 as anai.i
One of the pr.nclpal rea.on. for er. and Maynard Rob*rta. |,,,o?o. with no inaurance. toSay'J?*B'u"rf "" "?,h'r
(very purchase of t.'soo, 6 Table ^
II ?^, Z Spoons, 6 Tea Spoons, 6 Porta and 6 Knives ? .???: ??;
Six-Piece Dining-Room Suite in Oak ?di?ee") deUvered fr"- ^ " ? Advantage of This Bedroom Suite,
1 ^ Dresser and Chiffonier, O^plet^ 1
1 Frobublv nev.-r in all vnur life have m? had a han.-r to cet .-> bar- Mctil !'.< a
lln Ba'n like ^ig- J"'1 'lke'Jf Jict?rf-""j,' of 80,,<?.?*!t- P?U?hed fine Chiffonier and Dresser, in Genuine Golden Oak w Mahoganv
1 ^at.^uffr^wTthKlasf^do'rr^tfnd0 UnpU^ii ve"^r*w*r! 'i'Efcl "SX Madaill, YOU Call BUV TlUS ^.sh, with French Plate Mirror This suite ,s the #fiA rn
beveled French-plate Mirror lOxSS inches, Extension \U7 [If| ? most wonderful value ever offered for
T""8to-tch ; Bed, Spring and Mattress
n You'll Wish You Never Tomorrow rfft O A *mw* Ju.t what you have been want\f
I Had to Get Out of It For o* JZ4.75 rr,ong:t^
I il_ I / When you sit down and lean back in Y Tea Wagon with rubber Urea and \l
' sjz j1 " iXffj 'I"* ^'8 beautiful Rocker you'll breath a Cash or Credit * removable serving tray, nicely
I \\ 1 fcrt *igh of Utter ?OBte'}}?ae"t: c,ote y?ur **** finished in various finishes, very I ; ?
'111 J^L 1 } I in ecstacy and you II wish you never had This outfit will give you at least 25 years of continuous, j j li li iu .! Tj V
II ? ii-.?7 I to get out of it. It has a bi<r mauiv* satisfactory service?which brings the cost down- to less strong and durable. Holiday spe- ^ 4
1 I " L frame it', unM.ler^ for Jy ?*<! than a dollar a year SOME BUY is right! The bed is . . 3 "J
J?l 1 .'. 1 1 i_ comfort. a fu)i S;2C steel bed with 2-inch continuous posts?the mat- a* ' '
I |V | j| 1 i~f[ ? 1 1* cover with the best quality arti- tress is a soft top tufted beauty?and the spring is made ^ /1\7/ *
'J *y ficial leather. ?ni mm entirely of steel. Really, the bed alone is worth the price C1Q 71 I Jr
j[ I j I of the entire outfit .1 s* tttiIflM
w" ,'SVV. ?ht||al CmJkMiek. #rl| ^ ^ Jfc'. J A.I. Foldiat C?4 T.bk, JIM
lM s h a d e s. a a? a ?* II IM IF 1 1 II O I ml I AW flf f) I Runs forward and 00* Strongly constructed stands
I Xnyis spe" J * lie^ ldf ^ $1 19 1 MBM _jl bakward Special vlfC ryridGreendleathereUe 'top. 1
tk ?.f;; ^ $1.00 wCuyQ :f
-0? attractive bit of furniture anH A room of furniture at this very low price, very durable and beautiful, well Shapelj frames and nicely upholstered in velour. ini
W_ j jcrcT ]i o ? made and constructed, includes a Rocker, Chair, Sofa, and Library Table which ha? a eluding two Sunburst Pillows and Bolster. Arm Chair
SO UOLTUL ope- ff?r Qr draWer. This set is covered in a good grade of brown imitation leather. JQQ 7? Sofa and Wing Chair with valance; valus ClQO Zft
| ^ > cial Must be seen to be appreciated ^ <<J *200- Special price 91W.*U
J V,UdH' $3 98 Special, ^^^^^^^oleum ^
V^ / a- _ ? ,lli BrUBtcl. nuns, now WJt nn
ij j I Qq 9x1* Aimtaittr Russ. mw..^. JS 75 Jl.ilO
li ^r~-?- mi m. r\. I
Wi* nN ^Trwrti\\ _ _ . - f y ed knuckle-joint steerins (rear and bumper. IJ ( I hrM> Piorc "loan L JA. ttHfl .
M JC3 .J?*! AmfWVV\ AO^ ? I nubber-tlred bicycle wheels. $6.98 quotV iSciildeJ U 1WM1W ACCD tOgf
U tu? loA hSU-}j, f r* &A UXp V "P*0"1' the silk shade. p p .
9& /W^rm*01 ^ PONY CAR SS smoking Carvm8 *
1 Teddy ;m3 J-^4^ stro and ^ $9 98 1
iiiii Bears I home as weif as t3 ^?TTT^ Hi ^K1 I ^a'IO?*ny Finish,! *
Bfl special forearly '.J of^ttie^cupa^nt"11'6 \ \ " *' Table.tamps: Nickel Trimmed, A special value in this three-piece
I TeddyCIB?ar, cov- Has natural hair-nicely dressed. This Model $100 ) VA OA fompTeteTh^ A* no ."Til* fiP?tJ1,Cmp^
i ered With heavy a for little ""? ? ?i?u V T ] XQr and ?C OK >4 9M ,ted w,th n*?ural bone handles. Owr
li fur cloth. Has I i>sZay Prctty | ?$2.00 Weekly | V7 oyc j base...j price presents an unusual saving.
I $3.50 Clock for $ 1.79 IfiiSii js 'yTij|#g l I ktf /sT^l ^ L
A very good timekeeper-better than the ' ' MJL Wlf EL H Kll UT Library Table
old-fashioned 4-inch alarm because of the ' u BM Pi/( ftS * * * i?ok
R larger case which gives more spring room. #1! * 1 \ v BifcMMpr
Cases drawn from solid brass, so they can- MiffA A ntfTT?y' 881^^ Queen Anne Library
?,^vS^r fcfei I w I FURNITURE CO. mm CTiff Tab,e-,n m*ho-ny
off. WW* fiy^?3|L finish, with drawer a.
i $1.79 415 SEVENTH STREET N-W.g^0 |Hfl ^,. $18.75
'""'i v ; :<"V i. , *

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