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Entire 125 Workers Will
Receive Instructions
A. 0. Oonlphan,
727 King Street.
ALEXANDRIA. V*., April i? ?
The 115 workers who will be In
charga of the drive beginning Mon.
day and ending next Saturday, to
raise 175.00* to erect a T. M. C. A.
building here will attend a dinner
at (:!? o'clock Monday evening in
the rooms of the Chamber of Com
Final Instructions will then be
given the committees in charge.
Kach day thereafter at 12:10 o'clock
luncheon will be served to the
workers at the Chamber of Com
merce. Among the speakers at the
dinner Monday evening will be
Senator Selden Palmer Spencer, of
Missouri, and Rev. James Shera
Montgomery, of Washington.
Official* in charge of the cam
paign follow: Commander In chief,
Capt. C. Keith Carlln: flying
squadron?W A. Smoot. chairman:
J. W Varney. R. M. Colvln, E. H.
Kemper. George E. Warfleld. Arthur
H. Bryant. H. A. Smith. C. C. La
mond. Judge J. K. M. Norton. G. R.
Buddin. C. C. Carlin, E. H. Allen,
and J. J. Robinson.
Executive committee ? Arthur
Herbert. Howard W. Smith. Robert
S. Jones. C. Keith Carlin. George
15. Warfleld. J. M. Duncan. E. N.
Allen. J. J. Robinson. Gardner L.
Roothe. Mrs. Harry B. Caton. Miss
I.ucy Graves. W. A. Smoot. Arthur
H Bryant. Carroll Pierce. R. M.
i-Olvin. E. H. Kemper. Urban S.
T-ambert. Charles B. Swan. Mrs. M.
Horner. C. C. Umond. Judge J. K
M. Norton. Kenneth W. Ogden. H. A.
Smith. M. W. Lee Willlam H^
Sweeney. L. H. Dudley. Dr. K?t?
Waller Barrett. C. C. Carlin. Irv n
Diener J. W. Varney. G. R. Buddii*
and Kirk E. Wallace.
The following arc generals in
. harge of the divisions
"Y MCA'"" J M. Duncan, Carroll
Pierce". Kenneth W. Ogden and
Irvia Diener.
Captains of teams are: E. A.
Keldkeller. S. W. Pitts. W. "
Thomas. Robert L. Mlddle.ton.
Charles B. Swan. C. E. Bales. John
C. Graham. Gilbert J. Cox. Court
land H. Davis. Dr. Thomas B.
Cochran. C. T. Nicholson. Miss
Mamie Lindsey. Alexander S. Don
iphan. Dr. Charles E. Outcalt.
Urban S. Lambert. Robert E.
Knight. Jahn H. Trlmyer. Miss
Ruth Williams. Harry B. Caton.
David N. Hulflsh. Hugh T. Clark
son. Nelson T. Snyder. Glenn 1*.
Justice and C. W. Howell.
Members of the Friendship Vet
erans' Association will carry their
historic hand engine to Bichmond
to take part in the parade May
"3. "Alexandria Day." in connec
tion with the Virginia historical
pageant. The company was estab
lished In 1774 and George Wash
ington was a member.
The American Legion of this city
will give Its flrst annual banquet
Tuesday night at 8 o'clock in the
Westminster Building. A number
ef prominent speakers are expected
to give acdressey The banquet was
* riglnally slated to be held Monday
Rev. Dr. John Lee Allison, pastor
of the Second Presbyterian Church,
win. preach his farewell sermon to
morrow morning. He resigned to
engage in evangelistic work.
Senator Swanson. Representative
R. Walton Moore. Rev. Dr. John Lee
Allison and Frank Crowthers (of
New York) will be among the
speakers at the celebration of Ac
cotink Lodge of Odd Fellows at
2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at
the Liberty Theater, Camp Humph
reys. in observance of the 103d an
niversary of the founding of Odd
Miss Gertrude Norris of this city
and John Guy Tepsword of Deca
tur. Ills., were married this after
noon at St. Mary's Catholic Church
by Rov. Father Malloy. The bride
was attended by Miss Louise Dwycr
and the best man was Emmctt
.Moore. The couple will make their
home in this city with the bride's
Funeral services for Louis FoJ
mer. who died Thursday, were held
this afternoon at his residence. 3VI
South Lee street. Rev. Carl Goette.
pastor of Iminanual Lutheran
I'hureh. officiating, assisted by Rev.
Walter Obcrmyer. of Baltimore,
nephew of the deceased. Burial
was in Bethel Cemetery. Pallbear
ers were Hugo Hcrfurth. Walter
Herfurth. Thomas McDermott.
Thomas Arnold. A. W. Aictheson
and H. E. Arnold.
The funeral of Capt. Keith Davis,
was held this afternoon at Wheat
ley's mortuary chapel. Rev. M. B.
Bryde. rector of Grace Kpiscopal
Church. Washington. officiating.
Burial was in Bethel Cemetery.
IL'alees otherwiae specified sll the follow
ing applicant* are from this city.)
MaiiailtaD Bolkhard, 40. aad Nlas K.
Lewis. S3. Ber. M. S. White.
tdward r. Brill. 23. and Alice Molfett. 13.
Rev H. F. Dowo?.
Will law CwjlflM. S3, of Berwyu. aid.,
aad Ella FlUman. HO. of Atlaatic City.
J. Be*. A. E. Sptelman.
Frederick D. Bub. 37. and rtta A. Ssow.
tT. Be*. L. Jobsaoa.
<;eorge Baiter. Jr.. of Beno. Her., a a*
Dorothy N Hubert. 32. of Beliport. X. Y.
Judge B. E. Mattingly
Richard B. Jnckaoa. 23. aad Beaale
Tfccaa. 18. Ber. W. H. Hill.
CMHn L. Brackett. 28. asd Tbelma O.
Vise. 24. balk ef Riehmoad. Vs. Be*. H.
T Zl.-k!-. 34. of Newmarktt. Ta..
and Nettle L. Stnrtck. 24. Ber. g. A. WalH?.
Forms: R. MeTlistJe. 23. aad Carrie L.
Rodger., 23. Ber. C. II. Heaaer.
Retort W. Tatum. 24. aad Edna B.
Rhoadea. 27. Ber. U. L. Rippy.
William L. Bradley. 44. aad Emily C.
Boats. 38 Bev. B. B. W- Joae?_
Herbert C. Tucker. 22. nnd Eugenia C
Howard. 1?. Bev. I. W. .
George O. Wilson. II. sad Bllxatoth L.
Wolstenbolme. 10. Bee. J. B. Joaea.
jT?e? H Wart. 53. nad Ella Bell. 37.
Rer. O. E. Jones.
minus M. l^anfd. ? nad Amy Healar.
34 Bee. 1. 8. Hoairmety.
jnmea H. Psyaa. 32. aad Bath Berry. 23.
Rev. M. W. D. ?
n?M Ward. 20. nad Gladys A. tfstt.
?1. of Eaterprlee. Mlas. Be?. W. 0.
Buetor. 24, sad Helea L. XorrU.
34. sf Upper Marlboro. Md. Be*. J. E.
"T* Huater Wilder. 21. nad Helen U
18. both of
"jJam c' liSS" 23. nad Ruth M Bar.
"wtalfcM H. Woltemnta. <2. ot Phlludel
S. Kann
Store Hours, Daily 9:15 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Peniuu Ave. 8th and D Sts.
May Sale of Housewares Planned to Attract Every
Thrifty Housewife to This Section
Monday Starts
A Great
at this store
Featuring at Reduced Prices
Thousands of dollars' worth of-desir
able white merchandise, by the yard and
made ready to use.
Full Particulars in
Today's Post and Star
Be sure you read them.
50,000 Pieces of Plain White Syracuse China
Choice, 10c
?known the world over for its hard body, which will not craze or dis
color when chipped. Slightly imperfect, and is now being sold lower
than ever before during this May Sale .
Tea Cap*, 2 for 10c
Tea Saucer*, 2 for 10c
Cap*, 4 for 10c
VefetaMe Disk Bottoms 10c
Vegetable Disk Cover* 10c
Sherbets, 3 for 10c
Pie or Tea Plates, 2 for 10c
Bread and Butter Plates, 3 for 10c
Tea Pots, with Cover, complete 10c
Sugar Bowl, witb Cover 10c
After-Diuer Caps, 6 for 10c
Breakfast Plates, eack 10c
Diaaer Plates, eack 10c
Ckop Plates, eack 10c
Meat Platters, 8 to 16-iach sizes, eack 10c
Oatmeals, 2 for 10c
Fruit Saucers, 3 for 10c
Sauce Tureeas, with Cover, complete 10c
Sauce Boats, fast staad, eack 10c
Many May Specials in
Cut Glass
Footed Comports, combination cuttings $1.19
Cut GlasvNappy. 5-inch lize. floral cuttings. Special. .$1.49
Cut Class Vases, pretty combination cuttings. Special.. $2.39
Cut Glass Sugar and Cream Sets, pin-wheel cuttings.
Special $2.39
Cut Glass Flower Bowls, pretty and attractive floral de
sign. Special $4.69
Cut Glass Water Set, floral cuttings. Special $7.98
Cut Glass Bowls. Special $4.69
Get one TODAY
1. '
iVc _
ng Kettle
Dish Pans,
21 -quart
Hfcrlal 5tr.
Folding Iron
ing Tables,
4 ^-foot si*e,
smoothly fin
ished surface
Spcelal 91.59.
Wash board, heavy
galvanized rubbing
surface. Special 29c.
Canned Heat
outfit, con
sisting of:
1 stand
1 kettle
1 can of
Special, 49c,.
$1.25 Camp Hatchet. Special 79c.
HI-GLO Stove Polish, for stoves, fur
naces, fences, tools, etc. Prevent*
rust and preserves them against the
weather. Has a rich, brilliant shin?
and should be used by all motorists
for touching up their cars.
Special, per earn, 25c.
Special Sale of Favorite Fireless Ranges
?These Ranges are known for their beauty and are among the best on the American market.
We are offering four at a special price to induce our customers to purchase them during our
May Sale. Do not miss this opportunity.
Fruit or I'otato Ulcer.
Our Range. No. 118-64. white porcelain, with oven
and broiler; regularly $129.98. Special. 9114.98.
Fireless Range No. 12-28. an attractive model, has
oven and broiler. Regularly $119.98. Special, 9105.98.
Gas Range. No. 412-18. has oven anil broiler with
porcelain doors and splasher bark and sides. Reg
ularly $129.98. Special. 9112.9*.
SOLD ON t'LVU TERMS 9,1.00 D*\VN AND 95.00
Favorite Fireless Ranges, our No. ?16-66. plain model
with oven and broiler. Regularly $63.98 Spcrial,
SOLD ON CLl'R TEitMS 97.5? DOWN AND 97.50
Silver Ray Fry Pans. new. nickel
finished steel which will not
buckle. and will give long serv
ice. Special, 49c.
Pure Aluminum Rice or Cereal i jilfji.
Boiler, sunray finish. Special, 08c I 1,1
arlor Brooms. 3.000
very fine brooms
with 4 rows ol
stitching. smoothly
finished handle.
Special, 39c
(Limit Three to a
Necessary items to protect your
winter clothes. Specially priced.
Overcoat Bags ps<
Suit Size Bags 7m
Tar Paper per sheet Cr
Moth Balls. 2 lbs .Me
Reefers' No-Moth, per bottle. .92.00
lavender flakes, per pkg I0r
Sulphur candles, each 5<
Casseroles of oven glass ware,
insert with nickel plated
frame. Special, 91.89.
(?) Naae Sold Wltknt
Wizard ?. Waxing
combination con
sisting of:
1 85c can
(H) Nrae Said WlthMt This
Washday Set consists of:
1 Galvanized Wash Tub
1 Cotton Clothes Line
1 Wash Board
12 Clothes Pin*
J bars of Soap
Special, fM^flt. ?1J?.
<H> Bioae S*M WlthMt This
Wizard Combination, consist
ing of:
1 91.2S Mop
1 30c Can of Oil
1 25c Brlc-a-Brac Duster
*?*elal, tMiflrtf il.lt
(HI IS'Me MM WlthMt This
Butcher and Carving
Knives, very (flic quality
steel plate, assorted
shapes, 21??
?perl?l. Tie
Aluminum and nickel plated
finish, slightly Imperfect, reg
ular *? to M values.
<H| Km. WlthMt This
Ice Cream
with re
1H1 Kaar
H.M ? llh
Mt f..H?

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