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New York Banker Testifies
Arnstein Went Under
Name of Arnold.
Wife of Cohen, Missing
Defendant, in Court as
State Witness.
Nothing more serious than that
he used the name of "J. W. Arnold"
in his business dealings with New
^ Tork City brokerage houses and
business men was fastened on Jules
(Nicky) Arnstein yesterday as the
trial dragged Into sixth day before
Justice Gould in Criminal Court No.
This was brought out by Assistant
District Attorney James B.
Archer, who introduced Paul H.
Hudson, assistant se^-etary of the
Empire Trust Company, of New
York, who testified that Arnstein
and "Arnold" were one and the
same, emphasizing his statement by
pointing to "Nicky."
William H. Marshall, proprietor of
a New York cafe, said the alleged
'mr.ster mind" used to come to his
cafe In company With Fannie Brice,
his actress wife, ami sometimes with
"Nick" Cohen, one of the co-defendants,
who has not yet been apprehended.
No testimony to show that either
of them did anything out of the
ordinary i* the cafe was offered.
Wilen W. Easterday, another codefendant
and supposed guiding
head of the firm of Sullivan & Co.,
was known, it was stated, as "Mr.
Emerson" in his dealings with Wall
Street firms. Little testimony tending
to implicate Easterday has been
- introduced so far.
William J. Fallon, counsel for
Arnstein and T. Morris Wampler.
counsel for 8ullivan, Easterday and
Norman S. Bowles, made an unsuccessful
attempt to persuade Justice
Could to strike the foregoing testimony
from the record, contending
it did not support any allegations |
contained in the .indictment.
Justice Gould again ruled that in
conspiracy cases it was the practice
to admit evidence which would
be inadmissible in other cases.
Questioned further about Arnstein
and Cohen coming into his cafe.
?.larshall stated that he could not
recall that the two men ever actually
sat together at the same table
in his establishment. Marshall's
testimony followed that of Hudson,
who, on farther examination, testified
that Arnstein, under the name
of J. W. Arnold, had opened an
account with his bank. 1
Hudson identified several deposit
slips relating to the account of the
Sullivan firm, but failed at first to
Identify either Bowler or Sullivan,
the men who are alleged to have
traded ifuder that name. Later,
when asked to look closely at the
two men. he did Identify them.
Mrs. Ray Cohen, sister of "Nick"
Cohen, was introduced as a government
witness. She identified her
brother's signature and bis photoI
I In the middle of her testimony
1 Attorneys Fallon and Wampler rose
to their feet with numerous objections
to the woman's testimony,
which were not sustained.
William S. Silkworth, of the New
York Stock Exchange, stated that
Norman S. Bowles applied to him in
September, 1919. for admission to
the exchange. When Bowles's at-'
tention was called to an overdrawn
account with the institution, the
witness said, Bowles then promised
he would have no connections with
Sullivan and Company.
Joseph Gluck. former messenger,
who turned State's evidence in New
York, may be placed on the stand
today to tell what he knows about
the huge bond theft. His testimony
is expected to strengthen the government's
case more than any testimony
when the trial is resumed this
morning at 10 o'clock.
New Sorority Formed
At George Washington
Girls at George Washington University
have organised a new
sorority?Gamma Delta Rho. The
charter members are Misses Olive
Frescott. Lois McDarls, Marion Holliday,
Verna Short, Olive Geiger,
I Ruth Pilcher. Katharine Bryant and
Daisy Robison.
Tht list of patrons and patronesses
i includes Mrs. Leslie Shaw, Miss
Mabel T Boardman, Mr. and Mrs.
John Marshall Robison. Mrs.
Matthew Scott, Dean and Mrs.
Merton L. Ferson, Dr. Josephine
Baird. Mrs. William May, and Prof,
and Mrs. John T. Erwin.
The newly-formed "O. W." Club,
composed of students who have won
the university letters for student
activities, has elected the following
officers: John Ladd, vice president:
Willard Brechlow, secretary, and
William Balllnger, treasurer. Eugene
Underwood is president. Ladd was
manager of last year's tennis team;
Brechlow is a basket-ball player,
and miinger captained last year's
tennla team.
Fowler to Prosecute
Impure Milk Venders
Prosecution of lunch room proprietors
for allowing milk lower than
Health Department standards to be
sold in their establishments will be
brought about by Dr. William C.
Fowler. District health officer, he
, said Yesterday.
I Sanitary inspectors ot the depart.
mcnt collected about ISO samples of
milk sold In various lunchrooms
throughout the city. Analysis of
some of the milk was completed yesterday.
and in three cases the samp
!es did not come up to the department's
Dr. Fowler said he expected to
find other similar cases and. sine*
the lunchroom proprietors had previously
been warned about milk,
would bring the offenders Into court.
Captain Claims Shell
Shock Caused Downfall
Capt. Charles J. Morgan, who saw
service with the A. E. F., in France,
pleaded guilty yesterday before Justice
Gould in Criminal Court No'. 1
, to a charge of false pretenses lasolving
a worthless check for $450.
Capt. Morgan, who was brought
from Fairbanks. Alaska, to answer
:? the charge, claimed that lie was
sot responsible for his acts at the
time he obtained the endorsement of
^apt. Walter Brbce Howe to -the
? ?beck. He stated that he was suflferng
from the effects of shell shock.
Justice Gould referred the case to
he probation officer for investigaAaa.
( ^
Real Whisken
Cotton in 5
g^B in
j. isi ti
I Bymi
*-' i "*
SEVENTT-FOUR year. young?
and doing Just the work he
trained for forty-six year* ago.
Here la a truly real Santa Claua!
Carl Herrman Brati, for the past
twenty-four yeart working at the
Central Union Misaion, ?2S Louisiana
avenue, is playing Santa Claus at
the tAy shop of Woodward & Lothrop.
A flowing beard, the gift of
nature, such aa the real Santa Claus
must have to seem genuine, has
made children who visit him revive
shaken faith in the old Gift King.
Brats never saw the advertisement
by which the store's advertising
manager sought in vain for a
Santa, who would not need cotton
whiskers. But an observant worker
in the establishment tipped off the
office one day that Kris himself
was walking through the store.
Bralx was stopped and asked if he
would come up-stage for the Christmas
season. _
The young old man was tickled
at the opportunity, for he loves
children and delights in work that
brings him in contact with them.
For the past twenty-four years
Brats has been working at the Cential
Union Mission saving drunkards.
He came to thi? country and
city forty-six years ago in the employ
of George Bancroft, the historian.
in whose family he worked for
sixteen years.
This is his first professional position
as a renewer of children's
Christmas-tihie faith, but he has in
his younger days played the role at
many church Christmas parties.
Brats makes an (extraordinary
Santa Claus, for he enjoys the work
and makes friends with the little
ones who gredk him, a. bit awed
when they actually come to shake
hands with the great personage alANSWER
Former Mrs. Conrow Denies
Improper Conduct
And Claims Children.
Denying that she had been guilty
of improper conduct with Rudolph
J. Boomer, Mrs. Amelle W. P. Bodmer,
former wife of Robert Conrow
and now wedded to Bodmer. filed
answer yesterday to the petition for
a writ of habeas corpus filed by
Conrow in an attempt to secure the
custody of his two children.
Mrs. Bodmer, who married her
present husband one minute after
the decree dissolving the marriage
between her and Conrow became
final, also denies air of the other
allegations contained in Conrow's
petition. I
In her answer she told the court
of her marriage to Bodmer and of
establishing a home In this city,
where she has business interests
and intends' to stay. She declares
that she had the custody of the two
children. Willard and Amelie, before
and after the signing of the
decree <y the New Jersey courts.
Mrs. Bodmer charges her former
husband with numerous acts of cruelty
and Insists all through her answer
that she ?s t>?? proper person
to have the children. Further, Mrs.
Bodmer delcares her children are
very much attached to her present
husband. She did not contest the
divorce proceedings In the New Jer- 1
sey courts, she asserts, because she
saw a chance to be rid of her unhappy
life with Conrow.
Justice Hit* will hear the habeaa
corpus proceedings today.
Makes Re
Friedlander Brothers 9
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i Replace
>anta Makeup
* v ,\ pan
-1 fuE
>**> ".ill ;- M'sl^^K
-. ?. i?^swKafecSiwBS^^^HBBB
Kiddies Lose Doabt
Seeing His Beard
This seTe?ty-fo?r-renr-eld
WaskiBrtODiaa la greeting;
the little folks at Woodward
and Lothrop toyland. Real ._
whiskers, tke kind tkat know
not tke keenneaa of m razor
blade, Impress children who
visit him with doubt aa to
him being the -real oAe."
Bnt when they leave they
mnrmnr to their moth era, **I
didn't expect to aee the real
Santn Clan a."
ready met In the pages of their
story books.
"The world gets young:?and
good, every Christmas time." said
Bratz, "and when I sef the children
come to me in absolute faith and
b^tfef, it makes me think that we
do have our heaven on earth after
"The innocence of the children
and the joy of being constantly surrounded
by a beautiful toyland
where I forgot some of the sordidne?s
of my years of mission work
make these days the happiest in
my life.
"And the children seem pleased
to find I have my own whiskers,
bless 'em. Children know cotton
when they see it?and when they
find I don't have to hook my beard
over my ears they are Impressed.
"Strange remarks the kiddles
make, too. One little girl said, *1
didnt expect to see the real Santa
Claus. I expected to find him in
New York first, but here he Is right
In Washington.' "
Library of Congress Honors
Memory of Staff
Members Killed.
A living, growing testimonial to
four members of the staff of the
Library of Congress, symbolic of
the love and affection with which
the staff regarded the quartet who
gave their lives for their country,
became a reality yesterday morning
when a memorial tTee was
planted in their.honor.
The men whose memorial was
placed within the shadow of the
majestic library, were Corp. Charles
Chambers, of the 315th machine
gun battalion; First Lieut. Edward
Comegys, of the 11th aero squadron;
Corp. Frank Dunkln, of the
54th U. S. Infantry, and Corp.
John Wheeler, U. S. Signal Corps.
Representative Julius Kahn, of
California, made an appropriate
address, lauding the deeds of the
men. and asking that their memory
be held dear as long as the tree
that graced the southern lawn of
the library remained, which he
hoped would be forever.
Other speakers were Col. Lester
Jones, the first commander of'the
American Legion, and Capt/ Garland
Powell, of Cumberland, Md.,
who commanded the aero squadron
of which Lieut. Comegys was a
The librarian, Herbert Putnam,
presided at tile services. The tree,
a Japanese elm, was planted by the
superintendent of the building and
flake Clever Purchase
isers on Sale at
of Price.
i of Friedlander Br?s., whose store
: a quick purchase from a famous
trousers. The trousers are of the
:olors and fabrics. So wide is the
ically certain of finding a pair to
men realize that an extra pair of
: There are only 500 pairs and the
iicky ones. Included are 100 pairs
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1 " * - ==
One Final Award Made;
Justice Hitz Issues Rule
For Contempt.
v Three
divorce decrees in favor of
three husbands were signed yesterday
in the District 8upreme Court.
Justice Hits signed an Interlocutory
decree1 In favor of Daniel Hoffer
against Mrs. Mary Hoffer. This
decree awards Hoffer the custody of
their infant child, but allows the
mother to visit the child at al] times
under proper circumstanocs.
Another decree signed by Justice
Hits awards an interlocutory
divorce to Robertson Buckner
against Mrs. Man' L- Buckner. No
alimony is given Mrs. Buckner.
Chief Justice McCoy signed a final
decree for divorce in the case of
Herbert F. Weser against Mrs. Fern
Lela Weser. The husband is given
permanent custody of the infant
Justice Hitz issued a rule on
William B. Hale, husband of Mrs..
Alice Hale, requiring him to show
cause on December 10 *why he
should not be held In contempt of
court for his alleged failure to comply
with a court order of October 2.
ltl?# directing him to pay his wife
$5 a week alimony.
St John's Cadets
Renew Class War
Despite Pledges
ANNAPOLI8 Md.. Dec. 7.?Following
an interclass fight on the rear
cumpus last night the faculty -of St.
John's College has been in continuous
session today. t
Expulsion of upperclasamen are
expected to result. The disturbance
took the forftn of a "slatting bee" at
which, it is claimed, freshmen were
When upperolass cadets were readmitted
a few week* ago. after one
of the most sensational basing episodes
in college history, a solemn
pledge to abstain from basing was
required. , ?
That the men have broken this
pledge is considered very serious.
It is reported that a number of
freshmen have left college because
of threats during the past few days.
Dr. John B. Rippere, acting president,
refuses to comment on the
event. ,
District Physician
Awarded Navy Cross
Dr. P. A. McLendon. of the
Princeton Apartments, who served
in the medical division of the Marine
Corps in France, has received
the Navy Cross, which corresponds
to the Distinguished Service medal
of the army.
Dr. McLendon was stationed at
one of the front-line hospitals and
did not confine himself entirely to
the hospital, but brought in wounded
soldiers under fire several times.
He already has received the Croix
de Guerre and the Distinguished
Service medal.
Dr. McLendon is th* son of Dr.
and Mrs. W. J. McLendon. of Morven
township. Virginia. He has
opened his office for practice h*re,
after completing a special course in
children's diseases.
Six Inherit Realty
Under Fullalove Will
The residence property at 1241
Thirty-third street northwest and
233 Tenth street southeast is disposed
of in the will of Elisabeth J.
Fullalove. who died Decmeber 2.
The trustees. John B. Harvey and
Leonard L Block, are directed to
sell the properties and pay over to
Harvey, who is a nephew, the su>n
of $2,000. The balance is to be divided
equally between Laura W.
Lawrence, Julia W. Wood and
Martha W. Harvey, sisters of the
deceased, and John H. Blake and
Agnes B. Denson. nephew and niece,
rspectively. The balance of the estate
is to go to Harvey.
Veteran Troops Reforming.
LYNCHBURG. Va.. Dec. 7. ? A
move is being made here to reorganise
the Shawnees, a local company
which served as Company B,
117th Regiment, Rainbow Division,
r >
Great Bargain Sale
When you buy a diamond from
Fischer's you are- receiving the
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obtain the plc< of the market at
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paralleled ?kei? yOU ?
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s rears.
as m otra wxitttx muhdr
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nv irtlSs WMmlT
438 M SL N.W.
Kan Orders Treaty FtlM
i 1
g *
He uli five persons, picked at
'andom, a question each day.
THE jlrasTlOHl
What Are At Moat Needed Improvements
is Conditions Reganfag
Workiaf Girls?
cMl'ili of Womaak' Trade
VaUa Ltague. 1428 New York
M910 aortlmwli "EfMllty of
waves. By- tkat I mem, If a
woman does (ke uune work ai
auia ahe Bhoald i^eelve the
aame pay. Ay a xeeoad Improvemeat
I weald ranett
ik^rtrr boars. Durlug the prea*
eat period of aoemploymeat
the shorter hbar moveairat
nhoald he fostered so as to
eqanlloe the available work.**
membrr of the laternatloaal
CoacresM of Worklaa Womqui
"A volee Is the eoatrol of eoadlfleam
uader which they work.**
! Miss MARY W1NILOW, of
Weaaaa*a Bureau of Depart me st
of I.abort MRepresentstloa on all
hodlea eoaslderlas worklag eoadltloas.**
Miss ETHEL M. SMITH, exeeutlre
secretary Woman's Trade
Ualoa Leaicuei MAbsolate eqaal
opportualt> for promotloa aad
equal wasre sesle with ?e?."
Miss ANNA L. ROSE, publicity
seeretary of Y. C. A.i "Equal
pay for equal work Is one of
the most seeded Improvement*
la working: (Irl circles.**
Rockville Weddings.
ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 7.?Rev. P.
Rowland Wagner this afternoon
married Miss Myrtle T. Brown and
William E. Guard, both of Richmond.
Miss Margaret E. Colliere and
Walter L. Nairn. Washington, were
married today by Rev. Wagner.
A license was issued today for the
marriage of Miss Dorothy U. Donohue
and John W. H. Ingram, both of
M 1
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City Club, D. C. Suffrage
And Health proupe
Meet Tonight.
Two of the City Club's cWlc activities
croup*?the IJlatrict sufrra<te
(roup lad Ui< public health croup
will meet at the rfabhouae at S
o'clock tonight.
The luffrage group, of which Roy
L. Neuhauser is chairman, will frame
plana for a widespread educational
campaign for national representation
for the District- Speakers will be
sent before every civic organisation
in Washington and an extensive
publicity drive will be launched.
The group now has more than 200
Th health group, of which Emlle
Berliner is chairman, will discuss
the advisability of indorsing a bill
for Federal physical education. A
report on the matter will be submitted
by a special committee composed
of Luther W. Linklns, chslrmsn; Dr.
D. Percy Hickllng. Dr. W. P. Reeves.
I. 8. D. Sauls, Dr. T. A. Williams.
William Muehleisen, H. B. Moses and
Dr. Oscar B? Hunter.
Dr. W. J. Davis will report on the
extent of dental inspection in the
public schools.
All members of the club, regardless
of whether they belong to the
groups, have been invited to attend
the meetings.
i The weekly forum luncheon of the
club will be addressed at 12:30 today
at the clubhouse by Mrs. Maud Wdod
Park, chairman of the National
League of Women Voters and also
I chairman of the Woman's Joint Con'
gressional Committee. Her subject
will be "Child Welfare Legislation.*
John Walsh, chairman of the civics
and forum committee, Is In charge
i of arrangements.
iV Overcoa
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Successor to M
ania Avenue
. t
?J- .' " 4" *
KM^^H >
V"^ Jr ?
^^ c* %r f #I^M
Prominent Master Mason, who Ih
has been in the printing business
in Washington for twenty- n
five y^ars. today will celebrate *
his birthday. Hodges lives at (
1143 Euclid street northwest. n
He is a member of the Board of n
Trade, the Rotary Club and the
Columbia Country Club. He is r
a golf enthusiast and this popu- r
lar game and Masonry are his
hobbies. 2
Harahan Elected Head
Of C. & EC Railway
NEW YORK. Dec. 7.?William J. j
Harahan. of New York, today wu \
elected president of the Chesapeake '
and Ohio Railway, succeeding thej
late George W. Stevens. Harahan
was a director of the line and the
Hocking Valley Railroad. He was
born in Nashville, Tenn.. In lg?7. f
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. S. Kronheim
'ell* Court He Has No
Authority to Settle Grand
rrnnk Western's Claim, j
Secretary of Um Tifuiirr David
. Houston rtattrter told the Dlaict
Supreme Court that ~tb?-r? ?s" .
o authority l? law" for him to pay
Ik Grand Trunk Western Railway
ompaay KOO.MKi u rial mod by the
illway company under tha act of
ongress of February M last which
urned back the railway, to private
wnerehlp and carried with It a
uarantr* to pay tha roads a total
f $400,000,000.
The claim of the plaintiff railray
to Ita portion of the kifi
Md. It Is stated by the Secretary,
aa been pasted upon by the audlt>r
for the State and other departlents
who found that no money
raa due the road under that Melon
of the act which (uaraateed
he roads a fixed percentage for els
lonths operations under private
Consequently. Secretary Houston
tated. he declined to draw a warant
for the ttOO.OM.
ro> eczema an au id
Fer Ml* by parcel pest tnm the
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