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ITlTa m? w7ho l d e n,
boitob amd rsorsiiros.
Vol. XV.,
. ...N. J4-
Terms of the Mttndard.
The subscription pries of lb Standard I u fol
low!: .
Somi-Wwkly, monthi, 30
M Smooth, . 18
Weekly, months '
month, 10
Advertisement will bo charged flro dollars per
Square of ten line, for each insertion.
Ths Hon. Willism A. Grshsm, J. T. U'h, T.
0. Fuller, W. N. II. Smith, od John A. Gilmer,
1 wen In this City a day or two dnca. They ap
peared to be In good health after the heavy labor
of the session of Congress Just closed.
W call tten' ion to the (dvwtisouient of CoL
Parker la lu-dsy' paper.
.The communication of "Merlon" la rtpcctfully
declined We ax much obliged to the author for
fhe kind tarui la which be ie pleased to apeak of
us. But aoine of hia remark In regard to othera
oould do 00 good, and might, if published, tend to
Interrupt that harmony which la regarded by hlta
elf and by all aa so important at this time.
"A Sick Soldier" co-nplsins through the Con
federate of Wednesday, that "the rich member cf
too Episcopsl Church in thi City, which we are
uaing a a temporary hospital, ha taken away lb
uabiona out of tbe pews, thu eunipelling tb tick
an exhausted soldier, who have become diaablcd
to defence of their property, to lay their aick and
weary bodies on the hard cold plank of the pewa,'
Tb writer add that he ia " happy to date that two
or three member of the congregation hare ahown
more gratitude and humanity, and liavs left the
' euahionain their pewa." W Uke it for granted
that tboa wbo hare removed their cushions lutend
to substitute loineibing in their place, which, will
bo aa useful and a comfortable a tb cuahion
would bv been. So far as the value of the cuah
ion ia eoncurnod, however, that amount to nolh
iog, and ahouM not be thought of for a m iment.
They are not loo Due or too good, to reet the
Wearied bodies of the aick and wounded, and if al.
lowed to remain they would bav'e uiade excellent
mattresses. " A Sick Soldier " aaye be understanda
" that e ;ry pew was cushioned in that Church."
Tbia i a mistake. Some of thcin were not cush
ioned. It is not necessary that any feeling ahould
arise from what ' A' Sick'Soldior " coniplaJna of, aa
we do Dot believe tint any Suember of ties congrega
tion would think for a moment of withholding de
liberately from the sick snd wounded any comfort
tbat might be asked or expected. The set Cora-
plained of is to bo attribute J doubtleas to a want of
applies for the Arms.
We have heretofore noticed tb ooioTiendsble
spirit with which our people are lurniahing sup.
pile for tb anrfy. W observe, among other lo
calities, that Rockingham County baa don nobly.
Oo tb 11th instant a meeting wa held in lb
Court-house, in Wsrronton, which was addressed
by CoL Duncan K. McR, Hon. W. N. Edward,
and others. Tb following amount were sub
scribed on the occasion :
"Judge Bigg, ration for on soldior fur ail
months : Gen. H Ransom, ration for one soldier
twelve orontbs; W. N. KJwards, $HO0 in Confed
erate bonds; T. A. Montgomery, f 1,000 In Con
federate bonde; W. T. Alaton, $1,000 in Con fed
rat bonds ; J. K Twitty, rstions for on soldier
twelve months; T. L. Junes, ration for one sol
dier twelve monlha; Mr. B. J. Hay, ration for
one soldier twelve months, including clothing ; W.
K. Kearney, barrels of flour, 2ui pounds bacon ;
Judge Edwsrd Hall, 1 barrel 11 mr, 60 pounds ba
con; John T. Williams, ralrona for two soldiers
twelve months ;' J. V. Cswlhorn, 1 barrela H ir ;
John VYataun, 40 pounds bacon, (sale;) W. T.
I'arham, I barrels corn ; Nathan Milam, 0 be-rtls
corn ; F. A. Thornton, laliona fur ona soldisr twelve
ruontha; Mrs. W. 0. Williams, S barrels flour;
Thus. Carroll, 601 pound bason, t barrela Hour ;
Biosoa Fleming, rations for one soldier twelve
moats ; W, T. Sutton, ration far one soldier ail
months; Dr. Hate, rstions lor mo soldier twelve
mouths; Sol. Williams, 1 barrel flour, 1 do. corn,
m 80 pounds bacon ; Tboa. Twitty, $0110 in smoking
and chewing tobeccr ; vV. II. A. Kearny, 1 barrel
flour (sale;) Dr. U. 1'. 8irams, 1 barrsfrrV'ur, 100
pound bacon (sal ;) James K. Oarroll, HOT) pound
Moon, S barrels flour, ') barrel corn (isle ;) Hor
ace Palmer, 8 barrela corn, 10 buahela wheat, SuO
pound bacon (sale ;) U. W. Nicholson, goo pound
bacon, I barrela corn (sale or loan ;) Wm. Waiaon,
$1,000 Confederate bond; Jainea U. J one, rations
- fur on soldier il months (sale.;) T. E. (ireen, ra
tions for two soldisra six months; Vi a. II. Bert
lelt, l'JO pound baoun (sals;) J. B. Uatchelor, ra
tions for ons soldier six months.
I derm it but just, to say tbat the list of contri
bution mails al tb time, would no doubt have
been much largor, but fur tbe fact, tbat aa aoon u
it wa roolved to appoint a committee for each
diatrint, many oontributiona were withheld, to be
, given in to the eommitteea a being moat conve
nient to contributors, particularly a to tb deliv
ery of tb article contributed."
06 lb Ulh inatant a meeting was held at Wake
For eat, Wake County, at which tb following ub
oription wars mad :
"CI. B. Allen, 5 bbls. of com, ISO pound of ba
con ; J. al. Crenahsw, S barrels of flour ; J. 8. Purs,
foy, I HO pound flour, 60 pound of bacon ; J. A.
Battle, 1 barrel of flour ; W. B. Smith, 180 pound
of flour, 80 pound of bacon ; J. J. Pinnell, 1 bar
reWoorn, 60 pounds of bacon : W. T. Wsltera, 1U0
pound of flour, BO pound of bacon; J. VT. fort,
SOO pound bacon ; V. A. Fort, 1 4jiral of lour, 1
barrel of meal, 60 pounds of bacon ; Samuel H.
Dunn, 6 bbla corn, 10 bushels of peas, 80 pound
of bacon ; Dr. Chapel, I bbl. of corn, 40 pounds of
bacoo; Prof Wingats, I barrel corn, 00 pounds
of baoun; J.' It Dunn, lt0 pound of flour, 160
pounds of bacon ; M. Thompson, 8 bbls of flour,
160 pound of bacon ; P. A. Dunn, 1 bbL flour, I
- barrela of corn, 1 barrel peas. Soil loo bacon ; Dr.
Cobb, 1 barrel flour, 1 barrels of corn, 100 pounds
f'baooo; U. C. Logon. SOO pounds flour. 100 lbs.
of bacon W. D. Jons, 100 ;raund floor, SOO lb.
of bacoo ; P. U. slaugum, S bbls Cora, n) pound
of bacon.
Tb lollowing tmount wer (ubscrlbed ail
- nation to tb government, for the. special benefHof
tbe soldier, with a view to the payment of their
8. II. Dunn, 4 per cent certificate $1040; U.
Thompson, 4 par oanL ourtifl t $7uO; O. B. Al
len, 4 per cent cert i flea $1000; J, K. Dunn, T
percent bond $1000; J. t. Fort, 4 per cent oar.
tiOeate $3000; P. A. Djnn, $1000.
At a meeting previoualy held in Rtleijk a very
large amount wa ubecribed In proviainns and
money, and wa anderatand tb committe ha "since
; xooaived numerous ubacriptiona. Tb people of
Wake County ar doing heir whole doty in tbia
autur, Botwitbatanding fto pressnc of a large
army li nulrrially dimtniabiDg their aupplie.
Wa cannot rafraio, a a good Cooisdgrate, from
aaying tbat tb oonlributions by lb IUU comao-
Dity of Forestvill alone contrast remsrkably well
with tboa of Warren, Werno ii th richost
County in be Stat in proportion to territory nd
population. W do not censure her people, but
w rspstfully urge them to do better, we uo
not lik lb idea of aalea or loan to th govern
ment Ties contribution should be a fret will
offering, especially by those wealthy slaveholder
bo have thus tar capped th ravage oi war.
Their purees, their barns, and their amokehousea
should b thrown wide open to reliov tb wnU
of our gallant army. It ( not what a man eay In
thia orUia, but what he docs, tbat (tamp him a
the friend of the soldier and of th osus. W
regret to have call attention to the very insignifi
cant subscription in IhsWsrrenliat, by agontleman
of diitigition,-who estate cannot ! worth loss
than ona buudrtd Ihoueand dollar in gold curren
cy. Wo trust that tbat i not all be he given.
He must have intended to subsoHbe to the coin
uSn,. nl l.ia district at least Ave hundred pounds
f bacon, twenty barrel of corn, and live barrul of r
flour. Should he do so, or should he subscribs
mors than the above figures, we will Uke great,
pleasure In publishing the fact if it iliuu'.d be
brought to our notice.
W oonctiswith our neighbor ol th Progrm in
th following. Tbe people of Raleigh r acting a
no'do part in providing for the aick and wounded,
and In feeding the hungry soldier; and we trust
they will not become " wesry in well doing " Let
it be remembered that every hungry and alllicted
soldier whom we ee, once had home end family
tu love and care (or liiiu, and that he has been de
prived for s tilie of this great bleaaing by the inex
unble call of.uuty in the common cause.
" r'asu th SuLuixs. While the theatre of war
ia ao near us there must neoessnlj be a good many
ollloera and soldiers in snd about Kaleigh, some pas
sing through snd others on duty at this post, snd
if Ihs citixens would prevent raid on their premise
and defircdationa on their property, let them open
their Lsrdera and their houaes and feed them. Moo
will not ttarv if they can help it, and thoae whoa
business, go or other ooudiliins has saved them
from the hsrdabius, dans-era snd iilfcrinir of th
Held, ought to be willing to divide what they have !
in way ol auUUUnce with lhc battlo scarred vet- I
ran. Ueaiues th lick ana wounut-u trier are
many well aoldiera, paroled prisoners snd others,
who need food which the Commissary cannot or
does not supply, and thos faroilie who have the
mean should take them to their houaea and feed
them We believe that the peopl are generally
doing their duty ; we know that the la die aro duing
much to sllcvisle the sullerings of the sick snd
woflnded al the hospitals; but as there insy be
some thai aa yet havo done nothing, we apieal to
theiu tu ahsrs such as they havs with any hungry
man connected with the wroy."
In the Cunurwtic ol the 23d, We find tho fol
lowing announcementa :
I.t CoL John I). Taylor arrived in thia place on
the af'ciuoon of the 121 from the front We regret
to It-am that he lust bis arm in lb, fight oo Sun
1'apL Rinkin, of Wilmington, coraroanding one
of the companies uf the 1st battalion heavy artillery
N. C. Troopa was, ws learn, seriously wounded at
Lt Hamilton, company F, 19th Georgia rcginvnt,
died at li e depot in this city, on Tuesday night,
from wounds received al Bentunaville.
Mob Vlolescp.
From what we have' written in another article,
it will be seen box distinctly ws condemn any
purpose or intention by any persons tu u.jure.
damage, threaten or incommode any citixn, by
acts uf mub viulenco. We understand thai some ol
the citixens of lltleigh are concerned about tbeir
person aud property, becsuae of spprehensions
that such purpoae exists smong purilmis of the
soldiers. Ws do not believe there is any auch in
tsntion. No good snd brsve soldier will engage in
any lawless enterprise ; on the coulrsry, be owe
it to th law of lb land, and his own honoi, to
frown upon any combination, for an ills.al pur
pose, whatever may b hi feeling towards, or
opinion of tlx person againat whom they ar lev
eled. If such pprehnaiun are reasotialilyemer
Ulued, it is ths duty of th city authorities to Uke
Up to protect the threatened persons, snd the
measures should correspond with lbs sxtent ol the
threat, and the probability of their being put in
execution. Krery good vitiaen will readily bear
bis part In defending bis fellow citixen from vio
lenoa, and sis property from depredation, without
regaru to Ins prejudice, oonvictiunsor snimosities. .
And we sr swrs thsi either on the application of
tho U or, in anticipation of any violent conduct,
or un ths sppiicstiuo of an individual, who may
feel himself or property, or family to be in danger '
of uoloaution, thai thu military sulhorilie will
csublisb a guard to see order snd peace preserved,
and quiet tbe apprehension of ths citixens snd
mis course we would recommend to tbe city su
thorilies in tb interest of th public, as well as
Individual citixens.
But, while we look with an eye of extreme r
grd to these tranarendant internets, and sink in
dividual right to th level of al a demand as
ncuesaity ulay maka upon them, we online our
selves sir icily to governinei.Ul action under the
authority of law, and ws wholly repudiate, con.
uemn err reprobate the assumption of sutliortty,
by moist or combinations of persons. A Iswlaas
aggression upon individual persons, or thuir prop
eriy, u a orime against aociely which every man
should resist, not only lor himself! but lur hia
neighbor ; and this, whether bo and bis neighbor
egree or not, and nolwithsUnding he may deem
bis neighbor to b a vary improper person.
Nothing, w repeat, will luauff mob violence.
To ongags in suco I cowardly snd criminal. We
iruat mat our brave aoldicrs, strictly regarding
tbsir own honor, will serupulouslr absUiu them
selves, and aa scrupoloualy check in other sny
dmpoeitiou to set of revenge, or indignation, but
usi inoy will snow their II lolity to llieir govern
ment b a strict maintenance of ths righu of K
citizens. OunftdsraU.
W learn that th Governor has requmUd th
Council of tiut to meet in thia city on next Mon
day, Ha 87lh Inst Ointtnatin.
W regraC to learn, sara th ConftderaU, that
Brig. Gen. Reynold of Arkauas, ws severely
wounded in one of the recent light, snd has suffer
ed amputation of the left leg. He ia now in hospi.
tal at tit 11 rvuidenor of Dr. Fab. J. Haywood,
and ia doing as well as positbls.
Brig. Hen. Usrrlaon, of Texas, wounded In tb
cavalry alfair'at Jolinaonville, is improving.
A ExaarL WoHrnror Isiranoa At Tench's
auction aal ymterdty, an alegsnt new blanket waa
put up to be Bold, which the auctioneer eialed b
longed to lady, wbo was forced in part with it to
procnr money to buy food. He ssked '.lie crowd
to bid liberally, su-.isig thst hs intended to chsrgs
no oommlfiftion for making ths aa . Ii ws trud
at $19 and vary rapidly went up to fnO, at which
pnos it was knocked down to a well known cill
aen, who paid the amount snd directed thi suction
ear to send ih bltnket back to the lsdy. .
Bkoi Jan. W lesm thst two negro men,
uador sentence of delh, for the crime of Rape, end
who were to be heng-d on Friday, th 14th Inat,
broke jail. In Olfnrd, on 8 inday aight but, making
tbsir escape. Cokftdtratt.
a ,
Sata or Atrronaama At an sntiq-jarian aals In
Washington city, sa autograph teller of Lafayetf
to Mr. Madison, was sold lor $10, BO ; the eigne
lure Of Napolson Bof)spart brought $..S0 ; a let
ter from William Henrr Harrisnn brought $4,80;
John Hancock' autograph, $,60; Von Uumooll's
smo-rayh, $4.78 ; a latter (mm Andrew Jackson,
$ ; a letter from Thorn Jefljr in to Lstaretle,
$D ; Thomas JefferlWc adlress in ths Tammsr.y
Socisty, $3,80 ; tbeautngrspb uf l'ouusia L'Ujvsr
tur, $5,80. .
' rroia th Front. .
Active opersllon continu below. Beosus of
th wall understood wish of our military author!
tie sr rafraia from publishing th many rumor,
tc, which w eonatantly hear.
Oeo. Juhnston's recent (ucceste hav Infused
confidence into th public mind, snd his ability to
meet hi snUgonist successfully I daily Increasing.
Th people nd srmy ar happy in th wl sjjeo
lion of tbeir Commander in-Chief, who ha plaoed
tlii able itratrgisl and thorough soldier at tha bsad
of affair in Ibi Sut.
Below ws grr th telegraphic account of tha
battle ol Bsntonavills :
. IliAugiiasTsas, Aaaixa C. P., starch 20th.
Hon. J. 0. HrfiiimriJt; Soertlarftf War: Oen.
J. K. Johnston xcporu tbat about 6 P. M., on lb
11)1 instant hs attauked tha enemy near Benton
ville, routed him and captured three gun. A mil
in tho rear ho rallied upon fresb troops, but was
forced back slowly until six P. M., whsn rrcaiving
more lroo; l apparently asaumed ths oflsnsiv.
whicb wss resiaUd wKbout diUiculty until dark,
Tbia morning hs is emrenchecL
Our troops bebsved admirably. A dsns thicket
prevent rapid operation.
Signrdj R. E. LEE.
TrHsa..tf iaslalppi, Cbarlestoa, e.
Tb Mobile Aiwtuor and Htglttir, ha rli
bl information that Klrby Smith bs 3,000
000 negro tropa armed, equipped and organised,
under their meters, and operating in th Trn
Mississippi Department, Tbe muster rolls of that
department conuins ovor one hundred thousand
name, snd eighty thousand cOoctiv men r in Ih
arvico. Ths jo irnal announcing . tbia fsct, ask
wby they ars not used to soms purpose where they
r needed, i
The small pox prevail at Mobil. Tbe exohanged
prisoner brought It with them. SaniUry measure
have kept it limited in iU ravage.
Th Yankees in Chsrleston send out daily, for
ging parties to dovastat the ptanUtion on th San
tee. All able-bodied negroes ar being dragged
from tbeir home to fill th Yankee rank.
The Carolina railroad is operating within five
mile of Sutumerville, twenty five mile from Char
leston. Dr. A. Q. Mackey, and another personjiav been
appointed by the Yankea Street Inspector of Oner
leiton. The Editor of th Courier cM Dr. Mick
ey an old and well tried ciliaen.
Sanitary Improvement are progressing In East
Bay, Broad and Church street. Th Yankees are
fearful of the event of the rck1y season, and ars
purifying to be prepared fur it.
On the night af the lOih March, a fire destroyed
a whole block, in whicb waei lusted th warehouse
of John Frsxier A Co.
Th roads to Charleston ar lined -with peopl,
white and black, going to Charleston on foot to
trade and (ur protection.
Fostay has commenced treating ladies bruUUy
and outrageously in hi raids from Charleston.
Tb cotton fleet that left Tybe on th Id, con
sisting of 13 vessels, I supposed to hsvs been lost
in th torm wjich prevailed oS Hatters two week
The situation on th North border of Alabama,
March 6th, shows that Qilinor wa being rein forc
ed by Thorns with cavalry.
At Knotville preparation ar being mad to novo
into Western Virginia.
Tboma baa garrisoned Dal ton and Tunnel IlilL
Three regiment ar at Chattanooga, and two hun
dred and eighty at Running Water, and forty in
each of the block bouses at Knders. At Bridgeport
there ar Iw regimenu, and at Su van son tb gar
rison ia aery small. Tb bslsocs ol Thomas' army
ar at IJunuville, Decatur and Eastport
Roaecran baa five brigades) in Middle Tennearee,
couring lb country for aupplie snd recruit.
Tb rebel aoldiera they catch have the alternative
to Join the Yankees or be killed. Stokes' brigade
Is most conspicuous in thia work.
Tha Yankee prisoners bare been moved np from
Cahswba to Selnia, Ala., on account of the high
water flooding the country ao that supplie could
not roach tbem. ,
Grierson wa at Psr.sscols with ix thousand
Iroopa oo tbe 8th Inatant Preparation continu
at Penaaoola for operation on Mobil snd Selma.
Proa lb North. '
Northern paper uf tb 17ih received in Rich
mond. A diapstcb to Grant from 8harman, dated Fay.
etleville, 13th, says his army is In fin health and
spirit. lis bad met with no eerioua opposition.
Sheridan reports that on Monday last a portion
of his cavalry was engaged betwsaa Hanover Junc
tion and Richmond while the main body waa push
ing on toward th WhiU House.
Tbe London Tuna says the fact that (he new
Minister is sccredited to tbe United Stales will die
pet th wild fsncy (hat England and Franc con
teui plated a sort of underhand recognition of the
Southern Confederacy on the 4th of March by so.
kuowledging Lincoln aa President only of thoae
Stales which bad taken part In but election.
- Ex Senator FooU ha reiUrated hia denuncia
tion of th Confederacy in a letter published in
The ram OliiuU wa atill In the port of Ferole.
We find In the Cvnuroatif of th 23d, th fol
lowing Utter 4irscd to Gov. Vance :
Eurrr, March 18th, 1803.
To Hit Etcollnry, Z. Ji. Vance, Oo$. of IT. 0. :
Dsas Si: Ths trsin foui Little River arrived
thi morning. Th following may be regarded as a
summary ol the newa from Fayetuville, vis : a
All the Arsenal buildings burned,
Fayetteville-Ooacreer office burned,
' W. B. Wright's reaidsnee burned,
O. B. Mallet's residence burned,
John P. McClesni residence burned,
Mrs. Bank'a residence burned.
Jtranob Bank of SUM of N. O. burned, . I
l wo warehouses occupied by llocktlah Co burned,
Court house snd jail burned,.
All the cotton facioriea burned .
John Waddell was killed on bis nlanUtion about
f.Kir milee east of Fayettevllle. None of the citi
xena o( FvtyelUvillewerekilled. ' John P. MdClean,
W. T. Horn aud Major' Hawly were all bong to
extort from tbem where their valuables erere bid,
but were taken down uninjured. Ii is reported
that about 4M negroes and white wer drowned in
Cap t"ar River, in endeavoring to eecsno-with the
Ysifkeea, either from tb (biking of a flat ur tb
Y nke olHcera cutting the pontoon loose.
Priest residences, after being plundered, wer
guarded la " protect " them.
Tour Excellency' ob't sert't,
J. a
i PtiMTT or Peorieioire. Th Lynchburg Ripuh.
(Ima, under lb caption of " Curious Facta," ha
th following I
In hi ofUcisI report of hi late raid to Jama
River, Sberidan aay that he found provisions for
man and beast in great abundance all along bis
march t Thi 1 a beautiful common Ury upon the
liberality and policy of eome of our people. Whoa
Oen. Lee calls for provisions to feed bis needy army,
wa are told that large aeotiona of the country bave
nothing and that thi man aod that bave given then
all, but When Yankee raider eome along they Had
meat houses snd corn cribs or cellars filled with all
bondance. How It this f How Is it thst our peo
ple prefer to feed our enemies to oar friend f pre
ler to have thalr provision taken, from (beta by
Sheridan to giving Ihem to Lee f
-furthers Aoooaalef th Battlo between IhsrU
aaa aal Eailr.
A correspondent of th, u,w York Herald de
scribing tbe Ught with General Early, says : .
Leaviog Suunton, tbe rooU waa oo s common
dirt road. Thia was aoftened by constant rain o
tbat th mud was nesrly two lest deep. The
march wa necessarily slow, but tb troop wer in
excellent spirit, and only too eager to meet th en-
. . .
When ueneral Uualer reached riansrvuie, uv
miles from Wsynesboro', he csroe upon tbe rebel -
videttee, but these he sent Hying to their camps in
quick time. Un reaching a point near Waynes
boro' ths column-wss halted, and a detachment
aent forward to reconnoitre. Tbia party aoon dis
covered tb enemy posted on a range of hills near
Waynesboro' and South river. Tbe rebels had five
fiieces of artillery in position, commanding Ih
ront,on which Cuater wa approaching, lien.
Custer immediately dismounted and deployed two
regimenu ss skirmishers. In lb rear of them and
on either id of the road wer Solid regiment. Ths
movement on the enemy's works wss tho work of
a moment Our skirmisher sovsnced with rapidi- ,
ty, firing at l.'.o ensmy, and then the whole line
moved oil tbe eneniy'a poaition. Tbe rebels fired
ons volley, and then ran like a flock of sheep.
Their sltempt to escspe wss lruillaa, Custer
closed his line on them, and surrounded nearly the
entire lorce of the enemy, captured eightyeven
ooinuiissieued olllceis, eleven hundred and aixly
five enlisted men, thirteen SlaU and battle llags,
seven cannon, one hundred wagons, ambulance
and other veliiclus. Among ths rebel officers cap
tured were Ueneral Early's entire stall Colonel
Orr, chM of artillery, and Colons! Vesburg, com
msnettnii brigade.
Uenaril Marly did not attempt to rally or en
courage bis men, bat II -d when he aaw Cualer snd
bis troops uianuuviing fur position. 1Ie rode olf
on a Heel horse, attended by an orderly, and prq;
ceeded through the Blue Ridge via Korktlsb gap,
and tuwarda Charlottesville.
lt soams that Uen. Kuly despaired of.msking any
successful deienca against Sheridan, snd on tb
momipg of the day Custer atucked hiur, bo ctused
all surplus store and si I places ol arliltwy to bo
placed on a railroad track fur transporution else
where. The train wa alao captured by Uen. Cue
ter, together with all the spoils, including a Urge
qualif y ol sr'.dlery ammunition. Tu trtillery
wa all destroyed, burst or spiked, and th gun
carriage destroyed on account of Ih muddy con
dition of the road.
Tire victory waa almost atiloodlesa one, a.w
only lost Un or twelvs iu killed and wounded.
All th rebel wagon capiuied from th eneinr
were destruyed for ibe aauio reason abqv iialtd.
Fi'nsaaL or Muoa Gkxxiui. Wiiitiku Tbe fu
neral ol Major (jcneral Whiting, Confederate Sut
army, took pise at i'rinity Church, New York, and
was quits Isrg-ly attended. Brigidier ueneral.
Ik-all, of the Confederal Sulos army, wss present
The Herald says :
Every one present seemed alive to the solemnity
of the occasion, and many appeared sincerely articl
ed. The aflllcled mother nd aiatera of Ueneral
Wbiling occupied Si-ala near ibe alur, and esoiled
unaual aympathy. Tb Ian! word of the aervico
having bee. i uttered, the procession re-formed in
the same order, with the addition of the female rel
atives snd several Isdies friends of ihs deceased
all in doep muurning, and passed out of the church,
whence they proceeded to Ureenwood ceuMlry,
where pending the removal of bia remains to the
South, Ihey a ore deposited. The coffin was highly
polished rosewood, silver mounted, the following
inscription being on the breasiplaU: " Major-Uen-eras
W. II. C. Whiting, V. S. A , born in the sute
of Mississippi, died on Governor's Island, New York
harbor, March 10, 18113, agej forty years, eleven
months snd eighteen days."
Un ths eofiln wss placed two handsome crosses,
romp-wed of pure wbiU cameliaa ; and while it wss
peahinrf up Ih aiale, a you as; lady placed a number '
ol ttuwera, with a whit wsn, on lb lid.
Th Omrrrafirs ye,V have been ahown a
letur Irosa Ma). W. 8. Downer, Superintendent of
tbe Lockville Mining Company of ine 17th inat,
?;iving som scoount of 111 doings of Ih Yankee,
n Fayelleville. We bave beeu perruillcd to ex
tract the fullowing :
" Favelteville ie ruined. All the Anor.al Build- '
ing, th Market House, Court House, printing
otUce, both Foundries oil th Mills, Cotton Facto
ries, Uil Works, Mr. M eMail's house, Mr. McLean'
bouse, Ao. They robbed the people of everything
in the way of food. I hav a letter from Mr. Mal
lelt in which he says, 'aom people mutt surve.'
Th train baa gon down to Liltl Kivsr to-day and
Uken a load of provision. "
Nor Coaaxcr. Th Superintendent of Conscrip
tion, in a report to Congress, intimate that lb
conscript law has not been fully enforced ia thi
Sute. Thi intimation, or charg is not correct,
nd does gross injustice to North Csrolins, for wa
venture to say that in no Stat: of ths Confederacy
hss Ihs conscript Isw been more fully executed then
in this, ahd no commander of conscripu has been
mors prompt in discbsrging his duties than Col.
Mjllett, ami no Sute sulhorilie have eo opera'ed
more cordially in execnting the law than hav tho
of North Carolina. President Dsns himself hs
givon testimony on this point, fur in his speech at
the Depot in thia place laat aommer ho declared
that ths law had been betur, enforced in North
Carolina than in any other Sute.
The fact la, if other Stalea had erecuud th law
a well aa North Carolina has, our armies would be
larger than they now. are. North Carolina has been
pretty thoroughly drained of men, and cannot
bear much lurlher draining. Char, ltmosral,
Tn Nswspar Pkrss id ths ConrxDssacv.
Tbs Dsnvisss Heguter of Wednesdsy, remsrks thst
the recent movemenU -of Sherman snd Sheridan
hsvs greatly decreased the number ol newspspera
published in the country. In Virginia we have
daily papers issued from four punu Richmond,
Lynchburg, Dsnvills snd Petersburg, and on week
ly at Clarksville. . The number hss been Isrgely
curtailed In North-Carolina, Wilmington, (Jolds
boro', Fayctteville, New hern, etc., are now in the.
banda of the enemy. The Yankee now publish a
paper at Wilmington. Sum think that Raleigh,
too, may go by, then Greenaboro', and Charlotte,
and aom amaller place will be alnn left In
South-Carolina it ia even worse. Th Meremy
was removed from Charleston aom time before the
occuption of the city by the enemy; and the Con.
rim wbioh swrnsined, ws taken ia cbsrge by tbe
Yankee,' notwilhiUndiug.it opposed nulliflmtion
in '83, and ia now iasued as a Yankee newspaper.
AD tbe paper in Columbia have been discaatlnued.
Tb SoutK. Carolinian i now published at Char,
lott. N. U.
In Geogit tBe number of public journal has pro
Dortionallr diminished, and the sauaa nivhauiil
of the remaining Southern Sutea,
Th result of all thi I that there i getting to be
a dearth of newspapers in tbs ConlederaU State.
The precariousnean of th uUgraph service, oa
which the daily pspsrs now rely so much for news,
also operaUs as a barrier Jo newspsper enterprise,
even in tho narrow aeetiona of country aa yi un
touched by the enemy. Whig.
Th Yankee in their attack on th forU below
Wilmington, bad a counterfeit presentiment of th
Monitor MonUuk, which they call tb ' Albemarle
No. . The turret ia oompueedof csnvas snd frsm
work th propelling power being (light lu prin
cipal oaesppeaar, Iron Ysnke accounts, to con
sist in producing " a scars," but by the ssme source
it is ataled that Fort Andarmn sent some ugly ahoU
through the turret, and ehang d tbe bout to tbe
other teg Carolinian. '
Aa sAaTLsas Abunt. Naimanna, a blsrk
Sriuos, srrivsd in K iglsnd from neighborhood ol
isrrs Leon in 17U 1. The gentleman to wboae
care lie had beea entrusted look greet pains to con
vinceliiinMial the Bible i th Word of God, and
be received it aa auch with great revsrenoo aod
simplicity. Whsn he. waa asked what it ws that
satisfied him on Ibi tubjeet, I replied : " W hoa
I found ell good men mioding th Bible, d oil
ing it th Word of God, and all bad aa disregard
ing it, I ibea waa lure ibatthe Bible must be what
good men call It, the Word ol God."
There baa been a snow storm in th south of
Franc, auch aa has aol bo known before in th
'memory of oao. Several live wen iot by ft,
Casualties la the Bailie of Bealoaavllle, fought
uadar, March lwlh, 18. -
Our Reporter has handed u th following list of
wounded In the bttl of Bontonavills, and now in
thi City, (or Ip the course ol being irofrrd to
other point,) at th Eptacop! snd Ltaptlet Church.
Orricxa's QuiXTsus Uatwooo Housa.
Brig Geo D II Reynold, Ark, left thigh aopu
tated. Brig Oen E V Pettis, Lea' corps, flash wound
'"cof D N Keener, 8th Fla. ainpulated right leg.
Lt Col J K Elliott, 80th Ala, contused wound.
Maj W E Elliott, Geo Lse'aiUS; gunhot wound,
Lt Jno Middleton, 1st 8 0 artillory, eoncuaaion
Lt A D Reirans, 2Sth Gs, right log.
Capl J M Base, 82d Tenn, right arm.
Lt W C C. tley, S8th N C, contusion shell
Lt E 3 Sauls, lOtH S 0, flesh wound.
Lt llnykm, 6lh Us, right arm.
I . V J i'm .Mil. Sl.il N II llMfl
Lt J Dollawhite, 1st kliss, Bsulion, Isftshoul-
Lt W J Millsr, 4Sth Tenn, jaw.
Lt C W Gray, 80th Ga, right leg.
Col Jas llaitan, 8d Ala, Car, lelt arm.
Capt B II Thornton, 05Ui Ua.
Lt J C Buyer, 2nd Ark, left thigh.
Lt L Pope, 4 ill Ark, right ankle.
Lt M D Park. Sth Ark, neck.
Lt Jss A Kelly, soih N C, left arm.
LtC C Guun. Olh Fla, left thtgh.
Lt S S S McAubsy, 10.U N 0, right aid.
Lt T J Kirk, UMh Gs, wrist. .
Uspt J Brook 86ih N 0, smpuUtion right arm.
Cspt W I) West, 13th Ark. (boulder.
Lt Albert Levingston, 3rd Fla, knee.
EriiCoFAk Cuuaon.
J F Walden, Corpl Oonnpsny A, S3d Gs, bat
talion, head.
L McDonald, B, 38th N C, atomacb.
Burton lliown, G, ootb N 0, r ght side.
8 1) Hiller, C, 20h S C. left leg.
C Ro'.-rs, K 41st Us, right hsnd.
C R Knuwlea, C, 20th Ga battalion, right arm.
Corpl J A Webb, 0, 20th Ga battalion, left
Private Lewis Ellis, A, 83d Va, lelt band.
Corpl A J McKinney, U, 1st S C artillery, left
Private W M Pucker, 0, lit S 0 artillery, left
Sergt Chas O Brian, B, 10th Tenn, left thigh.
J B Underwood, 1st S C Artillery, C, left band.
J T H Biown, 1st SO Artillery, left aide, bead.
Corpl P J Ooliim, 1st 8 C Artillery, right aide,
Chsa Lanwicka. 1st 8 0 Artillery, B, right hand.
W T H albert, 1st 8 0 Artillery, D, contusion.
J A Owens, IstS 0 Artillery.B, right arm.
Dsvid Collins, 7th Fla , F, left bip.
J E England, 8th Ga., K, right shoulder.
J A Heudrick, Sth Ga, left band.
J A Orr, F, nJ Vs., left shoulder.
W M Rough, I, 41.1 N. C, left arm.
J P Fountain, G, 8th Ga, right arm.
Scriit S J Mooney, II, 8lh Mia., lelt band.
B F Day, Sergt, G, 23rd Ua., right arm.
J L Cox, prisoner, K, 1st S 0 Infantry, left hand.
- Wm Seium, prisoner, E, 1st 8 C lufanlry, right
T Smith, O, Ist S C Infmlry, left band.
J T Cbildere, G, 1st 8 0 Infantry, left srm.
D If Hurney, Slh S. C, left hand and (id.
D McDniel, G, 8d Fls , left shoulder.
L D Hatter, E, 8rd Fla, both hands.
8 J Tillat, U, do do left aide.
Oscsr Collins. O, do do nock.
D J McKee, II. 86th N. C, left thigh.
J I'sssmsn, 81d Geo., ooncussion, shall, bsad aod
Orderly Sorgt J F Douglass, ISib S. C Uttalioa,
lelt hand
H J Harshaw, A, 15th S. 0. battalion, laft arm.
Wm Caldwei, A, lfith 8. C. battalion tight
Wm Brilly. U, 17th N. Q, left srm.
Wm Price, K, 17th N C, right shoulder.
Sergt J A Murphy, F, d Miks, aide Aid head.
II 8 McKadgen, B, Sih N C, contusion.
J M Unning. U, 23tb Ala, left aide bead.
W W Cook, U, 84th Ua VoU, left wrist.
W R Perry, A, 6Stb Ga, Ufl arm.
Corpl W M So-.gRin, I. 19th Ga, right arm.
J M Rohbina, I, lUth Ga, led sbouldsr.'
E T Jstne, 0, 6ttb Al, right arm.
Peter McDeniot, B, Id Ark, right leg.
J M Bright, H, 2d Ark, left hand.
A number of wounded have been transferred from
the hospital who nsme w bar not obtained,
BarrisT Cucacu.
Nora. A nomber of thos nsmed below havs
bra transferred west of this place.
. Private B Wilson, A, 18th Arkansas, lsfl
P II Ursdshsw, K, 14th Arkansas, left hand.
I Williams, I, 18ih Arksnsaa, left lag. -
J S Melon, K, 2nd S 0, right band,
J W M Her, K, Sth N 0, head
W R Wsidcn, II, 6th Gs, right hand.
S H Ratclifl, I, I I Miaa, lefrkrm.
E Jones, K, 23d Miss, left srm.
M S Slusrt, G, 22d Mia, right hand.
F M Turner, B, 1st Miss, left arm.
Sergt J J Spivay, E, 28ih Oa, right arm.
Corpl 0 W lUbsn, D, 221 Miss, right srm.
J U Hayne, C, 7th Fla, left band.
Sergt J Hence, A, 18th Tenn, left arm.
T Strickland, G, 6th Fla, right arm.
D II Player, F, 6 111 Fla, face.
Lt D J. Williams, C, .h Ark, left arm.
J E Lee, D, llth Ark, right arm.
W altera, D, Vtb Ark, lelt leg.
Henderson, K, Vib Ark, left arm.
W. Kelly, F, 1st Fla. face.
Gillespie, A, 1st N 0, right cheek.
C K SUwsrd, A. 1st N 0, right wrist
Graham, A, 1st N 0, right arm. .
M Killer, A, 1st N 0, left arm.
J H Bailer. H. 8th Ga. throat.
D 0 Pariueotar, C, Sth Ga, left ana. - -
J F McDonald, O, nth Ua, right aria.
D R llurtlsw. A, jight battery, finger.
Sergt M J Rivenbank, B, let N C, alt hand.
Lamb, B, 1st N 0, finger.
J D Herring, B, 1st N C, bead.
Judge, B, 1st N 0, right arm sad eye,
W 11 Burt, B, lat N C, left leg.
Thos Tbigpen, D, 17th N 0 left arm.
J 8 Finch, X, 8Ud Ala, left leg.
J 0 Ui'jeoss I, rib Ala, thigh.
. P Davis, Corpl. U. 81st Miss, lelt hanrL
I AC Strowd, B,.28tb Ga, bead.
n mil, nf zDin ua, len tnign.
W Conder, 0, 10th N 0, lac.
11 0 Harper, A, 48d Mias, breast
A Benlou, D, loth N C, eoncuaaion.
W R Karlotl, A, 68tb N 0, bip.
H 0 Leach, A, 10th N 0, finger.
G Walton, A, 10th N 0, forearm.
0 B Hutto, B, 9d 8 0 A, right lew.
Henry Usk, H d 8 0 A, leA shoulder.
G W Rose, A, 6th Ark, lelt band.
0 W Richards, E, lh Mias, left arm.
0 9 London, B, Vth Tenn, left aim
T M Clark, G, 92d Ala, right leg.
B F GurneU, B, let S C, right bassd
J II Everi 0. ITth N C, right leg.
B Milliards, O, 281b Oa, arm.
H Landinea, (a, 28tb Ua, arm.
H liurlley, II, 28th Oa, left arm.
E F Eamea, U, 8 1st Kiss, right hand
J L Tyson, E, 40th Ala, ngbt abouluox.
0 J Abrama, F, S'dth 8 U, left hand
U O Martain, F, toth 9 O, right srav
A L Caubla, K, 80th N C, leg,
AM Duke, F, SI7th Ua, rigbi ahoalder.
W H King, A, Bad Ga, right Veg.
H Chapman, fl, Oa, right Ie;.
J II Vug'nn, G, 27lh Ua, left arm, .
J r LeOler, F. C4lh Va, left thigh.
J M Oweua, F, B4th Va, right id.
A Brown, F, 64U, Vft, rigutiido.
J IWirere, F, 14th Va, hip.
U H Biavina, K, 20th Toon, tar. '
Strgt J IK W Auiln, C, 10th R 0, haouX
W Be vina, 0. lOih N 0. hud.
W K Cbnrch, F, 8d 8 0 A, leg.
: Lt Joo Bobtn, G, 6Sth Ala, leg.
iri 2- """"on. K. 63th Ala, left side, :
sSf;' Q' 65lt Al. Uf
Sjv, G T Barker, B, 60tU Ala, left foot.
Sergt J J Wolf., F, 2d 8 0, left foot.
J B Riley, F. 8d 8 U, right srm.
J M rtennerly, F, 2d S O, lufc arm. "
A J Hartxog, F, 2d 8 0, ooncusiion.
J W McLeny, I. 2d 8 6, fro. . ,
T A Rruoe, F, 2d 8 0, left aide
.HO Uleli, F, 2d 8 0, head and hand.'
D VT Bird, F, 2d 8 0, right tide. '
J R Walker, C, Sd S C. foot
J R Wolfe, ), 2d 8 0, thigh. .
Lt w Colbert, A, 67tb Ala, left '
W R Wlngate, I, 6Jth Ala, left arov
J Balckou, I, 67th Al, left arm.
J M Reynolds. C, lath 8 0. left hsoi
E Withers, B, 7th Fla, right band.
J II Insco, F, 7th Fl, right shoulder
J B Stephens, K, 7th Fla, left aid. '
C R Parker. F. 40th Ala, hand
Sergt W T MoDunsld. E, 28d Mi, left U
Corpl J 8 Bullock, E, Bi Miss, (hauld?
E M Yates, B, 2l)d Mis, hsndT
II U Vincon, C, 8tb Ga, head.
J C Rump, C, Atb Ga, left leg.
J. Visage, C, fllh Ga, right arm.
M L Kilching, 1, 6th Ga, thigh.
3ergt i P Daniel, B, 4Hih Tenn. ler '
S R vVildor, D, 17th, NO. leftaVm.
W G Sincklin, K, 61st N 0, right bin,
Bsinoa, 0, 1st Mia, back.
L L Sksle I, 12th Ga, neck.
P London, F, 611 N 0, right hand.
E M Brook, G, 28d 0, head.
J Braxton, E, 60th N 0, right arm.
S I'J'homss, E, 8d 8 0, back.
E Uatcbrll, E, 2d 8 0, back.
Samples, B, Sth Ga, left arm,
8 A llicka, B, 60th Ga, bead
W Rodgera; B, 8th Oa, right leg.
8 0 liargan, A, 14th Miaa, left band
J D Rushing. G, 14th Miaa, left band.
J U Hugh, D, 81st Al, left band.
T J Jitferds, E, 811 8 O, left hand.
Sergt W R Harrel, A, 12th La, right ara.
A L Parker, II, 12th La, right arm.
T G Lues, 0, 12lb La, left band.
A J Nelson, G, 12th La, right arm.
J M Cruise, E, 64tb Ala, left band.
Sergt W It Johnson, E, 64th Ala, left.
Corpl J W Burnett, 0, 7th Fla, band.
j a anignt, a, Yin ria, hand.
Lt J K Knighting, Ii, 26 Ala, right ana.
Sergt J M Bell, E, 28d Ala, left arm.
W Lewis, K, 84lh Ga, left arm.
J Wallace, K, 66ih Ga, hip.
Sergt B Roaaer, E, toth A I, left hand.
R Adams, 0, 7th Ark, left b,snd
L Gruon, A, Sth Ark, arm.
Will Cbarua, I, 2i 8 U A, rigut (boulder.
James Uarp, E, Both Tenn, arm.
Battls or BsNTONsriLLS. A train Metsitaj
ome two hundred wounded from th bstusltUs
Benlonsvill arrired here TueMlay sflsrsso
Among the wounded are th following:
' Lt Col J J Sharp, 23d Ga., in right almlss
M.j tTen'rew. 27lh Ga, thigh broken. ' ' '
Cspt John Keely, Co B, 19th Ua snail km
in l- (t leg broken.
Adjutant J B Pye, 27th Ga., Id right xs,
Lieut Hamilton, Co F, l&Hh Ga., shot uSnad
lungs, mortallf.
. Lieut Montgomery, Co A, 10lh Gs., (hot urssA
right Ihigh, Hash wound
Sergt Chas Guess, Co B, 3d Gs., (forosKlji
Orange county, N. 0.,) left log brolrisa. -
11 C llama, Co K, 17lh N. C, from PiUeMah,
bot through body.
Priv.t O D Wilson, Co H, 40th N. d, Jss
Ssmpson county, through thigh severely. '
J A Walter, Co L, 17th N. 0., from (Maura
county, in thigh. Doing well. Conrtati. .
Josh Billings gives some sdvic to a yoasfbif
aa lo bow she eball receive a proposal! -T
ought lo take it kind, lookinc down bilL with a
exprcshun about half tickled and half tart Ami
the pop ia over, if vure luvrer wanu taw kiss rat.
I'don'l think 1 would say yes or no, but let as
miug aina or ua iu own aoure."
Dall or Uiaaa Lonos, No. 40,)
Monday avaning, March 10, A, D 1888.
Wutsxs, It has pleased th Almighty Dispssf
of all human evenu in bia inscrutable Previdase
to remove from our midst our much mpeetsl
Brother William J. Lougee, for many yean a asa
ber of thia Lodge, and whil w regret tbe lei
wbicb Masonry and the community bave suslsissi
In his death, were forcibly reminded tost w Us
are born lo die ; that sooner or later we shall a
scend to the tomb and be known ao more ee rank
7 hereore XeteheJ, That w deeply ayapslkia
with Ih family of our deceased bolber, and rsses
to them our linear eondoleno for tbsir lost
Jteeolrod, Thst tbs aecretar of this Ledrt h
i requeeled to Iraosmll a copy of Ih rulusl
I to ihe family of our deceased Brother, sad Ise)
j they be published in the city paper.
JAS. A. MOURE, Coaaitut
Ii. MAtHElt,
lo Chsrlotta, on Saturday tvening last, Lirst
Roar. BuswsLk, of the 48d N. 0. regiment, i
tbe Use. Robert BurwelL
In Greenaboro', on the 13th Inat, Lieut. Cekesl
Clxbkst G. Wsioht, of Fsystlsvill.
Headsjaartar Poet af Kaleiaail
aVaaca tea, !. f
Umss MeaduvairUrs ef susMroue soows4rai
Isipreaaiug huracs froas eiUaMis of this vieiailr. Tie
ones is to wara all of the lawleaeaas aaa aisw seal
aelbohlr of ear oo lo iaspreae ssuok ,sss4 aUfWS
Land i a, laapaeior of Field Traaeporiatiua. Re aaaaf
aoder orders fiom Oee. Jobaaioe.
I adviee all eiiisaaw sliber U aboot aawa all euar w
tise allesipliag la inpreaa tbsir etuek; or else stmw asa
, to these ileadiuwiers.
Tbs former coarse I
r coarse a""' 1
F. M. ".
CoL CewaaS'''
March U, 1SS5.
Executive Departmesl North'CarolIss, I
Asjuvamv OsMsaal.'a Omos, t
aaleigti, Marak avta, IHi. I
Gssisst, OsDxaa,)
X ral Ordara Ma. X, will assemble, wtlaeel Ssla;.
lb followiog earned plaeea, vis r
Thai lor lbs 1st U.strist al Jseksna,
llisl for the id Distriel at Entteld,
Thai fur the sd District al draiihaaM,
Thu for la Sib Dieiriet as rarevuvUle,
Thai fcir the Sib llialriet al Haleigh,
Tbat for tha Sth Dieiriet al Oraeoabore'',
Thai tur lb 7 lb District si Lexiofloa,
Tbal for the (th Dislrlel si (Jbarlolle,
Thai for the sth Distriel at Blataevllle,
That forth lath Diatriel al Aabeville,
Tb board will give dee Mils U the several CM"j
f l hair resueeliVe Distress ef la day ee whieb "VT
asset, sad ihsy will eonlisae is eaaaioa far Slue ein
whss thsv will adi iera sad hrwsr the mens rsss
bj llenersl Orders Mo. . These reperSs will ssrtrs" -tank
of lea persons svsmiaed. . u a
11. All prrsua elsuaing exevsplUa from eety IS
Ou.nl a Uome- Dele no oo aeeouol ef eseaUl or rITZ
isablilv, wiM repair Ie Ibe elsee eS la sswlis JT
Bjard ia their respective Dull rims, aad report lMm""
i t sianileauoh while tha Hoard Ie is saasies. 1 ,
failiuc lo do so without s goo ad iimslaal I ,, " '
nnsil lueir elsnu lo exsmiosiloa, aoo wm ee .ZLjm
Cormn.no, u umeerof Ihs Home (iaer ef Duir
to .la ihaCl.aa to wbiek the weal bsloat. a! '
jam o tad for physieal disabiiitr. w
III. Dr. Wiilwm D. Idb.ilsr ia SaUisal ss s"
of saw Sib Diatriel rim Dr. W. O. sUlaaota, "
by relieved from said Board.
Uy order of Uo. Vases I ..,(
Aabiuat 0
Msreh Jt, isaJ. u-7iZi
ty All papers U lbs Rtsts espy 3oe lieas ead sse
to ASjuUat Ueaerat'e sittUe.
KICHatoilD, MlUCff , W i,
aaa who ware dolivered at bavsoash ee ZZi
dunog the m on lbs of Novembor ead 4esesbsr uss'
awvsSir dilarrd m b sssessHrsd- jjiawvi
All CnsMaraU oWs aad aaa who wsre "'"taJ
In J.mrs Kiver, Virgioia, at anv ln beajre Msrss
li, sr kerebv aWlared lo be asebaaw-
.gsat of
Usrsh tfl.tSSo.

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