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county scraps
aired in court
"Upper Enders" of Farquier
Plead for Separate
WARRENTON. Va.. Dec. 7.?A
lively debate has been held In the
Circuit Court here over a case of
legal separation of two sections of
country'on the ground of incompatibility
of temper. .
Citizens of the upper end of Cedar
Run magisterial district petitioned
for a division of the district, claimins
that the section below the main
line of the Southern Railway block
their wishes in the matter of road
improvement and all other progressive
The lower end. represented by the
Commonwealth's attorney. William
Horgan, put up a spirited defense,
and brought witnesses to prove that
they are larger producers, better
customers and more progressive
generally than the upper-enders.
Even the question of personal appearance
was raised, one of the petitioners
alleging that the people
of the lower end "had a different
look." and the lower end maintaining
that they compared favorably
In this line also.
The upper end has but 1,400 population
and the legal limit of bonds
that could be issued there would
be inconsiderable for road building.
cut throats
After Wounding Selves
Evidently Changed Minds
Letters Tell Story.
NORFOLK. Va., Dec. 7. ? Carrying
out what is believed to have
been a suicide pact. Victor Bishop
Wallam, a petty officer in the Navy,
and his pretty young wife Catherine,
of South Philadelphia, are In a
critical condition at a "local hospital
suffering from wounds inflicted
on throat and chest with a
pocket knife.
After the wounds had been inflicted
the husband apparently
changed his mint and called for
help, telling the neighbors that a
burglar had cut them. He later said
the cutting was done during a
nightmare. Two letters were found
in the room, one signed "Catherine"
and the other unsigned. The signed
letter was dated November 27, and
read, in part, as follows:
"Dear mother and dad: I am
writing y^u this letter to tell you
that I am going to do away with
myself. Death is so sweet, and
Victor and I are up against it; no
money and nowhere to go. so I am
saying goodbye."
The unsigned letter, supposed^to
have been written by the husband
Just before suicide was attempted,
reads'. "I am taking my wife with k
me. We are both sick of life. If |
possible, please cremate or bury us I
together and pray for us."
ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 7.?Unless
either the prospective bride or
groom has $2 in cold cash, hereafter
It will do them no good to visit
Rockville, famed Gretna Green for
this section of the country.
P. B. Ray, clerk of the Circuit
Court, today issued orders that
checks or promises tf> pay will not
be accepted for marriage licenses.
A few days ago one of his deputies
accepted a check. It came back
marked- "No funds."
Ray will not be an unpaid votary
of Cupid any longer, he says.
Tars Find "Tiger"
While Hunting Bear
NORFOLK. Va.. Dec. 7.?Hunters*
luck today made unpleasant complications
for Roy Harlow and Dan
Gillespie, sailors from the battleship
Nevada, who were held under
$2,500 bonds.
The young tars said they had tendays*
leave to go bear hunting, but
their attention was dfcrerted when
they rame upon a "tiger" in the
Norfolk County woods near Bowers
Hill. They were gloating.over their
luck when man-hunting and stillhunting
revenue agents came upon
them and destroyed several hundred'
gallons of liquor.
WARRENTON, Va.. Dec. 7.?Miss
Norma Fielding died today at her
home near Warrenton after a long
Illness. She leaves two brother*.
John Fielding, of Warrenton. and N.
I? Fielding, of Bealeton. and two
sisters. Miss Nellie Fielding and
Mrs. Garrison, of Warrenton.
Dr. Stephen Harssberger, of Catlett.
three times president of the
Virginia Medical Society, has decided
to locate in Warrenton.
A concert for the benefit of the
Warrenton Library was held this
afternoon at the home of Mrs. F. E.
Rev. Paul Bowden. rector of St.
James Church, is holding a preaching
mission from December 7 to 1#.
Bank Robbed of Bonds.
PETERSBURG. Va.. Dec. 7. ? According
to reports brought to this
city last night by a Keysville. Prince
Edward County, resident, the bank
of Keysville was robbed early Saturday
morning and $8,000 in Liberty
bonds taken. Three men were observed
leaving the bank by an engineer
on a Richmond train, it is
D. C. Man Gets Big Job.
FREDERICK. Md.. Dec. 7.?C. M.
Harris, formerly mechanical superintendent
of the Washington Terminal
Company, has been elected
vice president of the Hagerstown
and Frederick Railway Company,
and has aasumed charge of his new
work. His offices are locatad at
Gatekeeper Hit by Auto.
WARRENTON, Va.. Dec. 7.?James
Gorman, keeper of the toll gate on
the Springs road near Warrenton.
was badly hurt last night when an
autonoblle driven by 1!. S. Spilman.
?r r?n into the bar. which knocked
Gorman soma distance down the
road- ?
Old Virginia Luck
Stone Presented
To Mrs. Harding
DANVILLE. Va, Dec. 7.? Mr?.
Warren O. Hardin*, wife of the 1
President-elect, has carried with her J
to Washington, a real Virginia fairy
stone. It was presented to her at
Bedford City Sunday by H. Burns
Trundle of this city, a prominent
It came from Patrick County
where they can be picked up on theg >
mountain fields.
The fairy stone long was figured
prominently in the poetry and folklore
of Dixieland mountain folk. No
'where else in the world. It is claimed.
can this little brown stone, in
the chape of an almost perfect cross,
be found. The legends are native
to this section.
One of these stones is expected to
bring continual good luck to the
owner. Few mountain cabins have
not at least one.
Maryland Road Official
Gets Year Term for Padded
Pay Rolls.
ROCKVILLB, Md.. Dec. 7.?Richard
Evans, of Cabin John, former
supervisor of roads for Bethesda. Potomac
and Rockville disericts, who
was recently found guilty of defrauding
the county out of $84. today
was sentenced to one year in
In passing sentence. Judge Peter
declared that the act of Evans was
a clear case of graft. He asserted
that the defradant had wrought on
the county commissioners an injury
which he could not repair in
a lifetime. Judge P^ter stated that
the court could not sit there day
after day and send persons convicted
of petty larceny to the house
of correction and be expected to
be lenient with a man like Evans.
The specific charge against Evans
was that in his capacity of road
supervisor he "padded" his accounts.
HYATTSVILLE. Md.. Dec. 7. ?
County Officer Thomas H. Garrison
has had many requests from weary
wayfarers for a bed in his new
town jail, but last night came one
that touched his heart.
It came from a man 63 years old.
who told Garrison that he had been
on the road three years, after losing
$51,000 by gambling.
Officer Garrison gave the old man
a big. hot supper at his own home
before he led him to the most comfortable
cot the new jail boasts.
' BALTIMORE. Md.. Dec. 7.?Releipts
of cattle at Union Stock
Yards, Claremon*, lor the week ending
yesterday, were light and the
market on all kinds was unsettled,
with prices considerable lower and
a prospect for a further decline. The
list of receipts and prices is as follows:
Cattle?Receipts for the week ended
noon, were 3.523 head against 3,599 '
head the previous week. Receipts.
133 carload? for market for the
week: 69 carloads for market today.
Steers?Choice, $10al0.25: good butcher.
$8a9; medium. $6.50a7.50;
common. $3.25a5. Prefers?Choice, i
$7a7.50; fair to good. $5.50a6.50; i
common to medium. $3.25a5. Bulls? \
Choice, $5.50a6; fair to good, $4.50 i
a5: common to medium. $3a4. Cows J
?Choice. $5.50a6: fair to good, $4.50 '
a5; Common to medium. $2a4. j
Sheep and Lambs?Receipts for .
the week ended noon yesterday. \
were 7..715 head against 4,176 head '
the previous week; fair supply; mar- '
ket lower and dull. Sheep. $2a5.75: (
lambs. $7.50al3: extra lambs. $13.25.
Hogs?Receipts for the week end- \
ed noon yesterday were 13,458 head,
against 23,069 head the previous '
week; light supply; market lower; t
lights. $11.65; medium. $11.65; heavy
S11.25al1.65. Pigs. S10.75all.65; i
roughs $8a9.
Calves?Receipts for the week
ended noon yesterday were 1,020 i
head, against 1.339 head the previous
week; fair supply; market
lower; Calves, $5al6 as to kind.
Tis Very Queer!
Frederick High
Boys Don't Study
FREDERICK. Md.. Dec. 7.
Tke necessity for more aliiy ,a
the part ,f .indent, of the Mara'
Hitch School wan declared ta
be daring at a meeting of the
Pnreat-Teaehera' Association.
*0 aerloaa haa become the
problem that the aid of the 8aadny
sckools aad eharehea will be
eali.ted la a campaign ta pcr nnde
the yoatks ta de-rote mare
time to their book, at algkt. A
resolution ndopted declare, "bojs
should be at home after 7iS* at
Stndy dorian the fanr w.rklng
nights af tke week."
"They Work while you Sleep" j
s x J !
Bring back your old "kick!" You <
are bilious, constipated! You feel v
Headachy, full of cold, dizzy, Un- t
strung. Your meal* don't flt j
breath Is bad. skin sallow. Take I
Jascarets tonight for your llv.r and j
bowels and wake up clear, ener- j
letic and cheerful.. No griping no ]
ncoirtenlence. Children love Caa- 1
:arets too. 1?. 25, It cents. J
fruit Dealer Sentenced to
Pay $500 by Jury in ?
Alexandria. !?
the herald bureau. o:
a. 8. Doniphan. H
727 Klaf Street. J"
ALEXANDRIA. Va., Dec. 7.? y
[o?eph Cnxr. a (cult dealer.
harged with attacking Mils Jessie >?
Garland. IS yean old. tonight tn the JJ
Corporation Court. was found guilty ?,(
assault and fined $S00 and costs.
The Jury deliberated over the case
learly (our houra. The attorney (or ~
he accused. moved that the verdict "
>e act aalde aa contrary to the avllence
and (or a new trial. This mo- r<
Ion will be heard next Tuesday.
The girl testified that she was em- *
iloyed by Ceaser at IS a week and
ler pay subsequently was raised to p<
IIS: that he owed her five weeks
>ack pay and she went to see him
ibout it. He grabbed her and 10
hoked her. g
The Jury waa composed o( R. P. "
IVhltestone. foreman; Charles O. A. "
Smerson. Chsrles L. Folmar. W. B. A
Jalngerfield. Roger C. Sullivan. B. I"
tbramson. Walter l. Orahan, m. m
Isffa. John A. Cogan. frank O. Pul- CI
In and Walter C. Drury.
One hundred and seventy-five
nembers of tbe J- R- N. Curtin .
Memorial Baraca Bible Class o( the \
i'irst Baptist Church tonight at- "*
ended the banquet o( that organl- p!
lation held in the Westminster
Building in observance "I its sixth s<
innlversary. Arthur Uoyd. presi-.
lent of the class, presided. Toasts *
?rere responded to by Prof. Bliss, y
eacher of the Vaughn Class at "
Calvary Baptist Church. Washinsr- '
on: N. L. Williamson. Rev. E. B. ?
lackson. S. W. Pitt,s and other*.
Vetera* Marries. A
Miss Gladys M. Rodgevs, daugh*r
of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F.
dodgers, and Robert M. Hancock.
ion of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Han:ock.
both of this city.' were mar- ?
led Novembar 2? at Hoboken. N. J. cl
)uring the world war Mr. Hancock st
vas a lieutenant In the A. E. F. ti
' W
R. E. Use Camp. Confederate Veterans,
has completed arrangements w
or Its annual banquet January 19 si
n observance of Gen. Lee's birth- cf
lay. The organisation of a camp m
>( Sons o( Con(ederat? Veterans pi
vas led to a committee composed in
if Edgard Warfleld and George D. H
lopkins. is
Mrs. Mary May. wife of George p
Hay. a former resident, died this *
norning In Baltimore. She Is surrived
by her Kbsband. Her (uneral
vill take place at 11 o'clock Thurs- j
lay morning from Wheatley'a j ^
hapel. fc
Co f Falls rharek. v
A delegation of members of Mar- tl
ha Washington Chapter, No. 42, Or- Ji
ler of Eastern Star, tonight went b;
o Falls Church and attended the ci
rlsitation of the worthy grand maron.
Additional contributions to the Si
Alexandria Hospital $10,040 cam- h
>aign fund bring the grand total
ip to $4,431. >[
Alexandria Post, American I.erion,
will give a dance Friday night j C
n the auditorium o( the Elks' Home, j C
A wagonload of fodder on Payne ! vl
Itreet between Princess and Oro- 5
loco streets was set on fire shortly ci
ifter 6 o'clock and caused an alarm, m
The fire department quickly extin- w
[uished the blaze. Boys set the W
odder afire. C
% A Toj
ft That Am
8 Bra
i B
i s
y S UT-HE boy is fatf
1 will grow."
Tm 1 Tour son Is just abou
JTJ He wants to be doing
J# You can cultivate thii
J Electric Toy Train.
These trains are just
Tyi will show your son wl
?rf putting them up and i
mental principles of 1
W ? are pal
y a newest engines on the ci
aY/ At a touch of the switch the>
J, ually gaining speed until thi
?a at the rate of a limited expr
j# the villages, in crossing brk
vJl the curves they slow down.
Nf Oh, boys, we really can't e
J J like?you'll have to come
7# show you!
r* 1 1328-i
kXf Arearfe BlertHe Areadr Ms
ll, Jm. D. < .mpbrll, (IT IMh S?. V
\~L H. ( per, 1WW 14th St. S.W.
? \
Ml Man's Widow's Apartnent
Ransacked and Valuable
Letters Gone.
CHICAGO. Dec. 7.?Federal and loll
officers joined today in a search
>r four men who last night broke
ito the apartment building where
te widow of Jake L? Hamon, plain
klahoma oil millionaire and pollcian.
lives, and stole numerous
tters and papers belonging to Mrs.
amon. ,
According to Charles Willis, landid
of the apartment building, the
ipers and letters were being kept
v him while Mrs. Hamon was in
rdraore, Okla. The men, he said,
mg his door-bell and overpowered
1m when he let them in. They
insacked the house and finally
>und the papers lodged in a secret
Willis declared they had bribed
maid previously who told them
* was keeping tne letter^ and pa?rs
for Mrs. Hamon's return.
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Dec. 7 ?The
cal sheriff's office today Investiated
a report that Clara Smith
amon, sought in connection with
te death of Jake L. Hamon, the
rdmore, Okla.. millionaire is hidig
in a ranch-house twenty-eight
lies south of San Antonio. Little
'edence was placed in the report. |
ARDMORE. Okla., Dec. 7.?Citizens
f Ardmore and vicinity today clrjlated
petitions asking a grand
iry investigation into the death or
ike L Hamon. empire builder snd
olitical power, alleged to have been
lot by Clara Smith Hamon, his
scretary protege.
County Attorney Russell Brown
day wired San Antonio police reuesting
the arrest of Clara Smith
amon and Terry Ross, following
ports that Ross had seen the .fuItive
near San Antonio. '
-James R. Hess, a well-known merlant
of Leesburg. mas killed inantly
when his automobile turned
irtle as he was returning from'
Welby Carter, who was with him.]
as only slightly injured. When'
xteen miles from Washington, the
ir skidded, went down an embank-?
ent and completely turned over, (
inning Mr. Hess beneath it. breakg
his neck and crushing his chest,
e was 36 years old. unmarried, and
survived by one brother.
'aul May Make Fight
For Seat in Congress
apt. John Paul, defeated candidate I
?r Representative from the Seventh
irginia district, may yet contest
te possession of the seat with ;
lidge Thomas W. Harison, who won ,
y 44 8 votes, according to the offial
Republican State headquarters
>nsidered the case yesterday, but :
'fused to deny or affirm the story,
everal irregularities in the county I
ave been reported.
Measurer to Get Commission.
HYATTSVILLE. Md.. Dec. 7.?The
ircuit Court for Prince Georges
ounty has decided that William A.
hepherd. town treasurer of Hyattsllle.
is entitled to a commission ot
per cent on $25,000 which he rejived
as treasurer in the settle- '
tent of the sale of the Hyattsville !
ater and sewerage system to the
Washington Suburban Sanitary
ommi88ion early this year.
? for You
uses and Ii
ifr to the man." "As the twig i
t that age when he wants his play
; something. He wants to play like
s tendency in him by giving h^m u
like the real thing. They operate
fiat a real railroad is like, and how
operating them they' will teach him
BlBL " Jfi|
Electric Trains Lionel Electric
temed after the in parts. If y
Wintry s largest
fit immediately
' start ?ff' gine and some
cy are traveling
ess. Through spending monc
iges, and on time?a coach
xplain what it's semaphores, s\
in and let us soon you'll hav
envy of the b
' MMlm Ait. S>|
" - Vltloa.l Sport I
H. I. Iftarr r.l?
lite * Barer Ct. au 13th at. Jt.W.
Inherits $60,000,
But Sailor Won't
Desert the Navy
PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 7.?Although
Inheriting MO.OOO through
the death of an uncle. Abraham
Schneider. 20. aeaaien oa the destroysr
Wadsworth. declared her*
today ha Intended to "stick by the
Nary." He aaid life in the Mary.
"Just to 1 ted him" and that "sixty
thousand dollar* was not snch an
awful .lot of money anyhow." ,
"My one and only distinguished
characteristic." he said, "is that I
know how to handle a knife and
fork at the table. I eat with the
fork, not th? knife." he added.
Schneider Is a son of Mrs. Annie
Schneider. Boston. By the terms of
the will Schneider will receive. the
income of the $?0,000 until October
i< 1021, when he will become 21
years old. He will then receive the
Constantine in Interview
Declares Self Poor Envoy;
Popular Soldier.
LUCERNE, Dec. 7.?MA poor diplomat,
but a popular soldier," was
King Constantlne's estimate of himself
in an interview here today.
Constantine declared that Greece
und^r his lealership will not abandon
any territory acquired under
the Sevres treaty. He confessed he
was compelled to trust the future
to itself in event the allies withhold
financial support.
The king's tall person still was
garbed in civilian clothes today, but
his apartments bustled with servants
preparing the royal wardrobe
for the return to Greece. Picturing
himself- as a soldier and a leader
of soldiers, it was believed he would
re-enter Athens in full uniform.
"I intend to abandon nothing
Greece received under the Sevres
treaty," he said, "nothing in Asia
Minor or elsewhere. This will mean
we will have to retain our armies.
I don't know how I can continue
the campaign without financial help
from the allies. But perhaps the
?.Ur* so,v? the problem.
"I shall endeavor to convince the
allies of my good faith and my devotion
to my country's interests
which the treaty made identical with
theirs in the Near East."
The King's face was lighted with
smiles when he declared he had
received hundreds of letters from
officers and soldiers in the Grecian
army saying the writers were "willing
to femain mobilised ten years
more" under him.
"I'm probably a bad diplomat, but
I am a popular soldier," he said, as
he shuffled the letters.
Constantine said he might not
leave for Athens before next week.
Judge F. O. Wagaman in the
Criminal Court here sentenced |
Henry Phillips, aged 84 years, to the
penitentiary for four years after
conviction of breaking a glass In
the jewelry store window of R. B.
Carson in daylight and stealing two
wrist watches.
The Judge told Phillips, who conducted-his
own trial, that his age
prevented him from imposing a
heavier sentence.
r Son ?
nstructs! &
V 'g
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3pE |
is bent so the tree IJ
to mean something. Wj
a man In real life. kXI
seful toys?a Lionel
by electricity. They T
It operates. And in l*\Jj
some of the funda- kXJ
: Trains can be purchased
ou can't get an entire out- * Jk
, you can first get the en- JM
tracks, then by saving your
y add to it from time to
or two, more track, some fM
vitches, station*, etc., and jV
e a real toy. You'll be the Vjfc
oys in the neighborhood. 7S
rAT [Tin?
IAL r,ni-1
Electric?l *T
00 ?4
ply < -. ?17 H St. \.K. kXJ
lh??. 1M* 18th St. K.W.
P. Cs. T*? 11th St. X.W. I
South-wide Acreage Reduction
Conference Begins
2-Day Session.
MEMPHIS. Tenn., JJec. 7?The
task of enforcing a reduction in
the 1921 Acreage of cotton will be
put in the hands of the State Banking
associations of the various cotton
This was decided at the opening
session of *the South wide Cotton
Acreage Reduction Conference,
which began a two-day session here
The 1000 Merchants, bankers,
planters and cotton men attending
unanimously elected Gov. J. M. Parker,
of Louisiana, as chairman of
the conference.. Leon Sternburger.
Memphis, was elected secretary.
Each cotton-growing State will
be organized for the purpose of assisting
banker^ In reducing cotton
acreage. A Danker merchant and >
farmer will be selected from each
State to direct 4he work. CoL W.
B. Thompson. New Orleans, was
named chairman of the committee
to pick these committees.
Though the conference was called
to discuss reduction of acreage. It
has so far devoted nearly all of
its time to discussing means of
financing cotton now on hand.
Gov. Tarker surprised the conference
by barely mentioning acreage
reduction in the opening address
Col. Thompson, however, declared
that a GO per cent reduction in 1021
acreage can alone save the South,
i He advocates holding the next crop
to 5.000.000 bales.
Some opposition is developing to
a radical reduction in acreage. Gov.
Parker indicated that he favors expansion
of credits rather than a
reduced crop.
' Gov. Parker agsin sprung a surprise
by his emphatic demand for
a protective tariff "sufficient to
guard the Southern producer against
1 other nations."
"Credit must be given Eurt>pe so
jit can take over the surplus products
of this country," Gov. Parker
said. /This credit should not be
for but ninety days, but a year
should be given the European buyer
in which to pay.
"The Federal Reserve banks in j
Working with members banks must ,
solve the problem of relieving the
glutted markets
"If local banks will guarantee
exchange for exports and the Federal
system will back them up. the
South will again be on the road
to prosperity."
Gets 2 Years and Fine
For Postoffice Robbery
RALEIGH, S. C.. Dec. >?Vernon
Graves was sentenced to two years,
in the Federal prison in Atlanta and
$500 fine by Judge Conners here this
afternoon following conviction of
rotting the Henderson. N. C., post- f
Eighteen thoussnd dollars of the
$21,000 stolen from the office was
Before it is everlast
gret it?before this
CLIP that song boo
Every reader is off<
cannot last forever,
Surely nothing can
joy getting?as tin
ideal book forth
contains every song
ng for some good rj
hm9i deserves a place in
mbhhi a collection
500 Favorite Songs
Clip and Present 3 (
pons of Different I
From This Paper
Mail Orders Filled When 1
Coupon for
Coupon on Anc
K. C. School Free
to Veterans Only;
Other* Mutt Pay
NEW YORK. Dm. 7.?The Knirhts
of Columbus announce that member.
of tlw K. of C, other than
those who ww service IB the Mmr
or navy during the war. are required
to pa7 tuition In the K. of
C. night school a. Supreme Director
William P. I-arkIn, of New Tork.
stated today that rumors had been
spread from unknown sources that
members of the K. of C. were given
access to the privileges of the
"The only free students in the K.
C. schools are former service men
and women," Mr. - Larkin said.
"Members of ths Knights of Columbus
and other civilians who did
not see service have been required
to pay for their tuition since the j
schools were opened. There has not,
been and will not be a chance in
this policy."
CHICAGO. Dec. J.?Requests fori
a blanket increase of from SI to $2 |
a day by employes of packing companies
were denied today by Judge j
Samuel Alschuler. arbiter in the diepute
between packers and employes
over wages. Judge Alschuler. how
ever, grsnted some temporary increases
to certain classes of workers
which will amount to about
$5,000,000 additional wages which
packers will have to pay this year.
Judge Alschuler granted all em- *
ployes coming under the classifica- !
tion of "general plant workers" a(
temporary incresse of 5 per cent to
125 to July 6. 1921 snd ending December
5. This award will really
smount to a bonus to shout 12S.000
employes in Chicago. Omaha. Kanf=as
City, Oklahoma City East St
Louis and Sioux City.
The award will give each era- i
ploye under that classification an ,
average of shout $l.fcS a week, at- ;
torneys for the packers estimated.
over the period for which the increase
was made effective. Each
man will receive between 925 and
$31 50 as his share of the award.
A minimum wage of SI cents an
hour, effective December C. was set
for specisl classes of ^workers in
the yards, such as electricians snd
sheet workers. A minimum wage
of ^7*4 cents for machinery movers
was set.
Ponzi Investors to Get
Thirty Cents on Dollar
BOSTON. Mass . Dec. 7.-^redltors, j
of Charles Ponxi will be paid about
34 cents on the dollar, according to
announcement today by receivers
for the postal return wisard.
Ponxi's liabilities amounted to|
$6,590,000. according to the re- j
ceivers' announcement. The assets
sre SI.592,209.12. The liabilities are
notes issued by Ponxi, the state-1
ment said. These covered the funds^,
paid over by Investors plus ths
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Famine in China Render^
20,000,000 Hopeless, Say
NEW TORK. Dae. T.?Twenty mil-*
lions mar die and more than
IM will ba Mrlouiljr affect ad by
famine rfow raging |a North China,
according to a cablegram received*
today by the Christian Herald.
Thq cablegram follows: "The rapldlt*
with which the famine now
rtTifffli North Chins is spreading
has absolutely no parallel In thia
land of famines. A month ago. and
even three weeks ago. It wss eatimated
between 30.000.000 and < ,000.000
would be affected and that
probably 10,690.000 would die.
'Reports of surveys which have
just reached into laolated diatricta
and a new census show st lesst 60,000,000
are directly involved and
that at least *6.000 *00 people will
die this winter, unlc-ss help in unprecedented
quantities reaches tha
stricken areaa."
The dispatch, which was sent by
The Herald's Peking correspondent,
ssid thst the rosd between Homan
snd Peking wss literally strewn
with corpses. People are dying by
the thousands, the correspondent
between II and 20 years old
are being aold at 12 each for ship*
ment into South China as slaves. th?*
dispatch added. In many section*
people are living in holes dug in th?*
ground and in little rush bhelters
like an army "pup* tent.
ScalpSoreandRcd. Hardly
Slept. Cuticura Heals.
"I had a men case of dandruff
which ?mat my hair to come out
f until I was almost without
any hair. My acalp was
aore and led. and the dandruff
acated upon my hand
and would (all on my
clothing. Sometime* I
could hardly sleep at night.
I read a Cuticura Soap and Ointment
advertisement and thought I
would try them, so I go* a bee sample
and then bought more. Wheel
used one cske of Cuticura Soap and
one box of Cuticura Ointment I
was healed." (Signed) Mrs. Floyd
Clarkaon. Enid. Miaa.
Use Cuicura Soap. Ointment and
Talcum far all toilet purpose*.
3U forget it and reto
an abrupt end?
column of the
but such an offer
leart warming?so
of family singing.
lie Is Where
le Heart Is
vhere is jhe boy or
hat doesn't love the
of cheery song with
amilv gathered tor
for group singing?,
s your chance?
0U Afford
[*o Miss It
; present high cost of
music you couldn't
of buying 500 songs
one time; but here
are?all together?
5 and music clearly
:d ? an everyday
ire and an everlast;epsake.
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