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Georgia Tech-Penn State
Tilt Outstanding Feature
"Pragin' Colonels" Meet Harvard and Virginia
Plays Prvccton in Other Two Inter
sectional Contests.
,k2V'i.h th? historic clash between
??I , * an<s the West at Prince
" Vready a matter fit history,
i. W*v '? cleared for a threefold
invasion of the East this week by
rn At least on# of
nese fames Is destined to play an
??PfrUnl p*rt ,n deciding the an
championship argument.
N t*eorgla Tech's powerful eleven,
undoubtedly the best the South has
1? ott*r- win grapple with Penn
" th* Polo Grounds Satur
the biggest gridiron game
?i tn? day.
Prom Danville. Ky? the "Praylnst
colonels- of Center College will
Journey to Harvard In an effort to
redeom themselves for their defeat
Ust season.
wiy*r?1nia Is renewing a series
T*th **rinceton after a lapse of
twenty-tfcreo years when the
^rers defeated the Old Dominion
??even by a score of 12 to 0. Vir
ginia is among the South Atlantic
earns that have frequently played
hi * East and has its proudest
nistory written around the 10-to-0
victory over Yale in 1915 and her
o-to-9 same with Harvard in the
same year when Mahan turned the
*?d? with three field goals.
* Id die Nstk Ambitious.
Intersectlonal games are nothing:
new for South Atlantic elevens by
treason of .their proximity to the
^ast, but though Vanderbilt started
i w filing as far back as 1901,
t has been only in recent years
L team" of th? Middle South
nave been branching out with any
degree of regularity.
This season np less than five
Uams of th? M|ddle south have
listed games with teams of the
E*at and Middle West. Georgia
has already lost to Harrard. to to 7.
and will later meet Dartmouth in
Atlanta. Tennessee has suffered a
14-to-3 defeat by Dartmouth. Tu
lane will send an eleven against
the University of Detroit with lit
tle hope of success.
Georgia Tech disposed of one
Eastern opponent by swamping
Rutgers. 48 to 14, and is prepared
to make an attempt to blemish the
record of Penn State this week.
In games against Eastern and
"Western teams before this year,
representatives of the Middle South
have come off the field with only
nine victories and three ties in
thirty-four contests These figures
do not express, however, what has
been achieved by the Dixie elevens
In some of the games In which they
were defeated.
Vanderbilt Once Stnaf.
Vanderbilt, coached by Dan Mc
Gugin, a brother-in-law of "Hurry
Up" Yost, the Michigan mentor, was
the first Dixie eleven to invade the
territory of one of the big teams
of another section, beginning a se
ries with Michigan in 1905 which
lasted tor several- years. Michigan
?look that opening game by a score
of 18 to 0. In 1906 the Commodores
entertained the Carlisle Indians in
frashville and won by a score of 4
o 0. A1 E*endine. now coaching
Georgetown, was holding down one
of the flanks for Pop Warner**
great team that year. Vanderbllt's
first Journey into the East was in
19*7 when the Middies were played
to a 6-to-ft tie at Annapolis and in
1910 the Commodores went to New
Haven for a scoreless tie with Yale.
After repeated efforts to beat Mich
igan. McGulgan's team came near
turning the trick In 1911 when Mich
igan won by a score of 9 to 8, a
missed goal after touchdown pre
venting a tl^
Georgia Tech's rise to fame has
been the most spectacular of any
Dixie eleven. Johnny Helsman es
tablished pretty clearly that he had
the country's greatest team in 1917
when the Golden Tornado smoth
ered Penn by a 41-to-0 score, and
later trounced Carlisle. 98 to n
Pittsburgh. Eastern champions in
1917. had all It could do to defeat
Penn later by a 14-to-6 score. Ohio
State. Western Conference title;
holders, suffered a scoreless tie 1
game with Auburn in the same sea- j
pon. after ?rhich Oeoreria Tech
slaughtered Auburn, ?8 to 7.
Pitt "Jlsx" of Georgians.
Georgia Tech has journeyed to
?Pittsburgh three times to meet the
Panthers and has failed to win the
decision on each occasion. In 1918
Pittsburgh won 32 to 0, and the next
|ear saw a 16-to-6 score. Last sea
son the Southerners outrushed their
opponents, but were defeated. 10
to 3.
Since the coming of Bo McMillan,
Center College stock has risen high
In the South. In 1919 the Kentuck
lans attained prominence by vic
tories over Indiana and West Vir
ginia. 12 to 3 and 14 to S. The
Colonels threw a scare into Harvard
during the first half of the game
last year at Cambridge by scoring
two touchdowns, but were unable
to stand the battering of the East
erners and succumbed 31 to 14.
The important games played by
1 teams from the Middle South, gov
erned by the Southern Intercolle*
giate Athletic Association, against
Eastern and Western teams, follow
Sot. 3?At Nashville?Wa thing ton. 11'
VanderMlt. 10.
Sov. 8? At St. Lonl.?Sewanee. 11;
aahiagtoe. 0.
Xev. 23?At Bt. Louie?Vandcrbnt, 11;
Wa.Magtoa. 0.
? (Vt. t??At St. Lonl*?St. Loola, 5; Tras
aylvanls. 0.
At St. Leole?Sewance, IT; Waahlagtoa. 8.
Oct. 14?At Ass Arbor?Michigan, 18;
Vasderbllt. 0.
Oct. IS?At Am Arbor?Michigan. IS;
Vanderbilt. 4.
Sot. 20?At Nathalie?Vanderbilt. *;
Tarllale. 0.
Oct. 13?At Aaaapolla? TasderbUt. ?
Nary. 8.
Sac. 3?At Naa?Tl!l??Michigan. S; Tan
darbllt. 0.
Oct SI?At Asa Arbor?Michigan, 84;
VandcrWlt. 8.
Sot. 14?At Col?baa?OMo Stata, S;
?ssderDllt. 8.
_ Oct. IS?At Prtacetoa?Prlncetoa, 22; Se
waaee. 8.
S?T IS?At Colufcvs?OMo state. IT;
?atferbllt. ?.
Oct. ??At Saw Hacn?Vanderbilt. S;
rale. ?.
Oct. M?At Asa Arbor?Michigan. S; Taa
AerMlt, S.
Hot. S?At Casabrtdte?Harrard. S: Vsa
Kicking May Get Norris
Regular Job at Navy
AJfSTAPOLIS. Mi., Oct. 94.?
There wu oalr llfkt wark ga the
Naval Academy football leM tkla
afternoon, tke electric Ushta be
tas aeeeuarr aa the a?u< d!4
?ot set away from drill aatll
nearly dark. Slfial wark and
klcklas Ink a? all tke avail,
able tlaaa.
The Narr eaaehea realise the
aeed of a panter ar two aad are
try a* hard to develop lb* at.
"?rtehett aad Noyea are laaprov>
'a* la this partlralar every day*
bat are aet hlch-arrade past era
by aay meaaa. >'orrl?, a atember
of the aew rlaaa. oatpaats either
of theat eoaaderably, bat baa mat
yet laaded a place la the rasa
lar baekfleld. He la very faat,
' however, aad la likely to be aaed
?a aa aarly came, with Narrla
la the baekSeld. tke problem af
a paater waald be aolved.
Herzoj? and Moran Will Be
Missing from Line-Up in
. Title Gave Today.
HUstness and Baxtern High School
elevens will clash today at 3:15 lit
the Central Stadium in tfTe fourth
same of the local interhigh series.
The teams are evenly matched, and
a close contest should result.
Eastern is not in the best of shape
for today's battle, and will start
with Herzog. ^the big right tackle,
and Moran, back, missing from the
line-up. H>rzo& has an injured
ankle, and Moran is suffering from
a drenched knee. Coleman, right
guard, has been shifted to Ilerzog's
place, and Newman, left tackle,
moved to guard. Motyka will start
at left tackle. Moran will be re
placed by Myers.
Business will send in a somewhat
different line-up to that which faced
Western. Smith will start at lert
end. and Cooperman at the other
flank. Nevaiser will take left tackle,
while Barrett has been moved from
fullback to quarterback in place of
Dey. Sprague will start at fullback.
Turns in Card of 105 in Quali
fying Round of District
Mrs. X W. Rankin, of the Wash
ington ?olf and Country Club, was
medalist in the qualifying round <of
the annual women's District golf
championship tournament on the Co
lumbia Country Club course yester
day. She 'urned in a card of 105.
two strokes better than that of Mrs.
T. C. Kinkaid, of Chevy Chase, the
present champion, who finished in
second position. Mrs. Franck Hyatt,
of Chevy Chase, made 109, the third
lowest score of the day.
Mrs. Rankin will meet Mrs. Hyatt
in the feature co?vte"t of the first
round of match play today. Fol
lowing are the pairings for today's
matches, together with yesterday's
qualifying scores:
Yale Regulars Given
Rest by Tad Jones
NEW HAVEN. Conn., Oct. 24.?
Yale football regulars today rested
from their strenuous game with West
Point. Most of the first team were
excused from reporting, but a se
lected varsity eleven ran through the
Hicnals and scrimmage briefly with
'the scrubs. No members of the team
were injured Saturday and all will
report tomorrow to prepare for the
game with Brown Saturday.
Head Coach Tad Jones said to
-night: "From a Yale standpoint the
Army game was just what tfce tepm
needed. While naturally^ pleased, ^f.th
the result, the game uncovered some
glaring weaknesses whictf Npnly the
hardest kind of work cak .overcome."
Charles O'Hearn ran the _T?rstty
today and his forward pass to Lin
coln advanced the ball to the eeruu
20-vard line. The varsity were held
and O'Hearn lifted a field goal fourth
down. Jack Gates and Ted Lilley
were the visiting coaches.
derbilt, S.
Oct. 4?At tJrbana?Illinois, 21; Ken
tucky, 0.
Oct. 25?At Nashville?Mich If an. 83; vaB
derbilt, 2.
Oct. 10?At A&n Arbor?Michigan, 28:
Tandcrbflt, 3. '
Not- 1?At Lafayette?Purdue. 40: Ken
tucky, 8 . '
Not. 18?At Lexiofton?Kentucky, 7;
Purdue, 0.
Not. 18?At Indianapolis?Indiana, 14
Florida, 8.
Oct. 6?At Atlanta?Georgia Tech, 41;
Pennsylvania. 0.
Not. 17?At Atlanta?Georgia Ttch, 98;
Carlisle, 0.
N'ot. 24?At Montgomery?Ohio State, 0;
Auburn, 0.
Not. 23?At Pittsburgh?Pittsburgh, 32 ?
Georgia Tech, 0.
Ort. 4?At Bloamlngtoa?Canter, IS; in
diana, 3.
Oct. a?At Pittabargb?Pittsburgh. M;
Georgia TwN, ?.
Sot. s?At Charleston?Caatar, 14; Tnt
Virginia, 6.
Ort. 28?At Cambridge?Harvard, *1; Caa
tar. 14. ,
Tart ?Plttaburgb, 10; Gaargl?
Oct *>?At A an Arbor?Michigan. 21; Ta
laaa. 0.
Nor. 31?At Claralaad?Alabana, 40
Caaa, #.
, #?*. ??At Haw Orleans?DatraM. T; T?
lane. 0.
Flret Race?Puree, $1,000; claim
ing; !-yeir-oldi and up; six furlongs:
Mill Dora. 10#; ?Coaette. 100; *Dy
Right. 104; ?Ground Swell. 1*4; Oraoa
Mlnard 105; Mayevllle. 105; Penwell.
105; Souther A Gentleman. 10$; Green
land. 1*1; Columbia Tenn. lit; Ma
bel G.. 112; Gipsy Queen. 111. Alio
eligible: Black Watoh 2d. 100; Port
Light, lit; Ring Rose. lOt; Meilora.
109; Oralegge 101; Viola Park. 109.
Second Race?Puree $1,000; claim
ing; t-yaar-olda; one mile and a ela
teenth: The Virginian. 10?; ?Plua
Ultra. 107; John Moeher. lit; Tan
Son. 114.
Third )Uce?Purae, 11.000; maiden
t-year-old miles; Futurity course:
Field Lark, lit; Blue Deep, lit;
Beautiful Dream. Hi; Bonaro Blue.
112; Our Betsy. lit; Lonloere, lit;
Ambush. Ill; Evening Btorles. lit.
Fourth Race?Puree $1,000; Cyn
thia Handicap; 1-year-olds; six fur
longs; Stonewall. 97; Lord Allen, 100;
Caaey. 104; Rockmlnleter. 111.
Fifth Race?Puree $1,000; claim
ing; t-year-olda and up; one mile
and a sixteenth: Guaranteed. 101;
?Amanda. 105; 'Btarkey. lot; ?Jack
straw. 101; *Puta and Calle, 104;
?Rapid Stride 1M 'Fair Orient. Ill;
Harvest K ng, Ill; Bond. 111.
Sixth Race?Puree. $1,000; allow
ances; The Athens; all agee; elx fur
longs: Lady Aetor 15; Image, 95;
Gentility. 95; Dorothy Buckner. 96?
n-Asla, 95; Plnder Peel. 91; b-Uncle
Sonny, 9t; b-Caprock. 91; Treasurer,
98; Doyle. 101; Clem Thlesen lot;
Travesty 115. Also elidible:. Marl
amba. 95; Tueocal. 110; Sandy Land.
105; Hysteria, 95; Thlbodeau lOt;
a-Tharon. It.
a-A. O. Long entry. 1
b-Montfort Jones entry.
Seventh Race?Purse. $1,200; claim
ing; t-year-olds and up; mile and a
sixteenth: Marine Corpe, 102; Rep.
10?; Easteside 104; Ben Valet. 109;
General Haig. 109* "Cantilever. Ill;
?Herd Girl. Ill; Jouett. 112.
?Apprentice allowance claimed.
Flrat Race ? Honor Man. 104
(Scoble). 4.00. 2.40. 2.60; Ablase,
104 (McDermott), 6.90, 4.70: Donna
Lorletta. 107 (Weiner), t.tO. Time.
1 :lt 3-5. Byrne. Talisman. Columbia.
Tenn., War Price apd John Hoeher
also ran.
Second Race?Lnga. 115 (Barnes),
14 50, 7.00, 5.20; Cautloe. lit (How
ard). 15.10. ^6.50; Ida McGee, 111
(Garner). 10.10. Time, 1:10 3-5. Our
Betsy, Our Dear, Evening Stories and
Tom Craven also ran.
Third Race?Old Faithful. 101
(Parke), 40.90. 23.90, t.90; Merchant,
109 (Connolly). 4.40, 4.00 ; Nelle
Torke. 101 (McDermott), 4.10. Time,
1:25 3-5. British Liner, Mies Pros
perity. Wave, Frank F. and Royal
Duck also ran.
Fourth Race?Distinction. 114. (How
ard). 3.40, 3 40. 2 10 : Cantlmetac. 107
(Barnes). 5.10, 1.70; African Ace,
114 (Burke). 4.00. Time, 1:11 1-0.
Ace High, Fair Gain and .Brookholt
also ran.
Fifth Race ? Toung Adam, 110
(Francis). 4.70, 3.40. 1.30 ; McAdoo.
104 (Fields). 49.40. 11.10; British
Maid. 100 (Wlleon), I.t0. Time.
1:52 1-5. Ava R, Toney Lady. Laxy
Lou. Mary Jane Baker and Black
Watch II also ran.
Sixth Race ? Lord Allen, 103
(Scoble). 6.40, 3.SO, 1.94; Billy Starr
107 (Garnet*. 450. 2.90; Rekab. 107
(Pool). 6.40. Time, 1:10 1-5. Bobbed
Hair. Evelyn White, Bright Leaf,
Aloft and Commander McMeekln also
"seventh Race?Tan Son, 107 (Gar
ner) 21.00. 9.00. 4.50; American Boy,
107 (Pool). 0-70. 3 00. ^okrord.17
(Wilson), 2.90. Non Skid, Miss Nell,
Uancing Spray. Coeur DFeu and
Diana also ran.
| Empire City Entries.
First Race?Brillant puree; sell
ing; 1-year-olds; abo.t six
Nose Dive, 114; Chewink.105; Night
boat, 108; Timbrel, 120; Doughnut,
108; Rose Hill. 107.
Second Race?Evergreen puree;
selling; mares; 3-year-olde and up;
one mile. Thimble. 110; Escarpo
lette. 107; Sagacity, 106; Siren
Maid, 112: 'First Pullet, 100.
Third Race?The Capitol purse:
claiming; 3-year-olds and up; one
mile and seventy yards. War Ma
chine, 110; Mandalay, 110; Joe Joe,
110; 'Ernest A.. 105; Canso. 110;
L'EjtJoleur, 110; La Kross. 110;
?Solid Rock, 105; Hendrle, 110; 'Star
Court. 102: Winneconne. 107; Chal
lenger, 110; ?Morning Face, 94;
WedKWOod. 99; ?Nolawn. 105.
Fourth Race?West Point High
weight Handicap: all agee; about
elx furlongs. Georgie, 130: Kinnoul,
110: Eastview. 107; Elected 2d, 122;
Sea Cove. 107; Knight of the
Heather, lit.
Fifth Race?Stamina purse; 4
year-olds and up; selling; one mile
and a quarter. Lord Herbert, 101:
?Neddam, 104; Dlomedee. 115;
?Wynnewood. 110; Pirate McGee,
107; Lady Emmellne, 106; Antoinette,
Sixth Race ? Basswood; maiden
colts and geldings; 2-year-olds;
about six furlongs. Rebuke, lltl
Execution. 112; Fltsglbbon, 112; Tan
gerine, 112; Silverton, 112; Hot Spur?
J12; Dan Boiling. 112; Northcllffe,
112; Printer's Devil. 112; Trajaous,
112. ,
Empire City Results.
Birst Race?Knot Oraee, 10$ (Bux
ton). 1 to 1. 1 to 2, 1 to 4; Klrtle.
106 (McAtee). 3 to 1, 1 to 2: Avis
pa, -115 (Robineon). 8 to 5. Time,
1:07 1-6. Cllnchfleld, Castanet,
Consort. Citation, Dolly Varden,'
Miss Finn, Tlkeh, Sea Master,
Brush Boy, Maggie Murphy aleo
Second Race?Care Free. 110
(Carroll), 7 to 2, 7 to 5. 1 to 5:
Hard Guess, 110 (Turner), 1 to 1,
2 to 5; Fluff. 107 (Fator), t to 6.
Time. 1:10 t-S. Titanium. Teach
ers Pet. Rolo, Roee R aleo ran.
Third Race?Regal Lodge, 117
(Turner), 4 to 1. 3 to 2, 1 to 6;
Tody, 114 (Marlnelll), 2 to 1, 1 to
1: Irieh Dream, 111 (Fator), 1 to t.
Time. 1:47 2-5. Sedgefleld, Tufter.
Daydue and Cromwell aleo ran.
Fourth Race?Mary Patricia. 11$
(Kommer), 5 to 2. 1 to 1, 1 to I)
Picnic. 114 (Fator). ? to 1. t to 1.
Hepetatos. 114 (McAtee). t to 6.
Time. 1:0$ 4-5. Chesterbrook,
Stacy Adams, Penitent. Comic Song
also ran.
Fifth Race?F. Fogarty. 104 (Car.
roll), 10 to 1. 4 to 1, t to 1; Tlnga
ling, 10$ (McAtee). 3 to 1, t to I:
Dark Hlli 111 (Babln). I'M 5.
Time, 1:40 1-5. Wynnewood. Flret
Pullet, Smarty, Episode. War Pen
nant, Enorinlte and Bombast alao
Sixth Race?Light Roee, 10$ (Fa.
tor), 1 to 1. i to 5, out; Edwlna.
lit (Wlleon), 1 to 1. out; Lady
Gertrude, ' 105 (Marinelll), out.
Time. 1:41 2-f. Elected II alao ran
I wonder what they think of. ?h?
gray ghosts get together.
The onea who fought to and all war.
and found tha wooden cross?
Whose bodlaa hold tha ground they
won. unmindful of tha waathar.
Where rain and aun to tham ara ona,
beyond tha touch of loss?
I wonder what their rota would ha
when, Just aa duak la falUnx,
Their ghaatly draama KO haelc again
to lanaa they knew of old?
Or out the path they haar again re
membered yolcea oalllng
From thoae who coma their way nu
mora aa time >?aa by untold?
Perhapa it doesn't matter now
where, aafe beyond all Borrow.
They hold their brave and almpia
rent bereft of haunting care.
Out where thalr ghosts can only see
a (al?ea. far tomorrow.
That walta beyond the' twilight road
where only dreamera fare.
Perhapa. But It they had the chance
to aee remembered facee.
To hear old voices calling; them
through autumn's hdty suna,
Or walk unbroken through the years
amid old-faehlonfcd placea.
I wonder If their vote would be In
favor of tha guns?
The fate of the ribbed maahle
may be hanging In tha balance, but
the ribbed alibi still standa daunt
less against all time.
Ws have never entered "Babe"
Ruth'a library, but we take It for
Granted that his favorite bnoka In
clude the following: *"The Seats of
the Mighty." 'The tiattle of the
Stronu." "Tha Deluge," "Treasure
Island." "With Fire and Sword."
"A King In Babylon." "Tha Wreck
er," "The Caataway."
Top Liners.
Bo McMillan, of Centre College,
as we recall the vital statistics,
was the first Southern entry to
craah his way Into the All-Ameri
can drawing-room where the elite
Georgia Tech. with Harla* and
Barron, will offer two candldataa
this week In connection with the
Penn State teat.
There were many who believed
laat fall that Flowers, Barron and
Harlan were on a par with I?urle,
Gharrity and Ollroy an ground
gafnlng backs. Flowera -la through,
but Barron and Harlan remain to
teat their speed and power agalnat
Penn State'a fine defenae.
The rive Greatest.
"If you had to pick tha five great
eat ends, the five greataat backs
and the five greatest linesmen that
ever played football, what would
your selections be?" asks L. P. R.
ft would take considerable power
Stagg Gives 'Hit Boy*
Credit for 9-0 Victory
CHICAGO. Oct. 24. ? Pa am
monium broke loose today whea
(he Maroons, fresh from their
victory oyer . Priaretoa, stepped
"from the trala. The t?akttio??
eathaslasm spreM over the
streets and sloppeed heavily |n a
mrest back wash at the Valvar*
alt 7 of Chicago. Little huslaess
wss transacted at the aalveralty
today aside froat readerta* the
lambleat atmosphere with terrl
if aoloe. Coach Staffs salfercd
himself to he horae aroaad aa
the ahoalder of the admlrlag?
mob aad later made a speech,
llflaic his mea entire credit for
tho victory.
First Race?Two-year-olds; Ave
and a half furlongs: John Morrill,
115; Moco, 114; Hillm&n C.. 112;
Champlain, 115; tYashmak, 109;
tSedge, 115; Incogrnance, 117; Op
perman. 117; Ultimata, 112; Yankee
Star, 115; Fancier, 115; Brilliant
Hay. 115; Rochambeau, 112; Dolores.
112; Clansman. 117. #
tH. P. Whitney Greentree entry.
Second Race?^Steeplechase; claim
ing; handicap; 4-year-olds and up;
about two miles: Robert Oliver,
154; Lee Marsouin, 145; Foremls
tress, 130; *Lee Cyprin, 137; Shoai,
134; Overmatch. 138.
Third Race?Three-year-olds and
up; claiming; one mile: *Smart
Money. Ill; Trooper, 118; ?Hello
Pardner. Ill; *Trantula, 107; *Fleer.
Ill; "Who Cards, 111; ?Widow
Bedotte, 110; *King Trojan, 105.
Fourth Race?Two-year-olds; six
furlongs: Prodiguous, 120; tPrudlsh,
106; tSedge, 108; tRocket, 108: Alex
H., 108; Elemental, 111; $Rouglette,
105; $Good Times, 108; Montara, 105.
tH. P. Whitney Greentree entry.
t. S. Cosden entry.
Fifth Race-^-Three-year-olds and
up; one mile and a furlong: Polly
Ann, 114; Damask, 123; Gnome, 113.
Sixth Race?Three-year-olds and
up; selllgg; one mile and a half:
?BUT Hunley. 101; Austral. 116; ?At
torney Muir. 101; American Sol
dier, 111; ?Bar Coy, 101.
Seventh Race ? Three-year-olds
and uft; claiming; six furlonprs.
Crack o' Dawn, 112; Cock o* the
Roost 109; Dairyman. 114; ?Mose.
103; Ettahe. 108; *War Map. 103:
Titania, 106; Silence, 110; Uncle's
Lassie. 109; Pokey B.. 103; Assump
tion, 116; Lady Luxury, 111; Bright
Lights* 112; Tidings. 101; Old Sin
ner, 108.
?Apprentice allowance claimed. ?
Weather clear; track fast.
Did Small Crowds
. Influence Ruthf
NEW YORK, Oct. 24. ? Babe
Ruth, back In New Tork, la
spending hla leisure hugging the
radiator fa hla apartments to
thaw the chill out of hla personal
vastness, for the barnstorming
tour, which got him In bad with
Judge K. M. Landla. now seems
to haw been nipped with frost
from the atart.
Playing to crowd* of 1,600 to
1,000 in small towna, with a
papular scale of prices. Babe was
unable to collect the huge money
he had expected from hla tour,
and this Is believed to have .had
as much Influence as any other
consideration In cauaing him to
abandon tha baeeball circus.
Ruth made a nice fortune bar?
atorming after the 1**0 aeason,
but his trouplng began about two
weeks earlier In the fall th^n
thla yaar'a campaign.
Babe la now aald to be willing
to apologlae to Judge Landls for
violating one of the rulea of or
ganised baseball
?? ? 1
- *? ?; '
to (ore* utf Into any such predica
ment. Bat If we wers Itmlly over
powered *?d compelled to name aay
nuch amy of aulnteta, It would be
aomethlng to tha following affect.
End*?Hinkey, Tal?:- Shtvlln.
Yala; Hardwlck, Harvard; Camp
ball, Harvard) Snow, Michigan.
With Klipatrlok, worthy of tha
una group.
Baeka?Thorpe, Carllila; Kahan.
Harvard; Heaton, Michigan; Ecker
sall. Chicago; Coy, Yale.
Linesmen ? Schula, Michigan i
Heffelflngor, Yala- Hare, Pannsyl
vanla; Cowan. Princeton; Cutta,
Grant tnrtotecka.
Eckersall waa probably tha atar
all-around quar tar back, with tha
kicking Included.
But ?tavanaon. of Ponn, outalda
of tha kicking gama. nava'r had a
auparlor at tbla aactor.
Another atar waa Maj. Chartaa
Daly, of Harvard and Weet Point,
who, by the way, haa Just written
a moat excellent gridiron book,
"American Football and How to
Play It" (Harper and Brotbere). As
a former atar and brelay coach tha
Weet Point mentor la more than
qualified to turn out a valuable
treatise on the game that la bound
ing forward at aatonlehlng speed.
Eckersall, Daly and Stavenaon
were three of the greatest. Wgekes.
of Michigan, wae another.
Suggestion for a grant match,
while they are all an thla aide: Mlea
Marlon Holllna and Jssse Guilford.
American charaplona, vs. Mlse Cecil
Leltch and Willie Hunter, British
champion*. Thie ehould be the
world **rlee of Scotla'a venerable
but amaalngly rampant paatime.
We recommend It a* the choicest
dish on the menu.
Here a the art of putting?ao write
It on your elate?
Get the line, hit the ball?and
leave the reel to fate.
Any team that atope the Navy
thla eeaion. provided Folwsll's ma
chine doesn't hit the breakera of
overconfldence. ehould be credited
with the star feat of the year.
When you ponder the presence of
seVSen fast, hard running backe up
on one roster, supported by a
atrong. hard charging line, you get
some Idea of the Navy's attack. All
seven Packs can't be used at once,
but when any one or two become
worn down there la always a star
to step In nnd carry on. '
-t thought," writes F. L. R..
"that Dempsey waa to be one of
those champions roady to flght
every other Month." But le It
Dempeey's fault that no one hap
pens to bo abound.'worth an en
gagement. Ho can hardly be ex
pected to ehadow box with himself
for the title. ?
\. St one ham Sends $30,000
1 Check to "Old Matter"
NEW YORK, Oct. *4.?Cktrln
A. Btoifkaa, preside at of the
New Y?rk Gluts, mailed aekeck
f for 9f9, 99$ to4mj te Ohrlety
NatkeWsM, former Glut pitch
ing star, who u Igktaf tifcfrci
loela at Saraaae Lake. The eaaa
represented the reeelpte of the
testimonial orame at the Palp
Oroaala hetweea the Glaata aat
tha Braeea.
Blast Kills Two,
Injures Seven,
Fires 12 Houses
ALI.ENTOWN, Pa.. Oct. S4?Al
the r*sult of an unexplained explo
sion in their home In Egypt, a sub
urb of Allentowo, Gustle Rodman
and his wife. Mary, are dead; seven
others were more or less seriously
burned and a dosen email houses
were destroyed by fire here 8undey.
A moonshine still explosion was
at first assigned as the cause, but
the explanation of Gertrude, daugh
ter of the Rodmans, that her mother
attempted to bring to life a smold
ering Are by the use of kerosene Is
the more likely one.
NEW YORK. Oct.24.?Five hun
dred Greek*, eupporters of Eleuthe
rlos Venlselos. former Greek premier,
now on his honeymoon, created a
friendly riot Sunday morning In light
ing to greet him at cloae range as
he left the Church of the Holy Trin
ity in Seventy-aecond street.
Police lines had been drawn to
clear M. Venlselos' path, but the
crowd surged through, jammed the
church doorman and the police had
to form a wedge. In the center of
which M. Venlselos aafely reached hie
W. Venlseloe haa asked that hi*
visit be considered etrlctly private,
but again In the afternoon at hie
hotel a crowd gathered to eee him
when be returned from a motor ride.
The formeer premier and his brtae
will leave Wedneeday for California.
Southerns Want Games.
The Southern A. C. wlshe* to' ar
range games with local eleven*. Call
Edward Garner at Franklin 4414.
Want Sunday Game.
The Langdon A. C. eleven wants
a game for next Sunday. Call Norah
D. C. Swordsmen Qualify'
For U. S. Fencing Trials
Five local awordeaea have
naallged for the trials for the
American fearing team which
will moot a Brltlah Ma at the
Fencers' Clah here next month
far the Robert M. ThampaOa
trophy. They a ret Maj. Harold
RApaOr, Ma}. Robert gears. Maj.
Fraaela Hoaeycatt. Herat. J. W.
Dlniaad. aag Hoary Bruit aa
ridge, former Aaalataat geoee.
tar; of War;
Thoae men wtll b* among tha
twoaty-gve who will meet la Ao
goal boata te determine the
Ameeleaa. team, heglaatag hi
Now York, November g. Tha ta
teraatleaal mat ekes will begta
hero November IS. and will be
eondaded la New Bark Nerem ?
bar SI.
I in i
Caught in Webbinf at
Start, Bat Finished Sec
ond in Feature Race.
Bun** Buck's misfortune la set
tin* caught in the vibUtc at the
?tart of iki fourth raco rwurdt;
at LaiiM virtually kept that reat
leaa 1-year-old from grabbing the
Ion* end of the puree, and by the
??? token allowed J. K. U Roes'
Sailing B to feet home at the head
of the procession. The fourth raoe,
? handicap evofct .for t-mr-olde
and upwards at oas mile, waa carded
aa the feature eveat of the day. and
ae the program otherwise was as
devoid of real features as the pro
verbial boa of teeth. It had little
if any competition for that dubious
Starter Milton and his assistant
sxponsnts of curs!a# and cussina.
as cursing and cussing Is dons In
the best circles, seemed a bit oft.
and had a tough lob la getting the
rsstless bangtails lined up properly
la this event. And said bangtails,
of courss. weren't much help to the
aforementioned eaponenta of proper
cueslng at ths propsr tims and place
Cassias Has Its BCeet.
But some horsee. like some men.
sometimes respond to good cussing,
and eventually Milton let 'era go.
But the webbing, going up, fondly
wrapped itself around ths arcbsd
nsck of Mr. Bunga Buck, and thus
this party was dstalned at the bar
rier while hie equine buddlee romped
Having unwrapped themselvee
from the webbing. Jockey Mooney
and Bunga Buck proceeded to snake
up for lost time.
Sailing B had got the beet of the
break, but by the time the Held was
emerging from the back stretch
Buaga Buck was right up with the
field. which was more or less
bunched, and trailing Sailing B by {
three iengthe.
At the three-quartere the eon of
Vulcaln sneered at the Held a cou
ple of tlmee and went on to Join
the more excluelve Sailing B But
the time loet at the barrier had
given Sailing B too big a lead, and
Bunga Buck was unable to over
take him In the etretch.
From the sscoad-guess angls one
can gusss that had It not bsen for
that tough break at the start Bunga
Buck- would have romped In.
Chase to Jks CetwU.
Slippery Elm. touted aa a eure
winner by those on the Inside,
wherever thst la, failed to run
in tbe money.
Jockey Mahoney brought Jim
Coffroth home a winner in the
1 steeplechase, sn event for maidens
and winners of one race, 1-year-olds
and upward.
Six Jumpers faced ths barrier and
took the flret hedge, but only four
managed to flnleh. Sinn Feiner :d
falling at the fourth Jump, and
Prosit taking a flop at the ninth
Charlee K. Harrison, Jr's, Bar
onet romped to the front In the
early going, but Mahoney rated Jim
Coffroth perfectly and brought his
mount to even terms with the
leader at the thirteenth hedge, took
the lead at the fourteenth and then
went on to win easily. Uaronet
rtnlshsd second, while Sobrlgade
easily took what was left from
Waltsr J. Salmon's Simplicity
had little trouble In taking the
opener, a .claiming event for maid
ens snd winners of one race at six
furlongs, from a fair Held of t-year.
Meuse got the best of the bresk
ad went to the front In the early
goings but hadn't enough to stall
oft ths Salmon Ally In the drive to
the wire. Meuse managed to save
sscond from the fast closing Man
helm, which, with Simplicity, car
ried the bulk of the talente' nego
tiable currency before the race.
Our Birthday provided the blg
geet eingle upset of the day In the
fifth race, a claiming handicap for
3-year-olds and upward at one mile
and a sixteenth.
Oar Birthday Surprises.
Our Birthday and Old Dad. two
which weren't much considered In
the machlnee. led the psrads all the
way with the latter a bit In front.
Old Dad. however, couldn't a tall off
tjte rush of the winner In the
stretch drive, and Our Birthday got
the decision by a bandollned eye
Since neither of these two got
much of a play from the wlee ones
the Judges were saved a few em
barraaslng moments which would
have, followed had the "perform
ance only" gents been concerned In
their decision. Our Birthday has
now won twlcs at the Laurel moat
ing, and both times by the bareet
of margin* Both times, too. hs has
paid good prices. As they say In the
dope (hoots, "he's one to watch."
The Nightcap provided a throe
way upsst for the talent and sent
the house-and-lot contingent home
In a happy frame of mind.
Vibrate, with but ninety peunda
up, romped home a winner, while
Helen Atkln and Some Baby fin
ished In that order for what waa
Hobey Baker, Arrah Go On and
Pride of India, three good onee,
failed to get up where the Judgee
could see them, and therefore didn't
get any parts of the w. k. filth,
Buckley Out of C. U.
Line-Up for 2 Weeks
A sprained ankle suffered by Quar
terback Buckley waa the only cae
ualty reported at Catholic Unlveralty
yeaterday as the reault of the VII
lanova game laat Saturday. Buck
ley will probably be out of the game
for about two weeks.
The squad took a light work
out yeaterday. Robb devoting most of
hie time 10 kicking and forward
pasetng. It Is expected that the
?Jrookland coach will shortly reoelve
tha help or two line coaches to make
reedy for tha contests with George
Washington and University of Mary
land. The team meets Bucknell a%
lAarlsburg neat Saturday.
Miss Agatha M. Lanlgan won flrsa
prise of $10* la gold In laat week's
carnival held by tbe ColuMboe Coun
try Club. She had S.Olt votes, and
won from a field of thlrtaaa young
Man, Oh Man! 7
What's the lowest price you have _
paid recently for a high grade suit? :
stylishly new, this season?
You can buy it for less tomorrow;
details U tonight'* Star; htrt tomorrow.
TheHecM Co.
Seventh at F
Weatker den, Track Fa*.
F1BIT KAC*??" P?? ?*
HUM !?*; * T?lne,l by I B. M.Don.M >al?? ?? *"?*.
ssb?LZ&3~?? "4,;
The Waf
Lllen Douglas...
But well ..
Comey ....
McCabe ..
Haynes ..
iV-iiDian ..
Morris ...
Swart ....
2 70
21 Oi
IUn Paulina*.".. . *?* ? * .* ** 7o~ $2 70T~M*??- ?i-80' W70; ***
SsrStES ?sr a? ?
P*IT IMWfc ?
m, SECOND BAC?^Aho?l
I ?MS*Meka*e gt.r. '"<?*? ~0?
_ . ..m a'lnnrr hlk. K- 6. Cilif*
Purw. *2.000 T" t rmr-oM* "J
,<? wo. ?rM?: pUce ??"?*% "c "S* SLiSr -
*? ill I i i> ?? *1* ** 5 ?*?
Baronet ?? ? 5 5 4* ! f T KMlUf .*-? ???>
jjj 4 ? ?* *? ? jusirv.?.. *"?*
Pr?.*,"" * 2 *? ? ?J? Wilkl? u_?0*0
lroait -???*? ???(> ill 1^ "* m ?>.
!r; stress ? ^
7?iT?Tn,BD ,ace"?^~u' <*? "2
ll'\?=rt SS??S BSSa aft, ????
, 1 .oitir ^?-?v n.
% ^
2* 2*
V v%
4?H 4?
?* I*
5? 5'Vb
7 7
Jockey ?tr*ifh,t.
?S.::::::: 1?
Botik'U >? ?
Colttlettl .... ? JJ*
Cooey J"
Hetipel ' JJ
rietcbar .... It3.a?y
Cast JJ"
>?? ^
twM '*???< -i??s.psiiior'i--r ?? " ?< r ?zr>jz*Tz
I. -r",""T!,"hUl??y Ctrl brok? ^lujfUbly ?-"?"?
alow to ?? folnt finl.hf. ?"on* h.? no ?<w.
??">. ^ b^iT r* ,,n.^ rot, ,?r^.??.?.??>
-1 -1
..^ T 2 ^
:::!- ' ? ?
...i?'H 1 J 11 !?
SaU nff B....
Bur c? Buck.
Slippery Elm
t?af ...
Beupel .
Morris .
4 26
CaTlabaa ...?
Bork. t7j?t. ?70:
*et to leader. Lunetta could bed__i|cnUivo.
?.Ur clo*? ???? U? 'orlonf. ^ (1.CI2.S. Tm , ?~rJ?14'
,)|C ririH HACK??? ^ri food: won "lrivnf; pl.c? ????!'
1215 CUtml? h Sc"4, J, ..okV-o M.i.m-Autol.. Tr.lojJ
?? 7-Wh 1 -c- W" ^
fi *?2
On? Birthday
Attorney 1
Bribed Voter ^
B??te \oi
Bri?k 101
la Pi*.
2* la
Jorkey Btrtifbt.
Caltabaa .... ?
2'H Ndmd .....
S-* Colttlettl .... ?-J
4* iAfWt.-:
5* cmaeetta ....
?? Morrt. ?'*
7* 1^*
h? ?.?
91 Mouney 8 *?*'
10 Try lor ? w
ri7 :::::::::^:>^ ?_ . ? d... n* imt
Two^olUr mutueW ? oi I .4" "I'
Attorney. M ? Ou' B.rtM.y tn ^?~0^ ..p ? c?nm?n4in? 'V?,,'" r^l
rlo?<l ?tontlT ?nd *ot In 1?? ?,id IIuon<-c ..t. In tn.1 ?rt,?L.
.Uf hut ??? tlrtM *? '^. rr BHM Voter !..d no . xcu^.- Br.nk pnUed bp
>"U-H/rt?c w!d^ B^tte. 8pe.r,ene.
lame. Scratched Me.nm r<w. sTMr-ol?? and
,?/ SIXTH RACE?One and 0,"_*l5''*n ? ul?, Went to poet at < !'
1216 up sellinc ?t.rt ?5ne^o'tdUi? Br Tr.lr.ed by S Polk. ValM
? asr^sa ?? k ? _!
1:4S1J ? ? .?t?bt
CHfood -.-????
Summer Slfb..
P. O. King
Mark Waat
Weary Jl* Z s 7a 8 8 ? ? """ ?
Edith 107 M ooTomood- ** 40 ?
Two^olUr tnntoel. P*' ' ...nmrd cmm.nd at "?u k j"7rtil^
stab IS 70. Franklin well ?P ?'?' P*"- ? eloaed atootly wben atrai*bt?ned onl
Si?ritl? ?<* beld O^ood aafe .tend U.1WO-* fo- . brief period; be
?niom?tretch Wf? . blf sap Mark Weat ran
lost oonalderaWe ground at 4,,t t?7rtinf fair mile Scratched?Frederick tb. Croat.
" '"Sr.? ' ^V Vr"Ven w.Vn^H.n. Sperlene. Sleat..
Sammy Jay. Iron Boy, B $1812 2*. P<* ?-ye?r-olda tad up
SEVENTB BACK~*IV,fttrJ^<1rlTing pl.<4 MBf Went to poM at 4:W? ??
cialminc ftajt ?^^^_inr^MorPria. Twined by J. Flf?m?? Valor
at 4:52- Winner ck. f. 8.
Jorkey Btrafckt
Lang ? m5
y i<?>
4*\i Bolloway ... W-?
5* Morrw lJ
?a Clementa .... ? e?
7* Coltlletti .... "16-*j?
g Barbourne^ 106.??
He lea Atkta
Some Baby
Pride *f India...
Arrah Oa On....
The Lamb.
Habey Bakar....
10 ?? *u ?w _ ?
BromelU ZZZ.?-?<7 4n ??; 40 $8.70; Helen Atkln. $20 80, $12.4P.
""Two-dollar mntuela paid?Vibrate. $ ? ? ^ ug^t Impost, aprlnted Into a
SomTBaby. 810 50 vibrate away quickly ?***?? WaSSaly a?d wa. goin# away
aafe lend, but went eery wide at tl ronrj,outf outlasted Some Baby throufU
^."?^b nrejgiA-OP,1<
Bethesda Pinmen in Action.
The Bethewla team of the Mont
gomery Bowling Le?K"? ro^
the Kensington team at R^rlll
tomorrow. The allowing Bethesda
^n^e Mked to report: Stamper.
Jamea. Boeley. Chapln. A. .OldAeld.
U Oldfleld. Beck and Magruder
Pros Get Gormley.
Tom OormUy, linem?. has heen
.AArd to the ranks of the ?a?n
tame ns*t Sunday at $ruard.
Kanawha Kids Challenge.
Th. Kanawha Midgets want to ar
Tne A uh i?**?l 80-pound
ranee games with local >
I elevens Call Manager Keane
North St*.
Young Bob Barred in N. Y.
NE WTOBK. Oct. 24 ?Toung Bob
Fltsslmmons. son of the "Old Mas
ter." cannot box In New York Me
refuses to have a manager, and the
New Tork rulfs require it. Youuk
Bob says his father warned hlrt
against manager, and h. promt.e4
to handle his own affalra when he
took up the professional sport.
la Me**. ... *w*'
Laurel Races]
Laurel, MaryUnd
October 4th t. October 29th
Rnt Race at 1:4S P. M.
?Hflal leave t.ln
llaltlMn * Obi. a.ll?MI
naa. ??? ??. 'V^L
tay. retaralag
after tb*

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