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r 3 49K& Md JAMESTOWN Jiedueed Hotel,
arc. i ne proprietors having mad new
arrangement for the still better dispatch of tbeirExprew by
the oteamshins " Rn A vrorn x t 1 vtreinw n r L
-, , v Editor iPR, 'V
tttomq CSV THE WEEKLY Ztoo Dollars per annum.
TERMS OF TU firet month. Two hilars and
in advance, or WTtmn monthfJ and Three
Dofla" iT 5PpSMrihin 8ii months from the time of
Iin advance or within the first month; Four Dollars
and ' fifty cents, jf payment be delayed six months ; and Fire
pilars, if not paid within six months from the time of sub
scribing. " . ",
Terms of Advertising.
Advertisements not exceeding fourteen lineg will be in
serted one time for one dollar, antftwenty-fiye cents foreacn
subsequent insertion ; those of greaterlength m proportion.
Advertisements inserted in theSemi-Weekly Standard, will
also appear in the Weekly Paper, free of charge, uur
charges for ADVERTISING BY THE YEAR are as follows.
One square, 6 months, (14 lines to a square,) $ 10
Two Squares, 6 months, " "
Three squares, 6- months, " 0
-" 12 " u
limited number of advertisements will be taken for the
Weekly paper, but no deduction will be made on any but
vearly advertisements these will be inserted at one-fourth
less than the regular charge.
Professional or business Cards, not exceeding five lines,
Will be inserted in either the Weekly or feemi- ecklv, for
ftS for six months, or $10 for twelve months; or in both pa
pers for 10 for six months, or $15 for twelve months.
EST" The paper will be sent to advertisers for six months
or bv the year, free of charge.
'- Subscribers and others who may wish to send money
to the Editor, can do so at all times, by mail, and at his
risk. Receipts for all sums will be promptly transmitted.
Letters to the Editor must come free of postage.
CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. The Raleigh & Gaston
Road is now completed to Weldon, and in fire order, and
the following permanent Schedule for the Passenger Trains
has been put into operation :
Leave Raleigh at 8 a. m.
Arrive at YVeldon at 1 p. m.
in time to connect with the Day Trains for Petersburg,
Portsmouth, and Wilmington. Returning
Leave Weldon, (after the arrival of the Ex
press Train from Wilmington,) at . . Z4 p. m.
Arrive at Raleigh at 8 p. m.
Passengers will thus be enabled to take breakfust in Ra
leigh and supper in Petersburg, Richmond, Norfolk, Ports
mouth or Wilmington or breakfast at those points and
supper in Raleigh.
Persons wishing to come from any point on or east ot the
Wilmington Bbad, and from the Albemarle country, will
find this the most comfortable and expeditious route.
... a t T . , . i
uioce n. et x. i. kjviuuuj , r
T 1 M .1 A i
June 18,1853.
68 2m.
PRACTICAL HATTERS would respectfully call the
attention of the "Trade "and "Dealers" to their stock of
the largest and best that has ever been offered in Norfolk,
and not surpassed by any, and at prices that cannot fail to
give satisfaction. . They are confident that Merchants will
tind it to their advantage to call before making their pur
chases. Those that are willing to extend to us their patron
age may rely on having Goods, whether of our own .Manu
facture or Imported, as Fashionable, Fine and Cheap as any
Northern Jobber. We earnestly request Merchants to call
ni.d be convinced that we are prepared and will furnish every
thing in our line on the best terms.
Ladies' and Misses' Bonnets in great variety. Canes and
Umbrellas wholesale.
This beautiful instrument is considered one of the great
est and most useful inventions of the age. It would be im
possible, by the minutest description, to give a correct idea
of its utility. Hats made by it will fit the most difficult
heads, conforming to every protuberance and depression of
the cranium, thus preventing the unpleasant feeling of a
new Hut and painful headache. We could give you certifi
cates of Physicians and the experience of the Trade, but pre
fer that all may examine for themselves. No one can pro
perly appreciate its advantages without having one cf our
superior Hats. - ' -
Hats made to order in the most fashionable manner,
and without extra charge.
No. 7 Market Square,
Norfolk, Va.
May 11, 1853. 51 tf.
Copper, Tin and Stove Depot, Roanoke Square,
Norfolk, Va. .
lnrsre and varied assortment of all kinds of Copper
and Tin 'Wares, at wholesale and retail, lower than at any
other establishment in Virginia. Copper Work for Steam
ers, Mills, Distilleries, 4c, Sc., executed in the best man
ner, with due regard to steam pressure.
Of all kinds, for all purposes; Metalic Roofing, Gutters and
Pipes for Buildings, Block Tin, Tin Plate, Sheet Copper,
Bar and Sheet lead, Sheet Iron, 4c; Ethereal Oil, and
Lumps for using it ; Shower Baths and Bathing Apparatus
of all the newest and most approved patterns.
WM. 1). ROBERTS, Jr.,
Roanoke Square,
Norfolk, Va.
April 19, 1853. 44 sw6m.
New Dry Goods Store.
the Northern cities, where he has purchased a large and
beautiful assortment of
of the latest styles and patterns. Also, a large and beautiful
assortment of Hats aut Caps of all kinds; a large aod beau
tiful assortment of Ladies and Misses' Bonnets, aiid Chil
dren's Hats and Flats, all of the latest styles. Also, a large
assortment of Boots and Shoes, Guns and Pistols, Hardware
and Cutlery; a good assortment of Umbrellas and Parasols;
a good assortment of Men's and Boys' Summer Clothing,
which will be sold too low to fear the competition of Jews.
All persons in want of New Goods and good bargains will
do well to call and examine my stock before purchasing else
where. I tender my most sincere thanks to the citizens of
Raleigh and the surrounding country, for the long and libe
ral patronage I have received, and trust by untiring zeal and
energy to please in the prosecution of my business, to merit
its continuance. JOHN CREECH.
3P Fayetteville-Street, second door below Messrs. Wil
liams, Haywood 4 Co.'s Drag Store.
Raleigh, March 8, 1853. : 32 w.
. .Express Notice.
PARISEN 4 KING take great pleasure in informing
Merchants and others of this city, 4c, that they have effect
ed an arrangement with the Virginia 4 Tennessee Railroad
Company for the exclusive privilege of running a
per Mail Trains, over their line from Lynchburg, Va., (there
connecting with Btages,) to all points in Western Virginia
and Eastern Tennessee, and will commence operations on
the 16th of June
Due notice will be given ot the various routes,
Agents, 4c.
Iter Bear in mind, although we have the exclusive right
to rim an Express on this line, it will be one for the accom
inodatton of the public and not an exorbitant, monopolizing
wtposUwn. PARISEN 4 KING.
June 9, 18o3.
lr rSS11001- MISS H. W. MERRILL and
Au5r,T JL0ol will open a School, at the rooms of the
vJ t ge' 6th of July for the instruction of
; S i 63 a1d M,,sse8 in the various branches pertain
g tlhoroV.and,accomPlished education.
FreThfaSa, fr braDches' 2
Latin, ...... Y. 5
Pencil and fine Crayon drawing," '. is
Oil painting, ...... : ... 20
Music on the Piano and Guitar, 20
Instruction in vocal music, a'ratis
. ceivmg from the Importer
60 boxes Lemons, -prime order,
50 " Oranges, '-
1000 fis Filbert?, fresh, 1
1000 Walnuts,
1100 " Peacans, "
2000 Palmnuts,
1700 " Almonds,
thortSsHL11"?? th? had send on
orders early, as all descriptions of fruit are advancing.
gbnrg, June 23, J1'1- H"
t Rttw
Al vppf , WJ aOTH MARCH,
oUL wellmwn ?Di coPPe'-colored Boy, 18 to 19 years
oAWtoS lid oI 7 CH high-t'alks on theTnd
clothing, carted ff .WT!Jmt'bad,7worn'and yarn
other cfothing. Aed hMUr a a blanket, with
William Turer'stinthSan Ralelgh
i ne subscriber's post office is at Raie5gh.
Wake co., March 23. VRa -:..-" WELL POWELL.
Uv 11
300 .S5fc 55T VASH.
8Alsord5 LW Sm Scfc" RebeeeIDWTe18'
Also, 400 barrels InsE Eastern Lime- For Sale by '
Portsmouth. V... Julv s11'1 4 WHITE.
tfOjajJiissiow TtTTQvjl. -
will conduct a Forei I n'" "KRSlO
sion business in the cKS i Domestic Produce Commis-
of STAINBACK 4 HARDEE . Sr nader th-e nrln
Office. 3rd door Wt rii.-' . ' -
F. C. Staihs irr """gorook Hotel, North Side.
November 1st, 1852 : " W. H.-Hardkb.
VCllrrk T.1 a -nr 1 -
i'ji iy.
1 par the hi'Tl SUE, ;IBER wi
groes. ; "umoer n young Ji
Smithfield, Dec. 29th, HS2? ? D' ATKt?S
' "V Id tf.
Vol. III.
COMPANY. The cost of Insurance on the Mutual
plan is but a small sum, compared with a joint stock com
pany. This company being located in the Western part of
the State, consequently much the larger portion of the risks
are in the West, very many of which are in the country.
The Company is entirely free from debt j .have made no
assessments, and have a very large amount in cash and good
bonds, and is therefore confidently recommended to the
At the last Annual Meeting the following Officers were
elected for the ensuing year :
JAMES SLOAN, President.
S. G. COFFIN, Vice President.
C. P. MENDENHALL, Attorney.
PETER ADAMS, Secretary and Tr easurer.
James Sloan,
Dr. J. A. Mkbasb,
Wu. S. Rankin,
Rev. C. F. Deems,
James M. Garrett,
Jed. H. Lixdsat,
W. J. McConjtei.l,
G reenaborough.
E. F. Lilly,
W. P. Moore,
H. H. Bur well,
J. L. Bridgers.
W. H. Ccmmixg,
General Agent.
June 4th, 1853.
Dr. S. G. Corprs,
William A. Wright,
Dr. C. Watkins,
Carolina F. College.
Joh- I. Shaver,
Iohx H. Cook,
J. J. Biggs,
Robert E. Trot,
Dr. Rob't H. Scai.es,
Lenox Castle.
58 ly.
1m COMPANY, fiaUujh, This Company has been in
successful operation for more than seven years, and con
tiunes to take risks upon all classes of property in the State
(except Steam Mills and Turpentine Distilleries,) upon fa
vorable terms.
Its Policies now cover property amounting to $4,500,000,
a large portion of which is in country risks: and its pre
sent Capital is over Six Hundred Thousand Dollars, in bonds
properly secured.
The average cost of Insurance upon the plan of this Com
pany, has been less than one-third of one per cent per an
num, on all grades of property embraced in its operations.
The following persons have been elected Directors and
Officers of this Companv for the present year :
vitULUi una.
Jos. G. B. Roulhac,
C. W. D. Hctchings,
Jxo. R. Williams,
Johx Primrose,
H. D. Turxer,
John Cox, Edenton,
Joshua Boxxer, Safem,
J. H. Pool, Elizabeth City,
F. F. Fagax, Plymouth,
Alkx'r Mitchell, Newbern,
W. N. H. Smith, Murfrees-
H. B. Williams, Charlotte,
Johx B. Barrett, Milton,
A. T. Summy, Asheville.
S. W. Whitixg,
T. H. Selbt.
Geo. McNeil. Favetteville.
J. G. Wright, Wilmington,
Ja9. E. Hott, Washington,
James Sloax, Greensboro'.
All Directors are authorised to receive applications.
J. G. B. Roclhac, President,
Hexrt D. TrBXER, Vice-President,
S. W. Whitixg, Treasurer,
Johx C. Partridge, Secretary,
Johx H. Brtax, Attorney,
J. Hersmax, General Agent,
S. W. Whitixg, )
Jxo. R. Williams, yJExecutive Committee.
Johx Primrcss, )
All communications in reference to Insurance should be
addressed to the Secretary, post naid. "
Raleigh, Jan. 11, 1853. 19
pany, as its name indicates, is upon the mutual principle,
and embraces two distinct departments, to wit : Life Insur
ance and Trust departments. This attractive combination
otters to 1'olicy holders double the ordinary security, with
out destroying their right to a full participation in the en
tire profits of the Company. Premiums will be received, in
cash, either annually, semi-annually or quarterly, as may be
agreed upon at tne time the folicy is issued.
in the i ll Lot VbrAH i iliuy i, or Deposit System, the
payments made to the Company are entirely optional with
the Depositor, as regards the amount and the time at which
they are made. Ajmrtymay pay in as much or as little
(not less than one dollar,) and as often as may be conveni
ent for him, without any obligation upon him to continue
his payments and may withdraw them at his pleasure.
So that, on the plan of this Company, there is created at
one and the same time an Assurance "payable at death a
fvnd available in sickness and a provision far old uge,
J5?T See pamphlets furnished By the Company.
Ralph Gorrell,
Lyndon Sivaim.
John M. Logan,
U. f. Weir,
E. W. Ogburn,
John A. Gilmer,
IK h Ualdwell,
Richard Greene,
David McLean,
Richard Sterling,
Kobert M. Moan,
Robert P. Dick,
Henry B. Elliott.
President Ralto Gorrell,
Mce-Presulent Lyxdox Swaim,
Secretary and Treasurer D. P. Weir, "
Attorney Johx A. Gilmer,
Examining Physician Edwis Watsox, M. D.,
Consulting Phgsicians D. C. Mebaxe, M. D. ; J. L.
Cole, M. D.; D. P. Weir, M. D.
General Agent William H. Cummixo.
Anv information relative to the Company may be
had by addressing D. P. WEIR,
Secretary and Treasurer.
February 17, 1853. 27 tf.
thoroughly re-fitted with an extensive assort
ment of New and Beautiful TYPE, of every
description, and suited to nil qualities and
kinds of work New TRESSES, and every
other appliance requisite in the execution of
the best quality of work at the greatest speed.
Raleigh, July 30, 1853.
COMPANY. This Company, chartered at the last ses
sion of the General Assembly of North Carolina, and located
in the town of Milton, has been fully organized, and is now
prepared to receive applications for Insurance on Houses,
Furniture. Goods, Factories. 4c. The terms will be the same
as those of the other Mutual Fire Insurance Companies of
the state.
All applications must state the location and situation of the
buildings and other property on which Insurance is desired.
The undersigned has been appointed General Agent for
this Company, and he is also the Agent for the .Etna Fire
Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut, and the Hart
ford Insurance Companv. located in the same place.
All applications for Insurance or local Agencies to be ad-
. . . II. T T" . CI 1 . 1 t ' 1
dressed lO yyillie o. .talmisk, ocreiry, or me suoscnuer,
Milton. N. C April 15th, 1853. 43 tf.
11 SURANCE COMPANY. Office, Raleigh, N. V. This
Company continues to insure the lives of all healthy White
persons and Slaves.
The Greatest risk taken on a sinirle life is 85.000. Slaves
are insured for a term of one to five years for two-thirds their
Dr. CnAS. E. Johnsox, President.
Wm. D. Hatwood, Vice President.
James F. Jordax, Secretary.
Wm. H. Jones, Treasurer.
Perrix BnsBEE, Attorney.
Dr. Wm. H. McKeb, Examining Physician.
J. Hersmax. General Aaent.
All losses are paid within 90 days after satisfactory proof
is presented.
Blanks and Pamphlets, showing the plan of operation of
me vompany, way iw uuu un application ai me uuice, ur any
of the Agencies. Ail letters on business should be addressed
to ja-ous x. juiwaii,
Raleigh, April 28th, 1850. " 51
Touch. Wise 4 Brother, Manufacturers of Boudoir square
and Grand Pianos, request those wanting a first-rate Instru
mpnt nnn- that-Ladies- can perform on with the Greatest
possible advantage, .that is chaste of style, of . superlative
touch and tone, that will stand in concert tune, and last a
life time, to call and see for themselves a sample Instrument
at the Agent's oihee Dr. W it. scott s. ; r- f.
These Instruments are more in general use in the Cities
amonar the first critics Of , art and science, and to whom we
have the honor of referring. See the manufacturer's circu
lars, which may be obtained of the Agent. All Instruments
warranted five years. "
f'y i- J. J. Wise 4 Brother.
. Dr. W. R. SCOTT, Agent.
Raleigh,' January 11th, 1850. 20 tf.
SUMMER AND WINTER. The subscriber has on
hand a supply of the best quality of curled hair, and is still
manufacturing a superior quality of HAIR MA TRESSES.
He would respectfully inform the public that he can furnish
them with the best articles in his line as cheaply as they can
be bought in New-York. Persons from the neighboring vil
lages and counties, who have heretofore sent North, can pro
vide themselves with as good an article at the subscriber's,
and at as low a price ; as he is prepared to and will furnish
them, at the shortest notice, at prices ranging from $4 to
Also, constantly on hand the much improved Shuck and
Cotton Mattresses, at the lowest prices. Also, Sofas, Lounges,
4c, manufactured in various styles.
Repairing of Sofas, Easy-Chairs, and renovating old Mat
tresses, 4c, done with neatness and despatch. All orders
thankfully received and promptly attended to.
My Ware-Room is on Fayetteville Street, three doors above
the Yarbrough House. J. H. HARRISS,
Upholisterer and Mattress Milker.
Good Feathers taken at the highest prices in exchange
for Mattresses.
Raleigh, March 1st, 1853. 82
11 THE BAZAAR ! ! White, Buff, Brown, Mottled, Plaid,
Striped and Planters' Linen Coats ; White and Buff Grass
Coats ; Drab, Blue uid Mottled Croton Coats ; Black and
Fancy Alapaca OMs ; Plaid and Fancy Cassimere Coats ;
Block Summer Cloth and Cassimere Sacks, half Sacks and
Frocks: Tweeds, Cashmeretts and Angolas Sacks; Planters'
Linen, Plaid, White, Striped, Mottled, Linen, and Cassimere
Pants in great variety. Sontag, Cassimere, Silk and Linen
Vestings, Quiltings and Weltings Vestings, rich styles. A
large assortment of Lawn and Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs,
Plain and Fancy Borders. Silk and Lisle Embroidered Cra
vats; Plain and Fancy Lawn Cravats; Fancy Silk Cravats.
Alexander's and Chossin's White and Colored Kid Gloves ;
Black, Lisle and Linen Gloves; Washed Norway Gloves; Fine
Doe Gloves ; Black Colored Silk Gloves ; Plaid and Striped
Silk and Cotton Half Hose Gloves. We are weekly receiv
ing large supplies selected from the most desirable styles in
the market, which we warrant made equal to custom work
in fit and finish.
Our furnishiner Denartment comprises every new.and fash
ionable article necessary for a regular outfit, which will be
sold at the lowest market prices by
A. S. SHAFEE 4 CO., Clothixg Bazzaar,
Sycamore Street.
Petersburg, April 28, 1852. 47
W V and will take great pleasure in showing to their
inenas, ana mc puDiic generally, a oiuun. yjc
GOODS, which was selected with great care, and for variety
of stvles. richness of desitrn. and relative cheapness, accord
ing to quality, cannot be surpassed by any similar establish
ment m the place.
Tliav ..-..1. 11 ioL-o 4Tia tyi rt4 1. n 1 iF wit nrninir in ttio OTnmn-
nitv their warmest thanks, for the verv liberal natronaero
since their connection, and desire to retain and increase
their trade by punctual attention and correct management
ot business.
They now ask attention to the following articles:
Black Poult DeSoi, "
" Gros DeRhine, I 0:11--
DeNap, Silks,
" " . DeZuic, J
Rich Brocade do.,
Plain, Plaided, and Striped do.,
Marceline, Florence, and Lutestring do.,
Plain and r igured Tissues,
Solid-Colored Bareges, (all colors,)
Printed and Satin-Colored Bareges,
Crape Marengos,
Plain and Puris-primcd Chaly,
Chaly DeLaines,
Barege do.,
Organdi Muslins,
Printed Jackonet do.,
White, Dotted and Figured Muslin,
Jackonet and Cambric do.,
Cross-Bared and Striped do.,
Swiss and Book do.,
Nainsook and Mull do.,
Bishop Lawns do.,
Cambric Dimity do.,
Berlin Cord Muslin for Bonnets, 4c, 4c.
Raleigh, March, 1853. 87
Novelty Works, West Street, Raleigh, N. C.
The above establishment has been in successful operation
about one year, and has turned out some of the best STEAM
ENGINES and SAW MILLS that have ever operated in this
or any other state.
Orders are solicited for Steam Engines and Saw Mills, Mill
Gearinsr and Machinery of every discription to be completed
during the Summer and Fall. The improved condition of
the Raleigh and Gaston Rail Road will enable me to fill
with dispatch and punctuality all orders after the 1st of
The following-certificate will show the character of the
. . . ..... .
work executed at the above w oi'Ks :
" Aiibrv. Cumberland. May 15. 1852.
" Mr. Silas Burns Pear Sir : Our Engine and Mills, made
at your shops, have been at worK nearly two months, and
fully meet our expectations. The Engine, as to finish and
strength, performance and durability, is inferior to none
in the State of the same class made here or elsewhere. The
Mills run with a smoothness and speed trulv astonishing.
In ordinary sawiner we cut in a common sized loff. 1 foot, in
8J seconds or 16 feet per minute. We have run, however,
throueh an 18 feet log: in 32 seconds or at the rate of 33 feet
per minute, by running to the top speed we fully believe we
can cut 40 feet per minute. The only objection we have
heard urged is, it takes too many hands to haul up logs and
carry away lumucr. x ours, ate,
June 2, 1852. 59
subscribers havinar purchased the entire interest of N.
Perry in the above celehrated establishment, respectfully
announce to the citizens 01 JNorth-caroiina that they intend
to relax no effort to retain the liberal patronage heretofore
received from the numerous customers of the Bazaar in the
Old North State.
Manufacturing as we do all our own CLOTHING, and one
ot the hrm being constantly in the marKet, thus having facili
ties for purchasing: our Cloths, Cassimeres, 4c, at first hands,
and consequently at the lowest rates, we are enabled to com
pete in prices with Northern houses, while our garments in
point of style and workmanship, are not excelled by those
of any other house in the State.
It is unnecessary to enumerate the articles of which our
stock is composed ; sunice it to say that in our rooms may
be found every thing pertaining to men s wear, and turnish
ivts eoods of the most recent style and in great variety.
Our Custom Department is constantly supplied with the
most desirable goods, and those preferring their garments
made to order, can here find a large assortment to select
from, and with an efficient force of workmen we can get up
a single garment or an entire suit at very short notice. A
crood tit and uerfect satisfaction euarantied in every instance
Our Wholesale Rooms. Merchants visiting the City
should not fail to look through our stock, as we have opened
an exclusive V holesale Koom, and manufacture largely, ex
pressly tor this branch ot our trade.
(Successors to N. Perry.)
Petersburg, Va., May 5th, 1852. ;
U,Iil Mtm M. UlVllUJVa l'UVlIILJJl.lii.. j.
LISHER and STATIONER, JSb. 1 Fayetteville Street,
publisher of the Supreme Court Reports, has now on hand
Full Sets containing both Law and Equity, viz. ;
wnvnvr I mT-WX 7nOVCrT T VTJ 1TTT
lerm jepons, iuw tuiu iuuy, 111 vui.
Conference, . " " 1 '
Haywood's ditto " " 2 "
Battle's Haywood, " " 1 "
Taylor's Law Repository, . . " " 1 "
Murphy's Reports, " " 8 "
Hawk's Reports " " 4 "
Devereux's Law, 4 "
" Equity, 2 "
Dev. 4 -Battle Law, 3 "
Equity, 2 "
Iredell's Law, 13 "
" Equity, 7 "
" Digest of the Reports from the com
mencement, un to the vear 1845 4 "
N. C. Form Book: Swaim's N. C. Justice; Debates in
Convention ; or, Proceedings and Debates of the Convention
X-- .1- n i; 4.-. 4l,a '.nr. ,.r uA (J..
in 1S35.
Martin's Ilistory of North-Carolina; Jones History of
rnn.lina Kv Innoa Ti KiltYlirftt. Own Tttftnlc flT. A frrifVIfl
All of which are offered at very reduced prices.
Raleigh, N. C, July 2, 1853. 66
having fully made up their minds to enter into the
Hardware Trade would take this occasion to say that they
are constantly receiving and intend keeping a more general
assortment than has ever been kent in this town, and at prices
lower than the lowest; neither of us are " experienced Car-
nenters." but experienced dealers, and will Bell Carpenters
Tools and Hardware generally, lower than any other "live
man " and no mistake all we- ask from our friends at home
and abroad is a trial, and if we do not prove what we say
quit us! . ,
R. Smith's corner, cheap side opposite E. L. Harding's.
Raleigh, June 1853. '' 60
-AKW TS'sf TI A KVii V. HORFOLK. Va. This old
I and widelv-known establishment continues to furnish.
of superior quality, and. on the most, reasonable terms:
Butter Crackers, Water Crackers, Sugar : Crackers, JSoda
Crackers, Anti-Pyspepsia Cracker's and YVin Biscuit.
; 1 Also; Molasses Cakes, suitable for country Stores, neatly put
up in barrels and smaller pacKages.
Norfolk, April 25th, 1853. f' 46 9m. pd.
TER,) Merchant Tailor, Has just returned from the
northern cities, and is now receiving A NEW AND
bracing Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Olive, Xdelaide and
Dahlia CLOTHS, of best French and English Manufacture,
and of various grades of prices. Best SIMONI DOESKINS,
warranted. French, English, Scotch and A mencan tAMJi
CASSIMERES, of every variety of style and price. VEST
INGS, of superior Silk Velvet, Plush, Figured and Plain
Satins and Silks, Grenadine, Merino and Cashmere, a splen
did article. Wedding and Party Vestvngs can t be beat.
With sincere thanks to his numerous friends and patrons
for nast manifestations of friendship and regard, he assures
them no enon or pains snail oe sparea 10 men i n tuuuuu- -
... . - 1 11 1 1 . a : I
ance. satistaction always jjuarantiea.
His Stock of FURNISHING GOODS is most complete
Dress Shirts, with or without Collars,
Silk and Merino Under-Shirts, very superior, all sizes,
Drawers, fine assortment, all sizes,
Socks, Silk, Merino, Cotton, Figured and Plain,
Stocks, Plain and Fancy,
Gloves, a great variety,
Dressing Gowns, very handsome,
Pocket TIandkerchiefs, silk, linen, colored, plain
and embroidered.
In addition to the above, he has a fine supply of
which he would be pleased to offer to the inspection of the
public. Being manufactured under his own supervision, he
can confidently recommend them; and he asks a compari
son Wlin any otoer gooua in mis uiurKei or oui. 01 ii., cuuci
in quality of price. All he asks is a reasonable profit, and
will not be undersold by any I
Gentlemen furnishing their own goods to be manufactur
ed, may rely upon receiving the same attention and care as
if sold by himself.
Cutting done at anv time at usual rates.
Latest Paris, London, and New-York Fashions just at
Raleigh, 1853.
BY L. WADDELL, A. M. The second session of the
subscriber's School, in Haleiarh. will commence on the 5th of
July next. The course of instruction will embrace all the
i f l . ttt . ; 1 1 . : 1 X1 1
DP.iUCIlC.-i OI a complete ViUSSllxu auu .iixuiucmuuiii j-juirca-
Some half dozen boarders may be accommodated, if pre
ferred, in the Principal's family, at $ 12 per mouth.
Fees of Latin, Greek and Mathematics f 25 00
French, extra 10 00
One-halt the above expenses will be expected invariably
in advance. "
James M. Towles, Esq., Raleigh.
Wilsox Whitakeb, Esq., Wake County.
Faculty of Washington College, Lexington, Va.
Trustees of Staunton Academy, Stauuton, Va.
Rev. Drury Lacy, D. D., Raleigh.
Rev. W. H. McGuffet, D. D., University of Virginia.
Rev. R. H. Phillips, Virginia Female Institute, Staunton.
Rev. Moses D. Hoge, Richmond, Va.
Hon. S. S. Baxter, Richmond, Va.
Rev. B. M- Smith, Staunton, Va.
Judge J. W. Brockenbrough, U. S. Court, Lexington.
Judge L. P. TnoMpsoN, Staunton.
Hon. A. H. H. Stdart, late Secretary of the Interior,
Dr. F. T. Striblin, Western Lun. Asylum, Staunton.
Rev. B. H. Rice, D. D., Prince Edward County, Va.
Rev. J. Smyth, Springfield, N. C.
Raleigh, June 4th, 1853. 24 ly.
11 ON MAIN STREET, between Mr. Pomeroy's and Mr.
Porter's sum of the " Jiig Boot." The subscribers beg leave
to inform the citizens of Raleieh and vicinity, that they have
just opened a Store on Main Street. They are determined
to give satisfaction to every one that will honor Them witn
a cull, and will endeavor bv all means to render the estab
lishment a superior one of its kind. Their stock consists of
the following articles:
FANCY GOODS, 4c. French Cups and Saucers. Vases,
Children's Tea Setts, fine Baskets, Fans, Portemonnaies,
Purses. Marbles. Pocket Inkstand. Lookimr-GIosscs of all
kinds, Bronze Candlesticks, Soaps, Shaving-Cream, Esscns
cs. Hair-Tonics Side. Tuckinir. and Dressing Combs, Pock
et-Knives, Scissors, Hair-Pins, Needles Tooth, Nail, Shav
ing, Comb, Cloth and shoe isrushes Accordeffns, v lolins,
t lutes, lianjos, YVaiKing-canes, whips, Uuns and Pistols,
4c, Ac.
CONFECTION A R 1 , 4c. Candies of all descriptions
Chocolate, Maccaroni, Bunch and Laver Raisins in whole,
quarter and eighth boxes, Figs, Prunes, Currants, Preserved
liinger, citron, sardines in whole, nan, and quarter Doxes,
Oranges, Lemons, Pickles und Preserves, in three-fourths,'
quarter, and one-eighth jars, Filberts, Almonds, Peacan,
Walnut, Palm, Cocoa and Pea-Nuts, 4c
CIGARS. The choicest brands of navannah, Principe,
and Regalia Cigars, from $16 to $50 per thousand.
iicst lump and twisted Chewing lobacco, irom za cents to
1 15 per pound.
GROCERDJJj. A general assortment,
Raleigh, March 3, 1S53. 48
KING'S Xeto York. ITrainia: North Carolina Freight,
Package and Parrel E.cpress, per Steamships Boanoke and
tiamesiotcn. 1 ue irroprieiors Deg leave 10 miorm me .mer
chants, Bankers and the public generally of Raleigh, that
having bought out the interest of Dodge's Virginia and
North Carolina Express, and made arrangements with the
New York and Virginia Steamship Companv for the trans
portation of their Express to Norfolk, Petersburg and Rich-
raona, nno conciuoea arrangements wiin aiessrs. n. u. uyru
4 L. O'B. Branch, Esq's., of the Petersburg and Gaston and
Raleigh and Gaston Rail Roads, they are now prepared to
transmit to and from New York, or either of their Agencies,
every description of Merchandize, Valuable Packages, Bank
Notes. Specie. Notes. Drafts. Bills. 4c. with the Greatest ex
pedition, and at the most economical rates. We shall spare
no irouoie or expense, 111 maKing una me popular xxruKss
of Virginia and North Carolina; our long experience ill the
business North and West, and our ample means to conduct
the same, we hope, will be a sulhcient guarantee to the .Mer
chants, to direct their correspondents to dispatch their goods
through Parisex 4 King's Express. We also wish it dis
tinctly understood that we are in direct opposition to the old
monopoly, btve vs a trial.
vv. is. l'AKiSKirn, 1 wopiietors.
Astor House, N. Y.
J. D. OKOSEK, iNortolk, Va.,
1 Va., I
LVa, L
W. U. TOWiNES, Petersburg,
M. V. L. MAULE. Richmond.
11. U. '! UIOUK,
Ralcigrh, N. C.
N. B. We would also ask the attention of Merchants at
the following: places: Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Greens-
boroufrh. Favetteville. Salem. Cheraw. Pittsboroueh. Ash-
-U i u . r.. ..: j;.; ....,3 .1...... r ... . 1.
transmission ot In Hit nacbaaes bv our i.xrrcss trora Kaleifrh:
and all orders sent to our Agent, H. D. Turner, Esq., for us,
will meet with prompt attention. P. 4 &..
E5gr There is a splendid line of Steamers plying regular
lv between New York and Philadelnhia. dailv at 5 o'clock.
P. M., and their freight from Philadelphia to New York is
very low. llie steamers leaving Philadelphia on Tuesday
and Friday connect with Parisen 4 King's Express for the
south from JNew x ork w ednesday and featuruuy. Merchants
ordering their goods, irom J'hilnaelphia, to core ot Parisen
4 Kiners Express, New York, will find this a much quicker
way to get their goods, and at one-halt ot the cost.
Kaleigb, March 22, 18f3. 5SS ly.
L THIRTY DOLLARS. The followincr list of articles
of good quality, which are all requisite in going to House
keeping, may be had delivered in any part of the City, for
iniriy uonurs, or any part at proportionate rates.
1 Kitchen Shovel." Tonars and Poker. 1 Iron Tea-Kettlo, 1
Tinned Iron Pot, 1 Tinned Iron Saucepan, 1 Soap-stone
Griddle, 2 Tin Bakc-Pans, 1 Tin Dripping Pan, 1 Tin Sauce-
ian, 1 bmiill Tin Kettle, 1 Pepper and r lour lredge, 3 iin
Jie Plates. 1 Tin Wash-Basin. 1 Dish Pan. 3 Table and Tea-
Spoons, Iron, 1 Chop-Knife and Bowl, 1 Tea and Coffee
Lunisier, z .lapannea Liamps, 1 jNiaica Dine, 1 Viiamucr run
2 Smoothing- Irons. 2 Larero Cedar Wash-Tubs, 1 Wash
Board, 3 Dozen Clothes-Pins, 1 Pint Measure, 1 Set Table
Mats, 1 Britannia Coffee Pot, 1 Britannia Tea Pot, 6 Knives
and iorks, tStag Handles, 1 Pair Carvers to match, 1 cork
screw and Tunnel. 1 Ijarffe Waiter. 2 Painted Pails. 1 Coal
Hod. 1 Gridiron. 1 Fry Pan. 1 Cullender. 1 Coffee Boiler. 1
Tea Pot, 1 Grater, 1 Tin Dipper, 1 Egg Whip, 1 Basting
Spoon, 1 Skimmer, 1 Ladle, 1 Meat Fork, 1 Meat Knife, 1
Kuife Board, 2 Scrub Brushes, 1 Dust Pan, 1 Dust Brush, 2
Brooms, 1 Coffee Mill, 1 Clothes Horse, 1 Flour Scivc, 1 Oil
"Filler. 1 Knife-Box. 1 Door Mat. 1 Kitchen Table. 1 Potato
Masher, 1 .Mour Pail, 1 Spice Box, 1 Pastry IJoard, 1 Itolling
riu, 1 viomes Liine. 11. 17. 1 u rv crv,
North Carolina Book-Store.
Raleigh, May 19, 1853. 53
to the Ladies of Ruleierh and surrounding country
that she is now receivingher Fail and Wmter Stock of Fancy
irooas, embracing China goods, nne iron-stone dinner-sens,
tea-setts, and cups and saucers as fine as ever brought to
this City.
Also, Groceries 01 every description. Musical Instruments,
die, which will be sold low for cash. : - ' " '
' Just received, a fresh supply of Con fectionariei.
' Thankful for post favors, she solicits a continuance of the
same. w iLtUi!.Lunj.j a. wuliTJ!..iiw.
Raleigh, September, 1851. . . ' .: - . 90
Hy BELL-HANGER Would - respectftilly-inform the Citi
zens of Raleigh and surrounding country that he has, locat
ed permanently in Raleigh, and nas opened a Shop on Wil
mington Street,' (in Dr.' Cooke's brick-building,) where he
will be found at all times; ready to execute any "Job " in
his line, in a style that shall not' be su massed by any other
person, and the chareres shall always do moderate. ' Call
and See.
Raleigh, Feb. 21, 1853. . 960
?s: ? VAX Ay-
No. "73.
NAVAL STORES, Portsmouth, Va., have in Store and offer
for sale the following Groceries:
P. R. and N. O. Sugar, in hhds. and barrels. .
N. O. Molasses, in hhds. and tierces.
P. R. and Cuba Molasses, in hhds. and bbls.
Baltimore and Western Shoulders and Sides Bacon.
L. B. Salt Marshall's factory, filled.
Teas consisting or a very large stock 01 uun-powder,
Young Hyson, oolong, Powchong, c, ot every grade
and various chops.
Rio. Java, and Laeuira Coffee.
Stuart's Crushed, Ground and Yellow Sugars.
Kichmond tiXtra t lour.
Brown Soans New York and Boston No. 1.
Fancy Soaps Rose, Variegated and Almond.
Tobacco a loi-ge stock 01 i s, a s, a s, iv s and nail ids.
Ground Coffee warranted pure.
Pearl Starch, Grain and Ground Pepper.
Nutmegs, Ginger, apices and Chocolate.
Mustard, Wrapping paper and Brooms.
Buckets, Demijohns, 4c, 4c.
100,000 Cigars of various brands and descriptions.
Hennessy London Dock Brandy, vintage of 1848, in half
pipes and demijohns.
Choice old Southside Madeira Wine in qr. casks and demi
johns. Skeidam Gin, " noney " brand, in pipes and demijohns.
Signette, Duprey 4 Co., and other brands French Brandy,
in various stvle of packages.
Pure old Rye Whiskey of "Old Mongehclia," "Allegany"
Punk, Ziegler, and other choice brands, some ot wnich is
14 vears old. and 4th nroof.
Old Bourbon Whiskey.
Cincinnati Rectified Whiskey.
Baltimore and Philadelphia Gin.
N. E. Rum.
Imitation French Brandy.
Old Apple Brandy.
Pure Malaga Wine,
Cider and Wine Vinegar.
Champaigne of the celebrated "Heidsick brand.
Also in yard, 500 casks pure Eastern Lime.
All of which they offer at the lowest wholesale rates, and
upon accommodating terms. WILSON 4 GRICE,
10. 11, Align street and pierce s w nan.
June 20, 1853. 64 3mspd.
thanks to his numerous friends and customers, in Ra-
leisrh ahd its vicinity, for the liberal support he has receiv
ed, and hopes by renewed efibrts to merit a continuance of
their favor. He has just returned irom the Aorth, where
having in view the wants of his customers at home, he en
deavored to select such articles as would give entire satis
faction, both as to price and quality. His stock consists in
CUTLERY, and FANCY ARTICLES, comprising in part
the following:
Groceries. Bacon, Lard, Meal, Flour, Candles, Sole and
Upper Leather, Soap, Salt, fine Chewing and Smoking To
bacco, Snuff, Cigars, Sugar, Coffee, Teas, Pepper, Aispice,
Ginger, Soda, indigo, .Bladder, Copperas, Ink, Blacking,
Powder and shot, lead, 4c, &c.
Hardware and Cutlery. Axes. Weedint-Hoes, Nails.
Files, Butts, Screws, Padlocks, Piatt Locks, Coffee Mills,
Tacks, Percussion Caps, scissors, Iron and Uritama joons,
Pocket Knives, Knives and Forks, Thimbles, Pins, "Needles,
Hooks and Eyes, Candle Sticks, Vest Buckles, 4c
Glass and Crockery of all kinds
Dry Goods and Fancy Articles. Blankets, bleached
and unbleached Shirtings, Va. Osnaburgs, Bed Ticking,
brown Jeans, Kerseys, Cassimeres, Satinetts, Kentucky
Jeans. Tweeds. Fancy Vestines, Cambrics, Linens, Cravats,
Pocket H'k'fs, Comforts, Flannels, Merrimack prints. Fancy
prints, Jietter paper, Envelopes, ateele Pens, Pen Holders.
Aate Buttons, Coat Buttons, fancy Vest Buttons, Coats
Spool Cotton, Sewing Silk, Flax thread. Cable cord, Corset
laces. Hair-pins, Snuff-boxes, Coarse and fine Tooth Combs,
Pocket Combs, Ladies riding Side and Tuck Combs, Paste
Board. Gentlemen's Chamois lined Gloves, Wool Gloves, one
gross stout cotton Half Hose, also Ladies fine and coarse cot
ton Hose, tiooking Classes, Blacking isrushes, cotton Cards,
Shavins Boxes. Fancy Soaps, Perfumeries, 4c, 4c
Also a fine assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Sum
mer Shoes, cheap for cash. Just to hand.
Totrether with a great variety of other articles entirely
too tedious to enumerate, all of which will be disposed of
on the most liberal terms for casn.
Fayetteville street, a few doors north of the Yar
brough House, and opposite Lawrence s Hotel.
Raleigh, March 27, 1853. S9 ly.
Pratt Street, Baltimore. The Subscribers respectfully
call the attention of the public to their Grand, Square and
T ' .' .1 1 7 1 .. " . . 1 s j x rr ' p.. s . f l - f
K-yruiiUf j. m itov, 01 o, 03., 1 nuu 1 octaves, iur wuicu
the Maryland Institute, for the promotion of Mechanic Arts,
has awarded the first premium ever awarded by that insti
tute for improvement in Grand and Square Pianos. These
t- 1 ; j , 11 - . 1 5 c T, j
i lanos are 111 large sizea, uigniy unisnea coses 01 itosewoou,
with entire iron frame, constructed in the most substan
tial manner, with all the modern improvements.
The manufacturers use none but the very best Reasoned
timber, and materials of the choicest qualities, that enable
them to warrant their instruments to stand any climate.
The Firm has a Patent Right action, operating on such
principles nun lnciiun is umiosi entirely reiieveu oravoiuoii,
and their piano can therefore never sret out of order.
For chasteness of design, elegance of finish, as well as for
fullness, richness, and beauty of tone, these Pianos rank
foremost, and are equal to any made here or in Europe.
Wherever these Pianos have been introduced, they have
given, in every instance, entire satisfaction.
We warrant our instruments to stand good for five years
under caretul treatment, and will receive them back and
substitute others, any time within the first six months from
the sale ot it, 11 it shall not prove satisfactory. -
MR- CHARLES CLIFFMILLER is our sole agent
tor the sale of our pianos in the Estate 01 jNortli Carolina.
Baltimore, June 1853. 64 6m.
WILLIAM W. HOLDEN, Printer and Pub
lisher of Busbee's Supreme Court Reports, 4c,
begs to inform his friends and public generally,
that he is prepared to execute every description
of Printing on the shortest notice, and in a
style which cannot be surpassed by any other
office in the state. Orders promptly attended
to. '
Staxdabd Office, Raleigh, )
July 30, 1853. J
Ji SALE AND RETAIL. We respectfully inform our
friends and the public that we have in store a large and most
excellent Stock of Leatlter and Findings, for the Spring
Trade, which we will sell as low as any other establishment
South of New York, and for less price than they can be had
even there, expenses 01 travelling, ireignt, c, considered.
All of our purchases having: been made from the Impor
ters and Manufacturers by the whole case or package, and
the advantage of receiving Leather regularly from our own
Tannery, places it in our power to sell Goods as above stat
ed. Those who wish to buv cannot lose by giving our stock
an examination, and wc believe we' shall be able to please.
both as to price and quality. Below we enumerate some of
ine leuuing articles viz:
20 dozen of Crawford's Calf Skins (this maker had the
premium awarded to him at the World's Fair held in
London in I80I.)
40 dozen French Skins, best quality,
40 " American Calf Skins,
90 " Lining and Binding Skins,
10 " Morocco Skins, '
800 Sides Oak Tanned and Hemlock Sole Leather,
50 " Band Leather.
Lasts, Boot-Trecs, Shoe and Boot Maker's Tools of every
kind, Tanner's and Currier's Tools.
Also. Sewed Brocrans of our own manufacture, warranted
to give satisfaction, and many other articles too numerous
to mention, at No. 21, Old street, opposite B. P. Harrison's
Saddlery. F. A. 4 R. H. FORD.
N. B. We pay the highest price in cash for Green and
Dried Hides delivered to us at our store.
Petersburg, May S, 1852. ' tf.
4 MITCHELL would respectfully inform the public
that ineir estamisnmeni is now in tne - iuu uue 01 success
ful experiment," and they are prepared to execute all orders
.. L i! rv.i a i i t... 1.: r i i.:
in ineir line; 111 mm ui-iuuiuiu, uiiuuug,
Nuts. Fruits. Groceries. 4c, always kept on hand.
CIGARS. Our stock of Cigars is very large, some of them
of the choicest brands, such as Ele Gratitude, Cobden Rega
lias, Silvas, Excelsior, El Ciervo, Steamboat Principes, and
a variety too numerous to mention.-;! i -' - - x v
Kef"" Parties in the City or country furnished with every
. -1 ..- . -. . L- i . 1 i- . j
uescripnon 01 vouieviioiiarien, 011 ine enunmsi nonce ana
most reasonable terms.4' BRIDE'S' CAKE carefully. packed
and sent to any part of the State. Sugar and Molasses Gfekes,
also Candy, suitable for country .Stores, packed in barrels or
smaller packages, cheaper, than they, can be bought at any;
other House in North Carolina or Yirginhv. Low profits and
quick sales, is our motto.-"v . ; r-; .,-". ;-- t
- Raleigh, May 2rttyi8;3. ' -. - feftf.
V V ''Cambric, Nainsook, checked and striped Muslin, Mull
Muslin, .Plain and dotted Swiss Muslin. For sale by
Raleigh, June 4th, 1853. 58
JXew xorc thev -c-i , v. 1 fcv. .v.. .v..
is always on hand for the accommodation of their friend,
at the lowest rates and unparalleled dispatch-their Express
leaving New 0rk7 generally delivered at almmt every
point of Virginia in 48 hours, and throughout North Caro
lina in 58 hours, and at forty per cent, below the old hum
ovg monopoly. ' ...
V PARISEN 4 KING'S facilitiea for the expeditions trans,
portation of Freight and Packages, cannot be beat by any"
Express Gomnanv in cTiatunra. and ther Anf. . :.
tion, therefore, in the shape of humbug, impontum and mo
JP .. - .....
t3r" Be sure to order your goods by Parisex 4 K Wa
i, auu narciay street, JNew xoric
fullfiiMl! aS8U ' ihaX M promisev they will taith-
PARISEN A KING, 2d Barclay st. N.Y,
. , - , and Boliingbrook st Petersburg, Tb.
' 1. " ' : AGENTS. : .'1.
- V. D. Groxeb, Norfolk, Viririnia. i- ; - 1
J. W. Womack, FarmviUe, Va. ' . i a 1 '
Wm. Bailey, Fredericksburg, Vg. ; " ? , il .
Wm. L. Maclk, Richmond, Va, V " - ,
W. Bagby, Lynchburg, Va. . " " ..f "r ;
Mb. Minor, Charlottesville, Va. ... .
John Campbell, Weldon, North Carolina
Jomr Nctt, Wilmington, N. C.
H. D. Tcrneb, Raleigh, N. C. -
James L. Rkid, Henderson, N". C. -- -
Turnbull 4 Stalltngs, Warrenton, N. C- 1
S. H. Hamlet, Goldsboro', N. C. : . '
Stark 4 Pierce, Fayetteville, N. C : .. . V,..
J. II. Whitfield, Franklinton, N. C. . -r.' . .
James L. Dcke, Ridgeway, N. C. - ."..-..
C. Allen, Littleton, N. C. . ' v - " . -,.
Notice. Express packages for Norfolk. PtdtsAnmr. .
Richmond and the interior, intended for shipment perwt earn
ers " Roanoke" or "Jamestown," will hereafter be received
by Messrs. Parisex 4 Kino, 2nd Barclay street, New York,
who are the only authorized A pent a to forward our Emress
packages by those steamships to Virginia, N. Carolina and
Tennessee. . . . j . . ; -
June 13, 18;3. 66 tf.
N, C. Fashionable Jewelry Store.
U A XII SJII.VV.n. WATIH1RN4 nil trin1a r.f WJ.
the Latest Styles. Silver and Plateo Ware. Cdtleby. Per-
fumery, Fancy Goods and Clocks. - - .
mi n , . . . j 1 ,1 t t . .
iue C5UDscriDers ore receiving ineir run purcnase, wnicn
is one of the most extensive ever offered Jot sale in the
State. Consisting of
ivu uoia ana Oliver w axenes,
Large collection of Gold Chains, Seals and Keys,
A fine lot of Diamond Rings and Pins,' . , ... . ,
Fashionable Ear rings. Breastpins and Rings, .1.- .. .
Braceletts, Cuff Pins and Armletts, ' ; ' : .
Very large assortment of Gold, Silver and Steel Specta
cles, - .'r.:v,of :
Gold and Silver Thimbles, -1 , t ; '-;-'
Gold and Silver Pencils and Pens and Lockets, 'J .
Steel Pens and Keys, Razors, Strops and Penknives,
Silver Table, Desert and Tea Spoons, . .
Ladles, Forks and Butter-knives, and Pickle-knives and
... ForkS) . ,.... ... .. .... -..
Castors, Candlesticks, Snuffers and Trays, - ,: "'7 ,
Baskets, Waiter Coffee Urn, . ' ,- -n . .; (..'
Gerondoles, Coral and Card Cases, , j. s- j-'
Perfumery and Fancy Goods, . j
All kinds of Watches, Jewelry and Clocks repaired in oar
usual manner. - , . : ; .
October 4, 1S52. .v - -
now running our Express daily, from Petersburg to- Raleigh
and intermediate points, in charge of our Special messen
gers. Tri-wcckly from Norfolk and Portsmouth to Raleigh
and the interior of North Carolina. Every. Tuesday and
Saturday, per atcamsnips KoanoBe -tcaa aTomestown, Irom
New York, for all parts of Virginia, North Carolina and
Tennessee. - - -..
Merchants and others wishing to support a truly Southern
Enterprize, and desirous of receiving their Merchandise by
Mail speed and the most economical rates, will find us carry
ing out our representations to the letter, by ordering their
correspondents to send their goods by ."Pari&enA King
PARISEN A KING, 2d Barclay st. K. Y. .
do do 'Boliingbrook St. Pet.
V t nurVT7T XT..r..ii, t?
II. D. TURNER, Raleigh, N. C. '
J. R. 4 J. SLOAN, GreensboroVN. O
. . Ul.U.lljll 1,111 luin V Ik.
On the first of August we shall run our Express to
and from Baltimore oud Philadelphia. , . -
July 2, 1853. " 66 tft .4
jSLJ on the 30th day of May last, mailed in the town of
Graham, Alamanee county, N. C, the following bills-of mo
ney to A. W. Steele, of Favetterille, N. C, and they haTe
not since been heard from "by them, and by giving; this no-,
tiee hope that if any person- should get hold of the letter
through mistake, tbey will keep the money until they can
inform them of the fact, whereupon they will tted to it
and compensate liberally any one who will give them any
information respecting tlie bills that they can get them. -
The bills arc one $50 bill on the Farmer's Bank of Va.,
No. 1509 payable at Danrille one $50 bill on- the Bank of
the State of North Carolina, No. 293 payable at Tarborongh,
one $20 bill on the Bank of Hamburg," South Carolina, No.
321 paj-able at Hamburg.
Graham, N. C, July 2d, 1858.- ' " ' 66-4w.
USINESS HALL, No. 1, Fayettevillb Street.
PECK 4 BELVIN Trade chanaed. all right now.
The Subscribers having- purchased -the entire Stock of-Dry
Goods and Hardware of Messrs. Evans & Cooke, at the old
stand on the corner of the late Richard Smith, dee'd, intend
keeping a general assortment of Pry Goods and, Hartlicare,
such as will suit the trade both in price and quality. The
stock of Hardware is nearly complete and mostly new, late
ly purchased by Mr. Evaus, one of the late firm. Intending
to close out the entire stock of Dry Goods, to be replaced by
new Goods we shull offer' such inducements to purchasers
as will satisfy them by giving us a call assuring the publio
that nothing shall be wanting on our part to merit their con
fidence and support. "
' L." W.i PECK,
July 18th, 1853.
E5f" Register and Spirit of the Age copy,
THE SUBSCRIBER having been North and purchas
ed a large assortment of Italian and American Marble for
Monuments, Tondis, and Jlead-ztones, and Hearth; Paint
stones, Slabs for Soda Founts, Bakers Slabs, and Nova Scotia
Grindstones, solicits the patronage of the citizens of Raleigh
and the surrounding country. He invites the citizens to
call and see his monuments, tomb and head-stones and drafts,
or send their orders, which will be punctually attended to.
The subscriber has been in business in this place sixteen
yenrs, and you can refer to any of the citizens of Raleigh.
His Marble-Yard is ten minutes' walk from the State House,
at the South-East Corner of the Graveyard.
The Subscriber has examined the Northern prices, and has
no hesitation in saying he can do work on as reasonable
terms as any. WILLIAM STRONACH.
Raleigh, Sept. 6, 1852. - 85 ly. '
99 DESCRIPTION. The subscriber begs lcara to inform
the Public that he has just received 22 doz. rolls ef superior
Paper, consisting of gilded, glazed and various ether figures,
together with bordering of all kinds, which will enable him
to do all kinds of paper-hanging in the neatest?, and most
workmanlike manner. .
Also, a supply of Window-Curtains, Fire Screens, and Re
flection paper. '
All persons wishing anything in the paper line could not
fail to be suited by calling on ine, as I have paper at prices
ranging from fifty cents to $1 50 per roll. -.
All orders thankfully received and promptly attended to.
Upholsterer a nd Ma Ur ess-Maker.
Raleigh, April 15th, 1853. : . -J 44
Summer Arrangement between. Norfolk and
New York. . -
PASSAGE AND FARE, (State room included,)
ONLY $3. The swift and elegant Steamships,
being fitted in every respeot according to the Act of Con-.
gress, will leave Norfolk for New York everr Wednesday
and Saturday mornings at 11 o'clock, with the United States
mail, arriving in New York early the next day. V
Returning, they will leave New York eveixTdesday and
Saturday afternoon, and arrive at Norfolk the following day.
For Passage apply on Board, or to -- - k
, . -. Norfolk, Va.
June 9th, 1853. 1 .- ' - ' v " 59 mpd.
J.M have been making Inge additions to our stock of Fan
cy and Staple Dry Goods, making our assort jient aa com
manding as at any time during the season."'' y '
Merchants replenishing their i stocks for-the Summer
months would find it to their interest to give us a call.
' Sycamore street, Petersburg, Vs.
N. B.' Orders shall have our prompt attention. " -'-
- 4 W.
May 13th, 1853, . y f-' ;- 1 52 '
OUR - SPRING STOCK of -Foreign and Pomsttie
Staple and Fancy Iry ..Goods, is, now eompldte. The as
sort men 1 is large- and commanding.-- CkcxTar Merchaxts
are invited to call and examine styles and prices, feeling
confident that we can offer as great inducement as any Job
bing House, North or South.-
- Sycamore 'street, Petersburg, Va. '
BERS have this day formed a Co-partBership, under
the firm and sty !e of Mora 4- Bbt ax, for the purpose of
crmductino- a Wholesale Hardware Business, in the City of
Petersburg: They will keep constantly on hand a large and .
well selected assortment of articles in their line "of business.
Merchants and others who deal in -this market are' earnestly '
solicited to give theni a caIL-. ; : ' ' 5 : Z-J-
. - s. , -.yy j JOHN A. MUTR. .
. .i.,. .. -v;? I f:'f..t -CIIARLES S. BRYAN.
Petersburg, July 1st, 1853. ' - v --V6ft 1m.
-MJ'- AN ELEGANT HOUSE AND LOT in the town of Ox
fbrd, with or without a small farm adjoining of 137 acres. '
It is unnecessary to describe the mansion or the beauty of the "
situation, as persons wishing to purchase will view the
premises. .,- 4 L. M. JIGGITTS. .
.June 24, 1853. ' ' " 978 w4w. y

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