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How Married Folk In
spire Each Other
To Rise.
I was trying to comfort an old
*omtn whom death had robbed of
the husband with whom sh had
lived in almost Idyllic happiness for
??arly fifty years.
"You were such a wonderful wife
to him." 1 said to ner. "only a tew
weeks before he died he said to me
that you were one of God's own
noblewomen and how blessed he had
been in having you for a life com
-Ah.- she replied. "John always
thought the best of me. and so I haTJ
to give him the best that was In
i .e. it would have amased him to
to find out that I could be petty,
and mean, and little that I had to
be big. It would have horrified him
so to see me give way to my tem
per. snd act like a sbrew, that I
learned to control myself.
"Why. I even lesrned how to
cook, snd keep a budget, and be
thrifty and economical because he
married me under the delusion that
1 would be a good manager, and"
know how to run my end of the
partnership as well as he ran his.
"He always made me feel that he
expected great things of me?that
I would always do the right thing
in every situation; that I would
have courage, and wisdom, and pa
tience. and I tried not to disappoint
him. We all make an effort to live
up to oui1 blue clflna. you know.
"He always thought the best of
me. and so I gave him the best that
was In me."
I wonder if that is not the real
?secret of how to make marriage a
svrcesa? I wonder if husbands and
wives, who only look for the gold
In each other, don't find the prec
ious metal instead of dross? I won
der if in every human being there
is not both an angel and a devil,
and If the one does not come forth
that we summon.
Certain It Is that most husbands
and wives seem to believe worst of
each other, and to call forth what
is most disagreeable in each ^>ther'r.
natures. The average married
couple live In a state of perpetual
bickering over trifles. Apparent
ly neither one ever expects the
other one to do the right thing un
der any circumstances, and they
spend their time criticising each
other, and dwelling on each other's
Compliments in the family circle
would cause the recipient to fall
dead with surprise. Secretly the
husband may still admire his wife,
but he would die before he would
tell her so. At the bottom of her
soul a woman may think her hus
band a giant among other men. but
wild horses could not drag the ad
mission from her. Each feels It to
be the sacred duty of a husband or
wife to be an expert hammer
wielder, and not a salve spreader.
The man has listened to his wife
recite the litany of his faults until
he feels that she regards him as a
poor, miserable, make-shift of a
man who will never make a success
of life, and who Is stingy, and tyr
annical. to boot. The woman hss
had her husband tell her so often
that she is a fool, and a bad mana
ger and wasteful and extravagant. 1
snd that she muddles a story when
she tries to tell It. and has the out
look of a hen. that she thinks that
he regards her as a failure as a
woman, and doesn't expect any
mor* of her than he would of a
And this induces in the man and
the woman a what's-the-use atti
tude toward matrimony, which i*|
the most demoralising thing that.
could happen to it. The man says?
whst's the use of my trying to be a
mrfod husband, and a good provider
for my family, when all the thanks
I get st home Is crltlslcm because
I don't do better. The woman says
what's the use of my denying my
self things that I want in order to
save, an dof my cooking and sew
ing to make a comfortable home,
when all the reward that I g*t Is a
knock from my husband.
So both slump, and both are very
apt to come to Justify the evil ex
nectations of the other. One might
ss well be killed for a fheep as a
lamb and If one Is going to be
Tour in South for First
Time Since Inaugu
President end Mrs. Hardin* left
yortarday for the last trip that the*
will take before the ?m? limitation
coaference conreoee on November IX.
leaving for a foor-dfcy swing through
the Booth. It l? their Oret rUlt to
that auction since Inauguration. They
traveled on a apeclal train and will
return Friday in time for the regular
Cabinet meeting. Visits will be made
| at Birmingham. Ala.; Camp Bennlng.
Ga.. and Atlanta. In the Party were
Secretary of War John W>.
Secretary of the Interior Albert B.
Fall. Senator and Mr. Oecar Under
wood of Secretary George
r^hriatlaTor. C?. E. Sawyer Col.
C. O. Sherrlll and Capt. R. N. Holmes,
r military and naval aides: Judson C.
WeUirer, newspaper men ana secret
service operatives.
On Saturday the President and Mrs.
Harding will give a luncheon at the
I White House for Marshal Foch. The
i distinguished French soldier, who is
coming to Washington as the guest
I of the American Legion, will reach
I here on Friday. He will be accom
panied by Brig. Gen. Frank Parker
U. S. A., who commander the *irsi
Division of our army abroad.
After attending the American Legion
convention <n Kansas City and the
Armistice Day celebration here. Mar
shal Foch will speak at Yale. Har
vard and Princeton universities ana
will make several other addresses, re
turning to Washington to place him
self at the disposal of the conference
on the limitation of armament about
November 20. He wtll be military ad
viser to thS French delegation
I Ttie three distinguished guests of
the America# Legion who are in
Washington ? Gen. Dial. Italy s
great soldier; admiral of the fleet.
Earl Beatty, of Great Britain, and
Lieut. Gea. Baron Jacques, of Bel
gium. are being continuously en
tertained while in Washington.
Last evening the Italian Embassy
with Guldo Sabetta. charge d af
faires. as host?entertained at a
brilliant reception at the embassy
In compliment to Gen. Dia*. The
Japanese military mission?headed
by Gen. Tanaka and Vice Admiral
Kato. who are here In preparation
for the armament conference?were
also at the reception, which was
attended by about 50# members of
official, diplomatic and residential
"?They embassy was elaborately
decorated with cut flowers, palm*
and ferns in great abundance, and
there was a musical program fol
bUmed. anyway, one might as well
have the game as the name.
The Jealous and suspicious wife,
who Is always watching her hus
band and keeping tab on blm. and
who reads wrong Into his most
innocent relationship with other
women, will Inevitably drive him
into Justifying her belief of him
The man who will not give his wife
a dollar to spend, or trust her out
of hia sight, may rest assured that
in the end she will outwit him and
deceive him. and be a* false as he
expects her to be. But there are
not many mn and women who do
not many men andwomenwhocio
are not true to those who trust
thpraise la more potent than blame.
The thin* that we try hardest to
do is the thing we ?*cel in the
thing we know we will b?
for doing. The people we take most
pains to please are those who love
and admire us. We make every ef
fort to increase their good opinion,
but our enemies and critics may so
hang for all of us. We do not put
ourselves out to propitiate them
because no matter what we do they
are going to lambast us anyway.
We all try to be what people ex
pect us to be. We prive the best
that is In us to those who expect
the best, and that is worth remem
bering. married people.
(Cepyright. 1M1.)
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irtl A Bratkrt
lowed by dajiclng. The guests
received by Gutdo Sabetta, the l*o?t,
assisted by Mine C*l**la. wlf* of
Andre* G*i*s*r Ceie*la dl Vegll
Aaco. secretary of the enibmy. who
Introduoed Qen. Dias. Marquise dl
Bernesso, wife of the military at
tache of the embaeey, and Brig.'
Oen. Marcello Kennedy do Luca,
acting chief of staff /or Gen. Din*
were al?o In the hcelvlng line.
Among the gueats were the French
Ambassador and Mme. Juawrand,
the Secretary of Stat* and Mr*,
rharlea Evana Hughes. Chl*f Jus
tlce ?nd Mra. William How*rd T*ft,
Secretary of th* Navy and Mra.
Denby. Speaker of the House and
Mra. Frederick Glllett, the Bra
zllian Ambassador, Attorney Gen
eral Harry M. Daugherty, Sec
retary of Labor and Mra. Davis,
the Spanish Ambassador and
Mme. Rlano, and the members of
the embassy staff and their wive*;
the Russian Ambassador. Boris
Bakhmeteff; Henry de Bach, coun
selor of the Russian Embassy. and
Mme. de Bach: the Belgian Ambaa
sador. Emll de Cartler de Marchi
enne, and the member* of the em
bassy staff and thefr wlvea; the
Ambassador of Peru. and Mme
I'eset; the Ambassador of Brail!.
Augusto Cochrane de Alencar;
Henry Getty Chilton, counselor
of the British Embassy, and Mr*.
Chilton: Ma). C. B D. Bridge, as
sistant military attache of the Brit
ish Embassy, and Mrs. Bridge; S.
C Lawrence, attache of the British
I Embassy, and Mrs. Lawrence, Air
Commodore L. E. O. Chartton, air
attache of the British Embaiiy;
the Norwegian Minister and Mme.
Bryn: the Siamese Minister. Phya
Prabha Karvongse, and members
of the legation staff; the Minister
of the Serbs, Croat* nd Slovenes
and Mme. Groultch; the counelor
of the Polish Legation and Mme.
Kwapissewska: the Minister of
Switzerland and Mme. Peter, and
the members of the legation staff:
the Minister of ' Costa Rica and
Mme. Beeche; th^ Minister of Gua
temala and Mme. Blanchl; the Min
ister of Honduras and Mme. J. An
tonio Lope* Gutlerres; Hugo de
Pena, secretary of the Legation of
Uruguay, and Mme. de Pena; the
counselor of the French Embassy.
Prince de Beam; Sadao Saburl,
counselor of the Japanese Embassy,
and Mme. (Iburt; the Minister of
the Netherlands and Mme. ?ver
wljn; W. H. de Beaufort, counselor
of the Netherlands Legation; Capt.
Rigal, naval attache of the French
Embassy; Capt. Guy D. de La
vergne. of the embassy staff, and
Mme. de Lavergne; the Minister of
China and Mme. Sie; J. E. Lefevre
charge d'affaires of the Panama
Legation, and Miss Ranuona Le
fevre; the Minister of Cuba and
Mme. de Cespedes; the Minister of
Persia. Hussein Khan Alal; Justice
James Clark McReynolds, Director
of the Consular Service and Mrs.
Wilbur J. Carr. Third Assistant
Secretary of State and Mrs. Robert
Woods Bliss: D. L. S. Rowe, Assist
ant Secretary of Labor and Mrb.
Hennlng, Senator and Mrs. Borah.
Senator Moses. Mr. and Mrs Noyes.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bennett, J. E.
Rice, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. O'Laughlln.
John Barrett. MaJ. and Mrs. Gist
Blair. Princess Cantacusene, Mrs.
Truxton Beale, Mrs. Kennn Elkins,
Mrs. Charles Ffoulke, Mrs. Mar
shall Field, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Graef, Mrs. Marcus Hanna, Mrs.
John B. Henderson. John B. Hen
derson. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey
Hackett. Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hag
ner. Miss Gladys Hinckley, Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. McClintock. Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Mitchell. Mr*. Grafton
Minot. the Misses Patten. Mr. and
Mrs. William Reyburn. Senator and
Mrs. Kellogg. Senator and Mrs.
Medlll McCormlck, Senator and Mrs.
Atlee romerene. Senator and Mrs.
Key PIttman. Representative and
Mrs. John Jacob Rogers, Mrs.
Henry D. Flood, Senator and Mrs.
J. W. Wadsworth, Senator and Mrs.
Joseph Frellnghuysen, Representa
tive and Mrs. Hamilton Fish. Capt.
and Mrs. Hayne Ellis, Admiral and
Mrs. Robert Coonts, Admiral and
Mrs. Thomas Washington, Basil
Miles. Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Poole.
Admiral and Mrs. H. H. Rousseau.
Admiral and Mrs. Cary T. Grayson.
Comdr. and Mrs. William Galbralth.
Admiral and Mrs. Wain wrlght,
Cmptroller of the Currency and
Mrs. Crlsslnger, Gen. and Mrs. Will
iam D. Connor. Gen. and Mrs. Mer
rill W. Ireland. Gen. and Mrs. Car
son, Gen. and Mrs. Beach. Gen.
George O. Squier, Gen. Andre Brew
] ster; the Bishop of Washington, the
Rt. Rev. Alfred Harding, and Miss
Harding; Commissioner and Mrs.
Cuno Rudolph. Dr. and Mrs. Charles
I D. Walcott. Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Delano Robbins, Mr. and Mr*. Wll
lard Saulsbury. the Misses Sheri
dan, Senator and Mrs. Gilbert
Hitchcock. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Waddy
The British Ambassador and Lady
Geddes entertained at a dinner last
evening at the embassy in compli
ment to Admiral Lord Beatty and
Lady Beatty, who are spending a
few days here as the guests of Mrs.
Marshall Field. The dinner was a
very formal one and a "navy din
ner," as most of the guests were
prominent American naval officers,
all of whom were In uniform.
In the company were: The Secre
tary of the Navy and Mrs. Denby;
Senator Henry C. Lodge, Senator
Frederick Hale, Senator and Mra.
T. H. Newberry, the Assistant Sec
retary of the Navy and Mrs. Theo
dore Roosevelt. Chief of Naval Op
erations and Mrs. Robert Coonts*
Rear Admiral William L. Rodger*,
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Hugh Rod
man, Rear Admiral and Mra.
Thomaa Washington, Maj. Gen. and
Mra. J. A. Lejeune. Brig. Gen. and
Mrs. Charles McCawley, Capt. and
Mr*. John H. Dayton, Capt. and Mrs.
Luke McNamee, Capt. and Mra
Hayne Ellis, Mra. Marshall Field,
Mrs. George Canfleld, Mrs. Fred
erick L. Chapln. Mrs. Edward C
Walker, Mrs. George Cabot Lodge,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oetty Chilton,
Mrs. R. Leslie Craigie, Eng. Comdr.
and Mrs. Harold Brown, Const
Comdr. A. G. W. Stanton and Mrs
C. E. D. Bridge.
There was a musical program
during the evening.
Mrs. Field entertained a small
oompany informally at luncheon
yesterday In compliment to Karl
and Countess Beatty. They will
leave Washington today but will
return here later. .
Lieut. Gen. Baron Jacques, who Is
a guest at the Belgian embaasy, and
the membera of hla staff spent yes
terday at Gettysburg, pa. The
Baroness de Cartler de Marchienne
will return to Waahlngton this
morning from New York.
MaJ. Gen. Tanaka, J. I. A., enter
tained at luncheon at th* 8horeham
Hotel yesterday. Gen. Tanaka ia
the head of thu military delegation
from Japan here for the arms par
ley. ?
More than fifty parsons, including
Premier Brland. former Premier
Viviftnl and Monalsur Sarrant. sena
teur et minlstre des colonies, will
eompoM tha French delegation t?
the arma limitation conference ao
cording to an announcement made
through the French Embassy. Am*
bassador Juaaerand will also he one
of the delegates The entire eev
mth floor at the Mew^A lliard Motel
hae been reaerved MF the dele?a>
tlon, which !? now scheduled to ar
rive at the hotel on November 1.
-Other membera of the delegation
are: Becretary. * Berthelot. and aa
elataht, M. Moaalrll; Experta on
military affaire will Include Gen.
ttuat. Col. Roure and Col. Requln
Experts on naval affaire will |a
clude Admiral Debon and Capt. da
Valareay Froecnot. Expert on Ju
dicial queatlona. M. I roroagtot; ex
perta on political queatlona. K.
Kammerer. minletre plenlpotcnt
lalre; M. Leser. aecretalre d'am
baaaade; expert) on financial and
economic queatlona. M. Casenava,
minletre plenlpotentlairb, and Ml
Cheyaaon; experu on colonial mat
tera, M. Ducheane. H. Touxet, H.
Oarnler and M. Qerand.
If. Vlvlanl will be accompanied
I by Mme. Vivianl.
Mrs. Calvin Coolldge, wife of the
Vice P reel dent, entertained a box
party at the New York Symphony
concert yeaterday* afternoon, oc
cupying the White HOuae box
turned over to her by Mrs. Hare
Ing before the latjer left for the
I South.
Mra. Coolldgc'a BUeata Included
Mra Joaeph Irwin Francc. Mia.
Coieman\luPont, Mra C. C. Mc
Chord, Mra Charlea E. Sawyer and
a few others.
Mrs. Coolldge presided at the
; weekly luncheon of the ladies of
the Senate yesterday.
The Secretary of the Treasury,
Andrew W. Mellon, will entertain
at dinner on January 18 in .honor
of the lhresident and Mrs. Hard
I nr.
The Ambassador of Chile and
I Senora de Mathleu will return to
Washington today from a brief
visit In New York.
The Ambassador of Argentina
1 and Senora Lie Breton, accompa
nied by Senorita Uoveras. have re
I turned to the city from New York,
where- the Ambassador went last
\sieek to meet Senora l*e Breton
and her niece upon their return
I from abroad.
Mra John D. Prince, wife of th*
I nowly-apfcointed Minister to Den
mark. entertained at luncheon at
the Shoreham Hotel yesterday.
Representative and Mrs. Nicholas
I?onjrworth have as their guest the
I former's sister. Countess de Cham
| brun who arrived Monday in New
York on board Urn. Lorraine. Coun
tess de Chambrun arrived in Wash
| Ington yesterday.
| The officers stationed at Fort
Myer will entertain at a Halloween
masquerade party on Saturday. Oc
tober 29. at Fort Mver. f
Mra John R. Wellington will re
tum to the city today from Ver
Miss Isabelle Crawford, aieoe of
Senator and Mrs. Arthur Capper,
will be In the city today for a few
hours, leaving tonight for New
York, where she will be the guest
for the next month of her mother.
Mrs. George M. Crawford. Miss
Crawford expects to return to
Washington to Join Senator and
Mrs. Capper here for the winter,
the day after Thanksgiving.
Mrs. William C. Rivers, wife of
Col. Rivers, commandant at Fort
Myer. will go later in the week to
Boston to remain several weeks.
Co*, and Mrs. Rivers' two sons are
students this winter at the Massa
chusetts Institute of Technology
and she expects to make a mimber
| of visits to them there dupng the
school year.
Mai. and Mrs. George Patton
will entertain informally at dinner
on Saturday evening. October 29. at
I their quarters at Fort Myer. lster
taking their guest* to the mas
querade ball to be given by the of
ficers of the post that evening.
i Mr. end Mra Joseph E. Davles
' will present their daughter. Miss
Eleanor Davles. to society at a tea
and dance on December 20. Miss
[ Davles. who is In college, will be
! home at Chrlstman and take part
In the debutante parties of the
holiday season.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Joerissen, who
have been in Paris since early gum
mer, will return shortly to chis
i country and open their house on
Massachusetts avenue for the
Mrs. Mitchell Harrison was
hostess at luncheon at the Shore
ham yesterday.
Mrs. Delos Blodgett will enter
tain at dinner on the evening of
November 6 In compliment to her
daughter. Miss Mona P. Blodgett.
and Capt. David St. Pierre Gail
lard, U. S. A., who will be married
the next day, and the members of
their wedding party. Capt. Galllard
will give a dinner on November
5 for the members of the wedding
party before the rehearsal. Miss
Terese Hall will entertain at a pin
ner on Friday evening* before the
wedding, and on Thursday even
ing, November 3. Miss Marlon Drain
will be hostess at a dinner in com
pliment to the young couple. A
number of other parties have been
planned, so that th$ young bride
han not' a spare minute from now
until the hour of the wedding.
Mrs. Blodgett will entertain a
a good
on your
old fan
traded in ,
house party for the wedding,
among her guest* being her brother
and slster-ln-law, Mr. Jhd Mrs.
a H. Peck, of Mobile. Ala., will
will reach here November 4; Mr.
and Mra. Edward porcher and Mi*a
Myitis Porcher, of Cocoa, Fla., who
will come to Washington about Fri
day of this week, and %Ar. and Mrs.
Louis Bee 1 bach. Jr., pf Louisville
Ky. Mrs. felodgett's son and
daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. De
los A. Blodgett. Jr.. of Orand
Rapids, Mich., who went abroad In
September, returning to this coun
try on November S, and reaching
Washington by November 6. Her
son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and
Mri. Henry P. Krwin. the latter
formerly Miss Helen Blodgett, who
have been on a tour around the
world, sailing on October 11 and
.due to lahd in Montreal. They will
?top in New York for a few days
en route to Washington, reaching
here October 80. Mr. and Mra
Blodgett. Jr.. and Mr, and Mra.
Erwin will be guests of Mri.
Blodgett, ?r., while they are in
\^ahlngton. Others coming on for
the wedding will be Mr. and Mri.
Louis Beelbach. sr., of Louisville:
Mr. and Mrs. John W- Blodgett,
of Grand Rapid*; MaJ. and Mrs'
Monris Hadley, of New York; Mr.
and Mr*. Kdward Lowe. ? of Grand
Rapids, and Jantea Roland Rowe.
of Yale.
The bride and bridegroom will
upend the winter In Washington,
occupying the apartment of Capt.
Gaillard's mother, Mrs. D. duB.
Halliard, In the St. Nicholas. Mrs.
Gaillard will leave early In the
winter for California, where she
will spend the winter. Her son
and his bride will go to Californis
for their honeymoon and also to
Panama, Cuba. Florida and South
Carolina. They will be away about
three month*. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin.
whose marriage was an Important
social event of last spring, will
spend the 'wfnter with Mrs. Blod
i gett at her Sixteenth street resi
dence. Mrs. Blodgett plans to
pass a psrt of the winter visiting
in Atlanta and Florida. Mrs. Blod
gett entertained at a theater party
I Monday night in compliment to
her daughter and her dance.
\ ?
The former Secretary of Agrl
j culture and Mr*. Kdwin T. Mere
i dlth left Washington Monday for
| Now York, after spending the
I greater part of a month In Wash
j inirton.
Mrs. Mary Pashelll Johnson, as <
j c hairman of the ??ntertainment com
imittce of the Women's City Club,
'announces a costume party with
;dancing on Halloween In the ball
j room of the club.
Senator G. W. Norrls. of Ne
braska. has returned to Washlng
j ton from a stay in Wisconsin. |
where he was recuperating after aj
spell of sickness.
Mrs. H. Wilfred Pu Puv. who j
I spent the summer in Europe, has
I taken an apartment at Wardman .
Park Hotel.
Mrs. John Allen Daugherty has j
t gone to Kansas to spend several '
j weeks.
Mrs. George W. Perkins, of New t
\ York, ha* possession of the house |
i at 2129 Bancroft plsce. which she!
Marriage Licenses.
othfrwlw speeded. all the follow- j
ins applicant* are from thi* city:
Luther Rankin. 21. of Midland. Va . and |
The!ma fioode. 1ft. of Catlett. Va. The :
R.t, H f Dtiwn*.
Thomas A. Keene. 23. and Mary L. Wal*h. 1
19. The Rer. J F Usff.
George W Mnngmm. 30. and I*ucy F. !
'ireen. 34. The Rev W J Howard.
Daniel R Searcy. 23. of Griffin. Ga.. and |
AfMM V. Srott. 20 Ine Rer. C. E. Smith. ;
Fran< i* M. Graham, 23. and Mary L
Ford 19. Tl?e Rev. J. R. Mntthewa.
J. Robert Keleher. 27. of Norfolk, Vs..
nnd Grace M. Ryder. 23. The Rev. T. J.
Eugene C. Ridley. 4?. and I^lla V. Fo'.k.
Sin. both of Holland. Ta. The Rer. A. 1
I Sav!ea.
John F. Reeves. 29. and Nellie C. O'Con
nor. IS. The Rev. J gt. Weldenham.
I Thomas W. Cookaey. 23. and Mabel L.
I Seaman. 24. The Rev. S. 1'. Nicholas.
Hamuel !!. Water*. 32. and Relle Thomp
' *on. 85. The Rev. W. D. Rattle.
I Andrew J. Ilsrrl*. 2*. and Ida R. Taylor, j
30. The *lev. R. D. Grymea.
Charges I. Lncas. 2*. and Lesley Fox. 80.
The Rev. M. W. I). Norman.
Jack E. Ferguson. 23. and Mildred Wll
ken?. 23. both of New York City. The Rev.
T E Davis
Alfred Eddlng*. 4*. and Florida Ledbetter,
34. The Rev. W. J. Howard.
Jame* Mackey, 8?. and Rroadus L. Jack
son. 33. The Rer. J. E. Willi*.
Thomaa Y. Regan. 23. and Katherlne M.
Harm. 21. The R??v. J. M. McNamara.
John R. Mahone. 29. and Helen S. Knkl
man. 34. both of Richmond. Va. The Rev.
T E. Davis.
Will Reed. 88. and Luciel Hlrkmsn, 29
of Haymarket. Va. Tlie Rev. J. H. Jef
Lester L. Milatead, 22. and Myrtle A
Miller. 18. The Rev. H. D. Mitchell.
Harrison Hunter. 23. and Rertha Bell, J#.
I The Re. M. W. D. Norman.
Albert C. Jeffries. 4.'1. and Agnea M. Rud.
j 19. The Rev. J. E Itrigjcs.
I Boy Your Hat Frames
I and Millinery Supplies
j] Ladies' Capital Hat Shop j!
Pkoae Mala 8322
f 008 11th St. N. W.
The Royal clean* by sir sloee,
Rufa. Draperies, Cpliolstery, Mat
tresaes. Furs. Clothing and
Hardwood Floors
Phone Main 7127 for free dem
onstration In your horns.
Make Your Own Term*!
707 12th St. N.W.
Home Electrical Appliances
MAIN 7117
Miss Lambert
Will Marry Char let S.
Baker, Assistant ?7.
S. Attorney.
NEW YORK. Oct. M.?Tha wed
linx of Miaa Ell?abeth
jnly daughter of Mr. and Hi*
ton J. Lambert, of Washington
D. C.. to Charlaa &
"harlen Llaker. of North Dakota,
will take place tomorrow at the
home of Vra. Lambert.
Mlaa Lambert, whoaa father h a
well known lawyer, la a frand
daughter on her mother a ?,<,e ?*
the late Senator Arthur P. Gorman,
of Maryland. She la a gradual,
of Smith College ana .alnca her
debut hai taken an actlva part m
Washington aoclety.
Mr. IJaker waa graduated from
Cornell and from the Columbia Law
School. Purine the war ha aarvad
In the Aviation Corpa and waa pro
moted to the rank of major. Upon
hit return to thfo country he ww
appointed a?al?tant United Stale*
attorney, for the District of Co
The flrrt of the dance*
oratanlxed by Mrs. James T. Tarty,
of 111 Lexington avenue, will take
the form of a Halloween aubscrlp
tlon dance and will be held on Frl
day evening In ?he new ballroom ot
the Plaza Hotel. ?
Among: thoae who will attend the
Aance with guests are Mm. George
I. Gould. Jr.. Mra. R T. Wilson.
Reginald C. Vanderbllt. Prince and
Princess Roaplgllo, Mr. and Mra.
Srlswold A. Thompson, Mrs. Alfred
N*. neadlestnn, Mrs. David T. Van
Ruren. Mrs. Turnbull Oeltichs. Mrs
Piddle Duke and Mrs. Robert Ogd?n
Bacon. ==^^1
has leased for the winter to be near ;
her son. George W. Perkins, private
secretary to Postmaster General |
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Lay. the lat- |
ter formerly Mrs. H. Cornell Wilson,
have returned from their honeymoon
in the Rerkahlres and are at Chat
ham courts for the winter.
Miss Sophie Siebert, who la golne
sbroad for the winter, will leave i
Washington the laat of the week |
and sail shortly on the Providence
of the Fabre Line. After spending
some time on the Riviera, she will
Join her brother. John O. Siebert. In
A concert will be given on No
vember !S at 9:16. In the batlronm
Continued on Page Sight.
Cpeninf of New Stadioi
1751 New Hnmpuhlre Ave.
Voice. Piano. Languages. Dramatic Art.
Tor Professional and Cultural Study.
TelepbMC Xertk 103*3
Voice Culture. Piano and Harmony.
Studio 7S R I. are. nw. North 2711.
Baritone?Teacher of Voice. Studio. 1406
H at. nw. Phone Main 7306.
Singer and Teacher of 8inging.
Studio. 1210 G at. nw.
Teacbei bras*. vtring. reed instruments,
piano, belia. nu?i( aet to words; music fur
nished nil occasions. 1 SI 6 11th at. nw.
x soct-J. ;
Violin, mandolin. Hawaiian guitar and
ukulele inatructlon. Advanced pupils al
lowed to practice with string orchestra.
IN) New York ave. ne. Phone North -MSD4-J.
<Pupil of 8 11. Fabian)
Pianiat and Teacher
Announce* the continuation of the late Mr
Fabian's class and studi" at
17S1 H at. nw Phones Fr 5110 Ool. ?300^J
Piano Iast:urtiona
According to Modern Id eat.
1725 Vtw Hampthira Are.
Phone North 3T60.
Dealer and importer repairing a apec
lalty. Musical instrument* and acces*<?r4e?.
Large anaortment of all kinda of reeda foe
sale. 1411 >th at nw th 7108.
Teacher of Music Accompanist.
1020 O at. nw Frank. 753.
Pupil of Xa^er Srliarwenka. Berlia.
Studio. 8166 17th St. n? Phoee AAmmm IH
Teacher Voice Culture and Singing.
Shelley Buildine 1SS4 H St. N.W.
Shakespearean and Old Italian
14 lessons. 121 Franklin 3801.
N. Y. Conservatory grad.; auccesaful
teacher: \er.r reasonable. Col. 8068-W.
1348 Quincr *t. nw.
IE cold gray
dawn has
c o m p e nsa
tions. Chilly
mornings add appre
ciation to the radiating
cheer of the breakfast
hour here, tj A broiled
chop, a fluffy omelet,
two-minute eggs or
savory rasher of
bacon, with accompan
iment of hot cakes,
biscuits or rolls and the
brewed fragrance of
coffee, made just right
and marbled with pure
cream?these elements
of breakfast bliss make
warm your morning
welcome at
12th and C Sts. N. W.
*?? Part* j
Ml# H Str-t M. w. Oppo.tt. SU^> M
- * '' ' ? # ?
? ? %f I
Present Reproductions of Imported
' -? !
Frocks and Gowns
Tailleurs and Costumes
Coats and Wraps . - j
, ? ?
for Daytime, Formal or >
Informal Occasions
At Prices that set the standard in value as
their apparel sets the standard in the world
of fashion.
diktat &ras QWfrang
Open 9;15 A. M. Close 6:00 P. M. |
Neat, Trim House Frocks
For the Woman of Extra Size
?The woman who considers herself stout Lakes even more
particular care, if anything, than her slender sister to be
attired in the neatest and freshest of house dresses. Here
is the opportunity to lay in Fall supplies.
?Gin (ham Dresses, in checks, stripes,
also plain colored chambrays; made in
straightline and waistline effects, fin
ished with broad belts; others have
sashes. Most of these are finished with
white organdie or pique collars and
cuffs. The colors are blue, lavender,
pink and black and white combinations.
Stylish stout sizes. 42Zi to 51'A. Extra
sizes, 48 to 52.
At $2.59, $3.95
and $4.95
? Kan-Fit-All Dress for the larpc woman,
and other extra size dresses for house wear.
They are made of gingham and percale.
The ginghams are in neat checks of blue,
black and pink with white, and the percales
are in striped effects. Stout sizes are from
43 to si. and th^ extra sizes 44 to 52.
Special at the Bargain Table, ? 1 Aft
Street Floor, at
-Str*ot Floor.
In Yesterday's Paper
Alex Leigh and Diana Langley come
unexpectedly upon Stephen Dale and Mar
jorie Langley during Steve's out
burst of adoration towards
Diana. They overhear him
saying " ? * ? someone
has been so wonderfully kind
to mf that I have been feeling
that I should be on my knees
before an altar with candles
burning and incense proclaiming
my adoration."
Later, in the dark shel
ter of the arbor, even
while young Alex was
holding her tight in his
arms, Diana's thoughts
were on the strong and
stalwart Steve, and while
his lips were touching hers
she was thinking of the
afternoon before when she
and Steve were alone in
the drawing room and?
Diana wanted to forget
that she had married this
young naval officer, want
ed to think only of Steve,
yet the responsibilities of
marriage forced her to re
member that she was
Alex's wife. How could
she help it?
* * *
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