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Can Take Care of U.
Chamber, if Arms "Par
ley Is Ended. ,
Washington hotel men yesterday
jtve pAitlve assurance through !
the secretary of their organisation. |
I~aurence 'Mills, that the necessary
3.0W first class rooms for the na
tional convention of the Unltec j
States Chamber of Commerce will
be available May 15 or May 22,J
provided only that the arms llmlta- ;
tion conference has adjourned by,
that time. Mr. Mills spoke before
^te executive committee of the
localt Chamber of Commerce.
1.200 Hoahh I ?der Lesie.
The meeting had been called spe
cifically to caftvass the situation
and see if it is possible to meel
the requirements demanded b>*
Secretary Skinner, of the United
States Chamber. Martin A. Leese.
< hairman of the conventions com
mittee. reported that he had an of
luf Convention Hall from Will
iam J. Dante that he regarded as
particularly favorable. Twelve hun
dred rooms .in the best hotel* of
Washington are now under indefi
nite lease f rom{ the various em-'
hassles and legations, he said.
Willing to Take Chance.
With these assurances it wis re
garded an practically certain that
Washington will be selected lor the
convention, for at the meeting one
week ago Secretary Skinner, of the
I'nited States Chamber, had * said
that he was willing to take the
chance, so far as the international
^conference was concerned, as he did
not believe It would be much of
an affair by the time it had lasted
into the seventh month, if it should
t be prolonged any such length of
. time.
In order that there be no ques
tion about the accommodations
available. Mills was asked to pre
pare a list of hotel rooms that
could be definitely placed at the
disposal of the nationa^Cfc^mber
of Commerce delegates, ae readily
Thieves in Second Raid
On House Office Building
The home of Representative Amos
H. Radcliff^ of Ne* Jersey, 4110
Fourth street northwest, was en
tered by a thief who stoley a silver
? hain purse valued at $50 and con
taining about $3 In cash, yesterday
noon. The loss was discovered
when members of the family csme
down stairs to receive a suit of
clothes which had been sent from
a downtown store.
For the second time during the
month thieves worked In the House
Office Building, this time victimis
ing Representative Thomas B.
Thinn. of New York. They escaped
with a large Persian rug. The
robbery was discovered yesterday
when Representative Dunn had oc- |
casi'oi to visit the cleaning room
on the fifth floor where he had
stored the rug.
Pennsylvania K?ytem. Leaves Washington
A. M.. arrive Chicago 8 o'clock next
rrorniag. Through sleeping ear.?Adr.
Broadway's Newest Q
WitZ $t65 !
with -eparate r??llars t?? raat<-> g
One of the most common causes
jt decay which leads to early loss
of teeth, is an acid condition of
the mouth. This is known to
dentists as "acid mouth" and
usually exi3ts without being even
suspected until much damage has
been done. The acid gradually
dissolves the enamel, then decay
sets In.
If everyone, beginning In child
hood, were to use twice daiy a
I dentifrice specially made to com
* bat acid mouth, there is abso
lutely no donbt that loss of teeth
before fifty would be almost un
Dentists have found milk of
magnesia the best thing to cor
rect acid mouth, and this ha3
now been successfully blended
into a tooth paste which, while
?delightful to use. still retains the
power of counteracting acid in
Thif milk of magnesia tooth
paste (named Mag Lac), not only
cleanses and polishes the teeth?
it actually preserves them against
i the ravages of their principal
enemy, acid mouth. Many den
IstJ are recommending it to their
patienta Start using Mag Lac
tooth paste today. Get a tube
at any of the following handy
Penslar Stores. All of Peoples
Drug Stores In Washington are
I Penslar Stores.?Adv.
Peterson's Ointment
Best for Eczema
Fint Anpiication Stops Itching of
Eczema and Eruption*. '
"Live and let live ia my motto,"
?ays Peterson, of Buffalo. "Drug
gists all over America sell PET
a large box and I say to these
drugsrlsts. If anyone buys my
ointment for any of the diseases
or ailments for which I recom
mend It and are not benefited.
cive them their money back.
"I've got a safe full of thank
ful letters testifying: to the
mighty healing power of Pet
erson's Ointment for old and run
ning sores, eciema. salt rheum.
Itching scalp and skin."
John Scott, IS! Virginia Street
Buffalo, writes. "Peterson's Oint
ment is simply wonderful. It
c* red me of ccsema and did It
M quickly that L was astonished."
Mall orders Oiled bjt_ Peterson
Ointment Co., Inc., Buffalo. N. T.
For sale by O'DonnrH's or Peo
ple's Drug Stores.?Adv.
"Fight for Erin"
Dying Words
Of MacSwiney
8J^kln* before * crowd that
packed St.. Dominic's Hall, at Sl?
Sixth (treat, last night. Pater Mac
,he de*th "d fu??ral
of his firother. the late Lord Mayor
Terence MacSwiney, of Cork, Ira- <
l222i *lho dl,d in Brixton prison,
england. a year ago, through volun
tary Htarvatlon to further the cauae
of Irish freedom. Similar memo- .
rial meetings were held last night
in other cities undar the direction !
cr the American Association for the I
Recognitlpn of the Irish Republic. '
"Among the laat words of my
brother,- Mid Pet,r "Macgwlncy. !
wme messages to tnose fighting
Stile caose of Ireland to continue the 1
Kht. 'In life. In death, the victory 1
? ours.* j
. described how his I
brother-* body was taken from thft !
fhmlly by the government and'
shipped to Cork Instead of Dublin
arranged. The services were I
hold at Dublin without the presence
of the body.
.ifV'CJ *?^ker" ??'? Kepresenta- I
tlva Washington J. McCormick, of
-ontana. Rosa K. Downing, state
president of the A. A. R. I. R? and
the Rev. E. CJ. Kltagerald. of the
Catholic University.
Apartment bouse thieves entered
two places in the northwest sec
tion yesterday and escaped with
clothing and jewelry valued at
more than I2.0U0. In both cases
Iil'yi1#0""" W"e ^overnrnent em
.n,if?JlmTylnf the fro"t door.
mu u en!er?d the ?Partment of
Miss Hazel Tune. 1745 Kalor?ma
ii northwest, and ,tol, about
r*r?rth u?r clothlne and Jew
coat ?ot wa" a 'Siskin
ii.ooo. ,ur v*,ued ?
?nlh ?1aP"r*T"l; of Mary Baxton
and Mis, Dorothy W Myers, on
,k ?r of 1322 fifteenth
street northwest, was entered by
wh,? reaped with Jewelry
worth nearly $600.
Advertising Big Asset,
' Barreto Tells Club
J Barreto. head of Cecil,
Rfehl and Cecil, of New York and
Rlchmon.l. Va spoke before the Ad
Club at luncheon yesterday. "Ad
i. .k *' to the actual cash.
I? the mogt vaiuab,e agset
can h?T?>- Barreto said.
Well advertised goods to the
wrthJt.1? handle, them are
eyes of" the? h cent more ln the
fyes of the buying- public."
tvo 5POUp of ?cl?ntists who are n
conventf10" attendlnK the chemists
cTub yesterdTy.'* SU"" ?f ,he Ad
Four Detectives P -nmoted.
and??vednetmtiV('8 Wv Promoted
The wit r,n wer'- appointed to
M.etr?P?Htan Police Depart
SJSiy ?theM Co(m""??loners yes
,h? ? ' Jett. assigned to
m the de.V1;, ;t0,en automobiles
in tne detective bureau wa? Mi.aH
n?uythRonenkD ?j ?tect,Te ?"Reant.
. ^ Rone, D. J. Murphy and P W
twlV nere made Precinct detec
a?s^ne?0n,nan ,Murphy have be"n
assigned to enforcement of the
liquor prohibition laws, and Rone
c'f ,0 haVe ?ecu"d
Of the evidence which resulted In
l '.tie-?, rl- Z J"* ot thirty-one '
vfiie^.e.crs headquarters.
Believes Success of Arms
Parley Hinges Upon
Chinese Question.
On the willingness of the United
Slates to rive as well as to takjfc
in International affairs depends the
success of the coming: arms con
ference. Willmott Lewis, Washing
ton correspondent of the London
Times, told the City Club's lunch
eon forum yesterday.
9peaking on "A British View of
the Arms Conference/' Mr. Lewis, a
veteran student of International af
fairs. asserted that although he felt
the temper of the nation and the
administration was against inter
national agreements, yet some
agreements must be made between
the British, Japanese and the United
States if any good is to come from
the conference.
"You have said you are ready, to
discuss limitation of armameats. but
you have said wisely that the prob
lems of the Pacific must' also be
settled, for until these problems
are settled there can be no arms
reduction. And the Pacific problem
simmers down to wtyat will be done
about China. And China means
your future market In China, for |
that Is, uf course, the real basis
of American concern no matter what
altruistic words it may be couched
In. The United States does <not want
to be debarred from that market.
"Everything is possible if Amer
ica and Britain stand together;
nothing is possible If they don't I
know such an accord can be over
played and misjudged by other na
tions, but it is vital to the common
good of the world today."
C. C. Calhoun, vice chairman of
the club's forum committee, pre
Edward P. Rodman, who dledt Oc
tober 14, left an estate worth* ap
proximately $21,200, according to the
petition for letters testamentary filed
yesterday by Mrs. Lucy W. Q. Rod
man, the widow. The estate con
sists of real estate valued at $11,500
and personal croperty valued at $$.
700. _ ^ v
Mary 8. Johnson, who died Oc
L tober 20. .left property worth $S,5Q0.
according to the petition filed by
William W. Wheeler, the executor.
Miss Luclnda E. Hurdnell, who died
October 14, left an estate \alued
at $2,802. according to the petition
Bled by Edith A. Roberts, a stater.
Charles P. Stone, real estate dealer,
who died October 2J, leaves his en
tire estate to his widow, Mrs. Emma
S. Stone, according to the will filed
for probate.
Held for Joyriding.
George Carter, colored, formerly
employed as a "chaser** at a garage
at Fourteenth and Irving streets
northwest, was held for the grand
jury yesterday by Judge McMahon
in Police Court under $500 bond
on a charge of joyriding in con
nection with the use of an auto
mobile belonging to Leo Meyers i
of 710 Seventh street northwest. I
on August 18 last, without the!
owner's permission. |
"Did I Ever Look Like That?"
VIM-O-GEN Yeast Vitamine Tablets
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Healthy Flesh ? Banish Wrinkles
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taking Vim-O-Gen
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tion: "Did I ever Look
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the results are so amazing
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believe that she is the
same person. In the place of scrawny
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h?kh ??i- ?--? -- -?
baakh and growth. And to incr
red corpuscles in the blood, ^so
increase the numbfer of
very necessary to
body. AO you %ave to do is to take Vim-O-Gen
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tions, for ten days. If at the end of that time, you
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ised to refund the purchase price at onoe, without
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stitute or imitation. The genuine Vim-O-Gen Yaast
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Pretty Girls Can Vamp Officers
And Even Judges, but Not Police
; Women, Says Mrs. Van Winkle
" ' ? ? I ' .-J '.: . "r .
"A pr?ttK girl can do Ion about
anything with any man." Mri Minna
Van WlnkBe, head of- the womoi'i
buruu of the 'District Police Depart
ment. told member, of the Finer
Branch CIUsens' Association last
night. "They *arop all the officers
from the lowest In rank to the Judge*
at the trials. But they can't rajnp1
m." she lRugblngly remarked
Mrs. Van Winkle grafted the ag>fvl
bidding is Opened
Bids for construction of the
superstructure of New Eastern
High School and Installation of
heating, ventilating, and plumbing
plants, and electrical work will be
opened this morning by Roland
Brennan, chief clerk of the engi
neering department.
More than twenty contractors are
expected to bid for the construc
tion of the school, for twenty-seven
builders from principal cities east
of the Mississippi have applied for
the pomml?slon,ers- specifications,
Brennan said. A large number of
contractors are expected _ to seek
the "contract for the mechanical
work In the structure. Seven hun
dred thousand dollars will probably
be the lowest estimate received,
Brennan said.
Takoma Park Bandgmen
To Parade to Aid Drive
The Takoma Park band will pa
rade the District tomorrow and Fri
day night* in - the , Interest. of the
Federation of Cltlsens' Association*
drive for members. The band w 11
march down Georgia avenue, mak
ing stops along the way. Speeches
will be delivered by members of the
* Miss Margaret Gorman, the "most
beautiful girl In the United States."
will be In the booth In front of
Poll's Theater tonight. Member
ships will be solic ted at the booth
$3.85 $3.85 $1.85
Wired and laitlllH Complete
Largest Line to Select From
til 1.2 ttk St. N.W.
Op*m EvralBgi Phoae Mala 112
tF*s of th* Police Department and the
work of MaJ. Qeasford, chief of police.
"Washington hu made 7.000 lhjuor
arnata In oontraat to-only 1*>00 for
Nt? Tork Ctty. Tat whan I wma in
Naw Tork Ctty recently I Could have
made 7,900 arresu for violation of the
liquor lawa nnyaelf ' that I actually
?aw," ahe aaid. "I know for *a fact
the Washington Police Department la
th*/ cleanest In the whole United
State* and baa aa Ita head a man
of honor and character," aha coa
In apeakluc of delinquency, Mrs. Van
Winkle declared, "we are begging
mother* to be mother*, That la what
ws need today more than anything
elae. Nine out of evvry tan caaaa ot
delinquency airing children b the
faalt of the -jarer is." ?
Urges Veterans to Adopt
Ideals of Fraternities
Drawing a compariaon of the
friendship between ? America and
China with the fraternal bond be
tween Individual man. Dr. fao-Ke
Alfred Sir, Chinese Minister to the
.United Statu, last night declared
before Federal Lodge, No. 1, F. A.
A. M., in the Maaoaic Temple, that
wara between nations will cease
when nations adopt the prlnclplea
now underlying the great fraternal
"If all the nations should ad Apt the
principle laid down by President Hard
ing, that fraternity Is understanding,
?e should haye no more wara or cause
for wars." aaid Minister Sse.
He told of the progress of the Ma
sonic order In China and Ita great
Influence for friendly understanding
between hla country and America.
to cut Navies
L,l> ? . ' I
ConllnH+4 frpm Pa01 O?
?ion of the ministry of foreign af
fair*; Dr. E. Momot. sscrgtary-geo
eral of tlM ministry for the ootonlee.
appointed rice president of the coundl
of the NetherUqd But ladle*.
Alternate Delegates: Or. J. C A
EverwIJn, Netherland Minister la
Washington; Jonkbeer W. H. deBeau
fort. Counselor of Legation. Washing
ton, appolrftetj minister to Orsqss.
Technical Advissrs: Jonkheer O.
Six. chief of division of the AMitrr
for the colonies; Mr. van Wettum.
former chief of the opiem monopoly
service In the Dutch East Indie*, late
president of the advisory comqjUtee
to the council of the league of'nations
on the opium problem; Mr. de Kat
Angellno, adviser for Chinese affairs
of the Dutch East-Indian fofemment;
O. J. W. Putman Cramer, capitaia* de
fregate. Royal Dutcfi navy.
Secretaries: Jonkheer M. vaa
Haersma de With, counselor of lega
tion ; Jonkheer A. TJaTda van Starken
bergh. secretary of legation; Jonk
heer C van Breugel Douglas, attache
of legation.
The advisory board of the Dis
trict of Columbia division of the
American Automobile Association
met yesterday afternoon and dis
cussed the new regulation regard
ing the prohibition of parking In
the congested parts of the city.
The board Is opposed to the regula
tion but believes it a time to offer
remedies and not objections. They
chose Conrsd II. Byrne to represent
them at the pubMb hearing to be
held belore the Commissioners to
morrow morning.
Two recommendation* looking to
of w*t*r .approaches to Waahla*ton
*|n'MM upon yMUrttr at the
meeting of the rhrers ana harbor?
committee of the Washington Board
at* Trade.
' <MM| Win ' be asked to make j
man liberal appropriation tor the An
aooetla Jtleer to deepen It boU above
and below the A oacoat la Bride*, aad
alee will be asked to appoint a spe
cial eoountulon to server aad report
plana (or the permanent improvement
of the banks ?f the WaeblnrTon ehaa
ML Prank P. Leetch. chairman of
the ooaamltta*.
I ' ?
datioa at the DkM Co mail IHOT
Rotarituia to Decorate
Memorial Marker*
WuttKtaa lotittut , akr*
fruited permlaalon by Oh Connate
sloaers to mow tk? wnfa rt?m th.
memorial marker* oa Blxtaaatti
?treat north wfil betweaa AUtapa
?treet and Walter Rm4 ImmI
upon application at the oltl).
through Francis B. Walter. Ma I
The club WA4 aleo (fUte4 par
mission to place small AaettKn
Haas beside each of the 117 aearh
ers. bat the Commlssloaers rsssiafd,
the riaht to remove the fla<s.
Heakk ?1 Strrmjtk by Tak
feg Tuit h4 iroa fa Co*
Tablet Fo
|f rov are weak, thin. .
sickly, or generally run-down,
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tia! to health. Most people's sys
tems lack vltamlnes, for due to
ogr modern methods of cooking
many of our be it foods are rob
bed of their vttamtne elements
before reaching the table.
Ironlsed Toast supplies your
system with the necessary
?mount of vltamlnes. and In ad
dition contains organic or veg
etable Iron, which Is readily as
s Imitated by the system. and
which Is on* of the best known
blood bulldars.
Ironlsed Toast Is pleasant to
take, keept Indefinitely, and .is
packed In convenient anal-tape
parkares. Each package con
tains 1* days' treatment and Ml
only one dollar Thua. Ironlaed
Teaat costs only a fraction wis?,
per dose, than common y<
(only l?c a day), bnt
more effective aa It eon<
highly concentrated
yeast, which is far rlcbar in
aminos than ordinary
Get Ironlsed Toast fi I
druggist today. Ton will ne
doubt be surprised at the Qblck
results It will bring. . IHcM
directions for children In each
package. M?de by the IronlMd
Teaet Company, Atlant*. Oa Fo?
sale by all the People's , Drag
Stores and good drugglata every
(flONlKD VfflST
' Tablets
Mwwy ooNconiMrco
__ "??nd
F*5& *?*?r ,-? ^T^Ciuj
"* ^ <&? V,
bejU# T^w* <3 r ?^
B*Kih?'" -* c* *?~ ?
coftbiomt. gcncvat ?
Commit, 10S1
Your mother
knows our Bond
SOMETIMES t^? image before her
eyes is just a trifle dull; sometimes
in the family chatter she misses a word
or two. But she knows about the Bond
from which Bond Bread gets its name.
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keen and as right as ever they were in
her life. By the aroma, the feel, and
the flavor, she knows what is good
bread?that our Bond on each Wrapper
speaks true when it guarantees that
we use naught but purest old-fashioned
Perhaps she is one of the tens of
thousands of mothers who made Bond
Bread?sending their own rich home
made loaves in the great competition
jout of which the Bond Bread formula
was born.
Her picture is always before us; the
Bond on the wrapper of every loaf is
our guarantee that Bond Bread's ma
terials will always be the very same
pure materials she used to employ.
Our Bond means that we must keep
faith with her?your mother.
as pure

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