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Insists Divorce Is Valid,
And Accuses Officer
Of Misconduct.
^ Denying that her Rer.o decree of
ffvoxre is invalid and making
counter-charges of misconduct. Mrs.
Jl?a Portner Graham-Humes, wife
Of Augustus L Humes, a wealthy
i'ew Tork attorney, petitioned the
istrlct of Columbia Supreme
niirt yesterday to dismiss the bill
>r absolute divorce filed by her
>rmer husband. IJeut. Lorimer C.
?r.iham U. S. N.
* Mr. Humes, who is named co-re
tndent by TJeut. Graham, joins
wife in demanding: the dismis
sal of the bill and accusing the
feaval officer with misconduct with
Wo woman who is known to them
tnd with two other women whose
ames are unknown.
Two Alienation Halt*.
? After filing: ?ult for absolute di
vorce Lieut. Graham sought to re
cover $300,000 damages from Mr.
"Humes for the alb-ged alienation of
affections of the now Mrs.
Humes. This ease was tried hefor*
Justice Wendell P. Stafford in Cir
euit Court No. 1 last winter and
?mled in a disagreement by the jury.
The name of Mrs. Mary Black
(I'-nnan. wife of Miehael Glennan.
a wealthy Norfolk. Va.. banker, was
mentioned in the alienation suit
and Graham during the trial was
reneatedly charged with improper
?onduct with her. Mrs. Glennan is
also named in answer filed by Mr
Humes and his wife which de
mands the dismissal of the naval
Good Used
Bargain Prices
\eic England Upright,
R. S. Howard Upright,
Bush & Gerts Upright,
Bradley Upright,
./. P. Hale Upright,
Poole Upright,
Steger & Sons Upright,
Cameron Upright,
Gulbransen Player,
Everett Upright,
Steinicay Grand,
Regent Upright,
Estey Player,
Jordan Player,
Webster Player,
Kurtz man Player,
Bradbury Upright,
Hinze Upright,
Krakauer Upright,
Gulbransen Player,
- Ctuckering Grand,
13th at G St. N. W.
Homer L. Kitt, Secy, t Trcas.
officer* petition for absolute 41
Torc?. Michael C.I en nan sued IJeut.
Orabam (or dim?tn for the
alleged alienation of the affection*
of Mrs. Glen nan.
i'.raeltr la CkiniH.
la their petition filed y eater day
Mr. Humei ana hl? ^Ife ehartfe
IJeut. Graham with numerous acts
of cruelty Includinu phjralcal vio
lence and non-eupport. Mre. Humee
declare* that the naval oncer's con
duct made It Impossible to live with
him and forced ber to ?eek a de
cree at Reno.
Several month* after the Reno
? decree wan signed. Mr*. Hume* al
1 tefe*. her former hu*band repre
sented himself a* "?InBle" and "un
married" In a property deal In tW*
city. She also bolsters up her de
cree with the allegation that the
Supreme Court of New York reco?
nized it and In a suit against h*r
husband to recover an arrearage In
alimony, awarded by the Reno de
cree at the rate of 140 a month.
Ihe court upheld her Judgment
against IJeut. Graham for MOO?
although she was never able to col
lect it.
Youthful Widow Attacks Will,
Trustee Ordered to
A fight to K*,n possession of |
! fifteen valuable paintings be
queathed to the Corcoran Art Gal
! lery by the late George M. Oyster,
i local dairyman and horseman, was
begun in the District of Columbia
Supreme Court yesterday by Oys- j
ter's youthful widow. Mrs. Ceclle i
Ready Oyster.
Mrs. Oyster also seeks posses
sion of one-half of the stock of
wines and liquors owned by her
late husband. She requests that
the painting*, together with a col-!
lection of Jade ornaments and art
objects be shipped to New York j
i City and there sold at public auc- j
i tion. j
Her request Is based on the
ground that because of her re- j
nunciation of the $fS?,000 bequest ,
I made to her by her husband in j
j lieu of her dower rights in the j
? estate, all specific bquests con- j
tained in the will and codicils are
null and void. She declares that ,
New York offers a better market j
; than Washington. She also re- j
. quests the immediate distribution ;
i of all wearing apparel of her late
! husband.
Justice Jennings Bailey In Kqulty 1
! Court ordered Kdwin C. Ilranden
berg. trustee of the Oyster estate. -
to appear on May 5 and show cause
; why the widow's petition should
' not be granted. Mr. Brandenburg
! himself hied a petition of similar
1 nature some time ago, but he did
not mention the paintings. He did
request the sale. In a legal manner, j
| of the wines and liquors.
For the District
j of Columbia. Md.
and Va.. fairi
weather and mod-'
crate temperature
today and tomor
? row; gentle varl
; ble winds.
I.oral Temperature.
Midnight 45 12 noon 57 j
2 a. m 43 2 p. m 61' :
4 a. m 10 4 p. m 63;
6 a- m 37 6 p. m 63
8 a. m 47 8 p. m 57 j
10 a. m 54 10 p. m 51 ;
Highest. 64.6; lowest. 36.9.
Relative humidity?8 a. m.?35
per cent; 2 p. m.?20 per cent; 8 I
p. m.?34 per cent.
Rainfall (8 p. m. to 8 p. m.) none..
Hours of sunshine. 11.8.
Per cent of possible sunshine. 36
per cent.
Departures From Normal.
Accumulated excess of tempera
ture since January 1. 1922. plus 177 ,
Excess of temperature since April ;
1. 1922. plus 97. Accumulated ex
cess of precipitation since January '
1. 1922. plus .49 deficiency of pre- j
cipitation since April 1. 1922, ?2.01. j
Temperature same date last year ;
?Highest. 70: lowest. 54.
Korrrt-t ?f Flying UfBtfcer,
Washington to Long Island. N. V. :
I'lear sky: yioderate west and j
northwest winds up to 5.000 feet.
Washington to Norfolk. Va. ?- i
Clear sky; moderate northerly I
winds up to 5,000 feet.
Washington to Dayton. Ohio
Clear sky; moderate variable winds,
moat northerly, up to 5>m? feet.
Tide rendition*.
High tide. 10.10 a. m. and 10:11 i
' I?w tide. 4:19 a. m. and 5:04 p. m
Sun rises. 5:12 a. m.. sets ?:59
P Moon rises. 7:48 a. m.. sets. 10:23
| p. m.
Itiver Coadltlons.
Potomac and Shenandoah rivers,
both clear at Harper's Ferry yes
! t, rday afternoon.
other Tempera I urea.
Highest Rain
yesterday 8 p.m. fall.
Asbury Park. N. J. 60 52 ....
Ashevllle. N. C 56 u- 0.01
Atlanta. Ga 54 54 0.01
Atlantic City. N. J. 52 50
Baltimore. Md 62 56
Bismarck. N. I>ak.. 66 62 ....
Boston. Mass 68 62 ....
Buffalo. N. Y 48 48 ....
Chicago. Ill 56 56 ....
Cincinnati. Ohio.... 62 60
Cheyenne. Wyo.... 56 50 ....
Cleveland. Ohio.... 58 56 ....
Davenport. Iowa.. 62 60 ....
Denver, Colo 64 60 ....
Des Moines. Iowa.. 64 60 ....
Detroit, Mich 68 54 ....
Duluth. Minn...... 56 40 ....
El Paso. Tex 70 68 ....
Galveston. Tex.... 72 70 ....
Helena. Mont 56 56 ....
.Indianapolis. Ind.. 60 58 ....
'Jacksonville. Fla. . 58 54 0.88
Kansas City. Mo.. 62 60
I Little Rock. Ark.. 68 64 ....
j Los Angeles. Cal.. 62 58 ....
Louisville. Ky 66 t?0 ....
Marquette. Mich... 46 36 ....
[Memphis. Tenn.... 66 62 ....
j Miami. Fla 82 72 ....
i Mobile. Ala 68 64 0.08
i New Orleans, La.. 70 70 1.04
j New York. N. Y 62 58 ....
North Platte. Nebr. 52 50 ....
Omaha. Nebr 64 62 ....
Philadelphia. Pa ?4 56 ....
Phoenix, Aria-....- *8 86 ....
Pittsburgh. Pa.... 62 58 ....
Portland, Me 64 48 ....
Portland, Orcg.... 62 62 0.18
S. I^ake .City. Utah 68 56 ....
St. Louis, Mo 64 60 ....
St. Paul. Mlnn.^.. 66 ?4 ....
San Antonio, Tex.. 68 66 ....
San Diego. Cal.... 62 58 ....
San Francisco. Cal. 64 <2 .
Seattle. Waah..... 54 54 ....
Guns, Pokers, Red Pepper
And Bricks Brought
BROWN8VILLK. P?.. 29.?
Riots find shootingc marked the
opening of the fifth week of the
nonunion walkouts In the Connells
vllle region today.
The march of &AO'jrA?n and wom
en. armed with Iron pokers. clubs,
red pepper and bricks, on the Tower
Hill No. f mine near here was fol
lomui tonight by a proclamation of
the sheriff of Fayette County pro
hlbit'ng assemblage of striking
Simultaneously dq*nctiHtra?.i.cn?< oc
curred at the Den hoi mine in Wash
ington County and the Orion mine
in Fayette County. Uoth mines are
closed by the strike .
A crowd of men. ?*iild t ? be strik- j
ing miner*, seised Deputy Sheriff
George Hill at Orion and I eat him
with clubs. It was alleged 1!<I1 fired j
on his assailants, and lohn rtaniue !
was sent to the hospital with hi:; j
left leg broken.
Two were shot on; seriously, sev
eral hundred heads ??i:icKed. and
over fifty arrests followed the
march on the Tower Hill mine, j
which was the scene of denionstra- j
tions threetlmes in the past week. |
The demonstration followed a |
widespread?report that a large num
ber of men were to ko to work at
the Tower Hill mine this morning.
The rumor proved false, however, as
only six men entered the shaft to
man the pumps and motors.
The explosion of a gas range in
the kitche 1 of the home of Mrs. M.
C. Klouttcnger. 2637 (iartield street
northwest, yesterday morning result
ed in serious burns to fisttllar Crew- i
iton. colored. 1ft years old. 2259 Sher
man avenue northwest. The girl was
removed to the Casualty Hospital.
Jessie Henry colored, 10 years old.
shot herself In the forehead while
playing at he home. S street
northwest, yesterday. She is being
treated at the Freedmen's Hospital.
Ktlen Marshall, colored. 65 years
old. of Millrod road, Hrlghtwood. is
being treated at the "?Jmergency Hos
pital for a bullet wound said to
have been inflicted by John Mat
thews. colored. 15 years old. of
ISrightwood. Matthews was arrest
ed by the Tenth precinct police.
Gen. Pershing to Be Speaker.
< Sen. Pershing will give an address
at the memorial services conducted I
by the Women's Overseas Service J
league for women who died in tin
war, in th?> Arlington Amphitheater !
thin afternoon at S:M. The delegates I
who have arrived for the league re- j
union will bo there and the public I
is invited. Mrs. Oswald Chew will
decorate the grave of the Unknown!
Soldier. #
Mission Funds Increase.
Subseripttons amounting to ,
37.1 represent the result of the can- !
vass last week in the interest of t? io '
building fund of the Central I'nion j
Missi on and Children's Emergency j
The flmt stadium concur*. ' undef I
the direction of Rebefrt Lawrence. |
Will occur tonight at 8 o'clock In the
Mtadfum of Centra) High Coram unfty
Center. Eleventh and* Clifton street*.
Gates win open at 7:40.
The features of the program are
the Army Music School Band. Will
iam J. Stannard, conductor; Fred
erick L. Stephens, barytone, and
recreational singing directed by Mr.
Lawrcnce. assisted by Helen Burk
art. accompanist, and Otto Lehnart.
tthould inclement weather make an
outdoor meeting impossible, the con
cert will bo given In the auditorium.
There will be 4,000 free eeats and
2.^00 reserved Mats. The reserved
s?at section is for those who hold
Mtittle Week .season tickets, and for
thoMe who pay 25'cental for1 reserved
*?at priyHeKCH.
, 'ii > t ? , '
Rev. James Dunavay Dead.
29.?-News hap been received here of
the death of the Rev. James Man
ning Dunaway. aged 65. at the home
of his brother, the Rev. Dr. R. A.
Dunaway. of Accomac. He is sur
vived by his widow, two sons. James
| \Vlstar# Dunaway and Ralph Dun
I away, of Cape Charles; four sisters. |
J Mrs. Jennie D. Thompson, Freder- j
i icksburg; Mrs. C. C. Gentry, Knox- j
ville, Pa.; Mrs. J. T. Kubank, Car-!
! aline; Mrs. K. I*. Parham. Rich- j
inond; and three brothers. Dr. A. Ii- j
j Dunaway. K. K. and Raleigh Dun- j
I away, of West Virginia. He was j
! also a relative of Mrs W. W. Butz- j
! tier, of this city, and of the late I
j Rev. Dr. Thomas S. Dunaway. for j
I thirty-three years patflor of the liip
I list church here.
Butler Held in Theft.
The $500 jewelry and clothing I
robbery at the home of MaJ. George i
O. Totten. 2633 Sixteenth street
northwest, two weeks ago fs cleared
up. police believe, in the arr**st ?.f a j
former butler. William Fautt, at j
Atlantic City yesterda>'.
Earl W. ind Myra Porter.
John A. Mint Kllen Hurley, girl.
Jame* A. aa?l lienor a A. iMh-tt, girl.
Ilynriti and E\a lloltzman. girl :* in
llwrr.r and Carrie ('nrwl1. girl.
Jo*e|>!i \\. mid I'eeellM Gill. !???>'.
J..Hpp|i c. mi-1 Dorothy 1.. ItU-hard*. girl.
U??l?*rt W. and Annie M l?.ir?-. hi'/.
IlKimas K. ami Ethel O. Fs'ltli. -Irl.
? i' i.n J. and Miitn1! M. Itnn.nd. girl.
Andrew II. and Florence K t'ar.nou.'Imy.
Milliard <; and Nell Mar-hall. Imp.
ThoaiN J. and R'kif M. Ibwinn. girl.
David W. rnd aatiirrlae (?rtffitl.a. girl {
Abraham and Annie Zarln. boy.
Anionino nixl Koaalie BrtariUM. buy.
Wm. J. and Merry K. Baxter. b??/.
Wilkie T. and Ethel A. Me:* re*, l?r.y.
.1 oliii It. and Tlattle V. Maker. !*oy.
Wm. A. and llorrnt ItidwrtN. girl.
Benjamin nrd Elenora llniicnond. girl.
John S and Minnie I. Tutt. b"y.
John II. Kaiser. -II yeara. "2 7th *t. nr. j
t'liu*. E Inland. *???. t(>4 7tt> *t. ne.
M^hlaa K. ^Irxundcr. ?W?. llth ?t. ne
ItiifTael llefeo. 10. rear 1W Ind. ave. uw
Margaret I>M-kery. <V4. IS7 Stli *t. nr.
Mary M Johpson. 7s. 13l?i ;Hth >i nv . I
James II. Smith. .V. "It It ?l. ne.
John K. I.'i* ky. 21. Walter Itwil It?t?| itat. .
James Morri?. >11, 12 3d at. *e
Ki?'hard Wehh. ."-3. SI. Kli/.al?eth'? Huept. j
Rdwant Hleeppersea. M. S Ihmer at aw.
Miry E. Ila\%ktn>. is. l'4IS N *t. nu-.
Annie S.-ott. r?0. 21*21 Stanton rd. m*. j
.l.-iiiie* Morion. |r.. (M*. 3H07 tilth *t. on
Arthur T. Coram. IS. 206 F *t. nr.
Kdward Trent. ."?<?. in uito '?n route i?? I>. C. I
Mm- W? xlijngton. tl". 2?ao Rtli at. nu
Miss Knox's Attorneys
Expect to Stress Time
Of Murder.
MONTROSS. V?.. April I?-A,
court clo?ed today for thf fl w
"t the trtol of Ml*. H,r.h *n<)1
' ar?ed with murder of Mri. Mar-|
*aret 1,. Eaatlike, the ab*orblng
wa. wh., WII1 h, 2
nuraa'a defen.e ?cr rounB(., h,?
" ?" no ?> th.^llno they W||f
pur.ue when they open th,.lr ,,M
on Tuesday next.
Who wa. who pu
"c M.r,.rr. K.a.lake lnto ,
?nd '?*- the door'
"hlle her mother ..ring ha,ked
death but , few f?, dlatant?
The little clrl'a brother. l|,>Irr ,, |
"aatlake. jr.. gh? "
the man "looked like her da.Idy" |
l** la Ke> note.
What the
Mi? Knox and Hoger n. Eaatlake
that they were Intending to carry!
out together?
At what time wax Mr*. Kaytlake'
?dually killed?
Thl. la?t may be the keynote in!
f-nJ?e,''tU-?hi0n oonfr'">tlne the de-1
rcnae. Th- uncertainty about the
time wa* what resulted In th. Jurv
'? the Eaatlake trial letting the!
hu.band free. I, m? d.. th.Vm,
J!* f'e raltlmore woman.
? T ,three doctor* who have test!-I
? 'I for the commonwealth dis
agreed at this point.
lrvT!"> It 1* believed, will
Iry to prove that Mrs Kastlakc ??-.?
ZXr k""''' 6:,? ?'rlo,k he- !
ssrjs- ox moved in,?,h<
lak?',""?u:r to the -plan- Ea.t-)
Mi*'' Knox had in view
ton ">."ev*'r?l In the
? know? * T* 'J*"*- w,? rrobal.1,
ne known when the naval petty of
ficer ,h? n'p 7"; "r
caMlnr?'" Kr'"1"rick,,bu,~- awaiting a
call to appeal against Miss Knox. !
Read. Prlwelpal letter..
Today those In court llateneH at
tent've'y while eighty-Hy"
closely typewritten matter letter
Reach" ,h' rinClPMr the't'olonial
"each triangle ? Mix* Knox. Mr*
nM^*k,r.k^dwehr;rreh:,;b"n"' ,:o
W- wrte^'VfM;*h; irr-wr:
"he wa* living in Italtlmore Manx
wer h?, ",,h f-"or. other
? l liter wits sarcasm
wiZh" H.e"ry BurI?n- blo-cheml*t ..f
H**h!ngton. was on the ,ta,?l dur
flfd *? ?mrni,,': eession.
(If Wimrf.i 'XPOr, in the analvsi.
from I he raincoat' fii'md"""^ "The
n?Th? expert admitted that he di-l !
kI""v Whether I he blood Wa -
' CL' ,T " ?r h?= chicken.
" W'J. IKJSKible IO .Irler
mine this by further cxaclin- re
search work. *?cun?. re
Charged With Three
Cases of House
Joseph C. I.union 3j yearn old. al
leged profeaaional apartment thief
who la reported by the police
having confessed to more than 100
different robberies In Waahington.
in which he obtained loot valued al
abo.it 1100.000. wa. held for the
Brand jury yesterday by Judge M-.
Mahon In Police Court under 115.000
bond on three separate charge* ?f
houaebreakins and larceny. The a?
r>'!?frl .PlA<Vtd<>'1 Aaalstant
1> atrlct Attorney Ralph Given ask
*<l that the heavy bond be demanded
because other charge* would be
presented to the grand Jury
Uusnn. or "Dapp< r Joe." ax he is
known, was heavily guarded on his
trip from hi* cell t? the dock in th.
oliee Court. Defective* Spring
man and l.ynn accompanied the a<
ensed to the court. and Deputy Mar
shal Coggsbill stood guard while
the priaoner was being arraign, d
These precaution* were taken be
cauae of an alleged threal bv Lau
J"" ?r penitentiary
could hold him Ions.
. lh?rB'a on which he
. ,a.re ti,""F l,rr ferred bv
Barbara Holzberfc. of 11147 UmoM
"treet northwest, whose home was
entered on February 21 and prop
erty valued at J050 stole,,; Sophia
Johnson, of 1903 Fifteenth street
northwest, whose home was entered
on November 1 last and property
i/ o St 563 wa* atolen. <n<l Mary
11 Pope, of 2isr falfornla *trtet
northwest, whose home was entered
on October 2 last and proper! > -.al
u*d at $145 stolon.
Give $5,000 for Memorial.
Subscription of ?f..ooo f?r th,
dowment of a room for the exclusive
use or the New Yolk Stale Society
of the Kaughlcr* of 1*12 ,|,e
(?eorw,. Washington Memorial in this
city was announced yesterday l.v Mrs
Noble Newport Poll* on behalf of
Mrs. William Gerry Rlade. of New
>ork fity. tires,dent of the New Yoik
Mate Societ>.
^ PB
Now going on
The Avenue at Ninth y
Richard Croker
Diet in Ireland
Famous New York Tammany
"Bobs" Succumbs at
Age of 80.
DUBLIN. April IS. ? Richard
] Croker, famous New York Tam
many politician, died Ihii after
Croker died at 2:10 p. vn. at hi*
realdence at Ulencalrn. In County
Dublin. lie had beeji bedridden
two days.
A former "boas of Tammany
llall." Croker had long been an
outstanding figure in New York
politic*. He we* Kt year* o'd. AU
though be ipf?t hi* last few years
In Ireland, where he. owned a beau
tiful heme and many race horse*.
Croker made tela inflneMt felt la
ttea political life of New Yerk le
ttee very end.
Ia Neve^nber. It 14, Croker wae
msrrled to Beulah Benton Edmond.
aon. e professional sinaer. of oue
qnarter Indian blood. Hie first
! wife. Rliaabeth F. Croker, eied ia
! September. Itl4. There were five
children, two daugtitera. and threa
aoaa. The daughters were ttea
Countess of San Martlno and Ethel
Croker; the eona, Frank. Herbert
I and Richard. K. The A rat two
| sons were killed la 1?04 in accU
dents. filch a r?| Croker. jr.. receetly
nought to prove his father's m nd
Mra Croker I* Jt yeara old. On
her mothers eide. she ts a Cher
okeo princes*. On teer father a. she
I la a descendsnt of Rritish royalty
At Drat ud A 'Do?ble Sfcrrice Medicated Tooth Paste" Mak
Ds^?T",t '?! Te*111 Tj,e ~ Kee*"' tk* ne<hk>.
Contains no acid or bleaching agent, simply re
moving discolored deposit from the enamel. Daily
use of F-E-I will prevent tartar, thus avoiding ir
ritation of the gums. Dr. Ellis' F-E-I Tooth Paste
is free from grit or pumice, leaving a cool, dean,
healthful feeling after use.
To introduce this wonderful medicated dentifrice to the
people of Washington, we have authorized your dealer to
give a 50c tube of Dr. Ellis' F-E-I Tooth Paste FREE to
each purchaser of a tube at the regular price of 50c. This
offer is limited. Act today before supply is exhausted.
Special Free Deal at Peoples Drug
Stores, Other Good Drug Stores and
Department Stores.
Your Satisfaction?Defines Our Service
We select our stock?for the satisfaction we know it will give you. W e mark our prices as low as
possible?that you may be satisfied with your saving. That has been our policy since the day we opened
these doors?and so it will continue. You can count on this sort of service always .
House said Herrmann
Special Sale of Discontinued Lots of
Bedroom and Dining Suites
In every instance they are splendid values?and attractive styles?but are sold down to a Suite, or two of a kind. So
we want to close them out?and to do 50 quickly have made tempting reductions.
Bedroom Suites
(Ructly km lllunlrafrd>
4-piece Suite, in Mahogany finish;
Dresser. with mirror; Vanity Case;
Chifforette and Double Bed, with bow
foot end. You'll find this Suite very
superiorly constructed and quite tin?
usual quality for the price. REDUCED
Dining Suites
4-piece. in walnut color. RE
DUCED from & f\0 rn
$12500 *70
4-piece Mahogany finish?
from ^? 00 $ 2 8 7*50
7-piecc. Mahogany finish?
fpucs.oo $298-50
5-piece, Mahogany finish?
from $375.00'
LiiugAii.}- nnisn?
4-piece, in Mahogany finish
or walnut fin
ED from
$260.00 to ...
7-piecc. Mahogany finish?
from $315.00
ihogany finish?
8-piece, Mahogany finish?
or walnut finish
from $350.00
8-piece. Mahogany finish
from $500.00
(Exactly am Illuntrated)
Mahogany finish or Walnut finish
Suite. I.arge Buffet, with mirror; China
Closet, with latticed panels; Enclosed
Serving Tabic and 48-inch Round-top
Dining Table, extendable to 6 feet. Re
duced to
9-picce, in Brown Oak. RE
4-piece, in Walnut. RE
DUCED from a -f A tm
$17500 $ I J./.SO
Mahogany finish.
4-piccc. in Mahogany finish.
from &00.00 ^ j -wv
9-piccc. in
from $35000
10-piece. in
from $385.00
4-p?ecc. in
from ; $215.00
TO-piecc. in
from $425.00
10-pic^. in
from $600.00
Mahogany finish.
Golden Oak.
Mahogany finish.
Walnut. RE
Seventh and
Eye Streets
Our Credit Depart
ment has only one aim
and object ? to take
away the burden from
buying by arranging the
payments upon such a
basis that you will not
experience any incon
In other words, we
open an account with
you ? charge your pur
chases to it ? and at
those intervals you elect
payments can be made
and credited.
It's convenience?pure
and simple. There is no
embarrassing red tape,
no agreements that im
pose restrictions.
Open such an account
?we shall be glad to
have you dp so ? and
make use of it to the limit
of your requirements.
Seventh and
Eye Streets

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