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; " ' - i .?
r v a
1 .? v.- ??*??.,
MSh Jaale Harden would not!
tUt he had. Jaale charged that
threatened to kill her, and had
what (he woman said. It
that har husband waa vary
T with Fraalar and not Tary
ly with har. Tho trouble all
*e aald. whan Prasier
ar house. looking for tha
Ba waa not In. Soma
UMk warda paaaad between Fri
Bar aad Jan!*, It waa testified, and
uttftad la tha tkraat to kill.
-that woman had a smoothing
Mi Is har hand," Fraalar ax
"aad aha aald to ma, Ton
-I dara you to poke
_ thla window.' That
thara Iran waa harder than my haad
and Z rafnaad to poka It in tha
wtftdow to have It amoothad by tha
-BM1 Haydan took tha stand and
that Fraalar waa f decent, re
jtakla dad unoffending cltisen
L mad a Bo threat* that ha heard.
,, tha oonrt had tha testimony ot
Bills a?a'ast that of tha
Fraalar waa released, hot advised
to^.rtay away from the Haydan
an aad not arena with Jaale
Jeanne'a ayaa
ha frowned for
hrUllaat smile
aot one
a lamp of
ho aald
you're had
It la ?aj
It openly
rer across
tha taoie.
-Ah. thatrjeaane ralaad her eyes,
grave. mysterious, alluring In tha
mallow candlelight. "That la an
other atory!"
"May I tall It to yout" ha said
nattly. ..
Tho door opened noisily on an
other arrival.
Hy goodness. what a dark plaoe!"
complained a glrI* a voice. "Jim. I
do believe It's deaarted! ? ? ? No.
a e a~ she peered through the gloom
"Why. Via of all people e e a
Jeaaaa reoognlaed Vera Dayton.
aad bit bar Hp la vacation.
After the arrival at the teahouse
of Vera Dayton. Jeanne soon real
tied that there was no furthtr op
portunity for a teta a tete with
Mlsa Daytog promptly came over
to their table aad seated herself
without waiting for an Invitation.
-Whatever are you doing hare, of
all placea?" she demanded of Bar
a tew a. "Why didn't you comedown
early? I waited and waited until
I waa bored to death with Alicia
Forbaa and the other stupid people
who had arrived early. Than Jim
saggasted cutting ? ? ? Tou know
Mr. Farnham. don't yoa?" she beck
oned the other man who waa hover
ing la tha ahadow. "Aad thla la?"
She turned to Jeanne with wrin
kled brow.
"Really, rm eorry, but I can't re
call your name, though I remember
meeting you at Nick Caaby*a party."
"Thla la Miss Dara." supplied Bar
"Oh. yaa, you're Nick Canby's lat
??t, aren't yon?" laughed Miss Day
'?'ton. "Poor Dick, ha'a alwaya hav
ing a new crush! By the way, we
panned him a few minutes ago on
oar wny ont of the Forbaa" drive.
Ha had Ad ale Parkinson with him
SSa waa a llama of hla. you know,
hwfore sha want to Europe." she
addreased Jeanne aweetly.
"Really?" murmured Jeanne and
turned to the Farnham man who'
had seated hlmaelf beside her and
waa making some banal remarks
about tha weather.
Tare Dayton promptly claimed
BaratowaTs attention.
"I waa never so surprised as
wfcsa Alicia told ma you were cam
lav to her housewarmlng. She'd
kept It a secret."
' Barstowe laughed.
"Allele didn't know heraelf uatll
ysaterdey. when I rang her up and
lattaated that rd like to be one or
har roeete?for certain ri
tha tabla and
Angara llngerlngly. It
that aha thought she
far his seeking the
a little aad tried
JMAJTNB DARK, known in tho
tittU Iowa town %ohenco tho MM
M pl<>4? J AS a DA KM. hat tot ??r
tttf Up in Stw York a* a waMii
mrm (n f*? hop* of tnoring ?
rtofc kmbani. In thii ?//ort ?*? (a
winking uto of
VIO BABSTOWB, heir to <*? to
putod Barotowo miUiont, mho thowt
tiffna of infatuation with hrr.
Slay OR BOBNICBTTJ, a format
vioHnitt, uti only to torvo Joonno.
Ho informM Joanno ho eon hot
row nothing on hor worthlott land.
I ? ** ^OttM'T CA? M HIM
1*006* AH? WEMT out WITH HIM- S
. fk, ?lU. ?OVA-ECTOR- -
?tw OF IHi. CAIf- ,
ftrn*4 t\?? oe futtmt,
M.e "TO "we Avfr*AU*N ?
icrr ti tc A tnow^oMm
' j. ? Hi.' ^
/OlV toniomt- y
\ ?ur*>*E ?o - ToiiowtNfr
UfA count 0* WAGON LOAD*
OT CAM** AND *10WE*?- IT
JU?T 8U0W9 VC\> WHfcT
ourr wt? c*?ct ?* he /
wvrr have vouort- J
A Full Page of "The Gumps," In Four Colon, in the Comic Section of The Sunday Herald.
If Your. Arches Are Weak,
I Dear Kit* BUM:
I FIum answer m? these queatlona
I and I will bs thankful t? yea.
I have bm |oli( with a young
bey named Jack for six montha and
one evening be brought a boy
friend up te eee me'and alnee that
time Jack's friend baa been coming
to aee me quite eften. and we have
crown to lore one another, and the
; other evening I wrote Jack a letter
and aaked him to forget me, and
forgive me for giving him up and
breaking hla heart, as be aald 1
did. and. Dear Mlaa Blake, do you
think I will regret giving him up.
I will take your advice.
I am waiting. ROSS.
If you truly love the man you
apeak of. Rose, you may be grate
ful that you dtaoove'red that your
feeling for the other man was not
lasting. I do not think, If you ate
sure you are suited to each other,
that you will regret the loss of the
old suitor. For after all, broken
hearts are often mended.
Dear Hiss Blake:
Sometime ago I met a line young
girl of my own age and went with
ber for sometime, until one day I
walked home with her when she
[ was kind of uppish and ever since
! when I eee her on the street she
does not speak, although I seem to
know that she likes me. Out you
advlss me. Miss Blake, bow to make
up with her? I certainly Ilka her,
and It has made me unhappy ever
slnoe she would not apeak to me.
However, one morning I a?? her
and she smiled but she waa a till
mad.' I never had nei\e enough to
ask her eut to the movies with me
or any place else and will you
pleas* tlrlM me haw to wk her
and whtn. I' always try to go car*
ful with a girl but It-all ???ma to
Co a cat nit ma. Thanking yon heart
ily. I am, JAMES D.
James D.. you know that faint
haart never won . fair lady. Poasl
bly she f*|t you weren't attentive
enough. Call har up and Invite her
out some place. Use the telephone
If you'los* your courage when In
her presence. Think of something
a little unusual even If very aim
pie. Girls (of all ages.) always like
that. Try It on your mother.
My Dear Miss Blake
I never miss a day reading The
Herald, and always read your good
advice to the young lovers. How
ever, my question Is not concern
ing love.
I am a girl It years of age, aqd
my height la t feet t Inches. I am
* blonde and have naturally curly
and very wavy hair and am urde
clded as to bobblnb It Miss Blalos,
you aprove of girls bobbing their
Thanking you in advance for
your kind advlca, I am,
ery truly yours,
Bobbed balr ?eems very much the
(ashlon, Miss Undecided, and it Un
doubtedly la very attractive on
soma people It does display pretty
and wavy balr to beat advantage.
However. I should advise you to
study the contours of your face,
and even consult a specialist If
possible before you cut It off. You
should have a rather rasnd coun
tenance. bnt that Is an elastic qual
CiriHttr t? ?>??
A Ctrl friend of mine bad Juat ar
rived from a neighboring city to pay
me a- visit.
As *1 walked from th? railway sta
tion in compaty with another girl. the
visitor surveyjd the different building*
In eight- and remarked: "Tou have a
lot of pretty hom?i here, haven't you?
But whose can that barnlike dwelling
over there be?" * ^
After a moment's embarrassed hesi
tation on our part, my local girl friend
answered cheerily,""That Is wher; I
live." A. B.
The First Day's Hardest.
Soon after I finished college I was
flatterad by being gi^en the oppor
tunity to assist in teaching one of
the clafcses.
The first day that I stood facing the
large class, from behind my desk,
which was on a raised platform, I
was ?o excited tljat when I went to
sit down, Instead of pushing the chair
back from tke desk, I pushed the desk
?yea, air?right off tho platform,
down on th? startled students who
were sitting ln the front row. Luckily
there ware a few. husky athletes
strong enough to riplace It
D. Y. W.
One Step To* Far.
I was idly standing by watching
soms toeir erecting a building. The
grounif at my feet was covered bv
a thick layer of rich, dark earth.
Thoughtlessly I took, one step too
far and my foot sank Into a bed of
mortar clear to my knee. I made
for home several blocks away, post
haste, followed by the laughs of the
men, at well as the people I met.
W. Vf.
Be* Pardoa. "
When we began housekeeping a
few years ago we <r?re often trou
bled by a tramp dog in the neigh
borhood who was In the habit of
raising the / cover of the garbage
pall outside the kitchen door, rum
maging |nsld? and then ttpping
over the pall, scattering the con
tents on the neat cement walk.
I became tired- of constantly
sweeping up attar the marauder,
who was alway^ seen running off
In th* distance, and Anally I re
solved to give him a big scare next
tine I heard the familiar dlsturb
?***? ' , \ .
One morning the chance came. I
oould bear the alow rasping lifting
qsf the pall cover outside. Catching
UP a carpet beater as a missile I
rushed out at the back door with a
blood-curdling yell, stamping and
hissing "She-sh--?-s!" y
There I stopped. .The astonished
garbage collector was standing by
the pall. ..
' ? I, too. was astonished. "O." I
said, "t beg your ?ardon. I though
y*u ware the dog." 8. B. C.
' j> ?
jMwwcra ?? These ftanllm Will M
' MUaM TMWmt.
* 1. Where It Oen. Grant National
I. W1U an egg float?
I. What part of a allver coin ia
?liver? Of a void coin la cold?
4. What cauita earthquakes?
i. Which Statea ware the prin
cipal sources of our gold suppty
prtor to the dlsoovery of the preci
ous metal in California?
1. In what country do they ob
serve the custom of giving holiday*
to oxen and horses?
7. What la the Lorelei?
t. Where was the expression, "the
almirhty dollar." first used?
?. Name the greatest volcanic dis
aster of the present century?
It. When does Ignition occur In
a raa engine?
Answers to Yesterday's OsMtlraa.
1. What was Libby prlaon? A
Confederate military prison during
the civil war, altuatod In RMunond.
Va. Before the war It waa used
by Its ownar. a l(r. Ubby. as a to
My neighbor's husband often
played with the boya In tha back
yard of the apartment building
where wa lived.
One Sunday morning, answering a
timid knock at bar door, aba found
a boy about 4 years old. looking
anxiously up Into bar face.
"May your boy come down and play
ball with us this mornlngr?" be
! salud timidly.
"Why. I have a* little boy," ane
"There be tar* cried the rblld.
painting at bar husband, who had
just coma to the door. "Ha always
plays with us."
I hare ft sister who Is Just 4. A
few monthf ago my baby girl waa
born. MA B*tkets of aourse, could
hardly wait to aaa bar.
When mother brought bar Into
the room and lifted bar up to see
Into tha basket aba took one look,
bar ayes grew big, and ahe erted
out: "Mamma, look! It's got Its
eye? open!" . L F.
One of our neighbors waa the
proud father of a small daughter.
The child waa not a bit pretty and
just ordinarily bright, but the dot
ing parent had a habit of seeking
praise for her.
At a lawn party he asked a
sturdy boy of 4: "Don't you think
she's the cutest little thing you
ever saw?"
With the brutal frankness of
childhood the answer came: "Aw,
gee! If you think she's eute, you
ought to see my aunt's baby." B. S.
George and hie dog were getting
hungry, as mother was entertain
ing some company for dinner, so
George called the dog and went
over to a neighbor's and said.
"Please, Mrs. Brown, will you give
Fldo and me something to eat?"
"Why," said Mrs. Brown, "what
did you and Fldo have for your
"Just company?thafa all." said
George. - Q. McD.
Edwin was always late getting
home from school. Brewster, too
young to go. had often heard me
scold about it. #
One day' he stood by the window
patiently waiting for his brother,
long after school had closed.
Suddenly he exclaimed. "Well,
there Is that old kid at last. He Is
always sure to be the endest one."
E. M. S.
Conflicting Influences rule this
day, according to astrology. Saturn
Is in beneflc aspect, while Mercury
and Mare are adverse.
The sway Is held to be most stim
ulating and Inspiring to persons
past middle age, and should beneflt
them physically and Intellectually.
Again there Is a good algn for
land values, and* there Is a forecast
that persons in every part of the
country <*111 buy property.
Saturn is In a place read as prom
ising to agriculture, and farmers
should beneflt.
Labor comes under a beneflccnt
direction of the star* that seem-*
to Indicate the atandardlaation of
even the humblest Industries.
The seers foretell a aenaation
owing to some warlike or threaten
ing news from a foreign country.
Ail the stars seem to presage
sudden events and quick moves In
International affairs. One of the
power* will be accused of treachery.
Political graft and embexslement
In high places are foretold.
Party organisations In pollt:aal
campaigns this year are to develop
many astonishing and extraordi
nary features. It ia forecaated.
Irrigation is to occupy attention
next spring more generally than
ever - before, owing to drouth and
other conditions. '
Parsons whose blrthdate It" I*
probably tlH have a buay year
They may meet obstacles but can
overcome them by persistent effort,
Children born on this day majtebe
rash and headstrong, but CourngAns
and enterprising. They can vrin
success If wlafcly trained.
bacco warehouse. It wt? disman
tled and moved to Chicago for the
world (air. stand'dg where the Coll
ynn now is.
2. When was the "magic lantern'
or sterfo^tlcon Invented? Aboat
lMt, by Athanaslus Kircber. Oar
man magicians need It with excel
lent financial results among the
Ignorant peasantry.
I. Who makes the laws of the
State? The legislature, oompoeed or
the State eenate and State house of
*? What famous former big league
pitcher Is 111 ^ith tuberculosis?
Christy Mathewson.
6. When did the use of a fork be
gin In Knflutt In Qaaen Elisa
beth 'a reign: IU ih by her wu
deemed an affectation ami was rMl.
culed ?r?n from the pulpit.
t. What is a nickel coin mads of?
It la mads of an alloy containing
thro* parts of copper to one part
of BlckeL
7. What notod football eaach la
generally known as dsvalopar of tke
famous "shift play" which bow la a
standby of tha open unt, 1b It*
variations. at 1*0 colleges* Dr.
Harry Williams, of University of
(. What holds millions of toss of
water op lp tha clonds? The sun
Each square foot of the sartb's sur
(m rinlw about NTtaty aafla
tom of Mtrtr P*r >aar from the
? on. It U this ?Barer which mp
orataa ?arOet water lata vapor
I. What vara tha smallest silver
colas arar uaed by tha Unttad SUt'i
government? Tha t-eent placaa.
which were atruck contlnuoualy
from 1U1 to 1S7S. Thaae celna ofua
ara rnftnaM with tha alckal
places of tha aame denomination
which wera atrack from IMS to
ItS*. Neither aaiiea proved popular
when tha coins wera In active cir
culation. but both are now much
fancied by numismatists. ?
It. Who la president of Austria?
Dr. Michael Halnlach
IHoohtoarh ^Hottooji
Open 9:15 A. M. (Uw York?WASHINGTON?Psm Qom 6 P. M.
A Special Purchase
*19.75 and *29.50
Sizes 6 to 16 Years
Amu redly better rake* than you would ordinarily expect to
?et for $19.75 tad $29.30 and a splendid opportunity to
outfit the younger girl with a coat die will like, and that wiD
be serviceable as well. They are made from die beat fabric*
of the *eason?is a good variety of mart style*. Some have
fur collar* and are lined throughout with silk?other* have
snug button-up collar*, pockets and belt*?all are very well
tailored and will give good service. Colors include various
shade* of brown, tan and blue.
Girl*' Sectloa. lfcfertk floor.
* v. .1
January Reduction Sale
Children's Coats
?bring* worthwhile savings now to mother* who have chil
dren'* coat* to buy.
Coats Reduced to $750
Cordt*oy Coats in smart button-trimmed and double
breasted style*.
Chinchilla Coats in boyish double-breasted styles.
Serge Coats in reefer style, emblem trimmed.
Coats Reduced to $ 1250
Broadcloth Coats, some with fur collars. *
Chinchilla Coats in smart double-breasted styles.
Velvet Coats in attractive yoke models.
Colors include various browns, tana, copca and navy bloc.
Remaining Stocks of Finest Coats
?Including fur-trimmed broadcloth*, and chiffon velvet, white
coney, natural coney, leopard skin and marmot?
Reduced Prices Range frorfl $15 to $50
Infanta' Section. Fourth floor.
^ ?
Children's Furs Reduced !4
Thibet, (beared coney, natural muskrat. natural raccoon, red
fox and grly and white squirrel. Small animal and flat
icarf etfects, with round barrel shaped muff*.
Reduced Prices, $8 to $32.50
Women s Fur Muffs, nou) Reduced Vi
Offer very remarkable value* in natural mink, skunk and
Reduced Prices, $15 to $45
Fur Section, Third floor.
More of Those $ C
Good Silk Umbrellas
Such excellent values that we are glad to announce
a new shipment.
Splendid quality silk in navy, purple, green, brown with
assorted wood handles; bakaiite rings and cord loop*.
Umbrella Section, First floor.
Glove Specials
Women's 6-button-length Strap
wrist Kid Glovea, P. K. sewn
and Paris point embroidered
back. In shades of tan, beaver,
brown and white.
$325 pair
Women's 6-button-length Biar
ritx or Pull-on Gloves, in white
only, with Pari* point stitching.
$2 pair
Glo Section. First floor.
Four Popular
f New
* " Fox
April Showers. Paul White
man and His Orchestra;
Weep No More, My
Mammy?18825. 85c.
Song of India, Paul White
man and His Orchestra;
Cho-Cho-San?18777, 85c.
Birds of a Feather, All-Star
Trio and Their Orchestra;
Leave Me With a Smile?
18834, 85c
The Sheik, Club Royal Or
chestra; Dapper Dan?
18831, 8 sc.
Vletrola Section* Fourth floor.
Bead Necklaces
Special, 50c
A great variety of colors and
styles ? all of them new and
ready to make more attractive
your costume. Some have tas
?el and long pendant; others
combined with metal.
Also Coral and Turquoise Bead
Necklaces for the children at
the aame low price, 50c.
Jewelry Section. Flret doer.
Hard Candy
For 2-lb. package
Pure Sugar, highly flavored
Rock Can, Dice and Mints
Caadr Section. Flret floor.
WEAK) Duster
Large Size Q C
The most sanitary type of duster
made; it does not stir up and
scatter dust. Its chemically
treated yarn gathers and holds
the dust. When it becomes
soiled you can wash it without
injuring it* chemical properties.
Needs no crnewing. Convenient
in shape.
Housewares Section. Fifth floor.

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