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iiiit nbki 11 i akoLxVa bijLnVjL&ui ' FitiuA if . - MARCH' u. i ' is
Fit A NIC HATMAN. , ' "'' (
rrmnk Uattnan dearly loved plcssantJoU,
Ami after lone cootontinn with th gout,,
A Joe that oil boelegad him, .Sallied out " I
To breath lrh air, od appalil provok.
It chancwl aa Ihi ww atrulling h1 ol aaro
A drunken porter paracd hliu with a bar j
The har u e'er bi shoulder Jung,
Dangling behind in piteous pliilit,
. And u Da'4Trl In style.
Making tho nwst of every mile.
From anl to (Id pixr pussy swuna, , '
A if each moment taking Might.
A dog who aaw the man' condition,'
Ji lean and kmngry politician,
Oa the lookout, wee olo behind '
A hly and Mbtle ebap.
Of moat tagacmu smell, -Like
polit siaos of a bijtier kind,
Heady to map
At any thing that fall.
The porter stggcrd on, tb dog kopt near,'
Watching each lucky moment fur a bite,
Now uivle a spring, and then drew bark in fear,
While Htyuian followed, titterng al the sight.
Through many a street our tipsy porter goes.
Then "gainst a oask to aoleuio thought reclined
The watchful dog tbs happy (somen i jnows,
And Usyman ehaera him on pot Tar behind.
Encouraged thus twhat dog would dare refrain 1 .
11 jumped and; bit, and Jumped jJbn, eml
jumped and bKtTi; """'
Till having made a-hearty meal,
lie caraleaa turned upon hia beet,
And truttad al hia aawfaway,
. Nor thought of asking" what's to nay V
And herefoine sage, with moral aploen may say,
riiia Hnyinan ahould hare driven tho don away I
The effects of Tic the blameless should not beer,
And folks that are not drunkards lose their bare."
Not so unfaahinnably good,
The waggish llayinan laughing stood,
Until our poriar'a alupor o'er, .
lie jogged on tottering at before,
Uncouwcioos any body kind
Had cased bin) of hia load behind ;--
Now nn the bouses bent hia sys,
As if hia journey's end war nigh,
Thoo rvd a ppiir in his hand,
Aud made a aland. .
Herman drew near wiih eager mien,
T mark Iho timing of ihe cone,.
His mirth up to the hrim ; .
The porier road the ddres onos more,
And hiccopod, ' where' n Hay man's doorf
I've got a hare for him 1"
One duy (what matter abo it tlie year!)
ftplniiily "dreasod iiiitti, apparently a fr
li'iriier, entcroil thocity of Nitjilos onT.mt.
ila jirocouilod to tho poor quarter ot'tl.e
town, wliero he liirod nn old untenanted
house, that alt the people round belk-vwl
.to bo haunted. Uejiaid a lialf year's re:it
.in advance, took possession, bought a tow
necessary articlue of furniture, laid in u
heavy stock of provision, and shut him
self up' in coinpleto seclusion. All tliu
gossi, of course, wondered who he was,
' where he came from, what ho intended lo
do, and so on ; but as thoy did not like to
. venture au inquiry to the only person vylio
, could givo thum the desired iuforniiition,
thoy had nothing luft.for it but rundoui
D-noiwes and mysterious speculations. ,
Days and -weeks passed, and nothing
was seen of tho strange tenant, Homier
coining out nor going in, nor yet at any
' of tho windows, al) of which remained
closed, save an upper ouo, that, from its
aituation, nobody could see into. Then
some of tho tioighbors said the man was
no man. but a mere apparition : others,
that lie had cone in as flesh and blood,
but hud since been spirited away by tho
demons of tho place.-
At last, tho police went to investigate
the nivntGrv. Their demand for admit
tance was answered by the man himself
a tall, dark personage, with deep liluo
eyes and ponetrating look who, in tho
most oolite manner, invited them in, show
ed tlioin all over his poorly furnished -hou.se,
and trusted thorn to the best he hail, lie
-told them he- was a Spaniard by birth, a
.student Iroin phpice, a reeluso Ir.ua wliim,
and a soothsayer by nature. I hey limit
him predict his own fate, and then arrest
ed and took him before a magistrate. As
tlm luttnr rufild find nothinir nrrtiiiist him.
he let him oif with a fine and a few days
imprisonment. As ho was doing taken
' awny, ho ' cried out, in tho hewing of
many :
' ' "Let him who has condemned wilhont
cause! beware of the judgement that will
' soon be ' passed npoit him in another
wo. Id." ' ' " '
' Ten days aftor the fortune-teller's ro
. lease, the magistrate died, and no one
eonld tell ' tho reason why. There were
those who remembered the prediction of
the former, and noisod tho fact about, and
1 then certain persons who believed in such
things enmo to seo him.
One night a lady camo to soo him, dis
guised in mala attire.
' I want to spenk with Senor Valencio,"
alio said.
" I am ho," replied tho fortnnc-tellor.
Ho knew her as tho Countess Cnvmiii
-for he was not what he seemed, and had
met her under very different circumstan
ces but be kept this to himself and treat
ed her a if she were n gontlowomnn.
When alone with 1dm-in his poorly fur
nished study,- tho lady said : .
"Senor Valencio, you aro reported to
know the future to know about things,
and events before they hnppwti-6an yon
. toll me why I am liorof"
. - M It is of course impossible for me to tell
all things," ho replied, ".only what is gi von
me to know for a purpose. I will venture
to say, howover, in yonr cao, that you
neek to be informed Low long the Comet
, Covaii will live."
The Jady started and her cheeks grow
"Are all" our sacrot thoughts, then
Known'! sho exclaimed.
."xes," returned Va1eiie!o,.sojemn1v.
41 -II I l.i. . . J
an ore Known j nni nil aro not known to
. mortals, elo would some wicked hands be
stayed, soiuo tuurderons deeds remain un
. .dono." .; i ; . . . r- ' '
. "Who are yon '.' demanded the other,
tnrrjinoj full npmi him, though the dim'
light ol the apartmeut did not permit her
n yery distinct view if his foatures.. Me
thinks," alio' said, coming hp cloeo'and al
most thrustinj b,,.r ,ca iutonis, " wo have
'. m before.", ' '
' '" Wliero r doniaudod. YaUucid sternly.
. " I da not know where-" j-.
', V Stand olf. then, and do not strivo to
roiiieiuber too much."
"Hat that voice. I know that tone of
cummatul. Yon are. then, no other than
ftonrfinclli', chief of hriirands. whom I first
met among tlib M ild hills overshadowing
tvoluuo. .
" Welt, is tho romembrance pleasant t
your Indysliipl" inquired tlie brigand
coollv. ' - ' t
"My My'shipr
"JJuhl Wiiv teem to ho astonisliedl
Do you snpposo I know less of Ooujittss
Cuvanti than alio of lloiidinolll !" '
" So, then," rejoined tho onntcss, bi
ting her Iis,-' it seottis that bou. have se
crets hero." .
" And should hath work lor each other's
Miterimt," said the chief of theeigaud.
" What can 1 do to sorve tlie fair, Coun
tess Cuvanti f"
I suppose we can trust each' other I''
1 an 1 1 pone we slkwll. if we separate
alive," replied tjio bandit.
" I)o yott guess at what I want!" a'sked
the couutusa. ' ,
" 1 thiukf I do the doatlrof votir litis
band, for one tfiing." .
... ii. . 'm ?
a ni wnnt else t '
'rhtf-rtcnrh TjTtWtr Dbcliess 'll4arrnr.',
" Von do. indeed, kuow more of mo
limn I thought," said tho countess, gazing
upon linn wiih an exprcaalon ot wondor.
' l''or what ptirpoue aro you hero!"
i our pardon, lair countess, but that
is my secret. May 1 ask what brought
you to inu!
" V ell, X lmd heard tho story, through
the gossip of the servants, of a strange
man coming to this old house and shut
ting himself up in completo seclusion ; cl
his silbseijuciA ai$ef, imprisonment, and
prediction coiicoriiiii the magistrate, and.
oiiico that, of some other death pretHctious
inat navo.oome to pass, and 1 to It a strong
desire In consult him, thinking it not im
probably (hat whero it might be to his ill-
crest to predict a i-iith, a death would be
certain to lollow.
"4it othor words," aid the bandit, "yon
believe mo to bo a professional murder-
' Something of that kind, I confess."
" And how!"
" I trust 1 Imve no reason to chnngo my
opinion !"
" You are plain and straightforward, at
nil events. I don't object to that, how
over. Well, now that we understand each
other, what do you require of mo!"'
" You htivu already named what I most
" The death of tho ootint and (lie duch
ess r
" Yel and if yon will undertake to rid
mo ot these, you Imve to uuine voiir
prico. '
" And what of iho IViike' Pnrarrar!"
" (), ho mnst not be harmed !"
" I understand," said tho brigand, with
a .peculiar IMik, " tho Countess Cavouti
would wed tho Duke Diicarrarr
". man. neek not to know ovorv
think V eteUiiyeJ the iady, Jo an britate(
tone. " Coiuo, will you undurtale what I
want done !
" I will give yon the mem, to accom
plish the work yourself," said tho outlaw.
44 1 have a Colorless poison, that is slow
but euro. It needs but n few drops in a
cnii of water or wino. It produces no
pain, no sutl'ering of any kind, and its
effects are not apparent for two or threo
days. Then tlu patient begins to coin
plain of weakness and lassitudo, goes into
a rapid decline and dies in loss than a
month.' This poison cannot be'detocted
in tho system, and there is not a physician
that knows its antidote."
"Tho vtary thing," cried tho countess,
" give me that poison and I will accom
plish the rest."'
The countess and the brigand finally
agreed upon ' terms. lie sold her the
poison at a fabnlons price, but would not
disposo of tho antidote for any e.onid?ra
tiou whatever, lie told hor. howover.
that should she discover any friend of hers.
ntlerl" Iroin the etlucta of t'ns poison,
to cune tohim b! nnco, and lie would nr
rango with hor to save the party.
Tor sovoral weeks longer Kondinelli re
mained in thnt old hoOso, never going out
himself, and now and then receiving a vis
itor. There was soiuo talk of arresting him
again, hutthoro wat an opposing influence
in high quarters, and it was never done.
It would not have boon done had tho
polico even attempted it, for tho fortune
teller, ns ho was supposed to bo, was not
islotated nnd alone, as even his nearest
neighbors believed. He had known tho
honso before he wont to it, nnd why it was
supposed to be haunted. It was connect
ed with a distant point by a subtorranoan
passu go, and ho had been in .communica
tion with his bund from the 'very first.
Thero was no timo thnt ho could not havo
bronght a thonand desperate men lo his
assistanco but ho hnd cliMun rnlhorto bo
arrested at first, thinking it might favor
his design, which it did.
And this design of Rondinolli, the ban
dit, whose namo wits -a terror throughout
Itulv. was a sineiiliir one, to say the least.
.He had come, to Kaplos to. be ennobled,
to gain a t it lo that should giva him a rjglit
to nn honored sent among tho proudost of
the land. And how vjl this toio accom
plished? Strange as it nmy seem, by tho
wonderful poison ho possessed: He un
derstood their political intrignn. lie knew
there were many nmong tho nobility who
wished wives, husbands and rivals dead,
tlmt they might change their own condi
tion; and he relied upon eventually dispo
sing of his subtle poison to tlioso parties
who, fn using it, would see the effects seo
dcutli certainly result, hi spite of nil tho
medical skill of Naples; hut in no case, for
no consideration, would he dispose of the
antidote; end by retaining this, he would
leave himself the only master of life.
"Suppose," he reasoned, j that some
ono, altor having uaed my poison, should
eoits effects upon biuiself, or Some dear
friend ; suppose, again, that self or friend
should be among; ''IQ .lguest nobility,
touching even rovalty, wou.M-not title
ave, even a dntedom--bo iyen in ex
change for life I"
Ihe result, indeed, proved thtt .uoiiai
II! JfJ . ,1. . : .
uolli did ot mUclCul4te la nUr P-tio-1
nlars. Hta gora " acbojne'. pr'oeporod.
Tho ambitious and unprincipled QonnUiss
Cavaiiti, in carrying out her own-wkked
desigq, . assisted -his materially She
poisoned hor husband and the dticlioss, and
saw them both die, and thns bocame fa
miliar with all the workings of the deadly
drug. Tho bandit knew she iiituaded to
marry ilia Duko Dueurar.- Now vas his 1
time, Jly moahs -of one of his secret
agents, who had obtnlned iho position of
bn.tlur iu the duke's housoholti, he had
so v oral drops of poison put Into his Grace's
wine. A lew ilave served to displny the
symplons which tho countess nov sa well
mid dratond, aud. iu torrib o raire mid alarm.
she hustoncd lo the robber chief.
. " Iho Uukit Ducarrur is dying of your
cursod. poison," sho uried, in a wild, lofty
tone, with Hashing eyes.
" Yos," coolly replied tho brigand ehlof,
" it respects neither fsnk. ago or eex."
" You know this, then f almost scream
ed the countess. "Now, 'save him, vil
lain, or I wiil have roll torn limb from
limb." . -
"Softly, my fair muideroHs 1'! rottirned
the bandit, listening his toep bine eyes
npon hor, with an expression 'that made
hcrqnail; "rememhor who you are that
Mienks who I au thafjou addrflf. .. Yoq
should rather humbly sue for my aid than
attempt to commam it through throats.
It you woro to have mo torn limb from
limb, the duke would d o without making ,
yon his wife; nnd if I wero to sny you ,
poisoned your htibband and tho duchess, ;
you cuu imagine what a fearful doom ,
woiird bo yours, liut, putting all this '
aside, it is you thnt are in my power.
You canuot stir hence except by my per
iiiisstun. I can touelj this wiro you seo
hero within reach of my hand, and in less '
than an hour it thousand desperate men
would bo gathering to my aid, some of
them coining Iroin your own household,
soino from tho duko's, and others, again,
from tho royal palaeo. Now, 1 see by
your pale chock und wondering looks you
begin to comprehend w.ith whom you aro
tleuliug, and now wo will endeavor to con
verse iu rcusou. Yavu remember I told
you that if you tctw a friend suffering from
this doudly iioisoii, to come to mo, und wo
would iii'r.mgo to save him. I will save
.tho duke, but I must have my price no
less thun a full pardon, und a title of no
bility not below that of n count. The
duke has great -influonco at court, nnd I
am cortain he can procuio whatl demand
to save his own lite." , .
It may well be believed that the haugh
ty countess Was amazed at tho audacity of
this chief ol robber; but aho was already
in his toils, and she was obliged to work
out his design to save herself and lover.
The result was the fullilling of the am
bitious schemes of Kondonelli. Ho re-,
ceivod full pardon for past offences, mid,
to the surprise of every ouo not in iho se
cret, wus created a peer of tho realm.
Tho old noble, would have shunned him,
but they feur' 'or their own lives; and
so outwurilly . they courted his society,
while ut heart they defeated him He
, juYclMod hinaeorl- sv iUe fiirntshed it
gorgeously, nnd for a few month lived in
regal stylo, at tho end of which time he
w,ts foil, id assassinated.
As for tho wicked and ambitious coun
tess, sho succeeded in her design, and be
came tho pitches Ducarrar; but she and
her new lord soon after quarreled and
separated. He subsequently died of pois
on, supposed to have been administered
through her ngency. She was arrested
on suspicion, but stabbed herself to tho
heart, aud diod tho miserable death of a
suicide. So, ono aftor another, untimelv
perished tho co-workora of iniquity, autl
yet Naples leiuuinoJ no loss full of enmo
and intrigue.
Tho Ynnkree ia Ckarlollviville.
Tho Yaukees, whil in Cbarluttrjville, alarted to
publuh a paper, and -aeiad the old Jtjjfenuniim
otbee for the purpoa. Thoy cliriaiened tlie jour
nal " Third Luiulry LiiviHo tftroniclt," and tho
only cupy iaaued is dated Monday, March nili.
The conteiits are eery aliin, as fie Yankees had to
inoie Wore they ouuld gel out a full aheek In it
appears Cuater'n olucial report of hia captures on
the 2d inetant He claim to b eleven pieces of
artillery, eight hundred borae and uillea, and on
hundrtd and twenty army wagons. On the 4th,
he claims to hare taken three more gun and de
stroyed four lailroid bridge. Am.ong the adver
liwiuBula ia one-olleiing "Two lJullars Heward,
Confederal Currency,'" for l?iewhereaboula of
" Jube, answering lollie name of Karly," and Una
Cent iveward for General Kosner.
One advertiaeinetit Infornie (irneral Early that no
more artillery horse in such Cad order aa those
turned over to slteridan at- Cedar creek and.
V ayneMwru will be received ; another Is (igned
" Jubal Karly, coinuiiaftary for Genetal Sheridan'
army,'1 and calls fur the people to furnish " dona
tion " of provision to Cualui's division.' The
following ia th contents of lb poet's ooner. It
was out ol rather unexpectedly, as too Yankees
bad to leave before tlnialitng It:
A kind friend baa favored ua with th following
ong, aa sung by tb Cbarlotleaville Clle Club:
- How do you like it a far aa you're got f
Jefferaon D, Jefferson D, '
Are you glad you began It, or do you wish you had
Jefferaon, Jefferson D.
People gay, though of course I don't know that It'
so, . '
That your spirits are getting decidedly low,
That you're sick and discouraged and don't know
But say though do you like it as far as you've
Hoi Hoi Jefferson D,
Things look rather shaky now
Twist you and im
You can't think how sorry t was when I heard,
Jeffi raon.il, Jefferson 0,
That your visit to Washington had been deterrej,
Jefferaon, Jelterson U,
Hut I bop you will Und it couvonient to com
When Abe and the rest of the boy are st home
And 1 trust you won't mind it, they're auch a lot,
11 they aak you bow you like it aa far as you're
ilo I Ho I Jefferson D.Dupateh. .
Ooss. Brigadier General Singleton, of Illinois,
who has been sojourning In Richmond for aome
,dys, under authority of the two gorerniaenta, left
thia morning br flig of truro for Urant'a line oa
bi return to Washiniton. What was th particu
lar mistion Of Mr. rjisg'eton lo Richmond, has
never been dearly understood, but wo' apprehend
ft will not hav any decided bearing on tb war,
on way or the other.--tcAnioni Courier.
. Through th enterpriee ot th Southern Expreas
Company, lays th baily South Carolinian, let
tan aaay be aaat le Columbia and August,' Tut
day and Friday. Lettar for tb (ireenville road,
go by way of Shelby for the Spartanburg road, by
way a Cberryvill. Oumeounicatlon from Edg
fleld, seat to Ninety Six oa th GrenvlUo.isaL
'or"4ed w- .
fTrtlei tb R.ea4 R.ollu.1.
- Ws publish la knother ewlusia tb text nf the
new Us Uw. - It will b aaerptebre W the reader
to hav a aynopsi of its provisions presented in
plainer phrase. We aro indebted for fn following
tos gentleman who bad so active part "in III paa
ga of th law :
Tb lax law for th present session Imposes for
in year moo, taxes a Inllow!
1. Upon the value of all property, real and per
sonal, not expresily exempted or taxed al a diFTnf
nt rat, eight per cent Th property to be a,
aeasrd on the baaii of th market value of th sain
or similar property In th neighborhood where aa
cssed in tlie year I860. The property and ssers
of corporations, assocKllons and joint slock compa
nies, whether Incorporated or not, taxed In tho
maM'nianner and to th nam extent aa the prop
erly and aaeets of individuala, to be paid br the cor
reliopa or joint atork companita. Hvika not to
laxad on depaalts of money to the cre lit of and
(abject to th check of other. Stock or share
In corporation, asanoiationa nr joint atork enmpa
nias not to be taxed aa propwty, but th dividend
to bo taxed a Inoome. ,
3. Upon th amount nl all gold nr silver coin,
and upon the (meant of all money Tselil abroad, nr
bills of exchange drawn therefor, promissory nolea,
riglita, sredit and eecuritie payable In fnreifn
couutnea, and upon the apeoi veto of all ifohl dust,
( r gold and silver bullion, twenty per cont.
8. Upon the value of gold and silrer ware.
plte, jewels, jewelry and watches, assessed upon
th basl of th market value of auch property 'in
ldilO, ten per cent.
4. Upon (he mnunt nf all mosey oxeppt those
held abroad, bank bill,. XcoMur ut auduUwr
paper issued M currency, on hand or on deposit oa
th day of the approval of the act, Dve per rent.
fl. Upon the mut nt of all aolvent credits, ex
cept thou held abroao, flv per cent. Bonds end
stock Issued by th Confederate Statea or any
Staie, and all loan to th government ol the Con
federate State are exempted frnm taxation except
aa to th intrrmt thrrooo, which 1 tsxed as income.
This income tax not to apply to bonda or tock ex
empted by law from taxation.
0. Upon prnllts made by buyiltg and rlling
merchandise, effect or properly of anV description,
or money, gold nr silver, stocka, credits or ohli (ra
tion of any kind, at any tiui between Jenuary 1,
1805, and January 1, 1HIIA, ten percent in addition
to tb tax on such profit aa income, Tb profim
lo b asrcrulncd ny the difference between the
price pid in Confederate treasury notes, including
all cst an d chrira, and the price realised in th
ame currency. If th cbject of th aal ware pur
chased at any time aince January 1, 1NII3, this ad
ditional tax to attach on the profit ralixed or, th
s!c thereof in 10I.
7. fjpon the amount of profit exceeding 25'per
cent, made during th year 1 Hl3, br any bank or
banking- comiiany,. insurance or other joint stuck
cniupanv, a tax of twenty five per cent This tax J
to apply to individuals or partnerships as well as
corporations individual rnd partnership that
hav not been assessed, or hav not paid for th
, year 1HS4 th tax of 21 per cent. Rnpoerd on the
exece of profit over 25 per cent for that year, to
: pay the same in 1 Hi',5.
i 8. Th property. Income and monev of hnspit
' als. asylums, churches, (ononis, colleiraa and rhari
able institution, are exompled frna. taxation.
, Property within the linos of the enemy is exempted
Tromjaxatinn so long as It remains within auclr
; lines, but income derived therefrom ii taxed aa in
come under existing taws.
9. The following are exemptod from taxation:
Property of each head of a family lo the value of
five hundred dollar ; for each minor child one hun
dred dollar ; for each (On in the army or navy, or
who baa died in tb service, Br hundred dollar.
Th property of every soldier, or soldier's widow,
or orphan family of minora, to th value nf on
thousand dollars, said exemptiona not Ut anply
where the property, exclusive of household furni
ture, exceeds on thoueend dollar in value
Household furniture, wher th value does not
exceed $:IO0 on the baaia ol the value of 1B0U, wear
ina (PlisreL gooda aftanufactiired by any person for
the use and consumption of his family, Jncluding
alaves, poultry, fruit, and the product of garden
where aid poultry, fruits nd product are raised
l'..r tho family of th producer and not for aale;
corn, bacrn and other agricultural product which
wero produced in lHfl and necessary for the tax
payer' family, Including hi slaves, during Ihe
present year and in his poseession on iho day of th
pprnval.Df the act, (re exempted from taxation.
10. Taxes on property for the year 1X03 re to
b asaesned as on tho day of the passage of this act
and to be due and collected on the 1st of June
next, or aa toon therealtar as praaocabi. The ad
ditional tax on profile tor lsuS to ue ssuad and
collected according to tho provision or existing
Nw. All th taxes imposed by this set, aa well as
tb taxes on income and profits and Ui specific
taxes and taxes on 'sales nl the existing laws, ara
to b paid in Confederal Tioaaury notes, or in cer
tificate) of indebtness, piovided that at least one
half be paid in the notes.
11. Any tax payer allowed, under regulations to
bo prescribed by the Secrotary of the Treasury, lo
pay hia taxes in advance;
. 13. The provision of th ct of th 17lW Feb.
18D4, which allowod th asseaaed tax on property
employed in agriculture to b credited by the tax
tn kind, ia repealed ; that wher income from prop
erty was taxed th property itself should be ex
euipted. 1 also repealed. a
IB. The Secretary uf the Treasury on the recom
mendation of boards of polico, county courts, or
other county, district, or parish tribunals Is author
ised to suspend th collection of taxes in those dia
trict where depredelion hv been comrrrittvd by
tb enemy, in lb cs of individual who resour.
oea bav been o seriously damaged or destroyed as
to render the payment of taxea impossible or op
pressive. To all th taxes abov (pacified, sn addition of
on tifktk of tlie (mount is made in evuA en- to
be paid in Treasury notes and applied to tAe pay
ment of the increased composition of the soldier.
The taxes for 1S(J5 may, therefore, be summed up
as follows:
. Oo all properly (except foreign credits, coin, Ao.,)
8 per cent, on the valuation of 1 BHD. tin coin and
foreign credits, SO per -cent , and on bullion, plate,
jewelry, Ac, 111 per rent.
One tenth of all the productions of th soil, as
established by the present law of ax in kind.
. tin tlie income from property not employed in
agriculture, the ratca prescribed by the existing
No abatement of th property tax in tb cam of
agriculturists because of the tithe tax, and no abate
ment in the cue of other property-bolder because
of lh income lax. Agriculturists pay no inoome
Tb present taxes oa Incomes, salaries, ,4c , aro
Exomption a ipeciflod above.
. Five per cent, on all solvent-credits, bond (ml
(toeka, Iba bdml of Hutu snd tb bonds, stock
and loan to th Confederals Slate lo be taxed
upon the interest aa income and not upon prin
cipsL . i -
Ten per cent additional to incoui tax on prodta
made by dealing in property, money, bond-, (locks,
io ,in 1 800 ; or in lotli, whiohare not already paid.
Xwe lily live per cent on properly exceeding ii
per cent made in 1B05 by banks, corporations, In
dividual or partnerships, Aa, to be peul in Ilk
This, tax to bi colleoted also for 180 of tioe who
may not hav paid tb same.
An addition of one eighth in every use, except
that uf laX'in-kind, lo be applied to paying tb sol
dier. The person who i liable for th taxea and res
ponsible for their payment ia the on who hold or
jDwn tb property oa tb day of tb pasaag of lb
One day Mr. Curran aald to Father 0' Leery, Um
vrell known Honun Catbolio Priest, " Reverend
Father, I wish that you wer St. -Peter.'" " And
why. Councillor, do you wish that I wa 8t Pe
ter r asked O'Loary. " Boca use. Reverend Fath
r, in that can yqu would hav th ky of Heav
en, and could let me In." "By my honor an -oonacleoe.
Councillor," .replied th Divi.it, "lid
would be belter for you that I had th key at tho
pther place, for then I could let you out" Curran
enjoyed th Joke, whicb, b admitted bad a good
deal of reason U) It.
A Tkrtlllae Soea la Wlae'a Brigade.
An interesting accne occurred near the camp of
iho W iae Brigade few day ago: Private John
bickerson, Company A, Suih irginia rogimvnt,
had been uutenoed to bo ahot The day fixed for
th execution wa th 1st of March, st S o clock, p.
oa. The Richmond A'uf-airen give tb following
particlar of Hi atiair ;
The prisoner was brought out of th lines. A
detail nf a lieutenant and aix men' was ordered.
The nffloer was Instructed not to hav their piece
loaded, lo blindlold th . prmoner, and him
landing Ian pace in tront of tb firing party ; a
guard at five paoos on cb aid ; th men at shoul
der arms
lien. Wise then addressed those oTthe brigade
aembli-d :
CoiuiMlca! Wo are assembled to witness lb ex
cutiou t'f this prisoner for the crime ol.desorHon
It is painful to every good heart, and ought to
touch and reform tt.e worst. latn informed tlial a
question his arisen, CMeilly raised by on of
tli base wretches who deter led lb picket lino two
night ago, whether a deserlur ought to b fired
upon by hia comrades. You now are what I tb
just sentence of ihe "country by th judgment of a
Mir nd hnnorablo court martial. H la the euntenc
of law, anri the law which eondomna the d carrier to
death is ia accordance wnb Um universal aud unl i
'inn (unliment of civiliaedor savage, warier. Il Is
j ist, and called fur by th moral sense of mankind,
t ecsusa it is necessary to tn aately ot tn live anu
l.l.erty and defence of every people and nf every ar
my. Keif preervaUon demands. V. And now, in
stead ol pointing our guns St lbs foe in front, w
bav lo turn fliatr-aiwi upou a vvrvUii in tb rear,
who baa basely deserted bis vountry iu her time of
nerd. And let mo say lo you then nothing could
W more peroiaivus Oia tav rata a quasi low (bout
the justioe or bomanity of firing upon a deserter.
If any ollicer or private dare in fulure to rais or
diacusa lint question in this brigade, 1 will, if
brought to my knowledge, errejt and cause mm lu
b tiled for his life, and in uiy judgment, ho de-
serves lo oe shut. -
Turnn g to th prisoner, Gen. Wis addressed
him as follows :
Private Uickerson Your nativ Stat of Virgin
ia invaded by a brutal foe, (eeking lo dony ber
rights, to di.honor ber sovereignty snd lo envlav
her people, called upon ber son lo take up arms
fur ber defence. You did not volunteer to go to th
camp, but remained at your ease with your family
and friends at home until th enemy forced your
mother State, in which that home is protected, to
eornpel, by an (cl of oonscription.her unwilling and
ungrateful sous to go to th front to aesiat her duti
ful defender. You, young man,-In good health,
sound and vigorous, were on of tb oontcripts.
Yuu war sent to the camp of Instruction, war
clolhtul, fed and armed, and then assigned to onm
pany A, 6ilih regiment of Virginia. With other
conscripts, by order of your brigade commander,
you were placed on light duty, auch work as yuu
wer ccustomd to, lo cultivate vegetables fur
your comrades. You wer in no dangor, you broke
no real, you iruff.ied no hardship, and were fed and
clothed aud cared for much belter than lh aoldier
on duty. From thu suit and condition, without
ever fionting the foe, ur marchina lar. or vn
standing guaid, you deserted th standard of your
country- A inullier balled to you, a son, for assis
tance against the outrages of ruUians, and you
basely fled from the defuue of ber cred porson
and honor. For ..that you have Justly been sen
tenced lo'oe shot, and we ar now assembled lo
witness yjur execution. May Ood hare mercy on
your etjui i
II then turned to tb Lieutenant and said:
" Lieutenant, I turn the prisoner over to you."
The Lieutenant then proceeded ; " Attention I"
' Head) 1" paused and said "Recover, arms I"
Alfecting that there waa aome mistake. General
V ise turned lo the ollloer and eomuiandrd :
" Cease the execution. Ho deserved lo die, but
his country, in her maiinanunou clemency, merer
fully spares his forfeited life. By lieneral Orders
os. S snd 4 tire great and Kood Commander la-
Chief proclaim an amnesty by which this culprit.
unwortny or mercy, is graciously pardoned. Un
bind Ins eyes, rcleas bus aud that b I tnt l
bi company. "
An.involuntary shout arose from th troop as
sembled, tb prisoner rusheu to Uencrat Vrtso,
clasped him arueud the neck, and exclaimed -. "Oh,
Uenefal Wise, (jeneral Wiao, 1 am ao much ob
liged to you. I will aland by you as long as 1 lev ;
1 will never desert you gam I"
The ecremoay waa impressive, and had a very
good e licet upon Ilia brigade preseot and upon lb
Dimkmsiom nrrii I'sjxcipsl Eoaorsas Cnescn
xa. Tb Roman Adttrtmr, in an article eoinp'led
to ahow the impossibility of St Peter's at Kimx, bo.
ing ever crowded, gives aolne curious statistic sax
to 111 comparative capacity of the most celebrated
churches in Kuropa. We dfd a column, sxhib
iling the number of squire vards. " This who
attended at St.. Peter's during th i.gut ocr
innuie nf Christmas day msftit pjrhape hav
imagined that temple in all partaopan to tlxpublio
duiingtbo function much orowded possible.
To ahow the impoasillty of SL Peter' being ever
crowded, we ftnnex th followin'g statistic of its
capabilities, as compared with other great churVties.
allowing lour persona to srery quadrate metre
(square vard:)
Persons. UqeSre Tda.
St. Peter'a, 64, OUO II.60O
Milan Cathedral, 87.IKIU 0,2.10
St. Paul'a st JtoiH, ' Sx.0J S.llO l
St. Paul at London, S&.SuO . O.JDO
8u IVui at Bologna, s-t.400 1,1110
Florence Catheilrtl, 2,SU0 ,U7
- Antwerp Ca'hedral, S4.ISIU OUO
St. Sophia Uonstaotinopto, 2$.IJOl 6,7"')
St John Lateran, Sx.Sud 6 H.'J
. Nntre. Dame, Paria, SI.OuO .6.2.V)
Pisa Calhedrul, , lS.OM S.2A0
Kt, Sieplieu' Vienna, 13.4U0 S.HIO
St. Ilominic' Borona, 112,000 g no 1 '
. St. Peter' Bologna, 11,400 l.ll.tlt
Calhtxlral of Vienna, 11,000 8.H10
St. Mark's Venioe, T.OO1) 1,700
The piaxzo of SL Peter, ia it widest linn la, a!,
lowing Iwelva persona to th udrt metre (square
yard.) bol-1 U24.O0O; allowing four lo tn same,
drawn up in nuhlery array, 3'N,0UO. In its nar
rower limits, not compriaing tb portinoes or th
piaxxa Kusticucci, 474,000 orowded, and 134,000
in military array."
A Ciiinei Disss. A traveller recently ar
rived from Pekin gives th following discription of
a Chinese dinner :
" The first course consisted of a kind of squar
tower formed of lioea of breast of goon and a fish
which th Chinese call " cow' bead," with larg
diah of hashed trip snd bard ega, of dark color;
preserved io lim. Next cam grains of pickled
wheal and barley, ahall Ush unknown in Europe,
enormous prawn, preserved ginger and fruits.
All these are eaten with ivory objp aiicka, which
the gucsla, bring whh Ihem. O., grand.' occasion
the first dish is always bird veal soup, which con
Slats ol ( thick gelatinous aubalanc. Small cup
sre placed round the turMn, each containing s dif
ferent kynd if aauoa. Th aacwul eourso was a
ragout ol sea anaila. At Macao these are white, but
at Ningpo Ihey are green, viajoui sad slippery, by
no means easy to pick up witb small stick, their
last resemblos that of th green fat of turtle.
Tho anaila were followed by a diah of tb Utah
covering th skull of sturgeons, which is very cost
ly, aseevoral heads ar required to make even a
euiall dish. Next, dull of sharks' fine, mixed-with
aliota of pork, and a crab salad ; aftor these, a tw
ofilunisaod other fruit, tha acidity of wb cb is
considered a oorreotiv for th viaoon fat of tho
fish; th mushroom, plus, and duoka' tonraes.
which last are considered the m flu ultra of
tOines cookery ; deer s tendon a royal dish,
which th Koiperor, himself send as prnt lo
hi favorites snd Vou' ar(, kind of unctuous
(hell fish ; lastly ,aVoiled riou, (ervei in email oups,
with acanthus aeeds, prswyd in pirita, and 01 bar
condiment. Leal ut all, tea waa aerved.'
A DaMor Jack. Ons of our Jack tars In Ar
i dent aquar. wa amusing hiaatlef with reoaarks so
paer-bej lately, when a dandy cam tripping
along with bi snort lgg4 iontntionil Issued
rather tight st lh bottom. i sy friend,' said
Jack, ' aim you got on four breech wrong snd
op V ' No, fellow, why ) you ask f atid the dan
dy with dignity. ' Why replied Jack, ' yeu'v got
th gtllowse oa lh wrong sad of your trowsors.'
Tb nnlnl-ilMia V,,kn P R.l I .. fc . ti. 1
- , . w wnn ,i7ininwteu
and confirmed aa 11 mister to Spain. Hi cours In
tb famou Armistaad case will not reoomaiend
t.1 U!..i.l.. . .1.- L.J a ,
ih wj iniiiv w tue unma aiianiara.
Renatnea Vsutm U...III W..l W:l n.l
n v. . i , . i vi., ii iiavu, vmiue-.
IT . pl.nil anri P .Ilk
"whj, w i iu Hicir wivvt, are going
to L'barlssloo on a " pleasure excursion."
Lincoln ha published a proclamation of amnesty ',
to all Yankee deserter no return to their eooi
uand betore th loth of May past,
Th Chaaspeak and Ohio canal has been ao
damaged recently by dooda, that It will Uke till
iiil.-ii.ti.. I. ...... I u
Thm einLMin.. f f T O 1 ll , ... .
. ... ....... .vu.fcv, im. v. c-, iraeueciuea max
cotlun captured on laud waa nut oondemnabl aa
il: uf war.
1 '( ihl.. I flnM Mimhawl I ! .. I 1 1 1
. ... .. in. ii. i v. i rmt, vicuna DT
WtHehlM - ..rial. ... .1 . . . . . . I
a - imu.ivmii . i.i wtt m, am, WHICH
ia fell on wrtneeelng ( stuck hunt lb principal
curiosity being lo guess, when lh duck divas.
h.n il aiUI ........ ... '
ri.n 11-..-- a VI' I... l - I r J . r r-.
...... , ... in m vaavuinat lor IMIIIgl II
In the 2nd Congrunional DUtrict of Virginia, ,
Lear your giievance aa BoorrU did hi let
ters unopened.for three weeks snd it ia aslonishinr
how few of them si the (lid of that time, will I '
quire answering. ,
The Richmond Kmuirar aava lli.i il..M tm mU
cnonglf in the-vaulia of lh Iliciimnnd wanli to
purchase twelve month' supplies, snd use plain
language in caaunuating upon lb fact, that the
Institution sre not only shaving their own Dots.
jmu.mw4.Mi. myv.i w ajw live iiertas.
' A certain lady had s Custom of saying to fweetr
it littl dog, is make It follow her, ' Com along
sir." A would be witty gentleman stepped up to
her one day, and acco-ted br with " U It cm mad
am you1 called f" "Oh, no sir," said ah with
great composure, " it was anolhtr pupyu I spok
la "
Th official announcement of th organisation of
the Mexican army, Hxc it figure t 80,000 man
besides bfilcer. W hen th French rmy departs,
It wdl leave (bout two Mexicans to ona German.
Arab, Tumts, Zouaves, Polanders, Autnrs; Ur.
man and Frenchmen all hav had a hand ra lb
sublishment of the new tropin.. Csre.Uuut,
Th funeral of Cardinal Wiseman took-plsco In
London on th 23d ulL, and wa attended with
great pomp. Many distinguished men took part,
in the proceedings, and th procession to lb Ceme
tery waa thro mile in length. 1
A railway la to b built in Palestine. It will
connect Jxba with Jerusalem, will be about forty
miles long, and, with a harbor at Jaffa, will cost
half a million pounda sterling.
A new light, mad from magnesium, ha been
discovered in Peri. Its main (sailor ia that il does
not altect colors, and therefor It will be ol great
value in th French shops. .
Aotckcc or Minu A tall man, in Virginia hav.
ing held a conversation with another person of in
ferior dimensions, made low bow to hi out which
stood in on corner, and aeixing hia fa-iond by tha
calp walked olf with him.
New Man. Uoi-ts Ther la a row mail root
established from Uibsonville on th North-Carolina,
llailioad, lo Long'Milla, in Randolph county.
Tlsfr are on this new rout lh following post,
offices: Uibsosvtlle, Ingji's Mills, Brick Cburah,
Coble', Lung' Mills.
Tbs mail is carried regularly twice a week.
Th carrier leave Long Mill. Mondays and
Tbursdsya, at 4 o'clock p. m., and arrive at Uib
, soiwrille al 10 o'clock a m. Tuesilays and Fridays,
and returns lo Long' Mills 4, o'clock p. m. lbs
same day.
Tbs distance from (jibsonvlll to Long's Mills is
twenty miles, tb Uogth of lb now rout.
Ibis route pasae through thickly (ettlad Seo
tiou of the country which has for a long Hum much
needed mll foilitie.
All newspaper in th Stat ar requested to givs
publicity lo Ibis new ruuut.
A Cisiot case or Wa-fn tb year-
aoni soldiers ol tb ommonwalth of Mueen ran
away witli burkot from a publio well, ksrlonging
to' tha Slate of Bologna. The intrinaie vlu ol lbs
article itself Might have been worth shillina, but.
1. 1 . . I - I t j T .
i. inmuwu iuarni wuiou waa worsea up mlQ
long and bloody war.
Henry, th King of Sardinia, son of lbs Emperor
Henry th II, assiated th Uodenea to keep poaaesv
aion of the bucket ; and in one of the battles 0 was
made prisoner. Hi father lh Emperor, offered a
chain of gold that would etvnrcle Bologna, which
ia aeven mile io oompasa, but io wain. After twen
ty years uTiinprisonment and his father being dead
be pined away and died. His monument itsull x
tant in tlie church yard of Dominicans, or was a low
years ago. This tatal bucket ia still exhibited la
th tower of lh dihedral ol M odona, inclosed in an.
iron cage. Taaso baa vary bumorousldascnbsd it
in bi Dell Scehia.
Tn Crtrusa or Sossow. Nearly all sorrow,
while it 1st la, dopre-it (otion, destroy hope, and
crush energy ; but it renders the naitivenea
more scut. lo (ympathiee more geaial, and fbe
whole character less aeltlth and nor ooidert.
It is said that in nature, but for th occasional
drought, the best lands would aooo degoneraui ; but
IhaswiHenun cau the'lamla to luck up fros tho
cumili beneath, with tb moisture, all too anin
ril manures that restore end ferlilis lh soil
abets. It is thu wiih dee new snd with sorrow;
wic suriaounutd, they fertilise the cttanetor and
develop front lh deep fountain of tits human,
heart a joy and fruiifuliieaa out olbarwla aUainod..
Loit a LawSuit.- The Emprss Cugeni haa just
lost ( law suit, which'hsx been in progress for ear
tral years-tn tho Huprem Court of Madrid. Tb
Kuipress claimed the Oountesship of Miranda and
th vital osUtes attached to th indent till, hor
right to which haa been successfully disputed by
tb Malissican family.
Ntw Cu'u:.Tsrir. The Editor of lb Auguata
Ktyiittr baa been shown by Col Taylor, oouiinan
dant of th post of Mobile, a counterfeit Confederal
note ul lb new isaue, of th denominaUor, of $100.
It 1 lettered " D," daud Kichmond, 'b'y. 17,
1804, anrMgried "T. TL Orayaon, for RegUter," and
" J. I). Watford, for Treasurer." Th counterfeit
I easily detected, the whole bill being fully an
eiglub of a inch smaller than th genuine and tha
letter and figures being necessarily contracted.
The impression on tb apurioua not is also much
heavier and blacker. W are inlormod there 1 a
eonsiderabl number afloat, suppoaed to bars bean
(ent out from New Orleans, abowiug that pur Yan
kee neighbor havaal least snougJi faith in tb val
ue of our currency to cootinu their efforts to coun
terfeit it. It would be wall if .soma of our own
people could be inspired with morsoonfidtno in it.
A Par Caow. A ury In Onondaga ooonty, N.
Y , hav Be d thvlu of pet. crow it srrenty
flv dollars. Th auil wa tried at Fayettevill.
The crow wa .owned by II. H. tisg, was thor
oughly tame, and oodld artlenlat several words.
Among others it was slated that It would mg out
Old Uob Croua," In a very loud ton of voioe.
For this offence Mr. Robert Orouee hired a' boy to
wring lh neek of lh offending crow, which eruel
action wa prformd by th boy, tlx crow being
unabl to fly in consequence of having his win;
lipped. Upon Hi trial th owner el the crow
proved that tba bird had livid in his family six or
seven years, oould speak many word plainly, would
perform many very amusing tricks, particularly
with bis litils children, and was highly esteemed
by bis wife and children, and wa worth from av.
nly lira to on hundrtd dollar. A larg number
of witness war Worn on both aula. Th par
ties, who ar highly honorable people, conducted
th csus In perfect friendship and good humor.
Th jury brought in a verdict of Svnty4iv dol
lar for th plainbvt
. P. T. Barnum is lecturing In New Tork oath
art of money-getting. Edwin- Booth. Is playing
"Hamlet" to orowded houses at th Wintr (Jor
dan. Stuart, lb manager, poaUeally anaoasto
that, " aa it ia impnoibla to Und a neaUiog spot tor
very drop in tb Niagra of beauty which deaoend
upon tho- Winter Qvden during th Matinee, and
as nttuber of officials sr sbl to eontrol tb (weet
violence ef tb ladi, th aeoooy will b 4Ad4
to all who ara (EaaalUaedu"

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